Born to Sparkle

How fantastic is the word ‘sparkle’ in reference to human beings?

For a while now I have felt my sparkle return after having relinquished it. I feel all shiny and new as I have not known myself over the years to feel like this. I probably would have argued that the harshness of others took my sparkle away, although that doesn’t feel true, because each of us can choose to hold on to our sparkle even when things get pretty hard.

In 2009 I realised that much of my sparkle had gone but I knew deep inside that there was a true me, a forever sparkly me. It was at this time that I took my first step towards reclaiming my sparkle and I’ve made many little steps ever since.

There was certainly one thing that I can admit to having that held me through those times when my sparkle had faded: determination – a solid group of sparkles that are immovable. By knowing the true me that lived inside, I knew that there was a way to get that sparkle out and make it shine from every part of my body, glimmering in a very real and tangible way.

Nowadays, if I lose my sparkle just a little, it’s only a matter of time before I am back, shimmering and sparkling like never before.

I’ve come to understand that we should never give up on our sparkle, and we should never give away our sparkle to anyone else either. Our sparkle is for ourselves, and it shines for everyone else to feel inspired to sparkle too.

And if somebody doesn’t like you sparkling, well that’s where you need the determination to stand steady and hold your sparkle.

We are born to sparkle; it isn’t chance that the millions of stars in the night sky sparkle brightly each night. They give us permission and remind us that no matter what, we have to commit to shining each day, just like them. They have never just not turned up because it got too hard – no, they shine for us every single day and night with absolute commitment.

When I look at a little toddler, they so naturally sparkle. They haven’t been imposed upon by the world’s ideals and beliefs, they are just happy to be in the moment and enjoy whatever it is that is before them, laughing and sparkling at something so simple as a ball in their hands or a feather being carried by the wind.

This sparkle is innately us; it is inside of us. It can be seen in our eyes, it emanates from our body and expresses from every part of us, naturally so. So no matter what happens, let’s not let go of even a speckle of our sparkle, and if we do, then we must love ourselves so much that we manifest it again, with loving determination.

I have so learnt to appreciate my sparkle… and to feel the sparkles in others too.

My deep appreciation to Universal Medicine, the Esoteric Modalities and our shining stars for their continual support encouraging the world to reclaim their sparkle!

By Maree Savins, Australia

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968 thoughts on “Born to Sparkle

  1. The stars don’t doubt to sparkle, they do not check if we like it or not. They just shine their sparkles endless and do not need anything in return, they just shine.

  2. Even the word ‘sparkle’ itself conjures up such a feeling of joy and vivaciousness inside me, like I want to giggle when I say it. I loved the example of the stars at night never holding back their reflection of sparkleness, and this is certainly inspiring for me to do the same Maree.

  3. Walking into the supermarket today I started a light conversation with a young woman carrying her child. The child, about 3 years old asked if his Mum knew me, she said no, that we were just walking into the supermarket together, because we can. This little boys eyes light up and when I moved on to do my shopping he said a very joyful goodbye. Moments like this are full of sparkles.

  4. There is nothing like being inspired by another’s sparkle, it shows me just how important it is to keep my sparkle seen.

  5. I am working with children in a variety of situations at present and am loving the opportunity to observe their sparkle, and the quality of it. It is so obvious that even at a young age a child’s sparkle can already be dulled by their life’s experiences up to that moment, but at the same time when offered the space to feel supported and to have fun it’s not long before they are sparkling on high beam once again.

  6. Regardless of what we do, where we have been or what has happened in our life, we have a diamond right in the middle of our core – this diamond cannot be robbed from its shine.

  7. When it comes to sparkling we are a bit like a diamond, we all have the potential but if the diamond gets a bit dirty or clogged up it gets hidden and we tend to forget or pretend it’s not there, but all it needs is a commitment and focus to clean it up and some polishing and the sparkle is back.

  8. Reading this gorgeous blog Maree, I can feel my sparkle, there are times when I tone it down and times when I don’t feel it at all, but all the while I know it is there, that innate part of my very being. The stars are beautiful to see in the sky, always there, sparkling away day or night reflecting to us our sparkle.

  9. Some days I am too tired to sparkle, these are days when I have taken life on and gotten affected by everything around me. I then need to come back to nurturing myself, reading things more and learning not to take them on so that I can walk through life without getting affected by it.

  10. We are light and we come from light so the word sparkles is highly appropriate. When we sparkle, we offer everyone the opportunity to feel the joy that we feel. When we drop our sparkle and feel flat, we offer the world equally that, which amounts to the opposite of inspiring.

  11. As I read about the toddler feeling the joy from holding a ball or a feather falling and I was able to reconnect to the light hearted playfulness that they express within me.

  12. It is actually quite hard work to not sparkle, because the light is within us all the time. If I don’t shine I have put something to ‘on top of’ the light and keep it closed off to shine freely.

  13. When we reconnect to our sparkle, life gets easy, because no matter what we do, this sparkle is always there, making life joyful. Our life’s joy is in feeling this sparkle, not in primarily what we do.

  14. How often do we blame others for the loss of our “sparkle”? I used to do just that, very often, but these days I realise that living my “sparkle” is my responsibility and no one else’s. How can how bright I sparkle be up to anyone else when it is the essence of who I am and my unique place in this world? So today I choose to sparkle in the brightest most sparkliest way; now that should light up some of the shadows in this world!

  15. We need to shine our light in the darkest times. We are offered truth by our soul every day. It is up to us if we take it, to align to who we are.

  16. What is so needed in the world today is those who are prepared to sparkle and hold this consistently, to reflect a love that can be lived regardless of what is going on around us.

  17. “We are born to sparkle”, the greatest test to keeping and living with our sparkle is being able to face those that don’t and stand free of the impositions that we feel for showing the joy that comes from within, our sparkle.

  18. “We are born to sparkle” – this statement alone tells us that there is something seriously wrong with the way that we are living if instead of sparkling we are seeing greater and greater levels of depression/anxiety/suicide/physical and mental illness.

  19. “We are born to sparkle; it isn’t chance that the millions of stars in the night sky sparkle brightly each night. They give us permission and remind us that no matter what, we have to commit to shining each day, just like them.” The sparkle in your words inspires me to shine and sparkle more brightly.

  20. What if it is not just our own responsibility to ourselves to sparkle brightly but to us all? If the stars in the sky did not shine as bright because they held their shine back then the whol universe is affected not just them. What if this same principle applies to us all too?

  21. Reading this, I can feel the conundrum I have trapped myself in – by not sparkling, I am reducing love, and in that absence of love, what is not love gets enacted, giving me more reasons not to sparkle. Reducing and dimming myself is not a solution to the lovelessness in my expression.

  22. ‘And if somebody doesn’t like you sparkling, well that’s where you need the determination to stand steady and hold your sparkle.’ True Maree, let’s not stop sparkling, we are here to shine our unique sparkle for everyone.

  23. ” How fantastic is the word ‘sparkle’ in reference to human beings? ”
    So true Maree ,for when a human sparkles all is revealed .

  24. This sparkle is the very definition of beauty and vitality, which we may see in others or reflect out for the world to remember their sparkle.

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