Packaging and Opening Us Up

Gifts and flowers wrapped in pretty paper, consumer products and food carefully arranged, wrapped to show only the best side and covered in ‘information’, advertising, brides in designer gowns, all fashion and clothing styles, makeup, hairstyles, uniforms, costumes and suits, rituals and customs, car models, fancy picture frames, book covers, house designs, perfumes and deodorisers, grant applications as justifications for support, resumés and curriculum vitae, the profiles, charters, brands and principles of companies, charities, institutions and governments, politics, corporate social responsibility and philanthropy, military might and posturing, bluff in all its forms… gosh, a lot of stuff comes packaged!

Underlying these could be any number of things going on that bear close scrutiny:

  • Engagement of emotions.
  • That the essence of the thing is perceived to be ‘not good enough’ to stand alone in its truth.
  • That perhaps the thing is actually not that good and would be seen as such and rejected unless covered up by ‘packaging’.
  • That some kind of ‘force’ is required to make the thing acceptable to the senses, to ‘sell it’ to people, regardless of its merits.
  • That appearances are used to override our natural sense of what is and is not necessary, or even right for us, and thus gain power and control over us.
  • A belief that people fall for deception and are able to be deceived by appearances.
  • That people will not speak up when they find they’ve fallen for deception and have been deceived by appearances.

These things say a lot about the motivation behind packaging, and they say a lot about us who do it, and who ‘fall for it’, and who don’t call it out for the deception it is.

When I sit down to ponder on ‘packaging,’ the list grows exponentially to include things I normally would not think of as packaging.

But when you really look around, the whole of our modern life is based on packaging: putting a layer of illusion (of varying degrees of untruth) around something’s essence in order to ‘look better’ or look different from what it truly is, to increase reception (by deception) so that it can be desired more, taken in and accepted, not for itself, but as the ‘whole package’. A lie, basically.

It doesn’t stop with material things. In fact the material things are probably the smallest component of the ‘global packaging deception’. Into the packaging ‘package’ there’s our own behaviour of putting on appearances:

  • Pretending to be happy when we’re sad.
  • Saying we’re fine when we’re actually feeling awful.
  • Being depressed or having disorders when it serves to protect us from engaging with people and the world.
  • Appearing to be full of energy when really we’re tired.
  • Looking fashionably cool and aloof when really we’re craving love and connection.
  • To be seen as an atheist when deep inside we have a sense of divinity that we don’t want to admit to.
  • To appear stupid when we don’t want responsibility.
  • To look strong when we feel vulnerable and wobbly.
  • To look sexy when we don’t feel like it and really want intimacy and love.
  • Using pseudonyms and anonymity.
  • Name-changing: to look authoritative when we feel insecure and inferior.
  • To appear intelligent and knowledgeable when we feel inadequate…

This list could go over pages and pages…

And then there is the most insidious form of packaging of all… the appearances of things and activities that seem fine on the surface and that we accept, but which contain within them energy of a kind that is not what we would approve of or accept, if we were aware of the nature of the energy behind them – for example, religious leaders who are paedophiles behind the scenes, or lovely-sounding music written and/or sung by abusive drug-takers.

What if we unpacked ourselves? What if we opened up, threw off all our packaging, our illusions, caps and covers, and allowed the world to see our true selves?

An immediate effect for me as I’ve begun to ‘unpack myself’ lovingly is incredible relief – to drop the tension of living a lie. Another: an increased sense of togetherness and relatedness. I increasingly discover that I and the people I meet, who also felt ‘packed up’ and separate, are more alike than we thought, carrying the same hurts and experiencing the same quandaries and difficulties in various shades and tones. I begin to see that even some of the ‘truths’ of myself that have been exposed during various stages of unpacking have (still) been deceptive packages and that another layer, or twenty, may have to come off for the shining spark of God at my core to be fully revealed.

What if as one humanity we did even the first layer of unpackaging together?

Might it bring compassion for others, as well as understanding and acceptance? We could begin to see the true essence of everyone and every-thing. Our sense of truth could naturally rise; we might no longer be fooled by appearances and could better discern the quality of energy behind everything and thus refine our choices.

What if ‘packaging’ could then become a way of supporting and expressing the true essence of people and things instead of creating a false appearance to hide it?

What if our clothes, makeup, houses, work, all the stuff and activities of how we look and live life, could then be shared, joyful celebrations of truth – the truth of us? Would some of our habits and behaviours fall away? Would we no longer need to consume so much or change fashions, emotions and moods as often as we have done? Would possessions, acquisitions, quests and dissatisfactions start falling away?

With an unpacked humanity, perhaps our companions – the planet, plants and animals – could breathe a sigh of relief!

So here’s today’s slogan:

“Unpack yourself today! And bring a friend or two, or 7 billion!”

By Dianne Trussell

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1,081 thoughts on “Packaging and Opening Us Up

  1. Really interesting and a cool perspective on life I hadn’t considered. We indeed have layers and layers of packaging – physical, emotional, social, etc. Just having the awareness and honesty of how we are packaging ourselves (as protection) will shine a light on the many ways we do so. The next question for ourselves then is whether or not we’re willing to remove a layer.

  2. My favourite packaging is see-through. Transparency is so underrated. For too long we have lived in a comfortable complacency, shrouded by layers of illusion that keep our true beauty tucked away safely out of sight. I love what you have brought to the table here Dianne and your slogan – very apt for this time of year (2 weeks to Christmas).

    1. Love this Liane, ‘transparency is so underrated’. 🙂 It’s true… the beauty of transparency allows us to be seen, and to see and connect more deeply with each other. When we meet in truth we are one and the same.

  3. Dianne, it is great that you brought to the light of day what can well and truly lie hidden beneath a well wrapped outer covering. You have really dissected the symbolism of packaging for us and highlight how, many of us humans create layers upon layers of false protection around us in the mistaken belief, that we are protecting ourselves from being hurt by the world. Thank you for a reminder to take a look at what packaging I am still surrounding myself with.

  4. I think most of what we see around us is there for us to forget about the fact that we are multidimensional. That beyond the world we see with our eyes there are more dimensions playing itself out, it’s just that we cannot see them with our eyes but we can feel them and we are also affected by them.

  5. Love this Dianne. “Unpack yourself today” is a fabulous slogan – shared with humour, lightness and such a depth of insight and piercing awareness… We are, essentially, ‘loaded’ with fabrications that do not belong when the true and brilliant essence of who we are is rediscovered and allowed to shine forth.

  6. I grew up in a world of music, art, and quite literally ‘packaging’, with a close family member being a commercial artist who worked for a flexible packaging firm (yep). So I got to see and hear about ‘packaging’ on end. Until reading your blog Dianne, I hadn’t fully appreciated how this was all a part of the world I got to observe then… A world of performers who could appear ‘amazing and breathtakingly talented’ on stage, and yet were not so stable off, a world of impressing others with artistic abilities and the ‘final product’, a world also of highly qualified professionals who seemed to live in the upper echelons of the city’s society and yet were all, in the main, quite exhausted and many a bit manic… a world where oodles of design work went into food and product packaging, even the whole ‘invention’ of the wine cask of all things – where intense amounts of sugar, alcohol, chocolate and the rest were made to look appealing, when in truth these products did (and do) nought for our actual health and well-being whatsoever…
    The outer ‘package’ was what mattered. The outfit, the smile, the reputation…
    What a blessing to acknowledge the tension and lack of authenticity in so much of it, and undergo the ‘unpacking’ process as you say Dianne… Let it all go, and let the love of one’s soul simply be, that any outer ‘packaging’ may actually be a reflection and expression of our true light, and not encase us in fabrication whatsoever.

  7. The English saying ‘You can’t judge a book by it’s cover’ is apt here. Or perhaps it should be more precisely phrased as ‘You can choose to judge a book by it’s cover – but reading works a whole lot better’. And so it is with us humans – it’s up to us not to be fooled by appearances but to always discern and read.

  8. Gee it feels good to remove the layers of packaging or we could say protection that we have put on to so called protect us from the world. The irony being that the packaging just further removes us from feeling ourselves and hence less supportive rather than more.

  9. “What if we unpacked ourselves? What if we opened up, threw off all our packaging, our illusions, caps and covers, and allowed the world to see our true selves?” Great question Dianne, what if we did that, the world would be a very different place.

  10. ‘To appear stupid when we don’t want responsibility.’ Ooh, this one jumped off the page when I read your blog Dianne, it exposes how I have chosen this kind of manipulation many times in my life. It seems an easy way out but always one that made me and others involved lesser than the grandness we are and come from.

  11. Dianne, I love your blog. Reading it again, I find myself smiling and feeling so inspired because everything you’ve shared is so honest, absolutely true and exposes the unloving ways we package ourselves in a way to hide what is truly going on and who we are. WOW!

  12. Packaging in order “to increase reception (by deception)” – very apt description and I was recently reminded of that when I started cleaning out my wardrobe (more to go get). How much of today’s rampant consumerism is based on this need to package ourselves in a way that is aimed at making ourselves more acceptable? Or to scare others off, when you go to another of the many options for packaging ourselves?

  13. This is such an interesting blog Dianne. It has got me pondering on the way we package ourselves up. Putting our best foot forward, dressing up for an interview, speaking nicely and holding back from using bad language… yes as you say the list goes on and on. I like the questions you pose at the end regarding what life would be like if we got rid of all the packaging.

  14. If we read energy first, we would see the true essence of everyone because we would realise that the person is not themselves but that they are allowing an energy to come through them and it is the energy that is harming and not them. The most valuable gift Serge Benhayon has given to me and the world is the fact that all is because of energy first. Observe and read the energy playing out through someone and we can never be fooled again.

  15. As you say – “putting a layer of illusion (of varying degrees of untruth) around something’s essence in order to ‘look better’ or look different from what it truly is” is how life is mostly presented to us. If we do not use our clairsentience, we can be deceived and fall for the deception – the lie. We may try to present ourselves – or anything – in our best light – for example at interviews, but I know more than one organisation that was deceived by the smart ‘package’ that was presented to them.

  16. Reading the examples of the things we package, which, essentially is everything is eye opening! What have we learnt to accept and never ever question? I think I’ve questioned why a Macca’s burger doesn’t look like the picture before, and also why some packaged food looks completely different to the image on the box, but never have I considered that a grant is a package designed to disguise and justify a simple request for support. The packaging clearly goes so much further than we have ever imagined.

  17. Perhaps our responsibility is to look beyond the packaging, to read what is going on with people, with the things we buy and consume, with everything really. To see things as they really are and make choices based on that sense we all have, that intuitiveness.

  18. We have invested so much in perfecting our ‘packaging’ that have come to think that we are different from each other because of our outward appearance and behaviours. Yet, as you have suggested, if we were to ‘unpack’ ourselves we would quickly realise that underneath it all, we are in fact not so different at all, as in-truth, within in one and all our essence is equally majestic.

  19. What a great slogan Dianne “Unpack yourself today” this would be well worth considering and doing every day for I get the sense that when we unwrap one layer of protection another layer will reveal itself, that is until such time that we get to the stage where the light of our soul shines forth unhindered on earth.

  20. What a beautiful world it would be Dianne if indeed we all unpacked ourselves. Removing our packaging is our responsibility; the choice is ours to unpack or not. Great blog thank you Dianne.

  21. Indeed Dianne, the only packaging that we actually need is that packaging that will support us in expressing that what lives naturally inside as the love that emanates naturally from our inner hearts will be magnified by the supporting packaging that for instance clothing, make up, hair cut, your house or car can be.

  22. When we unpack and unwrap ourselves fully we allow ourselves to be seen in all our glory which then allows us to see others. in all their glory.

  23. I’m reminded of an expression I often heard from a friend’s father growing up (when we were getting a little excitable): pack it in. Basically saying to not be you – to shut it down. Packaging really does come in many ways and forms – just having the awareness of this will allow us to begin to see in our lives where we package ourselves and others.

  24. And what if we are each a package of Light? What if packaging does not necessarily refer to the outer wrappings, presentation or roles we play but the totality of all that we bring, seen or unseen?

  25. For me the most insidious packaging is pretending that I have got life sussed when really I am a bag of nerves about getting things ‘wrong’ and being exposed. The more transparent I choose to be the more I am able to let go of the tension of being found out and the more support I feel from other people who are also willing to become more authentic.

  26. I used to be a careers adviser and supported people to write their CVs. I was always shocked by the statistics about how many people are willing to manipulate the truth on their CV and saw my role as supporting people to acknowledge the skills and experience that they may have been undervaluing. It felt really important to engage the person in the process rather than give them an off-the-peg CV that they did not feel reflected who they were. What strikes me reading your blog is how often in life we start a relationship, in this case with an employer, based on one or more lies so no wonder we have issues with transparency. Here’s to unpacking myself today and being open to what unfolds.

  27. I love what you bring up here, the packaging of life and of ourselves within that life. The packaging creates a tension because on one level you know what you are seeing is not what you are feeling, which one to trust? We have been encouraged to trust what we see, yet that can be so easily manipulated, so we go with what we feel, yet that can be affected by hurts we have not dealt with and then layer on to situations, people or organisations in anticipation of ‘it happening again’. Clearing our own packaging seems to me the only place to start to be able to see and feel more clearly what is actually there to see and feel.

  28. Wow so much packaging needing to be unpack to find the gift, the present of uncovering our divinity within our own essence.

  29. It feels like we are okay with this or happy to accept it as in doing so it allows us to not be fully transparent and accountable. That we can still live a certain way and have our comforts and not be called to account on these. To call it out on a larger scale we need to first live that truth ourselves.

  30. There is packaging and then there is the expression of what is truly there, naked and unpacked.

  31. There is much in the emotional packing we carry around. Simply being willing to open up one layer would offer a loving reflection and inspire another to choose the same. This will offer an amazing ripple effect.

  32. I like your list of ‘packaged’ appearances Diane, I am sure many of us have layered ourselves with these at times, yet it is so refreshing and allowing (lighter too) when we can let ourselves be.

  33. Great phrase, “to increase reception (by deception)” … and very apt for the whole image industry, the spin doctoring and outright lies and manipulation that seem to have become a part of ‘normal’ life. When is enough enough?

  34. ‘Unpack yourself today!’ And you have given us a list where the unpacking can start, over and over again, as there are so many layers we maybe even are not aware of we wrapped ourselves in but what I feel with the unpacking I have done so far is how my contact with other people has changed, more connection and a joy in meeting each other, the more I unpack myself the more light is coming through for all to see and feel.

  35. We can put on all the ‘front’ we want – we are actually masters of it, presenting ourselves in a certain way to get a particular sort of attention or to fly through life unseen. But does it really work? We can all feel energy and read what is going on behind the scenes. So who is fooling who?

  36. This is great, and I’m going to try and live today “unpacked” and not use all kinds of faces, or packaging to show the world something different to who I am and what I feel.

  37. Discarding our packaging allows us to live as who we truly are, sons of God. Packaging hinders our connection with ourselves, with others and with God.

    1. Very true Elizabeth. Our packaging is the layers we use as a buffer to not to feel the innate divinity we each are at the core of our being. It is creation avoiding Co-creation.

    2. Great point Elizabeth. Why would we want to live anything other than deep connection with ourselves and with God? yet so many of us do. I am unpacking myself from being ‘good’ and ‘nice’ – a package that initially looks ok on the surface – if we don’t feel into the energy beneath it.

  38. Reading this does have a feel of being able to breathe more feely as the packaging and the layers come off, and how exhausting it is to keep the layers looking the part.

  39. Somewhere along the way we felt the tension of transparency and started to cover it up bit by bit until we have what we have today – a world packaged in every way and form to the point of complete deception… and the tension of no transparency. But the tension of living a lie is much greater… being seen in truth for all we are without frills or whistles may be uncomfortable but at least it is truth, something the world desperately needs should we want to evolve out of the mess we have created with our lies.

  40. Love this slogan Dianne – yes, unpack yourself and find that your true presence is the present the world has been waiting for!

  41. Yes – a lot of things come packaged and we have to be very careful that the packages we receive do not containing poison! Something might look very tempting on the outside but be very harming on the inside. The whole way to avoid this is to live a life of transparency so that what is on the outside matches what is on the inside.

  42. This is a very interesting offering. It feels like having this physical body means we are already an individuated package even before dressing up to manipulate or disguise what we think we are putting out into the world. And what is being communicated is energy, and really, none of us owns that. It makes so much sense to let it all go to return to the simplicity of our essence, and I know at the same time, how I am still being enticed by that attraction.

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