A Response to False Accusations of Sexual Misconduct & Abuse by Universal Medicine & Serge Benhayon

Foreword by Rebecca Baldwin

Background: In 2012 many of us witnessed how a small group of hate-bloggers captured the attention of the local and national media with blatant lies and false reports of diet and lifestyle concerns about those who attended Universal Medicine presentations. Subsequently a spate of error-riddled and defamatory stories, were pumped through the usual and predictable channels. While there were some who were undiscerning enough to consume the junk-media, there were many more who saw right through it and in many ways it did nothing to disrupt Universal Medicine’s service offerings. Indeed, as always, due to the huge demand for its’ services, Universal Medicine continues to steadily go from strength to strength.

In effect the hate-bloggers who instigated the media attention were left unsatisfied and as their numbers dwindle, their anonymous online smear campaign has become increasingly outrageous and questionable. Their latest lie, is that Serge Benhayon’s healing techniques are sexually abusive. Anyone who knows Serge Benhayon knows how patently ridiculous that claim is – straight from the same ilk of the ‘Serge Benhayon gives Breast Massages’ lie that was made famous by an easily manipulated press who last year pimped out its pages to become a mega-phone for the hate-blogger’s lies and hate-campaigning.

Knowing the seriousness of giving airplay to false allegations of sexual abuse, especially where not a shred of evidence accompanies, the press have so far been wise enough to not touch these baseless and false accusations but unfortunately it remains on the hate-blog – a blog already once removed in its entirety by Google, because of its defamatory content. Of course the Internet being what it is, it has simply been cut and pasted to a new blogging platform and so the defamatory content remains.

And so as the hate-bloggers hit a new low, those that know the truth will steadfastly address the lies. Using false allegations of sexual abuse smacks of a very insidious brand of malice, as it attempts to play on people’s worst fears about men. In an age of Internet anonymity easily abused, this is a particularly cowardly act. In this very courageous piece by Kyla Plummer, she exposes the absurdity of the lies that continue to be perpetrated by an anonymous few.

(This article was originally published on the Truth about Serge Benhayon blog: Sexual Assault, Sexual Abuse and Creeps… Statistics and My Story)

by Kyla Plummer, Bangalow, NSW, Small Business Owner

Accusations of sexual assault are extremely serious and should never be taken lightly. The statistics that follow clearly show that sexual assault, sexual abuse and sexual violence are currently major issues in modern society.

  • 1 in 3 women and 1 in 6 men are abused before the age of 18 (Fergusson & Mullen. 1999).
  • 1 in 5 women and 1 in 20 men have experienced sexual violence since the age of 15 years  (Australian Bureau of Statistics, Personal Safety Survey, 2005).
  • 93% of offenders are male (National Crime and Safety Survey, 2002).
  • 82% of recorded sexual assault victims were female (Trends in Recorded Sexual Assault, Australian Institute Of Criminology, 2005).

On a world scale, we are unfortunately familiar with sexual abuse. However, I don’t need statistics to know this abuse is widespread… I have first hand experience of being sexually assaulted, as have many of my female friends: in addition, some of the men that I know have been sexually abused in some way during their lives.

When I was 19 years old and pregnant with my first child, a registered Osteopath indecently assaulted me. He was recommended to me by a prominent, progressive and highly reputable Professor of Medicine based in Melbourne.

When I was 11 years old, I remember one of my father’s creepy friends commenting on my breast development, when my Dad wasn’t in earshot. (Creepy [Urban Slang] – commonly used term describing sexually inappropriate or perverted behaviour and/or; to derive sexual gratification through dishonorable means.)

At 21 a well-known local businessman propositioned me to prostitute myself.

At 23 I woke up with a man having sex with me when I was too intoxicated to defend myself.

Many women have experienced men initiating sex with them when they are too intoxicated to resist.

A close friend became pregnant after being raped at 16.

Another friend recently told me that she had been ‘felt up’ (or indecently assaulted) by strangers in the street too many times to count….

These experiences are not isolated; there are millions of these stories…

We all know what a creep looks like: most people know what creeps feel like or what creepy behavior entails. Most of my female friends also have a sense of when someone is using their body to get off in some way – we get it every day, even simply walking down the street, or in the workplace, or with the extra special attention of a creepy uncle or family friend.

I do not and would not engage any practitioner, doctor, massage therapist, dentist or anybody else that is going to come in close contact to my body, who feels or acts creepy. Perhaps back then I got stung or tricked more easily, when I was not as sure with my convictions and my rights. That Osteopath managed to trick me into breast massage (he was a man!) by insinuating that it was for therapeutic purposes: he also suggested internal muscle manipulation! Yes… he attempted to get me to allow him to vaginally and anally manipulate my hip muscles?!? I left and never went back. Thinking back, even before these atrocious suggestions, the way he checked the alignment of my bones whilst I was in my underwear without a robe, was creepy enough to begin with – and unnecessary to my treatment.

Yes, I should have reported him, but like many victims of sexual abuse, I was humiliated, traumatised and felt stupid, like it was somehow my fault. I did have him blacklisted by his peers with the co-operation of the Professor who had originally recommended him, but I could have done more, and so should have that Professor. Due to my circumstances, at that time I could not face the ordeal of pressing charges; however, I did not keep it to myself and sought support of those close to me as well as relating the incident to theProfessor. I would handle this differently with the strength and certainty that I now possess, and would never allow that to happen to me again: I could never be tricked in that way, belittled, made to feel inferior, prudish or immature, like I was made to feel if I did not allow the sexual advances of that man – actions he attempted to hide under the guise of Osteopathy.

I take great offence to anyone suggesting that I don’t know what sexual abuse is. Or that I am somehow too stupid or manipulated to know what sexual assault is – I KNOW, it has ACTUALLY happened to me. To suggest that 100’s, if not 1000’s of women who all have awareness about sexual abuse, and by the statistics shown above at least 1/3 may have personal experience of this abuse, are suddenly rendered unaware of what’s happening during their treatments at the Universal Medicine Clinic, is patently ridiculous and deeply offensive to these people who conduct themselves impeccably in their everyday lives.

The person or persons responsible for accusing Serge Benhayon or Universal Medicine of sexual misconduct clearly have had no experience with real abuse themselves, or they are very confused about what it means, or THEY HAVE AN AGENDA… but most likely, all of the above. The character and motives of these people require serious assessment and they should be held accountable.

Unfortunately, in a world rife with sexual abuse there are also those who attempt to ruin others’ lives and reputations by malicious accusations. They know that by doing so they will tarnish the reputation of the accused even if they can get no further with it than the initial complaint. It is a serious offence to wrongfully accuse someone of sexual assault or misconduct, and it is also a gross insult to the countless real victims of sexual abuse. That they attempt this smear by employing a social media site that is notorious for taking no responsibility for the sometimes dubious and outrageous content shared on various pages, is a definite indication that there is an agenda at play. To me these are not the actions of a genuinely abused person, but rather those of one on a mission. Furthermore, the image uploaded on this same site suggesting sexual interference with a client is laughable for its anatomic inaccuracy, betraying total ignorance of where ‘lady parts’ are located. (The image refers to ‘a young woman’ – how do they even know this?). Thousands of these treatments have been given, with no recorded complaints. EVER!  Excluding this one anonymous exception.

My experiences with Serge Benhayon and practitioners of Universal Medicine are the dead opposite to these allegations. I have never felt any underlying sexual suggestiveness or behavior from him and / or them. NEVER. I was and continue to be always treated with respect as a woman. I have never been touched inappropriately. I always consented to the treatment I received from the Universal Medicine Clinic and these treatments were administered professionally, with client care of the highest standard.

In short, Serge Benhayon does not possess an ounce of the abusive energy that was described previously. So it seems to me utterly ridiculous to accuse this man of creeping… it is simply disgraceful. There are plenty of lovely and genuine men in this world who don’t find the need to objectify women, and just because some (men and women) behave this way does not mean that it needs to be normalised in any way, shape or form. As a woman, it is a true relief to be around non-creepy men – I prefer to call them real men – as I believe this is our true nature and that creepiness (amongst many other unsavoury behaviors) is a product of a civilization that is clearly out of control. I know plenty of men and women who are inspired by the way in which Serge Benhayon conducts himself professionally, personally, within the community and notably, the way he treats women with the utmost respect, equality and care. In my opinion and experience, Serge Benhayon is the epitome of a true Gentleman: what a terrible shame that a man of this quality would be accused of the very thing he is clearly not.

747 thoughts on “A Response to False Accusations of Sexual Misconduct & Abuse by Universal Medicine & Serge Benhayon

  1. I too have had several experiences of sexual abuse towards me. And so I am pretty aware of what it feels like. I can also say that not one Universal Medicine practitioner – male or female – has ever come across to me as creepy.
    They are absolutely honouring and I feel completely comfortable in their presence. I am very aware of what it feels like to have any of this creepiness come my way – and not one bit of their energy reflects this. It is beautiful to feel the genuineness of these people.

  2. “1 in 3 women and 1 in 6 men are abused before the age of 18 (Fergusson & Mullen. 1999).” This statistic is appalling and shows us that as a society we are in deep trouble. Then when a man such as Serge Benhayon comes along and speaks out against sexual abuse he gets abused back by cyber trolls spreading all sorts of lies. To me this shows that we as a society are not yet ready to face the level of abuse that we inflict on each other and ourselves.

  3. It does beggar belief that the one man who is standing up and living integrity for all to see is lied about so heinously. What would you do if you had this kind of abuse levied at you?

  4. I had a colleague once who was falsely accused of sexual misconduct. It took him 2 years to clear his name and sadly the system often assumes guilt before innocence with these things. Even though he cleared his name it still affected his career and his reputation. It is a very indecent, sneaky and low thing to do to falsely accuse someone of something that is indecent.

    1. It is far too easy for anyone with a grudge to make a false complaint about someone and you are right there does seem to be a presumption of guilt rather than of innocence, which is the opposite to what we claim our law is about. The problem is that people do not seem to be held accountable for trying to wreck someone’s career, it appears when they are at great cost proven wrong they can just walk away and do it all again. Surely what they just did was a criminal action which should attract a prison sentence? By letting people do this and walk away scot free are we not as a society actually encouraging such criminal behaviour?

  5. I have never been raped but I have experienced creepy men, first as a ten year old with a man running a children’s puppet weekend, as a thirteen year old with a man exposing himself to me in the street, as a fifteen year old after a party with a boy’s hand up my skirt, in my twenties having a breast cancer check by a medical doctor, as a thirty-something year old with a work colleague propositioning me, and as a sixty year old being chatted up by a ‘nice’ man in a park who wanted to take me somewhere quieter. These may not seem major incidents and they were not consistent abuse, but I recognise the feelings of vulnerability and ‘how did I let myself get into this?’ We tend not to report these incidents because we feel stupid or don’t want to cause trouble. In the case of the doctor I see now I should have done because I’m sure he went on to abuse many more women in that way. Men in their natural essence, what you call ‘Real Men’ are so naturally tender and respectful it is a shame that so many men can act this way. And I agree, I have only ever been met with the utmost respect from Serge Benhayon and all the Universal Medicine practitioners. Their Code of Practice is more ethical than anything I have seen.

  6. This article says it like it is, many of us know what sexual abuse is, simply from our own experiences in life. With this knowing I also know that there is none, absolutely no sexual abuse or imposition in any of the men that I have encountered that are choosing the teachings of Universal Medicine to be a part of their lives.

  7. In the 12 years that I have known Serge Benhayon I have only ever seen him conduct himself with the utmost genuine respect towards all the women he meets. Here stands a man with outstanding integrity who, through his personal conduct, is empowering women to reclaim our authority and sacredness and consequently these women, self included, will stand and vouch for his impeccable conduct. In my opinion a person who accuses Serge Benhayon of any misconduct clearly has not spent much time in his company and driven by a desperate attempt to discredit his reputation is grasping at straws to find ways to bring him down.

  8. “Knowing the seriousness of giving airplay to false allegations of sexual abuse, especially where not a shred of evidence accompanies, the press have so far been wise enough to not touch these baseless and false accusations but unfortunately it remains on the hate-blog – a blog already once removed in its entirety by Google, because of its defamatory content. Of course the Internet being what it is, it has simply been cut and pasted to a new blogging platform and so the defamatory content remains.” – this goes to show that our current laws are needing to be up-graded, and are not as yet covering such areas of growth like the internet. And it also shows that platforms such as google and other platforms are not holding the space with true integrity and their main goal is certainly not to support and foster harmony in society and a safe space to express. This needs to change – but the demand must come from all of us as a collaborative, as they will not respond to the few who call out singly.

  9. What is upsetting is that due to the false allegations those who may feel impulsed to come to a course etc and they search the internet and maybe find the absolute vile descriptions of Universal Medicine and the implications of abuse will be put off. To think that could have been me if I hadn’t come to the work a while ago is to be honest devastating, as the internet really wasn’t a big deal then you had to go with what you felt and when my friend mentioned a workshop with this guy from Australia I was I am there. It was absolute, but with how we are today quick search on google and then if there were all these pages of abusive allegations it would make me second think about it.

  10. “In my opinion and experience, Serge Benhayon is the epitome of a true Gentleman: what a terrible shame that a man of this quality would be accused of the very thing he is clearly not.” I could not agree more with the above statement.

  11. These accusations about Serge Benhayon are lies, unfounded and complete lies, and 100% lies. Total slander and lies to attempt (but fail) to take Serge Benhayon out and away from his essence, but it is never going to work.

  12. Interestingly in the last few months we have started to see many key figures in society exposed for their abusive behaviour. It’s clear there’s so much more corruption that we are only just beginning to see. You are certainly not alone in your experiences Kyla, the greatest thing we can do is realise this abuse is not us and bring even more light to life. To be controlled by past hurts is to let the abuse have control and win.

    1. Spot on Joseph – corruption is being exposed more so now than ever before…and so it should be. It is better that the false foundations are seen before more of the building is constructed upon it, for the more you invest in something when the foundations are hollow, the greater the damage when it comes crashing down.

  13. Five years later these same hate bloggers are still pursuing their hate campaign against a completely innocent person and one of the highest integrity that I have ever met. It is disgraceful that such behaviour is allowable in a civilised country just because it is online. It is surely time for Australia to put a stop to such online abuse.

  14. In the 9 years I have studied with Universal Medicine I have never once felt anything other than a deep trust and respect for Serge Benhayon. There is not one ounce of imposition of sexual innuendo or ‘creepy or sleezy’ energy in the way he moves, speaks and the genuine warmth as he meets and greets everyone eye to eye.
    “In my opinion and experience, Serge Benhayon is the epitome of a true Gentleman: what a terrible shame that a man of this quality would be accused of the very thing he is clearly not”.

  15. History is full of stories of great men and women who were accused of all sorts of things just to silence them. The accusation of sexual impropriety against Serge Benhayon is the same thing-it is designed to cast doubt in people’s minds so that they do not get access to the truth of what he presents. Same story, different era.

  16. It has to be really concerning for some that a group of people, who have chosen a diet and a lifestyle that in spite of not being mainstream are totally in sync with what the body feels is natural to it, are doing ‘too’ well. ‘Too’ much wellbeing is totally un-acceptable. It exposes ‘too’ much the others and their choices. So how can I make sure that this well-being dis-ease does not spread out? Although it may be hard to believe, this is how some people think and come up with creative (well not really) ways to target those that make them truly uncomfortable.

  17. “Serge Benhayon is the epitome of a true Gentleman: what a terrible shame that a man of this quality would be accused of the very thing he is clearly not.” I have known Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine for 10 years and Serge has always made sure that everyone is treated with the upmost dignity and respect.

  18. Despite all the slandering …”due to the huge demand for its’ services, Universal Medicine continues to steadily go from strength to strength.” – the proof is in the pudding!

  19. There is the story of the boy who called wolf which most of us have heard about – if you are going to call the village to arms about a situation, then it best be a real situation as opposed to a fictitious one, for otherwise you are wasting people’s time and resources and no one will believe you when you really call wolf when there is one! This analogy is actually deeper yet in its damage when it comes to the accusations around Serge Benhayon – he is someone who stands with utmost integrity, and for someone to attempt to destroy his reputation, not only is this totally unacceptable with regards to the attempted damage to the individual (Serge), but there is also the greater damage to our society where money, time and resources are taken away from truly needed cases of abuse because of being distracted by a someone who presents a lie. It is time for us as a society to stand up for the Truth and ensure it is available to all.

  20. With the way abuse has proliferated our societies it is rare to find an organisation without abuse, Universal Medicine is one such organisation, in my experience of attending presentations and courses. I have experienced abuse in my life, as most women have, we know what it is and we know what it looks like, smells like and acts like, to suggest otherwise is highly offensive.

  21. It says something important about the way we are in our world that we take acts and incidents of abuse and then twist them and use them against each other again. What sick kind of recycling is this? We label people as perpetrators but do not stop to see the true mastermind behind all of this is energy. So if we are to make a new way forward – all we need to do is be clear in ourselves, not get bogged down in this mud slinging game. As far as this goes it’s just more of the same. Thank you Rebecca and Kyla.

  22. It seems sexual abuse is rife in our society, and as such it is by definition accepted by society. It is up to each of us as the members of society to change that acceptance, and disallow any abuse in our lives.

  23. If sexual abuse has happened first hand, we would never accuse another falsely of what sexual abuse is. As the experience of abuse is deeply traumatic and if we have allowed ourselves to feel, we would know how far from our natural this truly is. Therefore, what this shows is we can actually abuse what is abuse when we have shut down our natural ability to feel.

  24. During the first few years of knowing Serge Benhayon I would often be in tears as a direct result of the level of integrity and personal responsibility he lived with and the depth of care and utmost honouring of every single person.

    I remember him explaining how if he was to arrange the chairs in the meeting room, he held the awareness that someone will be sitting on that seat and therefore every detail in how he walked, touched and moved the chair mattered. I had never ever gone that deep into considering my actions, and he was just sharing it so humbly as a most natural fact.

    Over the years I have witnessed hundreds including myself being inspired to deepen our level of care, integrity and responsibility because of his example. He is by far the most open, loving and honouring human being I have ever met.

  25. This is brilliantly said Kyla. For whether we wish to accept it or not the world is not the place we would like it to be. If we are not careful it can end up affecting us in the saddest of ways. So if we come across something that is clear, something that is true, something that is free of this junk and feels loving to you, then we should champion it, embrace it with our heart and find out just how this quality manages to exist amidst our polluted world. It might be difficult to believe but Serge Benhayon has this integrity in spades and has been an absolute inspiration to me. Knowing him has supported me in the most profound way and totally changed my life. Talk about blessed.

  26. It’s easy to write words, to type your finger on a keypad as I do here – you can express anything you like and in a moment it’s there, in black and white right before your eyes – it’s concrete or so it seems. It’s something different though to live your life in a way that corresponds to what you write. So many claim truth, honour or good practice in type but do our actions add up to these values? Or do we fall short in a serious way? This brilliant blog reveals that there is a dark side to our world we don’t want to face – we’re living the opposite of what we say. Do we want to continue to hide our head from the facts or are we willing to change? If so, all we need to do is surrender to the crucial importance of the energy we choose. Thank you Rebecca and Kyla.

  27. “Serge Benhayon is the epitome of a true Gentleman: what a terrible shame that a man of this quality would be accused of the very thing he is clearly not.” And the only way to attempt to taint a man like Serge Benhayon is to lie, as there is nothing of truth to be found in the accusations made.

  28. The internet seems to have become a bit of an anarchic free for all where people can say whatever they choose about each other, no matter the truth, no matter how abusive or destructive it is. We need stronger laws to deal with abuse and hate crime on the internet and though social media. Yet, perhaps what we need even more, is to take the time to reflect on why we have allowed this to manifest and what it is telling us. How is it that we have such disregard for our fellow man that we will shed all sense of decency and be openly abusive about ‘him’? This is not our nature and therefore we have deviated from the truth of who we are somewhere. This is what we need to address first – or we will simply recreate the disharmony again and again.

  29. Well said Kyla Plummer. I have known Serge Benhayon for over six years now. Serge is a role model for men the world over, a man who lives and breathes the love that is innate within him with absolute integrity and complete respect for all he meets – men and women alike.

  30. In a world where the misogynistic or creeping behavior of men is seemingly more common than it is not, it is deeply inspiring to meet a man who reflects a respect of women that is as you say the epitome of a true Gentleman, who for any woman who has experienced the former cannot but deeply appreciate not only being unimposed upon but being held and treated in the high regard that Serge does. He is a role model of what is possible and exposes all lies and accusations of anything other through his unchanging living way.

  31. We do know what abuse is and what if feels like and what it looks like, to suggest we would be aligned to this sort of energy is truly repulsive and deeply offensive as you share. It is actually abusive in itself to accuse women of colluding with abuse like they have accused Serge of. There has never in my experience of being and working with Serge in 15 years ever been anything that gave me cause for concern. In fact the opposite is true, I have learned to deeply nurture and care for myself like I have never been taught anywhere else. When we love ourselves more we say no to abuse more easily and more firmly.

  32. If you say something often enough, it will come to be known as a fact, even if it is not. This is the key to propaganda, and the most successful propaganda plays on people’s inherent fears and suspicions, so that whilst they may not necessarily believe what they are being told, it will sow the seed of doubt enough so that they accept what is being said, just in case it proves to be true.

    1. And there in lies our responsibility to not be a puppet to our media and fears, to foster real connection with ourselves and with those around us so that we innately know love and this foundation can never be rocked or messed with.

  33. Falsely accusing Serge Benhayon is a last stand, because there is nothing factual with which to criticise him. I experienced this recently listening to some people abuse the chef Pete Evan, they resorted to talking about his “fake tan” and that to me said they had nothing real with which to criticise him. However accusing someone of being a child abuser takes it to a whole other level, it is abhorrent that anyone should be allowed to get away with this in a so called civilised world. The more we stand against abuse the less breathing space abuse has.

  34. It is noteworthy that this obsession by a handful of people with making up false accusations of Universal Medicine and Serge Benhayon is still going on 4 years after this article was printed. There seems to be a new flavour and angle every month. Yet absolutely none of the derogatory tales and complaints to regulating bodies have held because there is no shred of truth in them. What a waste of time and resources for everyone, even that of the perpetrators themselves. I am astonished that we still do not have systems in place to address such atrocious behaviour.

  35. Sexual abuse crimes should be taken very seriously, yet often they are not. False sexual abuse accusations are horrid for all the obvious reasons and also because they ridicule real sexual abuse cases. Making up false claims should be criminal as often the implications and consequences are detrimental.

  36. “Knowing the seriousness of giving airplay to false allegations of sexual abuse, especially where not a shred of evidence accompanies, the press have so far been wise enough to not touch these baseless and false accusations but unfortunately it remains on the hate-blog – a blog already once removed in its entirety by Google, because of its defamatory content. Of course the Internet being what it is, it has simply been cut and pasted to a new blogging platform and so the defamatory content remains.” – this is a serious issue we are dealing with. Firstly to make fake accusations about sexual abuse is not only bullying towards the person they are saying it about, but it is frankly abusive towards victims of sexual abuse too as it creates the boy who cried wolf effect – so that when actual sexual abuse does take place, a blind eye is turned to it. To then do cut and pastes of this only perpetuates the abuse on all sides. How low are people going to stoop before they realise the damage they are creating around them and ultimately to their own brothers and sisters?

    1. It is absolute abuse to undertake spreading lies about sexual abuse when there is none. It is abhorrent.

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