The People’s Choice Award – Universal Medicine

What great news that Universal Medicine and Serge Benhayon have won the People’s Choice at the 2015 Lismore Business Excellence Awards, they absolutely deserve it.

I was introduced to Universal Medicine 6 years ago by my practitioner and at the time I was quite a mess. My marriage was about to break down, I had no job, I lived in a town I hated, my relationship with friends and family was tense and difficult, and I was about to embark on a 6 month trip of solitude to ‘find myself’.

Somehow I found myself at a Universal Medicine retreat and I just knew from that point that what I was desperately seeking was inside of me all along. And it was through the wonderful guidance and teaching of Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine that I was to discover that. I cut my trip short after the retreat, came home and began travelling a path that would help me unravel all the things that were stopping me from living my life from my true essence.

So what does living from my true essence really mean? It means trusting myself, trusting my friends, trusting the world. It means taking responsibility for my choices. It means listening to the wisdom of my body and my feelings. It means listening and looking with an open heart. It means making life about love and truth. It means being willing to accept my imperfections and cherish my uniqueness. It means deepening my marriage through hard work and honesty. It means engaging in life and work with the understanding that everything I do makes a difference. It means understanding that life doesn’t have to be about misery and compromise, and that there is a different way.

And I have Universal Medicine and Serge Benhayon to thank for that, because they showed me through their own wisdom and reflections, what that actually looks like. The People’s Choice Award is an honour well deserved.

By Janine Whitling

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389 thoughts on “The People’s Choice Award – Universal Medicine

  1. How many people just accept that it is normal to live life in misery and compromise? I know I thought that was as good as it gets until I encountered Universal Medicine who has shown me through loving example that there is another way and it is very simple to live that way.

    1. Yes Andrew, we have settled for a normal that is so much less that what we could have. Not many I know could speak of a joyful, loving, vital, purposeful life – rather ‘normal’ is exhaustion, chronic illness or pain, financial worries and relationship woes.. so how did we get to such a state of normal. How is it that we settle for this? Because there is nothing showing it can be any other way ? Universal Medicine is one organisation that shows by example how it is possible to have a new normal simply by becoming more aware and making different choices.

    2. Totally Andrew I can vouch for that too! Living by example and not an ounce of telling anyone what to do is the key with Serge Benhayon – he just presents the possibility that’s there’s something different, he doesn’t judge you for your choices but leaves the choice up to you. Because that’s what it’s about, choices – we always make choices that lead us to where we are and taking responsibility for those choices is the first step to a life of something vastly different to misery.

    3. Yes Andrew, how much we compromise! If we were more honest to ourselves on how this actually feels in our body we would start to choose differently. Thank God for Serge Benhayon asking us to be honest on how our choices REALLY feel. It definitely has changed my life and has brought responsibility and love to it.

  2. Janine, this is a great sharing. to ponder about my own choices I have taken in life and brought forth the life I experience now. Thank you.

  3. A lot of people have universal medicine to thank for what you have described above. I don’t think there is an award big enough in the world to truly show enough appreciation of how amazing universal medicine actually is. They are truly incredible.

    1. Yes I put my hand up here too. My life has changed in different ways, but I too can relate to the underlying misery and compromise that has been described. What is crazy is that slowly and steadily I began to accept a lesser and lesser state of being and living because I was not seeing anyone who had stepped out of this merry-go-round that life can become. Serge Benhayon was different. He was the confirmation I needed to see that there is another way to live and that there is so much more to experience in life.

      1. Yes Vicky and Emily my life has changed as well. What I love on your command Vicky is how you describe the difference Serge Benhayon brings. It is exactly that he is not living this lesser state of being – he was the first person I met who lived like this and therefore I stayed because this was exactly how I want to live as well.

      2. I can relate with all you share here Vicky, the underlying misery and compromise, a lesser state of being, that was felt but not fully acknowledged till I stepped out of this false way of being by being inspired by Serge Benhayon showing that there is a true and beautiful way to be and live.

      3. Wonderfully expressed Vicky. I also needed someone to reflect to me that there is another way beyond the daily turmoil. I was very lost in my daily activities, in my self doubt – I was identified with a lot of things and roles. And Serge Benhayon and other practitioners showed me how to connect to myself again – everything that we need is inside us.

    2. I agree with you Emily, and I repeat your words “I don’t think there is an award big enough in the world to truly show enough appreciation of how amazing Universal Medicine actually is.” For me, I feel there are not enough adjectives to describe my appreciation and gratitude for Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine it can only come from the depths of my being and feel I would like by reflection to assist the rest of the yet unaware and sleeping population to also feel what Universal Medicine truly has to offer the entire world – and that is I know absolutely a gift from Heaven.

    3. Emily this is so true, there is not a big enough award to truly honour what this outstanding business, Universal Medicine, brings to humanity as a whole. One day this will be fully recognised.

  4. “I just knew from that point that what I was desperately seeking was inside of me all along.” So many people have found their way to Universal Medicine, have been offered love, honouring, wisdom and support, and in the end have reached this great realisation that what was said many years ago is true – ‘the Kingdom of God is within you’ – and we only need to lift everything that masks what is already deep within us. The profound support Universal Medicine provides for individuals to come to this point and also the support to start lifting the veil that masks our inner essence is the greatest gift.

    1. So true Golnaz. What Universal Medicine presents feels true and makes sense in a way that no other presentation has ever delivered before. The offering is there to investigate if one so chooses, and through observation and presence, what is presented can be verified for oneself.

      1. Well said Annie, the offering is there and one can choose to verify what is presented. There is no product or modality being sold and people convinced into something. Truth is just presented and everybody is free to challenge, observe, investigate, try and share their experience. That way Universal Medicine is a public platform for lived experience and for people to get together and learn together from what they feel in their bodies.

  5. I love your list of what coming from your true essence means. An empowering list that’s assists you in claiming back your life and bringing truth and love to it.

    1. Yes Tracy, it is easy to feel the enormity and truth of what Janine has shared, simply beacuse it is lived, it is real and beautifully simple – what we can all feel is the difference of something that is put together by the mind because it ’sounds good’ as opposed to expressing something that is in flow with our hearts and bodies and truly lived.

  6. I love what you share about what living from your true essence means to you Janine very empowering and a great reflection and reminder for me too. I agree with you Universal Medicine receiving ‘The People’s Choice Award’ is an honour well deserved for without them I would still be living a life thinking I was fine but really my life was a misery and a mess and a far cry from the true way of living I now know..

  7. Gorgeous Janine, I love this line “It means understanding that life doesn’t have to be about misery and compromise, and that there is a different way.” – that other way is so very joyful and grand!!

    1. Hear! Hear! Brooke I can definitely second that. Since coming to Universal Medicine some 11 years ago and being inspired to live another way my life has changed immensely and is now as you say “very joyful and grand”. I am not alone here – many, many others world wide have made the same changes in their lives with miraculous results as shared on this and related web sites.

    2. And I can third that Brooke and Anne, being one that is coming from the misery and completely detracting from life, Universal Medicine’s teachings continues to inspire that which is grand and joyful and just naturally me.

  8. Imagine that, after all of those years of looking for the truth about why life was so miserable, the answer was inside me the whole time. That is the world as we know it, we are conditioned to believe that buying this or that, going here or there, doing this and reading that, etc. can lead to a full and loving life – not. At best there is fleeting happiness that awaits, followed by searching for what is next out there. Yet, the love we crave, the self care that is necessary and the responsibility it takes, all come from allowing what is already inside us, not from anything we can add from outside of us. Universal Medicine has many people who can attest to this. Much appreciation for Serge Benhayon and what he inspires in many by the way he lives.

    1. Yes Mark most of us live most of our lives being miserable, making the best of one bad experience after another and are resigned to that being our lot. Being conditioned to look outside of us for a remedy and finding every action only produces a fleeting relief, engrains further the thought that this is all we can expect from life. Until someone like Serge Benhayon shows that there is a different way, that everything we crave is within us and an organisation like Universal Medicine offers profound support, understanding and inspiration for people to turn their lives round.

      1. Thank goodness for Serge Benhayon showing us that we do not have to keep seeking relief from outside to appease our unhappy lot in life, that there is a different way that is joyful and was within us all along.

    2. That was so very well expressed Mark. And it is certainly true of my experience with Universal Medicine. They are all about supporting people to allow what is already inside us to come out.. the love, the care and the responsibility that we each have awaiting natural within.

    3. That was so very well expressed Mark. And it is certainly true of my experience with Universal Medicine. They are all about supporting people to allow what is already inside us to come out.. the love, the care and the responsibility that we each have awaiting naturally within.

  9. Thank you Janine. So inspiring to read your blog. We have been made to believe that life is about struggle and misery and many of us have fallen into that trap, myself included. And, in truth, it has been a ‘convenient’ way of going through life. After all, while hiding behind misery we didn’t have to be all that we are. But, when a pure reflection of Love and Truth comes along and shows us that we are grand, immense and divine, then, the game changes. This is what Serge Benhayon offered to us all through his reflection: the choice to live in a way that is loving, truthful, joyful and harmonious. Much appreciation to Serge Benhayon for showing that there is indeed another way.

  10. Well said Janine, another important and powerfull message that can not be missed from your blog, is that we hold the key to our future, our responsibility. What I deeply feel from your writting is that you absolutely took courage to turn your life around and make it truthful, this is in great gratitude of Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine, as without them as you said, you would have not gone there so easy.

  11. Wow! What you have shared as what you have learnt and changed since discovering Universal Medicine sounds a recipe that one piece alone would dramatically change the world. Imagine if we all started to take responsibility for our choices or start to listen with an open heart. Universal Medicine need to be applauded for presenting to us what no one else is willing to present, without any hooks, pandering or lacing of the truth.

    1. Agree Fiona, Universal Medicine certainly presents “without any hooks, pandering or lacing of the truth.” They are not concerned with attracting large numbers but only with presenting truth for those who are ready to listen and to take responsibility for their own choices.

  12. Thanks for sharing Janine and I could say ‘ditto’ to most of what you are saying. When I first came to Universal Medicine in 2005 my life was an utter mess and I had a lot of tension from all areas of my life. I was great at covering up and juggling life to make it look on the outside that things were ticking along.
    I love what you say about “taking responsibility for my choices” as this is something that I have applied and live by for the past ten years. That way it’s down to me what happens to me and I direct my own ship and cannot blame anything or anyone as it comes from my choices.
    Universal Medicine have turned my life around and in appreciation for what I have been given, I now have the responsibility to help and support others by reflecting that there is another way to live. They are well deserving of this honour second year on running as they are all about people.

    1. Yes Bina, that fact that there is another way is immutable, and I now know that changing the way I live is the most loving thing I have chosen, as I have come from living in a very abusive and disregardful way, where my behavior was my own enemy.. that would have at the end broken me down anyway. Better to be at present and live a way that is naturally loving – it just requires dedication and commitment to destruct all those old and hurtful ways, but that is simple.

  13. Janine I loved your explanation of what living from your true essence means and looks like. Your changes truly reflect the power of the love and wisdom that Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine practitioners offer, they are inspiring.
    I agree the People’s Choice award is well deserved.

    1. Yes Bernadette, it was a lovely explanation of what living from your essence means for Janine, ‘It means trusting myself, trusting my friends, trusting the world. It means taking responsibility for my choices. It means listening to the wisdom of my body and my feelings. It means listening and looking with an open heart. It means making life about love and truth. It means being willing to accept my imperfections and cherish my uniqueness.’ Beautiful.

  14. Janine, from what you have described, the choice has always been yours to make in how you live your life and the benefits of living with more trust, honesty, hard work and openness are clearly coming back to you. This must be why it is the People’s Choice Award for Universal Medicine, because we the people are choosing to live a different way and this award gives everyone the chance to say thank you to those who have supported us every step of the way.

  15. All the amazing ways you describe ‘living from your true essence’ bring an understanding of the far reaching changes that you brought to your life thanks to the support of Universal Medicine. For the founder Serge Benhayon and the practitioners to inspire and support their clients in an understanding of self that reignites life as you describe it Janine, is without doubt worthy of this award.

  16. I did not have a moment when I realised from what Serge Benhayon was sharing that what I was seeking was there within me all along, but it slowly infused into my awareness and being that it was true. Through Universal Medicine presentations Serge continues to speak to our hearts and this brings true intelligence into the quagmire of the false, which chases its tail seeking solutions from outside.

  17. The people’s testimonies in relation to what they got out of Universal Medicine are just so amazing that it is not hard to understand why people choose this company over others when they have a chance and are openly asked. The fact that the Lismore Chamber of Commerce has this method of open vote is also something that has to be highly commended. It allows truth to come right into the way people conduct their everyday business. Universal Medicine and its practitioners are not only an amazing support and inspiration for the people that buy their services, but also for business who really care about the people they serve.

  18. Janine I love what you share here in your explanation of what living from your true essence means, and how it looks, it brings a simplicity to it and an understanding that it is in fact, our choice as to how we will be and what we will accept. Serge Benhayon and Universal medicine show a truly loving living way that we can all take on board in very practical ways and the results are evident in the many students who are choosing to listen to their own rhythms and bodies and walking their own talk. That kind of true inspiration needs to be celebrated.

    1. Julie the true inspiration you share does need to be celebrated, there are many places we can go to follow or be told what to do – but with Serge Benhayon we have a living role model with no rules simply presenting practical ways to connect to the untainted truth of who we are and from there listen to what feels true for us. Simplicity that is now lived by students of the livingness all over the world.

  19. Your transformation Janine is a representation for the many of thousands of students whose life and health that has been transformed after courses and presentations of Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine.

  20. What this hightlighted for me is the openness and freeness that we are left with by making a choice to stand by Universal Medicine and practice healing modalities, sessions etc. No modality, business or company has offered me that before. This is so simple, Universal Medicine is so simple, even its teachings are – while because it so simple sometimes I make it so complicated, because I am not used to the stillness and enormous simplicity it comes with. Universal Medicine, Serge Benhayon, all the Family and Students Thank you!

  21. Thank you Janine for sharing the amazing changes that the teachings of Serge and Universal Medicine have made in your life, through taking responsibility for your choices and learning to trust. “What we so desperately seek is inside of each and all of us”

  22. Thank you Janine for sharing what you’ve learnt from Universal Medicine. It’s a way of life that can be super simple as presented by Serge Benhayon and now the many who choose to connect to and live by a wisdom within us.

  23. Beautifully said Janine and I agree that this award is very well deserved to Universal Medicine. What Universal Medicine offers humanity is extraordinary, the opportunity to truly heal and live with true love and joy everyday – now that’s worth celebrating and having on the front of every newspaper worldwide.

  24. I agree Janine, Universal Medicine have shown that there is a different way to be, through their wisdom and reflection they offer great inspiration to choose to live from our essence and take responsibility for our choices.

  25. I know of many, many people who now live their lives with responsibility, integrity and love as a result of their affiliation with Universal Medicine. The people’s choice award is in honour of this fact, and is very richly deserved.

  26. If it wasn’t for Universal Medicine I would still be wandering the planet trying to find myself 12 years later. I deeply appreciate meeting Serge Benhayon and the opportunity to live the true me and to take responsibility for my life and to feel the joy when we chose to live in a loving way.

  27. ‘The People’s Choice Award (for Universal Medicine) is an honour well deserved.’ – Couldn’t agree more, Universal Medicine has supported hundreds and hundreds of people and families to transform their lives. What is offered by this organisation is true quality in every aspect of service.

  28. I love how you share that living from your true essence is about building trust in yourself and others and taking responsibility for your choices. The support that so many of us have had from Universal Medicine to turn our lives around in this way and come back to living from our true essence is one of the many reasons that this award is so well deserved. The quality and level of service offered is second to none and the integrity of everybody involved is amazing and deserves to be recognised so more people can be reached as the need for their services is great and growing.

  29. The prize is very well deserved.
    And perhaps one day a Nobel prize? But on what topic? Medicine, Physics, Education?
    There is no area in life Serge Benhayon does not cover, exposing the rot in the present beliefs, dogma’s or systems and presenting (not hard selling or preaching) another way. Another that works, as many people living that way, are proving. Living evidence. I am volunteering to be tested as well.

  30. Janine thankyou for your beautiful words and for inspiring so many equally beautiful comments to this blog. I appreciated all the points on how you have learned to live from your essence including “It means being willing to accept my imperfections and cherish my uniqueness.” This is so very true, so many people though focus on the imperfections and do not cherish themselves. The word “imperfections” itself communicates much, that we strive for some perfect image which is not achievable and spend fruitless years worrying we aren’t meeting this perfect image, instead of realising we aren’t meant to be it all, yet the all we bring is unique and there to be appreciated and celebrated in every moment.

  31. Nicely put Janine, such a huge turn around from when you first went to the Universal Medicine Retreat. It is easy to get caught up in all the complications of life, and think it is everyone else’s fault but when we bring responsibility into the mess, we soon get to see that we have chosen to be there in the first place.

  32. It is beautiful to come to a place that with the awareness awakened through Universal Medicine that you can begin to unpick all the things that have stood in the way from living the life we had always been seeking but never knew how to embrace. They deserve this and many more awards for the lives they have transformed through the exquisite and unwavering support they offer each and every person who walks through their doors.

  33. Universal Medicine indeed deserves every honour it gets and more… yet if none of these things happened, it would matter nought as no special reward or praise is sought. When you deliver quality, you know it, and your customers know it too.

  34. And it is my understanding that they have won it again this year. I support that win 100%. For anyone who has not visited the clinic, I can tell you that the experience begins when you make the appointment, but it also extends to the absolute care being given to even the entrance of the clinic, where it is swept and mopped daily before a carpet is laid and a chair carefully placed for the comfort of those attending to take their shoes off before entering.

  35. There are many people in life living in misery and compromise and accepting it as the ‘norm’ I too had my own misery and compromise to sort out too, and am grateful to a friend who invited me along to a lecture by Serge Benhayon, that day was the start that changed my life from there on in, I have learnt to take responsibility for my choices, how they effect me and others too, absolutely no surprise that Universal Medicine were given ‘The People’s Choice Award’ truly deserved in every way.

  36. So so true and another complete life turnaround. I wonder how many more we will see and from this when will we see this great business start to receive other awards out of the local area. It would seem only a matter of time for us to catch up as the service they are providing is already head and shoulders above anything I have seen. It’s also great to see real people voting with what they see as something that supports them and the awards not dominated by the same style of businesses.

  37. People and organizations win awards constantly. Yet, what is behind awarding an award? What is that awarders take into account to choose? This is the key that sets an award apart from another one.

  38. I have been attending Universal Medicine presentations and their clinic for over 12 years now, in this time have seen many people transform their lives enormously and seen people recover and heal from chronic diseases. What Universal Medicine offers humanity is a way to live that can be life changing and very powerful through the simple connection back to our true selves.

  39. Uniquely so Universal Medicine is the first business I came across that actually serves people with integrity and warm welcome — in every way through every single member that is working for Universal Medicine. They treat all people so welcomingly, loving and respectful no matter what the concern or circumstance is. This business is as transparent as water. Loving the business including all members that I know.

  40. ‘Trusting myself, trusting my friends, trusting the world’ – when I read this, what comes to me is the possibility of accepting everyone as absolute equal, all on the path of return at various points and angle of choices, and that there’s nothing ‘wrong’ in whatever we choose to do.

  41. Love what you have shared Janine, as honest is such a great place to start as we can be so lost, because we are living in a world of dis-honesty and half-truths. So we all can be, as presented by Universal Medicine, at-least honest with our-self first, as a starting point on our return to being connected to our Soul.

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