Bracing For Impact (in a Crazy, Scary World of Energy)

Does this sound familiar – coming home, having a cuppa, a beer or a joint, a bit of chocolate, feet up in front of the tele to ‘wind down’ from the day? Or a yoga session followed by a bath with scented oils? Or off into one’s room with the door closed, to shut out the family and the world and do your own thing? Ah… sanctuary from the madness and demands!

You know how it goes; a world of humans expressing their emotions and thoughts, like 7 billion devices blasting out their waves at full volume…

So, what do we do? When we go out we contract away from this crazy energy of the world, protect ourselves in a cocoon or behind a ‘suit of armour’, on high alert all day as we go about our business in the danger zone.

Often our shoulders are hunched, arms in front of us, necks stretched forwards, eyes either down or looking around nervously – the body language of wariness. We often get done what we have to do as fast as possible, without a lot of loving focus. Then we come home to our house or our room, let down our protection, breathe a sigh of relief and reward ourselves with something relaxing. Got through another day! Safe till tomorrow morning…

Next day dawns and we ‘brace for impact’ to go out into the world again.

What is it about the world that makes us feel on edge and want to escape from it? What is it about our ‘sanctuaries’ and their pleasures that make us feel safe and relaxed?

Is it possible that this distinction between the outside world and our sanctuaries is an illusion?

Is it possible that when we are home in our rooms, we behave differently towards ourselves and our things? I know I have done this for a long time, putting a level of care into myself and my home that the majority of people are not putting into the world ‘out there’. You could say that I leave a concentrated loving imprint in my own space. Then when I come home to it, I feel it still there, all the more noticeable in contrast with the madness ‘outside’. It helps me come back to myself, open up, relax, recover from the day. It’s great to confirm the divinity within me that can be so easily imprinted into my surroundings when I’m not contracted, but open, loving and still.

And it confirms that everything is energy and everything is because of energy. It’s not so much what we’ve done in our sanctuaries but how we’ve been while we were doing it that leaves perceptible energy imprints. As it does everywhere.

Everything is energy, energy is always moving, and it doesn’t stop at piffling boundaries like walls (which are made of matter which is made of energy). Actually the whole 7 billion persons-worth of human mental/emotional energy of the world ‘out there’ is constantly passing through our sanctuaries and our bodies, except that we think it isn’t because we’re ‘safely at home’, believing it to be separate.

Could it be that we feel so good in our rooms not just because of the loving imprint we’ve cultivated there, but because we are not letting ourselves feel that, all being energy, the energy of all humanity is still passing through us even when we are in our comfortable sanctuaries?

So here’s the big question: if we feel and know about energy and the imprints we leave, and how our love can change our surroundings, why aren’t we not bracing and contracting but instead imprinting our best level of openness, love and stillness everywhere we go?

What a difference that would make in the world: no more need to brace for impact or run to our sanctuaries, because we’d be at home all the time, everywhere!

Deeply inspired by Serge Benhayon’s life and sharings.

by Dianne Trussell

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1,251 thoughts on “Bracing For Impact (in a Crazy, Scary World of Energy)

  1. Until Serge Benhayon came along and started talking about energy, I certainly hadn’t given this topic any consideration life was life and somehow we have to get through it as best we can. Most of us can ‘fake’ it and by this I mean make it look as though we have got everything by this I mean life under control. However we are just kidding ourselves and other people but if enough people can do this then it looks to all intent and purpose as though life is fine.
    But if we were to look at life as everything is energy and then ask ourselves what energy are we using to fuel the life we lead then that is another story because for the majority of us we are using an energy that is actually harming our bodies without us even knowing this. I have been on a steep learning curve of discerning energy and its really interesting in that we can all read energy but what we do is dull ourselves down so that we think we cannot read energy, that way we don’t have to deal with the truth that it brings us when we do read it.

  2. Is it that we are different in our sanctuary compared to the outside world that makes it safe, or the belief that we can have a safe pocket that lures us into a false sense of security? Thus we act differently because we believe we are safe?

  3. When I have been very loving with myself, knowing that I have taken good care of myself and feeling that in my body as truth, I feel very ready to be in the world, whether that is inside or outside my home.

  4. Love is brace-less and so all we need to do is keep life simple so we remain in connection with our Soul-full-essences by way of our Loving movements.

  5. Learning to live life with the same approach and quality that I have for ‘my sanctuary’ in everything I do has resulted in life feeling far less stressful with a constant deepening of a feeling of harmony and joy.

  6. Dianne, I have just been reflecting more on what you have shared in this blog, and feel strongly that my next step is to keep focusing on the loving imprints outside of home. I know my home is held steady (without perfection of course) in terms of being a space that holds me and loves me back when I come home. But as you have shared, why do we not put this same imprint everywhere we go – and this I have now been reminded of once again by your blog. Off to work we go, off to leave imprints that well expand the holding of our home through out all the areas we set foot in.

  7. Dianne, I also love how you have shared that at no time are we left alone from energy….even when we are hermits in our spaces, energy passes through us all of the time, and that nothing really changes, we just choose to see what we want to see most of the time and it often is not the full picture.

    1. Henrietta I agree with you when you say
      “we just choose to see what we want to see most of the time and it often is not the full picture.”
      I have behaved in this way for years and actually it hasn’t got me very far because at some point sooner or later we have deal with the fact that everything is energy. Maybe we cannot see it but we can definitely feel it. We know when someone is angry or something just doesn’t feel right we tend to override these feelings but by stopping and taking notice of them is the way back to knowing that everything is indeed energy and we are affected by it.

  8. Awesome and relevant expose Dianne, and one that I can certainly relate to – in fact I can say that I have often enjoyed and sought out the hermit life and the desire to get away from the world and all its craziness. And with this I have found that if I am good at setting up an amazing space at home (which I know I am), and I know how life can be, then I have come to understand that it is one of my responsibilities is to share this with the world and get out there to show how it can be. Not in a show off way, but in the simple ways of how I live. This means getting out of the hermit mode and being willing to be out there – which in some ways has not been easy for me.

  9. Reading today I understood and felt more clearly the ocean of energy we are all existing in, and the true value of being in the world re-imprinting with love, stillness and joy, etc. It’s actually equally valuable inside or outside the home as the energetic imprints are being deposited back into the ocean of energy we live in wherever we are. What a wake up call too in this line “a world of humans expressing their emotions and thoughts, like 7 billion devices blasting out their waves at full volume…”.

  10. “Is it possible that this distinction between the outside world and our sanctuaries is an illusion?” A great question Dianne. Energy is everywhere – passing through us constantly -and we are a part of it- whether we think we can hide away on our sanctuary or not.

  11. There are no barriers to energy, and that the energy of every single thing that takes place in our world is passing through every single one of us. So it makes sense to feel that all is not okay, because all is NOT okay in our world. The question posed in this blog is important, do we try to brace ourselves and create moments of numbness to it all, or do we choose to be responsible for what we add to the pool of energy through our own choices wherever we are?

    1. It’s a beautiful level of responsibility, taking care of the energetic quality we deliver to the world in our every movement, and with constant appreciation for what we can offer back into the sea of energy we are all a part of.

    2. Golnaz, this is really beautifully worded – energy does pass through us all of the time and we can simply allow that awareness or shut down to it. And whether we like it or not it is still happening. Our role is to add to that pool something of quality that can then inspire another to feel the truth for themselves.

      1. Right now the pool of energy is heavily polluted, so much so that the majority of us have forgotten entirely that once upon a time the pool was crystal clear. Each of us has a responsibility to bring the clarity of truth back into the pool so that over time it gets clearer and clearer until eventually it gets restored to the glass like quality that it used to be and once that quality has been restored we will be able to clearly see our own reflection again and will recognise ourselves as the united face of God.

  12. “Or off into one’s room with the door closed, to shut out the family and the world and do your own thing?” The more we understand the world on an energetic level, the more we come to realize how impossible this is. Closed door or not, everything we do contributes to the energetic soup we live in so therefore has an impact on everyone else.

  13. The only thing that makes us think there is a world out there is our invisible wall that is self-created to make us think the world a scary place. When we let go of this invisible wall we soon realise how connected we are to the rest of the world, and that there is nowhere we can hide or block out the rest of the world.

  14. This is a very revealing piece of writing. So it is our choice in every moment how we are and how we are in the world.

  15. I think it will be a long time until humanity knowingly imprints there best level of openness, love and stillness everywhere they go, but get there we all eventually will.

  16. The fact that we ‘brace for impact’ through life just shows us how sensitive we are and how much we feel of what is around us. Even though we may brace for impact doesn’t mean that it stops this quality of ours for being sensitive. We feel everything all the time. Its important for us all to learn how to walk through life whilst staying open.

    1. It really does confirm our sensitivity and clairsentience, no matter how much we allow our mind to dominate we are feeling everything, even if we are not consciously registering it.

  17. ‘What a difference that would make in the world: no more need to brace for impact or run to our sanctuaries, because we’d be at home all the time, everywhere!’ what a difference indeed! People would feel this is possible and live in a way that supported us to be ourselves everywhere, the divide between stranger and friend would dissolve.

  18. I love this Dianne as it calls us to look at the responsibility we all hold, of our alignment to a quality of energy that governs us to move through our day with love or all that is not love. Either way we are impacting everyone near and far with whatever quality we align to, healing or harming, something we cannot avoid regardless of what we think. In living with love through every aspect in our living day we live with the power of who we are and in honor of who we all are.

  19. We have this perception that our doors can shut out the world but if everything is energy then that is impossible. We also believe that if we shut ourselves down to others we won’t feel the ugliness of energies being directed at us but the reality is we cannot stop any energy coming through us at any given time. We have this perception that we can protect ourselves by shutting down but the fact of the matter is staying open is the answer.

  20. No matter how much we want to shut out the world/humanity, we live in a world of energy and we cannot escape the fact that we can feel everything passing through us. So, I reckon by fighting what we can feel is more harmful than allowing ourselves to feel everything.

  21. Home, sweet home – welcome home etc. are expressions to indicate a place where we can be ourselves protected from the whetter condition but mostly from the ‘dangerous’ outside world. The ‘dangerous’ world of which we are very willing to forget we are equally contributing to by our way of behaviour.

  22. It is the contraction away from the grandness that we are that hurts the most, and not only for ourselves but too for everybody we are with and by this playing less are letting down.

  23. “Is it possible that this distinction between the outside world and our sanctuaries is an illusion?” This is a great question and one worth pondering on. When we absorb what is going on in the other world it hugely impacts our inner world and the two become one very quickly.

  24. We do tend to put more care into some aspects of life than others but that does not really serve us as all parts of our life are of equal importance.

    1. Elizabeth, you talk about the fact that life is just one life and never ever can be compartmentalized.

  25. Bracing for impact is an expression of anxiety, not knowing what to do with our awareness, not having the confidence that we can deal with what we are aware of.

    1. I associate the word bracing with hardening my body and resisting love. With time, this hardening causes much pain, dis-ease and tension which affects people around me as well.

  26. Sanctuaries are great to become aware that we can be out there without the need of protect ourselves. This is a great platform to work out how, when and why we change our movements as we go into the world.

  27. Taking care of our inner quality by letting go of whatever is in the way of feeling the depth of that.. a life long commitment and responsibility that feels incredibly light, the more we let go.

  28. Or in many cases even when we get home we are so used to holding onto the protection that we do not even drop this when we are on are own! ‘Then we come home to our house or our room, let down our protection, breathe a sigh of relief and reward ourselves with something relaxing.’

  29. Bracing for impact, living in contraction, thinking we are safe and secure is a very diminished way of living. This is much more hurtful then anything outside of us could ever be. And so security is a total lie, it is designed to keep us from accessing the grand love that we are for if we are in the livingness of this love the security is not even needed.

  30. This is really great what you share here Dianne, all we have to do is bring the same care and love to everything we do and not only when we feel safe, feel to or are asked to.

  31. This makes us question what we define our ‘home’ to be. What I can feel is that it is not about taking ‘home’ out into the ‘world’, which already feels to be confirming the division, but maybe it is about us being at home, being in connection with our inner-most, with God.

  32. Love the questions and considerations you are offering Dianne. We are vehicles of energy and the quality we are in not only flows through us it is emanating from us beyond any parameter. What responsibility this asks of us.

  33. Whoa! A big stop moment to deepen awareness to the fact that everything is energy and it cannot be escaped. A beautiful reminder that T=the quality of energy we bring to everything we do affects everyone worldwide.
    “Actually the whole 7 billion persons-worth of human mental/emotional energy of the world ‘out there’ is constantly passing through our sanctuaries and our bodies, except that we think it isn’t because we’re ‘safely at home’, believing it to be separate”.

  34. I used to do a lot of bracing, and my shoulders were often hunched, sore, and stiff. Through the presentations of Universal Medicine, I have become aware of this and have been working towards lessening the bracing/protection and my shoulders are no longer hunched and often relaxed and open. I am now working on the more subtle forms of bracing and protection that are there, and working towards them not being present at all. Imagine how the body would feel then?

  35. What we are not educated about is energy; we are not educated to know that there are only two types of energy negative or positive. Just like a battery has a negative field and a positive field, one repels the other attracts. Have you ever been repelled by someone’s negative abusive behaviour, or felt instantly attracted to someone because they feel warm and genuine? We could say we live in a sea of energy which we are constantly feeling and just because we cannot see it doesn’t mean to say it is not there. For many of us we don’t like what we feel so we turn a blind eye to it and numb our awareness to what to me is our most precious commodity. By feeling energy and being aware of my surroundings I can read what is occurring all around me. Which means I have a greater understanding of life; and I am less likely to react to people because I read the energy they are choosing which is either negative or positive.

  36. To be ‘at home’ with oneself wherever one goes and with whatever one is doing is the greatest form of sanctuary.

    1. Hear, hear Jstewart51, this is very wise and if we can live this consistently, nothing can really affect us and therefore we are able to support others in a deeply loving way.

  37. Thank you for this awesome article. I love it because of how it confirms what I can see, that there can be a difference in the way that we are with ourselves and with eachother, and how it is this difference that creates so much tension in life, that we need to find ways of dealing with the tension first before we can even begin to address the underlying withdrawal. Which often means that whole lives can be spent never coming back in to the centre, innermost loving part of ourselves, instead having day after day after day in the onslaught and the hurricanes of lives lived dealing with how to cope.

  38. I have spent many years literally putting on my armour as I leave the house ready to face the world, however I have since found living from a connection of love and making choices from that connection begins to lessen the need for the armour as we go about our day from a completely different place, and allows others to let go of their guard as you meet them from that place of love.

    1. What’s interesting for me to feel is that although I don’t associate with ‘putting on armour to leave the house’, I do feel a certain ‘letting go’ when I come home at the end of the day and start preparing dinner. So if I feel a certain ‘letting go’, then this begs the question what is it that I am letting go of? And as all ‘letting go’ is a letting go of tension, then what is the tension that I’m holding onto? Hmmm……..

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