Where the Eagles Fly

Today I was gazing outside my window while talking on the phone to a friend. We were talking about a project we had just been working on together and I spoke up for what I sensed were the reasons for some things not going quite so well. I addressed my observations of others, and myself.

Right after I had finished expressing in full I saw an eagle outside, flying from one tree to another. To me he was absolute perfection and beauty with his wide spread wings. Right after him two crows came out of the tree, attacking him in flight. He only just made it to the other tree – then the crows veered away.

To me this was a teaching from heaven, a reflection for me to contemplate. I know that I am a person holding back my truth, what I truly feel or see, because I am afraid of being attacked for expressing that truth. I do not usually spread my wings wide and express myself in full. However, that morning on the phone, I did so, one hundred percent.

And the gift to me was to understand that when I spread my wings and show myself in full, I might get attacked and it can seem very dangerous, but I can make it “to the other tree.” I am strong enough to keep flying and the attackers will disappear.

If the eagle had let the crows disturb his wing beat, he would never have made it. He simply kept on moving his wings. I saw this as a confirmation in understanding that it is essential to stay focussed and not get distracted or involved with any attacks… to focus and move on.

The starting point to this is first appreciating myself for who I am and accepting that my truth is worth claiming. Claiming my truth is claiming my rhythm – just like the beat of the eagle’s wings. Not getting caught up in battles with others, or battles within, like self doubt or negative thoughts (which in my eyes have the same power as attacks from others), will support me to find, and keep, my wings beating… and furthermore, allow me to fly, observing the world, able to go from A to B with all of me, no matter what comes my way.

I feel joyful to say that I have found true reflection for what I have ever felt to be truth in the teachings of Serge Benhayon. He stands up for what I can sense is truth but still keep holding back. And I feel blessed to have regained the ability to read life from my inner heart, to open up for life and people: learning to fly again.

Inspired by Serge Benhayon to reconnect to this wisdom and the ability to read from my inner heart.

By Christina Hecke, Actress, Berlin, Germany

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1,143 thoughts on “Where the Eagles Fly

  1. When we hold our-self in respect and decency then we are starting to be like the eagle and not be affected by those who would want to make us feel lesser that the true Love we all are. Flying from the inner-heart is like a rocket ship to the stars, which is taking us home to the Love we come from.

  2. It’s absolutely amazing and miraculous to read this blog right now. I have been seriously attacked just recently and aware of the fact of the distraction and self-doubt playing out when I’m claiming me more than I have ever had. Thank you God for the support around me that I must trust, and more than ever trusting me for where I am at right now and to continually stay focused!

  3. It’s like we are in trenches, in the First World War. Huddled together we shiver and shake and contemplate popping our head above the precipice – what if we get hit by enemy fire? We sweat for hours only to finally venture out of the ditch to discover that there is no enemy at all, no guns, no bomb, just daylight and clouds. Your words Christina remind me that when we understand the way life truly is, there is no weapon we should fear, no war we need to fight, just a Love to be totally claimed and lived.

  4. I love that we are constantly receiving messages from God – those divine reflections from nature, the words on the side of a lorry, the so-called coincidences that are not really this but very clear and deliberate opportunities for us to evolve. It is for us to then read them and receive the blessing they offer.

  5. Beautiful blog Christina, you are inspiring me to express truth more and more. At the moment, I often fall into the habit of holding back expressing truth purely for the fear of being attacked. My age-old habit is something I am working on letting go and learning to express truth no matter what.

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