Smiling from Our Hearts

Recently I read on the Truth about Serge Benhayon website, a lovely blog about smiling written by Carmel Reid. When I finished reading it, it inspired me to ponder on and feel deeply into – “where does a smile come from?”

From the moment we are born, our loved ones can be trying to get a smile from us, with tickles, funny faces and noises, all designed to prompt us to get the response they are seeking. As we grow up, our smiles can become polite responses to adults that, as children, we may not feel we want to smile at but do so, as it is a sign of good manners.

All of this is training for us to respond on cue, to curl our lips up on demand, and our smiles become like a paint splash –– two dimensional! I began to ponder on “where does our true smile come from?”

Could a true smile be based on a loving connection with ourselves and with another?

Does a true smile come from our Inner Hearts?

I realised that a true smile does come from our inner hearts.

A true smile starts deep within our inner heart and can bubble up to the surface, bursting forth from our whole bodies. It is reflected in the radiance of our face and mouth.

Imagine receiving such a smile; the warmth and embrace it offers.

A true smile is an opening, saying “I’m here with you and love and accept 100% everything that is happening in this moment. There is no greater moment than what we share right now.”

The giving and receiving of a true smile is an opportunity for two beings to share an intimacy that transcends ideals, beliefs, limitations, hurts and expectations. This smile and this moment carry no imposition. We are then totally free and unencumbered to allow the next moment to be exactly what is there to be lived as the current moment doesn’t bind or linger out of a need for more, because all was felt and complete right there, in that moment.

All this comes from an awareness of where a true smile comes from.

With continuous appreciation for all that Serge Benhayon lives.

With appreciation and thanks to Carmel Reid for her inspiration from her blog Appreciation and a True Smile Back.

By Sandra Williamson, Hairdresser, Brisbane, Australia

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998 thoughts on “Smiling from Our Hearts

  1. I love that inner smile, where something occurs inside and you can practically feel the joy coming up through the body and your face has no choice but to smile in response to that feeling. Its a whole body experience and not some 2D face painting that can so often be the case.

  2. As a previous expert on the “cover up smile”, I would use it masterfully to hide anything about how I was. It was a big cheesy grin, that when I now look back my smile simply looked put on. Where did that smile come from? Certainly not deep within. Now when I smile, there is no need to cover up, no need for attention. It is simply a genuine smile that says “I’m smiling because of how I feel within.

  3. It is such a beautiful moment when true smiles are exchanged, in that moment we feel the joy of our deep connection and the oneness that we share with each other.

  4. Thank you Sandra, it’s true that a smile can transcend any of the commonly held divisions we make with other human beings. It’s an opportunity to simply share from one essence to another all the beauty, love and joy we are.

  5. A smile from our hearts is simply a smile that comes from every particle of our being unhindered by any need for recognition or perfection. There is no trying and no effort needed, just an allowing of our unique and very natural expression to be expressed to another in a way that wraps them up in a loving embrace.

  6. And there is a huge difference between a nervous laugh and a laugh that comes from our heart or our belly so to speak.

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