Where the Eagles Fly

Today I was gazing outside my window while talking on the phone to a friend. We were talking about a project we had just been working on together and I spoke up for what I sensed were the reasons for some things not going quite so well. I addressed my observations of others, and myself.

Right after I had finished expressing in full I saw an eagle outside, flying from one tree to another. To me he was absolute perfection and beauty with his wide spread wings. Right after him two crows came out of the tree, attacking him in flight. He only just made it to the other tree – then the crows veered away.

To me this was a teaching from heaven, a reflection for me to contemplate. I know that I am a person holding back my truth, what I truly feel or see, because I am afraid of being attacked for expressing that truth. I do not usually spread my wings wide and express myself in full. However, that morning on the phone, I did so, one hundred percent.

And the gift to me was to understand that when I spread my wings and show myself in full, I might get attacked and it can seem very dangerous, but I can make it “to the other tree.” I am strong enough to keep flying and the attackers will disappear.

If the eagle had let the crows disturb his wing beat, he would never have made it. He simply kept on moving his wings. I saw this as a confirmation in understanding that it is essential to stay focussed and not get distracted or involved with any attacks… to focus and move on.

The starting point to this is first appreciating myself for who I am and accepting that my truth is worth claiming. Claiming my truth is claiming my rhythm – just like the beat of the eagle’s wings. Not getting caught up in battles with others, or battles within, like self doubt or negative thoughts (which in my eyes have the same power as attacks from others), will support me to find, and keep, my wings beating… and furthermore, allow me to fly, observing the world, able to go from A to B with all of me, no matter what comes my way.

I feel joyful to say that I have found true reflection for what I have ever felt to be truth in the teachings of Serge Benhayon. He stands up for what I can sense is truth but still keep holding back. And I feel blessed to have regained the ability to read life from my inner heart, to open up for life and people: learning to fly again.

Inspired by Serge Benhayon to reconnect to this wisdom and the ability to read from my inner heart.

By Christina Hecke, Actress, Berlin, Germany

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1,195 thoughts on “Where the Eagles Fly

  1. When we hold our-self in respect and decency then we are starting to be like the eagle and not be affected by those who would want to make us feel lesser that the true Love we all are. Flying from the inner-heart is like a rocket ship to the stars, which is taking us home to the Love we come from.

  2. It’s absolutely amazing and miraculous to read this blog right now. I have been seriously attacked just recently and aware of the fact of the distraction and self-doubt playing out when I’m claiming me more than I have ever had. Thank you God for the support around me that I must trust, and more than ever trusting me for where I am at right now and to continually stay focused!

    1. This is so true Christine, I often ponder on how many messages we miss when we are not open to receiving the magic of God.

  3. It’s like we are in trenches, in the First World War. Huddled together we shiver and shake and contemplate popping our head above the precipice – what if we get hit by enemy fire? We sweat for hours only to finally venture out of the ditch to discover that there is no enemy at all, no guns, no bomb, just daylight and clouds. Your words Christina remind me that when we understand the way life truly is, there is no weapon we should fear, no war we need to fight, just a Love to be totally claimed and lived.

  4. I love that we are constantly receiving messages from God – those divine reflections from nature, the words on the side of a lorry, the so-called coincidences that are not really this but very clear and deliberate opportunities for us to evolve. It is for us to then read them and receive the blessing they offer.

  5. Beautiful blog Christina, you are inspiring me to express truth more and more. At the moment, I often fall into the habit of holding back expressing truth purely for the fear of being attacked. My age-old habit is something I am working on letting go and learning to express truth no matter what.

  6. I’ve heard many people talk about ‘being all of me’. It seemed odd at first, after all how could you be anybody else? But then I had to reflect that when you do any act, pick up a chair or move to the kitchen, you can do it in a ‘normal’ casual way or you can bring all of your attention to what it is you do, and go deeper with every step that you take, embracing and enjoying every move. And so we can see that our everyday ‘normal’ may not be so healthy at all but selling ourselves short in the most profound way. Why settle for going through the motions when you can live with the grace of God? Thank you Christina for spreading your wings and encouraging us all to go for it the whole way.

    1. Beautiful and powerful what you’ve shared Joseph. I am beginning to understand the depth of love and power that is constantly available for us all to connect ourselves and to God via the quality of our movements.

  7. A powerful reflection of the magic of God to confirm your opening your wings to fly and express all of you and not to be distracted by those who may try to send you off-course.

  8. If you watch an eagle when smaller or other birds like crows try and disturb them for the most they just keep flying and don’t even miss a beat. I always laugh as the eagle continues as if there is nothing going on even though they are fully aware of what is going on. It’s a great message in among all of this, that no matter what is happening on the outside stay true to what you feel on the inside and where you are headed. The moment you change course because of something you perceive is coming at you then you have been effected and the course is no longer true to you.

  9. Yes, when we really connect to the fact that we have it all and actually don’t have to be anything but ourselves, we can easily walk through life unscathed. We take on all the rubbish around us when we settle for the idea that we are not enough.

  10. Thank you Christina… Yes, expressing our truth can really be a big step when we are not used to it. But it really is like so many things, once you start and are in the flow of it, anything else feels unnatural

  11. Nature inspires us out of disharmony if we are willing to appreciate its reflection. Why do we remain stubborn when nature keeps showing us another far more harmonious way?

  12. Christina how amazing to feel and appreciate the magic of God that is all around us, its these signs, this guidance from God that is deeply confirming.

  13. Thank you, Christina, the key is to not be distracted away from your path of truth – and also allow to see that the opposite force will try its best to hook you in and get you off track. To keep the purpose and the commitment to love and truth – is the one that keeps us straight in cycle with the path. Only we can let ourselves be distracted through our openings. The more we seal the openings – the less we will be touched by opposite force (evil).

  14. Christina I love the timelessness of this blog. For ever relevant to all. Be the love that you are and nothing can touch you, for the power of love knows it is far greater than anything that attempts to prove otherwise.

  15. “It is essential to stay focussed and not get distracted or involved with any attacks… to focus and move on.” When I read this line several times I got a deeper understanding of what the so called attacks try to do to us. as these try to distract you from you focus so you lose the purpose in life. And that to me may be the root cause of all our problems we have in our relationships and in our societies that instead of supportong one another in finding our true way in life we tend to attack and keep each other small, not allowing people to evolve and grow to the potential we all carry within and have a strong connection with.

  16. And even if we don’t make it to the other tree, we are held regardless by something far grander that transcends the physical holding on. Initiates of the past let themselves be slain as they stood up for truth, knowing they would simply return in a new incarnation and do it all again. I’m still very much attached to ‘this’ life, to knowing I have something that I can hold on to – a security base. But I know there is more to go and more to let go of – and that ultimately, when we do make that unwavering commitment to standing up for what is true, no matter what, we have God’s grace holding us always, regardless of what may happen in the temporal, physical sense.

  17. This blog resonates deeply with me. There has been many a time when what I have felt to do has gone against the majority opinion. I know that sometimes we have to go with what the majority wants, but when I have caved, without expressing fully what I feel, it has left me feeling compromised. I am growing to see the importance of staying true to my values, even If I am a lone voice.

  18. Gosh, I love this sharing. It is so true, never focus or give your energy to that which brings you down but stay with your purpose and keep your focus on this.

  19. Appreciation allows us to know who we truly are and that there is a bigger plan at play where the more we claim our power through true movement the more the retaliation is that comes back to stop us from expressing truth, knowing this then supports us to live with purpose and express all of who we are as it is only then that we will once again return to our divine origin we separated from.

    1. Knowing that this life here on earth is actually not it- knowing everything about it and being in it, but having as a purpose to reflect and live that the biggest goal to have is to leave this kind of creation, that keeps us in security and dependency with no expansion and true evolution whatsoever.

  20. So many of us can relate to what you have shared here Christina… the holding back for fear of being pounced on, shot at, attacked in whatever way this may be. We get ourselves caught in this, and stay in the hiding that hurts us more than any attack that can come at us, when we don’t let ourselves see the bigger picture of what is really going on. When we realise that the attack is not a personal thing, and that it is simply an attack on light, we realise we have an important role to play. The more our light brightens, the more will come to try and offset this, because a shining light inspires others to shine as well. We then begin to see the attacks as a confirmation that we are doing what we are here to do – which is to shine all that we are so that inspiration back to truth leads the way.

  21. Attacks come in many forms to try to reduce us and stop us expressing and living in our fullness, we are far more powerful than any of these attacks, and the key is to read them and not to react to them in anyway.

    1. Brilliant reminder Anna, ‘….the key is to read them and not to react to them in anyway’. Also, if we do not attack ourselves, we are less likely to allow or accept others attacking us.

  22. We live our lives in the shadows of beatings we have never received, assaults that never took place and retribution that was not dolled out. It seems abuse doesn’t have to actually happen to us to make us scared, cower and stand on guard. For when one of us is harmed we all feel the effects and more specifically, the threat. Yet what we must see is this is the aim of the bullying energy, to keep us living in fear, silent, invisible like we are not here. So when we continue on this way, we are not safe as we think, but stuck in a big trick the abuse has played on us. This is a great harm to us all, that we hold back these wings from stretching wide in this world. Once we understand the true state of affairs as you do Christina it’s time to soar high in the skies without apprehension.

  23. Staying steady and not batting an eyelid, or changing the beat of your wings, is an important life lesson to be known and to live to the best of your ability. I have found programs such as Esoteric Yoga are super supportive to bring you into your body so you can feel it and stay steady in it, that support you to be you and not hold back.

  24. I too had a great learning today about forces and attacks. That as soon as I take them personally, then they become my focus rather than looking at the bigger purpose and possibility for truth.

  25. ‘It is essential to stay focussed and not get distracted or involved with any attacks… to focus and move on.’ I love this sharing. The image of the eagle is a strong one… keep going and don’t get distracted from purpose… something I can definitely learn from!

      1. So true Stefanie, I have personally experienced many attacks from people close to me when I was growing up but what hurts more is my protection and holding back. This just shows how powerful we are, because the outer attacks we receive can only touch the surface but it is our own attack that goes the deepest. So, why would we attack ourselves?

  26. The birds illustrated such a great point. It is absolutely true, that the wider we spread our wings in the knowingness of who we are, being attacked just doesn’t stick. When you know and trust yourself for sure, it becomes very difficult to knock you off your perch.

  27. A beautiful article Christina, thank you, so inspiring, I have kept myself hidden for so long for fear of attack, now i am slowly endeavouring to open the door slightly and put myself out there, I love these words, ” And I feel blessed to have regained the ability to read life from my inner heart, to open up for life and people: learning to fly again.”

  28. Christina its lovely to read your experience with the eagles and understand not only the beauty in nature but also the symbolic and deeply personal message that comes with the magic of God.

  29. When it comes to expressing truth “the starting point to this is first appreciating myself for who I am and accepting that my truth is worth claiming’- absolutely. If the eagle thinks it’s a chicken it will try so hard to master the way of a chicken and it would never show its true beauty and magnificence. If I cannot accept in full that I am of truth, of love, how can I ever start to trust my own expression?

  30. Seeing someone fly with widespread open wings is the biggest joy I can feel in another. It is saying: I say YES to me and I know I have to keep on flying, otherwise no one will ever feel and get reflected that you are safe in flying. Even attacks will not hold me back in reaching from one point to the next and next and next…

  31. The support nature gives us when we are ready to see what is happening around us is amazing. How much we allow our-selves to read what is going on ultimately depends on us feeling the blessing “to have regained the ability to read life from” our “inner heart.”

  32. ‘ Claiming my truth is claiming my rhythm.’
    When we let ourselves be impulsed by the divine by listening to our body we naturally live our truth.

  33. “Claiming my truth is claiming my rhythm – just like the beat of the eagle’s wings”. This is so beautiful to read and to feel Christina. Your lived wisdom shows so clearly and so simply that if we can hold the beauty and the truth of who we are that nothing can disturb our rhythm – the beat of our ‘wings’ – as we walk the path that we have chosen.

  34. Christina wow this is powerful – what a great reflection this eagle is, we withstand attacks when we keep to our own true movement and our own true rhythm.

  35. I love this message you received Christina. If we walk all we are without a flinch, then nothing can touch the sides.

  36. The ability to be steady in life no matter what comes our way is so important, life is full of challenges and ups and downs and building a foundation within ourselves that’s solid and steady and able to not only withstand difficult times but rise higher above them is vital.

  37. ‘I saw this as a confirmation in understanding that it is essential to stay focussed and not get distracted or involved with any attacks… to focus and move on.’ Great reminder that if I get involved in attacks then I take myself down. It’s about staying true; if I get caught up in trying to convince others I’m right then I’ve lost the way.

  38. Love your analogy of the Eagle, a majestic bird that for me represents power and truth, that soars high in the skies and sees all …. ‘eagle eyed’ for it misses nothing. A bird that is not swayed or sent off course by any attack or pursuit that will try to interfere with what it knows to be true. To have this reflection when you got off the phone is beautiful and confirming of your willingness to speak the truth regardless of the attacks that might come your way.

  39. Maintaining our focus allows us to live true purpose, which brings a great sense of responsibility and joy.

  40. Amazing every time I read this Christina, you share the centre stone to all we do. To fly in full, one is to fly from their own breath, and from this breath we feel how we are one with all.

  41. Could it be that the outer battles we experience in life are there because of our inner battle within?

  42. “If the eagle had let the crows disturb his wing beat, he would never have made it. He simply kept on moving his wings. I saw this as a confirmation in understanding that it is essential to stay focussed and not get distracted or involved with any attacks… to focus and move on.” – This is such a great reminder that we can get caught up in the drama of being attacked when we express ourselves in full and focus on the hurt of it all, instead of seeing and appreciating that what we are expressing may be bringing up for another how they are not taking responsibility for their actions (hence the attacks) and that the reflection provided is a blessing. What’s really amazing is how when I started writing this comment a huge hawk started flying very low over our lake right outside my window, circling counter clockwise and showing off its gorgeous outstretched wings!

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