Bracing For Impact (in a Crazy, Scary World of Energy)

Does this sound familiar – coming home, having a cuppa, a beer or a joint, a bit of chocolate, feet up in front of the tele to ‘wind down’ from the day? Or a yoga session followed by a bath with scented oils? Or off into one’s room with the door closed, to shut out the family and the world and do your own thing? Ah… sanctuary from the madness and demands!

You know how it goes; a world of humans expressing their emotions and thoughts, like 7 billion devices blasting out their waves at full volume…

So, what do we do? When we go out we contract away from this crazy energy of the world, protect ourselves in a cocoon or behind a ‘suit of armour’, on high alert all day as we go about our business in the danger zone.

Often our shoulders are hunched, arms in front of us, necks stretched forwards, eyes either down or looking around nervously – the body language of wariness. We often get done what we have to do as fast as possible, without a lot of loving focus. Then we come home to our house or our room, let down our protection, breathe a sigh of relief and reward ourselves with something relaxing. Got through another day! Safe till tomorrow morning…

Next day dawns and we ‘brace for impact’ to go out into the world again.

What is it about the world that makes us feel on edge and want to escape from it? What is it about our ‘sanctuaries’ and their pleasures that make us feel safe and relaxed?

Is it possible that this distinction between the outside world and our sanctuaries is an illusion?

Is it possible that when we are home in our rooms, we behave differently towards ourselves and our things? I know I have done this for a long time, putting a level of care into myself and my home that the majority of people are not putting into the world ‘out there’. You could say that I leave a concentrated loving imprint in my own space. Then when I come home to it, I feel it still there, all the more noticeable in contrast with the madness ‘outside’. It helps me come back to myself, open up, relax, recover from the day. It’s great to confirm the divinity within me that can be so easily imprinted into my surroundings when I’m not contracted, but open, loving and still.

And it confirms that everything is energy and everything is because of energy. It’s not so much what we’ve done in our sanctuaries but how we’ve been while we were doing it that leaves perceptible energy imprints. As it does everywhere.

Everything is energy, energy is always moving, and it doesn’t stop at piffling boundaries like walls (which are made of matter which is made of energy). Actually the whole 7 billion persons-worth of human mental/emotional energy of the world ‘out there’ is constantly passing through our sanctuaries and our bodies, except that we think it isn’t because we’re ‘safely at home’, believing it to be separate.

Could it be that we feel so good in our rooms not just because of the loving imprint we’ve cultivated there, but because we are not letting ourselves feel that, all being energy, the energy of all humanity is still passing through us even when we are in our comfortable sanctuaries?

So here’s the big question: if we feel and know about energy and the imprints we leave, and how our love can change our surroundings, why aren’t we not bracing and contracting but instead imprinting our best level of openness, love and stillness everywhere we go?

What a difference that would make in the world: no more need to brace for impact or run to our sanctuaries, because we’d be at home all the time, everywhere!

Deeply inspired by Serge Benhayon’s life and sharings.

by Dianne Trussell

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1,114 thoughts on “Bracing For Impact (in a Crazy, Scary World of Energy)

  1. Twice a day, Monday to Friday I get to observe the condensed dissatisfaction of the people on their way to and from work on the Tube. In the morning they run because they are late and in the evening they run to get away as fast a possible. I in-joy being myself on the Tube and what about the ripples I create and the effect on others?

  2. ” but instead imprinting our best level of openness, love and stillness everywhere we go? ” Yes Dianne what you say and explained is so true and its something I have been practising when walking in the ” out side world ” and its quite a surprise for people to feel and see me thus , especially surprising for kids.

  3. “It’s not so much what we’ve done in our sanctuaries but how we’ve been while we were doing it that leaves perceptible energy imprints. As it does everywhere.” Quality over quantity every time – something I am still learning.

  4. The world can be crazy and scary. We can either come home and retreat or come home to a supportive sacred space that allows us to process the day and to live more of who we are. For what purpose do we use the home – consolidating, or retreating?

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