Entertainment Gone Wrong?

Real Entertainment?

It will be the weekend here soon in England and many of the population will be watching Saturday night entertainment. This often comes in the form of what is called reality TV, where judges are adjudicating someone’s ability to dance/sing/cook etc. in front of an enthusiastic audience.

These kinds of shows have become very popular; in fact, the viewing numbers reach millions each week as people switch on to watch the programs and where, usually, drama unfolds.

But what exactly are these types of programs telling us?

  • You have to be good at something, or really bad, to be noticed?
  • That it is ok to judge people?
  • That it is ok to mock people?
  • It is ok to focus on people’s talents and abilities to define them and their worth as a person?
  • To gain another’s sympathy creates a bigger ground swell?
  • To build someone up, inflate them, and sell them over another is ok?
  • That comparison and competition is normal to feel?
  • That to be ‘someone’ we need to be good at something that others deem worthy enough?
  • That we are loved for what we do rather than for who we are?
  • To be anything or get anywhere we must have another’s approval before we can move on?
  • That it is normal to give our power away to someone or something that can judge you to be good or bad?
  • That if you are one of the ‘lucky ‘ ones to ‘succeed in winning the competition’, you and your story belong to the public and/or media, which then leaves you (as we have seen so many times before) wide open and vulnerable to the media’s own agenda?
  • That our fate is decided by how others see us?

Society is suffering and to me all of the above messages add to the dis-harmony and dis-ease in our world.

We have become a culture indulging in others’ emotions and we are addicted to it; we love the hype, the sympathy and the drama. Emotions run high in these types of shows as they aim to stimulate, excite and hook us in. Is it not time to wake up and take responsibility and understand the impact of these emotions and what they have on our health, mental wellbeing and attitude towards others? Is it not irresponsible to give so much time and energy into watching these types of shows yet pay little attention to our own health and wellbeing, and the real state of the world?

“The world has always fallen for talent. Talent does not bring love, for it is the lack of love that makes us focus on our abilities rather than who we truly are.”

Esoteric Teachings and Revelations by Serge Benhayon, page 349

By valuing our own self-worth and appreciating others for who they truly are and not for what they do or how they perform, we begin to see there is another way: a way of living that does not need external stimulation to keep one entertained, a way of living where there is no perfectionism, just a willingness and intention to be open and equally loving to all.

When we come from a place of truth it is easy to see how false and degrading competition is and how insidiously harmful judgment and comparison are to us as individuals and as a society.

Let us bring back true respect and let us get back to the simplicity of life.

With deep appreciation for Serge Benhayon and The Way of The Livingness he presents.

By Samantha England, Health and Social Care Assessor, Norfolk UK

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1,769 thoughts on “Entertainment Gone Wrong?

  1. We have made life all about reaction and emotions and a constant drive to achieve and look outside ourselves but what we are really missing most is our connection to ourselves and knowing ourselves from the love and beauty within our essence. If we reconnected in this way we would naturally feel the oneness we are all from and not separate ourselves from each other through judgement and comparison.

  2. Gosh, when it’s laid out like that, it is so obvious just how unnatural it is to live like this….in this constant need of the approval of others. And we’ll do anything for it, even if it means compromising our health on every level. Makes no sense to me. And it’s for this reason that I have a lot of difficulty watching such reality TV shows, because they are simply torturers in my eyes.

  3. Well called, Samantha. To design a programme series based around a situation of disempowerment, judgment and comparison gives a regular weekly message to millions of unquestioning viewers that this is the new normal and indeed something to aspire to, when in fact it’s simply the slippery slope for self-esteem.

  4. It’s easy to get hood-winked by a brilliant show, but if I think about all the times I’ve been super inspired by someone it’s not been from being dazzled by a bright performance but a simple, humble timeless love.

    1. Seeing someone being very good in performing something shows how dedicated we can be. Imagine this dedication brought to expressing the true light and qualities someone carries for everyone. What a true blessing that would be.

      1. Yeh absolutely – it takes a lot of commitment to perform non-stop, that same commitment to living, moving and expressing who we really are would be amazing. Anything is possible when we commit to making our lives a certain quality and not compromising it.

      2. I agree Stefanie, that would be a blessing indeed for humanity. I am seeing more and more people who are deeply dedicated in expressing their true light and qualities. When I am in their presence I can feel the blessing and they inspire me in every way

  5. Samantha, this is an amazing blog, that nails the way the world appreciates one another.
    I used to be one of these talents, that even went to these TVshows to become a popstar. I can tell it was the most emptiest time in my life. Because I was so needy becoming the recognition I wanted, I let and treated myself very badly to get the reward I wanted. In retroperspective I was a puppet for this industry and in life. It was a long process to let go of the glamour that fed the gap in me. Not in discarding the glamour, but in truly loving me as who I am, before I do anything. Without Serge Benhayons reflection in my life I would still be chasing the false way of love: recognition.

  6. As everything is energy- what do we call in through TV programs in general?! If you don‘t connect to your body and truly observe with what a movie or show comes, you get smashed afterwards. In a way of being much more disconnected than before to yourself, the breath changes, your body hardens up e.g. We are so sensitive to true or untrue energy- consciously or unconscious- whatever comes our way that is not true to our bodies does affect it, if not wisely observed.

  7. Heaven can bring downloads of Love to the level where we as human beings exist by having people as Serge Benhayon on the planet who breathes, walks, talks, writes love. His body is just a vehicle for heaven to reach us.

  8. What we consider to be fun or entertaining can come in all kinds of things and reveals much about where we are at as a species. Even a form of sheer denigration or abuse can sometimes be seen as entertaining, and it seems to be escalating where I live (Japan). I was out in town earlier today and the place is full of people, shops are full of things, but the emptiness was felt very much all around, like nobody was really around.

  9. There are a constant bombardment of emotional hooks flying around in our world. One thing the Students of ‘The Way of the Livingness’ are asked to look at is the connection between supply and demand and are we part of the demand?

  10. Entertainment is actually both a natural and a weird concept at once. One can imagine that there were, in the distant past, naturally times at night when occasionally communities got together to sing or to listen to someone who expressed through singing the truth or the ‘tale of the tribe’ as it were. But now, this activity has become separated into an industry of its own, with forces determining what will sell and what won’t – not just the forces playing through the producers of such entertainment, but through us, the audience demanding such entertainment and be willing to pay money (kidney energy life-force) for it!)

  11. What these programs may teach us is that there is endless conflict and endless tension between people and this is what we want to hear and see, judging from audience sizes.

  12. Unfortunately in the majority media and responsibility are not words associated with each other, yet this is simply a reflection of what we as a society demand as our convenient ‘truth’.

  13. I was part of such a talent show as well, as I was very talented in performing ( dancing and singing etc ) my whole life . I can say now, that I was super empty inside when I chose to be part of such a show and when you leave you feel even more empty, because you did not reach the goal to become the superstar. It was very close in my case and I am very thankful, no coincidence, that I did not make it into the band, they were looking for. Today I feel like a true superstar inside, but not because of getting any attention and recognition from the outside, but because I met myself throughout the years with Universal Medicine and nothing from the outside can satisfy me more than me connecting to me. True story.

  14. In Germany it is actually very common that the winner of these shows are not really from interest after the show finishes. It is too boring in a way, as no emotional twists and fights or competition can be seen anymore.So the whole show is an illusion it itself, as it is actually not really about talent, but how much you sell out to the public, how much you allow yourself to get used for emotional interaction by the program bosses.

  15. Getting hooked on TV is now like the bliss factor in food that has the perfect blend of sugar, salt and fat, that over-rides our stop eating switch. You only have to look at streaming video services that have box-sets of a whole season or seasons of a show, that you can lose days or weeks, watching them.

    1. Wise words and wise observations Steve! Everything has been configured to entice our senses be it food or entertainment so that we do not take one moment to reflect or ponder on our relationship with ourselves and so the deepest love that resides within us is once again ignored and neglected whist we choose a superficial way to be in life rather than bringing this love to the fore to share with all.

  16. Thank you Samantha for highlighting the fact of so many TV shows. Really most of the screen time these days is a form of distraction, and as you have mentioned “Emotions run high in these types of shows as they aim to stimulate, excite and hook us in.” – this distracts us from our current day and life and things that we could well be doing to support ourselves instead. And not just that, but so many people claim to be exhausted coming home from work and so they say they only have the energy to plonk themselves in front of the TV and watch this for a while – but knowing how stimulating TV is, this would not give them the rest they are seeking and in fact they get the total opposite in that they are further depleted. If one is truly exhausted and seeking to support oneself, then why not go sit outside in the garden, or lie down in the grass and watch the sky and the clouds travel by, or pet the dog etc – all known to be truly regenerative activities.

    1. The TV talent contests with their emotional hooking stories have their final hook in the cherry on top, you get to call and vote to choose the winner allowing more than the contestants to be sucked into the competition.

    2. Yes! why do we do things that deplete us more? Sitting outside in nature is a wonderful way to rejuvenate. It’s not always hot enough to do so, so I love lying in my bed by the window watching the clouds float by.

  17. This is a stunning quote:
    “The world has always fallen for talent. Talent does not bring love, for it is the lack of love that makes us focus on our abilities rather than who we truly are.”
    And to me it explains why a child may turn to developing their talents if this brings recognition – for recognition is the next best thing to love if you are not getting love and truly being valued for who you are from your parents or carers or peers.

  18. I would agree that these programs are normalising the lowering of our standards of decency and respect within the world. In this people then accept that we can outrightly ridicule, scorn and condemn others and they just have to ‘deal with it’.

  19. It is as if these programmes set out to change the energy in our bodies by playing on our feelings and emotions. They count on our reactions to survive.

    1. Yes agreed, we are the ones feeding the programmes, for them to survive they need our emotional energy. I no longer have a TV but if I am in reaction to something and become emotional, then I am also feeding the pool of energy that creates these programmes. As we begin to understand energy and feel what it does to our bodies when we become emotional, these programmes will no longer be of interest to us any more and the pool of energy that produces them will no longer have the same affect.

  20. ‘That it is normal to give our power away to someone or something that can judge you to be good or bad?’ As I look at all elements of society I see this at play. That it’s a huge accepted part of societal entertainment and ‘light’ – i.e. harmless, fit for all ages entertainment shows how pervasive it is. I may have gone for other’s approval and vied for recognition growing up but now I feel just how poisonous living this way is, I don’t have to choose it as an adult – so why does it feel difficult to extricate myself from doing so?

    There’s something about being seen as different, dangerous even, for not conforming to societal norms and reflecting another, very beautiful way of living that does get noticed. I’d become so accustomed to judging myself on what I thought other’s wanted and finding security in that, that connecting to what I know to be true within means letting go of knowing myself based on judgements and getting to know myself based on my essence without reference to what’s outside of myself. Living under constant judgements makes me ill so it’s time to give this up and master coming from my inner most even in environments like work and education whose structures provide the perfect platform from which to remain in judgement of oneself and others.

  21. “That our fate is decided by how others see us?” I totally needed to read this today, right now actually. I can feel the times that I have handed over my fate to how other people see me, and how lost at sea that makes me feel.

  22. We can have our piece of something, not truly considering that it was for us to bite in and take. It is the creation that leaves us apart from the wholeness (co-creation). Hence this is how separation has come to exist. For us all to observe our intentions and will and see how much we have invested in this creation and how much we have chosen to not co-exist.

  23. To really stop and consider what these types of programs are offering and the wider effect of this on how we are with each other and ourselves in day-to-day life does make them a lot less appealing…

  24. We either heal or we harm with every movement we make, this is worth considering when we hype each other up with drama and emotions.

  25. Escaping from our lives is one of the most harming things that we can do to our body as it creates emptiness within us. When we face up to the tension that life naturally is and address it step by step then we get filled up with ourselves.

  26. The points you describe are a cheap form of distraction – an excuse to keep us away from what is really going on in our lives.

  27. ‘By valuing our own self-worth and appreciating others for who they truly are and not for what they do or how they perform, we begin to see there is another way:’ – I love this Samantha and I agree, there is another way – the way of love and appreciation for the truth of who we all equally are.

  28. I have been observing people at work and seeing that they appear to need more and more ‘entertainment’ to get through the day. There is a radio on where there never used to be. There is more food around and being eaten at all times of day. I feel there is a greater awareness of the absence of true purpose in many workplaces and hence the need for more distraction. It seems to me, we are all finding it harder to ignore true purpose in our work and our lives. Its ‘call’ is being heard more loudly than ever.

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