Universal Medicine, People’s Choice in Lismore Business Excellence Awards – A Good News Story

As a member of the community I would like to express my joy on hearing that Universal Medicine has been awarded the 2014 People’s Choice award at the Crowe Horwath Lismore Business Excellence Awards.

This is a good news story. The people have expressed their appreciation of the business model of loving support and respect given to all by Universal Medicine: whether at the Goonellabah clinic, at a workshop or retreat, or in the community.

Making life about people, with total care and respect for all, has been confirmed by the public who voted.

I have personally experienced this loving support and understanding in my contact with Universal Medicine, Serge Benhayon and the many Universal Medicine practitioners.

However, the Crowe Horwath Lismore Business Excellence award publicly acknowledges that the Universal Medicine business model of connecting with and lovingly supporting people is preferred in a world that mostly values financial benefits and economic structures over client relationships and genuine care.

I feel the People’s Choice award is not about gaining recognition or competing with others, it is simply truly acknowledging and appreciating what feels supportive of the wellness of us all: Universal Medicine is a business model that is lovingly comprehensive in how it cares for people. The integrity demonstrated by clinicians, by the receptionists, in the facility itself, and at the workshops and retreats has clearly resonated with people far and wide.

The loveliness of this healing model of business is felt in how expansive and inclusive it is of all; encouraging people to take responsibility for their lifestyle choices while being absolutely supported in their return to wellness. Another awesome aspect of the Universal Medicine business model is that it presents an opportunity to gain more awareness of true health and well-being to anyone who so desires – which can then be shared with others in the community.

The People’s Choice award at the Crowe Horwath Lismore Business Excellence Awards is a vote by people who endorse what they can feel when they engage the services of Universal Medicine. This further serves to unify us all as we take care of ourselves and others.

By Janice Mooney, Brisbane

942 thoughts on “Universal Medicine, People’s Choice in Lismore Business Excellence Awards – A Good News Story

  1. Universal Medicine brings a quality of service to business that is unlike anything else on offer today, and as much as this deserves to be celebrated, I feel that the real joy is in being open to the inspiration that is on offer by the way that they do business.

  2. There are many ways in which Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine are inspiring us to live more healthily and one of them is the business model. I’ve worked in so many companies where the staff are stressed and sick and you see none of that with Universal Medicine staff. The care and integrity with which the company works is beyond compare.

  3. It makes perfect sense that a company dedicated to the well-being of people should win the People’s Choice award, it just proves that people want more of the kind of business that is operated with the deepest respect and integrity in it’s practices.

  4. Proving that Universal Medicine is delivering amazing value for its many customers far and wide. Not only that, it is setting new standards in every field that you can think of. The code of conduct is dimensionally different and exceeds anything previously been put out as a code of conduct. It is no exaggeration to say that this business has already changed the world and there is a lot more to come.

  5. This really shows that you can be successful as a business even when you make time and space to make it about people first.

  6. The reason why the Universal Medicine’s model of business works is because they care about YOU as a person first and foremost. When we are consistently seen for who we are this develops trust which is exactly what Universal Medicine has established.

    1. Fur sure jenny, the Business Model of Universal Medicine is one to be studied and copied as it will change the world undoubtedly when more companies will put people first before the financials.

  7. For a business like Universal Medicine to continue to take out top awards like the People’s Choice Award it means that people have recognised the value of great service, true care and a genuine interest and love of people. It is therefore worth applauding the public who voted for Universal Medicine as their votes show that they are standing up for what they value in their lives.

    1. It also goes to show that we can get under the hypocrisy, corruption and false ways of living. When we vote unanimously for what feels true it is a beautiful confirmation that we know what is true and what is not. Voting for it in this way not only supports the individual by saying yes to it but the community, in its collective affirmation, receives an uplift in the consensus.

  8. The Universal Medicine business model is far far reaching as they are inspiring thousands of people to return to true health and well-being and the results thus far have been amazing (http://www.unimedliving.com/before-and-after/the-before-and-after-photo-diary/the-before-after-project.html). And this keeps going as these people who have attended courses, workshops, retreats etc….return to their homes and then live this, to the best of their ability in their communities, showing people that true health and wellbeing is possible, inspiring people to look at their own lives and see what they can do.

  9. The story of Universal Medicine is an amazing one and deserves a book all to itself. In the future people will want to read about how a small organisation brought new models to the world that revolutionised education, care for the aged, medicine and relationships just to name a few.

  10. There is something very important written here in this piece, about how businesses can be organised by people for people, with every aspect taken care of by every person, so that when someone arrives there in whatever capacity that may be, they are met with the whole experience of every person singing to the same tune as it were – a completeness that has all people being equally important.

  11. Appreciation for any business that supports the wellness of us as all is something to celebrate. It is no surprise that Universal Medicine has received the peoples’ choice award as the true health, care, and respect of people is the foundation it is built on.

  12. When we take the time to celebrate a business or a person for what they have brought through to the community, it is a moment of appreciation, a moment of consolidation that allows you then to step up to the next level of service to deliver. Most businesses have set goals and target achievements based around financial gain, and it is hard work and elbowing your way through the crowds that you get ‘there’; however, Universal Medicine stands out in its capacity to always deliver more service, deeper care and respect and support without the main focus being on monetary gain, and in this people are drawn to Universal Medicine like ants to a piece of fruit…amazing to feel, to be a part of and to be witness to!

  13. Such a model is sorely needed in our current society, and what a blessing that we have one right here under our noses so to speak in order to be deeply inspired by, And knowing this, how important is it to spread the word so that all others can also know of this real live miracle of a business model: “the Universal Medicine business model of connecting with and lovingly supporting people is preferred in a world that mostly values financial benefits and economic structures over client relationships and genuine care.”

  14. “Making life about people, with total care and respect for all” – when you take care of one, you take care of the all.

  15. It is a huge shift when we look at an award from an appreciation perspective rather than something to gain recognition or status. And this true business model is a gift to the community – reflecting that it is about people and relationships before it is about business.

  16. It is great to see that a true business model is being deservedly recognised and appreciated for what it offers. This is especially important in the midst of businesses in common as they are that as recognised for what they offer yet do not have love as their underlying intent and foundation.

  17. We might think some businesses’ function is to heal and some to not. But what Universal Medicine show us as you explain Janice, is that every business and every person, no matter the field has the potential to make what they do healing too. That is truly universal and quite an astounding presentation to make.

  18. The business world would learn so much by studying the Universal Medicine Business model – what is it really all about – Love – When a business truly is about Love first the results as we can see here are spectacular.

  19. Yes Universal Medicine is a very inspiring business model we can all apply to our own businesses and life, that is all the people we meet every day.

  20. Universal Medicine deserves every award that it gets. This business which has been so grotesquely vilified by a few liars has helped countless numbers of people to change their lives and in turn help others change their lives. It is and has set new standards in so many areas of life, that one day the world will catch up with and adopt.

  21. “encouraging people to take responsibility for their lifestyle choices while being absolutely supported in their return to wellness.” When I read this I was struck by how much the world needs this right now, for more people to take responsibility for their choices whilst being totally supported to return to their natural and true state of health and well being.

  22. The award also sets a simple sign which business in the Lismore area has the largest number of people voting for it.

  23. This is brilliant proof that people cherish a depth of care and service that is often absent in business. Universal Medicine in their incredible care and warmth of service are setting a whole new benchmark of what’s possible for the future world of business.

  24. Universal Medicine is a business that makes it about people first not profit, they know how to offer quality service and to support their clients with integrity and true care.

  25. It’s funny reading this blog title Janice, for life and what Universal Medicine present is about a ‘people’s choice’ in so many ways. No matter the situation, heavy or small we each have a crossroads to choose how we will deal with it all. Will we see it as the speck it is compared to how amazing we are, or let it affect us and dominate the way forward? It’s down to us, but with every move we make we are voting for love or not love. Isn’t that great?

  26. It’s incredible, personally how the way Universal Medicine operates has touched my life. They have shown me the meaning of integrity, consistency and responsibility. Their practitioners are always ‘on’ not just at work but in life, not presenting an act, just being themselves and super responsive to everyone else. No matter what you do, what profession you work in, they are an incredible role model for living and working with love. This is definitely something the whole world needs to see. Thank you Janice for highlighting this here.

  27. Universal Medicine is a unique business that is inspirational in the way it operates. A business model to follow where people first is firmly at its foundation.

  28. “Another awesome aspect of the Universal Medicine business model is that it presents an opportunity to gain more awareness of true health and well-being to anyone who so desires – which can then be shared with others in the community.” This is so true, as I have personally gained more awareness of true health and well-being myself and am able to share it with my family, friends and work colleagues.

    1. Yes, the award shows the number of people who consider the business has been doing the best work for them out of all businesses in the Lismore area. There are many good businesses in the area as well.

  29. “Universal Medicine business model of connecting with and lovingly supporting people is preferred in a world that mostly values financial benefits and economic structures over client relationships and genuine care.” This is rare, there is no other model out that has these values supporting people first rather than the financial benefits.

  30. Universal Medicine has since won more awards for the standard it sets for business. It’s a true role model of what a business can hold and offer to communities.

  31. It is no surprise to hear that Universal Medicine won a local peoples choice award. You need not look any further than these pages to get but a sense of the absolute support offered by this organisation.

  32. The fact that the people chose this award shows the absolute love and care that so many feel they receive from Universal Medicine. It is a deeply inspiring business model but most importantly an incredible reflection to society of how business can be and the true effects it has on the community.

  33. Truly good news does not usually make it to the public. As a result, what are presented as good news (which usually are at one level) can confirm us at some level at most but never offer us evolution. Truly good news offers us both. It appears not be too much demand for those.

  34. People are sensing the excellent care they are giving and the healthy business model Universal Medicine is actively working with that is full of integrity and supportive approach to all people, not just in Goonellabah, but all over the world. Of course people recognize this, as it is uncommon, even though it should be our every day normal – healthy working is achieved when a business/work is truly made about working together and taking care of people first.

  35. Yes, a truly deserved award. It speaks for itself…if the people are voting, then it’s a clear indication that there are quite a number of local community members who have experienced the professionalism and care of those that work from the UM clinic.

  36. This award is super great as it shows that more and more people are saying yes towards
    A new way of livingness. This supports Universal Medicine even more as it responds to the call of humanity.

  37. I have known Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine for 10 years, and they are continually supporting people, as they continue to support the local community as well, you can really feel the genuine love and care they have, and most of all they always make themselves available.

  38. I love seeing businesses that offer excellent service being acknowledged for what they do. This is how we can celebrate quality work and use it as a marker for how we want things to be in society.

  39. With this award for Universal Medicine it shows that if truth is offered in the way we can do business there is enough people who love to see that change in their business environment. The way business is done in the world is mostly very unhealthy which will show itself physical ( illness rates are increasing) and financially too even it takes a while to reveal the ill pattern of a company. We can learn a lot form the way Universal Medicine is doing its business. It is our future.

  40. It is well worth appreciating businesses that sincerely support our communities – by appreciating them we support these services to grow for the benefit of us all.

    1. Any business that makes their focus about people over profits needs to be celebrated and honoured for the quality they bring. I had the same experience with a local car company near me. Detail, care, open communication. Service that truly stands out in our current climate.

  41. ‘encouraging people to take responsibility for their lifestyle choices while being absolutely supported in their return to wellness’ This is an awesome aspect of Universal Medicine. I have witnessed so many peoples lives turn round by the lifestyle choices they have made and the support they have received through treatments and sessions with Universal Medicine Practitioners and the presentations of Universal Medicine.

  42. It’s hard to quantify the difference Universal Medicine makes. When you consider all the people who have attended courses and workshops and been inspired to be more caring, considerate, kind and loving, wow! and what about all the people they know and meet? What a flow on effect must there be on their lives too. Where once there was an alcoholic or drug abuser now stands a bright and open Dad, where once there was a an exhausted Mum in her place a vital and loving lady. The ripple effects Love makes, go on and on and on. So I feel, as you seem to Janice, that Universal Medicine deserve all the awards in the world and then some.

  43. The simple truth that Serge Benhayon presents, that all we ever need to do is honour and live from our heart, is something that has deeply touched my own and so many people’s lives. Imagine a world where people did just that. Watching Serge and the practitioners at work is a glimpse into what this would be like. It’s a future I absolutely want in my life. Thank you Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine for what you represent, and Janice for this blog.

  44. All businesses should be founded on the quality and care of people and this includes not only the actual workers of the business but extends to the quality of the products or resources produced for all people.

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