Inspiration and Where does it Come From?

As a young girl I enjoyed playing with Barbie dolls, making a home and creating a life for them, to have a husband, babies and work. As the only girl in the family I would play for hours on my own, enjoying the ability to make up my own stories.

The next day I would head off to school and share the story I made up with my dolls, only to find my girlfriend had played an almost similar game with her dolls. I remember feeling a little disappointed that I hadn’t come up with a new idea!

Recently this same scenario played out again, but this time I was able to feel that we do not own the things we create. Continue reading “Inspiration and Where does it Come From?”

The Power of STOP

Today I experienced the power of STOP.

Lately I’ve had to deal with a situation where opposing views started to become evident, things seemed unfair and mentalities got narrow, and we were suddenly immersed in a scenario that I like to call “reason fights reason and reason proves wrong to reason.” Anger and frustration kicked in, leading soon after to unwanted consequences for all people and relationships involved.

I felt the pull to stop and I was able to easily let go of my need to feed the discussion any further – which was already turning into an argument. I felt how the other person thanked me deeply for that. We both surrendered and it felt great in our bodies and also in the space we were sharing. Continue reading “The Power of STOP”

What I Love about Lighting a Fire

I love sitting around a fire, I love the whole process – the ritual of setting a fire before lighting it, small twigs then larger sticks and then logs. The pop and crackle as the flames take hold and expand, and the warmth that grows with the flames.

I recently had an operation. I now have an extended period of recovery before I am able to return to work. I had planned to spend many hours during my recovery sitting next to a fire enjoying something I don’t often find time to do in the busyness of everyday working life. In preparation I had chopped and stacked a large pile of wood, as I knew I would not be able to do anything too physical for a while after the operation. Continue reading “What I Love about Lighting a Fire”

Giving Power back to Love: Making the Choice to not be Dominated by Hurt

What would it mean to not be dominated by hurt? What would it feel like to not react when abused, blamed or targetted in some way? What would it feel like to give power back to love?

A little while ago now I started an autopsy on ‘hurt’ to find out what it was really all about. I was tired of reacting and feeling emotional, I was tired of the upset and the inner discomfort, and I was tired of wasting days stressed and behaving in a way that was intense for myself and those around me.

Of course when another person is choosing to be loving, there is nothing here to trigger me to react and because of this, it is easy to respond in kind. Continue reading “Giving Power back to Love: Making the Choice to not be Dominated by Hurt”

Choosing Stop Moments in My Life

I was attending a conference recently in a remote part of the country and so to simplify my journey I chose to pick up a hire car from the airport. When I arrived at the car hire desk I was given a free upgrade to a new, luxurious, high spec car.

I spent time familiarising myself with where everything was and adjusting the mirrors and seat for visibility and comfort and double-checked my map (despite having sat nav. in the car, I still prefer the old fashioned method where I can see the overall plan in front of me). Continue reading “Choosing Stop Moments in My Life”

Packaging and Opening Us Up

Gifts and flowers wrapped in pretty paper, consumer products and food carefully arranged, wrapped to show only the best side and covered in ‘information’, advertising, brides in designer gowns, all fashion and clothing styles, makeup, hairstyles, uniforms, costumes and suits, rituals and customs, car models, fancy picture frames, book covers, house designs, perfumes and deodorisers, grant applications as justifications for support, resumés and curriculum vitae, the profiles, charters, brands and principles of companies, charities, institutions and governments, politics, corporate social responsibility and philanthropy, military might and posturing, bluff in all its forms… gosh, a lot of stuff comes packaged! Continue reading “Packaging and Opening Us Up”