Oneness – A Confirmation from Within

Most of us learned the idiom “Don’t judge a book by its cover” when we were in primary school. The premise is that we cannot assess someone or something’s worth by what it looks like on the outside. I understood this in theory but found it difficult to apply in life the majority of the time: I had this tendency to look out into the world and measure people up, assessing their worth on their outer cover, so to speak.

Last month I had an experience that confirmed to me how much Serge Benhayon’s collections of books have supported me to become more open and real with people.

I was on a plane sitting next to a man aged about 30 years who had tattoos all over his body except for his face and head. In the past I would have immediately judged his outer appearance and interpreted that his inked body made him a threat of some sort. These thoughts would then affect my physiology and trigger a fight or flight response resulting in the hardening of my body as a way to protect myself to counter the perceived threat.

As I sat there I pondered on this situation. “Why was I sitting next to this man? What is here for me to learn?” The answer was almost immediate – I could feel that he was just like me. Here was an opportunity for me to feel the sameness between us and to be open no matter what his outer cover looked like.

So I made a choice to breathe very gently and re-connect to my body. I felt the hardness that I had gone into when I sat down melt away the more I surrendered to the feeling of connection within my body. As I breathed gently I remembered a Universal Medicine presentation that I had attended where Serge Benhayon and the scientist Dianne Trussell spoke about the particles of the body and how we are all made up of the same particles and that all our particles are interconnected.

“BROTHERHOOD: Others make a part of you, you make a part of them. All together, we make One.”
[Esoteric Teachings and Revelations pg. 410 (1)]

As we sat in silence I contemplated on the Oneness between us and in the next moment the plane jostled us with turbulence and I bumped into his arm. I apologised and he smiled and we started chatting. I told him my name and he told me his, we spoke about if we were travelling home or going away. He had been at a tattoo conference so I asked him about his tattoos without judgement but with curiosity. He told me about his first and favourite one. I asked why he had got his first tattoo and he spoke freely about a traumatic experience that had occurred years earlier that prompted him to get his very first one.

As I sat there I felt there was an openness in my heart, a hum of energy between us. I felt like we were being held in this bubble of warmth where no judgement could be. I kept confirming that we were both the same and it felt like our particles were recognising the Oneness we are from.

When he asked if I had any tattoos I replied that I had never felt drawn to get one. There was no judgement in my reply, no arrogance that I was better than him because I didn’t have tattoos but an understanding that we each make choices every day of our lives. I asked if he had ever considered how making the choice to get a tattoo all those years ago had begun a journey where his body was now covered. He laughed and said he worked in the tattoo industry too and that he hadn’t thought about it in this way but could see what I was saying. We continued to chat openly throughout the plane ride.

As we disembarked the plane I said goodbye and thanked him for the conversation. He smiled warmly and said “It was nice to meet you.” I could feel there was a tenderness within him that he kept hidden away and that his tattoos offered him a shield to keep people at a distance. I took a moment to appreciate that by being connected to myself, I was able to be open and the real me with him.

This experience confirmed without a doubt the oneness that exists between us all.

By Bianca Barban, Registered Nurse, Melbourne, Australia|

(1) Esoteric Teachings and Revelations – A New Study for Mankind by Serge Benhayon

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1,309 thoughts on “Oneness – A Confirmation from Within

  1. We are inescapably unified by love, the innate quality of our being, and as you have shared the more we live in connection to this quality for ourselves first the more we are open to see and feel how this innate quality is equal in us all, whether it is lived or not.

  2. I love how open you were to the situation you experienced Bianca and what was being presented as an opportunity to learn. Having a natural curiosity immediately opens us up to so much more as you found from your conversation and that when we do not judge each other by an outer appearance we naturally connect on an equal and far deeper level.

  3. I love the logic of considering us all part of the same whole, it makes so much sense that the moment I consider us all to be individuals or different there is immediate tension.

  4. Interest is an engagement with life. With interest and curiosity we start committing our awareness back to places and people we have shut out with judgement. As the truth is we can nominate the behavior or energy that is not true but it’s not about alienating people.

  5. A deeply beautiful sharing Bianca, thank you, reminding me of the deep love and tenderness that resides within each person, no matter what the outward covering may be. ‘This experience confirmed without a doubt the oneness that exists between us all.’

  6. I never had a doubt about the oneness we are part of. More the layers we put around ourselves which makes it harder to connect in that oneness is sad to feel.

  7. At an airport recently I met a woman who shared that she arranged Stag and Hen party weekends. She said from experience she was always cautious about speaking of this as so many people went into major reaction. We had an interesting conversation about her business and she said it was easy to speak of it as she felt no judgement from me.

  8. Meeting people with an equal-ness, opens the way to true connection and communication without any judgement being present.

  9. To let go of the pictures how people look and to stop comparing ourselves with others brings back the union which is natural there.

  10. When we start to understand and accept that we are all one and equal to each other, the time will come when we will stop judging another for we will see that in doing so, we actually judge ourselves.

  11. Learning to connect with people’s essence first rather than reacting from a pre-judgment is a door to true equality.

    1. And isn’t judgement a conversation killer. Not only is there the arrogance of our own that means we are not trying to connect in the first place.. but the other person can feel it a mile off and it feels awful.

    2. And true e-quality is the quality of energy we bring to another. Do we offer love and acceptance or judgment and reaction?

  12. I am beginning to understand just how much we distract ourselves from our true purpose which is to evolve and leave this plane of life as we should not be here in the first place. I was with a group of people that were invited to a party on a film set which was a replica of a street in NY. It was all very real but at the same time completely false, and for me it summed up our lives, they seem so very real to us and yet it is a false way of being because we are not evolving.

  13. I love how the turning point was when you asked “what am I here to learn?” Six words that can completely transform your day from one of resistance and struggle to opening up a new way forward.

    1. When I remember to remind myself that every moment is a moment to learn, life feels, and is, more expansive and I keep surprising myself with what I learn.

      1. I agree, when I ask “what can I learn” puts a totally different perspective on life, it’s no longer about a “good” or a “bad” day but a process of exploration and unfolding.

  14. “It was nice to meet you.” There is a lot in those words when they are genuinely meant, because when we are truly met our whole world expands.

  15. I am reminded of one of my very first Liviness 1 workshops – back then it was called heart chakra 1 – where we were to stand opposite another person. One of us was asked to remember a situation where they were angry while the other was asked to connect to their own essence first and then to the essence of the other. I was the first person and found it life changing to experience that it was impossible for me to stay angry or even stick to the story that made me angry. So basically I could not stay in my reaction. How powerful is connection when we are willing to meet the other for who they are instead of reacting to the reaction they may be in!

    1. Wow, that sounds like something we should all be taught in school. We would then have a very clear understanding of the power of observing and not absorbing other people’s dramas.

  16. The moment there is a connection to our oneness, the silliness of judgment and comparison is revealed, as we are all the same, and we all have the same reasons for not living it – being hurt – it is only the way in which we protect ourselves that differs. But one way is no better or worse then another, it is all coming from the same source of energy.

  17. I wonder Bianca if by having the tattoos people can actual hide behind them as when you see someone with tattoos it is the first thing you see, it’s like a distraction away from the person.

  18. Beautiful story Bianca. I love how by being connected to you, you avoided the pitfall of judgement which that guy must have experienced a lot over the years. I know I have judged plenty of times people for their tattoos which I regret doing and am learning to avoid doing. I could feel how by avoiding judgement your and his particles got to mingle and learn from each other.

  19. What a beautiful example of every day life and its reflection(s) showing us that we are all One and the same, from the same source made = love. No matter how hard we try to not be that.

  20. It’s quite common for people to get tattoos after having experienced some deep emotional hurt, such as a death or trauma. It must be a way to cope with whatever has gone on or a way to bury the pain.

  21. This is a huge reminder for everyone
    “BROTHERHOOD: Others make a part of you, you make a part of them. All together, we make One.”
    [Esoteric Teachings and Revelations pg. 410 (1)]
    It is far too easy to forget that together we make up the whole as we have made our lives all about security and self identification and what we can get out of life on a personal level. Rather than what we can do together. Is it possible that thousands of years ago people were living in brotherhood and this enabled them to build the Pyramids? And is it possible that with all the modern technology we have at our disposal today we cannot build the Pyramids to the exactness of all those years ago because we live in separation to each other and made life all about self.

  22. When ever we take the opportunity to connect and honestly interact, there is one more bridge built over the Gulf of separation that dictates so often the errant path of humanity.

  23. Connecting to the essence of people is so vital, because we may construct an outer mask to fit in or cope, it might be toughness, sadness, success, withdrawal, wearing expensive brand names or wearing rags. This is not who we actually are, as we are all this same equal beautiful essence within, each with its unique expression.

  24. Opening up and expressing openly to another, so we then get a chance to have an open discussion, which is so simple and everyone is open too. Then because everyone has a different reflection that is unique, we get to expand our awareness, and when we are openly connected to our essence as you have shared Bianca, magic happens.

  25. It’s interesting to me that the gentleman you met Bianca had his first tattoo after a traumatic experience. In one way it could be seen as a way to try to establish some control after having this experience however the tattoo is a permanent reminder of that trauma and never lets the person let go of it. It keeps the trauma alive in the body, hence the need for more tattoos to try to feel in control. A vicious cycle that results in a tender, hurt man covered in tattoos, all of which are a constant reminder of the trauma he experienced and a guarantee that he will not take responsibility for life, let it go and heal.

  26. I heard of a woman who tattoos breast surgery scars for people so they can “see something beautiful in the place of something that was traumatising for them”. This was a real good opportunity for me to learn what people perceive they need to deal with a traumatic situation – it may not be what I would do, it may even have other consequences later in life, but for that moment, they feel that this will ease their pain.

  27. I adore the connections we can all make with each other in spontaneous moments. Planes and other modes of community transport are perfect places for those meetings and give us an opportunity to have a conversation with people we might not come into contact with in our daily life. By embracing every conversation, we embrace how we are all the same underneath the outside differences.

  28. Brotherhood is something that we all crave, that connection that reflects back to us that we are not separate, and indeed when truly felt it reflects back to us that the space that is in between us all is actually filled with love.

  29. Oneness is very precious to me but like the writer, the reality can be different at times, as what I see is constantly telling me we are separate. What has really supported this to change has been Esoteric Yoga, as I get to feel myself not as a separate entity but part of everything. I have also found through the Ageless Wisdom teachings and Sacred Esoteric Healing that I am much more likely to feel a person’s essence before I see the exterior.

  30. Everything that happens is a learning opportunity. When we let ourselves be open to greater awareness so much can be shown to us and much healing can take place. Thank you for this lovely example.

  31. Our outer does reflect the choices we make and have made. It is very beautiful when we can be totally open to see others’ choices and show ours at the same time and there’s no judgment or tension whatsoever.

  32. “BROTHERHOOD: Others make a part of you, you make a part of them. All together, we make One.”
    [Esoteric Teachings and Revelations pg. 410 (1)] What a beautiful quote and we can try to not feel we are one but it will never last when we drop our shields of protection ( and we all have chosen another form).

  33. We can change, dress or hold our body in a way that says backoff, don’t come near me or don’t hurt me, and if we only listen to that message then we miss out on really seeing the person before us. When we connect to our essence we can’t help but feel others.

    1. Great point Aimee, this highlights to me how we can easily be fooled if we rely solely on our sight but if we use our ability to connect and read energy, then we are less likely to miss out on a true connection and seeing people in their essence.

      1. Absolutely Chanly, like when we refer to someone who has a big tough looking exterior as a teddy bear… as we know that the exterior is just a front as the sweetness from within can not but sweep out and touch us in some way.

  34. What a gorgeous sharing of oneness and one superb quote – that we all make up a part of each other. The world is so much smaller than separation allows us to believe. And what I also love about this sharing is how you asked ‘what is here for me to learn’ – That is so loving and observant.

  35. I love how we are continually being offered these golden moments in time, moments when we can make the choice to connect to another and in the process learn so much about ourselves. But if we make the choice to judge the ‘book’ in front of us by its cover we will never get to read the wisdom that lays within.

    1. Yes, I agree Ingrid. We miss out on so much when we choose to be judgemental instead of being open, appreciative, loving and willing to learn. What we miss out on is true connection, because being judgemental cuts off any form of connection and opportunities to deepen our relationship.

  36. We have created so many shields to get through life that it is sometimes hard to see the real person behind them. But there is a way and that way you describe beautifully. When we connect back to our heart and live from it we can see with ease through all these layers and can always feel and see the truth and beauty of another.

  37. It’s a beautiful moment to appreciate when we start to see people for soul first, when we start to open up to more love and drop our guard of protection.

  38. There isn’t anyone who when we connect to them is not someone we would not want to know. This is at least my experience.

    1. Heather I was just thinking the same thing myself. We can hold back from connecting with others for whatever reasons we choose to protect ourselves from our hurts, but whenever I let down my guard and connect with those around me, they are all amazing, beautiful people.

  39. ‘This experience confirmed without a doubt the oneness that exists between us all.’ So true Bianca, when we drop any judgment we may hold towards another it allows the space for a beautiful connection.

  40. I have noticed many of the tough outer images can be a protection for the sensitive being within. It is lovely to read how your openness and acceptance allowed for a true connection between you.

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