We Know More Than We Think…

Before meeting Serge Benhayon I had always noticed that there was often two conversations going on when I was listening to someone talk…

  1. The words that I heard coming out of their mouth.
  2. The truth of what I felt in my body.

I noticed there was often incongruence between the two and it wasn’t until I started studying with Universal Medicine and understanding energy that I could fully claim the truth of what I had observed and felt for all those years.

Back then I didn’t understand it as energy or would not have called it this – I just knew what I felt. You know that feeling in the body that you can so easily override with the mind? I realised I had been dismissing these feelings and not acknowledging the truth of what my body was sharing with me. There is such a deep well of wisdom and knowing in our body that is being communicated in every moment, and an absolute gift, should we choose to listen to it. Finally I could now bring understanding to where this second conversation was coming from and know that it was very real and not something I imagined.

There are many occasions when I have felt that what comes out of people’s mouths is not true, but what is felt in energy is always the truth. Most people appear to be unaware of this and though they are not intentionally lying, they often say what they think others want to hear or what they think they need to say… but their body and energy communicates the truth of what actually is.

Sometimes you just know about something – nothing has been said – but you can’t deny the deep feeling of knowing. For example, when a friend says they will come to dinner, but the way that they say yes tells you that they are not going to be there. The words are heard as a YES, but the intent behind the words is felt as a NO. Of course, what inevitably follows is a text or a message to say that they can’t make it to dinner.

Or when you get the feeling that someone has just spoken about you – and they come into your thoughts.

Or when you meet someone and even though they may not admit or express it in words, you know there is an attraction and that they really dig you.

And just to be clear, I am not talking about reading a situation based on what we personally would like to project or how we would like to see it. I am talking about that inner truth that we can connect to deep inside… that inner knowing that is unwavering and absolute from the body.

The truth is…

  • We know energy.
  • We know that everything is energy.
  • We know when someone is not ok or not themselves without them needing to tell us.
  • We know when someone is jealous of us.
  • We know when someone has judged us.
  • We know what’s going on with another even when they may be on the other side of the world.
  • We know when someone fancies us.
  • We know when someone is genuine.
  • We know when someone is speaking from the heart.
  • We know truth.
  • We know true love.

We know because we know energy from the inside out.

We know that when Einstein said “everything is energy”, it was true. We do not need eyes to visually see it, because energy is felt.

Energy has no walls, no borders, it just is.

We know, because we are amazing beings of energy!

But what do we do with this knowing? Do we listen to our bodies and honour what we feel?

Or do we go into self-doubt, numb ourselves or check-out so that we don’t have to feel and see all of this, or deal with the realities of life?

The thing is we know a lot… so much more than we may be willing to admit or see about the world and ourselves that our body is communicating every day.

Perhaps it is as simple as giving ourselves permission to acknowledge and trust what we feel in our body – knowing that this will support us to re-connect to the deep well of wisdom that is within us all.

As I continue to give myself permission to stop overriding and dismissing what I feel, listening to the wisdom of my body, I am enriched by what life unfolds before me. And in these moments of wisdom I am reminded that our body knows more than our minds can think!

Forever inspired by Serge Benhayon, Universal Medicine and the Ancient Wisdom teachings.

By Marika Cominos (BBA), Yoga & Complementary Therapies Practitioner

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1,218 thoughts on “We Know More Than We Think…

  1. We certainly all do know more than we think and we feel everything and when we start to live with the acceptance of our awareness it just opens up more and more. A wonderful learning of life truly awakens and confirms us beautifully.Thank you Marika.

    1. To come back to the wisdom of the body brings with it a simplicity which allows so much spaciousness. A spaciousness where we feel and experience so much more than we could ever have imagined when the mind was so much in play. Because the mind doesn’t feel, it just receives thoughts. It is crazy that we give it so much attention and power.

  2. This quote – “Our body knows more than our minds can think” – may seem absurd to some, but for me is becoming more of a lived reality. Empowering people to listen to the communication of and from their body is vitally important for any true health and wellbeing.

    1. So true Amelia. There is a wisdom that is so powerful, yet unassuming, held in our bodies, that can guide us like nothing else I have felt. It is always interested in my well-being, being purposeful and how loving I can be to myself and others…why wouldn’t I listen to that.

    2. True Amelia, I’m becoming more and more clearly aware of the limits of what we can really achieve with ‘thinking’. When I allow myself to feel my body, the answers are there; then it’s just a question if I honour what the message is, or if I choose to override and go with what the head ‘thinks’ it wants.

      1. Yes, Esther, I am coming to realise more and more how my mind can so lead me astray. It is amazing how it can play out scenarios of things over and over, that are just not true. What a trap this can be for us in coming to a true decision of what to do in various situations. Much better to listen to the body, which is a true marker of truth.

      2. Yes Esther, I have noticed when I try and think my way out of a problem or dilemma, I get frustrated, tense and things can get very complicated. I get wrapped up and the problem seems to get bigger with all the effort. Surprisingly, when I let go of the trying and bring things back to just allowing myself to feel what is there to be felt, and treat myself with a gentle loving attitude, the answer is always there. What’s lovely is that sometimes there is nothing for me to do.

    3. Simple truth and simple living if we were to just listen to our bodies and what we truly feel. Life is not what we think and can not be constructed from any mind, and to do so is not honouring what life is truly about nor is it part of our actual make up.

    4. Totally Amelia, and also pertinent or essential for productivity and efficiency in the workplace too. A vital worker is an efficient one for both themselves and the company they work for. Something to be etched into HR policy perhaps?

    5. I agree Amelia, it also imparts a sense of empowerment, freedom and joy with which comes from being with yourself and participating in life this way. The magic of constellation becomes palpable.

    6. Our bodies feel like an important key back to true health and vitality, I completely agree with you, Amelia. In my experience my body is so much wiser than my head and this keeps being shown to me over and over again. Proof that “Our body knows more than our minds can think”.

  3. One of the first aha moments during an esoteric healing session for me was the moment I realised that everything I had felt from my body was true. Those moments when you feel the phone is going to ring and it will be your mother, the feeling you get when you come away from a conversation feeling deflated, the knowing that a friend will not be able to come for dinner. It felt like a relief as to me it seemed I was alone in this as it was something that was easily dismissed. Now, with more honesty I am coming to realise that all along I did not want feel the depth of my wisdom and to avoid this I have became a master at using tools to numb it out, food, emotions, doings but the more I connect to me and the yumminess I feel within my body the more I am appreciating that feeling and allowing has so much more to offer.

    1. Yes fionacochran01, brilliantly described, I believe we all have these knowing moments that we have become masters of switching off to, like the conversation where you hear one thing but know something entirely different is being felt, or the person that comes into our thoughts at the moment they appear in our life. We have become so used to lying to ourselves and one another that it doesn’t feel normal to acknowledge the depth of this knowing, yet whether we do or not it will always be there and it’s far more pleasant to come back to than trying to convince ourselves we are not deeply wise and instead choosing to remain ignorant.

      1. Yes, when we don’t acknowledge the depth of what we feel, we turn against ourselves, and have to lie even further to keep up with the ‘game’ that is being played.

      2. You are right Stephen. we have got so used to lying to ourselves that when we hear the words to something we are feeling is contra to those words we still invest in a hope that the words are true and not the feeling, and then blow me down we get disappointed that that thing didn’t happen! We put all our focus on the hurt and disappointment rather than on the appreciation of what we knew would be happening all along!

      3. Stephen G that is so spot on – lying about what we feel is the deeply seeded norm in society, it is one of the first things we learn when we are children, to be quiet and accept what we are being told rather than expressing what we feel.

    2. Beginning to appreciate ourselves for what we know is awesome. I too am a master at distracting myself from feeling, and I sometimes deny what I feel and then judge myself, but with my growing awareness I can be honest enough with myself to realise what I am doing, and state categorically that this behaviour is not me and bring myself back to the part of me that knows, that is my body.

    3. Yes, fionacochran01, I too had become a master at using tools to numb out the truth that I was feeling, through food and doings especially, but am gradually learning to connect more and more to my inner wisdom within which always shows me the truth of everything.

      1. I recognise these once very dominant ways of numbing myself, and like you Beverley, by staying with and honouring my body more and more I am able to connect with and feel the truth of things more clearly.

    4. Well said Fiona, we all have those experiences we have been told to brush off as simply coincidence, but when you feel for yourself the fact that actually they are not accidents, or a funny feeling you should just ignore, but are actually a feeling worth your time and consideration.

    5. This is so true Fionacochran01. Since developing my clairsentience, which we all have equally, I can read situations before they happen or people that are not even around me know how they are feeling at any given moment – with great accuracy. This may seem amazing but it’s actually our very normal state of being when we tune into the wisdom of the body.

    6. The wisdom of our bodies really needs to be taught in school. Human Biology 101 – Everything is energy, including our body. This knowing would certainly change the fabric of our society. No more pushing ourselves, no more overriding, no more dismissing the messages from our bodies. It would be such a different world. A world where our bodies are treated for the temples that they in fact are.

  4. Marika, when I have started ‘to give myself permission to stop overriding and dismissing what I feel, listening to the wisdom of my body, I am enriched by what life unfolds before me’ and when I do I cannot understand why I would want to block this out, it is so very precious so I ask myself why is it I am unwilling to see the depth of wisdom I hold?

  5. We know! -That gives us enormous responsibility and authority.
    But for me it looks like most of our creations are designed to ignore, numb, avoid what we know…be it food, drugs, behaviours or manners.
    To claim back what I know is like a journey for me, I have to let go of a lot of distraction, push to the side all illusions, choose to be aware of my feelings again, accept and honor what I feel, know and what I am. This journey has no end, no ‘arriving’ but it becomes more simple step by step.
    I know truth. – That’s heartening. I just have to connect to me and all is there that is needed to be there in this moment. That’s love – isn’t it!?

  6. I still find it surprising just how ingrained it is in me to switch off my energetic awareness to avoid having to feel whatever is really going on energetically. But I can feel when I do this my body does not feel great and exhaustion and anxiety quickly follow. When I stay with my energetic awareness and that stream of communication I feel more vital, lighter, more playful, and less tense.

    1. I love your honesty Andrew and I can very much relate to what you have shared. It’s a stark difference isn’t it and feeling exhausted etc is now considered the ‘normal’. The more we feel the energy that we are choosing and what that brings to our body and with the awareness that we build we can make more choices so that we don’t switch off.

  7. What a completely different world it would be Marika, if we were all completely tuned in to what we felt instead of what we thought, or what we thought that we felt! Imagine Politics, or the Legal profession, the mind boggles!, (as does the inner-self).

  8. The truth is WE Know energy … We all know energy. Thank God for Serge Benhayon who came and showed us there are two types of energy and there is a difference between spirit and soul. A marked difference and one that with deepened clarity will unravel this mess we’ve created.

    1. Thank God for Serge Benhayon indeed. I have never seen anyone present that there are 2 types of energy and we are either choosing one of the other. One being love and the other not love. What I love about this is that none of this can be intellectualised. It’s either lived by us or not. I know when I live the love that I am impulsed by my soul, life is very simple. When I am living through my spirit, life is heavy and complicated. I love how I have chosen to re-learn this. It’s the most precious thing in life.

  9. How often do we over-ride what we feel, only to discover later that had we honoured what we had felt, it would have saved a lot of complication, even if it had meant some initial discomfort.

    1. I have had too many of these experiences Adam and learnt the hard way. Not only does it create complication that we then have to deal with, but the moment we over-ride the body, there is a tension in our body that remains until we come to a clarity and resolution. This tension is actually the gift because it is our body’s way of communicating to us that something isn’t right. When we don’t listen to our body’s messages we are saying no to the divine inbuilt compass that is always steering us to be love, to be our natural self.

      1. And that explains why so much of our life is spent looking for relief in one way or another from the tension of life – a tension that builds up over time if we are not honest with what created it in the first place.

  10. Marika, ‘our body knows more than our mind can think’ – I love that and yet we glorify the mind and put the body second ignoring the treasure trove that it is. Definitely one I am continuing to explore, and it’s an unlearning to a degree that I can trust what my body feels and act on it.

  11. I have very much appreciated being reminded in some Universal Medicine events, in particular the relationship workshops that it is a great service to be able to feel and understand what is going on for someone so even if ‘the truth’ is not being communicated, we bring understanding to the relationship and instead of judging, we take what is being stated constructively and work with it. While it may be great to confirm and celebrate our inner knowing, is it possible that there is a fine line between knowing the truth and being judgmental of others and ignoring what they are saying because it hasn’t come out ‘right’?

    1. Simon I don’t feel there is any fine line needed to be considered here as there is no judgement of others or ignoring what they are saying. This article is simply about honouring the truth of what is felt in the body…what one does with this is their choice as everyone has free will.

    2. Simon this is super important, bringing understanding to ourselves and to others when we are sharing what we are feeling. There is also where we are feeling something clearly in our body, like a moment to speak up about something not feeling right and then not speaking up…letting it slide so to speak. I know I have judged myself quite harshly in the past for an off handed comment or a sideways glare or even holding back. When we bring it back to energy it gives us the opportunity to remove the emotion from a situation regardless of where we are in it and really look at it objectively. It’s not always easy, but I have found this very helpful in not taking something personally,

  12. I remember well when I first heard Serge Benhayon talking about energy, I knew it was true, it all made total sense but to begin with I had very little trust in my ability to discern energy and was easily drawn back into constructing life from the mind. Indeed it is shocking to observe how far we have disconnected from our all intelligent bodies.

  13. As kids we can read what is true or not so easily. We know when things feel true, or when there is an elephant in the room that nobody wants to talk about. We can feel the deceit spitting out of the mouths of those who we are supposed to look up to, and we very soon realise that our true voice is often not wanted to be heard in this world and so we calibrate to play another’s tune. How incredibly freeing it is to be restoring my true way in my life. Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine have been and continue to be the true inspiration and source of this for me.

  14. The knowing that what we hear and feel is constantly not in congruence with what is being said and presented, is a great gift to have once we get past the reaction of why feeling energy has become so unnatural for the world, when it is innate. Past the reaction, it brings us the understanding of why we shut down in feeling, and most importantly, we can once again live this naturalness as our choice. If we are to bring back truth in our lives, first and foremost, this is the truth to live—that all is energy.

  15. Bringing back what is expressed to what is truly felt into one place is bringing back what is true expression, and this is a deepening to look at all the aspects in our lives where we are still not permitting ourselves to see and express truth, and making the choice to allow ourselves to do so—this is truly amazing education to be in each day.

  16. What I find amazing is the fact that we all know and can feel this level of energetic communication and can feel the truth, and yet from young we are not encouraged to speak this truth freely, so we accept that it is somehow normal to play less and limit our full expression. Of course when we do become aware of this game we needn’t play by these rules and that also gives others permission to express more freely.

  17. I really agree with you here … ‘The thing is we know a lot… so much more than we may be willing to admit or see about the world and ourselves that our body is communicating every day.’ But what makes us not want to feel, admit or discuss this? We are selling ourselves really short.

  18. I too have been enjoying practicing playing with listening to my inner knowing, the voice of my inner-heart again. It speaks louder and louder the more I acknowledge it which is a beautiful confirmation. It also speaks louder and louder when I do not listen to it, which is an equally important learning.

  19. I love the title of your blog Marika, it captures the truth of what you are presenting “We Know More Than We Think”. Our mind can be a great tool if aligned to the truth that we are, that knowingness that we can connect to through our bodies. Our bodies never lie, and when we allow them the grace to communicate with us we do know.

  20. Awesome Marika, thanks for bringing up and speaking about the un-said communication that we feel all the time. I know so many times I have been duped by the words that have been coming out of someone’s mouth simply because I haven’t stopped to honour what is truly being communicated by feeling it with my body – and probably because I wanted to believe that what they were saying was true! I now know how important it is to listen to what I feel as this is the only way to feel the truth in full. Thanks for sharing Marika 🙂

  21. Getting a clear understanding of the difference between our feelings and emotions, via presentations by Serge Benhayon, has been invaluable I’ve found. So often the two are used interchangeably when they are actually very different in truth.

    1. I agree Fiona, I thought I was so used to feeling emotions and get lost in feeling emotions from all the people around me that I became exhausted because of the draining effect this had on my body. Via the presentations by Serge Benhayon I have learned to not absorb but observe and to make a difference between emotions and feelings. And this has changed my life.

  22. It is great to acknowledge and appreciate the fact that we are all feeling this unspoken communication all of the time –The energy that can be felt in all our communications… even without a word being spoken. Thanks Marika, great blog.

  23. This is such an insight-full blog, Marika, I love it. I love the following especially, “there is such a deep well of wisdom and knowing in our body that is being communicated in every moment, and an absolute gift, should we choose to listen to it”. This is so true, and when we are very young we know this so it is no wonder how confused we are when adults contradict what we know as the truth. So as we grow up we come to ignore this truth that we knew within, and become hypocrites like everyone else and play roles, saying what we feel is what the other person wants us to say. It is like a set of etiquette rules that we come to abide by. We end up living our whole lives from this falsity, totally forgetting what is there within. How sad this is, that people are not saying the truth as it is, lovingly, so we can all express together truth-fully. From this place, we can gradually evolve ourselves and the others that we interact with. I am so grateful to Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine for making me aware of what has been going on, so that I have come to realise just how amazing it is that my body knows the truth.

    1. The ‘becoming hypocrites’ and living a falsity is basically the way the world works and has done for a long time. But because we know that we are being hypocrites, speaking and acting according to expected roles that are completely against our bodies, what other outcome could there be than the rampant, worsening physical and mental illness and disease in the whole of humanity that we have today? And yet it’s so simple to stop, breathe, and listen to our bodies…. the answer sitting there with each of us.

  24. Awesome blog Marika and a joy to read at any time when I can use some confirmation of all that I know and what my body very obviously is always telling me. And I completely agree ‘Energy has no walls, no borders, it just is.’ Thank you!

  25. How lovely Christophschnelle – just wait until what needs to be said or done next. I am going to practise this because quite often I force what needs to be done next/said next as opposed to waiting for the knowing to come.

    1. Yes this is really lovely, like allowing oneself to be held in the space we all share and surrendering. So different from thinking it’s all down to me, I have to plan what to say ahead and getting uptight. Doing this I constrict the opportunity of what could unfold to something very small.

    2. Me too sarahflenley, there is in many of us including myself this urge or need to fill the gap, to not have any silent awkwardness… such that what comes out is not always the best or fluid. Appreciating and embodying ‘silence’ and feeling its beauty I feel would also help in getting over any pregnant pause anxiousness.

  26. I have often been puzzled at the way in which there often seems to be a silent agreement to ignore even the most obvious of truths between each other. We are complicit in living a life of pretence just so we can stay feeling comfortable and leave the other person feeling comfortable too. No-one’s boat is rocked, no-one is exposed for things they may be trying to hide and yet are as plain as the nose on their face. It’s a game of poker – I give you my best poker face and you pretend you don’t know what’s really going on. The sad thing is we play this game so much and so well that we start to doubt we can feel – this is where the true evil of this game is exposed. We are all masters at feeling energy – we can spot what is going on a mile off. It might not always be a popular choice to start saying it how we feel it, but it is the only way to live a life of love, truth and integrity.

    1. I too have felt this game of poker at play, and for a long time have participated fully in the hand dealt. It is not until hearing the presentations of Serge Benhayon that I fully understood the evil that was at play here. For each and every time that I enjoin in this game I am confirming to another that the way they are behaving is okay and acceptable. But it is not, for people are settling for something far less than they already are, and that they deserve….absolute love and truth.

  27. I like this title Marika, “We Know More Than We Think…” .. Not only can we read between the lines, the person speaking also knows deep down what they are really saying but they don’t always know they know. So Marika, in the example you gave of the person saying Yes to coming to dinner, why is it they cannot just say No in the first place? Why is it they cannot let themselves feel the truth of the situation and express it in the moment? Is there anything about us that would make it hard for them to say No? Are they wanting to please or accommodate us, and if so, why? Are they afraid of some judgment? Do they think we might feel rejected if they say No? Are we placing any demand on them which expects them to be a certain way?

    1. Its a good question that you ask Sandra…
      Another way of saying this would be to say, ‘Why is it that we find it hard to be true to ourselves?’

      When we live from the head we disconnect from the knowing of who we are from the body (which is pretty awesome), and so it opens the gates for all sorts of stories and interpretations to fill the head space that says yes to a game of measuring, holding back etc. We then become a puppet for this energy of the head…I liken it to being in a washing machine being thrown back and forth.

      What I have been learning with myself is that no matter what is being presented in front of me, all I need to do is bring the whole of me with all the love and truth that I can. What another chooses is their free will. But it is amazing what does constellate and change when I choose love & truth.

  28. Knowing and feeling energy is an ordinary everyday experience that is constant. Unfortunately for us it has been turned into something that is ‘alternative’. There is no alternative about energy because it is.

    1. Yes great point Jennifer – there is nothing weird about energy, but the fact that it is so poorly embraced and lived shows how far away we have strayed from our most natural and innate qualities. Qualities that so effortlessly bring to us the answers to all of our questions about life, the universe and everything.

    2. This is a great point Jennifer. How can something that is scientifically proven to be everywhere in the universe holding and communicating with everything be alternative? This only shows how much we have limited, reduced and twisted the truth so much that we actually believe that talking about energy is strange or weird. And we have allowed this to happen by switching off our awareness of energy in the first place.

    3. Well said Jennifer there is nothing alternative or remotely strange about reading and learning about energy as everything is energy. If we stop dismissing this undeniable truth then this world and all those in it will benefit immensely.

  29. We know energy because we are energy and everything about us reflects the energy that we live. This is extraordinary because we do not live in a way where we know this. For me this has been the greatest thing that I have learned and assists me so much in how I understand life.

  30. Thank you Marika, I have also felt many times when someone was saying one thing but I could feel something completely different. By paying more heed to what was said I am in denial of what I felt was true. If I try to make sense of it from my mind I get confused, because what I felt and what I heard are so different they cannot both be true, and I cannot make it true. This blog has been very helpful for me to understand that what I feel is the only truth, and I need to trust my feelings.

    1. That confusion we feel when we hear words but feel something else to what has been said is a clue in itself that something is isn’t quite right and for me, it shows me I’ve already overriden what I’m feeling and am giving attention to what’s been said.

  31. I whole heartedly agree Marika that we know much more than we think. How many times in my life have I looked back on a decision or situation and said to myself ‘I knew xyz from the start’ – many? I’ve always known if a job or relationship was right for me or not, and when I’ve trusted what I felt, it’s always been spot on, and when I’ve used my head to convince myself or used logic, it hasn’t. We do know and we just need to stop and allow ourselves the space to listen…and accept what we hear whether we like it or not.

    1. So true Sandra, we do know what is going on from the start and often we don’t stop to feel it because of the investment we have in wanting something or someone to be a certain way.

      1. In past relationships, I had a picture of how it would be and so when someone fitted that picture, I was sure I could ‘make’ it work. But often, I had feelings very early on to either do it differently or not go there…and yet because of my picture, I did and created a lot of unnecessary drama and pain for myself and others.

  32. After a lifetime of learning to override what my body tells me, I am now in the process of undoing all that learning. I do feel everything and I can read what is happening but I have spent my entire life not trusting myself and or letting my head and logic run the show. Building trust in myself and my body is the first building block.

  33. I agree Marika. I have experienced a very astute sensitivity since I was young. We know I great deal more then we are willing to admit, I know for a long time I tried to deny what I felt because I felt out of place because no one around me was openly practicing expressing what they were feeling. However in my current life I couldn’t see living in a way which would be void of not feeling. To me it would be living a 2D life if I didn’t give myself permission feel and beware that there is more to life than physicality. It is a very practical tool that allows you to be very astutely aware while being extremely considerate of other people.

  34. A great blog Marika – Thankyou. ‘The thing is we know a lot… so much more than we may be willing to admit or see about the world and ourselves that our body is communicating every day.’ Most of us have spent a lifetime making up a reality (a lie) that is far from the truth that we are all carrying in the body.

  35. It is not only with someone else but also with ourselves that we can notice when there is an incongruence between what we say and what we actually feel to be true; we know exactly the energy we are in if we choose to be aware. As well it is very interesting to be aware of the impulses that come from the mind or the truth inside; while the mind simply talks and argues, truth can only be felt and recognised as being true when we are well connected with our body. I find it very interesting how opposing these two impulses (‘truths’) can be.
    I can say without a doubt that every time I trust my inner knowing and act upon it I feel complete and confident and open to learning.

  36. Reading this blog has made me more aware of the fact that I’ve so many times given my Power away to people making appointments where I already (somehow) felt that it wouldn’t happen. That made me feel dissapointed and not to trust others. Where as now I more and more let the investments go and do not get as dissapointed as before. We know the future and there are no rules or obligations. Control is not needed, it is actually blocking the flow. For somebody who wanted (and still wants at times) to be in control, to dare to let it go is huge. Slowly I’m regaining the only thing that I can only Trust: my feelings!

    1. This is great Floris, by letting go of the investments we can also let go of the disappointment because in truth we always knew the outcome – but by needing something to be a certain way we didn’t allow ourselves to feel it!

  37. What if I trusted that my body can access a level of wisdom my mind cannot? What if I trusted and followed my feelings to the depths that they are calling for? More and more lately I am following those feelings in regards to situations (should I eat that or not) or breaking up the surface of things (questioning if a person is as ‘good’ as their ‘I am anything but good’ tone of voice portrays. Even just feeling those two questions by body is saying ‘yes please!’ where could this go I wonder…Thank you Marika.

  38. Remembering my relationships with my family and my friends during my childhood I can feel the truth of what you say, Marika. It was very obvious that I could feel underneath what was being spoken. It felt very uncomfortable, but no-one seemed to talk about it or explain. So gradually I accepted it as “Normal” and started to fit in with what the rest of humanity does. Now is the time to honour that child’s sensitivity to the energy that is around, and Serge Benhayon offers us the opportunity to reconnect with it again, and live a life of conscious choice of response.

  39. We really do know it all, all of the time, the question I am learning more and more is not whether I know it, but how much am I willing to admit is truly going on both with myself and with society everywhere.

    1. So true Joshua, the question is not “do I know?” but rather what “am I prepared to take notice of ?” I have ignored many situations and feelings in the past to my personal detriment. I have a clear memory around particular events when I actively over rode what I could feel, so I know I can never blame anyone for what happened afterwards, because I had read everything about the situation and acted against that knowing. I have a choice all the time whether to take notice or ignore the energetic information persistently arriving at my door. The most powerful question I have asked myself to date is “why do I want to ignore it?”.

      1. Yes why are we choosing to be ignorant? Is it because it allows us to be less responsible for what we are allowing to happen in life?

    2. Love this Joshua that the question is not whether we know it or not but whether we allow ourselves to feel what we know. We cannot actually stop feeling energy we can only distract our attention away from the fact.

      1. Well said Andrew. Distraction by choosing to remain ignorant to what is truly going on when we all know what is truly going on we just do not want to own the responsibility it would mean to claim the truth of it.

  40. It feels to me like use of the word energy has been hijacked, even bastardised to mean something otherworldly or spiritual and false, when in fact energy is real and belongs in everything we see, touch smell and sense in all aspects of our being and every part of life. It would be a marvellous advance for society were we to consider the scientific facts of what energy is and take our life forward from there, then we might just be able to live in an advanced manner, rather than just believing thus to be so.

    1. Yes, Stephen G, I so look forward to the day that it is accepted that energy is accepted as real and as you say “belongs in everything we see, touch smell and sense in all aspects of our being and every part of life.” What a different world we could eventually develop when we come to truly accept this and live from that understanding.

    2. This is so true Stephen, ‘the word energy has been hijacked, even bastardised to mean something otherworldly or spiritual and false, when in fact energy is real and belongs in everything we see, touch smell and sense’, Everything is energy and yet it is rarely spoken about in society in general, apart from in the spiritual new age circles.

  41. A well described blog Marika, thank you. More often children say and confirm the truth of what an adult may feel but do not claim, and this is also a clear indication how 1) we are born with feeling and reading energy, and 2) how as we move into adulthood, the connection to this reduces by the many ideal and beliefs we adopt. Can’t deny that hey!

      1. Yes Marika, there is no doubting a child’s honesty which can often feel awkward for the parent but those moments of truth cut through so much foggy ness and even if they make another feel uneasy they leave the situation feeling far lighter than the moment with the niceties or the lies.

    1. Yes, johannebrown17, I agree, as they say, “out of the mouths of babes come truth”. Young children know the truth and how confusing it is for them when adults do not confirm that truth.

      1. Yes Beverley, It is very confusing for children to feel the conflicting energy in the words said to them. They can feel everything – a word spoken may mean one thing, but the energy it is delivered in illustrates a completely different scenario.

      2. Yes, and how confronting it is for some adults to be around children for this very reason.The discomfort on the adults part is resisting wanting to see how far they’ve left their truth and how they miss themselves – I speak for myself!

  42. I was very much locked up in my head so that I wouldn’t need to feel any of the hurts I was swamped in. It was an escape from the momentum of my choices, which never really let up until I started to make different choices based on self love and love of humanity. I know that being in my head was a kind of medication. That way I could do all sorts of things with my body and not feel the devastating effects they were having. Having said that, I know that I still had this small voice that I would sometimes listen to when something didn’t feel true. Now that I have a more lived knowing that we live in a pool of energy, it makes so much sense that we can feel everything that going on around us. As my innate ability to feel energy re-develops, I am reminded of my divine origins and the magic that we are all part of.

    1. I so agree with you Jinya, I too was one who went into the head, played out lots of scenarios and in effect almost dropped out of the real world. It was like being in a dream world, imagining how it was, or how it could be. I just did not feel that I fitted into this world that I was born in, so I escaped into my head. It is no wonder I did that, I obviously knew the truth when I was very young, and with none of the grown ups supporting my knowing, I was left feeling so lonely. And yet, as you share, I was aware at times of that small voice within, which left me feeling so confused at times, I knew in my heart that things were not true. I am so grateful to Serge Benhayon who has made me aware of the fact that I was feeling the energy of the truth when I was hearing that small voice within.

  43. I love this post about energy. “Energy has no walls, no borders, it just is.” We ignore the truth about energy at our peril. “Perhaps it is as simple as giving ourselves permission to acknowledge and trust what we feel in our body – knowing that this will support us to re-connect to the deep well of wisdom that is within us all.” Yes indeed.

  44. Thank-you for you awesome sharing Marika, your words here, say it so well. As I continue to give myself permission to stop overriding and dismissing what I feel, listening to the wisdom of my body, I am enriched by what life unfolds before me. And in these moments of wisdom I am reminded that our body knows more than our minds can think!

    1. Considering our whole education system is built around how much our minds can think or recall it shows we are certainly missing out on the real wisdom each and everyone of us knows if we truly listen to our body. Likewise the more I allow myself to listen to my body the simpler life becomes.

      1. Well said David and simplicity is something I absolutely treasure and appreciate. When life starts to get complex I know I am being led from my mind and not my body.

  45. Once I would not have believed that our body knows more than our minds, and for me the ‘jury was out’ when Serge Benhayon put forth this concept. Then things began to change when more and more scientific evidence came through that began to show what Serge said to be true. In parallel with this, I was committed to increasing my own sensitivity to truth, and lo and behold, discovered that my body does indeed access more knowledge than my mind, and far more quickly and accurately too.

    1. Very gorgeously shared Dianne – what a huge revelation this is – and something you show so profoundly and completely.

    2. We are so ingrained that it is our brain that runs everything, that to grasp the concept that it is our bodies that are telling us the truth, is a bit hard to fathom- that is until we actually feel that this is true. Sometimes the feeling in our body is very subtle and quickly is overridden by mind talk negating it. The more connected I am the louder my body talks.

  46. These are wise words “Our body knows more than our minds can think”. A great reminder Marika that no matter what we say and do, the truth of it is always felt in the body.

  47. It is uncanny the accuracy of what the body feels versus what we so often say from our heads. And there are times when I feel to do something for no reason at all, and (if I follow it) later it becomes remarkably apparent that there was a purpose for it to happen when clearly I had no idea in my head what was going to happen.

    1. Cool you have shared this Dean. The intelligence in our body is far greater than that in our head. The innate knowing versus the “trying to work it out”.

    2. I have had similar experiences Dean – having followed what I am impulsed to do by my body only to find that they correlate to something with another person somewhere else entirely – it feels like it’s about letting go of control and allowing ourselves to feel what is being communicated to us by our bodies.

      1. It’s a great feeling Michael and it’s at those times that I feel like I am in direct touch with a greater power… life becomes so full and rich and I feel safe and that everything is completely how it is supposed to be.

    3. So true Dean. Something similar happened to me last week. The evidence before my eyes suggested I do one thing, my feelings told me to do something different. I went with my feelings and five days later received a surprise gift (magic of God) that confirmed the accuracy of my intuition.

      1. Absolutely Dean – I love that as you point out when we do this there is a feeling of safety as all is taken care of for us in being with our natural impulses from our body. It is our minds which get in the way and cause doubt through trying to ‘know’ what to do and what is going to happen.

  48. What you have written here Marika is so true, ‘We know when someone is not ok or not themselves without them needing to tell us.’ Your blog really highlights for me how much I am aware of, after years of feeling what was going on around me and going into anxiousness rather than speaking up when something did not feel right, I am now learning to express what I am feeling.

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