What I Love about Lighting a Fire

I love sitting around a fire, I love the whole process – the ritual of setting a fire before lighting it, small twigs then larger sticks and then logs. The pop and crackle as the flames take hold and expand, and the warmth that grows with the flames.

I recently had an operation. I now have an extended period of recovery before I am able to return to work. I had planned to spend many hours during my recovery sitting next to a fire enjoying something I don’t often find time to do in the busyness of everyday working life. In preparation I had chopped and stacked a large pile of wood, as I knew I would not be able to do anything too physical for a while after the operation.

This morning I got up before everyone else, as is the norm in my household, and decided to light a fire in the back yard. I have always loved lighting the morning fire on camping trips when it’s really cool and crisp outside, boiling some water for a cup of tea and warming my body by the flames.

But this morning’s fire lacked the magic, something was missing… loved ones! I persevered and had the cup of tea but soon enough put out the flames.

What I love about lighting a fire is sitting around it with other people, and the shared intimacy it engenders whether you talk or remain silent; the space a fire allows in conversations when just watching the flames is enough, and the absence of electronic media. Simply being with others without distraction is so precious. I realised lighting the morning fire alone on a camping trip is different to this morning’s fire for I always know that soon the sound and smell will lure others from their beds to share the early morning with me, just being together in nature.

It is not that I can’t enjoy a fire alone or that I need other people to feel complete, as I enjoy my own company, but I love connecting with other people. I have often heard others say that the allure of a fire is an ancient primal thing that we all naturally resonate to, the need for warmth and light. This may be true, but I feel for myself that the ancient allure is actually the beauty of brotherhood, the togetherness of sitting around a fire. Taking the time to cherish our connection with each other, this is what I love about lighting a fire.

The teachings of Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine have allowed me to develop a more loving connection to myself, and from this my love for other people is blossoming.

By Tim Robinson, Frankston, Australia

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915 thoughts on “What I Love about Lighting a Fire

  1. Fire is contagious for good reason. It is communicable and thus designed to be shared. It is the symbol of true community, of Brotherhood, of knowing that together we are One and not just one. Fire is the nature of our true self and in the beauty of this flame, we are bathed in the warmth and light of God.

  2. Pretty much every aspect of life however magnificent already, when shared and appreciated in connection with others goes to yet another level of amazingness.

  3. I also love lighting a fire and it felt very appropriate to use the word ritual. It carries the sense of ceremony and honouring of a deeper aspect of life that I feel whenever I light a fire. The warmth and light are key, but also the effect it has of taking me deeper within, where I can feel myself and all of my brothers.

  4. If we bring love into our everyday simple tasks then that love feeds us back, for example the love that is put into lighting a fire is felt when we are sitting around it.

  5. I love lightning a fire too…there is something exquisitely joyful about it…the warmth, smell, crackling timber and dance of the flames. There is nothing lovelier than to share it with others as part of an evening’s wind down.

  6. So beautiful Tim! I would love to sit around a fire with you! It’s so true that words aren’t necessarily needed around a fire, but it still very much brings people together.

  7. Beautiful blog, reminding me of the smell of smoked wood and the absolute sweet burn of a candle fire.. That always reminds me of brotherhood and togetherness and how love is such simply act. It is in the matter of connection, that comes with the union of God. Hence the light and warmth are symbolic of the fire within every single person (son of God) that belongs to One (God).

  8. I love to be with the fire too. It reminds me ancient times, lives I lived in Indian tribes.
    I connect deeper again with the simplicity of God and the connection with universality.
    I plan soon to make a fire in our garden.

  9. Thank you Tim for a beautiful sharing, it is in that interconnectedness with others that joy is to be found, and what better way than around a fire, while watching the flames dance and play and feeling the warmth of the fire and the warmth of brotherhood.

  10. Sitting round a fire watching the flames feels like it offers an amazing opportunity for reflection and also intimacy – we are brought together by the flames and our connection is nourished.

  11. A fire supports the innate brotherhood which resides within those sitting around it to emerge and to be felt. Having a fire is a lovely way for us to remember and to connect in brotherhood.

  12. it feels that there are many rituals we perform still, because we have always done so, but that we are missing that essential connection of the qualities of love and brotherhood upon which they may once have been founded… so there is a hollowness /emptiness that echoes the emptiness we too may feel inside. But once we start to connect and rebuild that foundation of love, then so too can that quality be restored and confirmed and deepened in the simple rituals we follow.

  13. Universal Medicine (UM) definitely has lightened the fire of loving people in me. Before I used to say that I prefer being on my own but that was only because I didn´t know how to be myself with others and be open, how to handle and express my feelings, but since UM this has changed a lot and has become an unfolding process of deepening my connection with me and others. Today without people I wouldn’t know what life is all about as it is all about people now.

  14. Beautifully written Tim! It’s funny how we romanticise about something, and then often find that without others to share the moment with, it’s really not quite what we imagine. Even for someone like me who has also claimed to be a bit of a loner, in that I often think I want a lot of time to myself….but in truth, it’s often not quite what it is I need.

  15. I never really had thought about this before, but yes, lighting a fire outdoors feels so much different to me than when I light one inside. I enjoy sitting in front of the fire in my home and even though it would be lovely to share it with someone it feels okay for me to enjoy it on my own. In contrast when I light a fire outside and sit in front of it, like you have described, there is something missing; people to enjoy it with.

  16. In the warmth of a flame we feel the love that we are and naturally want to share this with others. Without this we are in the dampness of our own separation to such love, a cold and lonely place to be.

  17. I love sitting by fires too and it’s so natural to share them with others, there is a natural ebb and flow to how we can be with each other and there is something very contemplative about fire which allows that space to consider and be with ourselves and life.

  18. Fires are symbolic of our fiery energy, full of warmth, movement, stillness and an activity that brings people together.

  19. It is beautiful to come to a place within yourself that you have realized the beauty of connection with others and cherish that so deeply that it ignites a call within you to be with others for the healing that being together invites.

  20. What a miracle it is to have self love a part of the everyday life, to have that internal support and care ever present. The wisdom that has been shared by Universal Medicine is monumental.

  21. I’ve discovered no matter how much I liked an activity etc. if it doesn’t open up a connection with another or others then it feels pointless. True purpose is a very beautiful quality for coming together with others.

  22. Connecting with others, whether it is for a moment, an hour, a day or longer is life changing if we allow it.

  23. Sitting in front of an open fire, has a way of getting you to reflect and be still with yourself. And when others are there, it’s like no words are needed, just everyone’s presence feels very beautiful.

  24. I see a fire as symbolic of our inner love and warmth which continues to deepen and expand the more we share these qualities with those around us.

  25. True intimacy with ourself is the first step towards enjoying deep and intimate relationship with others. As the inner fire begins to burn within us, this warmth spreads through our body and is reflected and can felt by others as an invitation to remember what is also equally within them.

  26. Lovely sharing Tim, it warmed my heart. This reminds me of the days when I was a boy when I made up the fire in our living room – as my father had taught me, and the family was all gathered in the room. I now remember that I really enjoyed that, and now looking back, this indeed feels ancient.

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