What I Love about Lighting a Fire

I love sitting around a fire, I love the whole process – the ritual of setting a fire before lighting it, small twigs then larger sticks and then logs. The pop and crackle as the flames take hold and expand, and the warmth that grows with the flames.

I recently had an operation. I now have an extended period of recovery before I am able to return to work. I had planned to spend many hours during my recovery sitting next to a fire enjoying something I don’t often find time to do in the busyness of everyday working life. In preparation I had chopped and stacked a large pile of wood, as I knew I would not be able to do anything too physical for a while after the operation.

This morning I got up before everyone else, as is the norm in my household, and decided to light a fire in the back yard. I have always loved lighting the morning fire on camping trips when it’s really cool and crisp outside, boiling some water for a cup of tea and warming my body by the flames.

But this morning’s fire lacked the magic, something was missing… loved ones! I persevered and had the cup of tea but soon enough put out the flames.

What I love about lighting a fire is sitting around it with other people, and the shared intimacy it engenders whether you talk or remain silent; the space a fire allows in conversations when just watching the flames is enough, and the absence of electronic media. Simply being with others without distraction is so precious. I realised lighting the morning fire alone on a camping trip is different to this morning’s fire for I always know that soon the sound and smell will lure others from their beds to share the early morning with me, just being together in nature.

It is not that I can’t enjoy a fire alone or that I need other people to feel complete, as I enjoy my own company, but I love connecting with other people. I have often heard others say that the allure of a fire is an ancient primal thing that we all naturally resonate to, the need for warmth and light. This may be true, but I feel for myself that the ancient allure is actually the beauty of brotherhood, the togetherness of sitting around a fire. Taking the time to cherish our connection with each other, this is what I love about lighting a fire.

The teachings of Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine have allowed me to develop a more loving connection to myself, and from this my love for other people is blossoming.

By Tim Robinson, Frankston, Australia

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942 thoughts on “What I Love about Lighting a Fire

  1. Thank you Tim for shining the light on the fact how intimate it is around a fire especially an outdoor one. It must be us all connecting to that warm glow and focusing on an element of energy that is natural compared to all watching a film made in a different energy. We all have had that feeling in us when people come together sharing the same attention. I remember how much I loved going to concerts because of the fact many of us were coming together. It was the closest thing to brotherhood but it was not the love we were sharing but the love of something giving us stimulation.

  2. What I love about a fire is watching the flames dancing and changing colour, and it is always lovely to share the experience with others, often giving space to share more with one another.

  3. The warmth of a fire cannot compare to the fire in our hearts when we unite in brotherhood and express the vast amounts of love we have for each other.

  4. Being with people around a fire is a bit like driving with people. Both activities seem to engender a sense of intimacy and the conversations that unfold can be magic. Walking side-by-side with someone, or a few someones, can lead to same.

  5. So true Tim, when our fire is ignited all we want to do is connect with others!
    “Taking the time to cherish our connection with each other, this is what I love about lighting a fire.” And once the fire of the inner-heart is felt it can-not be denied.

  6. Totally agree and we recently went away and the fire became a morning, day and night thing. We all huddled around the fire and it almost was the centre of the holiday. There is something about the simplicity of life around a fire that warms you and not only the flames. I watched how everyone just enjoyed watching the fire and how it burned and grew. If you are ever looking to bring this back to simple, include time away with a fire and watch how you return to something, the smell, the look, the warmth, the stars and it goes on. I remember this from when I was young and it has continued.

  7. In my teenage years I remember a few times lighting a fire on a beach and would hang around it with many other drunk teenagers, now I see this behaviour as disrespectful and irresponsible. Fire represents such power and divinity, it offers so much in way of warmth and reflection, who are we to abuse such grace?

  8. When we consider that a fire is symbolic of the fire that resides deep within we can appreciate that true warmth comes from expressing our love for each other. Also that we don’t need a camp fire to express this love, that every moment we can choose to or not…

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