Esther Rockett, Lance Martin, and Universal Medicine – A Case Study in Modern Day McCarthyism

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Time for a New Normal

While having an Esoteric Breast Massage (EBM), it dawned on me in the middle of the session, – that this healing modality might not be considered by some as normal!

I lay there imagining what someone might think if they burst in on my session. Considering our modern day society, I feel many of us would agree that a woman massaging another woman’s breast tissue – even performed gently with no sexual connotations –may not be considered as ‘normal’. And so, because the outcome of every single Esoteric Breast Massage I have ever had has always been exquisitely supportive and has felt like I was giving myself the gift of clarity and wisdom, a truly self-loving experience in many ways, I began to ponder on what actually is ‘normal’. Continue reading “Time for a New Normal”

Esther Rockett Scientologist? A 101 on Dead Agenting Universal Medicine from Esther Rockett, Acupuncturist

Recently, as part of her long-running harassment campaign, cyber-troll Esther Rockett likened Universal Medicine to Scientology.

She even went so far as to say she thought Universal Medicine was even ‘more dangerous’ than the Church of Scientology.

This would not be the first time that Esther Rockett had unconvincingly tried to tether Universal Medicine to a completely unrelated group or organisation. As usual, her nonsensical ‘parallels’ continue to be just that. But in the case of her Universal Medicine / Scientology claims, it seems she has completely shot herself in the foot… again. Continue reading “Esther Rockett Scientologist? A 101 on Dead Agenting Universal Medicine from Esther Rockett, Acupuncturist”