No Mistakes: Just a New Learning

I have learnt a very important truth lately, and as the title suggests, that there is really no such thing as a mistake, for every day opens up new opportunities to explore with a greater understanding in all facets of life. Opportunities of growth can be found doing everyday tasks like folding your washing, driving your car and painting a picture… and it is the latter where my new learning begins.

My particular “Aha” moment came while painting a little series of pieces on paper. I was working on two pieces simultaneously so they both had a similar colour, pattern, shape and theme, but they were very different pieces.

I felt I gave one much more attention than the other and it made me stop and question why I was doing this. Why did I not like each piece equally?

I actually considered throwing away the piece I didn’t feel met my standards, but there was something about it that was begging me to go deeper with the self-questioning.

The piece was not perfect in my eyes in that moment; it didn’t meet my perception of what I thought to be pleasing to the eye, so I disregarded it and threw the artwork to the side. However, I stopped and reclaimed it as I realised that nothing is perfect, everything in life is imperfectly beautiful in its own unique way, much like we are.

Perfection is not an achievable goal. It’s an endless road that just comes with more obstacles. It pushes us out of our natural rhythm into a never-ending game of trying to achieve an unobtainable marker that depletes us “quick sticks”.

The continual push for attaining perfection leads me to exhaustion and a never-ending story plays out in my head of other ways I can reach my desired point. It’s a brutal path that inevitably leads nowhere.

Our unique essence is intertwined into everything we express in this world and that includes that single piece of paper I was so haphazardly going to throw away. It was like I was throwing away a piece of me: I was giving up on me. I wasn’t being accepting and allowing time and space to share what is there to be shared when it is ready. So this is true in life and in art, as they are one and the same.

So what did I do next? I simply stopped and left the artwork for a day, and boy did that feel fantastic!

Do you know what the best part of the process was? It involved no drive or push for a perfect result. Each piece of artwork was able to be exactly how it was, with no attachment to an outcome or push for perfection.

This ever growing awareness and sense of calm allows greater opportunities for new ways of looking at life overall and I feel that is a pretty awesome tool to hold in my ever growing toolkit for life.

The best part is that my stress levels for getting to the desired destination of perfection have dissipated and I enjoy the journey a whole lot more. I never know where I will end up – that’s what makes life so much more fun, don’t you think?

Now the artwork is as perfectly imperfect as the other piece.

So never give up on finding your true masterstroke, it is there – it’s not a mistake, it just needs clarity and space to flourish in its own unique way, just like us.

I am forever in loving appreciation of my innate masterstroke thanks to Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine.

By Kelly Zarb, Retail Manager / Artist, Melbourne, Australia

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1,860 thoughts on “No Mistakes: Just a New Learning

  1. For me there is no such thing as imperfections , just judgements . Because at our essence we are from Soul anything less than this will be at a lower vibration and so adjustment must be allowed for, but these are not imperfections . These ” imperfections ” are a logical consequence of living in a lesser vibration to the Soul.

  2. I loved the title of this blog, ‘No Mistakes: Just a New Learning’ when we think we make a mistake we tend to beat ourselves up, yet when we allow it to be a learning, we understand that it’s all about the choices we make, no expectations and no need for perfection.

  3. ‘…there is really no such thing as a mistake, for every day opens up new opportunities to explore with a greater understanding in all facets of life.’ This is a beautiful realisation and one which enables an ability to be with life rather than fight against it.

  4. Perfection is so crushing and draining, and just a big distraction that gets in the way of us moving on to the next thing, the next moment. It keeps us stuck and fixated on something that has already past, rather than free and moving forwards.

  5. I totally agree re: the very fact that there is no such thing as a mistake. And even more so, I’m starting to appreciate how there isn’t any such thing as a bad situation. Before this statement gets misinterpreted, what I mean is that, if we are willing to look at why a ‘bad situation’ arises, then we’ll see the learning in it. Nothing happens for no reason.

    1. I am realising that too Elodie, I am starting to see there are environments I create and situations I conspire to make happen. If I track back there are so many offshoots of decisions I made or could have made. What are we conspiring to have as our future?

  6. I love imperfection! When we buy something that is expensive, we place it higher than other things. A new car is special that we treat like a baby until the reality of world steps in and your door gets mysteriously dented in a parking lot or a small scratch appears. It is almost a waiting game because we know it is coming. Do we do that with our lives where we make choices that we feel are right, until we find out it was a wrong decision we are back to choices, to move on and learn from it or slowly stew away?

  7. I agree there is no such thing as a mistake but sometimes I can feel I am still holding on to mistakes that I have made in the past which offered me a greater responsibility and I said ‘No’ at least to begin with creating a lot of unnecessary drama but I am learning and choosing now to not be hard on myself when I do slip up or make mistakes as I see those mistakes as my friend helping me to gain more understanding of myself supporting me to grow.

  8. We can’t be invested in perfection if there is no image we are trying to attain – so a life run by my images of what things should look like is bound to have perfect goals. Living life from our body, from the heart and by the quality of how we do things, knocks out perfection.

  9. There is a big moment here – the point at which you stop and take a step back. It breaks the momentum that you are in and allows a different perspective (be that one coming from you, or a reflection from someone else) and an opportunity to reconfigure. Its a huge step, and one I am learning to embrace.

  10. Beautiful Kelly Zarb! Imagine reading a blog that was all about confirming how amazing you were?! Written so whoever read it knew it was about them. It is possible, because we hold all the same qualities just different expressions of them. We all love being confirmed too. What has supported me the most, in my new way to live, is how I confirm myself and, the most important thing here is I appreciate to the best of my ability and do not stop as much as I can for every moment in everyday. Why? to be amazing is to feel it in every way every day in my body.

  11. Kelly this is pure gold and great for me to read today. I know that attempt at perfection you speak to here, and it’s only in reading your words today I got to see another angle, how striving for perfection is an amazing game of distraction, how that constant trying to find other ways to get to that ‘point of perfection’ is a perfect way to not in fact feel and see what is in front of us, and that each thing unfolds in it’s own time and rhythm and if we let go our perfect picture we often find we arrive somewhere we would never have imagined, and we stop trying to control life and we live and enjoy being us in life. So perfection is a con, a distraction and a form of control, taking us away from us.

  12. It is mentioned here the tension we place upon our bodies when we try for perfection, the sad reality is that the high incidence of anxiety and depression can be traced directly back to a picture of perfection that is unattainable.

  13. I agree Kelly experiencing every day opportunities to gain a deeper understanding of life becomes possible when we choose to deepen our awareness and the quality of our relationship with our body.

  14. Imagine how often we throw relationships and friends away because they don’t fit our picture. Imagine how flippant we can be with words – striving for perfection and belittling everything we do that does not match our picture of perfection. In fact, every moment is a moment to learn and therefore it is best not to strive for perfection because we will miss the true gems along the way.

  15. Being dismissive in any shape or form is not loving. We can choose not to engage with someone but everyone deserves at the minimum decency and respect.

  16. Giving space – to ourselves or another – allows us to learn what we need to learn, to grow and to flourish. Without space there’s no room for growth and expansion: we remain the same.

  17. I can absolutely relate to this Kelly. If I don’t see something as a mistake, then I get to see how much opens up from the experience and how much I grow from it. In the past, I could have easily used times like these to be hard on myself, and instead, I look for the opportunity that will present itself in the very next moment for me to learn from.

  18. Wow, this was a huge realisation to read, “I was giving up on me. I wasn’t being accepting and allowing time and space to share what is there to be shared when it is ready.” I can see now how it is a beautiful beholding of ourselves when we become aware of a part of us that needs a little more support and space to develop and unfold. And how powerful that is to nurture and allow it to blossom then to shut it down and hide it. Every quality can be expressed with love. How gorgeous is that!

  19. We can get so caught in our ‘pictures’ of how things should be and in doing so we miss out on what’s there to learn and express. I love what you’ve shared, it reminds me that even my muck-ups are exactly what might be needed and just an invitation to consider and see something new, maybe something I need to bring attention to or just showing me I’m trying too hard to fix something which is not supposed to be how I think it should – in fact it’s perfect seeing this now as I can understand that I’m being asked in those moments to let go, to discern and to allow what ever is happening, and that muck up might be just what’s needed.

  20. Perfection is a perception as it never stays the same, it just wants this unattainable ‘perfection’. I love seeing life as a student, knowing you are always learning and so in that there are no mistakes, rights or wrongs or perfections just all learnings. In this way we can appreciate the steps we make knowing that we are learning or possible re learning the way we are truly meant to be.

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