A Response to False Accusations of Sexual Misconduct & Abuse by Universal Medicine & Serge Benhayon

Foreword by Rebecca Baldwin

Background: In 2012 many of us witnessed how a small group of hate-bloggers captured the attention of the local and national media with blatant lies and false reports of diet and lifestyle concerns about those who attended Universal Medicine presentations. Subsequently a spate of error-riddled and defamatory stories, were pumped through the usual and predictable channels. While there were some who were undiscerning enough to consume the junk-media, there were many more who saw right through it and in many ways it did nothing to disrupt Universal Medicine’s service offerings. Indeed, as always, due to the huge demand for its’ services, Universal Medicine continues to steadily go from strength to strength.

In effect the hate-bloggers who instigated the media attention were left unsatisfied and as their numbers dwindle, their anonymous online smear campaign has become increasingly outrageous and questionable. Their latest lie, is that Serge Benhayon’s healing techniques are sexually abusive. Anyone who knows Serge Benhayon knows how patently ridiculous that claim is – straight from the same ilk of the ‘Serge Benhayon gives Breast Massages’ lie that was made famous by an easily manipulated press who last year pimped out its pages to become a mega-phone for the hate-blogger’s lies and hate-campaigning.

Knowing the seriousness of giving airplay to false allegations of sexual abuse, especially where not a shred of evidence accompanies, the press have so far been wise enough to not touch these baseless and false accusations but unfortunately it remains on the hate-blog – a blog already once removed in its entirety by Google, because of its defamatory content. Of course the Internet being what it is, it has simply been cut and pasted to a new blogging platform and so the defamatory content remains.

And so as the hate-bloggers hit a new low, those that know the truth will steadfastly address the lies. Using false allegations of sexual abuse smacks of a very insidious brand of malice, as it attempts to play on people’s worst fears about men. In an age of Internet anonymity easily abused, this is a particularly cowardly act. In this very courageous piece by Kyla Plummer, she exposes the absurdity of the lies that continue to be perpetrated by an anonymous few.

(This article was originally published on the Truth about Serge Benhayon blog: Sexual Assault, Sexual Abuse and Creeps… Statistics and My Story)

by Kyla Plummer, Bangalow, NSW, Small Business Owner

Accusations of sexual assault are extremely serious and should never be taken lightly. The statistics that follow clearly show that sexual assault, sexual abuse and sexual violence are currently major issues in modern society.

  • 1 in 3 women and 1 in 6 men are abused before the age of 18 (Fergusson & Mullen. 1999).
  • 1 in 5 women and 1 in 20 men have experienced sexual violence since the age of 15 years  (Australian Bureau of Statistics, Personal Safety Survey, 2005).
  • 93% of offenders are male (National Crime and Safety Survey, 2002).
  • 82% of recorded sexual assault victims were female (Trends in Recorded Sexual Assault, Australian Institute Of Criminology, 2005).

On a world scale, we are unfortunately familiar with sexual abuse. However, I don’t need statistics to know this abuse is widespread… I have first hand experience of being sexually assaulted, as have many of my female friends: in addition, some of the men that I know have been sexually abused in some way during their lives.

When I was 19 years old and pregnant with my first child, a registered Osteopath indecently assaulted me. He was recommended to me by a prominent, progressive and highly reputable Professor of Medicine based in Melbourne.

When I was 11 years old, I remember one of my father’s creepy friends commenting on my breast development, when my Dad wasn’t in earshot. (Creepy [Urban Slang] – commonly used term describing sexually inappropriate or perverted behaviour and/or; to derive sexual gratification through dishonorable means.)

At 21 a well-known local businessman propositioned me to prostitute myself.

At 23 I woke up with a man having sex with me when I was too intoxicated to defend myself.

Many women have experienced men initiating sex with them when they are too intoxicated to resist.

A close friend became pregnant after being raped at 16.

Another friend recently told me that she had been ‘felt up’ (or indecently assaulted) by strangers in the street too many times to count….

These experiences are not isolated; there are millions of these stories…

We all know what a creep looks like: most people know what creeps feel like or what creepy behavior entails. Most of my female friends also have a sense of when someone is using their body to get off in some way – we get it every day, even simply walking down the street, or in the workplace, or with the extra special attention of a creepy uncle or family friend.

I do not and would not engage any practitioner, doctor, massage therapist, dentist or anybody else that is going to come in close contact to my body, who feels or acts creepy. Perhaps back then I got stung or tricked more easily, when I was not as sure with my convictions and my rights. That Osteopath managed to trick me into breast massage (he was a man!) by insinuating that it was for therapeutic purposes: he also suggested internal muscle manipulation! Yes… he attempted to get me to allow him to vaginally and anally manipulate my hip muscles?!? I left and never went back. Thinking back, even before these atrocious suggestions, the way he checked the alignment of my bones whilst I was in my underwear without a robe, was creepy enough to begin with – and unnecessary to my treatment.

Yes, I should have reported him, but like many victims of sexual abuse, I was humiliated, traumatised and felt stupid, like it was somehow my fault. I did have him blacklisted by his peers with the co-operation of the Professor who had originally recommended him, but I could have done more, and so should have that Professor. Due to my circumstances, at that time I could not face the ordeal of pressing charges; however, I did not keep it to myself and sought support of those close to me as well as relating the incident to theProfessor. I would handle this differently with the strength and certainty that I now possess, and would never allow that to happen to me again: I could never be tricked in that way, belittled, made to feel inferior, prudish or immature, like I was made to feel if I did not allow the sexual advances of that man – actions he attempted to hide under the guise of Osteopathy.

I take great offence to anyone suggesting that I don’t know what sexual abuse is. Or that I am somehow too stupid or manipulated to know what sexual assault is – I KNOW, it has ACTUALLY happened to me. To suggest that 100’s, if not 1000’s of women who all have awareness about sexual abuse, and by the statistics shown above at least 1/3 may have personal experience of this abuse, are suddenly rendered unaware of what’s happening during their treatments at the Universal Medicine Clinic, is patently ridiculous and deeply offensive to these people who conduct themselves impeccably in their everyday lives.

The person or persons responsible for accusing Serge Benhayon or Universal Medicine of sexual misconduct clearly have had no experience with real abuse themselves, or they are very confused about what it means, or THEY HAVE AN AGENDA… but most likely, all of the above. The character and motives of these people require serious assessment and they should be held accountable.

Unfortunately, in a world rife with sexual abuse there are also those who attempt to ruin others’ lives and reputations by malicious accusations. They know that by doing so they will tarnish the reputation of the accused even if they can get no further with it than the initial complaint. It is a serious offence to wrongfully accuse someone of sexual assault or misconduct, and it is also a gross insult to the countless real victims of sexual abuse. That they attempt this smear by employing a social media site that is notorious for taking no responsibility for the sometimes dubious and outrageous content shared on various pages, is a definite indication that there is an agenda at play. To me these are not the actions of a genuinely abused person, but rather those of one on a mission. Furthermore, the image uploaded on this same site suggesting sexual interference with a client is laughable for its anatomic inaccuracy, betraying total ignorance of where ‘lady parts’ are located. (The image refers to ‘a young woman’ – how do they even know this?). Thousands of these treatments have been given, with no recorded complaints. EVER!  Excluding this one anonymous exception.

My experiences with Serge Benhayon and practitioners of Universal Medicine are the dead opposite to these allegations. I have never felt any underlying sexual suggestiveness or behavior from him and / or them. NEVER. I was and continue to be always treated with respect as a woman. I have never been touched inappropriately. I always consented to the treatment I received from the Universal Medicine Clinic and these treatments were administered professionally, with client care of the highest standard.

In short, Serge Benhayon does not possess an ounce of the abusive energy that was described previously. So it seems to me utterly ridiculous to accuse this man of creeping… it is simply disgraceful. There are plenty of lovely and genuine men in this world who don’t find the need to objectify women, and just because some (men and women) behave this way does not mean that it needs to be normalised in any way, shape or form. As a woman, it is a true relief to be around non-creepy men – I prefer to call them real men – as I believe this is our true nature and that creepiness (amongst many other unsavoury behaviors) is a product of a civilization that is clearly out of control. I know plenty of men and women who are inspired by the way in which Serge Benhayon conducts himself professionally, personally, within the community and notably, the way he treats women with the utmost respect, equality and care. In my opinion and experience, Serge Benhayon is the epitome of a true Gentleman: what a terrible shame that a man of this quality would be accused of the very thing he is clearly not.

697 thoughts on “A Response to False Accusations of Sexual Misconduct & Abuse by Universal Medicine & Serge Benhayon

  1. Thank you Rebecca for writing such a true and amazing article so clearly and standing up for us all as women and men and for all the comments on this, highlighting the abuse in the world everywhere. When one man who dedicates his life to exposing all that goes on with 100% love and integrity to be there for humanity and stand for truth and brings amazing healing techniques to help us heal ourselves, is attacked for this, it is disgraceful in every instance and scandleless.
    I have known Serge benhayon for 11 years and his love, integrity and way of living is an absolute inspiration for the world the whole of humanity and this is what all those who know him are saying and it is this amazing love that should be highlighted in the press, media and everywhere.

  2. I am proud to be one of those women who, whilst working alongside Serge Benhayon, has been inspired by his integrity, love and deep appreciation for life. As has been so eloquently put in this blog and following comments, Serge Benhayon is a true gentleman living with the greatest tenderness and respect for humanity.

  3. Wow, what an amazingly powerful article. Thank you for the clarity in which you have shown that the lies a few are spreading are not only harmful because they are void of truth, but disrespectful to those who truly have experienced abuse in their lives. Abuse is all too common in this world, but I have found in Serge Benhayon a man who treats women as his equal, with the greatest care and respect.

  4. Hi Toni, this is what is so crazy about the accusations. Serge Benhayon is the one that supports those that have been sexually abused to heal and bring love back into their lives and yet he has been targeted as the one that is then accused as being the abuser – this truly makes no sense. There is something truly wrong with this world that such a truly beautiful man can be attacked and such atrocious lies fabricated about him and yet the media choose to do nothing about it. The internet needs to clean up its act before more harm is done to all the countless innocent people that are abused and falsely accused daily on the internet.

  5. Thank you Kyla for your honesty and calling it as it is… as you say it is ridiculous to think that hundreds of women across the globe are being abused without their awareness of it!!! So many have experienced the opposite – in other words true healing of abuse and honouring of being a woman through the words, treatments and healing presence of Serge Benhayon.

  6. Thank you Rebecca and Kyla for expressing truthfully. I have known Serge Benhayon for 6 years and in that time I have observed him in every instance to be a loving, caring gentleman with not an ounce of “creepiness” anywhere in his being. He is a true role model for men and all humanity and in no way an abuser of anyone in any way shape or form. Anyone who thinks otherwise is just not prepared to see truth and love in living reality.

  7. Thank you Rebecca, Kyla and everyone for making me more aware of such an important subject that so needs addressing, from the article itself to Lee’ s comment on pack behaviour, and how serious this abuse is and how equally serious false accusations are.

  8. Absolutely, Jane. Serge Benhayon: a gentle-man in every way, living with deep integrity and a love for all humanity that inspires many to know what true relationship is.

  9. Thank you Kyla – I agree with everything you say. It is absurd to suggest Serge Benhayon is anything but a true gentle man. All that know him, even after one short meeting, know this to be the truth.

    1. I completely agree Rachel and anyone that has met Serge Benhayon will instantly know and feel he is a truly beautiful, gentle and loving man.

  10. I love how your article simply presents truth, rather than defends. There is nothing to defend as the wild allegations are unfounded and outright lies. Every session and interaction I’ve ever had with Serge Benhayon and also Curtis Benhayon and Michael Benhayon, have never had any imposing, sexual or abusive connotations – having worked in the City for almost 10 years, surrounded by many ‘powerful’ men and having worked in the VIP lounge of a nightclub whilst at uni, I know sexual and imposing behaviour when I see it. Thank you to Serge, Curtis and Michael for inspiring men everywhere that there is another way to be and to treat women. This has inspired my dad, brother and fiancée, along with many other beautiful and gentle-men that I have met at UniMed events over the last decade.

  11. I’ve just found this blog and wanted to say thank you. I know what it’s like to be abused and there is none of that energy in Serge Benhayon. It’s so simple – he cares and he brings love.

  12. Thank you Rebecca, it’s so true, never have we been offered such an amazing and true reflection of what it is to be a human and what it is to be a man. Serge Benhayon and his beautiful sons, Michael Benhayon and Curtis Benhayon, offer a deeply loving, gentle, respectful, tender and true reflection of true men. It’s such a blessing and one we should observe and learn from with every atom of our beings! Creepiness and sleeze is not their style in any way, shape or form, it simply does not exist within them and this comes from a woman with a very sensitively attuned radar for creepiness and sleeze.

  13. This is a very powerful blog – with such abuse going on around the world and the serious allegations, it is a very important writing to ensure the truth about the absolute love and integrity that Serge Benhayon shows, is brought out into the light. From my personal experience over the last 10 years I know there is not one particle or speck of truth in any of the allegations/attacks. Thank you for voicing the truth. Serge Benhayon continues every day to be a true loving inspiration.

  14. Jane well shared, I totally agree! Serge Benhayon is a man of true integrity and Love. Lies are always exposed.

  15. I a billion percent agree with every word you have written here. Abuse is not something we should take lightly and having known Serge Benhayon since I was a young woman (16/17), I can with everything state that I also have never felt anything but the utmost care and respect from Serge.

    1. Seconding Meg here I have known Serge Benhayon since I was 19 (I’m now 30) and over the years I have never once seen Serge mistreat anyone rather always being there no matter what with absolutely no judgement – showing true love and care to all.

  16. Thank you Kyla. Some people have lost trust so much that men can be genuinely loving, that attacks and lies are a way to push Love away. My experience of being around Serge Benhayon is that his presence asks you (without words) to feel and fall into your own beauty and strength as a woman. My experience is such that when I attack another I am just pushing the Love inside of me away.

  17. It is a year since this blog has been written and everyone’s amazing comments, and Serge Benhayon is still being attacked and accused and abused and harassed by the press and certain individuals that have absolutely no evidence, not a single shrapnel of proof behind what they are saying, complete lies and yet it is still being allowed to go on. All I have seen are testimonials from thousands of people saying the total opposite to what he has been accused of, and for me, and that he has the most integrity of anyone they have met. I have known Serge for 11 years and he has shown me by living example of what true integrity and honesty is, there is not a single particle in his body that could even think let alone do what he has been accused of, and it is time for the press to truly investigate him and write about the amazing things that he is bringing to humanity instead of trying to destroy a truly amazing person based on lies from a few individuals.

    1. That is absolutely ‘the call’ here Alison. Exceedingly well said. Let the true story be told. The testimonies here alone would make for one enormous expose on this single ridiculous and insidious ‘accusation’ alone.

      A cracker story is offered here! A man who has inspired countless women and men to know that true integrity can once again be trusted, and that all women absolutely know the difference between a man holding such integrity, and one who does not. To say we do NOT know and are oblivious to more sinister intentions of this man is an absolute insult – utterly ridiculous.

  18. Thank you for sharing this blog to show the world that Universal Medicine and Serge Benhayon treat women with respect and treat them professionally unlike the osteopath.

  19. Amina, this is beautiful, I can feel the love glowing through your words. Everything Serge Benhayon presents is love – pure and simple.

  20. Hi Rebecca, thank you for this blog. I have just experienced a level of pure Love with my ex-partner that I never knew possible and this is down to the reflection of Serge Benhayon showing me that he is just as loving with his wife, ex wife, family, friends and anyone he comes in contact with. It does not look the same with everyone but it feels the same. I have also recently reconnected with my family again after a long painful 12 years which is down to all the work I have done on myself with Universal Medicine – What Serge presents is to be Love and therefore to be Love with everyone and if you can’t then you need to work on yourself to get rid of what is stopping you. I for the first time feel very open to having a true relationship and this has come as a real surprise to me but makes sense that I needed to truly heal me and my relationships with very fundamental people in my past before I could truly move forward. So just ‘BE LOVE’ I say.

  21. thanks Jane …agreed… thanks to everyone that has commented here so far. As we can see, many people have something say regarding the many issues raised in this blog and foreword.

  22. Dear Kyla and Rebecca,

    Reading through your blog and the heartfelt responses by both men and women, what you have intimately expressed is very important for the general public and the diligent students of the Livingness. Knowing and having witnessed firsthand of the highest integrity that Serge exemplifies in his healing sessions, courses and many more amazing work he does with people from all walks of life, the recent false allegations against him are openly corruptive of the fairness and transparency that the very foundation of our society is built on. In the modern age of evidence-based this and that, his integrity and love for humanity is the very visible evidence that alone should inspire even those who have complained and accused falsely. He lives and practises what is of truth.

    As assault against women (and men, too) in verbal, physical and sexual nature has persevered throughout our human history, and continues in all corners of our globe whether or not we decide to become apathetic and ignore, or come to our senses and recognise their lifelong impact on our friends, relatives, families and colleagues. In my two decades of training and practising years in conventional Medicine alone, I have triaged in emergency rooms and medical wards of women who were violently raped beyond what I can describe here, cared for them physically while being assessed by the police and legal system, and still later seeing directly the consequences of those rapes and assaults from decades ago, some insidiously presenting as ‘asthma’ or ‘breathlessness’. Through these encounters, the alarming public health statistics, the endless media articles and academic papers published every year, one realises that the core issue is, as much as it is directed on the individuals, our collective responsibility to recognise that they are very much part of human life when it is lived lovelessly and without deepest respect and dignity for our fellow human being: women, men or children.

    Serge through his work and writings presents to us and reminds each one of us that love is what truly heals us. Thus, what the recent allegations has done is denigrating the very reality that affects humanity, and also, directly shows us as the general public that there are many who do not really understand what integrity and love means. Through your writings and the blog replies, the public can begin to understand love, and allow love to inspire people all around us. Through this, we may not only see one less assault/rape or one more healed but more and more women being nurtured in her natural divine beauty as revealed by yourselves.

    Thank you again for your beauty full writing and courage to reveal of the truth for all women and men who truly care and love.
    Sam Kim

  23. There have been many excellent comments so far and I can agree with them all.
    I have found Serge to be impeccable and decent in his dealings with me at all times. I have grown in confidence and self respect as a direct result of what I have learned from him and how I have been treated.
    My enhanced sense of trust in people is due to the love and dignity I am reclaiming, thanks to my choice to work with Serge, his family and his Universal Medicine Clinic.
    The legacy is ongoing and my future has never felt so bright.

  24. I can not believe anyone could make these accusations. I am a 45 year old woman, I went to university, got my law degree and I have a succesful law practice in one of Holland’s big cities. You might say I am not a complete idiot. I am also a mother. I look out for my daughter, because there are still a lot of creepy men in the world. Believe me when I say that I recognize sexual abuse, or even sexual suggestions from a huge distance. I have plenty of experience with it. I bet every woman has.
    I have had sessions with many of the Universal Medicine practitioners. I also had breast massages. From wonderful, skilled, loving women and I never doubted their integrity. They told me that professional standards and a code of ethics keeps a close eye on that integrity; this is also one of the things Serge emphasizes during presentations. There is nothing sexual about the breast massages by Universal Medicine. It is a profoundly healing experience.
    I was also fortunate enough to have a session with Serge Benhayon himself. No, not a breast massage. You get those from trained female practitioners. During the session, which took over an hour, I never felt the slightest hint of sexual abuse or sexual innuendo. On the contrary: I was struck by the lack of it, because sexual abuse or sexual inuendo are something that most women encounter every day, by co-workers, clients, in car washes or even in the local supermarket. Yes, Serge Benhayon treated me as a woman, but as the tender, sensitive yet strong being that I am and not like an interesting package of beauty, bottom and boobs. Being in a room with a man like that was a revelation to me. He was caring, understanding, gracious, sensitive, brutally honest, respectful, funny and loving. People who know Universal Medicine will know what I mean by the word loving.
    As I mentioned, I have also attended quite a lot of presentations by Serge Benhayon. Again: nothing sexual going on there. On the contrary: what was presented was that making love to your partner doesn’t mean you have to have sex. Love can be made while doing dishes, talking or walking together, for instance.
    I don’t know the small group of people who are seeking to discredit Serge Benhayon, but it seems to me that they carry around a lot of anger and fear. Their behaviour is nothing but harmful. I am confident that the truth will prevail.

    1. Thanks Ingenoor for a clear, real and strong testimonial to add to the collection. And I agree, the truth will prevail.

  25. I like you Kyla find it deeply insulting to be accused of not being able to assess whether I am being duped by another, sexually or otherwise. Unfortunately like yourself I am one of the 1/3 statistics. I experienced date rape and had a resulting pregnancy from that rape. In that instant I worked in the pub as a barmaid that the local high flying stock broker frequented every night who subsequently raped me, I too was too drunk to consent. I had at that point in my life had a couple of one night stands, where I had too much to drink and had sex when I wouldn’t have done sober, on neither of those occasions did I feel taken advantage of, the difference with the night I was raped was the sexual power and control displayed by the man, the intention of his was to rape me, to confirm what I felt on leaving, as I woke up – having passed out – he passed me a condom and said next time you should use one of these. The next day I felt horrific, I knew something awful had taken place but couldn’t say anything because I was the barmaid, drunk seen having fun with said man earlier in the evening, my word against his. Mine, is like you say, not an uncommon story.

    Serge Benhayon has only conducted himself in an exemplary manner when I have had sessions with him, he has NEVER looked at me in a way that is sexual or wanting power over me. In fact the second session I had with Serge I was asking him about some training I was undertaking and asked if I was choosing the right speciality he looked at me and said “do you really want me to disempower you?” and that was that, no I did not and yes I did know exactly what specialty to pursue! These are not the words of a man interested in power over another, and that is what rape is – as is well known, it is not the sexual act, it is the having power over another ‘weaker’ than you. My experience of Serge Benhayon and ALL Universal Medicine practitioners is to empower you to connect with how beautiful and divine we are and live your life with that love for yourself and from there love humanity. It saddens me that there are those in the world who are so far away from this love for themselves that they should spend their time and energy in trying to attack those that truly serve and love humanity. And as such I know that Serge holds the perpetrators of these lies in the same love he has expressed for me and all students of Universal Medicine equally; which is in itself remarkable.

    1. thanks Vanessa… you have demonstrated here so clearly that even on occasions where you were heavily intoxicated you were able to assess what for you constituted sexual assault or not (even though by law all sexual acts performed on a person that is significantly intoxicated is sexual assault).
      Interesting as you and myself, as well as many other women have now been accused of being apparently unable to determine that we have been abused sober and lucid, during business hours, in a respected and well established clinic that supports health and well being… HOW ABSURD. You have every right to be insulted and so do I.
      I am passionate about women’s rights and part of this is recognizing when it is convenient to make women’s voices less or devalued by continually referring to them as less, weaker, easily manipulated, fooled or controlled – this is simply a direct ploy to continue to allow the suppression of women – what are they afraid of I wonder? When an individual or group is involved in this then they can in no way attempt to act as if they are in fact concerned for women’s rights or well being at all, as they have thoroughly exposed themselves through these statements or suggestions or being involved in this opinion of women in the first place.
      Note: being for women’s rights does not make anyone a man hater, as being for equality and reasonable treatment of fellow human beings is in end a human rights issue, and we are all human, are we not?
      It is not just Serge Benhayon or Universal Medicine that this ludicrous mud has been slung at… it is also been squarely thrown at us. Individuals going about their lives, upstanding members of the community, family orientated and committed, beloved by friends and colleges alike and generally people of very high moral standing. What should be celebrated is a wonderful bunch of people who are living simple, powerful and exceptional lives… I am one of these people and I get to live this everyday, now that speaks volumes.

      1. Thank you Kyla, absolutely true. We are a group of women from all walks of life…competent, intelligent (just look at the extraordinary writing in our blogs), with an unusual willingness to heal our issues…yet somehow we are not capable of telling that we have been abused, manipulated and to cap it all off, wheedled out of our deservingly earned money. Insult on top of insult. Enormous disrespect to Serge, enormous disrespect to us.
        Thank you to you and Rebecca for getting this conversation started. It is deeply appreciated.

      2. Strong words as always Kyla, and yes it is not about one person or organisation. This IS about a group of people choosing to live simply and lovingly who are being vilified because they choose to take care of themselves and say “hey I’ve found something that really works for me”.

  26. In my travels I have seen many therapists, experts and professionals, whom you could easily call sleazy, creepy or even abusive. What I have learnt about the need to respect people (women in particular) from Serge Benhayon and others within Universal Medicine, is testimony to the fact that these terms have not applied and do not apply to Serge or other UM practitioners.

  27. For almost a year now there has been a concerted online campaign by two people to bring down the reputation of Serge Benhayon, Universal Medicine and its practitioners. As you state this campaign of lies and innuendos was pick up by the media in the early days which lead to a frenzy of false allegations, lies and sensationalism being reported in the papers and on some low grade TV shows. However, the media interested soon petered out due to there being no story to tell. They even resorted to dirty tactics and secret filming, bursting into to meetings and hurling accusations – interesting this footage never went to air. Why? Because there is no story to tell. Instead of finding a man who was supposedly up to no good they found Mr Benhayon to be a well respected man, with the the highest levels of respect and conduct for and with his clients.
    As the wheels fell off the campaign to bring down Universal Medicine they have had to stoop to more and more ridiculous tactics and wild accusations. This time the media knowing there is no dirt to dig did not take the bait. So that must tell you something.
    Accusing anyone of inappropriate behaviour or sexual misconduct is scurrilous and a deliberate attempt to place doubt about that persons character, as after all people will often think “there is no smoke without fire”.
    I have known Serge Benhayon both professionally and personally for 9 years and in that time not once has he been anything less than 100% caring and respectful. Not a single whiff of sexual overtones or personal agenda. I too, as does everyone, innately know when someone is being creepy, leery and lecherous or sexually inappropriate. And I can say honestly that in every dealing myself or my family have had with Serge, his family and Universal Medicine practitioners, that we have experienced only total respect, care and love.
    The fact that Google removed the anonymous blog because of the defamatory content speaks volumes. Does this fact in and of itself not bring into question the motivation behind these downright nasty and insidious allegations that are being posted namely by two people?
    Rebecca and Kyla thank you for your strong words and giving people the opportunity to see the truth, and the terrible injustice in the way people can hurl lies and accusations without being accountable for their own words.

    1. Hi Rachel – yes you are correct – their numbers are dwindling and they have now had to resort to making pseudonyms to make it appear as though there is more of them than there actually are.

      “As the wheels fell off the campaign to bring down Universal Medicine they have had to stoop to more and more ridiculous tactics and wild accusations. This time the media knowing there is no dirt to dig did not take the bait. So that must tell you something.” With all their noise and posturing and the constant output of lies on their dark little corner of the interweb one fact remains — there are no ‘victims’ coming forward — because there are no victims — only hundreds of people blogging about their positive experiences of UniMed. And those that find UniMed is not for them – well most of them are the same as any other decent human being — they are respectful of other peoples right to choose how they want to live their lives; and they have this really decent way of not telling you what health and well-being workshops you should attend on the weekend.

      The hate-bloggers are obsessed with money – as if having a successful business that helps hundreds of people globally is a crime. I wonder why they aren’t campaigning against corporate greed that robs people of their health and wellbeing? There are plenty of companies that capitalise on selling products that poison the populace. Why do they not begrudge CocaCola its profits?
      Of course the inference is that we are wasting our money and we are too stupid to realise it and so we need to be saved from ourselves. This is hilarious. If they were genuinely concerned about people they would be spending their time helping people that were actually seeking help. And the money obsession is so old — the cost of a lecture with Serge Benhayon is $5 – what is that, the price of a coffee?

      Going to Vietnam to a retreat with UniMed… Cost…not much different than an annual trip to Bali..another argument that is just flawed. In time the absurdity will come to light of the whole farcical media campaign..until then..we keep telling it how it is…thanks for this awesome sum-up Rachel — I love your work.

      1. Thank you Rebecca – you make some very valid points.
        Since when has it been a crime for a business to charge for its services and make a profit from them? Personally I find $5 for an 1 hour lecture very good value, as are the cost of the workshops. An hour treatment with any complimentary practitioner would set you back around $70 so Serge’s fees and those of other Universal Medicine practitioners are very reasonable.
        I know my own mind and am very capable of choosing where to spend my money and I consider anything that I pay towards improving or maintaining my health and wellbeing a good investment – be that a visit to the doctor, dentist, naturopath or for esoteric modalities.
        Most health retreats cost hundreds of dollars per day to attend, comparatively the ones held by UM are very good value for money.

      2. Thank You Rebecca. I Love everything you write as your words are clear, strong and very powerfull. You have the ability to debase these utter lies about Serge Benhayon and bring a reality check about what is really going on and in your words ‘telling it how it is’.

        Thank you Kyla and Lee for your deeply honest words that are felt and needed for humanity as a whole to wake up and smell what is going on.

  28. When I was 15 I was seeing a very well known and respected Acupuncturist and Chiropractor in Brisbane that my parents thought very highly of. I had glandular fever but he felt to ask me questions about the sexual positions I favoured and suggested positions to me that would benefit my condition. I never told my parent til I was an adult as I felt ashamed and thought I had done something wrong. This made me very wary of male doctors and practitioners for many years and gave me a very keen radar for anything slightly off.
    11 years ago I had my first session with Serge Benhayon. I was amazed at how at ease I felt with him and how respectful and caring he was. 11 years later I know Serge to have the highest integrity of any person I know and as Desiree so beautifully put it ‘it has taught me to lift my own bar to new heights’.
    It is so very easy to throw false allegations around, but it takes far more courage to lead the way in truth and integrity in the face of lies.
    Thanks Kyla for having the courage to stand up for both and bring this topic to the world for the truth to be known.

    1. wow Penny, thanks for sharing. Like Kyla, there is no victimhood in your reflections — you can look back clearly now and know the experience of this was at the time traumatising but it is clear that you have healed so much around trust with men since then.

    1. Well said Simon – and if that was so the world would definitely be a different place.

  29. I have known Serge Benhayon for more than 4 years and I totally agree with Kyla when she says: “Serge Benhayon is the epitome of a true Gentleman”. He is indeed a true role model for all men on this planet.

  30. Simply because it cannot be said enough, and because I know for some in this world it is difficult to trust that any one man could actually have true integrity and love without imposition or asking anything in return, I will add to the already beautiful sharing above:

    As many others have expressed I too have seen my share of abuse and sexually inappropriate behavior. As a woman in this world the odds that you do are sadly greater than not.
    Whether it be sexual abuse in the family, a masseur with ‘slipping hands’, a man groping on the bus, a client wanting something else than is on offer, a teacher seducing a pupil….. I had came to believe that this is how men innately are and that ‘sexualisation’ is just something that I’d have to accept.
    But through knowing Serge Benhayon I have learned that this is not so; that men innately are actually very loving, tender and caring human beings. That there can be affection without any hint of sexualisation. That there can be a hand laid on a shoulder with such care and without any hint of anything other then love.
    Serge Benhayon’s standards in how he worked has inspired me to raise my (already high) level in how I work. In the 6 years that I have known Serge and the other practitioners of Universal Medicine I have only experienced integrity, love and care of the highest possible level – in courses, sessions and personal encounters. I am an intelligent person and I have in my adult life always been able to suss out those that were not coming from the right intention. And I know I would have had alarm bells ringing if Serge had been one of them.

    In this day and age of the fast spreading of information through all the media, we are asked more and more to take responsibility – not only for what we say or write but also for what we read and hear; for what we accept as truth or not.
    Rumors spread like global wild fires and it is tempting for some to run with it and for others they use it as an excuse to not follow through on the truth they had originally felt.
    So… to all who are in doubt, feel what is written and shared. Allow yourself to observe what is going on and maybe ask yourself the question: could hundreds of people be confirming the same thing? Could all these testimonies of love, care and integrity be said by so many if this was not exactly what Serge Benhayon lives?

    I know he does, from my own personal experience. And I know he has inspired myself and countless others to live in the same way.

    1. Hear, hear Carolien. One attempt to place doubt in the minds of others (as Rachel Hall said – utterly scurrilous)… vs. testimonies of the true love and deeply inspiring integrity of this man. Hmmm… And every testimony written with such ease, honesty and heartfelt celebration – from clear and astute discernment on the part of every individual.

      1. So true Victoria and Carolien. Those testimonies are written with such lightness, sometimes humour and always with grace. No “dragging down” of others, no insults, no innuendo….just pages and pages of love, inspiration and the simplicity of lives truly changed.

    2. So true Carolien, for some, that much love is too much, and they retreat into their pain.

  31. In reading all the above blogs I too can say that throughout my life, I never really felt safe with men, there was always a protective layer so I also never really could open my heart . In my teenage years and as a young adult, I thought that men having sexual vibes or inappropriate behavior towards me was normal and that I should have sexual vibes towards men to be accepted and wanted. With Serge Benhayon I feel totally safe and seen and respected. He is for me an example of how I wish all the men would be. The men that attend the events and courses with Serge are becoming much more honest with themselves and their hurts and I feel I can have true friendships with men for the first time in my life.

    1. Thank you Simone, you speak from my own experience. Never have I felt so safe and respected as a woman than when I attend Universal Medicine courses and workshops. And to repeat Michelle: “…there has never been even the slightest hint of any sexual innuendo, jokes or degrading of women in any way,…” from anyone at these gatherings.
      Honestly, where does that happen?
      I personally do not know of any other place than Universal Medicine gatherings where I feel this safe and respected. I have built some male friendships that are so deeply loving and caring and yet there is no sexual attraction or agenda going on what so ever. For me that is unheard of and I have never experienced this in my entire life before I learned about Universal Medicine and Serge Benhayon.
      What we as a group offer each other through expressing truth and love, for me is simply amazing and it shows not only the unquestionable integrity Serge Benhayon holds but what an inspiration to others he is.
      For me Serge Benhayon is an inspiring example of how I wish for men to be and behave.
      How anyone can accuse him of sexual misconduct is incomprehensible to me unless they had the intention to bring him down because they somewhat feel challenged by his great example of male integrity.

      1. There has never been even the slightest hint of any sexual innuendo, jokes or degrading of women in any way,…” from anyone at these gatherings.
        Honestly, where does that happen?

        That’s great to repeat again, Judit and Michelle! It’s so refreshing to be with men in Universal Medicine workshops and not have these thrown at you!

  32. Fortunately I have never experienced sexual abuse but I do know what it feels like to be around, creepy, (as Kyla puts it) guys and the insidiousness of that feeling. I would not have continued to attend presentations and one to one sessions with Serge, over the last 8 years, if that had been the case. I would like to reiterate all the above comments about the integrity of Serge Benahyon and the respect and true love he shows to all around him. He has shown me by example that there is a greater amount of honesty, integrity and love within to live by. I have been inspired to make changes to myself and the way I am with others as a result. By knowing him and other quite inspirational men, (and women) I know that whilst the world seems all topsy turvy, inside out and back to front it isn’t “hopeless”! True expression of love exists. Thanks Kyla for writing your blog and showing those that make these false allegations have an agenda.

    1. I grew up in an environment where inappropriate sexual attention and lewdness by men towards especially girls and young women, was the norm – you just had to walk down the street to have men following you and making sexual comments. I know what this attention feels like and can tell it a mile away. But I have not once experienced anything other than total honouring, respect and the highest level of care by Serge Benhayon. I am astounded that anyone can write an article painting a seedy picture about someone who is the complete antithesis of all that. I too have found that Serge Benhayon has shown me by example that there is a greater amount of honesty, integrity and love within and my life is all the richer as a result.

  33. Thank you Kyla and Rebecca for writing this blog. I am a young woman and I know when someone has underlying sexual intentions. I have met Serge Benhayon several times in my life and I never ever have felt any underlying sexual suggestions or disrespect or anything like that from him or any other practitioner of Universal Medicine.
    To me it is therefore absolutely ridiculous to accuse Serge Benhayon of sexual misconduct. When I attend a workshop of Universal Medicine or have a session with a practitioner of Universal Medicine I feel deeply cared for in a way I never experienced anywhere else. The integrity Serge Benhayon lives and works with is the highest I have ever experienced.

  34. The accusations, lies and failed ongoing attempts to discredit Universal Medicine and Serge Benhayon remind me of the importance of feeling safe and unconditionally regarded for who I am. That is what is missing when one is threatened to the core by unwanted sexual or other imposing advances. Thank you to Universal Medicine and Serge Benhayon for creating a space where safety, transparency and respect permeate every encounter.

  35. Thank you Kyla and Rebecca for your blogs. I too know exactly what it feels like to have been sexually abused in more ways that I would like to describe. This in the past had made me put up a protective shield or brick wall as some would call it, to dull myself and to not be attractive so that I lessen that kind of attention.

    I have also had experiences with practitioners of various kinds as well as teachers of other non-esoteric ‘healing’ modalities be inappropriate with their sexual gestures and way they have spoken to me or touched me when in a ‘session’. But I have never ever felt this way when in the presence of Serge Benhayon or any of the Universal Medicine trained practitioners. In fact I have even been able to have Esoteric breast massage with female practitioners (as it is never performed by men) and feel total integrity and safety at all times.

    I have had many esoteric healing sessions with Serge Benhayon and never felt anything but the utmost of integrity. For anyone to make false claims of sexual abuse just makes me feel sick, as I could never imagine why they would ever say such ridiculous things.
    As a Practitioner myself I have also attended many workshops and courses held by Universal Medicine and Serge Benhayon and the professional integrity of the courses are the highest I have ever experienced…ever, in my 40+ years of studies. You only have to look at Universal Medicine’s ‘Code of conduct’ to see what level of integrity we work by. Even the insurance companies have said that Universal Medicine has the highest level of integrity for course practitioners.

    Any session with any of the esoteric practitioners that have studied with Universal Medicine will show anyone the real truth…that they all work with the highest level of integrity ever.

    1. Beautifully said Sue. I particularly love what you share about the Esoteric Breast Massage. It is an extraordinary modality — the delicacy and respect with which is it is delivered, by the dedicated accredited women who practise it, is in itself a healing.

      1. Thank you Rebecca for your reply. I realised later that I forgot to mention that it was and still is with modalities such as the esoteric breast massage and other esoteric modalities as well as what is presented by Universal medicine and Serge Benhayon that has helped me to clear the sexual abuse issues that I had hardened from and buried in my body which then consequently prevented me from having a loving relationship, so that I can now enjoy a new level of love with myself firstly but also with my family and husband. Without the support of Universal Medicine I would have surely continued on a path of yet again another failed relationship – rather than feeling the joy from within that I now experience.

    2. Thank you Sue. I can say that I have had sessions from practitioners in the past that have been laced with sexual inferences. These sessions made me feel awful, and intimidated, but also ashamed and somehow to blame. I have NEVER felt that way in healing sessions with Serge….with any of the Universal Medicine practitioners. Not only that, I have felt the absolute opposite, of being treated with the utmost tenderness and respect.
      For these hate bloggers to presume that we do not know and cannot discern the difference is ridiculous and offensive, and I agree with you….sickening.
      Serge, as beautifully expressed by so many in this thread, is a shining example of what a man. He is an inspiration to all men, showing them they can be very masculine and tender and respectful to all women. He is an inspiration to all women, showing us that men have the potential to be utterly loving, completely respectful and allowing us to develop trust in that again.
      The true ugliness of this hate blog is that it seeks to attack and distort the truth that is here offered to humanity. Kyla’s statistics, her shared experiences, and experiences shared by many on this thread, expose how common sexual abuse has become. Sexual abuse shatters our trust, and perverts it to the point that the only thing we trust is how badly people will behave. Serge Benhayon and the Universal Medicine practitioners stand for the complete opposite of this. All that they say, all that they do is consistent in its love, its purity and in its respect for all people. By attacking this amazing level of integrity, these anonymous cyber and real-life bullies are showing how damaged they truly are, that they cannot conceive that there is any decency in this world that can be trusted.
      That is why it is so important for us to “get loud” as Kyla said, and to let people know that there is something in this world that represents truth, love, integrity, a true way of relating, a place of absolutely safety, where we can deeply rest, and be all of who we are.

  36. What Kyla wrote is so true, clear and clean that it is impossible to twist or refute. She has put it right: there is not a single ounce of abusive energy in Serge Benhayon, not a spec of it. I have known him for four years now and never felt anything that could even resemble inappropriate or even harming (not even subtly so), neither in a private session nor in presence of more people. Just the contrary, the level of care, love, respect and integrity has always been the highest one. So high these levels are, and so clean, open and clear is his presence that my body registers every time I see him, the difference it makes being in his presence. Thanks to this, we men have a rare gift: a raw model of what a real gentle-man is, that is deeply inspiring us to do life differently, not from the hurts we all carry in our bodies, but from the deeply known innate love we really are. So, I subscribe and stand by Kyla’s words all the way. They are simply completely truthful. And, the beauty is that given that she knows (in the same way I know) with not a single ounce of doubt or hesitation that what we are stating is only the true and nothing but the true, the whole of humanity has in Universal Medicine a true point of reflection; another rare gift.

    1. Hi Eduardo… thank you for the heart felt comment and for backing up my words with your own voice and experience. Here’s to another true Gentleman.

    2. Kyla’s blog is incredibly powerful, and exposing of the lies that are being invented to try and damage Serge Benhayon. Eduardo puts it beautifully when he says “we men have a rare gift: a raw model of what a real gentle-man is, that is deeply inspiring us to do life differently”.

      I’ve known Serge and his family for over 10 years.. not only is he an inspiration, but his whole family are the same which leaves me in no doubt that here is a man who lives equality and respect with every fibre of his being.

  37. Kyla this is not the first time I have read your article and actually everytime I do I get alittle bit shaken. I have in the past been a person whom has under the influence of drugs and alcohol expected, no demanded, sexual satisfaction from women. And this article highlights not only the blatancy of this behaviour but that it happens at every opportunity. What I have been feeling is the shame and guilt of choosing to be a part of that which perpetuates lovelessness in our society. It has become more obvious for me as I allow myself to feel choices that I have made from a young age about women and consequently how I then interact with men, pack behaviour in particular allows you to numb even further from the obvious wrongs taking place. This all comes at a price in that it compounds the negative behaviour which effectively becomes a foundation from which others take their lead. “Yes, I should have reported him, but like many victims of sexual abuse, I was humiliated, traumatised and felt stupid, like it was somehow my fault.” Creepy & abusive behaviour has become so prevalent that we as a society allow it, with our indifference to so many abusive behaviours have they all melded into one?
    When did we drop our moral compass? How do we allow a lack of fundamental and basic controls of behaviour? Hurting other people through senseless behaviour has it’s consequences, they potentially shut down allowing the perpertrator to continue on until the next need can be satisfied.
    Having been a part of and to some degree also experienced abuse against me, I can see how one feeds the other. It is then truly amazing that a man who stands like a shining light of integrity and truth within our very midst gets coloured and tainted with these baseless accusations.
    Having known Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine for some years it is truly outrageous that this mud has been thrown in an attempt to discredit and trample on the work for humanity that Serge brings. As he stands so full of love for himself and humanity I stand beside him as an equal and yet absolutely aware that I have made choices that have made me lose that love and integrity along the way. He tells you not what you should be or how to behave but presents the fact that we are love, plain and simple. This has allowed an amzing transformation from lost man to true man that has taken place for me and other men around the world. For this I am eternally grateful and deeply appreciative.
    Rebecca thank you to you for bringing this back around again. This time the pull was too strong to not write and share my own truths. You both are an amazing example of love in action and that’s an amazing sight to observe and feel.

    1. Lee it is awesome for you as a man to speak honestly about your experience, you too are a shining light of how things can be different.

    2. Wow thank you Lee for this amazing message – it is so powerful to hear about your own transformation and your understanding of abuse and the deep care you have and so lovingly express towards women. You are a true Gentleman and an awesome person full stop.

    3. Thank you Lee. What a real and honest comment that brings to light many issues within our society. I am sure many men could relate to what you said in the first few paragraphs, but I wonder how many would have the courage and clarity to expose those past choices and behaviours for what they truly were.
      Like you said, ‘When did we drop our moral compass? How do we allow a lack of fundamental and basic controls of behaviour?’
      These are the questions that begin to expose the current state of affairs within humanity. This is what we all need to be discussing, not the lies about Serge Benhayon, but the truth about the state of the world.

      1. “Thank you to all the above for your honest and courageous exposing of the rot that has crept in and swamped our societies everywhere. It is this truth and tragedy that needs to be exposed and the questions asked as Lee and Kyla have.
        As a teenager I just accepted the creepy lewid comments from men of all ages about my breasts or body. Although I was not physically abused I was abused by the looks , the words and the way I was touched at times. I shrunk from my beauty and fullness, lessened myself and had countless disempowering relationships.

        It is a very real crime however to post false accusation of sexual misconduct on the web (or anywhere else) – and it is a worrying reflection of the standards of our online environment that slander such as this stays there. There is a bigger picture that needs to be looked at – where these false accusations of Serge Benhayon; desperate, ridiculous and driven by the uncontrolled emotions of a very disturbed person/persons – are published and then picked up on my the media – when there is clearly an intent to harm and mislead through these crazy lies.

        I have known Serge Benhayon very well personally and professionally for over 12 years. I have had many sessions with him and other practitioners of Universal Medicine and there has only and ALWAYS been deep respect care and loving support.There has NEVER EVER been a hint of anything that was sexual or inappropriate.
        It is from Serge’s consistent love for himself and all others equally in his personal relationships and all other relationships that has inspired me to grow in my love for me.
        I have known hundreds of women who have had sessions with Serge Benhayon and other Universal Medicine practitioners and there has NEVER been one complaint of any inappropriate conduct – only a deep appreciation for the support and true love and care they received.
        It is way over due to ask questions of the bigger picture as … “How do we reset our morale compass back to true care, respect and love for all equally?”

    4. Thank you for your honesty Lee. It has become such a normal way for men to be, that it takes courage and a lot of love to see it for what it is, and then speak about it. How strange and awful is this world that so many men are acting this way, yet the accusations are thrown at one who lives with such honour and respect for women?

  38. Rebecca and Kyla, thank you for letting us know and speaking up against these utterly false allegations about Serge Benhayon. Every word you write is absolutely true and I say YES to everything you have said.
    I am now 65 years of age with a broad experience of life and in all these years of living I have never met a man who lives his life in such integrity as Serge Benahyon. Integrity has always been very important to me and I certainly know it when I meet it. This integrity is in all of us equally as a way of being, but, before meeting Serge Benhayon, I had never encountered anyone who has chosen to fully embrace it and live their life from that truthful place. I have witnessed and felt Serge Benhayon’s love for humanity and for all equally, and it has been a revelation to me that someone has been able to demonstrate this way of being in such an unassuming way in a world that is being exposed as increasingly lost and corrupt. This man has been nothing less than a shining beacon of light on earth.
    All my appointments with Serge Benhayon and other practitioners at the clinic have been conducted with the highest integrity and respect for me as a woman. Never has there been a hint of sexual misconduct or inappropriate behaviour at Universal medicine clinic or any of the courses I have attended.
    Bring on the time when people will be willing to be aware of the energy of truth or hate in the words they read on the page. Words written in hate can never be true as they are not based on true observation, which is love.

  39. I’m not sure I’ve ever read a lie further from the truth than the one accusing Serge Benhayon’s treatments of being sexually abusive. I have had several treatment sessions with Serge Benhayon and attended many courses and workshops over the last 6 years and not once have I ever felt abused in any way. In fact, and this comes from many years experience of having a variety of different treatments ranging from acupuncture and massage to counselling from both male and female clients, I have never felt more safe, honoured, respected, and deeply cared for as a woman than I do as a client and student of Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine. As I reflect on this now there has never been even the slightest hint of any sexual innuendo, jokes or degrading of women in any way, which I have experienced with the odd male practitioner in the past. I also know as a student of esoteric healing and massage that Serge stresses the absolute intergrity and respect we must uphold in touching another person’s body and I have indeed experienced this not only in sessions with Serge Benhayon but also in sessions with other esoteric practitoners.
    In truth, Serge Benhayon brings to his treatments, and to what he teaches others, a level of intregrity, respect, care, and professionalism that I have not encountered before. This should be celebrated and also held up as a standard for others in the practice of healing.

    I wholeheartedly agree with Victoria Carter’s words that Serge Benhayon is a shining example of a real human being.

  40. Having lived through my teenage years and sexual abuse, my twenties and thirties with sexual abuse in the workplace to the extent of having to look down corridors to see if it was safe to traverse the office and the awareness of all the sexual connotations that came my way during my life I feel I have an excellent radar now in my sixties! I work with the elderly and I can say that an 85 year old man who would have been sexually abusive to women in his 30’s or 40’s or throughout his more active life and has not addressed his issues then his behaviour is no different at 85 – just a little slower! So my radar is still working fine! Having said all this I can say that I have attended many courses, workshops and events with Serge Benhayon and when I am at any event with Serge Benhayon there is nothing to experience on my radar other than true love and respect for everyone around him. To suggest otherwise shows that those who do so need to look to themselves and address their issues as they are clearly exposed.

    1. Barbara I can also say my radar is finely tuned, and never once has Serge Benhayon or any other Universal Medicine practitioner caused my radar to blip. I can say my radar has become more accurate through the teachings of Universal Medicine. The only role Serge Benhayon has played in the effect of the abuse I suffered as a child (the abuse happened before I met Serge Benhayon) is he has helped me heal the pain and hurts by re-introducing me to the Love I naturally am within. It is sad that someone would spread such lies about a truly beautiful man, the man who helped me re-build trust in my life, who showed me it is okay to let go, and move on.

    2. Beautifully said Barbara – their lies tell us more about their issues than anything else.

      1. Yes, they are telling us more about their issues… and how exposing is that considering the full blown rant they are on.
        Far more than me sharing some experiences on a ‘taboo’ subject of sexual assault. I mean really, in this day and age surely we are able to be open about the truth of what it is like to live as a woman in society in relation to sexual issues and abuse. I have no shame in sharing past experiences, what would I have to be ashamed of?… that I was a victim of sexual abuse and assault like countless others? Should I remain silent because it is not a pleasant subject? How archaic. The only way to put a true stop to the rampant sexual abuse that is so common within society is to get loud about how it really is, put an end to shame in relation to this issue and raise the bar on what is acceptable treatment of women and our fellow human beings in general.

  41. As a woman, who has experienced sexual abuse as a child, and who has felt what its like to have a guy make unpleasant passes on me, what it feels like to have someone stare at you with ulterior motives, or to feel what its like when someone touches you without integrity, with their own sexual desires, I can say from my own experience I have never ever experienced that with Serge Benhayon or any of the practitioners at Universal Medicine.
    What I have experienced has actually given me hope in the fact that there are some real “Gentle-Men” who exist and that not all men are creeps and just trying to get into my pants.
    What i have experienced is respect, care and support.
    To me it just exposes what lies these people are making because its just so far from the truth.

    1. Rosie you make such a great point here about how someone looks at you, we can feel their intention clearly especially if it is sexual. I too have NEVER felt Serge look at me, let alone touch me, with sexual energy being the motivation. Serge has only ever looked at me with love, acceptance, and grace in the ten years I have known him.

      1. Excellent point Rosie and Vanessa
        We can feel the intention behind another’s actions. It’s obvious particularly to those who have been abused in childhood. I have never experienced this to be the case with Serge. He is a totally clean guy who simply loves people and lets us be.

    2. Hi Rosie – yes I totally agree. It also exposes the level of corruption on the internet – that anyone can target another person and get away with absolute defamation and when it is taken down it just gets pasted up somewhere else. Also concerning is that people can make it appear as though they are many, simply by making multiple accounts and pseudonyms — hate-blogging on overdrive — this is a massive problem on the internet generally

      1. Corruption on the internet via the ability to falsely ‘build up’ the status of an issue should be made impossible. We are facing a dangerous and endemic situation – exemplified by this situation (and so many others).

        A question, using this situation as an example of internet hate campaigning and cyber bullying:

        Why is it that the protagonists steadfastly remain anonymous everywhere on the web whilst making their claims and attacks?

        An answer – as I see it – in 2 parts:
        1. Because the claims are false – if indeed we believe a claim is true generally we are prepared to publicly stand by what we claim – supported by truth
        2. As active haters and or bullies, individuals are well aware of the capacity for another to anonymously target them right back, and that they would have no recourse against such action themselves.

        What will it take for the many demands being made already to ensure that our internet be used in a fully accountable manner by all, be acted on?

  42. I am dumbfounded by these allegations simply because i know Serge Benhayon for the deeply respectful and humble man that he is. His level of integrity, as with all practitioners of Universal Medicine be they male or female, is exemplary. Thank you Kyla and Rebecca for this blog which explains the real truth about this situation.

    1. yes it is indeed shocking to see the extent of the lies that a driven and very angry few will go to.

      1. Yes it is shocking and I am still perplexed by this accusation and these lies and a few points beg to be spelt out again;
        1. I have never been touched on the ‘vulva’ by Serge Benhayon or anyone form Universal Medicine and then brainwashed into being unaware of it. – WHAT A LOAD OF CRAP! even typing that looks and sounds ridiculous – I cannot believe anyone could or would suggest that seriously.
        2. Furthermore, I have never attended any workshop or course run by Universal Medicine where anyone was instructed to touch or actually touched any woman’s ‘vulva’. As I stated in the above blog I would never be involved with any person or group that encouraged or allowed or suggested sexual interference with anyone. Absolutely never.
        3. It is very convenient to attempt to make light of women’s experiences but suggesting that they are vulnerable targets (?) or that are damaged by sexual abuse experiences from their past. I do not hear any damaged women speaking on these blogs. Rather, those that have moved past there sexual abuse experiences with grace, strength and clarity and the writing of their stories only brings attention and light to a very dark subject.

        Surely, I made this abundantly clear in the above blog, but perhaps not for a few – so I thought I would break it down with the above points and lay it out there so there is less (or no) room for misinterpretation.

      2. I agree, the depth of deceit and malice used is shocking. And also that the majority of the media is so sold-out and lost that it regurgitates this kind of rubbish.

    2. I totally agree Janine, Serge Benhayon has so much integrity – he lives his truth and inspires many along the way. What we have seen here is a total injustice to humanity.

  43. Throughout my adolescence and adult life I have been the recipient of COUNTLESS unsolicited abusive experiences of a sexual nature – ranging from lewd, insinuating and revoltingly creepy through to actual physical attempts to grope and molest me. All of this by men, who assumed they had some right to that behaviour! Over and over I have needed to assert and defend myself against such attention in one way of another.

    I have also been witness (in my workplace) to an individual being falsely accused of sexual misconduct as a personal attack against them – and to the lengthy ensuing trauma experienced by them in proving their innocence and remaining ‘tarnished’ by the experience.

    As a woman and a long-time expert in what sexual misconduct and harassment is like to experience – and as one who is prepared to always call it out, I can state that NEVER at any time in the 12 years as a client of Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine, have I experienced anything less than absolute respect for myself and my family – and NOTHING that could be interpreted as sexual in nature.

    As you say ‘It is a serious offence to wrongfully accuse someone of sexual assault or misconduct, and it is also a gross insult to the countless real victims of sexual abuse.’ It will not be tolerated.

    1. Thank you for sharing your experiences here Helen. It is indeed most awful and reprehensible to falsely accuse someone with sexual misconduct where there is none. Eventually it will be obvious to all (if it is not already) what has happened here and the nature of the people making these false allegations.

    2. Hi Helen…. Clearly by your strong statement you are completely capable of recognizing what is and what isn’t sexual abuse. Furthermore, you have witnessed what happens when someone uses this serious accusation to attack another. It is disgraceful, but it is up to us to speak out against this, so thanks for your voice and experience on this important issue.

      1. HI Helen,
        Like you, I have also known another man (a medical doctor) to be wrongly accused of sexual assault and he too, like Serge Benhayon is a true gentleman.

        I have known Serge Benhayon for many years and my husband and I have always admired his genuine care and respect for women. It is such a crime that people use this very emotive and destructive form of slander to push their agenda. To me this just shows the absolute depth of desperation that this smear campaign has now dropped to, very, very, low.

        It is an absolutely devastating crime, to cry wolf about sexual assault when men and women are truly suffering from this everyday.

      2. Hi Kyla…yes we must hold firm against all such behaviours. It is a sad indictment on human society that this takes place at all.
        We live in a world (supposedly a developed world!) where hatred, bullying and adopting either the attack or defense position are accepted as normal and part of life – the struggle for survival replaced by the struggle for position.
        By taking a stance against such actions we can make a stand for the ability of mankind to rise above the dross and become harmonious with one another!

  44. Thank-you Rebecca and Kyla, for stating the truth.
    “Using false allegations of sexual abuse smacks of a very insidious brand of malice, as it attempts to play on people’s worst fears about men.” To attempt to place such levels of doubt in people’s minds with these allegations, is utterly reprehensible, and clearly comes from someone in deep inner pain. I have known Serge Benhayon for over 12 years, and have never, ever felt, seen or heard of the slightest insinuation of sexual abuse or misconduct on his behalf. I have had personal sessions with him, participated and facilitated in many courses and workshops (so get to see ‘what goes on behind the scenes’ – & I can tell you that the impeccable integrity is no different to what goes on ‘in front’!).
    Such integrity in itself, before I met Serge, was indeed a rarity in my experience with both men and women from many professions and walks of life – particularly those who were/are practitioners of some sort (in medical/complementary medicine) and those who present truths about the human condition. That Serge’s level of conduct has never, ever faltered is something that deserves to be championed, celebrated and shown to the world – as it demonstrates how we all have the potential to relate to all with the deepest levels of respect, dignity, true love and care. That if we treat any other as ‘less’ or abuse them in any way, we are surely lost as a humanity.
    And so, although he never would ask for it or expect it, I absolutely hold Serge Benhayon as a shining example of what a true and real man can be – a man who holds all with the equal respect, deep love and care they deserve. Those who seek to tarnish this, and the reputations of anyone who truly lives in such a way, can never ‘win’, for the truth, in time, always comes to light. That it continues to be lived everyday is a far, far more powerful statement, than words of fear-mongering coming from such ill intent to harm.
    I greatly admire Serge Benhayon for being unwavering in who he is throughout these testing times. Many would have descended into the muck and the fray, but this man has an integrity, born of his deep love for all humanity, that could never be wavered by such accusations. Let the world hear through blogs such as this, just what the truth really is. There is nothing to defend here, as many, many people know all too well – only a shining example of a real human being to celebrate and cherish deeply.

    1. Beautifully expressed Victoria and I whole-heartedly agree. As you say, there is nothing to defend here, through our Livingness we shall keep the truth visible for all who wish to see it.

      1. Thank-you Doug & Carolien. Clearly the world needs to know more and more of the truth about someone so deeply inspiring, who would never abuse the trust placed in him by others, and has, through ‘all of this’ continued to get on with what is important for humanity.
        Also, I know myself, as I’m sure do many others, that my own ‘heart is true’. This should never be hidden, nor held back for fear of attack, of false allegation… Serge has been and is, an amazing example of how great a love lives within us all – and that this love is far more powerful than anything seeking to stop its activity.

    2. Love the last line here Victoria. There is nothing to defend here, as many, many people know all too well- only a shining example of a real human being to celebrate deeply. And as Serge Benhayon continues to shine and get brighter, having more people link in with Universal Medicine and offering even more to humanity through his livingness what will some in our society do? They will choose to try and cut him down, they will throw whatever lie they can at him because lets be straight up there is nothing they can get him on that is real, so they lie and continue to lie which demonstrates how jealous and desperate they are. And this is what we have within our society, and it is not new it has been around forever. Some stand up, shine and offer love to the world and others try and bring them down. But there have always been people who bring love to the world, there have always been people who stand up and shine. So I choose to fully support Serge Benhayon and his family and to shine and bring love to the world as that is what they have inspired me to be.

      1. Thank you Sally. Powerfully expressed. That, from our deep knowing of what love truly is, we shine and offer this love via how we are, in our daily activity and interactions with all we come in contact with. Whether others make whatever attempts they do to pull it down – via jealously, a deep-seated inability to trust, and/or a deliberate ill intent to harm – is something that has been seen through the ages. It is nothing new.
        As is the True difference made in this world, by those who shine and continue nonetheless. The darker side of human expression shows us just how deeply those who stand in truth are needed – yes, still. And I can honestly say also, that were it not for Serge Benhayon, I would not have been inspired myself to stand in and by the love I have always known – ‘the darker side’ I refer to, had so beaten me down…

      2. Beautifully said and I agree with all the comments as Serge Benhayon and his sons, Curtis Benhayon and Michael Benhayon, show that respect and tenderness is the norm! I have experienced abuse by at least two therapists and was in such shock I did not feel able to share it with anyone at the time. Now I can trust again.

    3. Absolutely! Thank you Victoria. This says it all. The truth and integrity that is Serge Benhayon is truly inspiring; and yes, it is to be celebrated and cherished deeply.

    4. So true and beautifully expressed Victoria. Serge Benhayon in the 10 or so years I have known him has only ever reflected love in the truest expression of that word, whether that be in a personal one to one session or in a group. Serge Benhayon’s unwavering love for humanity is so very inspiring.

      1. Victoria, Sally and all, I love how you have expressed this, so very true. I’ve known Serge Benhayon for 8 years and he’s someone of absolute integrity, deep love and truth. Through his example and the deep care, respect and honour he’s treated me with always, I’ve raised my bar, and now treat myself with that greater care and that has rippled out into my family, my friends, my work. Without the shining example of Serge and Universal Medicine I wouldn’t know this. And to hear the accusations of abuse against him are so patently ridiculous and false and born of desperation to sling mud in the hope that something might stick. It couldn’t be farther from the truth and it’s a sad reflection on our society that we allow this anonymous mud slinging – it’s not ok and thanks Kyla for your blog so clearly dissecting and calling this out.

      2. So true Victoria, in fact I agree with what both Victoria’s have written.

    5. As others have stated below, I fully agree. I too can state that I only ever experience the highest integrity from Serge Benhayon, a man who has very deep care and respect for humanity.

      1. Thank-you Golnaz and all. Clearly from the depth of our hearts we know what is true, and have all been so deeply touched as to the reality of the love and truth lived that Serge Benhayon offers by example, that our words here resonate as a one unified chorus. My words are your words, your words are my words. The truth is the truth and it is ‘owned’ by no one person, but us all. This is truly beautiful.
        And ‘with you’ Monica G. Mud can never stick when there is no mud in nor on the person it’s hurled at in the first place. The mud so hurled inevitably falls back at the feet of the one who falsely throws it with nought but the intent to harm. Perhaps its mound will become so high that the truth of this will inevitably have to be seen, and the reality of such actions accounted for.

  45. Kyla, your courageous article cuts through the insidious smear campaign from cowards who do not have the courage to reveal their names. If I had to nominate a single reason as to why I have continued to be a student of Universal Medicine for more than six years, it is integrity. Serge’s integrity, along with his love for humanity, has been inspirational and a role model for myself and many other men. We have discovered there is another, more fulfilling way to live, along with a higher level of respect and love for ourselves and others. And that is a lovely way to live.

    1. Yes Rod, Serge Benhayon’s unwavering integrity and love for humanity is an immense inspiration to everyone, as is his tenderness, care and openness.
      I have witnessed many men like yourself choose to live and express the same qualities. It is truly beautiful.

  46. The level of respect I have been treated with by Serge Benhayon, and all Universal Medicine practitioners actually, taught me to lift my own bar to new heights. I too have experienced sexual assault throughout my life and had been living in a protected hardness to not having to ever experience it again. But holding a hardened crust around me of course affected my relationships with everyone – as this protection easily is perceived as a ‘back-off’ when in truth it was just there to not ever having to experience one more transgression. But as stated above through the treatments at Universal Medicine and with the grace of the teaching by Serge Benhayon I have come to address these hurts and am now able to live a life where any sexual misconduct has no place whatsoever. So yes Kyla – you very rightly expose that in this day and age if you want to destroy someones reputation all a ‘hater’ has to do is sling the mud of ‘sex offender’ and it will stick like nothing else. BUT we as a society have to see and feel through these allegations and be able to discern when it is true and when it is conveniently constructed lies out to destroy someones graceful standing as in the case of Serge Benhayon.

    1. I agree Desiree
      My dealings with men were quite warped as I simply didn’t know how to be around men who didn’t pander or want something form me. Dealing with Serge and his sons has been a welcome relief and I am very glad I chose it. I feel supported and accepted and totally at ease with Serge and his sons. They are wonderful human beings who have literally given me a sense of true hope that men can be awesome

      1. I totally agree Felicity, Serge Benhayon, Michael Benhayon and Curtis Benhayon offer us all the reflection of a way of being which is truly inspiring. A way of being which shows us who true men are and how they live.

      2. I totally agree with you Felicity. This has been my experience too. I have seen Serge Benhayon, Curtis Benhayon, and Michael Benhayon inspire other men to connect to their own natural gentleness and tenderness – this is deeply felt on many levels and provides a healing for us as a society. The respect they have for woman is so inspiring they are the true role models of our age.

    2. Absolutely Samantha, well said – “Serge Benhayon, Curtis Benhayon, and Michael Benhayon inspire other men to connect to their own natural gentleness and tenderness – this is deeply felt on many levels and provides a healing for us as a society.”

    3. Beautifully said Desiree. And this is where the responsibility aspect comes in – learning to discern and not take things just at face value.

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