Universal Medicine – Business of Excellence

Congratulations to Universal Medicine who have been awarded People’s Choice at the Lismore Business Excellence Awards for the second year running!

Having been a client of Universal Medicine for over a decade I can only say this is a well-deserved accolade for an organisation that provides exceptional service and support, not only for the NSW Northern Rivers community, but also for a global footprint of people throughout Australia, the UK and Europe.

Having attended Universal Medicine clinics in Goonellabah, Brisbane and the UK, my experience is one where the service is impeccable each and every visit. It is their consistency that stands out as a real differentiator, and has gained them such popularity as a service based, complementary to medicine organisation.

As a result, since 2003 Universal Medicine has been, and still is, my company of choice for all it offers in living a healthy and positive life. The practitioners are reliable, supportive and attentive to whatever issues I might be dealing with, whether that is health, emotional or relationship issues. I have without exception left each clinic feeling empowered and confident to live a more joyful and loving life. In the 12 years since my first Esoteric Healing Session with Universal Medicine my life has transformed in every way.

Another differentiator of this unique company is they provide a service that is simply not available anywhere else. Like many other people I have in the past searched the world for a better life, reading self help books and attending workshops with self-acclaimed world leaders of personal development, and trying meditation and alternative medicine of many types. No matter how hard I worked, how many recordings I listened to, how much I meditated, or how much money I spent on sessions, books, courses and so on, my day-to-day experience of life remained disillusioned and difficult.

In contrast after attending a one-day workshop with Universal Medicine in 2003 everything started to make sense. I stopped looking to find a solution to my woes, and instead began learning to connect with myself. Since that day the support I have received from Universal Medicine has been extraordinary, although with this company it seems it is very normal.

Universal Medicine really does walk its talk, and I am one of many people who will attest to the real and lasting positive difference that they have brought to not only my life, but also to those I interact with each and every day. Celebrate Universal Medicine, you deserve it!

By Heather Pope, Sydney

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352 thoughts on “Universal Medicine – Business of Excellence

  1. Universal Medicine has changed my life, and those of many others too. What I love about them is they never hold me in judgment and never tell me what to do. I have made my own changes at my own pace, and as a result I hold a deep appreciation for all that Universal Medicine stands for, and brings to humanity.

  2. For me Universal Medicine is a great role model how to build a successful business with integrity and not being successful on the cost of others but being successful in connection with all, meaning the services provided by Universal Medicine bring success to all people, not just the business or its owners.

  3. Couldn’t agree more Heather, and your line ‘I stopped looking to find a solution to my woes, and instead began learning to connect with myself.’ really sums up something I’ve been supported with by Universal Medicine, that I know in me what is needed and the first step in all that is connection to myself, and that support has been graceful and amazing always.

  4. Like yourself Heather I tried many ways to improve my life, to understand the purpose of it all and to receive support for my many issues. It wasn’t until I found Universal Medicine (and after many years of searching) that I began to experience significant change and true healing from the trauma and issues that were hurting me, and impacting on my ability to live a good quality of life. I’ve been attending Universal Medicine workshops, presentations and their clinic now since 2012 and their service and integrity is not only of par excellence, it’s consistently amazing. For me, my life has finally changed for the better in so many ways and continues to do so – and very joyfully. I deeply appreciate all that Universal Medicine offers and that is why I am a repeated customer!

  5. Well said and very true Heather, what Universal Medicine offer its clients is extraordinary and unlike any organisation I have ever been associated with before. The true love and support offered by all the practitioners is amazing to feel and the consistency between the 3 clinics certainly makes Universal Medicine my choice for the business awards not only every year but also everyday.

  6. It is amazing to see a business that is accredited for being about people first. Universal Medicine is this inside and out and asks us to take responsibility for where we are at. It asks us to feel what is going on rather than build up tactics to numb ourselves from life – which is the epidemic we are in at the moment. They go against the grain – and this is a tribute to the amazing people who are involved.

  7. What also stands out for me in the eight years that I have attended Universal Medicine Clinics in different parts of the world for sessions, is that the quality never changes, and you feel completely held and honoured and understood for the amazing person you are first. I have also found it enormously supportive that you are never pandered to or looked down upon or that you need fixing for what you’ve come for.

  8. My life has changed in immeasurable ways since I first attended a Universal Medicine workshop in 2005. Life finally began to make sense and in turn a whole lot more enjoyable, a far cry from the life that I had struggled to live for a very long time. The support I have received from everyone involved with this very unique organisation has been beyond amazing. Never once have I been asked to return but I have always wanted to because the level of care and integrity is something I have never experienced anywhere else in my 60+ years. Universal Medicine absolutely and completely deserves every accolade that comes its way!

  9. Well deserved award that comes as no surprise because the unique thing about their business model is that it is about supporting clients to connect to themselves and find the answers that so many have searched high and low for in vain rather than promoting off the shelf one style fits all solutions. Universal Medicine is always about true service and providing what is required in that moment and doing this with an incredible level of dedication and consistency to all.

  10. It is so GREAT that the local community is recognising the difference in services the Universal Medicine is offering. It stands to show how this business is turning heads and changing the way not only medicinal services are practiced but also business in general.

  11. Its quite an endorsement – to entrust Universal Medicine with our health and wellbeing for a period of over 10 years. Its a pretty vital part of our make up! And how do I feel after all that time…. simply amazing. I work hard, have oodles of energy, look as good as I did 25 years ago, and feel so much more of what is going on inside me. No wonder I’ve stayed with them and everything they have to teach me.

  12. Once attending the Universal Medicine clinic in Goonellabah and experiencing the quality of service offered there, it becomes glaringly obvious that we have allowed ourselves to fall so far short of the potential we have in offering a true service to the community. We have a lot to learn from what is shown through this organisation.

    1. I agree Jenny – Universal Medicine take the care to another dimension, as well as ‘customer service’ which is like nothing else I have experienced – with precision, dedication to the detail, and integrity and commitment that is deeply inspiring. This is one business that absolutely needs to be studied – there is much we can learn from Universal Medicine about business and serving our local communities.

      1. It certainly is Jane, very well said. I have been deeply inspired by Universal Medicine on so many levels, this is a business model like no other. It sets the standard for what businesses should be like, always about service to people, respect, integrity and love is first and foremost.

  13. This prize is indeed so well deserved. Universal Medicine is not only an extraordinary business with regard to the service it provides, it is also an example the way you could or should run any business, making it first about people then money, turn-over and profit.

  14. The impeccable service offered by Universal Medicine is indeed second to none and deserves the recognition of such an honour. Your testimony is a powerful appreciation of not only their excellence in business but in the services they offer that have helped countless many find what they have spent their lives seeking with regards to personal development and healing and ultimately self transformation.

  15. Superb testimonial and tribute to Universal Medicine. Words cannot describe the difference in my life – the healing, real care, nurturing, love, true and lasting change I have been empowered with in all aspects of my life especially the relationship with myself. Thank you Universal Medicine from the depth of my heart!

  16. Universal Medicine continues to go from strength to strength, and Serge Benhayon is a great reflection to live life from true love, he has inspired me to make more loving choices and from the choices I make at home and at work, so others are inspired too.

  17. A great local and international business that keeps delivering the results. It’s not only the results themselves but the quality of these results in that many of the people I see are having greater impact into the world around them as well. So not only supporting the clients that come through their door but it goes out to everyone that client interacts with due to what they have connected to. This really is a business that brings the true care back home to people in every way.

  18. Spot on Heather, Universal Medicine is nominated by hundreds of people who have experienced the true quality and integrity of this amazing organisation.

  19. I agree with everything you say here, Heather, and for me, Universal Medicine probably is the only organization I feel I can recommend unreservedly to anyone and feel certain that they would treated with the highest level of integrity and care.

  20. Every word you have written on this article Heather, I am in full agreement with. Attending Universal Medicine events and presentations continues to inspire me and countless others to make different choices from a far wider perspective that I would have ever thought possible. Their business ethics and integrity are second to none.
    ‘I stopped looking to find a solution to my woes, and instead began learning to connect with myself.’

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