What’s in a Hug?

Recently during an esoteric yoga class, the yoga teacher talked of the love from our hearts coming down our arms and coming out of our hands. When she spoke of this, all I could see was myself hugging another.

I never used to be much of a hugger. I didn’t offer hugs nor did I make myself available for another to hug me. I was never a fan of those awkward quick hugs with a pat on the back – they were a gesture that only highlighted what was not there.

I preferred no hug than a lesser hug and I held myself back so much that a full hug was a rarity.

There can be such intimacy in a hug and I really felt what this was when I felt the love in my heart and its movement out of my hands.

When we hug another, our hearts are all but touching. We then use our arms (that are full of love) to embrace each other. Often our hands will rest on the back of the other person, and for me, my hand will rest on the back of their heart.

So, to reiterate – when we hug, our hearts are touching, you are held in my love-filled arms and this circle of love is sealed with my hands resting on the back of your heart.

I am now a hugger and have a much deeper appreciation of what is in a hug.

By Nikki McKee, Company Director, Goonellabah, NSW, Australia

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1,183 thoughts on “What’s in a Hug?

  1. I am so looking forward to feeling this circle of love in a hug. I enjoy hugs so much and we can feel that it’s so much more than physical, the warmth, caring, adoring, and love is non-verbally communicated and it’s very beautiful. Some people are like hug masters for me, I have nicknamed a lady I am friends with “huggy bear” because her hugs just settle me down so beautifully, they are like a healing for me, and we giggle so much as it’s our thing now to share our love this way when we see each other – I absolutely love it!

  2. A hug can be so potent and I guess that is why many avoid giving/receiving a proper, heart-touching, love-filled one.

  3. In hugs we can be guarded or we can be open and even the degree of openness can be felt in oneself or others.

  4. Sometimes even an email can feel like a deepest, love-filled, embrace, and it actually feels tangible.

  5. A hug is a beautiful reflection of how much we allow ourselves to be open to another, in the embrace and being embraced.

  6. We can read a lot from just a hug, we can sense how loving, open, tender, caring and nurturing they are or the opposite of this too. How much we can pick up form our interactions with people often amazes me. This shows we are very intelligent, sensitive and very clairsentient beings.

  7. I was with a family who had a young girl recently and when I went to leave I hugged the adults, and then went to hug the young girl and it was very inspiring. She smiled at me, almost to let me know what was coming, ever so carefully she gave her bag and jumper to her Mum so she could have total free hands, then with ALL of her came towards me and gave me one of the best hugs I have ever had. She was not letting anything stop her from being full of love and connecting with me. I was very inspired as I thought back on those times that I have had my hands full and done this quick ‘see you hug’. This young girl showed me the way. It set a marker on how to do it. I may not remember to do it all the time, but the marker is there.

  8. A hug that offers a holding of love with no need is priceless, and rather rare in society today, yet the connection can change lives forever.

    1. Absolutely Willem, I find children are very good at giving full hugs as they often do not hold back in their expression of love and tenderness.

  9. “There can be such intimacy in a hug” When we hug heart to heart we are open to a deepening love that we share.

  10. Many hugs are empty of what they can bring when we bring presence and appreciation to the act; as you say, quick pats on the back just don’t do it and feel worse than nothing at all. At least the latter is more honest.

  11. What I felt reading your blog was the encirclement of love offered by a true hug and how supportive and lovely that can be.

  12. It is the openness to meet another fully that determines the warmth we bring to another in whatever form of expression this might come.

  13. This morning when I hugged my friend after a beautiful conversation where we had both been extremely honest about what was going on for us in our lives the hug felt very stilling and I left with such a feeling of warmth in my body.

  14. A hug holds so much, for me it’s often all that’s needed to bring me back to myself even in a complicated or intense situation.

  15. I can appreciate the warmth of our heart when we hug but feeling and expressing from the warmth in our arms as well brings a whole new dimension to hugging.

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