Bracing For Impact (in a Crazy, Scary World of Energy)

Does this sound familiar – coming home, having a cuppa, a beer or a joint, a bit of chocolate, feet up in front of the tele to ‘wind down’ from the day? Or a yoga session followed by a bath with scented oils? Or off into one’s room with the door closed, to shut out the family and the world and do your own thing? Ah… sanctuary from the madness and demands!

You know how it goes; a world of humans expressing their emotions and thoughts, like 7 billion devices blasting out their waves at full volume…

So, what do we do? When we go out we contract away from this crazy energy of the world, protect ourselves in a cocoon or behind a ‘suit of armour’, on high alert all day as we go about our business in the danger zone.

Often our shoulders are hunched, arms in front of us, necks stretched forwards, eyes either down or looking around nervously – the body language of wariness. We often get done what we have to do as fast as possible, without a lot of loving focus. Then we come home to our house or our room, let down our protection, breathe a sigh of relief and reward ourselves with something relaxing. Got through another day! Safe till tomorrow morning…

Next day dawns and we ‘brace for impact’ to go out into the world again.

What is it about the world that makes us feel on edge and want to escape from it? What is it about our ‘sanctuaries’ and their pleasures that make us feel safe and relaxed?

Is it possible that this distinction between the outside world and our sanctuaries is an illusion?

Is it possible that when we are home in our rooms, we behave differently towards ourselves and our things? I know I have done this for a long time, putting a level of care into myself and my home that the majority of people are not putting into the world ‘out there’. You could say that I leave a concentrated loving imprint in my own space. Then when I come home to it, I feel it still there, all the more noticeable in contrast with the madness ‘outside’. It helps me come back to myself, open up, relax, recover from the day. It’s great to confirm the divinity within me that can be so easily imprinted into my surroundings when I’m not contracted, but open, loving and still.

And it confirms that everything is energy and everything is because of energy. It’s not so much what we’ve done in our sanctuaries but how we’ve been while we were doing it that leaves perceptible energy imprints. As it does everywhere.

Everything is energy, energy is always moving, and it doesn’t stop at piffling boundaries like walls (which are made of matter which is made of energy). Actually the whole 7 billion persons-worth of human mental/emotional energy of the world ‘out there’ is constantly passing through our sanctuaries and our bodies, except that we think it isn’t because we’re ‘safely at home’, believing it to be separate.

Could it be that we feel so good in our rooms not just because of the loving imprint we’ve cultivated there, but because we are not letting ourselves feel that, all being energy, the energy of all humanity is still passing through us even when we are in our comfortable sanctuaries?

So here’s the big question: if we feel and know about energy and the imprints we leave, and how our love can change our surroundings, why aren’t we not bracing and contracting but instead imprinting our best level of openness, love and stillness everywhere we go?

What a difference that would make in the world: no more need to brace for impact or run to our sanctuaries, because we’d be at home all the time, everywhere!

Deeply inspired by Serge Benhayon’s life and sharings.

by Dianne Trussell

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1,215 thoughts on “Bracing For Impact (in a Crazy, Scary World of Energy)

  1. I used to barge through doors, always in drive and usually in a rush. Since becoming a lot more gentle, I have started opening the doors with more gentleness and grace. When I do that in a public toilet, I can feel the loving imprint that I leave for the next person to come in and out of the cubicle. And when someone in the next cubicle, barges in and out (as I did for many years), the difference can be starkly felt.

  2. I rather be open constantly and feel everything what is coming towards me than shutting myself off. What helps is that when I am in my body, feeling my body, I know I handle everything what is coming to me. If we do we are and feel naturally confident.

  3. Beautiful how you break down the illusion of the difference of where we are and what we do. We can ‘make and be love’ everywhere in everything that we do.

  4. Great question Diane – equality means seeing everything the same… home, car, work space, shopping trolley, hotel room, pavement… everywhere we go there is an opportunity to leave an imprint of a certain quality that can inspire us to be more, and others too.

  5. Having a loving imprint at home is an amazing way to live, and what’s more, is that I am finding how, over time, this loving imprint is being extended to other places in the world in my life, such as my desk as work. Which is not only very supportive, but also I feel contributes something different, something less imposing and really quite lovely to places in the world, such as the place where I work, so nothing is held back or contained at home and it becomes all one life.

  6. I have come to realise that the fundamentals of life are not known to us any more and so therefore are not taught. If we were taught from young to understand what energy is and how it affects us we would be living in a completely different society today. What is the point of all this education that we are saturated with today if it doesn’t teach us the fundamentals of life first?

  7. This is a very thought provoking blog Dianne. If everything is energy then it would be wise to know the difference in the energies and what energy are we choosing. I would say that most of us ignore what we feel as we go about our day and because we ignore what we cannot stop feeling …energy… this is where it all goes ‘pear shaped’. Is it possible for example that people that are overweight are very sensitive and to stop feeling their sensitivity in a world that doesn’t honour this they overeat to numb themselves?

  8. A deeply beautiful reminder that where ever we are, it is what we are willingly aligning to that allows us to live the quality of love or not. When in connection to the love we are within, we stand in the truth of all that we all are, knowing this is what we are here to live, as such reflect the light of our Soul through all we do be it at home, work or otherwise.

  9. All this “bracing for impact” has a most damaging effect on our precious bodies as each time we go into this protection mode we are actually hardening ourselves against what may come at us. This is definitely not the way our body is built to live, so in these situations it has to call in a force to enable it to simply function, a force that is working against its naturally harmony. An exhausting way to exist, but a way many choose as they feel it is the only way to survive in this “crazy, scary world”.

  10. If we can truly ‘be at home’ within ourselves i.e. no unresolved pains and hurts to protect and be transparent, then we can take ‘home’ wherever we are.

  11. When we are bracing ourselves through life we are literally on guard and keeping everyone out. Where’s the joy and love in that?

  12. Gosh, that is a great example and question.
    What is the effect of us bracing all of the time? What does it do to our bodies ? And what imprint does it leave behind on our road, where others thereafter may walk? How would this be if we would not brace ourselves? How would our world be? And how would the energy on this earth be like? Profound questions we may ask ourselves.

  13. We will one day realise what harm our so called defence mechanisms and protective shields deliver. At the moment as a society its all about protecting ourselves and bracing ourselves yet in doing that we miss out on the grace, beauty and strength of true transparency.

  14. For some it may be that they find work is their ‘sanctuary’ and find themselves bracing when they come home! Either way I agree it’s really supportive to consider why we are different in different places and what if it was possible to be open everywhere…

  15. This also opens the question, just how much does how we live affect our world?
    Could we begin to ponder on the possibility that to live with emotional energy, which we then walk upon our planet, is an actual poison to our planet? Could it be this constant recreated and lived poison walked on our earth has to be cleared by our earth? Could we maybe ponder that the climate changes we now see happening are due to how humanity is being?

  16. We all know how it feels to be around an angry or sad person. We can feel it. So let’s open this to what is shared in this article, that energy lived, is left in our wake. So the question is, what wake do we want to leave? And what wake do we want to walk in?

  17. ” What is it about the world that makes us feel on edge and want to escape from it? ” when we have left ourselves as we go out into the world we feel confronted with its crazy energy, but when we can hold ourselves in the energy of connection and stillness, this then is the ripple effect we send out into the world.

  18. “What a difference that would make in the world: no more need to brace for impact or run to our sanctuaries, because we’d be at home all the time, everywhere!” Such a great line! Creating our home or space everywhere. It is true. If we know what standard is sacred to us we can have that wherever we are and go to – no on or off switch. It might feel or look different in another space but I found no matter what you can still be yourself within a system that does not support you.

  19. This makes so much sense Dianne, why seek escape when in truth there is no escape. No matter where we are we can always feel everything, running away from this fact doesn’t change anything. By being open to embrace all that we feel as deeply supportive we are equiped to handle everything that life presents us, then we trust what we feel and allow our body and our universal wisdom to guide us.

    1. It is interesting that the escapes we choose often load us with even more intensity. Music, movies, TV, computer games, sports to name a few are some of the escapes we choose. But could these activities load our bodies with even more of the very same energy we want to escape from?

  20. We all brace ourselves in different ways, some do it by being angry and aggressive and others are “nice”, “polite” and appear in control. However all of it is defence and protection which is extremely harming on the body.

    1. Particularly that nice and polite are just an effort to control the environment… I think this is why I have had so much respect for people who are a little eccentric. It may not be perfect, yes there is usually a bit of drama there too, but it does feel like they are trying to be themselves.

  21. Being aware of my body posture and ‘language’ helps me to be more aware of how I’m reacting or responding to life, to feel where I’m maybe holding back, holding up excess tension as a kind of guard… – I’m finding there’s lots I can clock by being more in tune with my whole body…

  22. Great points Dianne, we are often bracing, retreating, relieving, stepping out again…etc.. It’s great to be aware and observe the behaviours that hold us in these old patterns and re-imprint them.

  23. We all need time out right? But what if living was our Medicine? And moving a process of natural replenishment not draining, then what could ever make us want to leave the beauty in that moment of being you and me? If every moment is a celebration not a struggle our body will feel different. Thank you Dianne.

  24. Yes.. when we treat all the places that we go with the same loving quality that we might bring to our homes, how might this affect everyone else and change the quality we experience ‘out there’ in the world? We don’t like what we’ve created i.e. the stress and the intensity, and we react to it, yet we’re the ones who created it and set it up to be like that- and who keep perpetuating it! Our movements, thoughts and actions have a ripple effect on the world around us.. but are we choosing to be aware of our great potential and responsibility to inspire others?

  25. This calls us to look at why we are not naturally open – why we calculate what is around us and we play to that level, rather than bringing all of us to whatever is going on around us, and then reflecting this to others.

  26. When we come to the understanding that we live in a world of energy and that this energy is constantly passing through us we will know that bracing ourselves in any situation is futile and adversely affects not only ourselves but also those around us.

  27. “So here’s the big question: if we feel and know about energy and the imprints we leave, and how our love can change our surroundings, why aren’t we not bracing and contracting but instead imprinting our best level of openness, love and stillness everywhere we go?” This is such a brilliant question and one that is deeply worth pondering on. If we did what you are suggesting which is to bring openness, love and stillness into everything that we do we would have a completely different world.

    1. That is an interesting point. But let’s be honest as humanity: isn’t it worth the practice and get familiar with shining our light in daily life with the possibility to get reactions than to retreat from life into our dark but self lighted cave?

      1. Yes it makes no sense if we stop and consider it to choose the misery as we do when we can choose the joy of shining our light. It is a choosing of a much lesser quality of life.

  28. It’s a lot when you start to really think about it, 7 million energetic beings in this world, all transmuting energy constantly. It then begs the question about what energy are we transmuting and are we taking responsibility for this? I know I don’t fully, I am more and more but still have a way to go.

  29. Love reading this, I cannot hide from the world of energy which is the world we live in and life is always about energy first and foremost – I’m kidding myself if I think otherwise.
    ‘if we feel and know about energy and the imprints we leave, and how our love can change our surroundings, why aren’t we not bracing and contracting but instead imprinting our best level of openness, love and stillness everywhere we go?’ This makes all the sense in the world so I can stop the belief that being open and loving is an effort (!!) and can ‘relax’ at home – aka not give a care. Make love my living way is the way to be in all day and everyday. Time to start caring.

  30. “a world of humans expressing their emotions and thoughts, like 7 billion devices blasting out their waves at full volume…”
    We don’t want to feel the negative impact this has on our bodies which is why we go into what we think is protection. It’s a bit like having a huge White Elephant in the room tip toeing around pretending it’s not there.

    1. Funnily enough when you watch an Elephant in the wild they can be the most graceful and silent of animals despite their size, highlighting it is the quality of our movements which either leave a healing or harming imprint.

  31. There is much more bracing in all of us than I think we realise, and so the path of coming out of the bracing closet is one for each of us.

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