Inspiration and Where does it Come From?

As a young girl I enjoyed playing with Barbie dolls, making a home and creating a life for them, to have a husband, babies and work. As the only girl in the family I would play for hours on my own, enjoying the ability to make up my own stories.

The next day I would head off to school and share the story I made up with my dolls, only to find my girlfriend had played an almost similar game with her dolls. I remember feeling a little disappointed that I hadn’t come up with a new idea!

Recently this same scenario played out again, but this time I was able to feel that we do not own the things we create.

In my role as a cook, and writer of recipes for our cooking website, I am constantly looking for inspiration to create a new recipe each week. Some weeks it comes easy and other weeks I am undecided on what to cook.

I have learned over the past 2 years, with the support and teachings of Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine, to stay connected to myself and allow things to unfold before me, observing and not absorbing. So I follow this principle and trust that what is needed will come to me when I buy the groceries and go to prepare the dinner meal.

A few weeks ago I purchased some lamb mince and baby Mescalin lettuces and popped the mince in the freezer to use another day. However the very next day, we decided to have the lamb mince for dinner that night and out of the freezer it came. As the day was drawing to a close, I pondered on what vegetables to cook with this mince and more importantly, what effort I felt I wanted to put into making the meal.

I also contemplated whether the recipe would be a good one to post on the website, so there was a lot going on inside me as I prepared the evening meal.

Suddenly I had the idea to make a savoury mince and serve the mince with lettuce cups and avocado, something that I hadn’t done before. I felt excited that I had come up with something super tasty, yet so easy to make, and that I had created a ‘new’ recipe. My husband was impressed so I thought “Let’s put this recipe on the website!”

I made notes and organised myself to make the dish again and to check the quantities. Three days passed until I decided that the next night I would make the recipe again. On day four I was reading another recipe website that I subscribe to and saw an almost exact version of my savoury mince recipe with lettuce cups and avocado, posted that day. The owner of the website is a friend with a similar concept of sharing recipes, so I could not believe how similar the recipes were, considering we had not spoken to each other about any of these details.

I pondered on this scenario and very quickly realised that I had been receiving the energy of her recipe when she was preparing it for her website.

I feel sure that everyone has experienced a moment in time when someone has felt they have a new idea, only to realise that someone else thought of it beforehand. This experience also taught me that all the inspiration that I have received to write my cookbook and produce any future recipes does not come from my talent, but the type of energy I choose to align to. It is, in fact, not my intelligence or my personal creation. I am humbled by the fact that I don’t own any of this information and, with the natural talent I have for cooking, I now feel the responsibility in sharing my inspiration with others and supporting them in their journey with cooking healthy and nutritious meals that nourish our bodies and that support us to feel light.

Through a daily commitment to connecting to the love that I am, and the unconditional love of others, I can already feel the change in how I now cook, knowing the recipes that come to me are those that are needed for others to see and experience, and not for me to claim as my own creation.

Thank you Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine for the understanding that EVERY SINGLE THING IS ENERGY!!

By Anita Stanfield

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998 thoughts on “Inspiration and Where does it Come From?

  1. The beautify is when we surrender and connect to our stillness, we are given the inspiration, ideas, they are sent to us, we do not need to sit and think, but just allow what the universe wants to flow through us.

  2. This reminds me of when two people are ‘on the same wavelength’ both thinking the same thing. We are both connected to the same energy that provides that particular though for everyone, however how it comes out can differ on the outside but it feels the same underneath or as it’s base. This I am understanding to be possible with the energy that Serge Benhayon presents to us over and over again he shares how simple it is to access the energy that he does and I have tapped into and am learning to live consistently.

  3. What you show Anita is that we are all connected and when we tune into this it is amazing the things that can unfold. If we lived with this awareness all of the time we would have a much better understanding of each other without the need for jealousy and comparison.

  4. The pride of “I did that” is such a common thought. Imagine if nothing we ever come up with is original and everything has been done before, we’d stop putting so much effort into being creative and original and know that we are simply part of one big whole world of energy.

  5. I have found that the pool of inspiration that is there for us, is available when we are open to the all. Our connection to our bodies and our movements marks the quality and abundance of learning and inspiration then flows freely.

  6. It is no doubt unfathomable to many and a mere conceptual grasp for most to consider living life without taking ownership for anything.

    1. True Brendan, how easy it is for us in truth to live without any identification for our creations, it requires a paradigm shift in the way we look at ‘our’ lives and our greater purpose here collectively.

  7. You might have felt humbled by the knowing that you don’t own any of this information – I feel inspired by your insights and the fact that ownership is rather yesteryear and that we thrive when we come together and share freely, without protection and a need for so-called security.

  8. It can seem like that everything we come up with or create comes from us and that we are the origin of it, but since hearing the teachings of Serge Benhayon, it has been my experience that things actually come through us which means we are drawing on a consciousness or energy to think and then ultimately create. Feeling into the quality of energy I am using to create anything in my life has been a game changer in terms of the end result or how my life has turned out.

  9. I love this understanding that we own nothing, and that we are simply vessels for receiving what is collectively there for us to receive.

  10. This understanding brings to light a whole new meaning to life Anita… that we are not here to aggrandize ourselves by our ‘achievements’, but that we are here to offer something to everyone else. Not as a self-sacrificing gesture, but to know that we are part of something so much bigger.

  11. I’ve experienced this a lot recently, where I have gone into meetings or conversations and been unsure if I will know what is needed, but trusting that it is not what is in your head, but how you live and what that allows to come through is an entirely different process. In this it is surprising in some ways, but in others not at all the quality of the answers that flow through. There is vast supplies of information in the Universe, the question is how universal am I willing to be.

  12. It is the type of energy we align too. That is the choice we have in any single moment. And that type of energy gives us certain thoughts. For example someone wants to stop smoking, he does but then there is this voice that says…oh come on one is ok you will not be addicted again and so he starts again. That voice in his head was from a certain energy which was for sure not the divine energy which is available for us. As God does not promote to go in to abuse ourselves. So what energy supports that abuse, and how do we reconnect again to the divine energies? The teachings of Serge Benhayon are giving amazing ways to reconnect.

  13. “This experience also taught me that all the inspiration that I have received to write my cookbook and produce any future recipes does not come from my talent, but the type of energy I choose to align to.” This is such a major fact that most of the world is as yet unaware of. Knowing that nothing we can come up with ever comes from us – but through us – is very humbling. It cuts out individualism. And we have to be very aware as to which source of energy we are aligning to – our choice – our responsibility.

  14. When impulsed by our connection to our essence, our Soul, it is such a beautiful confirmation when two different people bring forth the same idea, bringing to light that we are not so different after all, as it is our Soulfulness is serves to unite us all.

  15. I love what you say about using your talent to share the inspiration – as everything is passing through us constantly and us as the conduit, our part is to express – be it a recipe, a blog, a piece of music.

  16. Anita, I love how you make this so real, how nothing we ‘create’ is in fact from us but from a pool of energy which we choose to tune into. And I love what you decided to do with that and how it lead to your understanding that ‘the recipes that come to me are those that are needed for others to see and experience, and not for me to claim as my own creation.’ … this is inspiring and how we can truly live and support each other.

  17. I see it like there is a pool which we can access when we are energetically aligned – meaning that we can share access to this pool, and thus ‘ideas’. It’s something I hadn’t considered before, thanks for sharing your experience – and importantly for reminding us that life is more than just ‘me’.

  18. If you view history, there are milestones that leap our evolution to help or retard it! A short list of these moments are; electricity, the machinegun, and smartphones. All three of these can assist or retard us. But at the same time, they were all being worked on by many, and were unknown to the others! Where did they all get the information from at the same time and all just had their own interpretation of the source material?

  19. What made me realize is how much attached we are to creating things and being first or the only one thinking of it, or doing something or being someone! It is so interesting how willing we are to go in this creation all the way. I must ask then: where is all of our effort and willingness to make life about love? Which we seemingly all want? Interesting catch isn’t it? It reveals to us the ill creation that our spirits drives forth, which is harming us more than anything, which being it now or in the end – have to recover and heal from then coming back to the love we innately are.

  20. We are all so attached or identified as being the one who creates yet in the world of energy everything we do is simply a result of the energy that we have chosen. I find it very humbling to realize this.

  21. This is grand what you are sharing, as it shows that everything is available for us all and never should be kept for the few.

  22. That we can have any quality of thought coming through us at any time based on the quality of the energy we choose to align to is a massive revelation. Nothing is therefore by accident we are choosing in each moment, even when it appears we are not.

  23. Thank you Anita I loved what you have shared, that in fact we don’t own anything, and that what we are given by inspiration is there to share with everyone.

  24. If one looks at the history of past great discoveries one finds that although one person is credited with the discovery there was, however, one or more people were also exploring and ‘discovering’ the idea at the same time.

  25. I love recipes as well as the fact that we do not own any of them, as they are there for all to share and enjoy and benefit from and be inspired by all of the time. Thank you Anita for this beautiful reminder!

  26. Awesome to feel how willing you are to get yourself out of the way and allow the inspirations for your recipes to come through you for the benefit of others.

  27. When we chose to let go of the recognition of claiming something as our ‘inspiration’ then we open ourselves up to serve others in whatever area our talents are in.

  28. We have a great time with something, we enjoy something tremendously until we hear that what brought us those feelings was not unique then we get disappointed. Hello???? It is important to talk about what this is telling us.

  29. It feels very grand and spacious when we realise that things don’t come from us but through us – but only when they are aligned to the one and only true source.

  30. Hi Anita, great blog and I have recently discovered your recipe website – love it! We can try to own our ideas or we can accept that they come from a greater source. Our choice is only in which source we align to.

  31. When you consider how much time we spend holding back, scared to present, afraid to share what we have to say, or arrogantly trampling people with the fact that ‘we are the best’ – well, it’s all just absurd. Because as you beautifully show Anita – none of it comes from us at all. We just run the shop and get to choose what brand of product we sell – truth? Or fat fried lies?

  32. Understanding that everything is energy has made such a huge difference in how I approach even the simplest of tasks, so that connection becomes all about the energy of divinity, which truly makes life feel complete and purpose-full.

  33. It’s funny how we want to be special by being different and sometimes we want to be the same to feel special, Is this not because we don’t really value ourselves in the first place and somehow think that someone else is in some way better than us ? Living like this we continually make ourselves feel less and thus hold back and rob ourselves of the inspiration that is forever on offer.

  34. There is a simplicity in just connecting and allowing rather than any form of attempting to create and own. Understanding this is deeply beautiful when recognizing that in doing so you are given exactly what is needed.

  35. “stay connected to myself and allow things to unfold before me, observing and not absorbing.” This is some wise words, as I used to get caught in absorbing others’ energy to find I would be exhausted and out of balance with absorbing other people’s energies.

  36. It’s the connection to each movement made by our bodies that is where the true inspiration and joy reside.

  37. A beautiful example of how we are receivers of energy 24/7, and in that sense nothing is ever original as such although it has the love (or not) of our particular ‘flavour’ within it.

  38. It shows how we are all connected and what we connect with when we all bring through the same ‘ideas’. There is a beauty and confirmation instead of comparison or competition in being on the same page per say.

  39. When we claim anything as our own creation, want to own it and get recognition for it, it is always a downward spiral from there on. Being not attached allows the universe to keep pouring its magic, it is only us that stop that what in truth can not be stopped.

  40. Nothing belongs to us, it comes through us – and it’s up to us to choose the source of that which we receive.

  41. When we accept this truth that our thoughts are not our own but are being given to us from the energy we align to we can then observe life in its full detail. But when we think we are the masters of all creation then we are absorbing everything all the time, it feels horrible to be absorbed by thoughts that are critical etc or indeed emotionally loving are equally as sticky and unpleasant compared to the expansion and beholding of love and universal intelligence.

  42. Letting go of the belief that we are the creators of things like recipes, music, poetry, paintings etc. can be a tricky one for so many of us identify ourselves by our creations and yet we are simply the vessels through which energy moves and is expressed. Sure we have a choice which one – prana or fire – but beyond that we are then vehicle for that energy.

  43. It is quite humbling to realise that we are the receivers of energy rather than the creators of it. We receive every thought and every so-called bright idea that we have. The more we understand this the more humble we become because then it becomes a choice as to what energy will we align to rather than how clever we are at coming up with new things.

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