Bracing For Impact (in a Crazy, Scary World of Energy)

Does this sound familiar – coming home, having a cuppa, a beer or a joint, a bit of chocolate, feet up in front of the tele to ‘wind down’ from the day? Or a yoga session followed by a bath with scented oils? Or off into one’s room with the door closed, to shut out the family and the world and do your own thing? Ah… sanctuary from the madness and demands!

You know how it goes; a world of humans expressing their emotions and thoughts, like 7 billion devices blasting out their waves at full volume…

So, what do we do? When we go out we contract away from this crazy energy of the world, protect ourselves in a cocoon or behind a ‘suit of armour’, on high alert all day as we go about our business in the danger zone.

Often our shoulders are hunched, arms in front of us, necks stretched forwards, eyes either down or looking around nervously – the body language of wariness. We often get done what we have to do as fast as possible, without a lot of loving focus. Then we come home to our house or our room, let down our protection, breathe a sigh of relief and reward ourselves with something relaxing. Got through another day! Safe till tomorrow morning…

Next day dawns and we ‘brace for impact’ to go out into the world again.

What is it about the world that makes us feel on edge and want to escape from it? What is it about our ‘sanctuaries’ and their pleasures that make us feel safe and relaxed?

Is it possible that this distinction between the outside world and our sanctuaries is an illusion?

Is it possible that when we are home in our rooms, we behave differently towards ourselves and our things? I know I have done this for a long time, putting a level of care into myself and my home that the majority of people are not putting into the world ‘out there’. You could say that I leave a concentrated loving imprint in my own space. Then when I come home to it, I feel it still there, all the more noticeable in contrast with the madness ‘outside’. It helps me come back to myself, open up, relax, recover from the day. It’s great to confirm the divinity within me that can be so easily imprinted into my surroundings when I’m not contracted, but open, loving and still.

And it confirms that everything is energy and everything is because of energy. It’s not so much what we’ve done in our sanctuaries but how we’ve been while we were doing it that leaves perceptible energy imprints. As it does everywhere.

Everything is energy, energy is always moving, and it doesn’t stop at piffling boundaries like walls (which are made of matter which is made of energy). Actually the whole 7 billion persons-worth of human mental/emotional energy of the world ‘out there’ is constantly passing through our sanctuaries and our bodies, except that we think it isn’t because we’re ‘safely at home’, believing it to be separate.

Could it be that we feel so good in our rooms not just because of the loving imprint we’ve cultivated there, but because we are not letting ourselves feel that, all being energy, the energy of all humanity is still passing through us even when we are in our comfortable sanctuaries?

So here’s the big question: if we feel and know about energy and the imprints we leave, and how our love can change our surroundings, why aren’t we not bracing and contracting but instead imprinting our best level of openness, love and stillness everywhere we go?

What a difference that would make in the world: no more need to brace for impact or run to our sanctuaries, because we’d be at home all the time, everywhere!

Deeply inspired by Serge Benhayon’s life and sharings.

by Dianne Trussell

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1,082 thoughts on “Bracing For Impact (in a Crazy, Scary World of Energy)

  1. A great reminder that everything is energy and there is no divide. The same pool of energy passes through all of us all of the time and we in turn affect the pool. So how significant is our choice of whether we react, brace ourselves, be hardened or whether we align to the energy that is consistent with our Soul and through the way we live we magnify that in the world.

  2. The way we think we can protect ourselves by closing the front door of our house,literally and metaphorically is an illusion, it is always about the quality we live and by observing we feel what is in and all around us. When we stay open it actually is the greatest support (protection) to live with and in.

  3. What we really need to be honest about is by living in this way what is this doing to our health and wellbeing?

  4. This is a very interesting subject,I am a massage therapist and I would say ‘every’ person who comes in for treatment is ‘bracing’ I can feel a tension in their bodies and often to some degree their shoulders are drawn forward. It is astonishing to become more and more aware that I am woking with a level tension in the whole body with each client, yes you will get what is called a niggle or a harder more tense spot, but generally it is an all over body tension that I work with….lots to ponder concerning what occurs health wise from the built up tension.

  5. I saw so clearly how we can create these sanctuaries away from the ‘maddening world’, and I also saw so clearly that we all create and are part of the ‘maddening world’ so your big question makes sense to me – is it not better to be bringing that love and stillness everywhere we go?

  6. Have we ever thought about this: what we see and do not like to see in the world is actually caused by us? That when we do not like this and hide away from seeing it, that it would at best remain the same and more likely, worsen to more madness, if we do not take responsibility to express again what is true, to first ask ourselves what is our responsibility in this, and not run away in dealing with that first ourselves, and at the same time to express this reflection back to the world, so as to inspire more responsibility,then it just feels completely disempowering to live, no?

  7. Thank you Dianne, there is much to contemplate in what you’ve shared here… and I particularly like your question… “Is it possible that this distinction between the outside world and our sanctuaries is an illusion?”
    It is VERY likely I would answer to that… we are far more impacted by the world around us than most care to ever really consider, let alone stop and ponder what is really going on and why we have settled for things being the way they are.

  8. There is a level of responsibility that people choose to avoid when they live as if there is a separation and therefore a protection between the outside world and the sanctuary of their comforts, but as you have exposed, there is no hiding, only just a fooling of ourselves that we have a temporary reprieve from the tension of living in the lovelessness that we do. However the continuation of the lovelessness is up to how we choose to be in how we move at all times… for when we continue to hide from what is possible we just perpetuate the opposite that we want to escape from.

  9. Great postulation Dianne. It is certainly my experience that it is how we are being that is key to how we feel in any environment. Having a beautifully supportive home is awesome and one of the things it does is support us to take ourselves more fully into the world and not contract as we do. The see-sawing between the relief / ‘relaxation’ at home and the tensing up in the world can lessen and ultimately level out if we are ‘at home’ with ourselves first.

  10. When we consider that everything is energy and everything is because of energy, it feels frightening to consider the crazy, scary energetic world we live in. Whilst the energy that harms and destroys is overwhelming it is incumbent on us all to shift the harmful energy by living a life of love, harmony, stillness and purpose; one day the balance will shift.

  11. Gosh Dianne when you put it like that it really does highlight the crazy world we live in. We are masters at distractions and will do anything not to really feel what is going on. There can be no evolution in this.

  12. We use these buffers when our absorption levels are high and we do not want to feel 1. the state of the world – life as we currently live it and 2. that we are allowing this unloving way of living to reign and not only are we condoning it, we are actively taking it all in by virtue of ignoring it. Hence the need for a buffer to not feel that which we have absorbed that is not of the truth that we are.

  13. We get this notion that energy cannot go through walls and that we are protected within our own homes, as we also believe that we are protecting ourselves by shutting out the world and hardening to what we feel. This is part of the illusion that we subscribe to, and it makes sense that as long as we continue in the same vein, life will give us what we are putting out and in effect asking for.

  14. Yes turning life on its head is needed, a completely fresh approach, if we are to address the out-of-control behaviours that often occur between people and the general discontentment that abounds…

  15. To build or leave a loving imprint wherever we are – yes this is needed. Will we find true settlement in the world beyond our walls? Probably not at this stage, both in terms of our personal development, and in terms of the state of the world generally. So it does feel important to have a place of repose to which we can return to rest and regenerate.

  16. By staying connected with our inner heart and allowing our love to flow, we would always be at home, where ever we may be.

  17. I just love what this blog offers: when we look at our impact on the world we start noticing that “It’s not so much what we’ve done … but how we’ve been “. This is so true and profound. And what a great inspiring nudge it is to ask us to consider choosing to not brace ourselves or contract in the face of the world, but instead imprinting our best level of openness, love and stillness everywhere we go?” A great empowering insight.

  18. Living one life without distinction between ‘the outside world and our sanctuaries’ is to master living life.

  19. I find a key for me is to know that there is so much more to life than what we see, if you can read what’s behind the way people are acting it’s much easier to not react and brace for impact.

  20. Being who we deeply are no matter where we are is indeed a returning home, irrespective of the setting.

  21. I always question, how true is something if it is true on some occasions and not on others? If I feel that my home is my sanctuary but this sanctuary cannot be with me everywhere I go, then is this a true sanctuary? It still feels incomplete and I would feel tension because of this. So until I feel this sanctuary is with me always would I feel truly complete?

  22. I am learning that to ‘observe the world and not absorb it’ is the only way we can live as multi-dimensional beings in a 3rd dimensional physical form without getting affected by the way of life we have created here on Earth. This does not mean we are to stand on a lofty mountain peak viewing life and those in it from afar, but more so be down here on the ground, with both feet firmly planted and engage with others and all life offers us in a way that supports us to evolve back to who we truly are.

  23. Great what you share here Dianne “if we feel and know about energy and the imprints we leave, and how our love can change our surroundings, why aren’t we not bracing and contracting but instead imprinting our best level of openness, love and stillness everywhere we go?” I have been more observing my movements and what imprints I leave behind, I can feel the difference of what I leave, where there’s an imprint of love and stillness or a rushing and contracting.

  24. Indeed Dianne what an amazing difference we would make to the world if we took our best level of openness, love and stillness everywhere we went. A powerful, challenging and inspirational sharing.

  25. Separating our lives into work, home, social, family etc can lead to us being a certain way in one part and another way in another part. With all the chopping and changing no wonder we think we need to brace for impact. When we are the same in all parts of our life with consistency, no matter if we are hanging out the washing, emailing customers or at the beach with our children, life is life and no need to brace.

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