The Life we Live, is the Art we Make

How often have we thought that art is something created outside of ourselves and our daily life? I am finding art to be more, in-truth, much more than the time we actually devote in ‘doing’ art, as how I have been living is always clearly reflected in the work I have done throughout the years.

Recently I had a meeting with a client and a photographer I am working with for the first time. I woke up that morning feeling a little tired. It was awesome to just observe how I was feeling and not go into judgment immediately or wanting to fix myself up because of the meeting later on.

Not waking up in my full vitality is something I have always to take responsibility to feel into, but looking for a quick fix just to ensure I will be at my best for the meeting did not feel supportive either.

So I took some time to feel into myself before selecting what to wear. When I did that, what was honestly felt was beautiful: it felt far from the slight tiredness that my body was experiencing. So I decided to honor myself and to dress how I truly felt.

I took the time and care to be even more tender with myself while I got dressed. I selected a most beautiful floral dress, not because I felt it would complete me or distract myself or others from feeling my slight tiredness, but because that was how womanly and beautiful I was truly feeling: momentarily, this choice did feel a bit surprising.

“Really, this is what you will wear to a meeting?” Immediately, my body resounded with an absolute “Yes!” What it confirmed to me was a choice in saying no to presenting myself in any way less – tired or not tired, meeting or no meeting – how can every day not be the same amazing celebration when I am the same amazingness?

The dress was put on in the gentlest way, the straps delicately tied around the waist. When I sat down to do my makeup, instead of being in the usual routine, I tried something new – perhaps I was feeling a newness within myself? That definitely felt nurturing, and so it opened me to a fabulous experience. When I completed the outfit with a pair of super comfortable heels and a silk scarf around my neck to keep myself warm, what I felt was a gift of harmony. None of the clothing or makeup items were expensive, but they did not feel less, because I did not feel less.

As I walked down the street, the long dress flowed with my present and steady gait in the wind, and my two feet were firmly feeling the ground: by this time the walk complemented and re-confirmed entirely how I was feeling inside and out. Just by walking, heads were turning because I was walking with all of me!

Some people smiled at me, others began whispering, a few blank faces and even some unpleasant faces were witnessed, which were all great to observe and acknowledge, but nothing could stop me from walking me.

When I went to the meeting with all of me, there was no part of me that needed recognition for this job to work out. I just allowed myself openly to meet my clients – the purpose of the meeting was irrelevant. When there was no expectation, I simply enjoyed every moment of connection with them, and miracle upon miracle was presented. As openness and honesty was the foundation in how I have chosen to express with myself that morning, it was openness and honesty that guided our entire meeting. At one point in the meeting the photographer was near to a decision to not go forward with this job, as the customary pattern of art teams is working with people we already know or have worked with. But as there was no investment in the outcome for this job, there was no anxiety either.

I simply enjoyed hearing what everyone had to say, and equally expressed my part. I went a bit further than I usually would in my expressing, without stopping at what could be the conclusion of a ‘formal’ meeting, but went further as I felt there was more to say – from my heart.

We concluded the meeting with a complete turnaround. Not only were we to go forward as a team, it was a team that felt a connection, although we were working together for the first time. It was a team decision in saying; let us step up to something new together.

When the meeting was over, the photographer very graciously offered to snap a picture of me. As I looked at the picture, what came to me was – why would we ever hold back and hide our true self?

By not holding ourselves back in expressing, don’t we all become living, breathing, walking pieces of art? And everywhere we go, everything we touch, every job we do naturally brings in this quality. Through our choices to self-care and self-love, connection is our natural way. Naturally and in simplicity, the way to true art is fully open, fully welcoming and full of joy, committed to life and all about people. Isn’t the expression of this truth already art?… Which is our natural and magnificent way.

Inspired by each and every breath by The Way of The Livingness, Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine.

By Adele Leung, Image Director and Fashion Stylist, Hong Kong

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1,051 thoughts on “The Life we Live, is the Art we Make

  1. It is the quality in which we move in our everyday life that is the true expression of a masterpiece and one that shifts and moves as we deepen our relationship with our bodies and the way in which we speak, dress, walk and live that brings true art to life.

  2. Recently I visited an “art” gallery and I was really surprised at how awful and what low quality all the paintings were. Reading your blog Adele, I felt the living art of you walking down the street and how beautiful and graceful that was – more precious than any of these expensive installations and canvases hanging on the wall.

  3. The beautiful flow in how your day unfolded definitely feels like art – a little snippet of divinity in action. It feels like there is an order already governing each thread of our movement, and the less we resist, the more beauty we get to experience and then to express.

  4. There is a lesson in this for us all. When we wake and do not feel the same, it is not always a bad thing. We may be more tired, we may need to look at how we have been in our rhythm and routine to feel this way when we wake up, but equally it may be a blessing that leads to a deepening relationship with how we approach our day. You have shared a great example of not letting how you wake define you but instead deepen the relationship you have with yourself.

  5. Thank you Adele for this sharing, in particular your reminder that even if we’re tired there is no need to be less, we don’t need to become a slave to it, we acknowledge it, take steps to address it and still be us with all of it, we are still us after all. Very useful for me to read today and to understand that I can choose to stay with myself in the midst of any challenge or tiredness.

    1. Isn’t it interesting to look at the pictures and beliefs we have around being tired? For me, there has been this belief that when I’m tired, everything thereafter is an effort and I just keep accumulating more tiredness. Well this week I kind of exposed this as not being true, for quite a while now I’ve been rushing to get to work and getting there just on time or a couple of minutes late. I would say I couldn’t get out of bed or was tired etc. Yet, this week I felt to start work at 6am, a whole hour before I usually do, and I felt more energized and focused then I usually do running in at 7am and quickly getting started. My body loves keeping it simple and giving myself time.

  6. It poses a question for me this morning (as I am feeling a little weary)… do I carry that weariness around with me all day and share that with the world, compounding it further into my day? Or do I take responsibility for why I’m tired, and then notice that its still the same gorgeous being inside and let that out to play, share my essence with the world today. And how will those two different approaches affect my day tomorrow, and the world I am a part of today?

  7. The other day, I tried just staying with what I was feeling, rather than pushing through or trying to fix it and the results were astounding. It had been a big day and my Husband had gone fishing and caught our dinner, which was amazing but there were lots of bones to pick out and I had no tweezers. I just couldn’t make dinner and my husband had gone out to a meeting. Instead of panicking and pushing, I just had a walk in the garden and when my husband got back, although it was late and we hadn’t eaten, we got in the kitchen and cooked the most harmonious and loving meal together and the night flowed. Trusting, instead of forcing is always the better option.

  8. I know when I surrender and let go of the control, my life seems to flow more simply and I allow the space for a different quality with my movements and how I connect with others.

  9. ‘Momentarily, this choice did feel a bit surprising’. I’ve had many of those moments when making the choice to dress from impulse. It makes me chuckle and feel how guided we are in every moment when we surrender.

  10. Like you on this day, Adele, I usually feel in to myself before selecting what to wear. However, the other day I was dressing for work and not in harmony with myself. I didn’t take the time to feel in to this dis-harmony, I just tried to ignore it and continue on with my morning. I chose the wrong clothes completely, only stopping long enough to realise this once I arrived at work – I felt the consequences of my earlier choices right across my day into the early evening. Feeling in to my choices, I didn’t go in to self judgement; I just allowed myself to feel the uncomfortable-ness of my earlier choices and looked for a way to connect back to myself whilst honouring where I was at. I was able to appreciate how foreign this feeling was for me, how my mornings are usually spent in connection and in harmony with my body and how natural it is for me to listen to the guidance of my body when it comes to what outfit I will put together for the day ahead. In every moment, in every movement, coming back to me.

  11. When I wake up tired I mostly just grab whatever doesn’t need ironing and wear that but reading this I can feel how super delicate and honouring it would be to have clothes ready so I have choices with what I feel to wear.

  12. We are a delicate walking moving work of art, but how often do we honour this in ourselves. Why do we hold back that which is unique in us but also part of the whole. I know when I take care of myself my focus is not so much of myself but becomes that of a much bigger picture, yet I am able to feel all of me in the bigger picture.

  13. The way we prepare ourselves for the day has a huge impact on the choices we make afterwards in the day. When I don’t honour myself in the morning for instance, and it only needs to be small, I have noticed I make less loving choices more easily in the day and vice versa.

  14. Reading this blog makes me wonder what if true art was the flow of life, the grace of true movement, the response to a divine call and the expression of love and brotherhood – instead of what we now have, the expression and identification of the individual.

  15. How simple it can be when we are honest in how we are, and we do not then get into any drama about it, but just express and feel from there and life meets us and we meet life … openness, transparency and a willingness to be there, to be us without any outcomes … there is such and ease and flow in this and no control and that feels like the gift of how life can be.

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