Where the Eagles Fly

Today I was gazing outside my window while talking on the phone to a friend. We were talking about a project we had just been working on together and I spoke up for what I sensed were the reasons for some things not going quite so well. I addressed my observations of others, and myself.

Right after I had finished expressing in full I saw an eagle outside, flying from one tree to another. To me he was absolute perfection and beauty with his wide spread wings. Right after him two crows came out of the tree, attacking him in flight. He only just made it to the other tree – then the crows veered away.

To me this was a teaching from heaven, a reflection for me to contemplate. I know that I am a person holding back my truth, what I truly feel or see, because I am afraid of being attacked for expressing that truth. I do not usually spread my wings wide and express myself in full. However, that morning on the phone, I did so, one hundred percent.

And the gift to me was to understand that when I spread my wings and show myself in full, I might get attacked and it can seem very dangerous, but I can make it “to the other tree.” I am strong enough to keep flying and the attackers will disappear.

If the eagle had let the crows disturb his wing beat, he would never have made it. He simply kept on moving his wings. I saw this as a confirmation in understanding that it is essential to stay focussed and not get distracted or involved with any attacks… to focus and move on.

The starting point to this is first appreciating myself for who I am and accepting that my truth is worth claiming. Claiming my truth is claiming my rhythm – just like the beat of the eagle’s wings. Not getting caught up in battles with others, or battles within, like self doubt or negative thoughts (which in my eyes have the same power as attacks from others), will support me to find, and keep, my wings beating… and furthermore, allow me to fly, observing the world, able to go from A to B with all of me, no matter what comes my way.

I feel joyful to say that I have found true reflection for what I have ever felt to be truth in the teachings of Serge Benhayon. He stands up for what I can sense is truth but still keep holding back. And I feel blessed to have regained the ability to read life from my inner heart, to open up for life and people: learning to fly again.

Inspired by Serge Benhayon to reconnect to this wisdom and the ability to read from my inner heart.

By Christina Hecke, Actress, Berlin, Germany

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1,125 thoughts on “Where the Eagles Fly

  1. I love seeing animals in nature and the reflection they offer, it is amazing to consider that when we observe animals they are offering such a reflection, learnings and confirmations if we wish to delve deeper into what they show. And where we can go to as human beings in the integrity and depth of communication we have with the Universe.

  2. Staying in connection with who we truly are allow us to see how all the challenges that are presented to us, are for our learning and to support us in our evolution..

  3. It is always inspiring to come back to this blog Christina. When we express truth we liberate not only ourselves but all others, to feel and see more of who we truly are in essence, as such to know what is of this Soulful quality and what is not, through which our movements then magnify our light within, with every future step we take.

  4. What a powerful teaching from heaven Christina. What I could sense from reading it was the rhythmical beat of the eagles wings – a great reminder of how rhythm supports us to stay in the flow of our day, undisturbed by things going on around us.

  5. So true Christina, when we connect to the truth we are so powerful that for sure we will be attacked by those who are disturbed by the truth that you bring and do not want to go there but prefer to stay in their comfortable status quo instead.

  6. Beautifully inspiring to read Christina, I have held back my truth for fear of being attacked in the past, but as the rhythm of the eagle’s wing beat did not falter but brought him to safety, what a beautiful reflection I can appreciate and claim my truth in full keeping my rhythm I will be safe from attacks within or without.

  7. I looked for this blog again today, after a week of seeing an eagle fly around in circles with its wings spread in a beautiful gliding way, from my kitchen and lounge room. I have been holding back lately and then reacting to this and blurting out angrily in situations when there is a lack of honesty and transparency. What I take from seeing this eagle is, it stands out, above all the trees and high rises, it is seen very clearly and is not fazed one bit. Imagine if it held back being seen… you wouldn’t know it was there if it was hiding away in the middle of a tree. Reminding me that we are always being watched, we are always being seen for what we are living or not. Either reflecting our magnificence or our contraction.

  8. It is beautiful to have a role model like Serge Benhayon. We need true role models in life who reflect what we know within us to be true.

  9. Once we start living to our beat, our rhythm, our so called own eagle fly, we become to understand that life is so much more than we had thought and have been taught (some exceptions, you might have been)..To follow one’s heart and claims one’s light that by virtue of standing for what you feel is true, you let out your wings and learn how to fly and that by this independence you will learn how to go with life and also learn to trust yourself (the source of divine power and love) that you come from, to keep deepening and standing for who you are, even when attacks are strong and getting more and bigger.

  10. What a beautiful sharing – and also a beautiful reading on this – what the eagle represented for you is gorgeous and very powerful and makes me appreciate that it is possible to stand up for truth.

  11. I needed to read this today- a beautiful reflection of honouring our rhythm and expressing our truth. It is so true that we are attacked more when we speak truth but if we don’t then who will.

  12. Very wise words and clear observations Christina, wondering how often we get this magic of God at play, showing us all those symbolic meanings of how we can choose in life to stay blatant or rise beyond..

  13. The beauty is our consistency to keep moving forward and to not dwell on things or situations that may arise in our days to set us off balance. When we find the purpose is to hold our movements and to simply express and be who we are without perfection but a willingness to be open and learn everyday. Thank you Christina simply beautiful.

  14. Keeping your own ‘wings’ steady and beating them to your own rythym is one of the greatest gifts you can give yourself.

  15. Such a beautiful lesson in your blog Christina, thank you. I love what you have expressed in full here;
    “The starting point to this is first appreciating myself for who I am and accepting that my truth is worth claiming. Claiming my truth is claiming my rhythm – just like the beat of the eagle’s wings”.

  16. This is such a beautiful sharing Christina. I love the analogy of the eagle’s flight to our own path. What a great reminder that we can choose to be disturbed by what is going on around us or we can stay in our own rhythm and flow.

  17. I once had a vision of birds flying together and noticing that birds don’t look left or right seeing what other birds are doing, they just are flying, in harmony, with no comparison. I love how nature can show us so much about ourselves and how life can be when we are connected to our true nature.

    1. I’d never clocked that before but it’s so true. When a whole group of birds fly together they never look over to see what the others are doing, they simply do their thing, and amazingly they never crash into each other which means they rely on something other than their eyes to tell them what’s around them.

  18. Thank you Christina for this beautiful sharing. The magnificent Eagle is a great example of raising ourselves above and beyond our issues and connecting to our truth and not being distracted or threatened by others. Connected to our innermost.

  19. I love the symbolism of the eagle’s steady, unshakeable flight path, I have a feeling that if we held the truth as incredibly precious to us our flight path would be similar – when you know the truth and you stand for that truth very little can shake you or change your course of action.

  20. First thank you for the reminder that we get reflections from Heaven every single moment every single day it is just a matter of seeing them and reading them instead of .. erm not! Today whilst driving I saw 2 birds up in the air when I looked it was a crow chasing a Red Kite, the Kite is far bigger and more graceful than the crow but the Kite was fleeing from the crow. The message I read from this is for me to not let thoughts of self-doubt etc attack me as my essence/Soul is far far grander and bigger than the energy that either I attack myself with or another attacks me with so to live this rather than that.

  21. Today I was gazing out the window and also saw a most beautiful eagle and pelican, providing an amazing reflection and reminder of the power and divinity of the Magic of God. The constellation and confirmation was completed when I read your blog Christina, it was deeply appreciated.

  22. It is a beautiful place to be in life when you can be open to the messages that are on offer all around us that support us through their reflection and the lessons they offer. To appreciate deeply who we are and not let anything get in the way of us claiming our truth, spreading our wings and flying with all of us, is a lesson we can all benefit from and a movement that is healing for all to see.

  23. We can all equally fly in this life, once we connect to the inner wisdom and embrace who we are in full.

  24. “I know that I am a person holding back my truth, what I truly feel or see, because I am afraid of being attacked for expressing that truth.” I can so relate Christina – and yet the gift is that, like the eagle, we are “strong enough to keep flying the attackers will disappear.”. What can be more important than expressing truth – and love?

  25. This time reading your blog again Christina I can feel a deeper understanding of what you share here.
    As now from my own livingness I see myself going in full not knowing where that ends and how people respond or react but just go and then indeed it is to feel that anyway I will make it to the next point. Unstoppable we are if we choose the fire in our heart.

  26. There are so many moments in our day that offer us a reflection of where we are at in life. Be it a person, plant, animal, shade or shape of a cloud etc, there is much that teaches us are about us when we are willing to be open and feel and see it.

  27. I love what you have written here –”Claiming my truth is claiming my rhythm – just like the beat of the eagle’s wings. Not getting caught up in battles with others, or battles within, like self doubt or negative thoughts (which in my eyes have the same power as attacks from others), will support me to find, and keep, my wings beating… and furthermore, allow me to fly, observing the world, able to go from A to B with all of me, no matter what comes my way.” We are magnificent beings and all we have to do is just allow ourselves to be that and claim what is ours to claim.

  28. Appreciating and accepting myself is a powerful message for me today Christina, thank you for the gorgeous reflection and symbolism;
    “The starting point to this is first appreciating myself for who I am and accepting that my truth is worth claiming”.

  29. Reading your blog Christine reminds me how truly blessed we all are, for at every turn in life we are supported by reflections from all that surround us. It is our choice as to whether we read and heed what is being offered to us.

  30. When we stand up to truth there will no doubt be an opening for others who have sat in their ill truths to be shaken. Exposing the truth breaks the foundation that is no longer allowing the levels of comfort to reside.

  31. This is a beautiful reflection that truth might be attacked but it cannot be stopped, it simply keeps on being truth.

  32. Getting involved in attacks or playing the scenarios again and again in your head leaves you feeling less and then the doubt sets in. Allowing doubt to stop others from feeling the true quality that is offered adds already to the levels of dis-ease that we are surrounded in with our current way of living. Thank you for sharing how a simple symbol brought you so much clarity on how to remain steady and present what is needed.

  33. What a beautiful sharing Christina, I love the way you see so clearly what God was telling you through the ballet of these animals. Our whole day is designed this way to support us to spread our wings and soar like the magnificent beings we are. This is the total opposite of the struggle, fear and obligation we tend to see life with. Why focus on the perceived attack when we are grand and perfectly equipped to navigate any danger?

  34. This past week for me has been all about expressing truth. It started off with simply asking a question that I would have normally not bothered to ask. I really appreciated the response I received that came with much love and clarity, and it was beautiful to feel a sense of completion. This made me realise how much abuse I allow when I hold back myself – for me and everyone else. And how the rest of the week unfolded for me was just a clear confirmation that when we make a clear choice to side with Truth, our life starts to readjust itself to make it more truth-full – like, some old unaddressed, long-held stuff would come up to the surface to be addressed and communicated, and I am feeling so supported by the grace of God in this process.

  35. Perfect timing to read this blog today, as I relate so much. But recently, I have been feeling safe to spread my wings, and express without fear of attack, and when I do, I can feel my whole body vibrating with aliveness. And all others benefit too.

  36. There is such focus, dedication, grace and power in the eagle – a great metaphor for us when we are not holding back the fullness of our expression.

  37. Loving reflections are all around us when we have eyes to see. I am ever touched by the grace of these. Yesterday day I was sitting outside looking across the sky when I saw quite high up a tiny feather and I watched it as it very gently made its way to the ground.I didn’t realise what it was at first as it was a distance away but I could feel it. There were many people around although it didn’t appear anyone had noticed it. It carried a message for me that was significant to the day.

  38. Those reflections offered in key moments are golden and very powerful, I am sure they happen far more often than we care to recognise but perhaps they are not always confirming of something we are ready to embrace, showing us at times as well where we might need to step up.

  39. The beauty of reflections if we so choose to stop and marvel at their wonder is they can teach us much about life and how we live it everyday. That is the rhythm and wonder of nature and our role within that.

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