Packaging and Opening Us Up

Gifts and flowers wrapped in pretty paper, consumer products and food carefully arranged, wrapped to show only the best side and covered in ‘information’, advertising, brides in designer gowns, all fashion and clothing styles, makeup, hairstyles, uniforms, costumes and suits, rituals and customs, car models, fancy picture frames, book covers, house designs, perfumes and deodorisers, grant applications as justifications for support, resumés and curriculum vitae, the profiles, charters, brands and principles of companies, charities, institutions and governments, politics, corporate social responsibility and philanthropy, military might and posturing, bluff in all its forms… gosh, a lot of stuff comes packaged!

Underlying these could be any number of things going on that bear close scrutiny:

  • Engagement of emotions.
  • That the essence of the thing is perceived to be ‘not good enough’ to stand alone in its truth.
  • That perhaps the thing is actually not that good and would be seen as such and rejected unless covered up by ‘packaging’.
  • That some kind of ‘force’ is required to make the thing acceptable to the senses, to ‘sell it’ to people, regardless of its merits.
  • That appearances are used to override our natural sense of what is and is not necessary, or even right for us, and thus gain power and control over us.
  • A belief that people fall for deception and are able to be deceived by appearances.
  • That people will not speak up when they find they’ve fallen for deception and have been deceived by appearances.

These things say a lot about the motivation behind packaging, and they say a lot about us who do it, and who ‘fall for it’, and who don’t call it out for the deception it is.

When I sit down to ponder on ‘packaging,’ the list grows exponentially to include things I normally would not think of as packaging.

But when you really look around, the whole of our modern life is based on packaging: putting a layer of illusion (of varying degrees of untruth) around something’s essence in order to ‘look better’ or look different from what it truly is, to increase reception (by deception) so that it can be desired more, taken in and accepted, not for itself, but as the ‘whole package’. A lie, basically.

It doesn’t stop with material things. In fact the material things are probably the smallest component of the ‘global packaging deception’. Into the packaging ‘package’ there’s our own behaviour of putting on appearances:

  • Pretending to be happy when we’re sad.
  • Saying we’re fine when we’re actually feeling awful.
  • Being depressed or having disorders when it serves to protect us from engaging with people and the world.
  • Appearing to be full of energy when really we’re tired.
  • Looking fashionably cool and aloof when really we’re craving love and connection.
  • To be seen as an atheist when deep inside we have a sense of divinity that we don’t want to admit to.
  • To appear stupid when we don’t want responsibility.
  • To look strong when we feel vulnerable and wobbly.
  • To look sexy when we don’t feel like it and really want intimacy and love.
  • Using pseudonyms and anonymity.
  • Name-changing: to look authoritative when we feel insecure and inferior.
  • To appear intelligent and knowledgeable when we feel inadequate…

This list could go over pages and pages…

And then there is the most insidious form of packaging of all… the appearances of things and activities that seem fine on the surface and that we accept, but which contain within them energy of a kind that is not what we would approve of or accept, if we were aware of the nature of the energy behind them – for example, religious leaders who are paedophiles behind the scenes, or lovely-sounding music written and/or sung by abusive drug-takers.

What if we unpacked ourselves? What if we opened up, threw off all our packaging, our illusions, caps and covers, and allowed the world to see our true selves?

An immediate effect for me as I’ve begun to ‘unpack myself’ lovingly is incredible relief – to drop the tension of living a lie. Another: an increased sense of togetherness and relatedness. I increasingly discover that I and the people I meet, who also felt ‘packed up’ and separate, are more alike than we thought, carrying the same hurts and experiencing the same quandaries and difficulties in various shades and tones. I begin to see that even some of the ‘truths’ of myself that have been exposed during various stages of unpacking have (still) been deceptive packages and that another layer, or twenty, may have to come off for the shining spark of God at my core to be fully revealed.

What if as one humanity we did even the first layer of unpackaging together?

Might it bring compassion for others, as well as understanding and acceptance? We could begin to see the true essence of everyone and every-thing. Our sense of truth could naturally rise; we might no longer be fooled by appearances and could better discern the quality of energy behind everything and thus refine our choices.

What if ‘packaging’ could then become a way of supporting and expressing the true essence of people and things instead of creating a false appearance to hide it?

What if our clothes, makeup, houses, work, all the stuff and activities of how we look and live life, could then be shared, joyful celebrations of truth – the truth of us? Would some of our habits and behaviours fall away? Would we no longer need to consume so much or change fashions, emotions and moods as often as we have done? Would possessions, acquisitions, quests and dissatisfactions start falling away?

With an unpacked humanity, perhaps our companions – the planet, plants and animals – could breathe a sigh of relief!

So here’s today’s slogan:

“Unpack yourself today! And bring a friend or two, or 7 billion!”

By Dianne Trussell

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1,096 thoughts on “Packaging and Opening Us Up

  1. When you put it like that there is not much that doesn’t have packaging is there?! Marketing is all about selling a product and we seem to have become product too! eeek

  2. We are great at packaging ourselves. It is very easy to present the good side to people, but do we let others see all our sides? Most commonly we reserve our worst for our close friends and family. For this reason I’ve always said that part of intimacy is letting others see the worst of you.

  3. There is so much more to packaging than I’ve allowed, I realise as reading this I come to understand that anything that has any degree of falseness is packaged, even if there is a bit of truth in there. Anything that is not the unvarnished real thing and expressed in truth is packaged. And of course there are stages in unpacking as what we previously thought was us we later find was just another layer, so it’s a process and a willingness to be absolutely there ready to see the next layer of packaging and to let go.

  4. We definitely sell ourselves, as you have exposed here Dianne. A good question to ask is ‘Why?’. When and how did we decide we needed to present ourselves as a commodity, as something perfect? I guess when we decided we weren’t enough as we are. I like this notion of removing the wrapping. A collective game of ‘pass the parcel’ is perhaps in order!

  5. The anxiety of living an image and trying to keep that image on-track is an unnecessary stress we choose to live. Therefore, the decision to look at where this packaging is in our own lives is a choice that should be encouraged at every turn because it will one day be part of our medicine for anxiety.

  6. If we all helped each other to unpack our accumulated hurts and issues, ideals and beliefs we have been holding onto unnecessarily, it lightens the collective load for us all.

  7. Having accumulated a lot of packaging inside means that my expression comes out muffled. I may have a gem to express but all the tissue paper it is wrapped in is also presented when I go to express it. Being able to accept this and allow for the awkwardness of the moment I can bring forth another gem even if it is not pristine in it’s presentation. In this way the packaging becomes more obvious and less necessary as I become more connected and present with myself, confidence is gained and full acceptance and appreciation for the gems and the willingness to share them grows.

  8. A great reminder how we can hide behind our own packaging, and how that ultimately stops us from presenting who we are, when we learn to let go of the packaging there is something beautiful for all to see.

  9. This is very cool and reminds me how much investment we have on the outside.I love the comment about how fast fashion changes for example – it is a truth widely acknowledged although it seems as though fashion actually repeats itself. We are so set on new looks each season that we take out of the equation how our bodies feel. Perhaps a mid-drift top does not support our kidneys, or extremely high stilettos don’t support our ankles, or wearing a see-through dress makes us feel cold, But this is not considered – and we buy into an image instead of how we are truly feeling.

  10. Thanks Dianne, it is only through our willingness to heal that we can let go of those layers of false packaging that we present to the world, the more we commit and take responsibility for our choices the more beauty is revealed within us.

  11. ” unpacked humanity ” the sigh of relief for us all would reverberate through out the universe , what a day that will be . The day of exposing the packaging makers .

  12. By feeling and reading all that is presented to us in life and equally all that we ourselves present, would go a long way to uncovering and opening the packaging that we as humans endeavor to embellish ourselves with.

  13. The present packaging is that it is there to enhance, as you eloquently expose Dianne, while in truth what it does is to cover up, to hide the true essence, which is glorious.

  14. Being real and even better true is very naked but absolutely awesome and the transparency is the reflection that the world desperately needs to even realise we have been being dishonest to ourselves.

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