Smiling from Our Hearts

Recently I read on the Truth about Serge Benhayon website, a lovely blog about smiling written by Carmel Reid. When I finished reading it, it inspired me to ponder on and feel deeply into – “where does a smile come from?”

From the moment we are born, our loved ones can be trying to get a smile from us, with tickles, funny faces and noises, all designed to prompt us to get the response they are seeking. As we grow up, our smiles can become polite responses to adults that, as children, we may not feel we want to smile at but do so, as it is a sign of good manners.

All of this is training for us to respond on cue, to curl our lips up on demand, and our smiles become like a paint splash –– two dimensional! I began to ponder on “where does our true smile come from?”

Could a true smile be based on a loving connection with ourselves and with another?

Does a true smile come from our Inner Hearts?

I realised that a true smile does come from our inner hearts.

A true smile starts deep within our inner heart and can bubble up to the surface, bursting forth from our whole bodies. It is reflected in the radiance of our face and mouth.

Imagine receiving such a smile; the warmth and embrace it offers.

A true smile is an opening, saying “I’m here with you and love and accept 100% everything that is happening in this moment. There is no greater moment than what we share right now.”

The giving and receiving of a true smile is an opportunity for two beings to share an intimacy that transcends ideals, beliefs, limitations, hurts and expectations. This smile and this moment carry no imposition. We are then totally free and unencumbered to allow the next moment to be exactly what is there to be lived as the current moment doesn’t bind or linger out of a need for more, because all was felt and complete right there, in that moment.

All this comes from an awareness of where a true smile comes from.

With continuous appreciation for all that Serge Benhayon lives.

With appreciation and thanks to Carmel Reid for her inspiration from her blog Appreciation and a True Smile Back.

By Sandra Williamson, Hairdresser, Brisbane, Australia

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942 thoughts on “Smiling from Our Hearts

  1. Interesting to clock how a smile can be used in vein, with an agenda or need for a certain outcome. This is, of course, a learnt behaviour and one that is used in favour of want to please others, for sympathy, or to make someone feel better about their choices.

  2. A true smile emanating from our heart, shares fully who we truly are and is felt by another, without the need of any other form of communication.

  3. There is a coldness and disconnection that comes from a smile that is a physically controlled response that suits an agenda, void of any warmth or radiance… compared to a true smile that is contagious when authentic, for it comes from a connection within and naturally ignites in another a feeling of happiness or joy in response to the connection it offers.

  4. “I realised that a true smile does come from our inner hearts..” very true Sandra. A forced smile feels cold and is a lie. The ‘say cheese’ that some amateur photographers ask for shows this in the finished developed photo. I prefer to catch a natural photo of someone, rather than the fixed portrait or group shot, when people don’t feel natural or at ease in themselves, for the most part.

  5. This is such a simple and powerful blog that is showing us all the magnitude of an act we can so easily take for granted in our daily lives. I have just stopped to appreciate how often others will comment on my smile and the myriad of images and thoughts that then go rushing through my head – it must be my straight teeth they like or the bright lipstick I wear -never realising that the smile radiates what comes from the inside out. Thank you Sandra for noting the small stuff which is truly the BIG STUFF we all can offer each other.

  6. A true smile is an opening, saying “I’m here with you and love and accept 100% everything that is happening in this moment. There is no greater moment than what we share right now.” I love this prespective and deep insight into the meaning of a true smile….

  7. It is interesting how we the adults are often so keen (or even desperate) to win a smile from a baby. That purity that judges no one, and it feels as though in its smile we are seeking a seal of approval, like we so want someone of absolute purity to validate us to feel that we are in truth enough.

  8. I find it very interesting to watch videos and photos of myself and how my face is particularly my smile. It says a lot about how I feel about myself and what is happening for me at that moment.

  9. A smile is a movement like many other movements we make in our day e.g walking and it has occurred to me recently that there is usually a point in our lives where we stop moving as who we really are and start moving in a different way to please others or fit in. This places enormous strain on our bodies and a lot of exhaustion and anxiety.

  10. A true smile has nothing to do with being nice or putting on an asked for front, it comes from the whole body and from appreciation and acceptance.

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