Being Still – With Joy

A couple of weeks ago I had a moment where the love that I am, and the love that is around us all, felt very present. In this moment there was a strong sense in me to ‘Be Still’.

So for the past couple of weeks I have been practising just this. Stilling myself whenever my head begins to wander away from the moment that I am in, I gently return to my body and make the very clear choice to be still with it.

I’ve noticed since making the clear choice to practise my stillness that whenever I am racing ahead and don’t pull myself up, something little happens to bring me back to my stillness. For example, I bump my hip, or I get a splinter when putting wood on the fire.

The other day I had a flower that landed on the bonnet of my car – it was fully open and simply there: what a gift this was as it was right at a moment where a little doubt was playing with me and I wasn’t being very still. For some time I have been connecting to the beauty of nature and how it can and does interact with us, and this moment was one of those moments that confirmed deeply for me that doubt was not warranted. By choosing to be still again, I could feel the appreciation and deep love of myself that was there to be nurtured.

Whilst living this stillness has been super supportive, I began to realise that I had not been fully enjoying my days. I pondered on this and felt that choosing to be still gave me the opportunity to become aware of how vulnerable I had been feeling as a woman. To avoid feeling this vulnerability I found I was trying to manipulate and control everything; a constant anxiety was with me as I was not allowing myself to live the joyfulness that I know I am.

With this understanding I decided to enjoy my day, my self, the tenderness that I am and my stillness in full.

That day, my drive into town was exquisite. I felt fully connected to the world and to nature during my drive, and could see and feel with such clarity. I felt strongly that my place in the world is equally as beautiful and graceful, as was the awesome nature that I was driving through.

I had many places to go to in town and much to do, yet everywhere I went, from the mechanic’s to the grocery store, I found myself observing and enjoying many beautiful moments of tenderness with people. One moment/observation in particular touched me deeply: this was to see and feel the tenderness and grace with which a man placed his trolley back into the trolley bay. In the moment that I observed this I could feel the true power of living my stillness joyfully. By choosing to simply enjoy my day I was supporting another to choose to live the tenderness that they equally have within. Every part of the day flowed with such simplicity and grace.

Driving home I was reflecting on the beauty of having lived my day with such joy, and how natural it is to live this way. As I was feeling this, I looked up while stopped at a set of traffic lights and saw a pelican flying around and around in anti-clockwise circles. As I watched the pelican, I felt so clearly that everything in life is just fine the way it is, knowing that love is all around me, nature supports and holds me and that my way of being that day is my true way of living.

I could feel this so strongly and when I had a moment of criticism for myself for not having lived this way before, I was able to let these thoughts go. Self-criticism takes the joy out of living; the pelican and nature were a confirmation for me that life is to be enjoyed.

This experience has shown me that stillness is so very much needed, but to live this in full means to take one further step and to fully enjoy taking my stillness with me to everyone I meet, be that a friend, a relative, or a stranger in the street. By simply enjoying my day I found myself more aware of what was going on for others. More than ever before I could clearly feel the choices being made by others, but even more beautiful, I had a clear understanding of why these choices had been made and with this I could simply allow them to be.

Simply enjoying my stillness, my self, and my day felt absolutely divine and true. Living my appreciation in full has shown me deeply that I am to be celebrated and appreciated and even more so, that I have a purpose in the world. People around me felt my presence, and God and nature confirmed it. The understanding specifically for me was “Walking, fully of JOY and GRACE each day, is all that is needed.”

My deepest appreciation goes to Serge Benhayon and the Esoteric practitioners who have supported me over the past few years. Their dedication to truth and love is unshakeable, igniting within myself the very same unshakeable love.

By Leigh Strack  

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1,477 thoughts on “Being Still – With Joy

  1. This is a beautiful sharing Leigh on the power of stillness, the Esoteric Yoga Modality has been key for me to discover how deeply healing and precious it is when we can connect to our own stillness.

  2. Thank you Leigh gorgeous to read. Today whilst out walking, I noticed my step had a different quality to it, steady it was but also light with a sing song feel to it as I walked. I loved the new flavour and began to enjoy and appreciate what was happening.

  3. A beautiful self-appreciation Leigh, when we keep choosing to gently connect to our body it deepens our awareness and ability to surrender to the stillness within us. We naturally feel joyful when we are expressing from the truth of who we are.

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