No Mistakes: Just a New Learning

I have learnt a very important truth lately, and as the title suggests, that there is really no such thing as a mistake, for every day opens up new opportunities to explore with a greater understanding in all facets of life. Opportunities of growth can be found doing everyday tasks like folding your washing, driving your car and painting a picture… and it is the latter where my new learning begins.

My particular “Aha” moment came while painting a little series of pieces on paper. I was working on two pieces simultaneously so they both had a similar colour, pattern, shape and theme, but they were very different pieces.

I felt I gave one much more attention than the other and it made me stop and question why I was doing this. Why did I not like each piece equally?

I actually considered throwing away the piece I didn’t feel met my standards, but there was something about it that was begging me to go deeper with the self-questioning.

The piece was not perfect in my eyes in that moment; it didn’t meet my perception of what I thought to be pleasing to the eye, so I disregarded it and threw the artwork to the side. However, I stopped and reclaimed it as I realised that nothing is perfect, everything in life is imperfectly beautiful in its own unique way, much like we are.

Perfection is not an achievable goal. It’s an endless road that just comes with more obstacles. It pushes us out of our natural rhythm into a never-ending game of trying to achieve an unobtainable marker that depletes us “quick sticks”.

The continual push for attaining perfection leads me to exhaustion and a never-ending story plays out in my head of other ways I can reach my desired point. It’s a brutal path that inevitably leads nowhere.

Our unique essence is intertwined into everything we express in this world and that includes that single piece of paper I was so haphazardly going to throw away. It was like I was throwing away a piece of me: I was giving up on me. I wasn’t being accepting and allowing time and space to share what is there to be shared when it is ready. So this is true in life and in art, as they are one and the same.

So what did I do next? I simply stopped and left the artwork for a day, and boy did that feel fantastic!

Do you know what the best part of the process was? It involved no drive or push for a perfect result. Each piece of artwork was able to be exactly how it was, with no attachment to an outcome or push for perfection.

This ever growing awareness and sense of calm allows greater opportunities for new ways of looking at life overall and I feel that is a pretty awesome tool to hold in my ever growing toolkit for life.

The best part is that my stress levels for getting to the desired destination of perfection have dissipated and I enjoy the journey a whole lot more. I never know where I will end up – that’s what makes life so much more fun, don’t you think?

Now the artwork is as perfectly imperfect as the other piece.

So never give up on finding your true masterstroke, it is there – it’s not a mistake, it just needs clarity and space to flourish in its own unique way, just like us.

I am forever in loving appreciation of my innate masterstroke thanks to Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine.

By Kelly Zarb, Retail Manager / Artist, Melbourne, Australia

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2,020 thoughts on “No Mistakes: Just a New Learning

  1. Letting go of any need or reaction in life takes away the needy-ness for us to control and thus taking away any imposition, as this is a deepening level of Love that we are all searching for and has always been within; our essences, inner-most-hearts / Souls and the innate Love blossoms.

  2. Taking perfection out of the equation and just letting what is needed unfold. I would have loved to have seen the pieces of artwork ❤️

  3. I am really starting to understand that life is all about learning, every minute of the day it seems to me there is something new to observe and learn from. This has made life so much more fulfilling as there is a richness to life that I hadn’t been aware of before.

  4. Our pictures of how things are supposed to be really get in the way of what’s occurring and how wonderful it may be as both an opportunity and a step in a larger process.

  5. I love the title of this “No Mistakes: Just a New Learning” when I read it I feel lighter in my body.

  6. I love it when a ‘mistake’ turns out to be exactly the thing that had to take place. It is most humbling and I am left in awe of how everything is meticulously constellated, and it is done so in absolute love.

    1. The word “mistake” can obscure our clear view of the love that is behind the scenes in the situations we find ourselves in.

  7. What a ‘master stroke’ it is to find our connection that is us reconnecting to our essences and how we strive for perfection when we are only ever feeling that we can deepen our re-connection to our essences and that is a simple work in progress, a master piece in waiting!

  8. We will repeat things that do not support over and over again till such time that we realise that it is not working (ie not truly supporting) and are truly willing to consider that there is another way.

    1. I’ve noticed in my own life that when a behaviour is repeating that I am aware is not supporting me, and I can’t seem to let go of it, then I find Esoteric bodywork to clear the configuration of the energy behind the behaviour is necessary. Often I will also need dialogue with my practitioner around what’s releasing from my body, which then brings a deeper understanding and a release of any hurt I am still holding. The whole process can free me from the unwanted behaviours, it feels quite miraculous but I can also feel the science behind it all.

  9. I love this; ‘there is really no such thing as a mistake, for every day opens up new opportunities to explore with a greater understanding in all facets of life.’ Seeing life like this feels very light and joyful, it feels important not to get too serious and caught up in issues and to instead know that everything that happens is a learning and an opportunity for us to develop.

  10. When we allow ourselves to not judge ourselves for our choices and see them as a learning then we can be so much lighter in how we approach things. Imagine a child who is learning to walk – they do not beat themselves up for falling down each time, they just have so much fun – the just get up and try again, or perhaps have a quick cry in between if they have hurt themselves, but they certainly do not indulge themselves in self talk that berates their falls and their learning. Funny how we as adults tend to do this, instead of appreciating the fact that we get up to do it all over again.

  11. Moral of the story – there are only opportunities in our school of life: “there is really no such thing as a mistake, for every day opens up new opportunities to explore with a greater understanding in all facets of life.” – what a blessing this is.

  12. Most of us struggle to deal with the emotions and feelings that come with ‘making a mistake’, and probably have done so since we were children when we were told that we had made one, or many. I can remember the embarrassment, wondering what people would think, and then there was the beating myself up because I hadn’t got it ‘right’. How incredibly freeing it is to come to the understanding that there are actually no mistakes, that there is no right and no wrong, but simply the opportunity to learn, and that life is our amazing classroom.

  13. Accepting that if someone does something that upsets us it might not be because of something we did and it could be a blessing even. What is reflected back to us comes with an energy and if it is a harsh energy we do not need to think and analyse but just check in and re-align and /or confirm ourselves in an energy we know to be true.

  14. No mistakes just opportunities for growth – when we let go of perfectionism we allow the possibility for things to unfold without us imposing pictures of what that should look like.

  15. We are so focused on outcomes and when the outcome is not reached it is considered a failure, and error, or a mistake and we feel less. If our focus was on evolving, on deepening in truth we then would see the many moments, constellations and situations in life as opportunities to deepen our relationship with love, with our divinity. Our expression of this is then an honoring of an impulse that has no picture or outcome attached, just a knowing of what feels true and divine.

    1. This is a beautiful sharing Carola – to let go of an outcome is a great gift though often one of the most difficult things to do.

  16. I was talking to a friend about something that happened to me recently and they gave me the advice that there is no right or wrong just a learning. This perspective was extremely helpful as I could feel how judgmental I was being on myself and if I can be hard and judgmental to myself then I can also judge others which does not give them any space to make mistakes and grow from them.

  17. Some of the most profound changes have occurred in my life through the ‘mistakes’ I’ve made. It’s what we learn from what we do that matters.

    1. It so wonderful to look back over my life and to note the many ‘mistakes’ I was convinced I had made, and to now be able to look at them as valuable lessons. And the bigger the ‘mistake’ seemed at the time, the bigger the lesson was. Whether I chose to learn from the many lessons was totally up to me, and although some lessons took longer to take on, I can say that now I absolutely appreciate them all, as my life has changed in so many wonderful ways.

  18. I like Einstein’s quote that anyone who has not made a mistake has never tried anything new. Mistakes come with the territory of growing as a person, be it learning to walk as a toddler or learning to trust and open up to people as an adult.

    1. That’s how I relate to perfectionism in that I won’t move forward or change tactic unless it’s ‘perfect’ but without trying something new the same old routine that is not perfect will never change.

  19. We cannot remind ourselves enough that there is no perfection. We are forever expanding and thus there is never a fixed point we can say that is it.

  20. How wonderful it is, to come to a place when you are always open to “new ways of looking at life”, instead of choosing to stay stuck in doing things the way they have always been done. To make this choice offers us the opportunity to expand our horizons, so to speak, and to possibly discover a whole new way of living. But if we choose to stay stuck in the familiar we may just miss out on the magic that life is always presenting, magic that may just change our day.

  21. What is perfection? Is it our own perceived view? Is it a view that is constantly changing? The perfect colour this season is no longer the perfect colour next season so, or the perfect body shape is curvaceous one year and not the next, who decides and how can we ever keep up, it’s a game, a trap we put ourselves in that keeps us from feeling and being who we are.

  22. I always felt it was inconceivable that I could treat a significant mistake as a simple opportunity to learn, this is something I didn’t find easy. However, recently I have observed myself after fairly significant errors to find that there was far less reaction than there used to be as I’m am more accepting of myself and all my imperfections.

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