Inspiration and Where does it Come From?

As a young girl I enjoyed playing with Barbie dolls, making a home and creating a life for them, to have a husband, babies and work. As the only girl in the family I would play for hours on my own, enjoying the ability to make up my own stories.

The next day I would head off to school and share the story I made up with my dolls, only to find my girlfriend had played an almost similar game with her dolls. I remember feeling a little disappointed that I hadn’t come up with a new idea!

Recently this same scenario played out again, but this time I was able to feel that we do not own the things we create.

In my role as a cook, and writer of recipes for our cooking website, I am constantly looking for inspiration to create a new recipe each week. Some weeks it comes easy and other weeks I am undecided on what to cook.

I have learned over the past 2 years, with the support and teachings of Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine, to stay connected to myself and allow things to unfold before me, observing and not absorbing. So I follow this principle and trust that what is needed will come to me when I buy the groceries and go to prepare the dinner meal.

A few weeks ago I purchased some lamb mince and baby Mescalin lettuces and popped the mince in the freezer to use another day. However the very next day, we decided to have the lamb mince for dinner that night and out of the freezer it came. As the day was drawing to a close, I pondered on what vegetables to cook with this mince and more importantly, what effort I felt I wanted to put into making the meal.

I also contemplated whether the recipe would be a good one to post on the website, so there was a lot going on inside me as I prepared the evening meal.

Suddenly I had the idea to make a savoury mince and serve the mince with lettuce cups and avocado, something that I hadn’t done before. I felt excited that I had come up with something super tasty, yet so easy to make, and that I had created a ‘new’ recipe. My husband was impressed so I thought “Let’s put this recipe on the website!”

I made notes and organised myself to make the dish again and to check the quantities. Three days passed until I decided that the next night I would make the recipe again. On day four I was reading another recipe website that I subscribe to and saw an almost exact version of my savoury mince recipe with lettuce cups and avocado, posted that day. The owner of the website is a friend with a similar concept of sharing recipes, so I could not believe how similar the recipes were, considering we had not spoken to each other about any of these details.

I pondered on this scenario and very quickly realised that I had been receiving the energy of her recipe when she was preparing it for her website.

I feel sure that everyone has experienced a moment in time when someone has felt they have a new idea, only to realise that someone else thought of it beforehand. This experience also taught me that all the inspiration that I have received to write my cookbook and produce any future recipes does not come from my talent, but the type of energy I choose to align to. It is, in fact, not my intelligence or my personal creation. I am humbled by the fact that I don’t own any of this information and, with the natural talent I have for cooking, I now feel the responsibility in sharing my inspiration with others and supporting them in their journey with cooking healthy and nutritious meals that nourish our bodies and that support us to feel light.

Through a daily commitment to connecting to the love that I am, and the unconditional love of others, I can already feel the change in how I now cook, knowing the recipes that come to me are those that are needed for others to see and experience, and not for me to claim as my own creation.

Thank you Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine for the understanding that EVERY SINGLE THING IS ENERGY!!

By Anita Stanfield

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1,118 thoughts on “Inspiration and Where does it Come From?

  1. I find it quite joyful when others and I independently come up with the same concept or thought or activity.

  2. When we let go of wanting to “own” our thoughts then we can see and appreciate the fact that inspiration can come in and through anyone, including us.

  3. It is very freeing and humbling when we let go of wanting recognition for our creations or wanting to own knowledge. In opening up to a greater awareness of how we are all connected by the quality of energy we align to we can appreciate and be inspired by each other’s expression.

  4. The beauty of what you share here is that when we let go of wanting to own things we open ourselves up to serving all equally.

  5. Imagine that we are not even inspired by another’s ideas but rather a reflection of aligning to the same source of energy and impulse.

  6. It is only in creation that we have a need to own things and put our name to it; in co-creation it all melds into oneness.

  7. Imagine the wealth that is available for us to bring through when we do not frame it or reduce it through self identification or recognition. This is a completely different way of being that we are not taught, that we are vehicles of expression and we choose the quality of energy that flows through us via our alignment to truth or not.

  8. It is the same with reading and commenting on these blogs. Sometimes an amazing comment or observation comes to me as I read a blog and I know that I don’t own that comment so get to read it and enjoy it in exactly the same way as anyone else would. It is very freeing to bust that ownership illusion.

  9. With the understanding that everything is energy and that we are simply vehicles of expression for the energy which is constantly passing through us, it is vitally important to know the vibration of the energy we are aligning with. And since all energy has a source, this allows others to also connect with it, and hence many can receive the same energetic inspiration. This fact beautifully exposes the absurdity of the ownership and competitive mentality which is so prevalent in our world today.

    1. That is very true and also two people can say exactly the same words but they come from a different energy source and that makes ALL the difference. Therefore, even with the same words one expression can be true and one not.

  10. I love this blog Anita, it is indeed a humbling moment when we surrender to the fact that we are vehicles of energy, here to serve and deliver all that is needed in that moment.

  11. Its true we want to own what we create when it is not ours to own, and then we get upset or disappointed when we think that someone has also got the same idea. To me this shows that we are all connected, and if what has been created is also felt by someone else, then it is something to celebrate and not used to compare, possess, or have ownership over it.

  12. We swim in a great ocean of energy where our every move affects the current and all those carried by it. In this way all that we do, create etc. has its genesis in movement and thus an alignment to a source of energy that generates that movement. That is, the energy we are aligned to – be that love or be that not – will precipitate into us a quality of being that is either disharmonious or harmonious. When we align to all that is love, we become part of the rhythm and flow of life and begin to experience the interconnectedness of all things. Part of this order is to know that ‘we do not own what we create’ for it is all an expression of ‘the all’ we are connected to and a part of. When we align to all that is not love, we also experience a form of interactivity but this is more about collusion than it is about true brotherhood, for it is every person out for themselves and seeking ownership over that which they think they have created as being either better or not as good as that which another has ‘created’. This is how we get lost in a miasma of competition and comparison that leads us away from the essence of out inner most self.

  13. We are designed to tune into what’s true and let that through. That’s all our job is, to become an awesome receiver. Imagine an email service that took 3 months to deliver – why would you use that? So what makes us think it’s ok to delay? Thank you Anita.

  14. Inspiration is all around us and always available. Sometimes we choose what we have chosen many times before but other times we are open to something completely different – and it is there!

  15. When we are connected to something bigger than us then we understand that no idea comes from us but comes through us. I always wondered – how are things invented – how did someone get up and have the idea to cook food or to build a car or design a light bulb. But then I am reminded that things come through us and it all depends on what source we allow through.

  16. We can base so much emphasis on being the first to think of something, being credited for an idea etc. All of this is us living in constant competition with others – trying get to the top of the pile by feeling we are better, cleverer, more intelligent than other. I can’t count the number of times I’ve said something like, “that’s what I just said” or wanting another to feel endebted to me, or at the very least grateful to me for some pearl of wisdom I think I have given them. It’s really disgusting to feel it. The awesome thing is that it doesn’t have to be this way. The arrogance can be replaced with humbleness when we let go of the need to feel we are a creator/originator.

  17. It is beautiful to be inspired by others because the truth is we have all so much to share with one another when we are living true to ourselves.

  18. There is such a beauty in what you are sharing: nothing is more special than another. We do all have the same possibility and access to the things that are needed for everyone. One part in us hates that, as it cannot stick and stand out. Letting go of that part, that want to be special and make it only about you, is for me a never ending process in life, which truly sets me free.

  19. Anita, I agree, it is very humbling to realise that we cannot own anything that we do because what we do comes from an intelligence that we are aligned to. This challenges our need to be in control and be the one directing everything. It is a whole other way of understanding life but when we know energy and how it works it becomes clear that this is how it works.

  20. So where does our true intelligence lie is a question worth considering? Is it based on a head overfull with all the gathered information we can then recall, or are we receptors of energy, the wisdom of the ages that can be accessed as is needed. There is no trying or striving for, rather a surrender to what is.

  21. I had that very meal last night while traveling, lamb mince in lettuce cups…. and not from the recipe book. When we attune our vehicles to a certain vibration we receive the resonance that is on offer from that source or pool of energy. Is it for us alone or is it for all of us ?

  22. Every moment we are alive energetic impulses come to us. We identify with them being us. But the fact is most of them are not. If we are willing to put aside the prize of being ‘wise’ or ‘right’ we will see the truth of energy. This is the basic recipe for life. Thank you Anita.

  23. We do not own anything and for sure it is important to be aware what the quality is of what comes up as a thought of idea. What is the source of this information?
    I remember feeling very well and then hugging a person who looked a lot to porn. After the hug I had suddenly porn pictures and sensations of it. We can take on anything. This is why it is so important to be very present with ourselves. To walk us. Very present in every step.

    1. You cannot own energy, it is there for everyone. The moment you want to have it for your own needs, recognition, wanting to being seen etc, it cannot offer you the greatness. Keeping it for you, gives you a high moment, but will never truly satisfy you.

  24. I love inspiration and I am glad if others have the same – the inspiration can then be richer, expanded, more whole.

  25. The idea of ownership and individuality keeps us fooled and stuck in 4th dimensionality – when in truth as you show Anita we are just a vehicle for energy. No matter how unique or familiar the feel – it’s not you at the end of the day.

  26. It didn’t really surprise me that little girls ‘make up’ the same stories, as they are all fed the same ‘dreams’ of having a home with a husband and children from very early. The recipe example is gorgeous as it shows that we don’t have original thoughts, that we never ‘invent’ or discover anything. Instead we are accessing something that already exists, and this can be accessed by one or many people at once.

    1. It might also be because their experiences on the previous day were similar so they were starting from a similar point and perhaps they had the same inspiration?

  27. What a great realisation Anita, and one that humanity needs to understand, it is easy to see that when we own ideas they become bastardised, even if they were from the alignment to the universe in the first place, as the insidiousness of being identified with the product as if you are more special because of what you have created, is an absolute crippling way to live. But yet 99% of the world is lived this way with ownership of ideas being king.

  28. This is a great sharing Anita, it is great as it is true. I recall some years ago the design diploma students came to my studio. The teachers had asked me to share my diploma design portfolio with the students. I laugh when I think of how proudly I had showed them my very ‘unique’ design only to find that when I went shopping in our closest major city later that week for the first time in months that the shops were filled with an identical design!

    1. Yes, that can happen. The conventional idea is then that we saw it unconsciously and copied it but us all being connected could equally be the case.

  29. This is brilliant and so different to most of what we get told about talent and inspiration. A great case for making the quality that we live in our focus.

  30. Thank you Anita, brilliant blog and great reminder to be aware of if I’m invested in something by way of wanting to be identified as being the one and only creator of it! And instead of that to appreciate the quality in the way I live that then affects the quality of thoughts and inspiration that I can connect with, for everyone’s benefit…

  31. How amazing it is that the quality in which we move can open us up to so much wisdom, learning and inspiration all in one, simply by choosing to move from our divine connection to all. Simply awesome indeed. Thank you Anita.

  32. What I am feeling now after re-reading this blog is how liberating it actually is to come to understand that we do not own our thoughts or ideas since they do not originate from us in the first place, as was demonstrated in this blog with the recipe concept. The liberation comes in no longer needing to protect, covet, and/or look for recognition and acceptance in an individualistic way or our own lack of self-worth when an idea comes to us and we attempt to implement it in our lives. This is really exhausting to our bodies, anyway.

  33. I find this very humbling, we’re so quick to jump on an idea and own it and claim it as ours, but what if we’re tapping into a collective idea, then the question is not so much is it my idea and how do I copyright it – but does this idea or thought truly support people to grow.

    1. Yes, these inspirations can come through anyone of us at any time. This is a very unifying way to live, and asks us to consider the quality and honouring we treat our ‘vehicle’ the body with.

      1. Yeh true, the quality of our body provides the quality of our thoughts and so also the quality of our inspirations. It makes you wonder what could be possible if we treat our body with more and more care and attention to detail and love.

      2. We are not here for us, but for everyone. Our bodies, how they move and what they can align to is not for us, but to remind the all, of where we are actually coming from. From a unity, where there is no fight and separation. A place we all deeply know, but abandoned from, which is the ultimate hurt in all of us.

  34. Sharing is a quality that we all do all of the time so when we get to finally realise that we are not an island then the pigeons can come home to roost and the pigeon-pie is baked with shared wisdom.

  35. I love this Anita, it’s getting self out of the way and allowing our body to move and deliver all that is needed in the moment.

  36. It is an illusion that we own our ideas and thoughts or even that they are our ideas and thoughts! As you say it all comes back to energy and the source of where our thoughts come from. I don’t fully live this awareness yet but get more and more glimpses of the huge freedom that comes with stepping out of this illusion.

  37. We all bring our own flavour to life in the way we serve up love, but the ingredients and recipe are all sourced from God. What we concoct is not from us – but we can delight in letting through the divine. Thank you Anita for reminding me energy is the essential ingredient, determining how we will be.

  38. Our understanding of the divinity we come from, and are always part of (we are all connected) is I suspect very, very limited, and as such there is a great path of evolution on offer for each of us.

  39. It is very beautiful when we can accept that we do not actually come up with or own anything but we are merely a vessel for the energy to be expressed through. For me it takes off the enormous pressure I put on myself in trying to come up with something to say/write. Life becomes simpler and more allowing, and I begin to appreciate my responsibility in taking care of this vessel.

  40. It is the same with our communication. When we connect with the whole and just know and speak from that authority it is delivered through our body but we don’t own it, it is meant for another to hear.

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