We Know More Than We Think…

Before meeting Serge Benhayon I had always noticed that there was often two conversations going on when I was listening to someone talk…

  1. The words that I heard coming out of their mouth.
  2. The truth of what I felt in my body.

I noticed there was often incongruence between the two and it wasn’t until I started studying with Universal Medicine and understanding energy that I could fully claim the truth of what I had observed and felt for all those years.

Back then I didn’t understand it as energy or would not have called it this – I just knew what I felt. You know that feeling in the body that you can so easily override with the mind? I realised I had been dismissing these feelings and not acknowledging the truth of what my body was sharing with me. There is such a deep well of wisdom and knowing in our body that is being communicated in every moment, and an absolute gift, should we choose to listen to it. Finally I could now bring understanding to where this second conversation was coming from and know that it was very real and not something I imagined.

There are many occasions when I have felt that what comes out of people’s mouths is not true, but what is felt in energy is always the truth. Most people appear to be unaware of this and though they are not intentionally lying, they often say what they think others want to hear or what they think they need to say… but their body and energy communicates the truth of what actually is.

Sometimes you just know about something – nothing has been said – but you can’t deny the deep feeling of knowing. For example, when a friend says they will come to dinner, but the way that they say yes tells you that they are not going to be there. The words are heard as a YES, but the intent behind the words is felt as a NO. Of course, what inevitably follows is a text or a message to say that they can’t make it to dinner.

Or when you get the feeling that someone has just spoken about you – and they come into your thoughts.

Or when you meet someone and even though they may not admit or express it in words, you know there is an attraction and that they really dig you.

And just to be clear, I am not talking about reading a situation based on what we personally would like to project or how we would like to see it. I am talking about that inner truth that we can connect to deep inside… that inner knowing that is unwavering and absolute from the body.

The truth is…

  • We know energy.
  • We know that everything is energy.
  • We know when someone is not ok or not themselves without them needing to tell us.
  • We know when someone is jealous of us.
  • We know when someone has judged us.
  • We know what’s going on with another even when they may be on the other side of the world.
  • We know when someone fancies us.
  • We know when someone is genuine.
  • We know when someone is speaking from the heart.
  • We know truth.
  • We know true love.

We know because we know energy from the inside out.

We know that when Einstein said “everything is energy”, it was true. We do not need eyes to visually see it, because energy is felt.

Energy has no walls, no borders, it just is.

We know, because we are amazing beings of energy!

But what do we do with this knowing? Do we listen to our bodies and honour what we feel?

Or do we go into self-doubt, numb ourselves or check-out so that we don’t have to feel and see all of this, or deal with the realities of life?

The thing is we know a lot… so much more than we may be willing to admit or see about the world and ourselves that our body is communicating every day.

Perhaps it is as simple as giving ourselves permission to acknowledge and trust what we feel in our body – knowing that this will support us to re-connect to the deep well of wisdom that is within us all.

As I continue to give myself permission to stop overriding and dismissing what I feel, listening to the wisdom of my body, I am enriched by what life unfolds before me. And in these moments of wisdom I am reminded that our body knows more than our minds can think!

Forever inspired by Serge Benhayon, Universal Medicine and the Ancient Wisdom teachings.

By Marika Cominos (BBA), Yoga & Complementary Therapies Practitioner

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1,187 thoughts on “We Know More Than We Think…

  1. For me, it is self-doubt and judgment that often interferes with my knowingness. What I am learning to put into practice is that I don’t have to prove myself to be right, but I can support myself by allowing everything I feel to be there – good and bad.

      1. I can relate to this so well Fumiyo and Nicola you are so correct with what you say – putting that into practice makes such a difference.

  2. The more I simply love, the more I feel, understand and accept. It is a beautiful process that has opened my heart to life and people, it also brings a steadiness that undoubtedly supports others. So much can be revealed for what it is and no longer do we have to ‘play our parts’, we are given the freedom to choose to halt our act and begin to live the reality that we are.

  3. I have come to realise that there is a big difference between thinking and knowing. Thinking comes from my mind and is based on my intellect and memory and past experiences. Knowing comes from my body and gives me a much broader and deeper sense of what is occurring and why and a much greater understanding and wisdom that my mind has never been able to match.

  4. It must be so confusing for children growing up feeling the truth yet also witnessing the other version which is presented or spoken differently to what they sense. It would present an ongoing conflict to either toe the line with what’s false or stay with how they feel. This would place a lot of pressure or stress on children (and adults) by not being transparent and true in what we share and express.

  5. I agree Marika “our body and energy communicates the truth of what actually is.” Being willing to listen and trust what our body is communicating allows us to build our awareness and connect to our inner knowing that supports and guides us to know how to take responsibility and respond to life.

  6. The truth is felt in the body but sometimes is ignored or translated incorrectly by the mind that often has it’s own agenda and we are all too willing to comply with. If we allow for an intelligence in the body and live from the inside out listening and moving with the body’s wisdom there is a grace and flow and a spaciousness to life.

  7. Thank you for sharing such a confirming blog. While I was reading two people entered my head, two people that I have known have been talking about me, jealousy of me, judging me yet there has been many times when I have reacted to the energy and what I have been feeling instead of observing as it is. As I get an increased awareness of what is being imposed upon me the doubt leaves, an understanding arises and I am left reflecting on how this plays out within me and in my life.

  8. Very true “But what do we do with this knowing? Do we listen to our bodies and honour what we feel?”. This is a great question, I have pockets of my life still where I don’t follow the simple path of listening to my body and what I sense and it always ends up creating difficulties.

  9. It is those incongruences between what people say and what they really feel that is so confusing for children who are still in their full clairsentience. And the adults then telling them that they are wrong about what they felt instils further doubt and in the end, successfully undermines the continued use of this ability to feel energy all of the time – which we all have, by the way.

  10. A very confirming blog about energy and what is always there to feel. It is amazing to honour this each time and express either outwardly or nominating inwardly what is felt.
    This is a conversation I always love to talk about – the truth of what is really going on. It is especially power-full to communicate honestly what is going on for you and how you feel and know that before reading another.

  11. Our bodies do indeed know more than our minds can think … and in our world today it’s relatively easy to forget that, but our bodies speak loudly and clearly and let us know they know. It’s learning to accept what our bodies offer us and to let go our ideas of how things should be, to surrender in other words and truly honour the wisdom of the body.

  12. Receiving and responding to life through what we feel in the body is a far more enriching experience then living life from thought and action/reaction.

  13. How more are I am opening up to feel all what is going on and read the energies at play behind the words or action how more playful I can go through life. As there is no judgement when we truly read what is going on, we just observe and that feels very powerful. We start to see through the games being played out.

  14. There is much that we learn from being truly connected with ourselves, because we feel the truth of what is being said, and the vibration that we feel – tells us more than the words someone says.

  15. I have experienced this over the week, where my son was being referred to a specialist we had seen before, that we had both felt not to go to. I could have gone into, and the thought did pop in for a split second, am I making more work for the clinic to find another specialist, am I making a big deal out of nothing…. but that is just the mind. When I allowed the body to feel and answer back it was an absolute claimed no and from there everything has flowed and the most gorgeous genuine support from the clinic to find another specialist has developed. We absolutely do know more than we think.

  16. It is that simple – “Perhaps it is as simple as giving ourselves permission to acknowledge and trust what we feel in our body” – but sometimes I make it way more complicated.

    1. I can relate to what you’ve shared Sarah, I too can make things complicated because I am avoiding accepting the truth and love on offer.

  17. We shy away from knowing the truth because it can at times feel more painful that the lie we are choosing to go along with. But ultimately it doesn’t work in our favour to do so. Being open to reading everything as we can all so easily do, is the ticket to life. Discerning what is true and what isn’t, brings everything back to simplicity.

  18. To be playful here with words, maybe it is not just that ‘our body knows more than our minds can think’ but that when we think less we know so much more because we listen to what the body feels and knows without any effort.

  19. Often when someone says something to me, that I feel is not what they actually mean, I go “true story?”. And often I am met with a smile and a sense of relief, and they share what they actually wanted to share.

  20. There is a time of day when the kids come home from school where I want to numb myself and check out. I do know because I notice that my movements start to change as it gets closer to picking them up. I also know that it is not about blame but taking responsibility for what is going on and not going into reaction but a commitment to staying with myself and dealing with what is coming up for me without going into protection and hardness because of an awareness beginning to surface of my responsibility to the all as a parent.

  21. This is a great line, ‘Energy has no walls, no borders, it just is.’ and often we think we can hide the truth with words but when we learn to read energy everything is exposed.

  22. Yes we know energy inside out and we know so much more that we acknowledge to ourselves. It is a bit like the King has no clothes on story – once someone expresses the obvious we all know it becomes a lot harder to deny it. Why we choose to deny what we know is another story but we know that too!

  23. To observe truly what is going on with someone, and rather than react to their words, respond to what is really being said (behind the scenes of the words) offers a freedom in day to day relationships that is foundational to an ever developing love.

  24. It is very easy to feel what another is expressing and often what they are saying does not match up with what can be felt. A simple example is when someone says they are going great but they don’t feel great. Without appreciating what we are feeling we can easily be led by what is spoken.

  25. It’s like a battle between the body and the mind – the mind can hear words, want to believe them and try to make sense of things. The body reads energy, feels the bigger picture and knows what is true. The two can come up against each other as often they don’t match.

  26. How many times have we heard it said that, ‘I am not going to be like my parents,’ yet in most cases end up repeating their patterns? The greatest pattern that is repeated, however, is not honouring our feelings and in particular those of our children and supporting in them their inner knowing.

  27. I loved what you have shared here Marika , something i need to remind my self that my body is feeling everything even though at times I am choosing to not feel the energy . To be aware of energy or not be aware of energy is just a choice it is matter of staying connected to my body and trusting what it is feeling.

  28. This is so true, we do pick up on all of this and so much is communicated in our movements and actions and often we notice it but don’t pay it much attention. We may also go into a reaction based on this without even consciously being aware of what has played out. I enjoyed reading this as in it I could feel that we all know this.

  29. If I find myself spending too much time thinking something through, I know its time to stop, let go and allow myself some space. The answer always comes, and I always know its right because my whole body feels right with the decision.

  30. When we read life and people we can observe what is going on without being attached to any pictures, we can’t take anything personally or react because we have felt the truth in that moment.

  31. Starting with ourselves and the connection to our own body we have an opportunity to live congruently between what we say and how we truly feel.

  32. Feeling the truth in energy and the huge difference between knowing and thinking is deeply felt by our body. Learning to deepen our awareness and connection builds trust to know the truth from our inner knowing and not to override what we are feeling by going into our mind to analyse something.

  33. It is so important … Indeed it is absolutely essential for us to know the difference between knowing and thinking… This should be 101 in all education systems. The fact that it is not is indeed a reflection on all our societies.

  34. Looking at your list of what the truth is, I was struck that we absolutely know these things but we don’t really talk about that we do know these things and that we do know energy. Nor do we really examine our relationship with this knowing. I thank God for Serge Benhayon for bringing these conversations into our daily lives, and for exploring the fact that “if everything is energy, therefore, everything is BECAUSE of energy”. Serge Benhayon, Esoteric Teachings & Revelations, p.200.

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