The Power of Healing Our Hurts

Growing up as a boy I know the feeling of being judged for something that I am.

From the age of 8, when I first heard of the possibility that two men could live together as a couple and love each other just like Mum and Dad did, it was then I knew that I would one day be living as a gay man. Very innocently I told a friend this. Weeks later I discovered that being ‘gay’ was seen as a bad thing by the majority of people, and that this word could be used as a weapon. I simply couldn’t understand how loving another man could not be right! And how could a word that described such a beautiful thing be used to hurt another?

Since I could not change my natural expression, I learned to hide my innocence and began to judge and condemn my own expression. I developed a pattern of contracting away from who I truly was and started to express less of me, even pretending to fall in love with girls and so on.

All this manipulation was part of a game to adapt to what the world asked of me, not understanding that I was not truly connecting to people but to the falsity they themselves presented with. Lies connecting to lies. Not very pleasant!

But underneath this hurt of being bullied for an expression that I couldn’t in truth change, was another, even deeper hurt.

Years later in sessions with Esoteric Healing practitioners, I was able to feel the pain of not being met in the joy I carried as a baby. I was able to feel an immense sadness about the fact that not everybody around me was able to feel the same joy. To cope with this sadness I hardened and numbed my body in anger and frustration, and in reaction, lost trust in everybody and closed myself down. On this foundation of contraction all the misery and loneliness of my teenage years was then built.

I had a lot of support from family, friends, therapists, esoteric practitioners and finally Serge Benhayon to find the root cause of the hurt I was carrying in my body.

This was a process of stepping up and opening my eyes again to what is truly going on in the world. Through healing the hurts I am now able to start calling out what is not love in my own body – and equally so, what is not love in the world around me. This not only supports my well-being, but also serves all who I am in contact with – my family, friends, clients and the community.

For two years now I have not once been bullied because of being gay. And I now openly express love with my partner, walking hand in hand in the streets or sharing a kiss or a post on social media.

This for me is a miracle and most definitely a result of having cleared the hurt I carried, by learning to love and accept all that I am and by simply making a choice to let the world in, and to live the true me.

Living as a gay man and facing the difficulties this comes with in our current society, was simply God’s tool to awaken me. It was then I realised that until bullying in all forms completely ceases in this world, it is only then can we truly celebrate.

By Felix Schumacher, Complementary Therapies Practitioner, Hamburg

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1,472 thoughts on “The Power of Healing Our Hurts

  1. “Through healing the hurts I am now able to start calling out what is not love in my own body – and equally so, what is not love in the world around me.” When we are hurting so deeply we often cannot see the hurts around us – in others. How beautifully you share that living with your difficulties was God’s way to awaken you. A very tender heart-felt blog – thankyou Felix.

  2. Letting go of our hurts allows us to have a marker in our bodies through which we can identify and say no to that which is not from love and also creates more space for us to embrace who we truly are.

  3. Holding on to hurts can affect how we are in all our relationships and interactions, it’s like we’re holding onto something that we can project onto others, anticipating a certain reaction from them or not being open to truly seeing or hearing what they are communicating but colouring it with the filter of the hurt…

    1. So true Fiona – I did this recently when I judged someone I didn’t know and believed they were trying to overcharge me for some work. I did this because someone I didn’t know had stolen money from me a few days earlier. Our hurts colour the way we see the world and then we hurt others. When I was honest about the reason I reacted it was a healing for all.

  4. There is so much for us to gain when we begin to take responsibility for healing our hurts. The world opens up to be so much more and we can see others for the love that we already are.

  5. The fear of being judged has been a big part of my life where I have held back in contraction allowing and keeping myself small and as I have become more aware of this behaviour being carried out in my life I have become more aware of how I judge another simply because of the lack of love I have for myself.

  6. It is amazing how good we are at holding onto our hurts. We carry them around with us like a trophy yet when we go deeper with ourselves we get to see that they are a complete hindrance to our evolution. What is needed is to let them go and open up again to being who we are in full.

  7. So much effort goes into holding onto our hurts, considering the amount of energy we use it is quite amazing that we are still able to even function!

  8. Contracting to not feel our hurts and sadness is such a familiar trap for all young players. It’s a go to when young when there is an absence of understanding and guidance. By choosing to return to the true us we can now offer loving understanding and guidance when called for for others whether they are young in years or at heart.

  9. Our hurts retard our evolution therefore it is our responsibility to heal them. When we do let go of hurts what we experience is great joy.

  10. Felix I loved your honesty, nothing can ever get in the way of true love, when we allow ourselves to live from love we are able to let go of the hurts that hold us back from being who we truly are.

  11. We don’t realise how much we hold ourselves back in the world when we do not acknowledge our hurts. There is a shut down, a hiding and then we withdraw, blaming the world for our pain, yet not letting people in to feel the love and healing that is waiting for us.

  12. I have found there is not only the power of healing our hurts, but it is in being able to share that with others, sharing that you are not alone in what presents for you at times, this can be very healing when lived experiences are shared.

  13. So many of us in society are walking around with unresolved hurts, the hurts we carry and do not let go of will always warp our sense of how we see the world and receive life.

  14. Thanks, Felix. Universal Medicine has also consistently helped me to see where reactions and hurts have taken me away from the common denominator of love in life.

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