Esther Rockett Scientologist? A 101 on Dead Agenting Universal Medicine from Esther Rockett, Acupuncturist

Recently, as part of her long-running harassment campaign, cyber-troll Esther Rockett likened Universal Medicine to Scientology.

She even went so far as to say she thought Universal Medicine was even ‘more dangerous’ than the Church of Scientology.

This would not be the first time that Esther Rockett had unconvincingly tried to tether Universal Medicine to a completely unrelated group or organisation. As usual, her nonsensical ‘parallels’ continue to be just that. But in the case of her Universal Medicine / Scientology claims, it seems she has completely shot herself in the foot… again.

Upon launching her latest round of claims, Rockett has tried to capitalise on the publicity for a documentary about Scientology called Going Clear.

In an attempt to identify herself with the cause of ex-scientologists (and embroil unsuspecting people into her tired narrative), Esther Rockett has accused Universal Medicine of ‘dead agenting’ her.

Dead Agenting can be understood as a term that describes attempts by the Church of Scientology to discredit ex-members so that if they speak out about abuses they have suffered inside the Church they are not believed.

I had never heard of the term until Esther Rockett tried to hijack the hashtag #deadagenting on Twitter to accuse Universal Medicine of just another in a long list of imagined crimes. Ironically though, as stated in the article, Universal Medicine – No Parallels to Scientology, she has delivered a blow by blow account of her own dead agenting techniques, seemingly without any awareness of the fact.

According to Scientology’s doctrines, the key methods to ‘dead agent’ an attacker include, making up false sexual abuse claims, feeding lies to the press, and scouring the past of your attacker for evidence of any felony or misdemeanour.

Sound familiar?

In fact it sounded so familiar I began to wonder if Esther Rockett was secretly a Scientologist.

The Universal Medicine Facts team on the other hand, seemed to be well behind in their dead agenting skills. As far as I am aware Universal Medicine or anyone associated has never accused Esther Rockett of being sexually abusive without evidence and they haven’t even managed to insinuate that she is a paedophile. They haven’t blogged about her family and suggested that her daughter deserves to be called a whore; they wouldn’t even know if she had a daughter. They have never said to the press that they thought that Esther Rockett ‘might’ have been sexually abusive to them if they had given her the chance or that it was possible that she was grooming her acupuncture clients. All in all, they have epically failed in any display of dead agenting skills.

Esther however, seems to be all over it. Achieving all of the above and more. To be fair, Universal Medicine Facts team have asked her to stop being a cyber-bully, but apparently that is far too mild a stance if you are to be a successful ‘dead agenter’. Lurid false sexual abuse accusations are the order of the day, anything less is amateur.

In the dead agent stakes it seems Esther Rockett and her accomplice Lance Martin are highly learned.

In fact, it is uncanny how much they both know about dead agenting. This, paired with Esther Rockett’s prolific science fiction writing about a fantasy cult she has invented of her own accord, can lead us to only one logical conclusion – she IS L. RON Hubbard!!

Rebecca Baldwin
Rebecca Baldwin

By Rebecca Baldwin, Goonellabah

Rebecca Baldwin is a Web Professional with a love of fine journalism, high shoes and quality media education. You can follow her on Twitter @beccabaldwin

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