Early to Bed, Early to Rise, Makes you Healthy, Wealthy and Wise

“Early to bed, Early to rise, Makes you Healthy, Wealthy and Wise.”


This was one of my grandmother’s favourite sayings. Perhaps from an era just fading from memory when really no one stayed up that late. It was common practice when I was a child staying at her house that dinner was early, kids were bathed and in their pyjamas well and truly before the summer sun went down. Dinner was served at 5:30 / 6pm and once it was eaten it was story time and into bed. Adults too.

It seems these days it is a much busier world. The pace of everything is much faster and having space and time in the day seems like a luxury.

The most people seem to stop these days is to queue up for coffee to get a hit to kick-start the day and keep us going because we are so busy. Flat out, not really home from work till 6… and then get dinner ready in a rush to feed the kids. And the whole world seems to stay up much later.

Or when I was single and in my 20’s and 30’s, it was out to dinner or off to a party and not home till 10 pm on a weekday – let alone the wee small hours on the weekends.

The last couple of years I have experimented with going to bed early again.

Is that old saying of my grandmother’s more than just a forgotten rambling of a world no longer relevant?

Or is it actually something that carries wisdom of old. Wisdom – that word that is different from knowledge.

Something that is known to be true because it has been lived and found to have an effect on the way we live.

I’ve tried it out.

I love getting into my cosy pyjamas early and feeling all cosy and warm and cared for as if I was putting myself to bed like a child, even now as a grown man of 40.

There is a distinct difference in how I am the next day if I go to bed early and in a way that is caring for myself, rather than the days when I sit up late watching TV or working on the computer.

It affects how I feel.

How I walk.

How I talk during the day.

How I eat because if I am tired I tend to choose sugary, starchy junk foods.

It actually effects how I think. What I think – what thoughts about myself and others I allow in my head.

And then it effects how I treat others and myself.

It took a while to change it and I am still getting better at doing it but I have to say I love ‘being a Nanna’ and going to bed early. The things I used to think I needed in my life in that ‘me time’ and staying up late, actually pale in comparison to how I feel in my life every day now.

Thanks Grandma. Now I know what it means when you used to tell me “Early to bed, Early to rise, Makes you Healthy, Wealthy and Wise.”


The simple practical things that we all know, and yet somehow don’t ever get around to implementing in our lives, can make such a big difference.

I would like to say thank you – deeply thank you – to Serge Benhayon for his commitment to the simple beauty in the way we can live.

By Simon Asquith, 41, MultiMedia Professional

This blog originated as a comment inspired by the blog:
Going To Bed At 9 pm Makes So Much Sense

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1,314 thoughts on “Early to Bed, Early to Rise, Makes you Healthy, Wealthy and Wise

  1. Feeling like we are going to miss out if we are not up late becomes a peer group pressure thing that can be very difficult to shift from our consciousness. So understanding that what we are missing out on is so much, when we are not looking after our sleeping rhythms, as we are far more able to work with Loving integrity, as we are no longer sleepy in the day because we are energetically aware and get to bed early as you have shared Simon.

  2. These days what most would call early is my normal. It’s normal to go to bed at 9pm and wake around 3am, I love it. This isn’t a rigid structure, it used to be as I was getting used to going to bed ‘early’ but now it’s normal and if need be, for work, sometimes I won’t get to bed till 10 or 11. No big deal. Yes I am more drained that morning and wake later but how I am in my day can support me or further drain me.

  3. “Early to Bed, Early to Rise, Makes you Healthy, Wealthy and Wise” so very true – its a simple truth that many of us in society choose to deny to our own detriment.

  4. So true, that the only time we seem to stop these days is to wait in queues, or at traffic lights, and even that, we try to fill by looking at our phone. It’s like we are so determined to avoid a full, proper stop, where our body might be heard a bit louder than otherwise.

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