Oneness – A Confirmation from Within

Most of us learned the idiom “Don’t judge a book by its cover” when we were in primary school. The premise is that we cannot assess someone or something’s worth by what it looks like on the outside. I understood this in theory but found it difficult to apply in life the majority of the time: I had this tendency to look out into the world and measure people up, assessing their worth on their outer cover, so to speak.

Last month I had an experience that confirmed to me how much Serge Benhayon’s collections of books have supported me to become more open and real with people.

I was on a plane sitting next to a man aged about 30 years who had tattoos all over his body except for his face and head. In the past I would have immediately judged his outer appearance and interpreted that his inked body made him a threat of some sort. These thoughts would then affect my physiology and trigger a fight or flight response resulting in the hardening of my body as a way to protect myself to counter the perceived threat.

As I sat there I pondered on this situation. “Why was I sitting next to this man? What is here for me to learn?” The answer was almost immediate – I could feel that he was just like me. Here was an opportunity for me to feel the sameness between us and to be open no matter what his outer cover looked like.

So I made a choice to breathe very gently and re-connect to my body. I felt the hardness that I had gone into when I sat down melt away the more I surrendered to the feeling of connection within my body. As I breathed gently I remembered a Universal Medicine presentation that I had attended where Serge Benhayon and the scientist Dianne Trussell spoke about the particles of the body and how we are all made up of the same particles and that all our particles are interconnected.

“BROTHERHOOD: Others make a part of you, you make a part of them. All together, we make One.”
[Esoteric Teachings and Revelations pg. 410 (1)]

As we sat in silence I contemplated on the Oneness between us and in the next moment the plane jostled us with turbulence and I bumped into his arm. I apologised and he smiled and we started chatting. I told him my name and he told me his, we spoke about if we were travelling home or going away. He had been at a tattoo conference so I asked him about his tattoos without judgement but with curiosity. He told me about his first and favourite one. I asked why he had got his first tattoo and he spoke freely about a traumatic experience that had occurred years earlier that prompted him to get his very first one.

As I sat there I felt there was an openness in my heart, a hum of energy between us. I felt like we were being held in this bubble of warmth where no judgement could be. I kept confirming that we were both the same and it felt like our particles were recognising the Oneness we are from.

When he asked if I had any tattoos I replied that I had never felt drawn to get one. There was no judgement in my reply, no arrogance that I was better than him because I didn’t have tattoos but an understanding that we each make choices every day of our lives. I asked if he had ever considered how making the choice to get a tattoo all those years ago had begun a journey where his body was now covered. He laughed and said he worked in the tattoo industry too and that he hadn’t thought about it in this way but could see what I was saying. We continued to chat openly throughout the plane ride.

As we disembarked the plane I said goodbye and thanked him for the conversation. He smiled warmly and said “It was nice to meet you.” I could feel there was a tenderness within him that he kept hidden away and that his tattoos offered him a shield to keep people at a distance. I took a moment to appreciate that by being connected to myself, I was able to be open and the real me with him.

This experience confirmed without a doubt the oneness that exists between us all.

By Bianca Barban, Registered Nurse, Melbourne, Australia|

(1) Esoteric Teachings and Revelations – A New Study for Mankind by Serge Benhayon

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1,238 thoughts on “Oneness – A Confirmation from Within

  1. Thank you Bianca – that is truly felt within, Oneness is in all the same, and only disconnection from this place can cause thoughts and emotions of not belonging to that Oneness, but nothing more.. Even if we might at times feel not the same as another – we carry in depth the same particles (cells) as them, if we want it or not. And so, we are inescapable from this Oneness.

  2. I love how confirming who we are by re-connecting to our breath within our bodies confirms one and all. It shows how equally interconnected we truly are and that there is always something for us to learn in any given moment we so choose. Thank you Bianca.

  3. A beautiful confirmation Bianca, the more connected we are to our essence and our inner wisdom, the more we are open, aware and naturally impulsed to connect with others as we are divinely designed to do so.

  4. A truly beautiful article to read and one that reminds us all of the beauty of communication in connection… free of anything that can taint the ability to see and feel we are all the same underneath whatever protective layers and choices we have chosen to cover ourselves with.

  5. I love how in holding our own connection to who we are we are holding all others in this movement too. Thank you Bianca.

  6. Knowing we all share particles and are part of the one debases so many of the issues we have with each other. It’s kind of crazy really if we are all one to have an issue with another person, as the reality is we are having and creating an issue with ourselves and everyone else.

  7. Oneness is a whole being experience. It registers the deep connection we all have. It also confirms that we cannot choose the territory of oneness, since it does not have limits and nothing true escapes it. It is a movement of deep re-connection.

  8. You call the tattoos the “outer cover’ and yes, they are nothing but that – just as religion, culture, skin colour and all the other differences we care to mention and champion are. None of it touches our core and the true source of our beingness.

  9. The returning to the stillness and ease of our own breath connects us back to the one i.e ourselves and from here we are given the opportunity to hold all others with this same connection. The true beauty of one connection to self holds all others just from the stillness and holding of ourselves. This feels so exquisite and shows that no matter what our outer layer looks like our inner essence is one and the same.

  10. Beautiful to read of your sharing oneness on your journey, Bianca. We can meet people on public transport we would never come across in our day-to-day living. “This experience confirmed without a doubt the oneness that exists between us all.”

  11. I know it’s not the way we look but what’s inside that counts but I also know how hard it can be to not let what I visually see dictate the way I receive what I am seeing if my body is shut down and not being a part of me to experience that encounter and it is so easy to go into a learned pattern of judgment based on our past experience as well. And we miss out on connecting with others in essence as you have shared here so beautifully.

  12. Lovely story about human life and how deep down we are all one humanity and that we all respond to being connected to and met as an equal.

  13. I know there have been so many times in my life when I have realised that a judgement I have made on someone was not only unfair on my part, but also completely incorrect. Through experience I have become much wiser these days in spotting when those judgments come in and not playing ball with them. The result of this has been much more healthy relationships and deeper levels of connection with everyone I meet, which feels great for connection and true intimacy is what we all want in life.

  14. When we connect to the Oneness that is, without fail vibrating in every particle of the Universe then we are given everything that we need, every meeting, every relationship and every message is there loud and clear to confirm where we come from and that we are all indeed equal. That this Oneness has a quality that is beyond our imaginations and as powerful as God who created us.

  15. Imagine for a moment how it would feel to walk into an airport waiting lounge and everyone in there was choosing to simply be in their bodies, present and simply themselves. The conversations would be many, heartfelt, genuine and caring. Could all of our fears and protections be holding us back from moments of such joy?

  16. That’s simply beautiful. I love how so many of us employ devices to keep people at arms length but underneath it all we just want someone to talk to us and treat us like we are their equal and to meet us for who we are. We’re a stubborn species!

  17. I love that we all have different covers and live different pages and chapters of our lives but in essence we all come to the same ending’s just it different stages and with different scenario’s. Life is so universally beautiful and yet we are all similar from within.

  18. When we only assess another on the outer cover of what we see we totally miss all the pages of wisdom on the inside.

  19. I certainly have judged those who have chosen to have a tattoo. Very often it has been the tattoo/image that I have judged and not necessarily a tattoo. I would react to the energy finding it offensive yet on the inside i knew it was not who they were. Judging creates separation; it is a destructive and forceful energy that if not called out deepens the segregation amongst us.

  20. There is nothing like a random encounter in a confined space to enable us to choose whether to truly connect with the ‘other brother’ beside us or not. So lovely Bianca that you did, and then shared your experience with us all here – thank you.

  21. It’s interesting that so many people choose dark images for their tattoos – skulls, daggers, sexist depictions of women and worse – and it’s interesting to ponder why this might be so. Not that a so-called ‘pretty’ tattoo is necessarily any ‘better’, but there is definitely a whole genre of tattoo imagery that is disturbing. In a way, it’s a bit like plastering your home with evil posters and wallpaper – it’s certainly expressing something that’s guaranteed to keep others away, and the poster-paperer’s natural light hidden.

  22. When we start to understand what brotherhood is all about, we can see that nothing happens just as a coincidence but all our interactions are presented as an opportunity for us to be more loving and understanding with one another as it is only then that we know we are all the same and belong to the same oneness of the all.

  23. I think it’s great how you clocked the judgement that had come up and let it go not just in your mind but from your whole body as well, and by re-establishing that true connection with you then it was easy to be truly open with another.

  24. “Here was an opportunity for me to feel the sameness between us”, gosh I love this Bianca. Imagine a world where people look to what connected them and not what divided them, it would be a very different place for sure.

  25. I love it when I can feel through what someone is presenting on the outside to their exquisite essence which is absolutely equal to mine and everyone elses. In those moments I feel the interconnectedness of all of us and how we are a small but equal part to all the other parts within the vastness of the universe, the body of God, we all live within.

  26. We are all naturally connected, and it was beautiful to feel how open you were to start a conversation with no judgment on another’s choices, accepting another’s choices allows us the space to truly interact with others.

  27. Thank you Bianca, it is super healing when we can see another as a son of God, for in truth we are and we can feel that there are no differences between us when we choose to connect from the heart.

  28. It’s interesting that many people will choose to get ‘inked’ after or during a traumatic experience – but why would you want that embedded into your body as a mark to remind you of trauma? It’s like cementing the energy further into the body.

  29. What I am discovering more and more as we appreciate who we are in essence we then begin to see how much we learn and appreciate from others and it then confirms that each and every person confirms something held within us too, showing the great learning on offer in reflection.

  30. “BROTHERHOOD: Others make a part of you, you make a part of them. All together, we make One.”
    [Esoteric Teachings and Revelations pg. 410 (1)] . It is so wonderful Bianca that you had the opportunity and took the opportunity to live the truth of the statement of ” BROTHERHOOD ” what a blessing for us all thank you.

  31. We do take our breath for granted and we are used to not paying much attention to it unless our breathing is affected in a big way when something happens to us. Bringing our awareness to our breath reveals the power we have in claiming our own breath and empowering ourselves not be rocked by life and situations but live from a steady quality and truth from within.

  32. If we let ourselves be controlled by our thoughts we allow our mind to run our body which naturally hardens the more we separate from it and we are left at the mercy of reacting to everything around us rather than staying steady and open and connecting in a far more real way with others.

  33. “What is here for me to learn?” Beautiful and in being open to the oneness with this man you offered him the opportunity to reflect on his choices.

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