No Mistakes: Just a New Learning

I have learnt a very important truth lately, and as the title suggests, that there is really no such thing as a mistake, for every day opens up new opportunities to explore with a greater understanding in all facets of life. Opportunities of growth can be found doing everyday tasks like folding your washing, driving your car and painting a picture… and it is the latter where my new learning begins.

My particular “Aha” moment came while painting a little series of pieces on paper. I was working on two pieces simultaneously so they both had a similar colour, pattern, shape and theme, but they were very different pieces.

I felt I gave one much more attention than the other and it made me stop and question why I was doing this. Why did I not like each piece equally?

I actually considered throwing away the piece I didn’t feel met my standards, but there was something about it that was begging me to go deeper with the self-questioning.

The piece was not perfect in my eyes in that moment; it didn’t meet my perception of what I thought to be pleasing to the eye, so I disregarded it and threw the artwork to the side. However, I stopped and reclaimed it as I realised that nothing is perfect, everything in life is imperfectly beautiful in its own unique way, much like we are.

Perfection is not an achievable goal. It’s an endless road that just comes with more obstacles. It pushes us out of our natural rhythm into a never-ending game of trying to achieve an unobtainable marker that depletes us “quick sticks”.

The continual push for attaining perfection leads me to exhaustion and a never-ending story plays out in my head of other ways I can reach my desired point. It’s a brutal path that inevitably leads nowhere.

Our unique essence is intertwined into everything we express in this world and that includes that single piece of paper I was so haphazardly going to throw away. It was like I was throwing away a piece of me: I was giving up on me. I wasn’t being accepting and allowing time and space to share what is there to be shared when it is ready. So this is true in life and in art, as they are one and the same.

So what did I do next? I simply stopped and left the artwork for a day, and boy did that feel fantastic!

Do you know what the best part of the process was? It involved no drive or push for a perfect result. Each piece of artwork was able to be exactly how it was, with no attachment to an outcome or push for perfection.

This ever growing awareness and sense of calm allows greater opportunities for new ways of looking at life overall and I feel that is a pretty awesome tool to hold in my ever growing toolkit for life.

The best part is that my stress levels for getting to the desired destination of perfection have dissipated and I enjoy the journey a whole lot more. I never know where I will end up – that’s what makes life so much more fun, don’t you think?

Now the artwork is as perfectly imperfect as the other piece.

So never give up on finding your true masterstroke, it is there – it’s not a mistake, it just needs clarity and space to flourish in its own unique way, just like us.

I am forever in loving appreciation of my innate masterstroke thanks to Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine.

By Kelly Zarb, Retail Manager / Artist, Melbourne, Australia

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1,821 thoughts on “No Mistakes: Just a New Learning

  1. Working with most children when they are young I often admire their ability to not be attached to their paintings, to just keep making and playing to see what is next rather than judging and trying to assess what it is that is coming. We become so controlling in an order to create a false sense of safety.

  2. If we woke up and approached every day like this – what could it bring and what could we learn if we had no fear or worries about the mistakes we made, meaning we gave the day everything – life would be pretty cool.

  3. I agree Kelly, this push for perfection is a never ending circle of exhaustion with no end point and I have found there is no joy in anything I do if I am pushing hard for a result.

  4. I can sometimes go into a push at the end of a project, just to get it finished. It is at these times I lose the connection, flow and sense of space, and time suddenly becomes the enemy. It is far more loving to come back and feel from my body what needs to happen next, for that is where the wisdom lies.

    1. I couldn’t agree more Jane, as it feels so unnatural to go against the connection and flow, knowing that the body is going to cop it later and then have to deal with the consequences of our pushing. Then to add insult to injury by being hard on ourselves for supposedly making a mistake, instead of looking at it as a learning. The body is far wiser than our minds and has the ability to see things for what they really are.

  5. ‘Perfection is not an achievable goal. It’s an endless road that just comes with more obstacles’ It is exhausting and takes the joy out of each moment we are striving for it.

  6. Whether we get something ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ the most important aspect is how we are with this. Do we judge and condemn or do we enjoy the fact that we have just become more aware through experience.

  7. ‘Perfection is not an achievable goal. It’s an endless road that just comes with more obstacles.’ Thus it is a waste of precious time and joy-less when we strive for perfection.

  8. “I have learnt a very important truth lately, and as the title suggests, that there is really no such thing as a mistake, for every day opens up new opportunities to explore with a greater understanding in all facets of life.” This is true living in the joy of life unfolding. Thank you Kelly.

  9. “Perfection is not an achievable goal. It’s an endless road that just comes with more obstacles. ” Yes I know what this feels like, I use to be so caught in perfection that the road seems so long and challenging as obstacles kept presenting, leaving me very exhausted physically and mentally.

  10. I was at a women’s presentation where perfection was discussed. I got a stronger sense of how big the perfection ideal is for women in particular and how it keeps us on an endless treadmill of striving rather than the stillness and contentment that can so naturally be ours. There is nothing more restful than being around another person who is at ease with themselves. They accept they are not perfect, and enjoy exploring and growing from the imperfections. This gives those around them permission to not be perfect and offers a role model of how easily it can be done.

  11. Going into the judgement about our imagined mistakes and stressing out is very hard on the body, not only do we physically go hard in the shoulders, arms, chest, upper thighs but we harden our bodies on the inside also – is it any wonder we feel rough or out of sorts when we over react to situations, which inevitably leads to dis-ease in the body.

  12. What I thought about when reading this title was how we judge ourselves and what we deem as right or wrong. I know that there are many times when I can be quite hard on myself and critical if I get something wrong or make a mistake. I don’t often give myself the grace and understanding to know that it was just a moment of learning and that maybe that moment was exactly how it needed to be so that I could go deeper or see something or learn something that I wasn’t yet aware of.

  13. I agree Kelly there are always opportunities around us to experience and learn from and when we do we deepen our understanding of life and how and why we are in it.

  14. “Perfection is not an achievable goal. It’s an endless road that just comes with more obstacles. It pushes us out of our natural rhythm into a never-ending game of trying to achieve an unobtainable marker that depletes us “quick sticks”.” – Kelly this is spot on, ‘perfection’ sure is an interesting little creature to contend with. I find perfection wants to creep in in so many ways, and yet as you have said, whenever I make it about perfection the focus becomes what I do rather than the how and the quality of what I am actually doing. In other words, I over-ride my body, I push and go into a drive in order to have things done ‘perfectly’ from an image perspective. But when we let go of this image, and the perfection and realise that the only perfection that truly supports us and our body (and hence all those around us), is the quality in which we do things then it changes everything. With this ‘quality in which we do things’, I mean how relaxed is the body doing what it is doing? How much joy and fun have I brought into the activity? How much have I allowed my natural tenderness to be a part of this process? Such simple ingredients that we can forget to include in all that we do, yet which make it or break it when it comes to the perfection of expression.

  15. ‘It’s an endless road that just comes with more obstacles.’ A great way to describe the illusion of trying to be perfect.Choosing to be a student of life can be a challenge but I learn to be a true student without blaming myself or others and without striving for perfection and then life turns out to be our playground to become ourselves again.

  16. Sometimes we just forget that we are human and we are not perfect. Along with perfection comes control. I reckon these 2 are great friends. I have seen how controlling something so that it fits in with my ideal how how things should be (or perfection) creates so much tension in my body. One day I will let go of this need.

  17. I also relate to feeling a push in the body from getting caught up in trying to get something to be ‘perfect’ in our eyes. I now understand how this puts an immediate pressure on the body that breaks the natural flow that is there when we are open and present with what we are doing with no demand on achieving a particular outcome.

    1. Exactly, as in that pressure our body is in response to our own judgement as how can we judge that what comes from our inner heart and is expressed through our bodies naturally so?

  18. Lovely to feel how you took the opportunity to go deeper with your self-questioning around the painting and learnt an awesome lesson that there are in fact no mistakes unless we impose that judgement on ourselves in our striving for the unattainable perfection which is always an illusion.

  19. When we let go of the need for perfection then life does become so much more enjoyable and free because the space is there for things to unfold in their own way rather than in our pre-determined framework.

  20. Recently having had my fair share of anxiety after starting a new job, and stressing over the mistakes I was making. I have come to realise that the anxiety does not have any hold on me unless I want it to, in effect I choose it. This became evidently clear when I choose conscious presence instead of the anxiety, and found that by not accepting that I will make mistakes from time to time only goes on to feed the anxiety, and being hard on myself. Which in itself is abusive.

    1. Julie it sometimes feels as if the anxiety is a protective mechanism we can adopt to inevitably hold us back from what we know is true and that is that we are amazing and from this amazingness we offer a quality of movement that is divine and when confirmed in our daily life be it the way we wear our clothes or how we greet the sales assistant in a store. It all offers an amazing reflection and series of movements to the world and what a way to learn and live in society today?

  21. Leaving work and coming back to it is a great way to prevent the drive coming back into the body. This has been one of the great tools I have l been given by studying the work of Serge Benhayon. The push to get the job done, tick it on the things to do list or invest in unrealistic expectations is a sure way to not bring the true quality to the product or process.

  22. Beautiful to feel in reading this blog is that we either work in creation or in co-creation. When we work in creation we tend to have judgement on that what is dictated from our mind for recognition and reward, compared with co-creation in which we fully can appreciate and let unfold that what comes from our inner heart and thus brings healing to us all.

  23. “Perfection is not an achievable goal. It’s an endless road that just comes with more obstacles. ” This is a great reminder as I can be so critical of myself if I do not do things ‘perfectly’. Less so than I see to be but I still find it very easy to get caught up in needing things to be perfect rather than accepting any choice that I make that I don’t like is a simple opportunity to learn.

    1. There is great learning to be had when we accept our choices and move into our next as a confirmation of who we are because it is in these movements we can simply build consistency and a deeper respect and love for who we are and the qualities we instill and that is true mastery of the divine vehicle we are housed in.

  24. Thank you for his blog, I have come back to it several times and feel that each time I do I allow a deeper level of acceptance.

  25. I love that life is constantly offering us moments of revelation and deeper understandings about ourselves in lessons to be embraced should we be open to them… there is nothing that can be discounted or thrown aside that does not offer us something to support us in our evolution back to who we truly are.

  26. Kelly, I agree with you here, ‘there is really no such thing as a mistake, for every day opens up new opportunities to explore with a greater understanding in all facets of life’. What I have found is that the times when things really don’t feel great and don’t seem to be going well, often offer huge learnings and expose ways that I am living that are not loving or true and that I can learn and evolve from these situations with no need to go into self-judgment and self bashing.

  27. I’m a huge fan of the ‘overnight test’. Recognising when to stop, pause and reflect or simply leaving well alone is an important part of many processes. For one it provides an opportunity to put our drive to perfection to rest. And you get to see your project with fresh eyes – without the reaction.

    1. Me too Victoria. The ‘overnight test,’ offers us a pause to truly feel and appreciate what the next movement shall be and keeps us from getting stuck. It’s in some ways a moment of repose before we move into motion to confirm the last movements made. Pretty cool.

  28. ‘Perfection is not an achievable goal. It’s an endless road that just comes with more obstacles. ‘ So true Kelly, perfection keeps me in this continuous cycle of feeling less so you do end up feeling exhausted, learning to let this pattern go has been life changing and has allowed me the space and grace to simply accept and apprectiate the qualities I bring without any need or trying to be perfect.

  29. This idea of mistakes for me seems firmly routed in the belief of a right and wrong and when I feel wrong I feel less or small when really I am the same being no matter what I am simply choosing to express with love or not and this choice can be instantly noticed and changed if it is not loving.

  30. We can only ‘make a mistake’ if first we hold a belief that there is a ‘right’ and a ‘wrong’ way of doing things. This is a big impost we are all under but the simple truth is that there is no right or wrong, there is only what is true and what is not. Thus, life is a continual unfolding though which we peel back the layers of what we have been living that is not true to the love that we are. Therefore all that happens to us in life is an opportunity to release more of what is not of truth, leaving more of what is truth in its place. In light of this, how can we think that we can make a mistake, if the situation we find ourselves in is alerting us to the fact that more love needs to be brought into our expression? Sounds more like a blessing to me…

  31. I love the fact that there is no such a thing as perfection. It actually creates a great sense of freedom in the body.

  32. This time the theme of perfection really stands out for me and how limiting and debilitating it is when we think that this is in any way achievable.

  33. It is very freeing to know that there is no such thing as perfectionism, just opportunities to learn and evolve. An inspirational blog to read thank you Kelly;
    “I have learnt a very important truth lately, and as the title suggests, that there is really no such thing as a mistake, for every day opens up new opportunities to explore with a greater understanding in all facets of life.”

  34. I find striving for perfection is suffocating, restrictive and suppressing but I realised I have been driven by the energy of perfection most of my life. Letting go of this is a loving choice and at times when I find myself resorting back to this energy of striving for perfection, I know I need to centre myself and appreciate more and allow myself space to learn.

  35. When we go after an image of perfection – whatever that is, we become afraid of making ‘mistakes’ or getting something wrong. But what if it was the image that was off the mark in the first place, and everything was part of the plan? It is not for us to plan or plot. All we ever need to do is just surrender.

  36. I had to come back to this blog today as what has played out I would have in the past berated myself for such a mistake. Today and after reading this I can see many lessons to learn. In this case I learnt 1. Forgetting something and hardening my body to correct it doesn’t work 2. Assuming I am going to be late for work is not necessarily true as everything is flowing when I let go of holding myself to expectations 3. I can still feel the love within me regardless of the situation 4. I don’t have to change how I feel about myself. I could carry on but seeing this as a learning and not a reason or permission to bash myself is very cool.

  37. Perfection is an ideal that keeps us in an endless loop of never being enough, and never getting it right.

  38. Gosh I needed to read this today, thank you. The line about perfection being a brutal path that inevitably leads nowhere, is so so so true. It is a brutal path and incredibly unforgiving. So I can see it very clearly and then the end about all of us having our own inner master stroke and allowing that to flourish was a pertinent reminder for me…thank you.

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