Walking Life with my Hands in my Pockets

This morning, as I was walking along the beach with my husband and we were having a deep discussion about our relationship, I noticed that I kept my hands in my pockets and was feeling quite tense and reactive.

I then made a conscious choice to take my hands out of my pockets. I allowed them to swing with my body as I walked and was surprised to feel the tension leave my body – I could feel the calming rhythm of my walk. From that place I was able to express more openly and honestly with my husband and our walk became more harmonious.

I wondered then if I am sometimes walking life with my hands in my pockets, literally and figuratively. When I walk in this way I am protecting myself from allowing anything loving coming in, and certainly my expression out can be hard and unloving.

Figuratively this may mean that I have been holding myself in protection in my daily living and am not allowing those around me to feel the power of my full expression.

As I pondered on this, I asked myself: have I been holding onto ideals and beliefs about relationships and life that are no longer serving me?  

Have I been protecting myself from feeling the hurts and sadness that my body is willing to release but I have been not allowing myself to go there?

I have found that maybe it has been too scary for me to feel the lightness, harmony and freedom that comes when we choose to walk with the natural rhythms that are within and are all around us – in nature, in the animal kingdom, and from the planets, the sea and the outer universes.

Next time you notice you are walking with your hands in your pockets, is it because you are warming yourself or are you actually holding back in how you are expressing life? 

This is certainly worth pondering and a very good reason to buy gloves!

I continue to be inspired by Serge Benhayon and how he always expresses life in full – no holding back, no apologies, and we all get to feel the openness and love in his daily expression.

By Anne Hishon, Woman, Partner to Peter, Mother to Joshua and Ben, Community Nurse working with Older People, Tauranga, New Zealand

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898 thoughts on “Walking Life with my Hands in my Pockets

  1. We are expressing so much more through our body than just with our mouth alone. So what message is our posture sending the other person when we are not open, light, loving and letting them in in full?

  2. I love how we can effectively bypass the mind and go straight to supporting our body, which then makes us feel better and more clear in the head anyway…

  3. ‘have I been holding onto ideals and beliefs about relationships and life that are no longer serving me?  
    Have I been protecting myself from feeling the hurts and sadness that my body is willing to release but I have been not allowing myself to go there?’ Two amazing questions and ones most definitely worth pondering on further. As regards the second question, I was amazed recently in a two-day workshop with Chris James how much my body released so much tiredness and sadness that I had been holding. I had been keeping myself together, as they say, but in a way that was at a cost to my body. Awesome to feel how this had built up and to allow the tension and pain to release allowing for a new beginning.

  4. Hiding any aspect of ourselves away is a hiding of the Love we are, a withdrawal and a retreat rather than standing open and trusting in the Love we are.

  5. Through what you have shared Anne you have highlighted how our bodies purely are vehicles of expression, for our Soul, for the oneness of God, and the quality of the movements of our bodies reflects the quality of energy passing through us at any given moment. With this awareness we then can choose to correct our movements to allow for true expression to flow through, or continue in our connection to love, to Soul, to God, to All, to magnify this loving quality through our bodies, as such our expression.

  6. I have come to realise how much holding myself in protection not only holds me back from expressing the truth of what I am feeling, it closes me off from connecting with others in a truly open and far more meaningful way.

  7. I loved what you have shared Anne, “I have found that maybe it has been too scary for me to feel the lightness, harmony and freedom that comes when we choose to walk with the natural rhythms that are within and are all around us – in nature, in the animal kingdom, and from the planets, the sea and the outer universe” as I was reading the above paragraph I started to feel some sadness coming up for me, it was accompanied with some of the sayings that were told to me as a child such as ‘ don’t get too happy the other shoe might drop” or don’t get too big for your boots ” all to keep capped the natural joy and lightness we felt as children.

  8. Our bodies truly are amazing and when we do contract, it not only constricts our movement but also diminishes the working’s and flow of our vehicle (i.e our bodies.) Just like a car we deserve to be cared for and maintained at our highest performance so we too can be full vehicle’s of expression and divine bodies of loving connection.

  9. It makes me wonder what is holding onto the hurts and emotions when’ feeling … that my body is willing to release’ them: There seems to be that two-parted-ness in us, often very contradictory, so who or what is making the choices and or on what grounds? We like to be free of suffering but then create and hold onto it. Without delving into coming up with an answer the obvious can be stated, our body only ever seeks harmony, well-being and health.

  10. There is such a simplicity in this blog but a great depth of wisdom should we choose to see it. A perfect blog for my morning and deeply appreciated. The tension we feel in our bodies can so easily be masked by our physical posture and it then becomes our normal. I have been aware of working on the little movement of pulling my shoulders back, it is part of a normal physio consultation yet the vulnerability it brought up got me considering if the posture we choose is there for protection of emotional issues as well as poor postural habits. I also realised it is an abdication of responsibility to look at tight muscles and poor posture as simply being physical rather than considering the emotional and the energetic reasons for a physical outcome.

  11. Thank you, I can feel that of late I have been a bit protected in how I have been holding my chest and have often stood with my arms crossed. Like a holding back or not quite sure if I can open up especially as love is being presented. It was great to read this and be reminded of the importance of my posture and opening my body up.

  12. Holding your hands in the pockets is also a picture for being inactive where there actually would be an opportunity to do and act upon something. This then would be a missed chance that later on may develop emotions like regret or remorse. It is especially when we realize with honesty that we missed out on sharing love, intimacy, trust. Even if it costs quite an effort to ‘take the hands out of the pockets’ usually it is worthwhile.

    1. Thank you for this comment Alex, it makes so much sense. I have certainly noticed how sometimes I can put my hands in my pockets during a conversation and it is because I do not want to hear what I know will be uttered and I do not want to have to deal with it.

  13. The way we walk and talk is so telling of our attitude to life and people, and can be felt by everyone around us! Our ripples travel much faster and wider than we realise…

  14. What would life be like if we couldn’t talk but communicated with each other only with our movements? How simple life would be…

  15. I loved coming back to this blog as I am reminded once again of the fact that life from the mind is far more limited than from the body in terms of what we can express and experience.

  16. This blog often comes to mind when I am walking now. I love how we can inspire one another. I now experiment with how I feel walking with my hands in my pockets and moving freely. I have also found at times that the hands in pockets can represent stuckness or digging my heels in and taking my hands out can shift this.

  17. What a great analogy, walking with our hands in a pockets can literally mean we are walking protected. How we protect ourselves can present in may ways. One way I have noticed lately that I protect is to tell lies, not big ones, but little white lies. I think that I am doing the other person a favour by telling the little lies, so not to hurt their feelings, or sometimes its to get myself out of a sticky situation I’ve landed myself in, from not taking the time I needed to do something. But I have been feeling more and more just how awful these little lies feel, no matter how little. They do not allow me to bring my full expression, or to call others out on things that may need to be. So I will bring even greater awareness to when I am doing just that and express with more honesty in the future.

  18. Today I will be aware of what my hands are doing as I walk, I will also be aware of expressing more openly, honestly and truthfully and I will deeply ‘listen’ to what is happening in my body. Thank you Anne for this beautiful reminder.

  19. To come to understand the ramifications of what you do both physically and figuratively is profound in that you can now bring that awareness to all areas of your life and choose a more deeply supportive way to move from here onwards.

  20. Our body posture is incredibly telling of how we are actually feeling – hands in the pockets, hands crossed in front of the chest, face closed off, avoiding eye contact, guarded eye contact etc. etc. And in fact sometimes it is easier to read another person’s body posture with simple observation than it is our own (which comes from us not really wanting to be honest with how we are feeling). And when we see another who is open in themselves, not wanting to hide anything and just allowing all around to be with no shields and no protection, then it can be the most beautiful and inspiring thing for us all to feel and embrace, for essentially this is the very thing we all yearn for deep within.

  21. It is interesting how our body posture can tell how we are feeling, the body does speak louder if only we stop to listen and feel. When we honour the body and support it, that’s when the beauty happens.

  22. I have often pondered on this blog when I’m out walking and notice what I’m in when I choose to walk with my hands in my pockets. When I do, my shoulders become tense and rigid and are no longer open – open to life and to people. So when I walk with my hand in my pockets I can stay in my stuff much more easily. Whereas when I allow my body to flow, its much easier to see the bigger picture and allow flow in my body.

  23. Anne this is a great reminder to ponder on what you share as I have never actually paid attention to my hands in this way “I have found that maybe it has been too scary for me to feel the lightness, harmony and freedom that comes when we choose to walk with the natural rhythms that are within and are all around us – in nature, in the animal kingdom, and from the planets, the sea and the outer universes.”

    1. I am often reminded about the disconnection I can have with parts of my body so when I am walking I try and consciously feel all of me

  24. We know the body speaks loud and clear. Body language is a big part of this and its cool for us to ask ourselves why are we moving in certain ways? Hands in the pockets is a good one. It certainly does show up where we are at and what are we going into protection about.

  25. The power of how we move our body is quite phenomenal, and the small change you made Anne to removing your hands from your pockets to a more open posture had a profound effect on your conversation. You have inspired me to take more notice of my body, posture and movements.

  26. If a small change in our movement like this can have such a big impact in the way we express ourselves and relate to each other – I dread to think how I might have been compromising my expression by not giving it any attention for most of my life.

  27. I notice in myself that the smallest change in my movements can bring about huge change to how I feel in my body…

  28. Beautiful how you noticed that you were holding yourself in protection through having your hands in your pocket, and the difference in your expression when you let your hands swing freely by your side, it is really worth clocking ourselves and the actions that we hold onto by way of security and protection.

  29. Deeply appreciating the signals we receive, that show us symbolically (by energetic meaning) what and why we are choosing as we choose and what effect this has.. The magic of god for example that plays out in nature, by dropping a feather or the constellation of a butterfly on the light of your car etc. It is all made to teach and confirm us something, to feel what is behind that which we see. Once you open up and take the moment to feel what a certain sign in life is telling you – the more signs you will notice.

  30. I love observing my body’s movements and how even the smallest change in a movement can really make the world of difference to how I feel and how my movements then flow.

  31. Freedom in our body when we walk is so invigorating as it allows our shoulders to open up so that we can feel the deeper connection to our heart and this is not so easily done when we are restricted in any way.

  32. When we walk there is a natural flow in our movements that gets retained when we don’t allow those movements to be as expanded as they naturally are. What comes next is contraction, tension and something stops in us. It’s essential to listen to our body to know by our own experience, what kind of movements support our expression and what others not. Everything is expression in our bodies too.

  33. I tried walking with my hands in my pocket and it drags the shoulders down and turns forward the shoulders and pushes the heart area in towards the back bone. It sounds like its a way of closing down the body and not allowing the body to release the hurt its holding.

  34. Walking through life open, receiving and gracing everything with our movements is our natural expression.

  35. I often recall these wise words you shared Anne when I am walking, letting my arms fall free and move in a gentle rhythmic way as I walk. My whole body responds to how lovely this feels. If my hands slip back in my pockets tension can slip back in my body very quickly.

  36. In certain situations eg.Skyping I have noticed how I place my hands on my chin, mouth and lips to comfort, hide and/or protect me. I could see this was a behaviour I would go into and as I observed I decided to put my hands down. Immediately I felt exposed as it felt another could see more of me!… interesting the movements we can go into without realising at first the reason we choose them.

  37. Great that you noticed and are aware Anne, that when you walk with your hands in your pocket you are tense and reactive. A beautiful lesson for us all to be aware of what makes us tense, reactive, protective etc. and what simple movements we can make to shift the energy.

  38. This question ‘leapt off the page’ towards me this morning – a sure sign that there is something for me to ponder upon and give myself permission to go deeper with this. There is already tension being felt in my body, so obviously there is some deeper ‘stuff’ coming to the surface.
    “Have I been protecting myself from feeling the hurts and sadness that my body is willing to release but I have been not allowing myself to go there?’ “

  39. Keeping our hands literally in our pockets is a great analogy for holding ourselves back and not getting ‘hands on’ with living our full potential in life.

  40. It is a great realisation to see and understand how we adopt behaviours that change our whole approach to life and hold us back from our true expression and fully engaging with people.

  41. A great question to ask ourselves regardless – where are we holding back our love and expression and to what end?

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