Universal Medicine – Is it that the Winner takes it All?

That Universal Medicine and Serge Benhayon have won People’s Choice at the Lismore Business Excellence Awards for a second consecutive year running is certainly no second time lucky. Au contraire.

Just another great and only to be expected re-confirmation of the sheer magnificence of the uber immaculate business model that Universal Medicine is – one that is exclusively for people and about people.

The Lismore Chamber of Commerce that hosted the event last night and handed the award into the golden hands of those who serve with Universal Medicine and Serge Benhayon did so in the name of the people who have exclaimed their joie de vivre about doing business with Universal Medicine.

So how has this relatively small business become (and continues to evolve to be) so exponentially successful?

If it is true that the focus on ‘satisfied customer’ is the best business strategy then Universal Medicine has it down to a tee.

Universal Medicine has no secrets to their business success – they have demonstrated the transparent truth of their success in the notion that success in business comes from customers who return, and those who boast about their workshops, presentations and the healing clinic. Their local, national and international clients love their services so much and benefit so profoundly that they bring their friends, families and colleagues with them to share the golden treasures at the nucleus of Universal Medicine.

Success of an organisation is only measured by the people who work in it and Universal Medicine has proven time and again that those who are at the steering wheel of the business are their greatest asset.

Dragana Brown
Dragana Brown – “The success of Universal Medicine business stands on the foundation of integrity and love…”

Universal Medicine is a business that works from the inside out starting with themselves first, which when conducted in the manner of highest integrity and morals, as they do, leads to true power and inevitably recognition as demonstrated last night at the Lismore Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

With Serge Benhayon, as the captain on board this miraculous business boat, he is the epitome of a true leader who never ceases to be a true servant. A role model who inspires not incites, who together with his staff supports his clients to grow by reflection not absorption.

Fortunate and blessed is the man and the woman who find themselves under the wings of this jump jet harrier of a company.

The success of Universal Medicine business stands on the foundation of integrity and love, with no greater leverage than the truth in everything the company does, presents and lives.

This is a case where the winner doesn’t take it all but it is the All who take the winning.

By Dragana Brown, Writer and Correspondent, London UK

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453 thoughts on “Universal Medicine – Is it that the Winner takes it All?

  1. This is a great business model and sets the standard for all business in the world. Unfortunately most companies are only interested in profit and this can be at the expense of the employees and the customers. We collectively have created this profit monster with an insatiable appetite and it is literally killing us. I hate this way of living where we are all living to exist where we checkout of life because we cannot cope with the life we have made for ourselves.

  2. In my gain of understanding the principles’ of the Universal Medicine business model and incorporating it into my business and service in my work, I too have been highly successful when I make it about people and what they need than anything less that is typically used as key metrics of success. True success is honouring the quality that is needed to truly support another to work in harmony with themselves and with others. THIS, is what Universal Medicine always offers — a truly invigorating business model.

  3. When a business can be so consistent in the way they engage and support their clients it is worth looking and seeing if that model can be replicated in other areas. Look with the finest detail at everything that is done and build a team who are willing to work with that level of detail in all they do. The business model is inspiring, as are the people who live and breath that without seeing work and home as any different.

  4. This description of Serge Benhayon as “the epitome of a true leader who never ceases to be a true servant” is so on the money and watching him over the years has inspired me to totally rethink what leadership is.

  5. “This is a case where the winner doesn’t take it all but it is the All who take the winning.” Yes that is true success. When one wins then all win because of the integrity, love and truth that one represents and inspirers others to also be.

  6. Where I live (Japan), very often a company gets exposed as ‘black’ meaning they treat their staff members with very little respect and decency as though they are some kind of slave, creating situations where the staff would find it impossible not to work crazy long hours, often with a remuneration package that makes no sense from every angle, and sometimes resulting in a suicide or karoshi (death by overwork) – and those companies are often major players in their field of industry. Really makes me question what ‘successful business’ truly means, and what we as a consumer might be receiving as well as adding to when we choose to buy/use their products/services.

  7. Universal Medicine is a role model in so many fields… From business model to healthcare model, from modalities to music… This business is redefining our way of living and working and loving.

  8. Universal Medicine present a true business model that is second to none and will one day be studied as a business that knows how to make it about people not profits, that offers consistent and excellent customer service.

  9. This aware winning business keeps going from strength to strength, offering more and more. Bringing more to their clientele, so that their clientele can be more in their own lives. Truly empowering others without need.

  10. A very colourful piece that supports and appreciates a business that is moving and shaking much of how we perceive business to be. What’s more this ‘moving’ must be needed as the support their receiving for the quality they do things is gaining momentum. Many people including this author are supporting internationally which is a big thing for a business this size to already be activating. There is much as a business community we can learn from how this business truly operates, a model now for our future that’s here right now.

  11. I love the fact that Universal Medicine and Serge Benhayon have never been about profit first, they are totally there to serve humanity first, and will go out of their way to help and support you, I have had many conversations with the Benhayon family who have been honest and truthful because they make themselves available to support the whole of humanity not just a few.

  12. Its wonderfull that the business of Universal Medicine is being honoured for its contribution to humanity . The beautiful part of this aware of quality is that its ” people’s choice ” award.

  13. Universal Medicine is a business that does stand on integrity and love. Very simple concept but you have to know everything about integrity and love before you represent this in a business. It is all about people, firstly starting with how the Universal Medicine staff live that quality of integrity and love themselves. This is service with no self-in-mind.

  14. It is gorgeous to see a company founded on things that truly matter like integrity and love being recognized for the qualities they encompass that reflect to other businesses the true components of success. Heartfelt congratulations for an honour well deserved.

    1. Yes, imagine saying that your business model is founded on love! and not fancy schmultzy love but love that holds honesty, integrity, truth, harmony and joy alongside consistency, accountability and responsibility. Let me learn that business model.

  15. Even though I have known Serge Benhayon and patronised Universal Medicine since 2012 I don’t think I will ever truly appreciate fully the incredible human being he is – there is just so much that he lives and expresses in life, whether it is business, family or other, that is so inspiring and so amazing. In a world filled with so much darkness and corruption at last there is a person that not only has integrity but is leading us all forward. I feel truly blessed by all that Serge Benhayon lives and all he does in service.

  16. Universal Medicine is a business like no other, a model of true care, integrity, love and equality, making it about people and not profit, anyone who enters their doors can feel this as a fact. It is a much deserved award.

  17. The transparency of Universal Medicine is total and this is reflected in the fact they have won this People’s Choice award for the second year running.

  18. I totally agree with all you share Dragana especially this line ‘The success of Universal Medicine business stands on the foundation of integrity and love, with no greater leverage than the truth in everything the company does, presents and lives.’ It is clear to anyone that visits Universal Medicine that this clinic offers everyone equally an opportunity to make choices that can support us to truly change.

  19. Universal Medicine is first and foremost about love and about us all living in love and harmony as one brotherhood. The winning was a winning for true brotherhood.

  20. There are many people that will never come to visit the Universal Medicine Clinic but of those that do come very few are disappointed and for many they feel as if they have won. I know that I had lost myself in a mess of emotions, drugs and alcohol and after a few visits to Universal Medicine I felt as if I had won the best prize in the world, what was that prize you might ask? It was a deep sense of getting myself back, so in short, a win for Universal Medicine certainly is a win for all!

  21. I would completely agree with you Dragana in that it is the all that win through the booming and continuous success of Universal Medicine. Where most successful businesses tend to expand then take over smaller companies Universal Medicine is the complete opposite, their expansion inspires others to expand and equally grow.

  22. Pure gold describing a company which is pure gold, and the thing is it is for all, that’s the most amazing thing or as Dragana puts it ‘This is a case where the winner doesn’t take it all but it is the All who take the winning.’ We all win knowing Universal Medicine and those who meet it are inspired to take that integrity and care with them out into the world.

  23. Universal Medicine’s integrity means that everyone is considered equally – clients and employees alike, no one more or less than another. They show that it is possible to run a successful business with true equality and regard for people everywhere.

  24. Serge Benhayon supported me to become aware of the fact that a business’ success is not measured financially, but by how well its employees are. Because everything in truth is about people first. I find this groundbreaking and inspiring.

  25. Universal Medicine runs on integrity and when a company has true integrity you know they are going to be giving you their best. Their integrity comes with an equalness for all and a love of humanity that I have never experienced anywhere else.

  26. This is a company which truly serves humanity, by ensuring that everyone is held equally as an important part of the rich tapestry we call life.

  27. This is a company that makes everything about people. There is no trying, pretending to care, this is ‘just my job’ or ‘I can’t wait till 5pm’ mentality anywhere. You are completely held with respect, love and understanding at all times. This highest quality of service will continue and deepen year after year.

  28. ‘This is a case where the winner doesn’t take it all but it is the All who take the winning.’ Love this observation Dragana! Universal Medicine is definitely my business of choice. Everything about the clinic is supportive, every detail. Simply stepping into the clinic the care is felt. It’s not about show and niceties, but about true care and quality of service.

  29. I think that time of year is coming around again, where we can nominate our favourite business in our local community, and I was thinking about it just the other day and my first choice is still Universal Medicine. To me, they are the best.

  30. Not only does Universal Medicine support the community with all that it does, it supports people to do the very same thing within their own communities. The commitments to life, community and work (to name a few) from those who have had the support of Universal Medicine is outstanding.

  31. There was absolutely not one ounce of luck involved in Universal Medicine receiving this award but simply the consequence of the unwavering commitment from an amazing and wholly united team of people who have come together to provide the highest level of care and support to every single person who walks through the door. And at the helm of this unique organisation is Serge Benhayon who is, as you say, “the epitome of a true leader who never ceases to be a true servant”.

  32. Thank you Dragana it was a joy to read your deep appreciation of Universal Medicine and the amazing business that it is. I especially loved this line ‘With Serge Benhayon, as the captain on board this miraculous business boat, he is the epitome of a true leader who never ceases to be a true servant.’

  33. With Universal Medicine everything is about all of us rather than a select few so your point about the winner not taking it all is well made. As Serge Benhayon teaches it is about us all coming back together to the oneness and brotherhood that we originated from that will change the world. Not improving further our gadgetry.

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