Universal Medicine, People’s Choice in Lismore Business Excellence Awards – A Good News Story

As a member of the community I would like to express my joy on hearing that Universal Medicine has been awarded the 2014 People’s Choice award at the Crowe Horwath Lismore Business Excellence Awards.

This is a good news story. The people have expressed their appreciation of the business model of loving support and respect given to all by Universal Medicine: whether at the Goonellabah clinic, at a workshop or retreat, or in the community.

Making life about people, with total care and respect for all, has been confirmed by the public who voted.

I have personally experienced this loving support and understanding in my contact with Universal Medicine, Serge Benhayon and the many Universal Medicine practitioners.

However, the Crowe Horwath Lismore Business Excellence award publicly acknowledges that the Universal Medicine business model of connecting with and lovingly supporting people is preferred in a world that mostly values financial benefits and economic structures over client relationships and genuine care.

I feel the People’s Choice award is not about gaining recognition or competing with others, it is simply truly acknowledging and appreciating what feels supportive of the wellness of us all: Universal Medicine is a business model that is lovingly comprehensive in how it cares for people. The integrity demonstrated by clinicians, by the receptionists, in the facility itself, and at the workshops and retreats has clearly resonated with people far and wide.

The loveliness of this healing model of business is felt in how expansive and inclusive it is of all; encouraging people to take responsibility for their lifestyle choices while being absolutely supported in their return to wellness. Another awesome aspect of the Universal Medicine business model is that it presents an opportunity to gain more awareness of true health and well-being to anyone who so desires – which can then be shared with others in the community.

The People’s Choice award at the Crowe Horwath Lismore Business Excellence Awards is a vote by people who endorse what they can feel when they engage the services of Universal Medicine. This further serves to unify us all as we take care of ourselves and others.

By Janice Mooney, Brisbane

964 thoughts on “Universal Medicine, People’s Choice in Lismore Business Excellence Awards – A Good News Story

  1. Universal Medicine has contributed to society way beyond any other organisation I have come across or worked for. It is a company that really puts people before anything, this award is very well deseved.

  2. There is no surprise that Universal Medicine would win the people’s choice award. A company that is so dedicated to the well-being of people and second to none in the services it provides. The world and the Australian community are very lucky to have such an organisation leading the way for true health and well-being.

  3. In our society right now we need a role model in business in which people and not gaining profits is the leading aspect so that the world can see and feel that there is another way to run a healthy business in all aspects.

  4. Universal Medicine have shown us so many models including their business model, each one of which is a total game changer and they will all get widely adopted when we are ready to stop making everything about self.

  5. One of the key ingredients of the business through my eyes is the energetic integrity that we individually have towards our surrounding.. And that the more we are integer with ourselves and the way we live, the more we love and care for another. This is one of the key principles that Universal Medicine has shown.

  6. In a very loveless world, we need all the (true) love we can find. Universal Medicine are re-defining love and offering humanity an opportunity to move beyond emotional love and expand into universal love. A love that is for all.

  7. Universal Medicine has been supporting people gaining more awareness of their wellbeing and how to take steps in life that evolve us out of the spin-whirl we all (sometimes) can experience. Simply by our own choice we can, but sometimes we can use a little help, and here is where I have found all therapies by Universal Medicine have been greatly supportive, I would have not been where I am now without. So a BIG thank you to Universal Medicine.

  8. Making your business about people and for people should be the number one factor in any business but fact is we have made businesses about profit and self-gain and security first under the guise of serving people. So to have a business like Universal Medicine where there is true service to the people is deeply beautiful and inspiring and shows that this is possible and that we do not have to conform to what the world has become.

  9. Through the integrity of Universal Medicine and their practitioners they are able to offer a service to their clients where there is a known quality of practitioner, a dedication to the highest of standards, absolutely no surprise that they are the people’s choice.

  10. Universal Medicine is a very successful business. Yet there are also loads of other businesses in the world that are successful but the vast difference is the quality of the lives lived in the employees and the clients as a result of engaging with the business.

  11. It makes sense that Universal Medicine would win such an award, the way they run their business is second to none. They make it all about deep care, love and respect for people.

  12. Working in the corporate world as I do which is mostly driven by greed, competition, corruption, ridiculously high levels of profit which to me seems to go to feed the pension funds of a small group of people at the expense of the employees and the well-being of the company itself. It comes as a breath of fresh air to know that there are businesses out there that can be run in a way that benefits the employees and company that offers a genuine service and not one based on the above.

  13. There should really not be a surprise when a business who dedicates its existence to people is chosen to receive a people’s award. Yet, sadly that is our reality.

  14. It is great to know that organisations like Universal Medicine are reaping the benefit of consistently caring for their customers at a high level.

  15. It can be a bit confronting walking into the Universal Medicine reception clinic at times as the level of care, attention to detail and love of people is one of the highest I have ever experienced. And it is rare to walk into something like this. If we are not used to this – either from others or from ourselves – it can take a bit of getting used to. And when you let go and allow yourself to surrender to this high level of care and love, it is like being held in the warmest most loving embrace around.

  16. A well deserved award. I have experienced the quality of treatment at Universal Medicine Clinic and agree with you. ‘Universal Medicine is a business model that is lovingly comprehensive in how it cares for people.’ so no surprise it has won this award 3 times.

  17. I read recently that Universal Medicine has been inducted into the Hall of Fame in Lismore for having won the People’s Choice Awards 3 times. Super congratulations to this awesome business because they do a brilliant job.

  18. When I travel around I always find the time to chat to everyone and ask them what’s ‘going on’ currently everyone is talking about corruption, greed and where is this going to take us and the biggest concern is this unending feeding of the ‘profit monster’ that has such a unending appetite. That we created it and now cannot seemingly stop it and the stress this is having on our bodies and life. The Business model that Serge Benhayon uses is the showcase of how a business can be run for the benefit of the employees, community and still makes money.

  19. God can be seen through the way that we do everything in life, including how to we are in business. Universal Medicine has and continues to show how this is possible.

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