What I Love about Lighting a Fire

I love sitting around a fire, I love the whole process – the ritual of setting a fire before lighting it, small twigs then larger sticks and then logs. The pop and crackle as the flames take hold and expand, and the warmth that grows with the flames.

I recently had an operation. I now have an extended period of recovery before I am able to return to work. I had planned to spend many hours during my recovery sitting next to a fire enjoying something I don’t often find time to do in the busyness of everyday working life. In preparation I had chopped and stacked a large pile of wood, as I knew I would not be able to do anything too physical for a while after the operation.

This morning I got up before everyone else, as is the norm in my household, and decided to light a fire in the back yard. I have always loved lighting the morning fire on camping trips when it’s really cool and crisp outside, boiling some water for a cup of tea and warming my body by the flames.

But this morning’s fire lacked the magic, something was missing… loved ones! I persevered and had the cup of tea but soon enough put out the flames.

What I love about lighting a fire is sitting around it with other people, and the shared intimacy it engenders whether you talk or remain silent; the space a fire allows in conversations when just watching the flames is enough, and the absence of electronic media. Simply being with others without distraction is so precious. I realised lighting the morning fire alone on a camping trip is different to this morning’s fire for I always know that soon the sound and smell will lure others from their beds to share the early morning with me, just being together in nature.

It is not that I can’t enjoy a fire alone or that I need other people to feel complete, as I enjoy my own company, but I love connecting with other people. I have often heard others say that the allure of a fire is an ancient primal thing that we all naturally resonate to, the need for warmth and light. This may be true, but I feel for myself that the ancient allure is actually the beauty of brotherhood, the togetherness of sitting around a fire. Taking the time to cherish our connection with each other, this is what I love about lighting a fire.

The teachings of Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine have allowed me to develop a more loving connection to myself, and from this my love for other people is blossoming.

By Tim Robinson, Frankston, Australia

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983 thoughts on “What I Love about Lighting a Fire

  1. Thank you Tim for shining the light on the fact how intimate it is around a fire especially an outdoor one. It must be us all connecting to that warm glow and focusing on an element of energy that is natural compared to all watching a film made in a different energy. We all have had that feeling in us when people come together sharing the same attention. I remember how much I loved going to concerts because of the fact many of us were coming together. It was the closest thing to brotherhood but it was not the love we were sharing but the love of something giving us stimulation.

  2. What I love about a fire is watching the flames dancing and changing colour, and it is always lovely to share the experience with others, often giving space to share more with one another.

  3. The warmth of a fire cannot compare to the fire in our hearts when we unite in brotherhood and express the vast amounts of love we have for each other.

  4. Being with people around a fire is a bit like driving with people. Both activities seem to engender a sense of intimacy and the conversations that unfold can be magic. Walking side-by-side with someone, or a few someones, can lead to same.

  5. So true Tim, when our fire is ignited all we want to do is connect with others!
    “Taking the time to cherish our connection with each other, this is what I love about lighting a fire.” And once the fire of the inner-heart is felt it can-not be denied.

  6. Totally agree and we recently went away and the fire became a morning, day and night thing. We all huddled around the fire and it almost was the centre of the holiday. There is something about the simplicity of life around a fire that warms you and not only the flames. I watched how everyone just enjoyed watching the fire and how it burned and grew. If you are ever looking to bring this back to simple, include time away with a fire and watch how you return to something, the smell, the look, the warmth, the stars and it goes on. I remember this from when I was young and it has continued.

  7. In my teenage years I remember a few times lighting a fire on a beach and would hang around it with many other drunk teenagers, now I see this behaviour as disrespectful and irresponsible. Fire represents such power and divinity, it offers so much in way of warmth and reflection, who are we to abuse such grace?

  8. When we consider that a fire is symbolic of the fire that resides deep within we can appreciate that true warmth comes from expressing our love for each other. Also that we don’t need a camp fire to express this love, that every moment we can choose to or not…

  9. Sharing the space and the time with others is always so beautiful, but to do so in front of a fire adds another level of intimacy. It feels like the warmth being given off from the fire just doesn’t warm us on the outside but on the inside too; a shared warmth that unites us in brotherhood at that magical moment in time.

  10. “fire is an ancient primal thing that we all naturally resonate to, the need for warmth and light.” Sitting around a camp fire with others sharing the warmth and light reminds us of the warmth and light of the Fire within that calls us back to the Fiery beings of who we are.

  11. It is cool how we can find out more about ourselves by being open to asking ‘what is behind this’ – as you did with the fire – you love fire but in truth, it is because it connects people. So much of what we love actually comes back to relationships and people.

  12. I love the simplicity expressed in this blog – fire, connection, warmth, people. Very real and made tangible by how you write about it.

  13. A beautiful blog to return to – and I have to hand-pick this precious line: ‘Simply being with others without distraction is so precious.’ The beauty of connection cannot be over-stated – all the distractions in the world, as pizazz and glitzy as they may be cannot match the richness of true connection that needs no distraction – just the willingness to simply be.

  14. Such a simple and deeply gorgeous blog and I love how you describe why we humans love fires so much ‘the ancient allure is actually the beauty of brotherhood, the togetherness of sitting around a fire.’ … very true.

  15. There is something magical about a fire that’s for sure.. The other day I was doing a yoga session for someone and before they came, in order to get rid of some papers, I lit a fire. We did the yoga session in the same room and then the person’s wife came to join in. The intimacy felt was very lovely and I feel that the fire was an integral part of this.

  16. I like the stop and the stillness in those moments when you are camping and what becomes important in life is not doing anything or getting anywhere but just being with each other.

  17. Yes Tim, I have always been fascinated with fires. There is something that really draws me to them and I can literally sit by one and stare at it for ages. It changes the whole atmosphere of a room or outdoor space.

  18. When you try to ‘set up’ or plan moments like these it is never the same as when it happens naturally and the magic of the moment is instantly there.

  19. Is there anything more precious in life than reigniting that innate connection we have with ourselves and hence other people?

  20. Love comes from the expression Oneness. Beauty is when we are that love with all others and make it expand to any one else.. Brotherhood is the sharing of love in action. Fire flames are a symbol of love in action — just like we can. As One.

  21. Tim I like what you have shared here, that a fire can spark brotherhood and the simple enjoyment of being ourselves together.

  22. “Simply being with others without distraction is so precious.” This is beautifully said and something to treasure. Something the whole world could use a dose of.

  23. I too love sitting by an open fire, watching the flames and feeling the warmth. There is something about this that feels so welcoming and alluring, what you shared here feels so true to me….’I feel for myself that the ancient allure is actually the beauty of brotherhood’.

  24. It’s the simplicity of being by a fire and connecting with others that I too enjoy and remember many camping trips when I was young with family and friends spent around a fire. Thank you Tim.

  25. People are naturally light in their essence, and love other people more than anything else, if they are connected to their essence, so perhaps the combination of people and fire, draws them to a fire surrounded by people. Lovely story Tim.

  26. “It is not that I can’t enjoy a fire alone or that I need other people to feel complete, as I enjoy my own company, but I love connecting with other people” – I can relate to this sentiment. It is like there’s a limit when there is just one person, that we eventually come to a point where we feel there is actually more, and that moreness needs more than one for it to expand manyfold.

  27. Admitting how much we love our connection with others is part of appreciating the love we have for ourselves and for them.

  28. It is very cold here at the moment in the UK and I am enjoying our fire, the warmth in my bones and the beautiful colours and movement that I can watch for hours. There is something very magical and elemental about fire.

  29. “I enjoy my own company but I love connecting with other people. “ I agree Tim, and I especially enjoy sitting outside around a campfire with others, chatting and singing. It’s winter in the UK and gazing into a real fire feels gorgeous and timeless. Bring on fire….

  30. Being a lover of fires, I enjoy reading this blog. There are two points that stood out for me today. There is space offered by the fire. People don’t tend to rush their conversations when they are around the fire. They consider more deeply, feel what they are going to say and are more ‘with’ the other people. The second point is the lack of distractions. Instead of devices which separate us, a fire unites us and allows us to share a moment that doesn’t take us away from ourselves or each other.

    1. You really have to bring in some forces to use your mobile in front of a beautiful fireplace. It just don´t get together. Although fire can be very rough and has a lot of motion it does support our stillness and spaciousness, we all carry inside us.It makes us stop and feel. The one BIG thing humanity needs today.

  31. What a joy to re-visit this blog Tim. I can fully agree with your sharing, from my own experience about the love of people blossoming since meeting Serge Benhayon. “The teachings of Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine have allowed me to develop a more loving connection to myself, and from this my love for other people is blossoming”.

  32. Even only the sound of a fire is so calming and earthing. Fire is an amazing bridge and reminder for us human beings, to what is truly important in life and where we come from. The coldness in this world is the absolute opposite to the emanation of fire and its origin. No wonder we enjoy fire so much….

  33. “Simply being with others without distraction is so precious.” – it truly is and the beauty is that we can bring this kind of intimacy and connection to all our relationships, through the quality of presence that we bring to a moment…

    1. Everyone deserves full on attention, when we are with each other. Everything less than that only shows, that we measure in us in several moments daily with our own attention and presence with ourselves.

  34. We may think we love movies, dinners out and a myriad of other things but the fact is these experiences alone do not bring us the connection that we are really looking for. This blog reminds me to make the most of every opportunity I have to connect with another.

  35. Well spotted Tim, yes it is brotherhood that we all really want, yet do so little to achieve. Our spirit prefers to string us along with a story about loving the camp fire etc, but the emptiness of it soon becomes clear without brotherhood. It might satisfy the mind but not the heart.

  36. There is such a beauty to sitting around a fire, sharing a fire, it’s timeless, meditative and a reminder of connection with ourselves and others.

  37. No matter how much someone would deny this following statement I claim that we all carry this truth in us: “Everyone loves people and through people and the connection to them, we feel, that we don´t have to do life on our own, we re-learn trust and true purpose again, we evolve only through and with each other and that we know that we are and coming from and returning to a ONENESS in fact.”

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