Universal Medicine – a Business of Excellence Facing Extreme Cyber-Abuse

Universal Medicine has been awarded People’s Choice at the Lismore Business Excellence Award for the second time!

This is an outstanding nomination that is in line with the excellent service offered to the people voting for it.

Nevertheless, Universal Medicine is facing extreme forms of cyberbullying, false accusations of all kind of human atrocities and has been labelled as a cult, despite this accusation being clearly refuted.

All done by a handful of people who have chosen to attack the people who enjoy Universal Medicine’s services, as well as attack Universal Medicine’s founder Serge Benhayon and his entire family; these people go to extreme lengths online to attempt to bring the business down.

Serge Benhayon | Founder of Universal Medicine
Serge Benhayon | Founder of Universal Medicine

This cyber abuse has its impact on many people who feel unsure and scared by the imposing lies spread about this truly excellent business. And this is the intention from those cyber-abusers – to scare people away from a business that is offering a way to true health and wellbeing by falsely labelling it as a dangerous cult.

Today, anything that is out of line with mainstream ‘normal’ life has to face sceptics and critique before it even has been tried out or before someone even knows what it is about. Anything that challenges the dominant life ideology is seen as a threat to the status quo of a ‘normal’ comfortable life and there will always be people who fight anything that offers true change.

When I came across Universal Medicine I was not looking for a solution or to better my life, on the contrary I was sceptical of anything that I associated with self-help groups, any spiritual endeavour or alternative group therapies.

I did not look for anything and thought my life to be great. I wasn’t reading self-help books, attending workshops with worldwide known experts on personal development, etc. I lived an above average life with lots of traveling, party, social life, had a well functioning relationship and a job I loved. And I loved myself, had no body issues, ate healthy and did the occasional yoga class to strengthen my body and improve my vitality.

When I listened to Serge Benhayon what he said rang true and I opened up to the possibility that what I was living was not it. I got to question ‘normal’ and that was quite interesting and far more inspiring than to go on with the normalised life programming of numbing myself to avoid truly feeling what was actually going on.

Serge Benhayon opened my eyes and I started to look at how I was living and I realised that even though I had thought my life was great, when I looked below the surface I saw that I was extremely exhausted, I drank far too much alcohol and coffee to get through the day, recreational drugs had a huge impact on my general wellbeing, my relationship was dysfunctional and the connection with my body was measured by how I lived.

What I learned from what Serge Benhayon presented was to connect to myself and live life from my own inner connection; I realised how much I was determined by the outer and not actually living myself.

I also realised how secluded I was, living in my lifestyle bubble only surrounded by people of a certain kind and interest and how judgmental I was towards other ways of living. Everything was labelled in my life and the only freedom I seemed to have was in choosing the labels that suited me.

The truth delivered by Serge Benhayon did not put me on a trail to better myself, but to simply connect to myself and with this, life was just in front of me, ready to be lived. It was all about my choices and how I lived, there was no recipe of how everybody has to be and live. There was no label, no one better or worse.

I am blown away by the outstanding service, consistency and integrity that Universal Medicine offers. Any practitioner session, workshop, course, book and even the esoteric yoga and gentle breath meditation are not about offering a relief from life and/or re-gathering to be ready to face life with a new solution of how to better function, but it is always about connecting with oneself and being fully in the world on a day to day basis.

But what struck me most was that what Serge Benhayon presents through Universal Medicine does not allow any space for creating a secluded, exclusive and special group of people – there are no power relations going on.

Universal Medicine has a clear policy on equality that is not seen in this world. Equality is core to this business and it is lived in every detail.

Rachel Andras
Rachel Andras

As a gender expert working on organisational change processes and knowing the dynamics of many organisations and institutions, I have never ever come across such a harmonious structure where everybody is respected and honoured in their own way without the emergence of any conflict played out in internal or external relationships. The deep understanding for people and the responsibility everybody assumes is outstanding and it is not an applied technique, but something lived.

There is no conflict of interest, because the only interest is to support, love and care and as this starts with self-love and self-care nobody is left out, everybody is equally part of the whole. This is a business model that represents a future we all should aspire to.

Serge Benhayon inspires people to discern. To discern is something rarely done in today’s world. Discerning means ‘to recognise or perceive clearly’. What Serge Benhayon presents is that the world is about energy and that we always have to discern the energy we are aligning to. This is empowering people to take responsibility of their own lives and to live discerningly regarding anything presented to them. Discernment, and specifically discerning energy, is crucial and should be learned from a young age.

There isn’t any other religion, philosopher or scientist who empowers you to discern, they all want you to believe in what they say without question and to blindly follow – Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine on the other hand, impart the opposite, so it begs to question how anyone could call this a cult!

By Rachel Andras

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    1. Yes, Eduardo I agree with you. For those that scoff, criticise, lie and throw about insults they miss the true gold and absolute blessing that is on offer here. It seems the critics would rather champion a way of life that does not support our health and well-being and would prefer to stay in the comfort of our great discomfort.

  1. When someone offers something that is different not the ‘everyday norm’, it brings up issues that can either be accepted or not, and that is each and everyone’s choice.

  2. “there will always be people who fight anything that offers true change.” This is so true, because it threatens the status quo, and we have become very comfortable with things as they are, however there is a truly different way of living that makes the comfortable life very unappealing, and that changes many things within our society.

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