What is Truly Newsworthy?

When I switched on the computer this morning the following latest news headlines came up in bold typeface: “Video – baby rescued from toilet, Obama plays golf with comic, Man feeds raccoons, First transgender actress cast in Doctor Who”… and reading them stopped me in my tracks.

Could this be what the news teams think we want to read in the morning as we are eating breakfast before we go out to work? It made me consider the news, what we are fed and what we are not fed by the media.

The news teams, it seems, feed us what they think we want to read, not necessarily what will truly educate us.

If a story is newsworthy, to whom is it of worth?

It seems to me that stories like these allow us to:

  1. Numb ourselves to what is really going on in the world.
  2. Not feel we are part of the world and thus avoid the responsibility we have to each bring truth and love to it.
  3. Indulge in sensationalism as voyeurs into others’ lives.
  4. Remain as individuals looking at others’ behaviours and compare ourselves to what they are doing.

Why are we so disconnected from the world? Could it be that deep down what we are really avoiding feeling is that we are disconnected from our true selves?

Somewhere along the road we have lost our way and we read these news stories as a means to avoid feeling the deep hurt and sadness that we hold through not accepting the truth of who we are – deeply loving, naturally so, and that this love is equal in all of us.

When we feel this love in ourselves, we see it in others too. A veil lifts from our eyes to reveal what is really going on in the world. We see the horrors we as humans inflict on each other and the pain and suffering it causes and we can see, in spite of this, how enormous our love is. We can feel the responsibility we have to bring this love to all the corners of the world, exposing the evil, and we can feel just how much love and support there is all around us to do this.

It was only through coming to the courses and workshops run by Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine and receiving treatments from esoteric practitioners that I began to understand and practise what it means to connect to myself and to let people in.

This meant also opening my eyes to what was happening in the world and not just the trivia that fills newspaper space but does not bring a true picture of what is happening to humanity.

Such news stories do nothing to support or empower us in feeling our connection to ourselves and each other or to feel the responsibility we each have as human beings living in the world, but serve to disconnect us further. For how can we be connected to the world when we don’t choose to connect to ourselves?

So what and where are the news stories that do not do this? What news headlines would inspire us to:

  1. Consider the part we play in the world?
  2. Feel inspired to bring the essence of each of us out?
  3. Connect to who we are?
  4. Feel love?

What if the headlines focused on stories about people who were committed to love, knowing that we are all big players in the world when it comes to making the world a more loving place to live?

What if the headlines instead read: “After years of searching, Woman comes home to her soul, Father expresses to his daughter that she lights up his life when she smiles, Teacher tells her pupils they are all already amazing before they pick up their school books, Couple commits to true love?”

How would it be if we read these stories before we went to work in the morning? What would our day feel like if this is how it began?

These headlines above represent some of the many stories I have heard and witnessed since attending Universal Medicine courses, events and webcasts.

They are not sensationalist, pie in the sky, ‘if only’ dreams, they are expressions of the amazing lives extraordinary, ordinary people have been living as a result of their choices to come back to love for themselves and then naturally extend that love to everyone they meet.

With enormous gratitude to Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine who are lighting the way so that from our choices to live in connection to our Souls, we too can light the way.

By Jane Torvaney, Physiotherapist, Scotland

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884 thoughts on “What is Truly Newsworthy?

  1. And such a news outlet – one that does not angle for the number of hits and does not pander to sensationalism and the lowest common denominator – exists and it is called Unimed Living, an awesome website with contributions from all over the world going to all corners of the world.

  2. Somewhere along the way journalism seems to have lost its way and sold out to the demand for sensationalism and forgotten to connect to and report on what really matters… I look forward to there being a day where headlines and stories are as inspiring as yours and serve to connect rather than shock or tantalise.

  3. What is newsworthy news? Shouldn’t it be only that? Is it truly newsworthy what we get as news? What is truly newsworthy that for some reason we do not get as news? Why is this so? These are great questions to ponder on.

  4. We are constantly being asked by God to accept that we are divine – and that simply our ways of thinking, conscious presence (mind and body with what you do), choices have been limiting our ways and visions, as we choose to be a lesser version of our true intelligence. Hence we have extracted away from the divine truth instead of being closer with God.

  5. To have our media simply report on things with a dedication to printing only that which brings truth, having our awareness opened and ignited to where we feel our part in the scheme of life, encouraging each and everyone of us to live in a way that life is no longer about what we can get out of it, but it becomes a way of being that is about what we can bring to it, would this not encourage responsibility, care and love to be lived in all aspects of our lives, no longer held for family alone, but brought out to every man, woman or child that we interact with.

  6. We get given what we ask for. As long as we do not choose truth, untruth is what we will get presented with. But the thing is we do say we want truth, we want love etc., but these things are not in someone else’s hand to be given to us. We are that, and that we are to live.

  7. Yes Jane it is so true, our media dishes out so much rubbish, the vast majority of which does nothing to support, inspire, uplift or truly inform. It is however what we collectively ask for, otherwise the majority would simply switch off and find other things to do, like those of us who already do.

  8. What is truly newsworthy is such a great question – what would make me want to pick up a paper? What would inspire? Simply: the truth.

  9. Newspapers etc only sell because we buy them. Humanity as a whole is still choosing to fill their life with entertainment and escapism and the media willingly supply what is being called for. Get rid of the demand and the supply will not be needed so it is up to each of us to live differently if we want a different media.

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