WORDS on Serge Benhayon – Raw and Uncut

Who is this man Serge Benhayon?

Words about anyone can pump you up, fluff you up, pander to you, paint a picture of you, bring you down, trash you, crush you, bad mouth you, destroy you or sling mud at you.

This blog will Not be doing any of the above. This blog will bring words that are Truth only.

Amazing is a very cheap word to describe Serge Benhayon, but it will have to do.

You can search high and low, you will not find dirt on this man because he is clear inside and out.

He lives a transparent life and by that I mean he does not hide or tell lies. He is upfront and I doubt you will ever meet a man who literally smells of pure and absolute Truth.

Serge Benhayon is a straight talking man who says it as it is. He has a style that is unique and he teaches us that we equally have our own unique way of being.

Serge Benhayon
Serge Benhayon

You cannot put Serge Benhayon on a pedestal, as he has no followers. Instead he walks amongst us to show us what we could be and live. He gives us the potential of what is possible to live as a human being on this earth in our current times.

Serge Benhayon knows thousands of people all over the world.

What is hard to believe is how on earth does he know their names.

What is even more hard to get your head round, is how on earth does he respond to over 300 emails every single day.

On top of that where does he find the time to write big fat books?

He also has a day job seeing clients at his clinic.

He also manages projects all over the world, so he is working in different time zones.

Serge Benhayon is no halo head and does not have a title.

He does not have letters before or after his name but those who do, like doctors, surgeons, lawyers and professors, choose to go to him for advice. Why?

How can one man do so much, be able to help so many people and find time and space to take care of himself, which he does to the endth degree.

Could it be that Serge Benhayon is showing us the potential of what is possible for a human being who is choosing to live naturally and in harmony with the laws of the universe?

Serge Benhayon does not know how to hold back the Truth. He presents, teaches and delivers Truth with ease and grace. He does not rehearse his lines and does not have to do lists.

He is the first man who has said that our Life is Medicine. He has answers that we have been looking for, searching for and waiting for.

The very first thing you learn is the clear and distinct difference between the spirit and the soul. Now had I known that 40 years ago, my life would most certainly not been the ugly mess it was.

Next – you learn about Self-Responsibility and Accountability. That is where you might squirm in your seat, poo your pants, have a hot flush come on or leave the building. Your choice.

If you hang on in there, you get two more words – Commitment & Consistency. Not a test just a reality check which we all need and could benefit from.

If you meet Serge Benhayon, you will never forget him – not because he smells like fresh air and roses but because he has a presence that holds a Quality that is hard to describe in words. It is a feeling of deep stillness and in that moment you get to feel safe and steady.

When Serge Benhayon presents, he keeps things simple and that makes it easy to understand. He gives us all a template of how to live and what is possible and why. You then have a choice to apply that in your daily life and it then becomes your way of living, not his.

The pure wisdom that comes out of him is to be lived and shared. He makes it clear that he does not own ALL this knowledge that he delivers and neither do we.

He is a smart, hardworking business man who is showing the world how a successful business can grow into a multi-million dollar organisation, with zero marketing and advertising.

He is the founder of Universal Medicine and this company is about people before profits.

There is no glamour or fancy celebrity lifestyle about Serge Benhayon, even though he has the money to have all the trimmings of that high life.

Serge Benhayon is humble beyond words. He knows what Unity, Equalness, Oneness and Brotherhood are, in the true sense.

Serge Benhayon is the man who has given me the true meaning of the word Religion and shown me how to live a self-connecting life, which means I no longer reject the word God.

Good News – Serge Benhayon never tells you what to do and he never ever judges you. On that note, I had a private moment in 2014 and told him how I messed up in business and lost 6 months of my life and his response left me with an understanding like it was God talking to me and I felt expanded. That took two minutes and I was able to totally let go and move on.

Bad News – you will not like Serge Benhayon if you don’t like Truth.

Next – A touching moment. During a course, all participants had gone to lunch and I chose to stay in the room and have a nap. In the background I could hear a faint steady voice talking to someone. What others rarely know or see is that Serge spent the whole hour talking to this one person in a wheelchair and did not take a lunch break. This is normal and I have witnessed this plenty of times over the past 10 years and nothing changes.

Serge Benhayon makes the time and space to speak to you whether you need two minutes or one hour. He never watches the clock and you always get his full attention no matter how small or big your problem is.

Serge Benhayon is an ordinary man who is extra-ordinary. He is not special or gifted. He is plugged in and by that I mean he is connected to the field, the ALL where we come from and in that connection, he has the answers.

Our world today needs a teacher like Serge Benhayon to reflect to us another way to live.

Serge Benhayon | Founder of Universal Medicine, Author, Presenter, Practitioner of Esoteric Philosophy
Serge Benhayon | Founder of Universal Medicine, Author, Presenter, Practitioner of Esoteric Philosophy

Our world is starving of Truth and crying out for Truth.

Words cannot convey the depth of what this man brings but you get the picture.

You don’t have to salute this man or take your hat off – just listen to him and you too could find your way back home to the real you, just like me and thousands of others.

Serge Benhayon is deeply inspiring to say the least. He is totally and absolutely Pukka.

In my world Pukka means the real deal.

Over and out.

By Bina Pattel, Age 53, London UK

Serge Benhayon | Founder of Universal MedicineSerge Benhayon is an author and presenter and the founder of Universal Medicine. You can learn more about Serge Benhayon at his personal website www.sergebenhayon.com

Follow Serge Benhayon on Twitter @SergeBenhayon or on Google+ +SergeBenhayon

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2,020 thoughts on “WORDS on Serge Benhayon – Raw and Uncut

  1. We can write every beautiful word that we have in any language and it will not be it. It will not suffice to fully refer to a man that, in so many regards, is us thousands of years ahead. A man who shows how pure and magnificent we all are once you get rid of the layers of creation and start living from your essence.

  2. An amazing description of a man that those that know him truly will possibly write in their own way the same. This movement is not about one man or a group of people but about a way of life, a way that when you consistently truly connect to brings to you all that you need in any moment. Serge Benhayon and many others live this way the best they can and from there more and more see the changes, the ease, the joy and the flow and choose to ask more questions. Living inspiration is the key, so leading by example so that we all get a sense of what can be. Everything is a choice and no one can choose it for you until you are ready. You know how a lot of time it would appear people need to see things for themselves before they step, this is the same. Everyone is watching all the time and a high percentage of the time Serge Benhayon lives true to a quality that allows people to see. It makes us only different from our choices, which in the end is no difference just a perceived difference from what we are aware of.

  3. “Could it be that Serge Benhayon is showing us the potential of what is possible for a human being who is choosing to live naturally and in harmony with the laws of the universe?” Yes it is and yes he does. He is a walking reflection of the divinity we are in the most down to earth, ordinary and yet absolutely extraordinary body of a man. Its true that words do not and cannot encompass the magnificence of this man, but Bina, yours certainly do convey beautifully how deeply appreciated he is and how deeply inspiring he is.

  4. Everything about Serge Benhayon is so normal and everyday I find it at times challenging to realise how amazing his work is (and it is), but that is Serge – extraordinary/ordinary. His work is truly light years ahead of what we are currently choosing, but he is clearly showing what he is choosing now we can all choose and live now.

  5. I love this blog because it describes exactly how I know Serge Benhayon to be. He shows us that there is a way to be in life that is utterly divine and that each and every one of us can live like this if we choose. What it requires is for us to be willing to see what is really going on in the world, to care about it and then do something about it. This brings true purpose and a willingness to see that there is more to life than just making ourselves safe and secure in our own world.

  6. Ah, once again I find the refreshing words of Bina Patel who says it like it is and gets it spot on. It is all so logical, everything Serge shares, what we have the potential to bring into our own lives, the way you have shared it – the complication comes in when we try to deny who we are or resist keeping it simple.

  7. I have read this before and I will read it again, the quality Serge Benhayon exudes is the quality I know to be the absolute. How do I know, this I cannot answer, except to say that when I feel it, I feel at home.

  8. “Our world today needs a teacher like Serge Benhayon to reflect to us another way to live..” So true Bina, when so many of us are off the rails and destructive patterns of behaviour are off the scale. Serge Benhayon shows us all that there is another way to live that can transcend the rot of society.

  9. “Good News – Serge Benhayon never tells you what to do and he never ever judges you.” So true, I have never felt judged by Serge Benhayon, despite the fact that I know he can read all my patterns and behaviours. There is only an understanding, a warmth and infinite love, as he also knows that deep inside everyone of us is love, and we just have to start re-membering.

  10. “The very first thing you learn is the clear and distinct difference between the spirit and the soul. Now had I known that 40 years ago, my life would most certainly not been the ugly mess it was.” I like that and so very true. Knowing about spirit and soul and what they really are opens a door to a world that we haven’t allowed ourselves to be aware of.

  11. I just came across this blog again and got the biggest smile on my face as I read the opening words. I LOVE words of Truth, delivered in the Livingness of Truth – pure Joy.

  12. I agree with all of the above, I am inspired deeply by a fellow soul who lives truth and love impeccably, I am learning to walk with him, I do not follow. I learn to live the love I have within me through this practice of healing and developing self responsibility.

  13. Once again you have given me a wonderful reminder this morning. All the words that mean so much to me because I now have an understanding of the full meaning of the words, I understand them from living them. How amazing is it to consider our understanding of the limited way we have viewed our life will only keep expanding. If we are open to considering that we are not being told the whole truth, or at times any part of the truth, we will open up a world that will share back more honesty than we have had before. “Our world is starving of Truth and crying out for Truth.” Bring it on!

  14. I can’t read this without a big smile coming over my face. The combination of the Truth and Joy in which you write, and the opportunity to appreciate the divine Serge Benhayon, means smiles all around.

  15. I love coming back to this blog and to share my appreciation and eternal gratitude to Serge Benhayon. Pukka, the real deal, that he is. Thank you Bina, a beautiful, wise and inspiring blog.

  16. Serge Benhayon is the real deal indeed and he shows us that it can be done. And not only is he here “to show us what we could be and live” (to use your words), but he lives what we are all made of and what we decided to leave behind; the choice, as always, is ours and ours alone.

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