Entertainment Gone Wrong?

Real Entertainment?

It will be the weekend here soon in England and many of the population will be watching Saturday night entertainment. This often comes in the form of what is called reality TV, where judges are adjudicating someone’s ability to dance/sing/cook etc. in front of an enthusiastic audience.

These kinds of shows have become very popular; in fact, the viewing numbers reach millions each week as people switch on to watch the programs and where, usually, drama unfolds.

But what exactly are these types of programs telling us?

  • You have to be good at something, or really bad, to be noticed?
  • That it is ok to judge people?
  • That it is ok to mock people?
  • It is ok to focus on people’s talents and abilities to define them and their worth as a person?
  • To gain another’s sympathy creates a bigger ground swell?
  • To build someone up, inflate them, and sell them over another is ok?
  • That comparison and competition is normal to feel?
  • That to be ‘someone’ we need to be good at something that others deem worthy enough?
  • That we are loved for what we do rather than for who we are?
  • To be anything or get anywhere we must have another’s approval before we can move on?
  • That it is normal to give our power away to someone or something that can judge you to be good or bad?
  • That if you are one of the ‘lucky ‘ ones to ‘succeed in winning the competition’, you and your story belong to the public and/or media, which then leaves you (as we have seen so many times before) wide open and vulnerable to the media’s own agenda?
  • That our fate is decided by how others see us?

Society is suffering and to me all of the above messages add to the dis-harmony and dis-ease in our world.

We have become a culture indulging in others’ emotions and we are addicted to it; we love the hype, the sympathy and the drama. Emotions run high in these types of shows as they aim to stimulate, excite and hook us in. Is it not time to wake up and take responsibility and understand the impact of these emotions and what they have on our health, mental wellbeing and attitude towards others? Is it not irresponsible to give so much time and energy into watching these types of shows yet pay little attention to our own health and wellbeing, and the real state of the world?

“The world has always fallen for talent. Talent does not bring love, for it is the lack of love that makes us focus on our abilities rather than who we truly are.”

Esoteric Teachings and Revelations by Serge Benhayon, page 349

By valuing our own self-worth and appreciating others for who they truly are and not for what they do or how they perform, we begin to see there is another way: a way of living that does not need external stimulation to keep one entertained, a way of living where there is no perfectionism, just a willingness and intention to be open and equally loving to all.

When we come from a place of truth it is easy to see how false and degrading competition is and how insidiously harmful judgment and comparison are to us as individuals and as a society.

Let us bring back true respect and let us get back to the simplicity of life.

With deep appreciation for Serge Benhayon and The Way of The Livingness he presents.

By Samantha England, Health and Social Care Assessor, Norfolk UK

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1,664 thoughts on “Entertainment Gone Wrong?

  1. All very true Samantha; what we use as ‘entertainment’ and for relaxation time is doing much more than just ‘keeping us entertained’, and actually on deeper levels is causing us quite a lot of harm in the way it distracts us and promotes disregard, irresponsibility and comparison against the so-called ‘glamorous’ lives of others.

  2. The levels of access to entertainment are now starting to escalate at alarming rates. I have noted how many more ways we can view repeats of TV shows, programs and games. Online access to materials are available quicker and faster than ever. This itself comes from a need that we as humanity are asking for. I heard a comment the other day that TV was a way to relax after a hard day of work where you don’t have to think or talk to anyone- just sit and relax. This blog is a great sharing that the way we are working in our day has a huge impact on how we then search for other ways to relax or distract our body that are considered not as harmful as alcohol or drugs yet, the reasons for doing this are the same.

  3. It is awful to feel the effects of competition on the relationship between everyone, the competition always spreads far wider than only the games that play out on the tv screen. But they come into our homes and separate us, it is important to get to see this and feel the truth of the ‘entertainment’ we choose.

  4. Your expose on ‘entertainment gone wrong’ Samantha is such a sad indictment on our society and our individual irresponsibility. Valuing and appreciating our own self worth, without comparison and judgement, is certainly the key.

  5. Great Samantha to start the conversation on this. We all do it but how often do we actually talk about it! I have found that only by appreciating myself and coming back to who I am, I am then able to not let what I do be more important. But this is the type of conversation we should be having all the time with each other.

  6. It’s one thing having to clear the emotional baggage from your own childhood and life let alone constantly absorbing other people’s stuff to also clear.

  7. Samantha, this is interesting what you are saying about entertainment – it seems that entertainment has experienced an escalating or should I say sliding scale – it used to be about doing circus tricks and then it became about watching someone’s dramas (soap operas), and then horror movies etc, and it seems like it is getting more and more extreme, more and more violent. I recall 10 years ago when they launched a film on people doing silly things and getting hurt by it – daring each other to do dangerous things. This used to sicken me but I was surprised how most people thought it was funny. But really what you have shared in this blog is how we use these things as a distraction, a distraction from our true purpose here and getting back to the simplicity of life.

  8. When we continue to choose to indulge in our emotions and the highs and lows of life it just feeds the cycle of drama all the more.

  9. The fact that many in society find reality shows entertaining says a great deal about the true state of where we are truly at, in complete separation from ourselves and each other. The perception and the beliefs we hold about life allow a way of living with no true inner connection to know ourselves from the love we are and that it is our true nature to live in a way that supports everyone and our connection with each other.

  10. Well you really nail it here, Samantha. We love the drama – we like seeing the star rise, then the bullying that ensues as they get ‘too popular’ or ‘too big for their boots’, the (potential) downfall and then rising from the ashes to reinvent. It’s draining to partake in this game – and at the base level, it’s separative and judgemental. Your writing offers those who haven’t stopped to consider this a real opportunity.

  11. Watching others failing or winning – what does it give us? I imagine millions of people sitting on the sofa eating and drinking things which are not good for us, getting ‘entertained’ by the experiences of others. Instead of doing our own experiences, instead of feeling how our day was and what it was to learn today. How do we get into our next day? Replicate the same day and the same experiences we have done to be ignored again in the evening….till our bodies draw a line and bring us into the position where we have to take stock. I have come to a point in my life where I do realize that I do not want to be entertained at all. I want to make experiences, I want to learn and expand my glorious being – for the glory of all of us and not against someone. I want to feel/become more aware of our all and connection and not want any longer to feed the illusions of separation. I truly want to meet people and so I do.

  12. Samantha, you have nailed it. I think the big ones are emotion and especially sympathy. We can view sympathy as a good thing, but the more I feel the word and how it plays out in situations the more I feel it is a horrible thing to offer someone. Sympathy leaves someone wallowing in their stuff, it isn’t constructive, and it asks no more of the person in terms of what they can be. The sooner we stop using sympathy in our everyday expression the healthy we will be.

  13. Thank you Samantha this is brilliant, divine and truly healing for us all. It puts the loop on the exact thing we miss truth. Hence we are being pulled to more responsibility for how we live and have lived. At the same time we are offered that there is another way that is from truth and honesty – that does not allow people to go and give in with lies, but a way of living that discards them, as it is our choice. It is a very intelligent person who choose this way of living, if it truly wants to be responsible for all the choice he or she makes.

  14. It is interesting to note of late how many programs have now become the topics of discussion at work. I remember spending time talking to others about work projects, family members and how they were getting on with life. The shift is interesting to observe, as there is definitely a heightened level of investment and judgement on how others should be that is made from an emotional reaction. Colleagues who get on well in the work environment are now starting to argue over the audience appeals of programs selling ideas and beliefs to the general public. There is no doubt that entertainment has gone wrong when it is starting to affect the essence of true conversations in the work place.

  15. It is sobering to observe honestly and realise that the quality of TV shows/entertainment that we are being delivered is a direct reflection to what we as a society are not only calling for but are willingly indulging in. There is no love in comparison, judgement and perfectionism and it goes against the grain of who we truly are, keeping us intoxicated with emotions, as you say ‘addicted’, to feeling the rush of a short lived sensation that we think defines who we are. Greatly and naturally successful are the ones who live freely knowing the connection to our love within is where our true power and magnificence lies.

  16. I just watched a snippet of such programme the other day and it feels really weird that exactly the same formula is copied in many countries with a panel of judges trying to emulate the attitude and mannerism of whoever did it first, and the way the camera captures and highlights the audiences’ emotional reaction is just the same. And those snippets largely circulated on Internet usually come with captions such as ‘Follow your dream’ and designed to ‘inspire’ (for the lack of the better word) while what is offering is just an enforcement to the ideals and beliefs we have been sold over many many times. The fact that these programmes are in such demand all over the world reveals how lost and empty humanity are.

  17. Entertainment of this ilk is often lapped up by viewers. I remember an ex colleague of mine telling me that she was looking forward to a particular series starting again on a Saturday night. There was a look of glee in her eyes and a feeling of satisfaction in the fact that she was going to be seriously entertained and that she would lap it all up. It was almost greedy. It felt like she was looking forward to being fed. There was an element of comfort to it in that she did not have to ‘do’ anything except sit back and enjoy. It felt quite ugly. It was the first time I had seen it or felt it like this.

  18. I can agree with this line, “Let us bring back true respect and let us get back to the simplicity of life.” From what I have seen this is what everyone wants but few are aware of how to get it or connect to it. We have made life so complex that we get lost so far in it that it makes it hard to see out. I don’t think anyone truly wants life to be so complicated nor do we truly not naturally respect each other. In fact when you scratch just under the surface most remember how things were. It doesn’t make sense to wait and look to the world to change, it’s about seeing what you feel is important to bring back “true respect” and the “simplicity of life”.

  19. You mention that reality TV makes it look “ok to mock people” – not just that, people are ridiculed and belittled and everyone is out for themselves. It feels more like a dog eat dog kind of world, a microcosm of the macrocosmos we have created and live in. The internet has taken this even further as you can choose to stay anonymous and spread malice from the ‘safety’ of your enclosure.

  20. It is ironic yet at the same time rather silly that we have a world where people are smashed by everyday life and are wearing the effects in our health, wellbeing, crime and cultural issues, religious separation and many more. And yet the very ideals that spawn such issues are what are spread through the entertainment we seek to escape and get relief from when life is getting too much.

  21. Many people know that what they watch is not supportive or loving at all, but that still doesn’t stop them from being ‘glued’ to the box. Like a sweet treat you know you shouldn’t eat there is a highly addictive quality to these programs and shows. Reading your words I am touched to wonder, a bit deeper Samantha – just what is it that makes us want to escape, why do we treat our body unlovingly, why do we pursue habitual acts when science and medicine have already shown us the cold ‘hard’ facts? It feels to me, if only we could stop running away we would find, beyond the initial tension that would come up, that we are beautiful, precious and delicate beings, with power way beyond the current ‘reality’ we hold.

  22. People who are so empty of who they truly are watch and enjoying these degrading shows by getting lost in the dramas of others, with all the emotion and hype these shows offer judgment comparison and opinion which feed the idea of separation, the them and us, the good and the bad. The illusion of separation.

  23. It seems that the producers of these reality shows know that they will have a readymade audience when they make this particular type of show; an audience comprising of people who are bored with their own lives, those that are so tired that they need perking up any way possible and those who are addicted to the dramas of life. The huge call for these shows is sadly very evident and the producers are simply answering this very profitable call.

  24. There is much joy to be had in the simplicity of life. As a child I knew this deeply yet let go of it. Kids have a way of being with life in each moment, however the pace of life is changing this but there is much we can learn from how children live (those who have not been caught up in this wave yet).

  25. Yes Samantha, “Society is suffering and to me all of the above messages add to the dis-harmony and dis-ease in our world.” absolutely, There has to be a more productive way to use a TV… roll on Serge TV!

  26. I feel we need to look at the whole topic of entertainment and what, if any purpose it truly serves. Entertainment seems to be a distraction from the real stuff of our lives, a time to check out from our issues. We do of course need time to relax and recuperate and we also need to stay light whenever possible – but is indulging in entertainment really the most healthy and effective way of doing this? Perhaps we need to look at what our desire for entertainment is really covering up and whether we would be better served by dealing with the real issues rather than distracting ourselves from them.

  27. For many these shows provide the excuse to check out from what they are feeling in their own lives and around them generally as they seek escape and distraction – this is the hook that the shows use to become so widely watched – the more emotion, drama and story of the rise from past tragedy the more successful a contestant is likely to be.

  28. Very true Samantha, great blog. All is energy first and we have a responsibility in that. Every moment we watch something and enjoy it we are adding to it, that is to consider deeply in all we do.
    If we watch a football game and are happy ‘we’ win and ‘they’ lose, we are adding to the wars in the world.
    it is the same energy. Lets be clear; How can we ever really be happy if we win if our fellow brother feels sad? are there not who lose?
    If we watch porn we add to the sex industry, to the sexual abuse which will be felt by our young ones as an example how to be with their body.
    so on and on……

  29. It’s possible to create drama and entertainment in any area of one’s life. My customers create drama out of nothing purely for their own entertainment! This creates an intensity that takes our attention to this and masks the true feelings underneath. Why do we need entertainment at all? It seems that we feel a need to fill an emptiness, or have something to take us away from the pain. By creating drama this is conveniently overlooked and is left unfelt. We are not our true selves when we create drama. If we have to ‘create’ it it is not our natural state, and actually takes us so very far away from who we truly are.

  30. Being recognised or loved for what we do is a never ending roller coaster that only negates our connection to self and stops us truly appreciating ourselves for who we are. It’s this continual striving for recognition and or the addiction to drama that places us in a stronghold of disconnection to the all and that is a great shame for society today.

  31. A society is clearly unwell when it champions one person winning whilst all the others are crushed.

  32. Well said Samantha. I haven’t owned a tv in years and do not watch it now but I remember a time when I did and nearly every single show was a reality tv programme with new ones constantly being brought out. You are right what does this teach us about life … and love. Most of the shows were (and probably still are) really disregarding to others and the people that were in them, meaning they were being completely disregarding towards themselves. What does this teach us and more importantly what does this teach our future generation? Certainly not love, respect, truth, decency, self worth and through this I would watch societies behaviour change, the younger generation wanting to sing more to be noticed or recognised thinking the only thing in life is to be on a stage and sing. None of this supports people to value themselves and others and for their true individual qualities unfold. If we base our life on recognition it is a miserable life indeed as we our constantly looking outside of ourself for this and not connecting to all that we are within, its ironic that for so long for have been looking the wrong way!

  33. I love that you have exposed the messages of the shows that people ‘innocently’ watch… unaware of the ideals, beliefs and harmful messages portrayed that taint the way in which we view ourselves and others. For underneath the shiney surface lies much darkness and it is only when the truth is revealed that we have a true choices in participating and perpetuating, or recognizing and resisting the games at play.

  34. The “Not in my backyard – so not my problem” is a mentality that exists all over the world. It completely discounts that we are all connected and that once one person is allowed to behave inhumanely against another it allows for copy cats it is like a seed and once planted it is harder to contain. Sometimes i feel helpless when I see some of the things that play out.

  35. “The world has always fallen for talent. Talent does not bring love, for it is the lack of love that makes us focus on our abilities rather than who we truly are.” (SB). This quote made me ponder on what is talent and how to use it wisely. For me talent is a certain skill we have learned in life and are naturally very good at and confident with. We can wield this talent wisely in support of bringing love to people with the work we do or we can wield our talents unwisely in making it only about your talents and the reward and recognition that it brings. That said I can agree with the quote as a talent is only a means through which we can deliver love but is not love on its own.

  36. A great expose Samantha on the entertainment we are offered (generally) in todays society. The list you have presented on how it affects us and reasons for not imbibing are compelling. Why on earth would we?

  37. I recognise what you have described so well. By focusing on what people do, expectation and all the external hype, we miss the actual inner grace and beauty within each individual and we fail to nurture the expression of love, truth, equality and oneness that is our innate nature.

  38. Forget entertainment – there’s a true reality production called Universal Medicine with a joyful cast numbering many hundreds of people from its student body. Now that’s the one to watch.

  39. It is indeed curious no, that the competition that has pervaded life, education and business now extends into our entertainment sphere. Reality TV shows judge, evaluate and reject people for all sorts of skills and abilities. Missing the point completely of who we are in essence and our absolute equality.

  40. We are in fact addicted to competition, even as we can be addicted to coffee or alcohol, because the while raison d’être of school (and even before) is comparison and competition. If we were each recognised for the great beauty that we are and encouraged to grow and expand from this essential nature, the weed of competition would have no ground. Because we are addicted to competition we have to find it everywhere, even in our Entertainment, as we have for aeons – probably even prior to the days of the Colosseum.

  41. anything – anything at all to avoid the tension of life – it matters not what it is. Ignorance is bliss, and why there can be no judgement upon those who choose such means to numb themselves. For if one disconnects to the true love of fire, then it is entirely understandable that one chooses something else in order to fill the empty void.

  42. We don’t even need forms of entertainment to fill the lack of love in our lives. We can allow these types of thoughts and attitudes to be fed to us in the seemingly private world of our mind and be equally ‘entertained’ by the stories.

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