Born to Sparkle

How fantastic is the word ‘sparkle’ in reference to human beings?

For a while now I have felt my sparkle return after having relinquished it. I feel all shiny and new as I have not known myself over the years to feel like this. I probably would have argued that the harshness of others took my sparkle away, although that doesn’t feel true, because each of us can choose to hold on to our sparkle even when things get pretty hard.

In 2009 I realised that much of my sparkle had gone but I knew deep inside that there was a true me, a forever sparkly me. It was at this time that I took my first step towards reclaiming my sparkle and I’ve made many little steps ever since.

There was certainly one thing that I can admit to having that held me through those times when my sparkle had faded: determination – a solid group of sparkles that are immovable. By knowing the true me that lived inside, I knew that there was a way to get that sparkle out and make it shine from every part of my body, glimmering in a very real and tangible way.

Nowadays, if I lose my sparkle just a little, it’s only a matter of time before I am back, shimmering and sparkling like never before.

I’ve come to understand that we should never give up on our sparkle, and we should never give away our sparkle to anyone else either. Our sparkle is for ourselves, and it shines for everyone else to feel inspired to sparkle too.

And if somebody doesn’t like you sparkling, well that’s where you need the determination to stand steady and hold your sparkle.

We are born to sparkle; it isn’t chance that the millions of stars in the night sky sparkle brightly each night. They give us permission and remind us that no matter what, we have to commit to shining each day, just like them. They have never just not turned up because it got too hard – no, they shine for us every single day and night with absolute commitment.

When I look at a little toddler, they so naturally sparkle. They haven’t been imposed upon by the world’s ideals and beliefs, they are just happy to be in the moment and enjoy whatever it is that is before them, laughing and sparkling at something so simple as a ball in their hands or a feather being carried by the wind.

This sparkle is innately us; it is inside of us. It can be seen in our eyes, it emanates from our body and expresses from every part of us, naturally so. So no matter what happens, let’s not let go of even a speckle of our sparkle, and if we do, then we must love ourselves so much that we manifest it again, with loving determination.

I have so learnt to appreciate my sparkle… and to feel the sparkles in others too.

My deep appreciation to Universal Medicine, the Esoteric Modalities and our shining stars for their continual support encouraging the world to reclaim their sparkle!

By Maree Savins, Australia

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928 thoughts on “Born to Sparkle

  1. Imagine those stars trying to dim their own light – what a hard work that is. We are here to emanate our light. Our body knows it so. Loving ourselves is to give ourselves that permission to let ourselves just be – no more, no less. And what a sparkle that would bring.

  2. I love this blog as it reminds me of where I come from and where I am heading, From the light back to the light . . . as only light sparkles.

  3. Universal Medicine are absolutely shining stars reflecting to all others to claim their sparkle. I would love to know the practical ways that you did this but I guess this says it all ‘By knowing the true me that lived inside, I knew that there was a way to get that sparkle out’. Truly inspiring.

  4. This is a blog to inspire children’s story telling – reminding us from little that we all have an exquisite sparkle within and that we can live in such a way that every day we feel shiny and new, our sparkle shining and glistening igniting the sparkles in others around us also.

  5. Every single one of us has the potential to sparkle and shine – the wisest thing we can do is to help each other lighten up so we can all emanate our unique sparkly essence together.

  6. It is beautiful the way we can look at the stars and remind ourselves of what our purpose is, that is to shine all of who we are and embrace equally our fragility and power for all to feel regardless of the consequences. It is our responsibility to reflect truth to the world as it is so needed.

  7. We are naturally very sparkly so when we lose our sparkle we know there is something wrong. Imagine if losing our spark was our definition of ill health and not the full on illness and disease we associate with ill health nowadays.

    1. I agree Elizabeth losing our sparkle is definitely the beginning of ill health its just that so many of us have lowered the bar when it comes to living the ‘real me’ with sparkle and all so often we do not even notice that we have lost it and that our health is suffering because of this. .

  8. “Our sparkle is for ourselves, and it shines for everyone else to feel inspired to sparkle too.” This line made me smile as it so universal. We need to take care of ourselves (be that sparkling, nourishing etc…) so that we in turn can care for others. It turns the head on caring for self being selfish because it is the exact opposite – the more we take care of ourselves, the more we can care for others, and the truer that is because it comes from our own lived experience and we have the vitality to do it.

  9. Lovely to read this again this morning and feel my own sparkle and to be inspired to keep reconnecting to it whenever I feel it fade.

  10. Yes we are born to sparkle, but boy oh boy do we get ourselves in the way! I know for me that I really can get very caught up in the day to day, what I am or am not doing for myself, for others, so continue down the spiral of not being enough for anyone. Which I know is definitely not true but it can feel like it, so reading your blog again has been very uplifting and claiming that yes we are born to sparkle!

  11. We all have been born to sparkle as every star do everyday. Just feeling this, makes me feel everything in life is much easier. No matter the earthly issues, by sustaining, allowing and expanding my light I’m doing whatever I have to do here. No investment in complications, just shine, just Be!

  12. I love how you bring in the reflection that the stars give us – shining eternally, not competing with their neighbours, comparing or dimming their reflection but just allowing their true light to be seen for the benefit of all 🙂

  13. If we are not sparkling then we need to stop and re-connect to our sparkle as what are we reflecting to others if it is not sparkle?

  14. We are born as sparkles – because we are sparkles, we are that sparkle, hence we can not be without it.. We should remove all those behaviors, thoughts, ideals and emotions that tell us any otherwise.

  15. A joy to read this again Maree, and in particular this line sparkled for me today “Our sparkle is for ourselves, and it shines for everyone else to feel inspired to sparkle too.” So often I can feel to dim down because of how others react, reject and disapprove of me shining, but I need to remember that’s actually more to do with their relationship to their own sparkle, not mine.

  16. We are all born to sparkle and this is so obvious when you are around small children. Their sparkle is so joyous but it is actually nothing special to them, it is simply who they are. Unfortunately, life more often than not, presents us with “sprinklers” that dampen down our sparkles until it often seems like we have totally lost them. But no, they can never disappear completely as they are an innate part of us and making the choice to begin to sparkle again is only one loving choice away.

  17. I am finding that more and more I am enjoying myself and who I am and needing less confirmation from outside of myself. In the past I would look to others for approval now I care less about this and am way more sure within myself. With this I find that naturally I get more respect from others too as what I emanate out is also felt by others.

  18. The word sparkle in relation to human beings suggests a way of being that is playful, cheeky, light and bright. Who would not want this? We certainly know it’s our right as kids. It is taking lots of small steps to reclaim it but also knowing anything other than the sparkle is not you.

  19. Yes indeed we are born to sparkle, however along the way we can come up against some hurdles and speed bumps, these can slow us down, make us not feel like we want to sparkle, but it is up to us to find that sparkle again as it never goes away.

  20. A world of walking mirrors that offers all of us a for-ever choice: do I choose to mirror darkness? Or do I choose to mirror sparkly? In the first scenario, it is a bit like saying, I could be like you. In the second is conveying a different message: I am like you. This is me and you. Come on.

  21. Appreciating the quality our sparkle offers inspires everyone to sparkle, like the stars there is not one star that doesn’t shine and sparkle. The same with us in the end we all will choose this innate sparkle that has been there from the start.

  22. The stars are just here, shining no matter what and what an awesome reminder that we too sparkle no matter what, after all it’s us that chooses not to, and it’s crazy really when you consider that we are naturally designed to sparkle just like the stars.

  23. Yes we are born to sparkle and shine, and to see that spark in others, even when they don’t see it for themselves.

  24. Working in high schools it is sad to see this sparkle gone in many eyes, teenage years seem to be the hardest when it comes to keeping our light shining, sad we have this kind of system that allows this to happen.

  25. I have noticed how much more my skin glows and lights up when I appreciate and accept who I am day by day. It is a reflection of the more love I allow in and then is expressed outwardly so through every single pore on my body, now that is a lot of sparkle.

  26. I can see quite clearly that I turned my sparkle way down when I was little as I could feel that those around me were uncomfortable with the light. Unfortunately, I think that I turned it down so often that the dimmer switch got stuck on low and so the whole world missed out. I finally found a great dimmer switch repair man who has been showing me how to turn it on again so I can return to be the sparkler that I naturally am And, these days, if someone can’t deal with the light there is no way that I will make the choice to turn it down; in fact I may just turn up the sparkle some more!

  27. We are made of stars, they are with us and we are with them everyday, we sparkle as they do. I practiced an Esoteric Medicine session recently and I felt a client’s lymphatics pulsing and what came to me was how like the sun, it felt like how I have seen the sun pulsing, looping and moving. I have no doubt we have a fire within that is very real and connected with the rest fo the universe.

  28. I love how the stars forever reflect to us who we are, no matter where we are in the world we cannot escape their reflection. Appreciating ourselves for who we are supports us to arise above the ‘stuff’ that may be not so pleasant…

  29. ” How fantastic is the word ‘sparkle’ in reference to human beings? ” Yes its a glorious word and the day will come when all humans will sparkle like the stars in the sky ” Born to Sparkle ” thank you for sharing and thank you Maree for sparkling.

  30. “When I look at a little toddler, they so naturally sparkle. ” It seems so sad that it often is just a matter of time before the world imposes upon these amazing bundles of joy – and we have to work to reclaim our natural sparkle in later life – when sparkling is in fact our natural way of being.

  31. Spending time with a friends 16 month baby yesterday I was absolutely blown away by the sparkle, the love, the connection and absolute wonder in her eyes. She knows she is a bundle of love and she was willing to share this with us all. Likewise to see elders with that same sparkle of inner knowing is super beautiful. To many of us in society walk around hiding this inner magic covered by many false layers but it remains alway inside just waiting for our choice to let it out again.

    1. I am blown away too every time I see a baby or toddler, they simply sparkle through their eyes and the way they move. I appreciate how they sparkle so naturally and they do not hold back who they are. I sometimes see this sparkles in adults too and I agree Samantha, the sparkle is always inside us, no matter what age. We just have to let it out for the world to see.

  32. In a brief hello with a total stranger in that very moment we both feel our sparkle as we connect with each other. It is forever there deep inside of all mankind just waiting to shine.

    1. I love what you have said here Jill. The sparkle that is spontaneously there with connecting with a stranger lights up the day, and soon our daytime sky is filled with the shining stars of each encounter.

  33. I have not allowed myself to sparkle for years until now, after realising we are all ‘born to sparkle’. Thank God for Serge Benhayon, you Maree and many, many people I know at Universal Medicine who are choosing to sparkle and they have inspired me deeply to let out my sparkle too.

  34. We are born to sparkle as you have so beautifully expressed above Maree and just like a genie’s bottle we can buff the glorious bottle with love and consistency and see our sparkle and shimmer in every movement we make. The quality we then reflect in our movements holds the key to our true way of being, which deepens our connection to our bodies and the parts or behaviours we held onto over time that we thought were who we were slowly dissipate.

  35. I love re-reading this blog Maree. What a consistent, powerful and beautiful reflection the vast
    deep-indigo night sky studded with the bright shining and twinkling stars offer to us to remember in full the truth of who we are.
    “They give us permission and remind us that no matter what, we have to commit to shining each day, just like them. They have never just not turned up because it got too hard – no, they shine for us every single day and night with absolute commitment”.

  36. Maree, this is very beautiful, thank you, I love the lightness and playfulness of this article, it makes me smile every time I read it and reminds me not to be too serious in life but instead to be my naturally sparkly self.

  37. By appreciating that sparkle within we actually appreciate and consolidate our connection with the universe and the multi dimensional world we are part of.

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