Does Growing up Sheltered Protect you from the World?

A lot of parents wish to protect their children from the harshness of the world and from the very confronting and mean behaviour that children especially encounter in high school. However, does sheltering your child truly protect them from what is going on in the world?

In my own experience I would answer this question with a clear No.

I had a very sheltered childhood. I was sent to an alternative schooling system and my mother created this big bubble around us, making sure we did not get into contact with rude people or get into any harsh situations, and that she was always there to protect us. Of course this bubble was not perfect and we could see through it. Behind those ‘beautiful’ bubble walls there was a different world out there, however, we did not belong to it – so we thought – feeling somehow removed, aloof and that we were not participating in it.

In this way we were raised in the feeling that we were special but also different from anyone else, which separated us from others and gave us a feeling of superiority, of not really belonging to the world.

When I left school I was very lost and in no way equipped to deal with life. In fact I was not really willing to participate in life – I had no sense of what profession or work I wanted to learn. The truth is my whole childhood world turned around on me. There was always my mother there to do it for me, which left me completely self-centred with no sense for other people’s needs and not even remotely feeling that I might contribute to making life more beautiful and worth living for everyone on this planet.

There was no gratitude for my mother either; I hated her efforts and had no appreciation for her willingness to go out of her way to be there for us.

The interesting part is that my sisters and I had nightmares all through our childhood.

We would spend half the night in our parents’ bed, and even later on when we were older we would creep into each other’s bed for support. I remember waking up lots of nights terrified and we all had the same sense of something evil being in our room: sometimes I was too scared to jump out of bed as I had to pass this evil ‘thing’ on my way out. Once I gathered enough courage I would run as fast as I could to the safety of my parents’ bed.

For someone living such a protected and sheltered life, it makes you wonder where these nightmares were coming from and where the feeling of someone evil out there to come and get you derived from. It really makes no sense and shows that I did not feel very safe and protected at all.

As the nightmares in my childhood show, I had no sense of being equipped to deal with threatening situations, however I had a clear sense that bad and threatening things existed and all I could do is be scared of it behind my bubble wall that obviously did not make me feel safe at all.

The bubble may have attempted to shield me from the harshness but it also had the effect of cutting me off from interacting with the world, from experiencing the abundant flavours and colours that make life so full and rich.

Interestingly I was not happy living behind these thick walls of protection, but I did not question it until one day I met Serge Benhayon, who reflected to me that there is a different way of being, a way that has now brought so much more joy into my life.

So very clearly, for me the sheltered life did not work out well. It took a lot of work on myself, cutting through the arrogance, the judgement and hardness that was like a shield around me, to recover the beautiful, loving and caring woman I am.

My life and my views are greatly inspired by Serge Benhayon. He changed my outlook on life and encouraged me to participate in the world in a playful and joyful way, inspiring me to come out of my self-created bubble that now, looking back, was like a very isolated prison cell – it felt somewhat safe but wasn’t true at all.

By J.A., Germany

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1,945 thoughts on “Does Growing up Sheltered Protect you from the World?

  1. This makes me realize how hard it can be to teach someone what responsibility truly is, and how we define what it is to truly support someone. What I can feel how we sometime confuse supporting someone and protecting someone in their development.

  2. Sensitivities to the evil unseen forces or ghost happens to a lot of people and it should be taught that we do not have to hide in an out of the way place but can confront them and tell them to go away!

  3. Having nightmares and feeling something evil in the bedroom at night was quite common for me too, but my parents didn’t try to shelter me from the world. They cannot, no one can, because we feel everything more so I feel as children because we haven’t quite shut ourselves down, hence why we get visited especially at night because the bullying energy is trying to scare children to shut down so they do not rely on their 6 th sense which is to feel energy. We need to teach our children how to read the energy that surrounds all of us all the time and then it would not have the control over us it currently has.

  4. The more we are isolated from life the more scary it becomes and parents who try to protect their children from the realities of life are sending the message that life is too much to cope with which makes it hard to break the pattern and reach out to other people.

  5. Which is worse; having a wall built for you or having to create your own out of physical need? These are our two choices on the table for the majority of us. Neither of these options support who we all truly are.

  6. Building a wall of protection does not allow us to be honest or aware of what is really going on making us less equipped to be in the world. Through the support of Universal Medicine I am now able to be honest with myself, be aware of all that is going on in the world and build a loving relationship with me and others with this awareness. When we start making things about love and people it really makes a difference.

  7. Could it be that the best way for us to grow up is not in fact being sheltered from the world, but being exposed to all the rot that is there and yet whilst being exposed, being held in the most exquisite love so that you can feel the difference of choice of how to be in the world? For in the end we can hide and be hermits or separate ourselves from the mess the world is currently in, but that does not stop it (the mess) from being there and growing. Whereas if we step into the mess, knowing that there is a different way to be, then this is what begins to shift and change the mess in more ways than we realise.

    1. The more we are part of the reality of life today the more we can interact with others and reflect different choices to offer the opportunity for others to see that there is another way to be whatever is going on around us.

  8. When we grow up with a norm, we do not tend to question it. But when we see or feel another living in a different way, it offers us the opportunity to realise that our norm may not be The norm, or may not even be the truth of how to live. This is the beginning of change and growth.

  9. Wow J.A., I can appreciate the awareness you have allowed yourself to develop to now be in a place to recognise how being so called ‘protected’ from life and its ‘harshness’ has actually made it more difficult to embrace life with the natural joy that lies within. For you to have this understanding today is amazing and hence lends you more understanding of not just yourself, but of all the ways that you can now grow into that which you feel you missed out on in your younger years. And that is the blessing that Serge and his wisdom offers us – we do not miss out on life when we are willing to see what is there and are ready to embrace it on the spot. Very often as adults we think it is too late to do something about our situation, but this is so far from the truth, for life has constant opportunities it offers us in various different situations, so that we can learn and grow no matter what our age no matter what our situation. Such evolution is offered constantly, and it is about us saying yes to it and then from there growing and evolving as we take on new responsibilities. Lost opportunities only abound when we shut down to what is on offer.

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