We Know More Than We Think…

Before meeting Serge Benhayon I had always noticed that there was often two conversations going on when I was listening to someone talk…

  1. The words that I heard coming out of their mouth.
  2. The truth of what I felt in my body.

I noticed there was often incongruence between the two and it wasn’t until I started studying with Universal Medicine and understanding energy that I could fully claim the truth of what I had observed and felt for all those years.

Back then I didn’t understand it as energy or would not have called it this – I just knew what I felt. You know that feeling in the body that you can so easily override with the mind? I realised I had been dismissing these feelings and not acknowledging the truth of what my body was sharing with me. There is such a deep well of wisdom and knowing in our body that is being communicated in every moment, and an absolute gift, should we choose to listen to it. Finally I could now bring understanding to where this second conversation was coming from and know that it was very real and not something I imagined.

There are many occasions when I have felt that what comes out of people’s mouths is not true, but what is felt in energy is always the truth. Most people appear to be unaware of this and though they are not intentionally lying, they often say what they think others want to hear or what they think they need to say… but their body and energy communicates the truth of what actually is.

Sometimes you just know about something – nothing has been said – but you can’t deny the deep feeling of knowing. For example, when a friend says they will come to dinner, but the way that they say yes tells you that they are not going to be there. The words are heard as a YES, but the intent behind the words is felt as a NO. Of course, what inevitably follows is a text or a message to say that they can’t make it to dinner.

Or when you get the feeling that someone has just spoken about you – and they come into your thoughts.

Or when you meet someone and even though they may not admit or express it in words, you know there is an attraction and that they really dig you.

And just to be clear, I am not talking about reading a situation based on what we personally would like to project or how we would like to see it. I am talking about that inner truth that we can connect to deep inside… that inner knowing that is unwavering and absolute from the body.

The truth is…

  • We know energy.
  • We know that everything is energy.
  • We know when someone is not ok or not themselves without them needing to tell us.
  • We know when someone is jealous of us.
  • We know when someone has judged us.
  • We know what’s going on with another even when they may be on the other side of the world.
  • We know when someone fancies us.
  • We know when someone is genuine.
  • We know when someone is speaking from the heart.
  • We know truth.
  • We know true love.

We know because we know energy from the inside out.

We know that when Einstein said “everything is energy”, it was true. We do not need eyes to visually see it, because energy is felt.

Energy has no walls, no borders, it just is.

We know, because we are amazing beings of energy!

But what do we do with this knowing? Do we listen to our bodies and honour what we feel?

Or do we go into self-doubt, numb ourselves or check-out so that we don’t have to feel and see all of this, or deal with the realities of life?

The thing is we know a lot… so much more than we may be willing to admit or see about the world and ourselves that our body is communicating every day.

Perhaps it is as simple as giving ourselves permission to acknowledge and trust what we feel in our body – knowing that this will support us to re-connect to the deep well of wisdom that is within us all.

As I continue to give myself permission to stop overriding and dismissing what I feel, listening to the wisdom of my body, I am enriched by what life unfolds before me. And in these moments of wisdom I am reminded that our body knows more than our minds can think!

Forever inspired by Serge Benhayon, Universal Medicine and the Ancient Wisdom teachings.

By Marika Cominos (BBA), Yoga & Complementary Therapies Practitioner

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1,226 thoughts on “We Know More Than We Think…

  1. Our body and its movements will always reflect the truth of the quality of energy that is fuelling it. When we are willing to deepen our honouring of all we do actually and naturally feel, so too our awareness of knowing what energy is truly being communicated through any body deepens and becomes clearer.

  2. When we start reading energy first, life becomes so much easier. You know exactly what to do, for example at work. Thinking through complex new business strategies? Not necessary anymore. I am convinced that many great business leaders trust on this ability to know energetically what has to be done first. We call that intuition.

  3. It is interesting how much we use our mind to override and dismiss the feelings from our body yet if we acknowledged the truth of what our body is communicating we would empower ourselves to open our awareness and be able to discern with clarity the situations we face so naturally know how to respond. I have come to appreciate the importance of acknowledging the first feeling from my body as this is the truth that the body communicates and responds to.

  4. In our minds we can think anything but our bodies always tell what is truly going on. That is why it is so great to feel our bodies first and not listen to our heads alone.

  5. “The thing is we know a lot… so much more than we may be willing to admit or see about the world and ourselves that our body is communicating every day.” we can be so caught up in our minds that we separate ourselves from our bodies and the divine intelligence that lives within, though at times we choose the energy of the mind, our body still is continuing to communicate to us, at anytime we can choose to listen.

  6. We indeed know so much more.. We have played so small in comparison to the depth of love we know. You only have to look at a baby and see that true love, in the depth that we know, exists. And no matter how far we have gone, this love is instant within us.

  7. The more we confirm that we know all, the more we start to live by all that we know. We start to feel how provided for we truly are, for each moment is offered and waiting for us just to say yes.

  8. Marika, I love how you highlight in your blog the importance of heeding the wisdom of our body as opposed to the heartless knowledge of the mind. The difference being one will lead to living a harmonious life, the other to living a very disharmonious life. The choice is ours as to which one we choose.

  9. It makes life so much easier when we are honest and admit we do know so much, we do know the answers to our problems or issues, we do know when something does not feel right, we all can feel when someone is lying, but it is what we do with this awareness? Mostly we over-ride it, but it is life changing when we begin claiming our awareness and our innate knowing, in other words our clairsentience.

  10. ‘Perhaps it is as simple as giving ourselves permission to acknowledge and trust what we feel in our body – knowing that this will support us to re-connect to the deep well of wisdom that is within us all’. It is that simple.

  11. ” I am reminded that our body knows more than our minds can think! ”
    This is so true for the thinking mind cannot take account of the whole but the body can.

  12. The ability to read energy is one of our greatest tools in life, it’s when we just look at the human aspect or the physical world and don’t consider that there is always an energy moving us, that we get into trouble.

  13. Our bodies are forever communicating with us aren’t they?! I wonder where we managed to stop listening and I say ‘we’ on purpose because the rates of illness, disease, depression, obesity, suicide all tell their own story of how far off track we have gone. The way we are living is not loving us back so to step back and ask ourselves if we are listening to the most honest connection we have, that with our body, and if we are honouring what it is sharing with us might be a good place to start to rebuild.

  14. When we express from this “deep well of wisdom” that is naturally ours, we are expressing from the whole of our body and the truth is deeply felt by others. In stark contrast when we simply speak from our mind, from the knowledge we have acquired and the beliefs we have taken on, it is obvious there is no connection to the body at all. How amazing it would be to support our young ones to stay connected to their innate wisdom so as they grow the intelligence of their body is what they listen to and live by.

  15. Why do we call it knowing (no-ing) it should be called yessing because when we say yes to our knowing our whole life is transformed. Maybe it is called knowing because so few of us say yes to it so the bigger question is if we already know everything why do we avoid saying yes to that!

    1. So true Nicola. Everything is already there, all the answers, the only thing we have to do is lift our blocks to receiving it.

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