The Act of Love

One day at work I noticed my colleague handing a spoon to a gentleman he used to work with. The gentleman had just made the comment that he wanted to eat his yoghurt whilst grabbing it from another room, and from that my colleague handed him the spoon without the required “Can I have one please?”

Right now you’re probably like… “So, what’s the big deal?” And really, there is no big deal, it was just beautiful to register the act, and it got me thinking about love and the loving gestures we show one another. He was so natural with it, and it was clear to see that it is a normal part of how we can be with each other – caring for each other.

For me, this was a clear example of how love can be shown and displayed in the most simple of ways that are truly caring. Most of the time love is displayed by grand gestures or special moments – buying expensive things and making a big fuss over anniversaries, birthdays etc. Sort of like it’s a part-time gig, not an everyday commitment. Though, love is an everyday thing, you can’t turn it on or off, it can’t be revved up for the bedroom or even contained to repeating the words “I love you”.

It’s not too often that I see two people spending valuable time together, doing things with each other lovingly, paying attention to detail with each other and simply being with each other. When I picture a couple I see a man sitting on the couch watching TV and the woman off doing what needs to be done to keep up appearances (I think I need to update my mental picture library… maybe just throw it away altogether.)

Thanks to the inspiration of Universal Medicine though, what I have learnt and have come to cherish about love is that it is so simple and ordinary.

It’s in the everyday things we do with another: like saying hello, walking through the door, a gentle touch as we pass, or handing over a spoon. It’s truly caring for another person, feeling what is needed for them and doing it. Sharing yourself and how you feel without reservation in whatever way you deem fit.

I have learnt that it requires no selfishness and the ability to get yourself out of the way; not to disregard yourself and put others first, but have your own stuff sorted and cared for first. For some this may be the basics – food, eat, sleep – for others this may be something else. When you do have your own stuff sorted you have the space to be able to be with someone in a truly loving and caring way.

You can’t love another until you love yourself after all. I used to hate this saying, but it makes sense, as if you don’t even know what love is for yourself, how can you offer it to another?

Inspired by Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine, where I get to see loving gestures between people every day.

by E, Brisbane

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1,972 thoughts on “The Act of Love

  1. It’s those simple and ordinary moments throughout the day where love and care is expressed that truly make life rich. And if it is love, and not duty, or obligation, or being self sacrificing then the person expressing the love is blessed just as much as the person it’s directed towards.

  2. I’m really beginning to allow myself to feel energy and not try to pretended that energy doesn’t exist. I can feel there are two types of energy the energy that is settling and joyful and the energy that leaves you feeling unsettled and anxious. The more we use the energy of settlement and joy with each other the less opportunity the energy of unsettlement and anxiousness can interfere.

  3. It is very joyful to be able to clock love in everyday ordinary. I find it I am more able to appreciate what I am clocking and the fact that I have clocked when I am connected with myself.

  4. What would we have in life if no-one reflected Love as does Serge Benhayon? We then learn no one can give or take away Love as it has always been in our Soul-full-essences and thus we are re-turning to our essences and live with a silver spoon in our mouth in Deep-Humble-Appreciative-Ness of the Love we have re-connected to thanks to Serge.

  5. It is important to reach out to each other, to look out for each other, but always in a genuine way. Connection between us all is foundational. We can all feel when someone we know is not being themselves and sometimes it can just be us being with them in a caring way that reminds them to come back to themselves. And how beautiful is this to receive back too when we are feeling affected by something too.

  6. Deep care and respect should be a bare minimum of how we treat each other in society – how powerful would this be alone, even without bringing true love into the equation?

  7. “. . . if you don’t even know what love is for yourself, how can you offer it to another?” To answer this question truthfully is all we have to do. The way we are living afterwards will show how deeply we have understood what this question is offering.

  8. I have noticed how staff at the supermarket or in a hotel start when you say hello to them and ask how their day is going? Such simple gestures of caring are getting less and less as we focus only on our needs and wants and less on the needs of others. Acts of genuine kindness are heart felt by everyone.

    1. Thanking the supermarket check out person with their name – everything changes in that split second and it’s like you wake up the person. It’s like they snap out of something, look at you properly and smile. It’s lovely.

  9. Equally in such a simple act of just passing a spoon to another without them asking is the observation part from others; as you got just as much, if not more from observing the act as the person receiving it. The oh so subtle ripple effect is always felt ✨

    1. Love how you have put it Vicky – the deep care does have a ripple effect and so there is so much in our day to day lives that we can ignore or in fact embrace and be inspired by.

  10. Unless we love ourselves we cannot love another. This truth has been hidden from us for a long long time but once you hear it, you can feel it is true and you know it through and through. We have been sold a lie and that lie is that love is an emotion. There is no emotion in love whatsoever. But we are the ones that bought the lie, a lie that in truth makes no sense.

  11. If we were to choose to bring love into “the everyday things we do with another”, what a wonderful day every day would be. The big production numbers that shout ‘I love you’ from the roof tops are all very well, but how many times a day can you do that? – whereas the simple everyday gestures, like passing a spoon to another, may seem rather boring in the first instance, but when done with love, they are anything but.

  12. The act of love can be as simple as passing a spoon to someone, no big or special movements but simple movements with a quality that emanates love is all that is needed.

  13. Getting our own “stuff” sorted is a responsibility that we have to all of humanity because how we are in life affects everyone.

  14. “When you do have your own stuff sorted you have the space to be able to be with someone in a truly loving and caring way.” – the way we are with ourself is the foundation for how we then are with everyone else and in all that we do…

  15. It is easy to see all the things that are unloving in life and yes there are many but there is also love and if we would make that more the focus and how we ourselves are with others life will get very different.

    1. Sometimes it can feel like there is a force that wants you to only look at the negative and focus on that. But what I’ve learnt from Universal Medicine is that there is always something of divinity to be felt underneath.

      1. Yes and it is only our own resistance to love and opening up to that divinity in ourselves and others that we do allow this force to take over because when I am closed off because I don’t want to get hurt I don’t see the beauty in other people just because of my perception at the time.

      2. I know that force too well Leigh. But I am slowly learning that if I allow myself to simply observe the negative and to not let myself be drawn into it, that eventually what lays hidden underneath will be revealed.

  16. I love it when I see two people moving in union and love, no words need to be exchanged just by their movements you can feel the vibration of deep respect, love, and unity.

  17. It’s those little acts of love that, for me, are the foundation on which our lives are built. But what I have found is that it is those acts of love which are simply for me that are the most important, as from them it becomes so very natural to then share love-filled acts with another. It doesn’t take very long for those ripples of love to begin to flow on out.

  18. I love that love being no big deal. It is our normal. And clocking and appreciating, and registering it as you have shared here, really confirms it more as ordinary.

  19. Yes, what I have learned from Serge Benhayon and his glorious family over the years, is that every movement, word and gesture can be precious and magical, as a golden opportunity to expand in love.

  20. A loving gesture can be as simple as laying your hand on someone’s shoulder as you walk past them. The love is felt in the quality of the placement of your hand on their shoulder. Love can also be felt in the way that we hold our selves while talking, there are so many ways to convey the quality of love in our every move. And what is fascinating is when we move with that quality of love other people respond. You can actually see in many cases how their body responds and shifts to accommodate what has been felt. To me this is a very magical moment.

  21. Beautiful to observe and truly appreciate love at work, we don’t need big gestures because it is all the little ones everyday that we feel the most.

    1. So true Sally and we often think love is about all the big gestures and special occasions that we get to feel what love is but I like you’ve shared love can be expressed in the small details and every day things.

    1. When we align with the energy of love, every movement thereafter simply emanates love. So simple and easy to understand.

  22. I love the point of when we have our own stuff sorted the space is there to share and care for others. I have observed this to be true myself, the more I clear and heal the less needy I am with no need to look to others to fulfil anything – the more space for love to flow.

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