Just yesterday I discovered that the English name for a flower that in Germany is called “Mondviole” is honesty.

This name is so very fitting in many ways:

Like honesty this flower is never the first thing to be seen: it is rather small, the flowers are not big and showy, but it is always present by its wonderful smell. When looking at its flowers, the first thing that comes to my mind is simplicity, delicacy and strength combined with absolute clarity – and that is what honesty is about for me.

Being totally honest regardless of how confronting this may be for me or another person, will bring the most amazing simplicity. If I am honest, I create the basis for trust in myself and this reflects to others, allowing them to trust themselves, trust me and open up. On this open basis of honesty the most amazing changes can blossom, just like the flower ‘honesty’.

When I am totally honest and open, I feel very delicate and vulnerable. Not only is this delicacy a wonderful beauty in itself, but the vulnerability I show is in fact incredibly powerful. I have come to experience, when I show all of me, including my vulnerable side, I do not have fear, because I do not hide and do not try to protect my seemingly weak points. I do not see myself as small and less.

The strength that comes from this is such a different reflection to the world than the small anxious version of me that said to the world “I am a victim, come and bully me, because then I can lament and hide away from all I do not want to take responsibility for.” A clever trick I have exposed by being honest with myself and allowing myself to feel and show all the beauty and wisdom that is there deep inside of me, just waiting to be shown again.

Like the wonder of this small intensely fragrant flower, honesty for me first and foremost is beauty.

If it is brought to a situation or to life in general, there may be massive changes. Sometimes there may also be struggles at first, that on the surface do not feel so very beautiful, but in the end they are just the masking of the full beauty that is to peel away underneath. The beauty of a changing life, of eyes lighting up, letting true joy, love and stillness shine out into the world again.

What a marvellous reflection nature can be.

By Michael Kremer, Personal Assistant, Buchholz, Germany

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1,713 thoughts on “Honesty

  1. These words: simplicity, delicacy, vulnerability.. they carry so much of what loving and truth behold. They point to a way of living that is not the norm, and yet within them resides a deeper strength and commitment to just allow ourselves to be, no matter what. They are words to live by.

  2. Michael, what really stood out for me while reading your blog is where you share about there being beauty in honesty, I had not thought about this as being a quality of honesty but can now feel how it absolutely is, as absolute honesty can only occur when we are in connection with our soul and what is more beautiful than this divine connection.

  3. I do agree and think it’s a great point about how true honesty does offer and bring a powerful simplicity with it, both within ourself and in relation with everyone else.

  4. Honesty is the breaker to our truth. Honesty is always offering us the opening up to be more of our truth and come back to living this way. The more we are honest. The more we will reveal our truth.

  5. Honesty does bring simplicity to our life. When we experience honesty in ourselves or from another person it is very freeing and inspiring. Honesty is a quality we all have and when we choose to be completely honest in a world that is not so honest it is like a bright star shining its light in a dark tunnel showing people the way out into the light again.

  6. ‘I have come to experience, when I show all of me, including my vulnerable side, I do not have fear, because I do not hide and do not try to protect my seemingly weak points. I do not see myself as small and less’. We can underestimate the power in vulnerability, there is such a tender strength that comes with it.

  7. I have been observing myself lately as to my level of honesty and have come to realise there is a much deeper level that I can go to. I can now see there is a block within me as to how honest I am prepared to be in some situations. It’s time for that block to go as I am now realising that it is absolute honesty that is being called for if my life is going to change…and I am fully ready to answer this beautiful call.

    1. I have been doing the same Ingrid. I thought I was pretty honest until I discovered that there are many layers to honesty that I haven’t gone to. I find with my willingness to go deeper with honesty and bringing it more into my every day it is really supporting my relationships with people and with myself too.

  8. If I am not honest with myself how can I be honest with others? So, when did we begin to become dis-honest with ourselves? When we are very young our honesty can make others feel very uncomfortable and so it is often discouraged. The result is that we then choose to hold back what we know is true and replace it with what we feel others want to hear, simply to get love and approval. And so, the disconnection from what is a natural part of us begins; but it never leaves us and can be reconnected to any time we choose.

  9. ‘Like the wonder of this small intensely fragrant flower, honesty for me first and foremost is beauty.’ and with this, as you say Michael,’ the most amazing changes can blossom’.

  10. Honesty can lead to truth yet only if we are being honest with ourselves about our honesty… or lack of it. My understanding of honesty has been expanding lately and I see it weaves through every small detail in life without excuse or favour.

    1. Very true Victoria, honesty has to first come from us and it is an important step towards truth. Honesty is our very first steps towards breaking through the thick fog of illusions and lies that is currently covering our world.

  11. Michael, your symbolic interpretation of what the Mondviole flower represents to us all was simply magical to read, and felt like true philosophy, science, and religion all in one. The timing of reading this was also amazing for me on a personal level, as I have recently been feeling how much I have held back fully exposing my own exquisite delicate nature that I have protected for a long time, especially with my partner. Another sign of how we are guided by our souls to read the exact thing that can help us evolve when we are ready.

  12. Honesty is such a bedrock and offers so much to us when we embrace it, and often I find it starts with seeing where we are and in some cases admitting we don’t like or want to deal with, but that opening is an amazing start and allows us over time to embrace what is presented to us and see more of us and more of life … it allows us to be real, to be more of us.

    1. I agree Elizabeth, it is like we are stuck in a deep thick mess of misery that we have created in life and honesty is like the very first rope we can grab hold of to start pulling ourselves out of this mess. As we begin to grab one rope, we will find there are more we can grab onto to support us out of the this mess of misery we have gotten ourselves into.

  13. There is a beautiful strength in honesty because when we are honest we let simply be what is there and there is no need to protect or put effort into keeping up a picture that we are not.

  14. I love too how the seeds of honesty are so fine and delicate yet strong and true, they stand for a longtime after many other plants have withered and died. The stems too are very resilient and upright. We often find them in decorations throughout the year for they last a long long time.

  15. We can be dishonest in so many ways, for example when the doctor asks do we drink, we might say just a glass or two a week when in fact it could be a glass or two each night. We might be dishonest with ourselves and imagine that we have only eaten a small amount, when our body knows full well we’ve eaten more than we needed. We can also be dishonest when we ignore what we feel, and that is dis-honouring too. Honesty in relationships allows us to feel and express what we feel no holds barred.

  16. Nature can be as you say Michael such an extraordinary reflection… And if we have the eyes to see we can learn and evolve with this extraordinary mirror that is in front of us every day.

  17. Embodying the true virtues of honesty brings simplicity, delicacy, clarity and strength to our way of being and a deepening in awareness that allows us to feel the true beauty and wisdom within us if we are willing to open up.

  18. When I think about it, it’s amazing how much we try to not be honest in life. Yet, the way you describe the beauty of honesty and what it brings, it is difficult to understand why we block it.

  19. When I drop everything (pretences, defences etc.) to be honest with myself and others a lovely sense of relaxation and expansion fills my being – the way is then open for intimacy and Love.

  20. I just had to go and look up the flower Honesty after reading this Michael, and discovered I have it growing wild, naturally seeded, at the bottom of my garden, a slightly wooded, shady and natural part of the garden – it shows me there is always the opportunity to be honest and that it is beautiful and natural once we are prepared to look into the shadows.

  21. Honesty is for me pure love. It all starts with truth and no path can be walked without being honest first. Because in which direction do you walk, when you did not set the right direction?

  22. I remember once in a wonderful session with Serge Benhayon many years ago in which he asked me why I had stayed on at the Conservatorium of Music when it used to make me feel physically sick to go there and I replied that I was in Sydney, age of 16, alone, and had friends at the Conservatorium who went back to high school music camp days, and that I just wanted to stay where there was some safety and sense of belonging. He said that this was honest . . . but then questioned me about the truth of the situation which was that I was completely denying the truth of energy that I was feeling in my body and going against that. I then realised that honesty was a valuable stepping stone to truth, but not in fact truth.

    1. I absolutely agree! It is in fact much more easy being honest, than to claim or see the truth of a decision or situation. But at least it is the start of opening up a jar with a closed lid. We should though not rest in being honest and stay comfortable, as only truth does heal.

  23. I agree a flower is a great analogy for honesty – when we are honest it’s like there is an openness to us, and we’re ok to let the world see our imperfections, whereas when we are dishonest we shut down or close up so that people don’t see them.

    1. So the honesty keeps the flower open, rather than closing off thinking we are protecting the petals from damage but only really hiding away from the world. Also when we hide like this we are hidden from our source of energy the sun, and so we cannot grow.

  24. A beautiful and deeply inspiring blog Michael. Giving myself permission to be more honest with myself continues to bring more transparency in every communication and a deeper connection with others
    “If I am honest, I create the basis for trust in myself and this reflects to others, allowing them to trust themselves, trust me and open up”.

  25. The word ‘honesty’, from which this plant takes its name, is derived from the word ‘honour’, as symbolised by its translucent seed pods. For there can be no honesty without translucency – our willingness to show our true selves to the world and in this expose all that is not true that may have taken up residence on the surface.

    1. I love that this word comes from honour as it shows that it first starts with ourselves- do we honour ourselves and how we feel in every moment.

  26. Honestly, I love this blogs appreciation of the simple magic of god, pun intended! Honest can be scary but when you are keeping up a falseness, it actually comes as a sigh of relief and I can feel my body release.

  27. Being honest is the first step towards truth. The magic is, when we start being honest, truth can unfold in front of your eyes. Without honesty we keep ourselves in the illusion which does not serve anyone, but delays what needs to be looked at in the first place.

  28. Such a beautiful description of this tiny flower. and I was just thinking that any tiny little flower that blooms in a garden or along the wayside brings such a beautiful and powerful message to us about the strength in simplicity and delicateness, and how this stands with all its life and integrity beside the larger and sometimes grosser growths of life.

  29. My mother has this flower in her garden, and I love the simplicity and steadiness they emanate. Honesty may come across as unpolished and even awkward at times, but I truly appreciate the transparency it offers therefore opportunities for deepening relationships.

  30. How amazing it is to be able to express honesty in any moment we feel and see how our world not only expands but our understanding of all unfolds too.

  31. Honesty does leave us feeling delicate and vulnerable but any other way simply isn’t true. I know I have always felt something is wrong with me when feeling vulnerable and that just exposes the big lie we live in, where we think we need to be tough and strong. It’s not honest nor is it true.

    1. In order to know who we truly are, we need to expose that which we ‘are not’ but have been living in place of this truth. Thus the honesty required in this process and why it can be said that honesty will lead us back to all that is true.

    1. Another beautiful aspect- the plant would not survive without the flower. It needs it to grow and expand its population. Same with us- we cannot live without honesty, we need it to expand to come back to the grandness we are.

  32. I agree Michael; there is such a beauty in honesty. When people are being honest about things that are going on for them in their life it is very enduring as it reminds us that we are in fact all the same no matter how it may appear on the outside.

    1. Someone being honest has an absolute beauty!And it does connect us with each other immediately. It allows the intimacy we are all looking for, because we show ourselves to the other person and stop playing any role that we think we need or that we choose to be safe and “comfortable” in …

  33. I find being honest with ourselves and others is a great way to build trust and open up our relationships to a deeper level.

  34. I used to think honesty was just about what was said – as in was it honest or not, but recently I’ve found honesty is much more than that – it’s our ability to show the world who we are and not hold anything back – to speak the truth but also to walk the truth.

  35. This is what honesty brings ‘The beauty of a changing life, of eyes lighting up, letting true joy, love and stillness shine out into the world again.’ Being more honest myself these days I can see the beauty and power it brings, I now allow myself to make mistakes and to not hide them or feel guilty.

  36. I have noticed in my life more recently how I am becoming more honest, more real, and how my past life had been so dishonestly lived by being caught up in ideals that are false and only complicate life, honesty is like a breath of fresh air simply opening us up to the delicacy and vulnerability that lies within.

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