Inspiration and Where does it Come From?

As a young girl I enjoyed playing with Barbie dolls, making a home and creating a life for them, to have a husband, babies and work. As the only girl in the family I would play for hours on my own, enjoying the ability to make up my own stories.

The next day I would head off to school and share the story I made up with my dolls, only to find my girlfriend had played an almost similar game with her dolls. I remember feeling a little disappointed that I hadn’t come up with a new idea!

Recently this same scenario played out again, but this time I was able to feel that we do not own the things we create.

In my role as a cook, and writer of recipes for our cooking website, I am constantly looking for inspiration to create a new recipe each week. Some weeks it comes easy and other weeks I am undecided on what to cook.

I have learned over the past 2 years, with the support and teachings of Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine, to stay connected to myself and allow things to unfold before me, observing and not absorbing. So I follow this principle and trust that what is needed will come to me when I buy the groceries and go to prepare the dinner meal.

A few weeks ago I purchased some lamb mince and baby Mescalin lettuces and popped the mince in the freezer to use another day. However the very next day, we decided to have the lamb mince for dinner that night and out of the freezer it came. As the day was drawing to a close, I pondered on what vegetables to cook with this mince and more importantly, what effort I felt I wanted to put into making the meal.

I also contemplated whether the recipe would be a good one to post on the website, so there was a lot going on inside me as I prepared the evening meal.

Suddenly I had the idea to make a savoury mince and serve the mince with lettuce cups and avocado, something that I hadn’t done before. I felt excited that I had come up with something super tasty, yet so easy to make, and that I had created a ‘new’ recipe. My husband was impressed so I thought “Let’s put this recipe on the website!”

I made notes and organised myself to make the dish again and to check the quantities. Three days passed until I decided that the next night I would make the recipe again. On day four I was reading another recipe website that I subscribe to and saw an almost exact version of my savoury mince recipe with lettuce cups and avocado, posted that day. The owner of the website is a friend with a similar concept of sharing recipes, so I could not believe how similar the recipes were, considering we had not spoken to each other about any of these details.

I pondered on this scenario and very quickly realised that I had been receiving the energy of her recipe when she was preparing it for her website.

I feel sure that everyone has experienced a moment in time when someone has felt they have a new idea, only to realise that someone else thought of it beforehand. This experience also taught me that all the inspiration that I have received to write my cookbook and produce any future recipes does not come from my talent, but the type of energy I choose to align to. It is, in fact, not my intelligence or my personal creation. I am humbled by the fact that I don’t own any of this information and, with the natural talent I have for cooking, I now feel the responsibility in sharing my inspiration with others and supporting them in their journey with cooking healthy and nutritious meals that nourish our bodies and that support us to feel light.

Through a daily commitment to connecting to the love that I am, and the unconditional love of others, I can already feel the change in how I now cook, knowing the recipes that come to me are those that are needed for others to see and experience, and not for me to claim as my own creation.

Thank you Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine for the understanding that EVERY SINGLE THING IS ENERGY!!

By Anita Stanfield

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1,161 thoughts on “Inspiration and Where does it Come From?

  1. I rang a work colleague recently and she said thank you for calling me you are just what I need at this moment she said you must have read my mind. I went on an impulse and phoned but it shows me that we have deeper connections with each other than we realise.

  2. There are many phrases such as ‘being on the same brainwave / vibration” as another or “you read my mind”. But what if it had nothing to do with the mind but actually we are connected to the same energy that provides similar thoughts?

  3. “… the recipes that come to me are those that are needed for others to see and experience, and not for me to claim as my own creation”. This is a great gem of wisdom about expression in general, that what’s coming through when we live from our love, from our soul, is there for us to deliver and to the best of our ability not to hold back.

  4. This somehow reminded me of a story I read a long time ago: we the humanity are all sitting around a table, filled with plates of delicious food, and the only thing we have got given is a pair of hideously long chopsticks to eat with. We try eating with them but the chopsticks are way too long, and no hands allowed either. We can just about manage to pick up food, but putting it in our mouth is never going to work. The only way for it to work is we all pick up food, and put it into someone else’s mouth. Everything we get given is for us all to share, but we cannot self-serve, we serve each other, and that is the design.

  5. Identification with anything we do in life is a killer and yet we are brought up with this and ingrained with this from a young age. It takes a lot of work to realise this and then work on un-doing it. Like Yoda said in Star Wars: “you must un-learn what you have learned”…this is so true and not always easy when we are attached through investments.

  6. Anita, this is a great example of the fact that we do not really own any recipes – they are there for all to be shared. I love how you have shared your story as this is something I too have experienced and it is a great reminder and a celebration of the fact that in some way we are all connected and ‘getting’ the same thing all of the time.

  7. Have you ever been in a stalemate situation when someone will have a light bulb moment that breaks the deadlock? Especially when there is a purpose higher than the group.

  8. Is it possible for us to step back and for a moment stop to consider that we do not own the thoughts we have, they are fed to us. If this is a fact and it is; then surely we need to discern where these thoughts are coming from. It starts from when we enter this life we enter a pool of energy that flows through us constantly and from this flow we are fed the thoughts we have. For the majority of us we do not have any awareness that there is also another flow of energy that is the exact opposite. So there are two sources of energy passing through us constantly for me personally I had no idea of this science until I met Serge Benhayon. Knowing this it actually makes complete sense to me as so often I have had random thoughts and I knew they were not my thoughts, I’m sure I’m not the only person to experience this. These thoughts as I know from personal experience can lead us astray especially if we have an attachment to them.

  9. One day we will all have this understanding of life that the thoughts that we have are not ours we do not own them they are passing though us all the time and depending on the energy chosen as we move determines what energy we will receive as we move.

    1. Yes I agree Lucy to know that we are a vessel takes away all the pressure of coming up with ideas or solutions. Then life can be joyful and simple and not as so many of us are living it in hardness and complication.

  10. The beauty in what you are sharing here is your openness and willingness to see what had happened and not wanting to own what you had received.

  11. ‘It is, in fact, not my intelligence or my personal creation.’ Having grown up desperate for recognition for being brilliant (I liked being considered clever) letting go of laying claim for knowledge has been an interesting journey in letting go of wanting to be identified by it. As I feel the hurts of not being met and appreciate who I am I now feel the absolute joy when I am given ideas of genius that are there to support me. Mine are usually around quirky DIY things in the house. There’s no limit to the support available.

  12. When we try to own our skills we block any new true creativity from coming to us. Surrender and let go of attachment and ownership and the universe can not help but pore its wisdom.

  13. I think it’s great that you are developing cooking and making recipes that come with an intent to be truly nourishing and supportive rather than with a need to be identified/ famous/ recognised by them as your own creation…

  14. ‘Recently this same scenario played out again, but this time I was able to feel that we do not own the things we create.’ I grew up desperately wanting to be loved; which I was but couldn’t let it in, so I sought recognition instead. I saw being creative, having ‘original’ ideas were heavily praised and seen as commodities – who didn’t want to invent the latest thing to patent and become rich? Money I also saw as evidence of adoration. And I see this need to be recognised for being the one who is exceptional is quite sought after in general. I am working on this as it seems in my face at times at college. Could it simply be that we just need to stop and appreciate the unique, amazing quality we each bring knowing we all are ‘the one’ and all here to play a vital part of a bigger picture? Because when I appreciate this I get to appreciate the unique amazing qualities of all my class mates for example and every one I meet. It’s very beautiful and brings true settlement to life.

  15. So beautifully shared Anita of how everything that comes to form in this plane of life is the result of a quality of energy first. I also have experienced this many times, and it is a testament to the fact that when we are aligned to the same purpose, the quality of energy, there is a greater force, be it divine or otherwise, at play moving us into position to express what is needed, and if we do not respond or delay it will move through another who is willing to respond with immediacy.

  16. Anita your blog shows to me that we are all connected, and we are communicating all the time and we tune into what is available to us based on the energy we are choosing and what we are thinking. We may live as though we are in separation to each other but we cannot escape the fact that we are all very much connected.

  17. I so love what you say about not owning anything that comes to you, therefore, it becoming your responsibility to share the inspiration with others. It’s a hard one to accept that we do not actually come up with anything but we are just vehicles when most of us are motivated by a desire to be recognised through what we do. But there’s a true beauty in recognising and appreciating the absolute equalness and being one of the many ones that make up the One.

  18. From reading what you have shared, I get a sense of bubbles of ideas flowing down to us all day long, some we will grab and others will simply float on by for someone else to say yes to. I used to consider these inspirational bubbles to simply be a coincidence, but now that I am aware of the huge pool of energy we live in I realise that there is no coincidence but the truth of the fact that this energy touches all of us, all of the time.

  19. How inspiring it is to realise that we don’t own our ideas, that they are there in a pool for us all to tap into if we choose, not to be owned by us but to be shared as each one of us brings our own flavour so even though they may be the same they will all be slightly different.

  20. A beautiful demonstration that energy is felt by all and that if one person is living life with love this is there to be felt and shared by all.

  21. There have been so many times that I was just thinking of someone and they call or email me a few seconds later. This proves how connected we are and there have also been multiple times where the people I feel the closest with are having very similar experiences or thoughts that I have had at almost the exact same time. We are indeed all ONE.

    1. So true Michael – as Sons of Gods that we are in essence, we are borne of the same source of light, so the more we live from the light of our Soul the more we, together, naturally bring and reflect same the quality of this divine oneness to this plane of life.

  22. When we do something and somebody else has done exactly the same or almost so then it shows that we were inspired by the same source and if that source is love, then working together will get us even further.

    1. This is so true Christoph, but I feel there are many who, when they see someone with ‘their idea’ would become jealous and maybe even angry. But if we were raised from young to know we live in a big pool of energy that we all share, therefore nothing belongs to us, but to all, these situations would be replaced with ones of natural interconnectedness and working together for the good of the whole.

  23. I loved what you have shared Anita, the fact that we don’t own anything, and that what is coming through us is not for ourselves but for the service of humanity, a beautiful openness for more inspiration to flow.

    1. Agreed Jill and when we don’t own anything but value the way we live so we are able to stay in connection with ourselves and the ageless wisdom, everything is possible.

  24. Knowing that we are just vessels and that we align to an energy that then is in our every move, thought and word we speak makes it more easy to know that we have to open ourselves up instead of coming up with unique ideas. I must think of all the songwriters out there who are trying to make a song yet they are not surrendering to it and therefor take a long time to write an whole album even though it could be there in a second.

  25. Currently my inspiration comes from a lady that I don’t know that well but whenever I meet her I am struck by a certain way she moves and holds herself it is with such grace. This lady also has such stillness about her that I immediately sense my body responding to that still quality. There is something very arresting about her that grabs my attention and yet she is not seeking attention from anyone but is her own woman, it’s quite remarkable and for me a living way to aspire to.

    1. Being inspired by the quality that another holds themselves in and lives, can be a very beautiful thing, and this is what life is about: reflecting the different qualities that we are here to learn to each other, so that we all evolve.

  26. If our thoughts and ideas do not come from us but through us then it is very important to know which source we are drawing them from – there are only two sources ie one that is loving and healing and on that is not!

  27. “This experience also taught me that all the inspiration that I have received to write my cookbook and produce any future recipes does not come from my talent, but the type of energy I choose to align to.” – Beautifully said and there is much to appreciate in realising that we receive thoughts according to the quality of energy we’re living with rather than ‘creating’ them as such out of nowhere…

      1. Yes, it also means that there is an unlimited amount of inspiration available as we don’t have to generate each one.

    1. Suse agreed, it is one of the most challenging things I think many of us have to come to understand and yet when we do and start to embrace it fully we see how it makes complete sense.

  28. I find inspiration from the entire Benhayon family; they live in a way that shows me the endless possibilities of life. I have endorsed this for myself and in doing so have discovered a way to live that is less harming to myself, less harming to other people and my surroundings. It is a much grander way to live rather than to scrabble around in the gutter of this current life trying to out compete with others pushing and shoving to get my piece of the pie so to say.

  29. “I feel sure that everyone has experienced a moment in time when someone has felt they have a new idea, only to realise that someone else thought of it beforehand.” So true. When we connect to the universal intelligence it is no surprise we can come up with similar ideas. Years ago it was called the 100th monkey syndrome – when monkeys – not connected geographically – began to wash their food in nearby water sources.

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