WORDS on Serge Benhayon – Raw and Uncut

Who is this man Serge Benhayon?

Words about anyone can pump you up, fluff you up, pander to you, paint a picture of you, bring you down, trash you, crush you, bad mouth you, destroy you or sling mud at you.

This blog will Not be doing any of the above. This blog will bring words that are Truth only.

Amazing is a very cheap word to describe Serge Benhayon, but it will have to do.

You can search high and low, you will not find dirt on this man because he is clear inside and out.

He lives a transparent life and by that I mean he does not hide or tell lies. He is upfront and I doubt you will ever meet a man who literally smells of pure and absolute Truth.

Serge Benhayon is a straight talking man who says it as it is. He has a style that is unique and he teaches us that we equally have our own unique way of being.

Serge Benhayon
Serge Benhayon

You cannot put Serge Benhayon on a pedestal, as he has no followers. Instead he walks amongst us to show us what we could be and live. He gives us the potential of what is possible to live as a human being on this earth in our current times.

Serge Benhayon knows thousands of people all over the world.

What is hard to believe is how on earth does he know their names.

What is even more hard to get your head round, is how on earth does he respond to over 300 emails every single day.

On top of that where does he find the time to write big fat books?

He also has a day job seeing clients at his clinic.

He also manages projects all over the world, so he is working in different time zones.

Serge Benhayon is no halo head and does not have a title.

He does not have letters before or after his name but those who do, like doctors, surgeons, lawyers and professors, choose to go to him for advice. Why?

How can one man do so much, be able to help so many people and find time and space to take care of himself, which he does to the endth degree.

Could it be that Serge Benhayon is showing us the potential of what is possible for a human being who is choosing to live naturally and in harmony with the laws of the universe?

Serge Benhayon does not know how to hold back the Truth. He presents, teaches and delivers Truth with ease and grace. He does not rehearse his lines and does not have to do lists.

He is the first man who has said that our Life is Medicine. He has answers that we have been looking for, searching for and waiting for.

The very first thing you learn is the clear and distinct difference between the spirit and the soul. Now had I known that 40 years ago, my life would most certainly not been the ugly mess it was.

Next – you learn about Self-Responsibility and Accountability. That is where you might squirm in your seat, poo your pants, have a hot flush come on or leave the building. Your choice.

If you hang on in there, you get two more words – Commitment & Consistency. Not a test just a reality check which we all need and could benefit from.

If you meet Serge Benhayon, you will never forget him – not because he smells like fresh air and roses but because he has a presence that holds a Quality that is hard to describe in words. It is a feeling of deep stillness and in that moment you get to feel safe and steady.

When Serge Benhayon presents, he keeps things simple and that makes it easy to understand. He gives us all a template of how to live and what is possible and why. You then have a choice to apply that in your daily life and it then becomes your way of living, not his.

The pure wisdom that comes out of him is to be lived and shared. He makes it clear that he does not own ALL this knowledge that he delivers and neither do we.

He is a smart, hardworking business man who is showing the world how a successful business can grow into a multi-million dollar organisation, with zero marketing and advertising.

He is the founder of Universal Medicine and this company is about people before profits.

There is no glamour or fancy celebrity lifestyle about Serge Benhayon, even though he has the money to have all the trimmings of that high life.

Serge Benhayon is humble beyond words. He knows what Unity, Equalness, Oneness and Brotherhood are, in the true sense.

Serge Benhayon is the man who has given me the true meaning of the word Religion and shown me how to live a self-connecting life, which means I no longer reject the word God.

Good News – Serge Benhayon never tells you what to do and he never ever judges you. On that note, I had a private moment in 2014 and told him how I messed up in business and lost 6 months of my life and his response left me with an understanding like it was God talking to me and I felt expanded. That took two minutes and I was able to totally let go and move on.

Bad News – you will not like Serge Benhayon if you don’t like Truth.

Next – A touching moment. During a course, all participants had gone to lunch and I chose to stay in the room and have a nap. In the background I could hear a faint steady voice talking to someone. What others rarely know or see is that Serge spent the whole hour talking to this one person in a wheelchair and did not take a lunch break. This is normal and I have witnessed this plenty of times over the past 10 years and nothing changes.

Serge Benhayon makes the time and space to speak to you whether you need two minutes or one hour. He never watches the clock and you always get his full attention no matter how small or big your problem is.

Serge Benhayon is an ordinary man who is extra-ordinary. He is not special or gifted. He is plugged in and by that I mean he is connected to the field, the ALL where we come from and in that connection, he has the answers.

Our world today needs a teacher like Serge Benhayon to reflect to us another way to live.

Serge Benhayon | Founder of Universal Medicine, Author, Presenter, Practitioner of Esoteric Philosophy
Serge Benhayon | Founder of Universal Medicine, Author, Presenter, Practitioner of Esoteric Philosophy

Our world is starving of Truth and crying out for Truth.

Words cannot convey the depth of what this man brings but you get the picture.

You don’t have to salute this man or take your hat off – just listen to him and you too could find your way back home to the real you, just like me and thousands of others.

Serge Benhayon is deeply inspiring to say the least. He is totally and absolutely Pukka.

In my world Pukka means the real deal.

Over and out.

By Bina Pattel, Age 53, London UK

Serge Benhayon | Founder of Universal MedicineSerge Benhayon is an author and presenter and the founder of Universal Medicine. You can learn more about Serge Benhayon at his personal website www.sergebenhayon.com

Follow Serge Benhayon on Twitter @SergeBenhayon or on Google+ +SergeBenhayon

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2,123 thoughts on “WORDS on Serge Benhayon – Raw and Uncut

  1. I love the love and truth in your blog, Bina. You speak from your experience and from your body and thousands of us can state exactly the same. There is no one like Serge Benhayon on planet Earth, we are super lucky to have a man who reawakens us to the truth of where we come from and go back to.

  2. “.. not because he smells like fresh air and roses but because he has a presence that holds a Quality that is hard to describe in words. It is a feeling of deep stillness and in that moment you get to feel safe and steady.” I will never ever forget what I felt after a Universal Medicine event with Serge Benhayon. I helped to pack one of the vans with the organisation of things that support a Universal Medicine event. The van was full to the roof. Serge came a long and placed an object on the back seat. The presence, precision, and the depth of stillness in his movements was ever so healing. The energy I felt was like a waterfall flowing over me. This is something I now hold in reflection what it feels like to deeply truly honour yourself.

  3. I totally subscribe to what you are saying Bina. He is the real deal. But a man so humble, with no ego, that you would not recognize this at first. I have been a student of Serge Benhayon for almost 10 years, and I can say, that one can only appreciate what he is delivering, when you are living what he presents yourself.

  4. There is no need to use words to pump this man up, or to try and sell what he offers. He walks what he talks, and has no need or want for any false hooks to be thrown out in order for one to take a bit.

  5. When you decline to bow to the established societal ways, and the people who champion them, there is a new way of living as yourself that is possible. Regardless of the backlash, I find that new way to be my way.

  6. I agree there is nothing about Serge Benhayon that says put me higher than you and follow me, when does this happen in life, how many people seek to be better, in more control, be recognised….Serge Benhayon does not ever play these games and this is remarkable to witness. This is the sign of a true teacher of universal wisdom.

  7. This blog I could read everyday because it is truth. A bed / dream time story. I absolutely love this line and why he is a success in business – “He never watches the clock and you always get his full attention no matter how small or big your problem is.”

  8. I seen it written many times “Serge Benhayon is the real deal”. That’s because he is (I’m another saying it) – no doubt. The proof or scientific evidence is in me.

  9. So true that some won’t like Serge Benhayon unless they truly want to feel that delicious distinctive feeling of truth in their bones. If we want to hear comfort, status quo, don’t rock the boat, we won’t get them from him, only love and honesty and truth.

  10. I agree Bina, when I first met Serge Benhayon it was the quality of his presence… it was clearly palpable. There was no talk trying to hook me in or talk that sounded clever but truth and although in the beginning I found the wisdom shared difficult to understand, because of where I was at, it was the absolute truth I could sense energetically that has kept on impulsing me to return ever since.

  11. Serge Benhayon’s love of humanity is out of this world, he knows exactly who we are and where we all come from, and he supports us unreservedly to reconnect to the love and truth that is innate within us all, so that we have these qualities as our guiding light back to Heaven, where we have all descended from. We are indeed very blessed to have Serge walking among us on earth at this time.

  12. “Could it be that Serge Benhayon is showing us the potential of what is possible for a human being who is choosing to live naturally and in harmony with the laws of the universe?” Spot on Bina, he walks our potential calling us to come with him. It is us who have the choice to make our movements as harmonious with the Universe or not. No telling, no berating, we can walk away at any point and pretend we never knew or heard any of it. But for me – not on your nelly! I LOVE what I see living naturally and in harmony with the laws of the Universe looks and feels like.

  13. Bina I love what you’ve written here, in every conversation, presentation and exchange with Serge Benhayon I am completely blown away by him and his absolute wisdom and dedication to what is true. I totally agree with this line: “You don’t have to salute this man or take your hat off – just listen to him and you too could find your way back home to the real you”. If it’s worth trying one thing in life – it’s this.

  14. Lovely and so very factual account of what Serge Benhayon brings to this world – divine intelligence, humbleness, commitment, love, truth, harmony – no end.

  15. I was certainly lacking consistency and commitment, I would waver, change, doubt constantly….hang on a minute that was constant….so some form of consistency…but not the self loving supportive kind, turning around our habits and becoming consistent and committed to what is loving and responsible changes lives, mine, others I know and the ripples spread right across the globe…the universe….

  16. “Words cannot convey the depth of what this man brings but you get the picture.” – Absolutely, it is hard to put into words the magnitude of what Serge Benhayon offers and yet you have done a pukka job here describing him and how for all of the true grandness he offers never does he hold himself as better than any other for he more than anyone knows that what he does we are all capable of and have the potential to reconnect with in ourselves should we so choose…

    1. I agree, it is difficult to use words to describe Serge and the depth of what he offers. Maybe because he is out of this world and words are from this world?

  17. Just how remarkable Serge Benhayon is is something that will take some time for mankind to grasp. When we do grasp it, we will find that what he has brought through changes literally everything. Everything that we thought was true, will go in the bin, because we will realise that our understanding of what truth is was so corrupted as to be the opposite to what truth really is. It is bigger than huge and one day soon we will all realise it.

  18. ‘Who is this man Serge Benhayon?’ He is a living gold mine, a man who lives his truth and love without compromises. This is what is so inspiring, he shows us all that life without selling out to the world, is not just a possibility, it is a lived way that is possible for us all.

  19. I love this blog, so humorous yet oh so true. If you want to take a look at how we will talk, walk, breath, live and love in the future, then watch this man and be inspired because he walks the future now, incredible!

  20. Spot on….and it is refreshing to feel this in someone else: “Good News – Serge Benhayon never tells you what to do and he never ever judges you.” I have realised how much I have experienced judgement and telling what to do from others and how much I have done this to others, from having the fresh air of Serge Benhayon’s presence offering Love, Respect and Inspiration, not instruction.

  21. Bina the more I read about Serge Benhayon the more I realise the depth of how extraordinary what he lives and presents is. He is redefining who we are as human beings and what life can be, but that redefining is actually a return to who we naturally are and have left behind. Serge is an amazing reflection of what life looks like when we reconnect to and live from our soul.

  22. Living with the divinity and to live that in full is what we can see in Serge Benhayon as what he presents he opens the doors for divinity to return on this planet earth but it will on return if WE choose to do so.

  23. I realize now that what brought me to Serge Benhayon was his commitment to speaking the truth. I was feeling someone that actually meant what he said, in a deeper way than I had experienced before.

    1. This is the same for me too Ken.
      Serge Benhayon with his absolute commitment to speaking Truth was deeper than I have ever experienced before. In fact, in my world BSB – before Serge Benhayon I did not have anyone who spoke the truth consistently. If anyone did stand up for truth they were shut down or attacked with what had been said and so they stopped.

      Today, it would be true to say that my commitment to Truth is unwavering and if it means I do not get jobs or others don’t like me as a result of me not holding back expressing the Truth, then that is totally ok.

      I never lose sleep or worry about who thinks what of me, as I know who I am and what I am on earth to do and not do. The grand thing here is I have purpose in every day in my life. My choices to get on with it have rewarded my life beyond words. There is so much to get on with that I struggle to now do things if I cannot feel the purpose. I have a mind that is always questioning why this and why that. Asking questions helps me to get to the Truth. I deeply enjoy this way of living thanks to Serge Benhayon.

  24. “You cannot put Serge Benhayon on a pedestal, as he has no followers”. Unlike any other presenter I have known, Serge does not allow you to give your power away to him. You can still go ahead and choose to do that as we all have free will, but he will not accept us as less or the energy coming to him, as he knows we are all equal. He is a teacher who invites us to join him on stage, as his equal.

    1. Yes, this is really very unusual, he has no interest in having followers or anyone idolising him. I know he would not change one iota of the way he lives if we all went away and that lack of need for recognition and approval is incredibly refreshing and inspirational from a mental health perspective.

  25. The reflection Serge Benhayon brings is not from this world, the world of comfort many people have chosen to live is in their ignorance of the reality that we are so much more than just a physical body and thinking mind.

  26. Serge Benhayon certainly does break the myth concerning the fact that wisdom and intelligence needs to be complicated to be what it is is…I understand life on a deep level through his inspiration but it has been through keeping things simple and not trying to tie myself up in knots and be clever or heady. When I get in my head and get complicated I know it is a sign that I have gone astray.

    1. Indeed Samantha, it is all very simple, when things become complicated we have to stop and look for where we have lost our tracks of living that simplicity life ought to be.

      1. Keeping things simple is what helps us stay steady, clear and focused. As soon as we lose ourselves in wanting or trying to make things be what they are not, bigger than they actually are, we get easily lost in complication – a great distraction away from our innate knowing of how things are and ability to read what’s at play.

      2. The distraction you talk about Bryony I know so well. It is all the sideways I have tried in life to better myself, to achieve something out of a need for reward, to show others how good I am from my lack of self worth and so on. All the sideways never brought me anywhere than to the same starting point again. It is that I now have put a stop on it otherwise I would still be in this same merry go round for the rest of my life.

  27. Thank you Bina for saying it as it is, no frills. The contribution Serge Benhayon has brought to humanity is ginormous and although there are a few very malicious scaremongering detractors he continues to present the absolute truth as it unfolds.

  28. Someone in flesh And blood that brings so much love as a reflection for us all to live. We look for answers in many books but just meeting Serge gives you all the reflections you need. And his teachings makes you aware you are the son of God, magic we all can bring if we surrender within ourselves.

  29. “Our world is starving of Truth and crying out for Truth.” The problem however is that there are few who are prepared to tell the truth and those who do get attacked on all levels.

    1. I agree Ariana – absolutely.
      Serge Benhayon has spoken Truth consistently and this is the one thing that has inspired me beyond words. Since I can remember, I have always wanted to know the Truth of everything from why on earth are we here, what is the purpose and where are we all going.

      Bingo – meet Serge Benhayon and every single question I have ever had has been answered and so much more. This consistency delivering Truth non stop is what has inspired me to learn, understand and above all LIVE what I now know is the Truth. This is what inspires others simply because we reflect to another that there is another way. How amazing is that.

  30. There is a presence of Serge Benhayon that relinquishes all that you have been told you are, or thought you are, and allows you the space to be the you that you really are. The you that you have desperately wanted someone to see, but not dared think anyone would actually see. That space is precious beyond words as anyone who has met Serge Benhayon will tell you.

    1. That allowing of space for someone to be all of who they are is a brilliant reflection to learn from and live by: when we give ourselves and each other the space to learn in our own time, with no need or pressure to ‘get it’ or to be a certain way, life, and we, unfold in magical but very ordinary, real and practical ways.

      1. Thank you for your comment Bryony. You make some good points here.

        That ‘pressure to get it’ is a killer if you ask me. It is all in our heads and our body is not ready and playing catch up with all this internal tension. I know as I have done this in the past for a long time. I would call it an ingrained pattern.
        Thanks to the teachings of Serge Benhayon that pressure is no longer there. In fact, I can feel a disturbance if there is pressure and the best way for me is to press the stop and pause button. That could mean simply moving away from what I am doing, going for a walk or just asking myself the WHY question.

        Yesterday, classic real life example – I wanted in my head to finish something that has been due and I felt pressure in my back. Really strange as I never get an ache in my back these days. I simply could not ignore this and kept asking WHY. I did not need to phone a friend or go to self medicate. I just said out loud ‘OK time to stop’. What’s going on here and what is the pressure.
        Immediately I said NO not doing that and the pain lessened. I then completely stopped and had the space to rest at which point it came to me instantly that the timing was out. My body was not prepared to go ahead with the agenda of my mind.
        It was simple as that and the pressure lifted and much more got done as a result of not pushing in the wrong direction.

        Our body is the marker of all truth as Serge Benhayon has been saying and this example is confirmation and I cannot negate this immutable fact ever.

  31. Brilliant Bina – your words here remind me that life is always offering us help, always supporting us to see Truth. It’s not the horrible endurance test we’ve taken it to be, it’s just a continual opportunity to go deeper, which we tend to fight every day. Serge Benhayon is showing us all just how simple life can be when we live with integrity every day. It’s a big dedication but one that brings change in a most amazing way.

    1. Really great what you say here Joseph Barker.
      Life is always offering us help but some of us think an incident, accident or an illness is not good but what if we looked at it another way. In other words, it has happened to support us and in most cases it is to stop us so we can get back on track, the road which is Truth.

      Serge Benhayon is showing us all, as you say Joseph just how simple life can be. I for one have taken that on whole heartedly and my business name Simple Living Global reflects exactly that. There is another way and living simple works and I am living proof of that. They call it anecdotal evidence and I hope one day our world uses this real life stuff to base studies on and not dismiss the people who have lived experience. That way we end the laboratory artificial stuff, which is not the Truth and we all know it.

  32. Serge Benhayon’s reflection has inspired thousands of people worldwide, his presentations are life changing and support us to reconnect back to love and to live quite simply with this greater awareness and truth.

  33. There is a line in this piece about Serge Benhayon not knowing how to hold back the truth, and while I accept that there is an element of truth to this, I feel that it is actually the case that Serge Benhayon loves people so much for he sees us all for we all truly are, that is he looks upon humanity with the eyes of the soul, and so to hold back truth would be an insult, or an abuse towards us because in fact the truth is already there inside us all. So when Serge does not hold back it is because he has moved his body in a way that supports him to know that we are all equal and there is no holding back when this is your living fact of life.

  34. “He does not have letters before or after his name but those who do, like doctors, surgeons, lawyers and professors, choose to go to him for advice”. I love the irony of this, which shows that education ‘does not maketh the man’. It is living in harmony, connection and responsively to divinity that allows this man to be a role model for us all to develop our own way of living simply and divinely here on earth.

    1. You are right Fiona – there is an irony with this ‘letters before and after your name’ and Serge Benhayon is living proof that not having academic qualifications is not everything. Our world seems to be geared into thinking that we should pay attention to those who have these letters and many look up to people like this.

      I used to think that people should not be dismissed if they cannot do memory recall and sit exams.
      We all have different qualities and skills and some of us are just not cut out to do the studying stuff.

      In my case, I had to get married as a teenager and this meant no more school. I was super bright in the school days but life and my circumstances meant the end of that for the next 35 years.

      It was Serge Benhayon who gave me and the audience, permission to be who we truly are in one of his earlier presentations many years ago. This was a game changer and I went on to study 10 Diplomas and have written and published well over 100 blogs. Most of this was in the past two years. Incredible really and something worth studying for any scholar.

      How does someone written off by society because of no academic qualifications amass so much in such little time with no effort?

      Well worth studying Serge Benhayon and Bina Pattel.

  35. I love this blog Bina, it’s full of truth, love, joy and an immense amount of appreciation for and extra-ordinary man.

    1. Thank You Kim and I agree it certainly is full of Truth.
      That “immense amount of Appreciation” that you and others have said by way of comments is so true because I know without any doubt I would not be where I am today if it was not for Serge Benhayon.

      Never have I thought of gift giving as nothing would be enough for someone who needs and wants nothing. This man is extra-ordinary as you say and I say “out of this world” if you know what I mean.

      So the best form of Appreciation I can give is to get on with it and LIVE the teachings of this incredible world teacher and inspire others. Well after 12 years – for the record, it is going super amazing and that is exactly what is happening. Long gone are those days of doubting this and that and in are the Glory days of keeping this simple, never holding back when it comes to Truth and getting on with it.

      Finally, on that word APPRECIATION – I had to learn this as it was not on my radar before. I was very dismissive of all the amazing things I bring to this world and also who I am. I realise now when I take regular stop moments during my day to deeply Appreciate, it allows me to deserve that moment and in the deserving, I am on some level asking for more.

      1. Beautifully said Binna, when we stop and appreciated we consolidate, and in the consolidating we communicate to the universe that we are ready for the next offering. A new foundation has been set and the next building block is ready.
        In terms of giving a gift to this incredible man, it is all you have shared. The gift we offer is to live all he shares. You can feel the immense joy that it gives him when he sees us step up and live all that we are.

      2. ‘I realise now when I take regular stop moments during my day to deeply Appreciate, it allows me to deserve that moment and in the deserving, I am on some level asking for more’. This feels such a good practice to do for ourselves, but I had not linked it to asking for more on some level.

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