We’re All Married to Everyone

Have you ever noticed how couples who have broken up often continue to behave and fight the way they did while married? Even for years or decades after separating or divorcing?

The same could be said for siblings, friends, teachers, students, workmates and business contacts who come into conflict and part company because of it. Or even public figures like politicians and celebrities who we choose to dislike for whatever reason. Sometimes the participants (even the unwitting ones) in these conflicted relationships who have moved apart may not even communicate directly at all, but the hostility, jealousy, frustration, judgment, etc., goes on and on within each person… like a festering splinter…

The issues don’t go away, no matter what we imagine our relationships to now be or not be. We can split up, run away, cut the other person out, speak badly of them ‘forever’, but until the issues are cleared and healed, they will go on affecting the current life and relationships of each person.

Eventually the only answer is for the two people to come to understand and accept each other, allowing each other to be whom and where they are. The love they once shared can transform into a truer, greater love that can go on even if they seldom or never see or communicate with each other.

Is it possible that what’s revealed by looking at this two-person relationship example, when you extend it to all the relationships we have throughout our entire lives, is that in effect we are all ‘married’ to everyone else?

They say “six degrees of separation”, meaning everyone in the world knows everyone through only six people, but this is merely referring to the temporal, physical connections between people, like knowing them personally. However, if we factor in the recent discoveries of modern science (which increasingly accords with what Ancient Wisdom has known for millennia), we are in fact all connected whether we know each other personally or not.

Each human body has many trillions of cells that must be connected physically (directly and indirectly) and energetically, cooperating in harmony for that human body to exist and function correctly. When they don’t, we can end up with cancer and other illnesses and diseases. Similarly, each human body is one of 7 billion cells in the body of a greater organism, Humanity.

And just like the cells in our bodies, we as cells in that greater body of Humanity have the job of connecting and cooperating so that the whole can function. We are in an absolute sense, married to everyone!

Could it be that many of our relationships, not just marriages, are more about comfort and convenience than committing to quality and responsibility in loving, truthful interaction? If so, might this be why the difficulties go on between some couples even after separating? The marriage and the divorce are only points along the way in a relationship that goes on infinitely longer than those socially recognised points. The same could be said for many other types of relationships.

What do you think the world would be like if we understood ourselves as equally responsible parts of a whole and began to re-define the way we relate to others? If we took on board the ‘married to everyone’ principle and made all our relationships – be they with family, friends, partners or work colleagues – equally precious and worth the effort at all stages along the way?

Inspired by the Benhayon family who constantly offer the reflection of commitment to quality in relationship.

By Dianne Trussell

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1,521 thoughts on “We’re All Married to Everyone

  1. We are all the same on the inside and no one is in fact closer to us than anyone else is – we might try to make it so by subscribing to bloodlines, ancestry and family bonds but they are but outer structures that we erect for apparent security and familiarity.

  2. In truth we are all “equally responsible parts of the whole” if we choose not to be , we would need to work harder as when meet another as an equal there is a familiarity and flow to everyting we do.

  3. “And just like the cells in our bodies, we as cells in that greater body of Humanity have the job of connecting and cooperating so that the whole can function.” This is a beautiful understanding and sharing that we are all a part of a greater all that calls us to live in harmony with all.

  4. What I am aware of is that all my relationships are the same, as in what I bring to one person will be there between me and another equally so. As such when I shift in my relationship with my partner for example, deepening our love the connection between me and my work colleagues for example shifts as well. We can’t love one person and not others, everyone gets the same treatment when it comes to energetic quality even if the actions may differ.

  5. The notion of blood family and blood relations, ‘blood being thicker than water’, are perfect constructs to keep us in the false belief that there are certain people in this world – a very very small number – that we can express love towards, while the rest of humanity are not really a part of our ‘sphere’. How very wrong and deluded we make ourselves in believing such a thing….

  6. The wisdom of the Ageless Teachings removes all barriers to thinking we are separate, or better, or worse than one another. What could be more foundational than that when considering our relationships.

  7. We communicate with each other so much more than we realise yet rarely do we stop and take note of what is going on between us, we get caught in the surface level interactions when there is so much more at play.

  8. Yes the hurts don’t go away just because we stop seeing someone, yet we have a tendency to ‘get on with life’ without realising that nothing has really changed. Unfortunately if we don’t deal with the hurts we carry them to our next relationship (and all our relationships)…

  9. ‘What do you think the world would be like if we understood ourselves as equally responsible parts of a whole and began to re-define the way we relate to others?’ That would be something worth committing to and would change everything. A world where brotherhood is a priority.

  10. “What do you think the world would be like if we understood ourselves as equally responsible parts of a whole and began to re-define the way we relate to others?” as others have shared this quote stands out to me, its super powerful in the fact it turns on its head everything we know about society, life and brings us to working together as one.

  11. When I first read the title to this article I thought, ‘what?’. After reading it I support and appreciate what has been said and how true it is. The connection we have with everything is resoundingly there and yet we can choose to live within this connection in such away that you can say it’s not true. It may sound like I am twisting this around but I am speaking from how my life is gone and to the fact that all along I could sense that something wasn’t right but I went on anyway, the same way. Even after relationship and relationship a similar pattern emerged that made me go from it was them to it was me to I don’t know what it is and why, why, why is it happening to me. Only when I honoured more the feelings that were already there do I start to make sense of what had been happening all along. Allowing ourselves to see all that this connection is and brings is one of the parts of making sense of all that we are feeling.

  12. So true Dianne, many leave relationships in reaction and blame only to find they are in another relationship reflecting the same issues and at times this can even be worse. To address our hurts and begin to let them go is key to transforming our relationships and making them more true.

  13. The idea that we can reserve hate for one person is a strange concept. What we fail to realise is that no matter what attention we give someone, be it positive or negative, it is not that different. They are still getting something out of the relationship. Would it not be easier to have understanding for all? Even your perceived enemies? I play along at times with pretending I don’t like people but it really is just energy, underneath all of it, we are all the same essence.

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