The Power, Play-full-ness and Truth of Words…

I wasn’t that hot at English at school, neither did I like writing, though that’s changed now. It’s not so much English or writing I felt to write about, but words, and how I have absolutely fallen in love with the playfulness, truth and power of words. Not in the intellectual sense of being a ‘know it all,’ or being able to recite or show off with a vast vocabulary of words: if I played a game of Scrabble I wouldn’t win because I’d be too busy loving words, having fun, and making up a new game.

What I love about words is the connection that I have with them and what they bring.


I feel how many words have something to share. At particular moments or times, words stand out like little beacons of light, offering me a chance to learn, appreciate, grow and confirm.

I love how I can feel words in my body, whether they are written, read or heard. Sometimes they make my whole body and every cell joyfully pulse and vibrate; sometimes as a confirmation of how I feel or who I am. At other times, they make me smile in absolute knowing as they reflect to me that there are things I need to look at in my life. And then there are the ones that make me process like heck because I know I am or have been avoiding them – not the words themselves, but the action they are calling for, such as the word commitment. But this is not a bad thing, I even love these words too as they are asking me to look at things I need to work on, let go of, or deal with in my life.

I love how the words we need to hear and feel simply appear, or tend to stand out.


For example, as a teacher, I may be asking the kids in class to be more responsible and the word ‘responsible’ stands out so clearly that I know it is asking me to step up and be more responsible too. Or when I keep saying a word and someone else picks it up and points it out to me.

Another thing I often find myself doing is having fun with the words I hear. I write down all the words that make my body pulse – words that stand out or that I connect to in some way.

What‘s funny is that they are often words that you wouldn’t associate with the lecture or meeting that is on, for example; ‘constellation‘, ‘light‘, ‘commitment‘, ‘relationships‘, the list could go on… it is amazing what is there to be heard when we truly listen.

When I read or write, I love the power of words and how they stand out. There is so much more being shared than just what we read or see. It may be words like ‘gentle‘, ‘light‘, ‘bright‘, ‘delicate‘, ‘still‘ or ‘fun’. Or how when I write, words come to me that I have never used before, or known their meaning, but I absolutely know they are the right word to use for what needs to be expressed in that moment. I’ll often find that I will write a word and feel “Nope, that’s not right”: this feeling comes from my body, not my head.

I love the power of words in their truth, and what they truly mean. This is not necessarily what we can read in a dictionary, as so many words have been bastardised and changed from their true meaning (such as ‘love‘, ‘truth‘, ‘religion‘, ‘beauty‘, ‘well-being‘ and many more).

I love how we can be play-full with words, hyphenating them, splitting them up as in ‘joy-full’ to share what we really mean and feel. They become so much more real and felt rather than just a flat word on a page.

The power, play-full-ness and truth of words never ceases to amaze me.


Inspired by Serge Benhayon’s absolute power, truth and play-full-ness with words.

By Gyl Rae, 37, Scotland

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1,065 thoughts on “The Power, Play-full-ness and Truth of Words…

  1. Words can be loaded with so much – beliefs and ideals, negative or positive associations that we’ve made with them personally through our lived experiences and also there can be a great depth in what a word is used to convey. The precision and clarity with which Serge Benhayon uses words has inspired me very much as well, to be more aware of how a word is being used and also it’s original root meaning.

  2. I too have really in-joyed (playing with the hyphenation thing) writing in a way that allows my body to feel whether it sounds right. This has nothing to do with any grammatical or spelling ‘rules’ but comes from a deeper knowingness that is telling me it is what is needed to express in that particular moment, and is very liberating to allow myself to go by that bodily feeling.

  3. Yes words are very power-full and we are a long way from understanding the impact they can have on us. This is not a short term effect, this can last lifetimes if words are used without consideration, which dare I say, is more often than not.

  4. I love this! ‘What I love about words is the connection that I have with them and what they bring’ making words not about being intellectual but instead about our connection with them 💕

  5. One of the nicest experiences i had was when my English got good enough so that I could become playful with words and express with them what I want to say in full.

    1. I find that working with people from non english speaking countries, there’s little structure to what they say, it’s understandable most of the time but it is much lighter as it is less restricted.

  6. With the understanding that words carry an energetic vibration brings with it a responsibility for us to choose our words wisely, and to express them from and with a loving heart.

  7. Words expressed from the quality of their true meaning brings a vibrational resonance that is felt in the body.

  8. I love how certain words do support my evolution in a particular period of time and then change when I worked with it. It can be that I make little notes in my home that remind me of the connection and the feeling I have towards that word or that phrase that remind me of a truth, that I want more focus and work to be done. I always feel, when this reminder needs to change then, as then another word will appear that highlights itself and which will join my life for a little while.

  9. How you speak of words asking you to be more, is just the same as the people in our life that asks us to be all of who we are – “And then there are the ones that make me process like heck because I know I am or have been avoiding them – not the words themselves, but the action they are calling for, such as the word ‘commitment‘.” We sometimes try and avoid them when we are not quite feeling ourselves but when they do meet us, our whole body knows that’s it, part of us may not like it but our true self knows without a doubt they are on the mark.

  10. What we really communicate is energy when we express. A door can be flat, solid and hard, or an opening into greater knowledge and understanding – all depending on the way we live and choose to speak. When we live knowing there is so much more which words are only signposts too, they become light, fun and easy to use. Thank you Gyl.

  11. I appreciate what you have shared here because it demonstrates how we can re-build a relationship with words that will support us to appreciate the way life sends us little messages all the time, like the words that stand out, or we keep using. Also when someone uses a word that just doesn’t sound right because it is not spoken from the body or in truth but from the intellect of what we think is right. I am starting to realise that words when spoken are sounds and those sounds are like ripples in the pool of water we live in. We need to have respect for what, when, and how we speak so that what we put out is respectful to others as well as ourselves.

  12. We have stepped away from knowing the power of our words and therefore pay little attention to when or where or how we use them. We have let go of the meaning of them or re-interpreted them.

  13. I have always loved words but more recently I have come to understand and appreciate the responsibility we have when we use them. Words used unlovingly have the power to hurt whereas words expressed in love have the power to heal. They are little packets of energy and how we use them is our choice, but the consequences of those choices are ours as well.

  14. Words that are spoken in truth stand out like a beacon of light, and as you say they are felt with every cell of our body. We can use words to support us and help us to grow or we can use them to destroy, it all comes down to the energy we choose to express the words in.

  15. There is a common thread that is running through these 1000 plus comments of the words that come out of our mouth as we speak from our heart and the words that come out of our fingers as we type. We don’t own language it is a tool we use to express, and we get to chose the energy it comes with.

  16. There is so much playfulness and fun in this blog. If we pay close attention to words we can bring them to life and really feel their meaning. A great offering. Thank you Gyl.

  17. Every word spoken has a resonance, a vibration. And a language will more often than not be held in the resonance on the country that speaks it, the collective pool of energy that draws on the language to express the energy itself. But this is the thing – change the energy, change the quality within you, and you change the resonance and vibration of the language itself.

  18. Revelation: when I am in my power and connection with myself- my english is extraordinary great. Words just flow into the talk, which I never used before…Suddenly a vocabulary is on offer I had never access to before. Conclusion: when we connect to the universal source: words paired with the true meaning just come and allows others to feel the energy behind every word and that it is never about owning words and its knowledge but to let it flow through you.

    1. That is just gorgeous Stefanie. We do not own language, we do not own the words we speak. Wow, does that not turn on its head the education system en masse that will try to own every language and compartmentalise into something that some people will be ‘gifted’ enough to learn while others won’t be. Another gambit of the lies we have been sold.

    2. I agree Stefanie, when I am connected, I too find that words come that I have never used before and yet they are perfect. Sometimes I have to check the meanings in the dictionary and invariably they make perfect sense in the context that I was expressing them in.

      1. Hahaha, I experience the same, I look up the translation and at the beginning I was astonished about myself how accurate the words were used. It is my movements during life that makes me access this kind of wisdom in a sense of vocabulary. Beautiful to explore and to detach more and more to what I bring through.

    3. Beautiful Stefanie what you share, when we connect to our power and connection, I absolutely agree the words just flow with its true meaning, there is no owning of the words and its knowledge, just be open to using for the purpose they where delivered for.

    4. Stunning example of the power and glory when we express from our true connection, the words are just there, and exactly what needs to be said or what another specifically needs to hear is delivered.

  19. Words were actually invented to separate us as humanity as everyone could put their own interpretation onto the word and its meaning. What if we use words in the true meaning to actually come back to the point, where we all felt that energy counts much more than any outspoken word?

  20. My hobby all my life is to read the energy that comes with the word. For example you can call me Sylvia but the way you say my name can be very different. You can call my name angrily for example. But also you can feel angry or jealous towards me but you say my name in a ‘nice’ way but the energy I get is the emotion behind it.
    The way we use words can be very manipulative and can become as black magic.
    To go back to our body and speak from our heart is the way to honor each other and brings a very different quality to the world.

    1. I feel everything in someone calling my name. It is very interesting, as in the past I did not like my name, when it got called. But it wasn´t my name in general- it was the energy someone used to call me, THIS I did not like.

  21. “I love the power of words in their truth, and what they truly mean ”
    The words have the power of the person expressing them as well, an example is when a person’s words sound very hollow, in that there is no lived life to them and their word.

  22. To be true to ourselves by starting to feel the original meaning again.
    This supports us back to our wisdom.

  23. Words are tools of expression – they can either be used with Light and Love to expand and evolve, or as a weapon to shut down Truth and Love.

  24. For words to be, there needs to an isolation of vibration recognized as energy, objects, movement, behaviours, feelings… and somehow a formulation of sound gets applied to represent that. It gives me goosebumps imagining the moment a word gets pronounced for the very first time.

  25. More often than not, words have been bastardised to mean something totally different from what they originally represented and we develop reaction towards it because of our personal experience with the misrepresentation. It is very beautiful when we get reconnected with the truth of words.

  26. Understanding the quality of expression, the true nature and power of words, is integral to and a foundation of our ability to discern and thereby to evolve… Especially in this current era.

  27. This is beautiful Gyl, to speak words with the understanding and true meaning of them offers a healing to everyone who listens.

  28. ” ‘constellation‘, ” This is a word I like, it’s only in recent times that I have come to know it , but what “constellation ” expresses, is what’s been happening in my life constantly and until I heard the word “constellation ” I had no word to describe how things came together for me. Now I know life “constellated”, life didn’t just happen.

    1. Yes, the same for me John, which it goes to show that the true meaning of words arises from expressing something that already exists.

  29. I love the appreciation of words. So much power and alchemy is at play when words are spoken with truth. And dare I say the same power of words can be used to devastate when words are barstardised and used in ill ways.

  30. The truth of many words has been lost in our societies today, and taking the time to look at the origins of words opens up a new world of understanding.

  31. Who knew there was so much in words or in how we use words. I must admit to being not a straight A english person and yet even though this article reminded me of school a bit I can see that even as I type I have more awareness and a sense around the words I write. It’s pretty amazing to read something like this and not think anything of it only to start typing and appreciate that the work that has been done by this blog is in fact hitting my awareness in another way. I am reading every word I am typing, almost like more space has been created around how the words are coming out. I don’t know what else to say other than I am blown away, so simple and yet such a physical and real change.

  32. I find words have a sound a vibration and when the vibration of the body matches the sound then a person speaks their words , the talking matches the body.

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