Walking Life with my Hands in my Pockets

This morning, as I was walking along the beach with my husband and we were having a deep discussion about our relationship, I noticed that I kept my hands in my pockets and was feeling quite tense and reactive.

I then made a conscious choice to take my hands out of my pockets. I allowed them to swing with my body as I walked and was surprised to feel the tension leave my body – I could feel the calming rhythm of my walk. From that place I was able to express more openly and honestly with my husband and our walk became more harmonious.

I wondered then if I am sometimes walking life with my hands in my pockets, literally and figuratively. When I walk in this way I am protecting myself from allowing anything loving coming in, and certainly my expression out can be hard and unloving.

Figuratively this may mean that I have been holding myself in protection in my daily living and am not allowing those around me to feel the power of my full expression.

As I pondered on this, I asked myself: have I been holding onto ideals and beliefs about relationships and life that are no longer serving me?  

Have I been protecting myself from feeling the hurts and sadness that my body is willing to release but I have been not allowing myself to go there?

I have found that maybe it has been too scary for me to feel the lightness, harmony and freedom that comes when we choose to walk with the natural rhythms that are within and are all around us – in nature, in the animal kingdom, and from the planets, the sea and the outer universes.

Next time you notice you are walking with your hands in your pockets, is it because you are warming yourself or are you actually holding back in how you are expressing life? 

This is certainly worth pondering and a very good reason to buy gloves!

I continue to be inspired by Serge Benhayon and how he always expresses life in full – no holding back, no apologies, and we all get to feel the openness and love in his daily expression.

By Anne Hishon, Woman, Partner to Peter, Mother to Joshua and Ben, Community Nurse working with Older People, Tauranga, New Zealand

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1,004 thoughts on “Walking Life with my Hands in my Pockets

  1. Anne this is a great blog to talk about, is it possible that walking with our hands in our pockets is a defense mechanism to protect ourselves. I had allowed negative thoughts to come into my head and went for a walk with someone to express the frustration I was feeling and after a while I noticed I had my hands in my pockets and although I was expressing what I was feeling the energy wasn’t shifting. When I clocked my hands in my pockets and It felt to me that I was holding onto to the energy by having my hands in my pockets this is so subtle that unless we are prepared to be completely honest with ourselves and our movements it can go unnoticed.

  2. This is fascinating. It’s like we adjust and attune ourselves to a vibration through our movement to precipitate certain moods and thoughts, and we are constantly doing this without knowing it. It makes me really appreciate our ability to feel the body as that is the very thing that can let us know where we really are at so that we can bring change if we don’t like where we are at.

  3. It is amazing to feel how free our body can feel when we let ourselves be open in the heart and welcoming of the day and all it brings. And yet so often I do find myself going into protection and closing off the world as we project what could come our way to hurt us.

  4. I go through phases were I feel so much frustration, and reading this blog is a great reminder for me to use movement and awareness to help me shift this frustration and bring the understanding that is needed in those situations.

  5. How we hold ourselves. our posture and how we walk and move is a dead giveaway to how open or shut down to life we are.

  6. Protection is a topic I can preach on every day, I have realised many ways in which I protect myself. Yet, what I can feel is that there’s definitely room to go deeper. Perhaps, all of the layers of protection I succumb to are an illusion, perhaps I just draw onto them because I feel an openness, I feel a connection with others I am not used to – with clairsentience I am able to feel the depth of people and see beyond crocodile tears or fake smiles. Perhaps that’s why we use protection and not because we are afraid?

  7. Recently I found myself walking with my hands in my pockets and across my chest felt tighter and more closed in. But I only noticed this to its full extent when I brought my hands out, walked normally and my posture re-adjusted.

  8. When we are open to surrender to the being at one with our Soul and it’s impulses, we find that our movements reflect the Divinity we have aligned to and offer then an imprint of love and opportunity to deepen in love, be it in our conversations, in our relationships and wherever we are in general.

  9. So, could it be possible that we may even deliberately use our body and its movement to stay stuck with an idea/belief/emotion etc. if whatever that is offering to us is registered as a kind of comfort?

  10. I have to smile when I read this blog as I always think of it when I find myself walking with hands in my pockets. Sometimes this is through necessity as I haven’t considered it cold enough to wear gloves. But sometimes it is an unconscious act to keep myself held in and small. I always find my body feels bigger, freer and more open when I let my arms swing.

  11. I was at a meeting yesterday and found myself holding on to the chair as if it were my anchor in a storm…( the situation had become very intense) the tension in my body had made me go hard and protective and uneasy, insecure. I clocked this and wanted to run away, but no I chose to stay and move, consciously bringing a different quality to my body and thus to my expression and I spoke more honestly than I had before and I felt I was heard.

  12. When we walk in harmony with one another we are able to be honest with each other without worrying about any reaction as we are already walking as one in our natural rhythm.

    1. When we live the harmony inside, greater magnificence of meeting can occur, simply because it is inspiring to feel someone in harmony with themselves, which naturally extends with others.

  13. Beautiful how you could feel your own tension and holding back simply through restricting your body movement and how much easier it was to express when you released your body and allowed it its natural flow and rhythm.

  14. I live in a cold place and walk to and from the train station. I feel the difference when my hands are in my pockets and when they are not while walking. I understand placing your hands in the pocket region while standing or participating in Sacred Movement lets say but while walking they understandably need to be moving like every other part of the body. So, if I am missing my gloves I feel the pain in the coldness and this takes away the exquisite feeling of the flow that comes from the walking.

  15. I loved what you shared Anne, as I have felt myself at times being unwilling to feel the deep hurt and pain that living without love has caused me, and on the other hand opening up to the lightness harmony and joy that is there to be received can be scary, all part of our choice to evolve to a deeper quality of our love.

    1. So beautifully expressed Jill – for this is a process that I too can relate to where opening up to more love can be a daunting thing to do especially when we are so used to living in protection. But it is what we are here for.

  16. It is fascinating to be aware that when we restrict the movement of one part of our body that it effects the way the rest of our body moves and feels.

  17. It is such a joy to walk our own walk and to feel how the quality of our movements can change our expressions. The power that’s to be felt when we walk aligned to the natural rhythms of our body is exquisite and like I said very very joyful.

  18. Changing our movement is so powerful and we all know this innately. An angry person does not want to move and likes to cross their arms and tense their body, for instance, they don’t want to loosen up… and once we know that it is about movement it becomes more about the choice of moving differently, instead of solving an issue in our head.

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