Who is Serge Benhayon?

There is a story yet to be told about a man I know – his name is Serge Benhayon. He is a writer, presenter, teacher, family man, philosopher and a friend of many. This article will be all about who he is and all that he brings and offers to the world. Are you ready?

Serge Benhayon | Founder of Universal Medicine
Serge Benhayon | Founder of Universal Medicine

Serge Benhayon is a man who knows truth and love from inside out. He presents and speaks with all the love that he is. He never holds back from sharing the truth with anyone. This man is full of life and speaks only from his own livingness – a life of integrity, love and truth – which is profound. He brings heaven to earth.

Serge Benhayon is one man I trust to my deepest end. He has nothing to hide – he is only here to show the world all that he is. By ‘all that he is’, I mean the depth of love and care he has for himself and people. He shares this in many ways: through his teachings, philosophies, writings, conversations or presentations, all from a deep understanding of life. He has an absolute and consistent dedication to live in brotherhood, respect, integrity and love, and is dedicated to living this way 100% of the time.

Serge Benhayon takes full stock of and responsibility for all that he does and everything he says. When he speaks his expression has a palpable quality of love and equality for all – never ever to make anyone feel less, including himself. The brilliant quality is that all of Serge’s expression has no ounce of imposition and it lets you be, without ever holding back on the truth of what needs to be shared.

Serge Benhayon demonstrates there are no limits to love. By that I mean no limits to how much love we can live, how hard we can work and how much dedication to truth we can express. He is living this way 24/7, in the best way he can; a living way that is absolute inspiration to many. A study could be undertaken on that alone. A way of living that contains absolute love that knows no end and does not exclude anyone. To me this is pure gold.

This is what we need to see and feel and come back to as a human race, for it is our sign that we can live and return to living life from a place of love and equality with each other on earth. Living love and feeling this extend to the whole of humanity is possible, as is shown by Serge – no research needed.

Serge Benhayon is a father, family man, brother, husband, granddad; basically every role you can have as a human being, again fully lived with 100% integrity (love, truth, harmony, joy and stillness).

Guess what?!?  There is even more …

Serge is a best friend of many, a friend who tells you the truth to the end (best part: there is no end). Serge is always there to support people, either by email, text, phone call or a simple meeting on the street.

This man, Serge, is just fantastic. But there is more…

Serge Benhayon is an accomplished author, presenter, practitioner and family man. I have never seen anyone able to commit so fully to everything he is doing with equal time and commitment given to each activity, as Serge does. Sleeping only 4 hours a night, and working nearly 20 hours every day, his commitment to life is second to none.

Serge Benhayon | Founder of Universal Medicine
Serge Benhayon | Founder of Universal Medicine

Serge Benhayon is a man full of joy, full of vitality, full of wisdom, truth and harmony. Looking at this man makes me smile – from ear to ear. Because what I feel inside him is absolute joy, and a love that is palpable when you look into his eyes.

It is not that Serge Benhayon is exclusive or special – but he has found a way to live from the love that he is. The love we all are.

Serge has it all… but he has something that is there for all of us. And this makes him absolutely unique – in a very good way.

I feel to deeply share my grace with everyone, for knowing this man Serge Benhayon has had a HUGE impact on my life. Meeting him and hearing the wisdom he shares has shifted my own experience with wisdom. Hearing what he presents (in any workshop or at the dinner table) inspires me to look deeper at the wisdom within myself. I discovered that when I open my heart, I realise I know so much that my mind hasn’t even had access to before. Real matters of life started to intrigue me as I felt the truth in myself and in life.

So it was by Serge’s example that I found I had a bunch of truth myself – it just needed to be reawakened. Since then, connecting to that truth within myself, I have found a power beyond my years, a truth behind words, and a love beyond spelling. I simply love life.

Danna Elmalah
Danna Elmalah

And boy oh boy, I am so inspired to live a life of love… I am full of joy, full of vitality… I now understand life, my responsibility, my relationships with people and most importantly my purpose in life.

Because I have felt that deep love within myself, I now understand that this is what I have been longing for my whole life. This love has been my re-awakening call and this is what I needed to feel to become vital and committed to life again. It is now my choice to breathe this commitment forth in all that I do and inspire people myself.

And there is more ….

Serge Benhayon has had a HUGE impact on many people’s lives – and they have not just let go of addictions, lost weight, and gained vitality, they are also living a life of love and bringing a quality to everything they do. Which is bringing a high quality of service to mankind.

So two big thumbs up for Serge Benhayon ­­– if I had more I would put them all up. Serge Benhayon, your grace, sparkle, joy, and harmony light up my world every day, and I know I am not the only one who experiences this.

Thank you Serge Benhayon for being so rock solid present in life, showing us all what life is about, how you can live a life from vitality and joy, warmth and harmony and from love and stillness (like a river and ocean). The depth of love that is within every single human being is easily discovered, simply by observing you as an example – a love that exists, every single day.

I now know that the saviour light I was seeking was within me all along; all I needed was a simple reminder. Thanks to Serge Benhayon I am back on track now. Living the original way – love.

By Danna Elmalah

Danna Elmalah Danna Elmalah is a (almost) graduated nurse who works fulltime in the healthcare environment and who is devoted to true health, self-care and well-being.

You can follow Danna Elmalah on Twitter @DannaElmalah

Serge Benhayon | Founder of Universal Medicine Serge Benhayon is an author and presenter and the founder of Universal Medicine. You can learn more about Serge Benhayon at his personal website www.sergebenhayon.com

Follow Serge Benhayon on Twitter @SergeBenhayon or on Google+ +SergeBenhayon

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673 thoughts on “Who is Serge Benhayon?

  1. Beautiful blog Danna, I loved reading it again. I too deeply appreciate everything that Serge Benhayon is reflecting to us all. He is always consistently reflecting absolute love and truth, when you meet him this is what can be immediately felt. He reminds me every day what life is about, love.

  2. “He has nothing to hide – he is only here to show the world all that he is. By ‘all that he is’, I mean the depth of love and care he has for himself and people.” Yes and this is at the moment very unique and deeply inspiring to make life about the qualities I know are so important in life. Life is not just about results, getting that job, finishing a project, getting my degree etc. which if you are just living can seem like what life is about. No it is first and foremost about living in a way so that I enjoy every part of it, to then be that amazing person other people are inspired by to live this way as well. All a work in process but one I am deeply grateful for living thanks to Serge Benhayon showing it is possible and actually our natural way.

  3. ‘I have found a power beyond my years, a truth behind words, and a love beyond spelling. I simply love life.’ This is true Danna.The choices you have made to develop, deepen and enrich your life (and that of others) is testament of the choices you have made entirely from within you – by seeing all that is possible through another.

    1. So so well described Kylie, I totally agree ; The choices you have made to develop, deepen and enrich your life (and that of others) is testament of the choices you have made entirely from within you – by seeing all that is possible through another.
      And so we got a job to do to reflect and share that inspiration, as Serge Benhayon inspires me, I have to roll the ball onwards to all others that might need that reflection. I am forever inspired by those people who live truth and love to the best they can.

  4. “Serge Benhayon takes full stock of and responsibility for all that he does and everything he says.” And so Serge is carving out the new normal, establishing a way of life that we all in truth know, but are reluctant to assume because it means making huge changes in the way we live, work and relate to one another. What ever our resistences might be, we cannot deny that this is the true way to live; the vitality, joy and love that is reflected in Serge arises from his total humility and immense willingness to assume full responsibility for every ripple, breath and word he makes.

  5. An incredible man that lives as reflection of God, as I know that is what is touched in my heart, when I see him, I know that love exists and that it is just an allowance and surrender to that absolute love within and within everybody equally so. Hence it only takes one to know one. And by knowing him I start to know myself. Magnificent and at the same time showing us the great power of union that is love.

  6. To hear Serge Benhayon present is true music to the ears that touches the heart deeply.
    To see Serge Benhayon walking and moving anywhere is grace, fluidity and harmony personified.
    To meet Serge Benhayon face to face and see into his eyes, is to know and feel the divinity and truth of our essence.
    Serge Benhayon cannot be put on any pedestal, nor would he permit it to be so.
    Serge Benhayon is the most humble, wise and inspiring man I have ever been blessed to meet, who in nine years of knowing him has remained consistent and unwavering in his dedication and living way to truth and love.

  7. I wholeheartedly agree Danna. It certainly is a gift from Heaven to be reminded that being and living the love we are in our purpose here. It has been written and has been said countless times before, again and again, yet we still have not learnt and ironically it is all that we ever seek. Serge Benhayon is a living reminder that we equally are all far greater than what we are choosing to currently live, that it is very possible to live with love, with truth through our every day. We are in fact Divine and this majesty resides within each and every one of us, and we only need to choose to look within to discover the wisdom that awaits to guide us to be all that we in-truth are.

  8. Wow Danna, to hear such a young woman expressing in this way is very inspiring… to know yourself so well, to know your worth, your values, to be committed to life and work the way you are, without striving to prove yourself, just contributing all that you do because you can… is incredible. You are a true role model thank you.

  9. When we allow truth to be spoken, we allow our hearts to shine, our breath to be ours and sun to shine bright.. It is by that fiery light of truth we know who we are and so where we might have got it wrong and which movements, choices we have to change. It is by that initiative of one’s self that we initiate further as we reveal the truth inside us and the lies equally so. This truth inside us is our fiery marker to walk every step from.. leading us the way..

  10. Serge is certainly a joy to behold, in the heavenly reflection of light. love and truth, that he offers equally to all mankind, we are indeed privileged to have this amazing man walk among us, as one with us.

  11. Before I met Serge, I had no idea that love was limitless as the love that I knew was capped to a certain level and that was it and it never felt enough. When you feel into the truth of love, it is absolutely limitless and forever, and for all equally.

  12. This man has changed my life. He has ‘given me’ the greatest gift imaginable and all he asks of us is for us to live that gift in full. I have floundered, delayed, contested and challenged that level of love, but in all cases it has been to avoid the responsibility of accepting that what he has ‘given me’ was something that I had all along.

    1. This lovingly strikes at the very core of it. Serge has ‘given’ me/us everything, now how does this look in life? It is an awareness and practice that with this reminder, comes with me well and truly into my day.

  13. The power of your expression says everything that we need to know about the influence and inspiration that Serge Benhayon has been to you. Irrespective of the content of the blog, the way you stand is proof in itself that he, and you, are the read deal.

  14. I love how Serge is able to meet people and see in them all that they are and have to offer. When people are in his presence you get to understand them more deeply, as they feel held by him and in this allow more of themselves out- it is a blessing to watch.

  15. Serge Benhayon absolutely offers all we can possibly comprehend, as you describe if we open our hearts All is available to us equally, we simple get to choose to re-connect what is with-in.

  16. “Back on track’: is it an express track, fast track, slow track, steep track, wrong track? All tracks are a choice it’s the reasons why we choose them that is worth considering.

  17. Reading your words Danna the abundance that Serge Benhayon brings and lives is clearly felt. As you say there is no end.

  18. Serge Benhayon is indeed truly remarkable and absolutely ordinary – to observe how he is with people is pure joy, to see how he takes such care with each who speak to him, remembering their names and never being less than who he is. So yes Danna I would second and third your thumbs up here.

  19. While Serge Benhayon is showing us a way of life which we find so remarkable and are so inspired by, he, at the same time is also showing us that we are equal to him and that we only have not lived that inspirational life for a long time and in that Serge is very willing to help us to understand this fact that we are the same from origin and that this way of living is only one simple choice away.

  20. Everything you have said is true, and from watching Serge Benhayon and noticing a different way to live, it has shown me that we are all living so very far from the truth of who we truly are, we seemingly cannot look past the fact that we are so much more than just human beings. This was evident when I was speaking to some friends of mine it was beyond their imagination that there could be anything grander than being human. And yet I know that there is so much more to us than we care to imagine. My senses have been woken by the very way Serge Benhayon lives and conducts himself in life and there is no going back for me and this is what I will express as best that I can to the end of my life.

  21. Serge Benhayon, a man I know for many years, is a man with many extraordinary qualities and deep wisdom. With an extraordinary life he is living. But the really special part of his teachings is that he basically says that the way he is living, his qualities, his wisdom, is there for everyone and he is showing how it can be done.
    Everything he lives is never for him alone, but is for humanity.

  22. Serge is an incredibly warm and caring person, his love for me, my family, and everybody else is out of this world.

  23. The quality Serge Benhayon emanates is beyond our understanding, and this morning I got to feel that for myself. I woke feeling heavy and tired and took myself off to have a bath – my first in our new house. As I lay there I felt how I would like to share my joy in the new home with Serge, perhaps with a brief description and a couple of photos. I felt the joy that would be present for him in terms of receiving such an update. Only 10 seconds after pondering this I felt a noticeable physical and energetic upswing – my eyes felt far less heavy and so too did my mood, body and being. Why? Once a person comes to a certain point in their development, my sense is they radiate enough energetic integrity – love – to hold an entire planet. Tuning into that person enables us to receive that energy, if we’re open to it. To me, Serge is that guy. Nowadays I can look at a picture or video footage of him and feel the same thing. Some would say this is ‘charisma’ or ‘guru energy’ – but Serge has not a whisker of either. Yes, he has the emanation, but definitely not the ego.

  24. What a beautiful blog, I say myself, because those words are from heaven, truth and wisdom.. Simply showing us what is there for us to live, to embody and to come back to as a human race. The power from this inspiration is deeply palpable from this writing and is inviting us all to equally raise our true power, true intimacy, true connection, true power, true purpose etc. etc. Thank you again Serge Benhayon for showing us the way back, by living it so..

  25. I love coming back to your blog Danna as I feel and know the depth of love and appreciation you express for Serge Benhayon. Thank you for your beautiful inspirational sharing.

  26. I very much appreciate your deep appreciation of Serge Benhayon and for sharing it here so openly and fully.

  27. Serge Benhayon lives the all that he is, so that we re-connect to, feel and live the all that we are. For the ripple effect will have profound effects.

  28. ‘Thanks to Serge Benhayon I am back on track now. Living the original way – love.’ A powerful statement that you are claiming here – and that is the inspiration of Serge Benhayon, who dedicates his whole life to the evolution of humanity.

  29. “Serge Benhayon is a man full of joy, full of vitality, full of wisdom, truth and harmony.” Unlike nearly everybody else on this planet, he emanates love truth and harmony with total equalness with every other member of he human race – energetic integrity personified. A true world teacher for our times.

  30. “I now know that the saviour light I was seeking was within me all along; all I needed was a simple reminder. Thanks to Serge Benhayon I am back on track now. Living the original way – love.” Beautifully expressed Danna. And so now can say many of us.

  31. Awesome account, thank you Danna. Serge Benhayon is the world teacher, whom has gently awoken the light of God in so many.

  32. “This man is full of life and speaks only from his own livingness” this I am learning is absolute key and is a huge responsibility to live – to only write and speak about what we live or have lived not anyone else’s otherwise it becomes knowledge and does not truly support or evolve anyone.

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