Inspiration and Where does it Come From?

As a young girl I enjoyed playing with Barbie dolls, making a home and creating a life for them, to have a husband, babies and work. As the only girl in the family I would play for hours on my own, enjoying the ability to make up my own stories.

The next day I would head off to school and share the story I made up with my dolls, only to find my girlfriend had played an almost similar game with her dolls. I remember feeling a little disappointed that I hadn’t come up with a new idea!

Recently this same scenario played out again, but this time I was able to feel that we do not own the things we create.

In my role as a cook, and writer of recipes for our cooking website, I am constantly looking for inspiration to create a new recipe each week. Some weeks it comes easy and other weeks I am undecided on what to cook.

I have learned over the past 2 years, with the support and teachings of Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine, to stay connected to myself and allow things to unfold before me, observing and not absorbing. So I follow this principle and trust that what is needed will come to me when I buy the groceries and go to prepare the dinner meal.

A few weeks ago I purchased some lamb mince and baby Mescalin lettuces and popped the mince in the freezer to use another day. However the very next day, we decided to have the lamb mince for dinner that night and out of the freezer it came. As the day was drawing to a close, I pondered on what vegetables to cook with this mince and more importantly, what effort I felt I wanted to put into making the meal.

I also contemplated whether the recipe would be a good one to post on the website, so there was a lot going on inside me as I prepared the evening meal.

Suddenly I had the idea to make a savoury mince and serve the mince with lettuce cups and avocado, something that I hadn’t done before. I felt excited that I had come up with something super tasty, yet so easy to make, and that I had created a ‘new’ recipe. My husband was impressed so I thought “Let’s put this recipe on the website!”

I made notes and organised myself to make the dish again and to check the quantities. Three days passed until I decided that the next night I would make the recipe again. On day four I was reading another recipe website that I subscribe to and saw an almost exact version of my savoury mince recipe with lettuce cups and avocado, posted that day. The owner of the website is a friend with a similar concept of sharing recipes, so I could not believe how similar the recipes were, considering we had not spoken to each other about any of these details.

I pondered on this scenario and very quickly realised that I had been receiving the energy of her recipe when she was preparing it for her website.

I feel sure that everyone has experienced a moment in time when someone has felt they have a new idea, only to realise that someone else thought of it beforehand. This experience also taught me that all the inspiration that I have received to write my cookbook and produce any future recipes does not come from my talent, but the type of energy I choose to align to. It is, in fact, not my intelligence or my personal creation. I am humbled by the fact that I don’t own any of this information and, with the natural talent I have for cooking, I now feel the responsibility in sharing my inspiration with others and supporting them in their journey with cooking healthy and nutritious meals that nourish our bodies and that support us to feel light.

Through a daily commitment to connecting to the love that I am, and the unconditional love of others, I can already feel the change in how I now cook, knowing the recipes that come to me are those that are needed for others to see and experience, and not for me to claim as my own creation.

Thank you Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine for the understanding that EVERY SINGLE THING IS ENERGY!!

By Anita Stanfield

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1,027 thoughts on “Inspiration and Where does it Come From?

  1. “I can already feel the change in how I now cook, knowing the recipes that come to me are those that are needed for others to see and experience, and not for me to claim as my own creation.” Beautiful to read Anita. The 100th monkey syndrome typifies this too – when a group of monkeys who had learned to wash food in a lake were discovered – and that another group of monkeys had started to do the same thing. We are fed ideas and inspirations – but which energy do we choose to align to? This idea makes the whole concept of patents – the owning of a creation or invention – rather a nonsense.

    1. Great point sueq2012, knowing that we are fed our ideas and inspirations definitely make a nonsense of our inspirational and creational ownership mentality.

  2. Love it Anita, when this is known by the majority we will no longer have the dog-eat-dog competitive business world where intellectual property and patents are the order of the day. To know we each have something to ‘contribute’ to the whole of us working as one humanity holds allows what you have shared to be a point of inspiration, and not a fancy ideal we can never achieve. If one can, then all can. Thanks for being the one in this case.

  3. What really brings me great joy with pure inspiration is that we all have our parts to play in what qualities and skills we in-still already and when we confirm and appreciate these qualities and move in a way that expresses their full power we have the potential to lift others and inspire them to also bring and confirm their qualities to showing that there is no self in inspiration only the interconnected movement made to bring the whole closer. Awesome.

  4. We are not the originators of our thoughts and thus, what gets downloaded is for all equally. We all benefit, as in this instance of a yummy recipe, or we have to put up with the consequences of what comes through some members of humanity

  5. Food for thought about how our divine purpose can evolve by simply allow our-self to be open to the universe and the natural order and flow that comes by being connected so our universality shares everything we can ever need.

    1. So what is a connection, it is our essence, which is our inner-most-heart or natural sense that we have about anything and as that natural sense is allowed to develop then we are connected more to our essence.

  6. That is the key that it is not your personal intelligence but rather your connecting to the true intelligence we are all part of.

  7. ” I feel sure that everyone has experienced a moment in time when someone has felt they have a new idea , only to realise that someone else thought of it beforehand .”
    A simple example of this for me is when one is talking in a group and pondering on things and I get an understanding and I fell another person gets the same understanding at the same moment as I do and I say to them ” are you thinking what I am thinking ” and we share and its the same understanding that we have connected with .

  8. And why do we feel the need to be the ‘first’ to come up with a ‘new’ idea?! Is it to somehow feel validated, like we are better than another? Or have proved our worth? Perhaps showing us that we are denying our innate worth – something that is equal to all others, no more or less… And when we re-connect with our true worth then we don’t need to identify with our ideas, only to be aware of the quality that we have tapped into and whether it is serving of everyone or not…

  9. ‘We do not own the things we think’ I found this to be huge revelation when I first realised that we don’t truly think, and that we are fed what we think, and therefore the same thoughts are available to everyone, it reminded me of having a couple of brilliant ideas, at the same time others had the same idea, and that can only be possible if we are all connecting to the same pool of energy.

  10. When I communicate and express especially with my husband sometimes I can feel that what I am about to say he is already or has been thinking it. It can be quite uncanny but also confirming that the information running through us we do not own but is there to be delivered for the All.

  11. Anita, knowing that it does not come from you but through you due to what energy you align to, what I appreciate from what you have shared, is the inspiration to now share ‘your talent/s’ with others. So what in fact you are sharing and inspiring others with is the presentation of the true energy to align to to give you all the talents of the universe. Worth sharing The GOLD!

  12. What is touched on here is the responsibility we have to stay steady, be with ourselves and to feel the pulse of humanity. It is from here that we then know what is needed next.

  13. What you share here is immense and takes comparison out of the equation. There is no mine and yours and better or worse in the sense of value for each other. When we choose the quality that considers all equally everybody gets blessed.

  14. If we don’t own the things we create there is little investment in them delivering us something and there is also nothing to lose.

  15. One of our greatest downfalls is being attached to being the one who comes up with an original idea. The truth is there are no original ideas when we are swimming in a sea of energy because it is the energy that we align to that provides the ideas to us. This is a tough one to grasp but never the less it is the truth.

  16. When we connect to our Soul, to our inner knowing and our body – we are then connected to the Oneness that we are all part of. Information from this source is not for one but for and of many – we can not own it.

  17. We simply don’t know what’s possible when we are connected… Magic happens – it’s worth dedicating every moment of the day to making sure that we are always connected.

  18. It is sometimes challenging to consider that all the thoughts we have are not from us but given to us from the energy we have connected to. Everything that comes through us and of which we become ourselves aware of are not ours but have to be lived to the best of our ability and be shared with everybody we meet.

  19. It’s humbling to consider that we tune into thoughts rather than ‘create’ them – it reminds me that I’m always part of something much bigger than just me – that there is a grand whole we are a part of and we can align with the kind of quality of thought that we want to bring into that whole…

  20. I find this interesting as when I saw the ingredients you had listed at the beginning I immediately thought mince with lettuce cups. We have seen this many times in our own businesses and you think someone has secretly stolen your recipe when it’s just people being on the “same page” as we say. I look through numerous recipes and most with respect are just redoing what has already been done just with a ‘new’ little spin and the difference is only in the quality they are made. When we say ‘quality’ I am not referring to the ingredients but the quality overall in every part.

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