In what Quality do we do Christmas?

There are many beliefs and traditions about the way that Christmas pans out each year and for most it is either one of the most stimulating and looked forward to celebrations, or it is one of the most dreaded times of the year – for many different reasons. The lead-up to Christmas, the actual day and the days that follow can leave us utterly exhausted, emotional, or stressed out!

We need to wonder if this is the quality we really want to be in for our Christmas period? Have we lost sight that some of the reasons for celebrating Christmas could also be to focus on winding down after our year, celebrating family and enjoying quality time connecting together?

Christmas time can mean feeling a lot of pressure & expectations:

  • Preparing tirelessly for one day of the year.
  • Just how much money do we have to spend?
  • Feeling obliged to be everywhere at once.
  • Wondering if we will upset someone through the choices we make?

And the Big One:

  • How much food do we really need to eat?

This last year I experienced a different Christmas. My boyfriend and I decided not to stress about gifts but to go shopping together as a team and enjoy the process of buying a few things that we each really wanted. We arrived on the morning after the shops had pulled an ‘open all-nighter’ and what we observed was total mayhem and madness!

We saw people rushing around dragging trolleys, lemons and lettuces flying across the floor and more bloodshot eyes and emotionally strung out people rushing about in one place than at any other time of the year!

Is it possible there is another quality we can choose to be in over the Christmas period – a way that is even possible to be in all year round?

Within our family we have pondered on what Christmas could be like if we choose, wherever possible, to not get caught up in the hype of celebrating the Christmas that is highly promoted through advertising and in the shopping centres themselves.

What we discovered was:

  • When we shop as a team, or as an individual, with a set purpose to be present in our moments and enjoy the process, we don’t get caught up in the disgruntled or racy behaviour of others.
  • We don’t become distracted by the loud music or the shiny and glitzy decorations and we can make clear choices to buy gifts that feel just right.
  • We can use the opportunity to connect with the sales assistants, checkout operators and even some of our fellow shoppers too, in a calm and enjoyable manner.
  • We can choose the right amount of food, similar to the way in which we may aim to eat every day, making things more about the space we are holding all together whilst keeping our bodies feeling light.

When we choose to live in the quality of being that we live in throughout the year during this Christmas period, we can make our being together and our connections the natural focus.

This last year, over the Christmas period, we had the chance to celebrate all that we had come to learn throughout the year and we brought in a new family tradition to share our appreciation of each other with each other (wrapped up like bonbons!), whilst seeding forth more of the quality of being and togetherness we want for our year ahead.

If next Christmas you don’t wish to get caught up in the Christmas hype, stuff yourself silly with food but you would rather like to make your presence the best present of all for yourself and others, take a tip from this blog and make it about the quality you choose to connect to and live for yourself.

The awesome part being that you don’t have to wait until next Christmas, you can begin making it about your everyday Livingness every day!

In appreciation of Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine for presenting the possibility that December can be a month for celebrating a whole twelve months of loving family relationships, and for it not to be just reserved for one day of Christmas celebrations. The quality presentations of The Way of The Livingness have influenced the way I live every day of the year, including over the Christmas holiday period.

By Cherise Holt, 32, Nurse, Australia

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1,018 thoughts on “In what Quality do we do Christmas?

  1. Christmas can be very stressful, trying to fulfil expectations and having to deal with family, especially if the latter is fraught with conflict. Overeating then seems to be a common response to those difficulties.

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