Walking Life with my Hands in my Pockets

This morning, as I was walking along the beach with my husband and we were having a deep discussion about our relationship, I noticed that I kept my hands in my pockets and was feeling quite tense and reactive.

I then made a conscious choice to take my hands out of my pockets. I allowed them to swing with my body as I walked and was surprised to feel the tension leave my body – I could feel the calming rhythm of my walk. From that place I was able to express more openly and honestly with my husband and our walk became more harmonious.

I wondered then if I am sometimes walking life with my hands in my pockets, literally and figuratively. When I walk in this way I am protecting myself from allowing anything loving coming in, and certainly my expression out can be hard and unloving.

Figuratively this may mean that I have been holding myself in protection in my daily living and am not allowing those around me to feel the power of my full expression.

As I pondered on this, I asked myself: have I been holding onto ideals and beliefs about relationships and life that are no longer serving me?  

Have I been protecting myself from feeling the hurts and sadness that my body is willing to release but I have been not allowing myself to go there?

I have found that maybe it has been too scary for me to feel the lightness, harmony and freedom that comes when we choose to walk with the natural rhythms that are within and are all around us – in nature, in the animal kingdom, and from the planets, the sea and the outer universes.

Next time you notice you are walking with your hands in your pockets, is it because you are warming yourself or are you actually holding back in how you are expressing life? 

This is certainly worth pondering and a very good reason to buy gloves!

I continue to be inspired by Serge Benhayon and how he always expresses life in full – no holding back, no apologies, and we all get to feel the openness and love in his daily expression.

By Anne Hishon, Woman, Partner to Peter, Mother to Joshua and Ben, Community Nurse working with Older People, Tauranga, New Zealand

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920 thoughts on “Walking Life with my Hands in my Pockets

  1. Yes we cannot write off anything as ‘just what I do’ because everything has meaning and nothing means nothing. Even the smallest gesture communicates everything about how we live.

  2. Observing all our little habits and ways can reveal so much about our way of living as your story so beautifully reveals, Anne. I will certainly now be observing the effects that all my movements have on my body and what they are revealing to me about my livingness

  3. “I wondered then if I am sometimes walking life with my hands in my pockets, literally and figuratively. When I walk in this way I am protecting myself from allowing anything loving coming in, and certainly my expression out can be hard and unloving.” A great one to clock Anne. Every thing we do – consciously or unconsciously – can reveal so much about our selves – if we care to pause and observe. What do we then choose?

  4. This blog came straight to my awareness when I started walking with my hands in my pockets! It felt very noticeably different once I walked without my hands tucked away – my whole body felt more open and harmonious.

    1. I agree Stephanie, this is one of those blogs that comes back time after time as a reminder of how my arms feel, and if I am holding on. Often I find that when I release my hands from my pockets I can really feel the hardness and the tension from walking and talking in a certain way. Then as my expression changes I feel the warmth in my hands and a flow of energy, which feels quite rhythmical.

      1. Yeh super true – I find when I bring attention to my arms and hands my whole body is consciously more surrendered and I’m carrying much less tension, especially when I’m walking, but even when I’m sitting, or preparing food, or getting dressed, or any daily activities.

  5. Let´s say we would have a multitude of hands then I may have taken out about 50 out of my pockets, so another 50 or more to go. It seems to me that the more hands I get free to take responsibility the more I realize that there is no limit to express, engage, be more of who I am, care, be inclusive etc.

  6. When we walk with our hands in our pockets we think we are protecting them from the cold outside but our movements do not have a rhythm and flow and this can prevent us from feeling our inner warmth.

  7. I noticed last night while having a conversation with someone that although my hands weren’t in my pockets my body was braced and it was held in a tension. Instead of being open and letting the person in I was waiting to see what they would say before I would respond and determine how open I would be. This has been a long held pattern for me but I am starting to observe it more lately as it is coming to the surface to be changed.

    1. Yes MW, once we become more aware of our bodies, we can then start to notice other habits and areas that we brace or hold tense and identify the situations where this arises.

  8. What you show here Anne, is that we can through conscious movements with our body support us to let go of the tensions and thoughts we hold onto.

  9. Beautiful…as we free our body our mind becomes clear. Such a simple yet profound understanding about life and how to live it.

  10. I remember having my arms folded was a popular stance for me. When I learnt a bit about body language and how this stance could suggest being guarded or closed, I started to change this habit and realised how vulnerable I felt with my arms by my sides. It has taken me a while to feel at ease in my body, but it’s a reflection of how much I accept myself and the world as it is.

  11. I love this – proof that every tiny little movement affects our whole body and how we feel, express and continue the quality of our day in. How much do we underestimate how powerful our movement is!

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