What’s in a Hug?

Recently during an esoteric yoga class, the yoga teacher talked of the love from our hearts coming down our arms and coming out of our hands. When she spoke of this, all I could see was myself hugging another.

I never used to be much of a hugger. I didn’t offer hugs nor did I make myself available for another to hug me. I was never a fan of those awkward quick hugs with a pat on the back – they were a gesture that only highlighted what was not there.

I preferred no hug than a lesser hug and I held myself back so much that a full hug was a rarity.

There can be such intimacy in a hug and I really felt what this was when I felt the love in my heart and its movement out of my hands.

When we hug another, our hearts are all but touching. We then use our arms (that are full of love) to embrace each other. Often our hands will rest on the back of the other person, and for me, my hand will rest on the back of their heart.

So, to reiterate – when we hug, our hearts are touching, you are held in my love-filled arms and this circle of love is sealed with my hands resting on the back of your heart.

I am now a hugger and have a much deeper appreciation of what is in a hug.

By Nikki McKee, Company Director, Goonellabah, NSW, Australia

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1,140 thoughts on “What’s in a Hug?

  1. I have experienced some pretty awesome hugs lately! Hugs with people in my community, just feeling the love in these people’s bodies, and also hugs with some of the students I tutor who are now leaving for their final exams – so beautiful to feel these sincere and heart-felt hugs from these lovely young people.

  2. This blog really brings a smile to my face, I love a true genuine hug and I feel these humble gestures could on their own change the world for the better if we all would just open up and hug more.

    1. This is very true Kevin and its important to not allow another’s disposition to influence the expression of a true hug or true meeting of another.

      1. I love what you shared John and Kevin. Not holding back our expression of love in anyway has the ability to truly change the world for sure.

  3. When we begin to understand the depth of intimacy that is possible when we hug someone, how we hug offers us the opportunity to observe how we do it and how that feels within us. A hug that comes from the heart feels so different from one that comes from a feeling of obligation, and the difference will not only be registered in the body of the person we are hugging but in ours as well.

  4. While I am still not quite a hugger, I do appreciate moments of intimacy with another. I am learning to open up my body more to hugging others- I know it is a protection thing and I use my body to communicate- don’t touch me, it is something I have done since I was a child, it is a process of letting go of this to open the body up once again.

  5. I love hugs especially when the person you are hugging is really open and not got energetic layers of protection up! Love giving friends and family cuddles 💕

  6. “So, to reiterate – when we hug, our hearts are touching, you are held in my love-filled arms and this circle of love is sealed with my hands resting on the back of your heart.” I felt that hug over the internet 🙂

  7. I have come to love hugging after many years spent standing back out of range when I felt a hug coming towards me. These days there is no stepping back but a heart-felt welcoming of the opportunity to connect with another in an intimate embrace; heart to heart with a feeling of connectedness that can last way after the hug is complete.

  8. My hugs have become very different recently, I used to hug in a way where I was still closed off to the other person, but now I embrace another with a lot more warmth and acceptance of the love we both are.

  9. A hug is a holding of another in both the physical and energetic sense. With our arms wrapped around each other’s bodies, our spherical and all-encompassing nature is confirmed.

  10. A hug can bring me back if I am feeling out of sorts, the power of feeling the love from another can never ever be underestimated.

  11. Amazing Nikki, gorgeous to feel that which a hug is about and how truly beautiful it is to come back to what hugging is about — not about needs, but a beholding of love from within with others.. Inspiring.

    1. So true Esther, there seems to be a lot of things we have forgotten to do with love and connection. When we live in disconnection with ourselves and with others, a simple thing as a hug can convey the disconnection to others very loud and clear.

      1. Yes, we do so many things but we need to start to ask ourselves where is our heart in all of that, do we just adhere to the norm of outer appearance and standard or do we allow ourselves to feel and connect from our heart.

  12. I will never forget the hug I received from Serge Benhayon when I met him for the third time in my life. It was at a time when I had felt starved of hugs, and he immediatley felt and acknowledged this, and hugged me in a way that will be engrained in the memory of my body for the rest of my life. It was an absolute turning point for me as I instantly felt deeply loved. So to ask ‘What’s in a hug?’ I would say in that particular hug, I was offered the most beautiful reflection of the divine wisdom of the Universe.

  13. I love a true spontaneous hug! There are however some hugs I run a million miles from. It all depends on the intent, the goodwill and the love of a hug.

  14. A hug is a opportunity of deepening our love with ourselves and being able to openly share that with another. The great thing is that we are forever connected with eachother if we hug or not, when we feel not connected to another we simply are the on decided not being aware of it so.. There is no distance measured by our Soul. It is not separated, since we in truth are part of our Soul, we never in truth can be separated no matter how hard our mind tries. Silly us!

  15. A hug, a kiss or a smile, all these different forms of expressions communicate a lot to people. This makes me realise that what quality we express in is hugely important and to be aware of what we communicate, is it love or not love? Because everything we communicate through our movements can be felt by people around us.

    1. This is true chanly88 and it reminds me to allow for a deepening connection with others by sharing how a hug might feel or just asking to repeat the process so that we are conscious of the quality we are bringing, keeping hugs sacred in the lightest sense of that word.

  16. I used to avoid hugs, both giving and receiving but now as I allow myself to be more open and am letting go of the protection a hug is a very beautiful way of appreciating someone.

  17. So much can be read in how someone opens up or how they hug. I love it, it tells so much about a person. I observe myself also every time if I am totally surrendered or not and how the hug all together feels like. So many moments and opportunities are daily missed, when we just run over these moments and go into autopilot.

    1. Gorgeously expressed Willem, hugs like these feels divine, expansive and uniting. It is all in the quality of our movements that allows love to truly flow.

  18. I used to avoid hugs especially as a child, I would brace and harden myself as a form of protection, and if I look back it was me not wanting to feel my own emptiness and lack of love in my body and the intimacy a true hug can bring. Staying open and hugging with all of me and not the shield I placed around me to harden my body and stop me feeling has allowed me to be open to a deeper connection and the healing that is on offer when we truly embrace each other with love

  19. It actually takes a lot to truly hug each other, as it is asking of us to not hold back, let go of protection, be seen and felt and let the other person in. To truly hug is to connect with another and allow for a certain amount of intimacy. No wonder we resorted to a polite and distant handshake! Although, that said, this same quality of connection can be chosen in a handshake as well!

  20. “When we hug, our hearts are touching, you are held in my love-filled arms and this circle of love is sealed with my hands resting on the back of your heart.” How delicious it is to receive and express a hug from our full body’s connection and what a palpable difference is then felt in the quality of the hug too.

  21. It is quite staggering how the quality of two hugs can be vastly different just from the difference in connection with yourself and hence the other.

  22. Yes the heartfelt hug is a beautiful thing to experience and more so the consistency of being held in love by another, no reaction, no judgement just a holding that is constant and always there. I feel blessed to have many people in my life who offer this.

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