The Deceit in Research and the Media – Let’s get back to Truth

by Sarah Cloutier, Animation Producer, London, UK

What is truth? Stephen Fry, a broadcaster and academic in the UK stated, “Truth is what is felt in the heart.”

Lies are everywhere, we are bombarded by the insidious evil of them – they permeate our thoughts, our language, written word, our entire existence is built on this false foundation.

We use them to bolster our fragile status quo and we create whole belief systems around the lies to justify our actions.

Look at the research around food. One study will say coffee is good for you; another will state the fact that it is a psychoactive drug that harms the nervous system, brain function and liver. Some doctors say that alcohol in moderation is good for your heart and are now informing pregnant women that drinking is harmless to their unborn child, others have proven that it damages the arteries, blood quality and brain function. The dairy industry marketing machine continues to say it (dairy) is our main source of calcium. Yet, facts prove that our bodies retain more calcium from leafy greens/broccoli and that consistent dairy product consumption causes lung, sinus conditions, IBS and a higher risk of cancer in adults.

The research shows that there is a clear distinction between what is considered fact and what our bodies are telling us. And our bodies are shouting loudly with diabetes, obesity, cancer of all kinds, mental illness, suicide and sick leave, to name a few. These are skyrocketing globally.  Multi-symptomatic cases are presenting that require many specialists working together towards finding a solution for people who are desperate for an end to their pain.

It doesn’t make any sense, Does It?

Similarly, the worldwide press continues to print lies and half-truths for the masses that enable a general populace to remain ignorant and misled. Fed on a stingy meal of gossip, tabloid criticism and lies, the world’s population picks up the crumbs of ‘truth’ and builds a whole belief system based on scraps of flimsy ‘evidence’ and innuendo. Our ‘intelligence’ is read, absorbed and regurgitated.

Every press has its modus operandi – to gain more readership than another. The more readers, the more they will come back for another bowl of trifle. Profits have clearly become more important than truth and care, and so the people behind the press (researchers, journalists, marketers) lie to convince you to believe their story. Then they are rewarded for telling lies with higher share prices, promotions, status or awards. Every day we are reading cruel anecdotes passed off as ‘news’ that denigrate people who are unlikely to have the funds to take legal action against the rot of lies flung against them. And we gorge ourselves on it. Why?

Actors, musicians, politicians and their families and their children – literally anyone in the public eye has a target marked on their back. It seems that ‘freedom of speech’ has created the public execution by pen and this modern media expression is everywhere, and can attack by many means. Burning at the stake was the easy way out compared to the long, drawn out torture by faceless perpetrators on Twitter, Facebook, and commenting on blog posts. ‘Perceived strength through anonymous, abusive actions’. Why are they in hiding?

If you deign to stick your head above the parapet and start speaking truth, there are those out there who do not want their life of lies to be exposed – and they will inevitably take a shot. The pen can definitely be mightier than the sword – or so they think.

Lies are calculated and manufactured to mislead, control and manipulate. And whether intended or not, they always hurt people. Even when we lie to ‘protect’ someone, there is always an intention of control and manipulation. Truth, on the other hand, offers the opportunity to see things as they really are. From truth, we can begin to make changes in the world and break from the illusion we are choosing.

The truth can only be veiled by lies – it is never destroyed. What we perceive is truth can only be felt and discerned by one who truly commits to feeling first from the heart. Stephen Fry is one individual who, like many, is observing that we have this knowing within us and can expose the true quality of lies, naturally.

By continuing to allow lies to dictate how we think, we are choosing to stay separate and judge each other in harsh criticism, comparison and jealousy.

By continuing to perpetuate the lies by NOT SPEAKING UP, we allow others to wallow in the rotting waste of misappropriated truths we have been force-fed for millennia. The biggest lie of all is that we think that nothing we say in defence of truth will make a difference. I was speaking with a colleague and they said that speaking out is only a drop in the ocean and it won’t change anything. But this complacency and accepting the current status quo is our own undoing. Only through our responsibility will we be able to shift the current norm.

It’s time to take off the blindfold and clearly see the world. We have created it. Only when we stand up and tenderly and compassionately deal with childhood hurts will we be truly free to choose to take responsibility. With acceptance, humility and deep care for ourselves, we can then choose to feel more and live in a way that honours everyone, equally. When we move past the pain that we carry, we stop living to keep the world out – we can choose to let the world in.  Only then can we truly feel what is really going on.

What I am seeing more and more is that when I come to the truth, I am not alone. There are many others gathering around the world who have chosen to not compromise on truth – to observe, feel and speak it. We have an opportunity to expose lies and their insidious nature in our lives. When I connect to truth, it offers an awareness of the possibility of exploring another way, where we all live and express according to the love that we are within. This will reveal a very different world; the choice rests with us.

868 thoughts on “The Deceit in Research and the Media – Let’s get back to Truth

  1. This world is a very confusing place these days especially with the advent of the internet which now offers us a swathe of contradictory advice on every subject imaginable. But we need to be totally discerning and to not be enticed by false promises and hopes of a cure for our ailments. I read this morning about a woman who had diagnosed herself with food intolerances, but finally going to a doctor she has been told she has bowel cancer. Sadly, I am sure that her story is not a rare event.

  2. Many a heart felt truth has been hijacked with a dose of emotion. As humans our inability to separate ourselves from emotionally charged delivery of our deeper feelings is what holds us perpetually in a cycle of continually recreating the horrors that we no longer wish to see or experience in our world.

  3. Thank you Sarah, this is an extraordinary exploration of truth and lies. It has helped me to realise how little truth there is in the world and how we have stood back and collectively allowed this to happen as bystanders to the constant circulation of lies. We have effectively founded a way of life that is based on the lies, we have allowed our standards to drop and for our values to be eroded allowing corruption and the agenda of the self to thrive at the expense of decency and true community.

  4. “The biggest lie of all is that we think that nothing we say in defence of truth will make a difference.” If there were no drops of water there would be no oceans.

  5. ‘Profits have clearly become more important than truth and care’ this is the sad state of affairs that our world has come to and yet there are still a few small pockets of people who run business on an ethical basis, who care about people more than profits, and we can live in a way ourselves to support them by choosing to buy products that are not produced by greedy corporates.

  6. “Lies are calculated and manufactured to mislead, control and manipulate.” and when we don’t speak up and call them out we perpetuate the game. It is so wrong that we have allowed lies and sensation to get in the way of truth. Give me truth any day, my body knows how to deal with that better than a manipulation that is trying to persuade, mislead, manipulate and control.

    1. And those lies are everywhere, they are in families, relationships, education, work places, systems, politics, advertising, music, science and research, the media… the list goes on and on. What we don’t realise is by allowing the lies we create an environment where no one truly thrives, where we accept and live a much lesser version of ourselves compromising our potential to live in true brotherhood together. This is because the truth is innate, by not living the truth we separate from who we are.

  7. “Every day we are reading cruel anecdotes passed off as ‘news’ that denigrate people who are unlikely to have the funds to take legal action against the rot of lies flung against them. And we gorge ourselves on it.” It is such an abuse of power and responsibility. It is SO wrong that an industry we have entrusted to speak truth has turned into an industry that needs stories to keep readers, to keep relevant in people’s lives.

  8. It is very revealing to see low many lies we accept when they bump up against our comforts. When we want to believe something there is always a justification or back up we can find, though none of this is related to truth. A truth is a truth and cannot be created, it simply is.

  9. Direct and to the point Sarah, we are being lied to in every direction but we don’t really want to see it unless it affects us. We have accepted lies as being the norm, and that there is nothing we can do about it, but as you say we do have a voice and if we all start to speak up we will stop the circulation of lies that have permeated the very core of our society.

  10. Statistics can be manipulated to give an impression, only the other day there was a headline about wellness programmes at work and it made out that financial considerations were the main factor in choosing a supplier. 25% – yes high, but other factors had 18% and 16% plus a mix of others. To me a difference of only 7% doesn’t make it such a huge dominant factor and actually the spread was fairly balanced. But if you didn’t read the full report you only remembered the headline.

  11. When there is a benefit in not being truthful, many of us get tempted and succumb and some of us particularly so.

  12. ” Lies are everywhere, we are bombarded by the insidious evil of them – they permeate our thoughts, our language, written word, our entire existence is built on this false foundation. ”
    Its quite bizarre reading this , how foolish are we , lies and more lies what a silly way to live.

  13. This has to be also a question of personal integrity and the fact that the world has lost all signs of respect, decency and integrity. I think slowly if we begin to restore our own integrity with the truth and begin to bring back decency in our everyday lives and communities the media and journalism will follow suit.

    1. Humanity wants to be lied at. That is why the media did get the power to manipulate in the first place. We all carry the truth in us, the moment we discard that fact, every other energy has free access to exist and to get spread out and the vicious circle of keeping us trapped in that ignored state of truth is paved.

      1. I wonder if we are ok with being lied at because it means that we can continue to live a lie and continue to live irresponsibly ourselves – until the day comes when we realise that lies are destroying our lives and the world we live in and they are hurting us enormously then we will begin to resurrect the truth.

      2. It needs obviously to become even more catastrophic, than it is already. Question is also, what will wake humanity up out of their comfort, if what already does play out in the world is not enough?! The arrogance and self-centredness of the human mind needs a stop. The immensity of the stop we do determine.

  14. “It’s time to take off the blindfold and clearly see the world. We have created it.” Taking responsibility for the part we play in making such a mess is key. Slowly slowly the corruption and rot that exists in many organisations is surfacing. Truth will out in the end.

  15. There is so much support for ‘evidence-based’ articles and facts these days, but if the research is funded by organisations that purport to gain from their ‘outcomes’ how much can we trust said research? Transparency doesn’t appear to be one of their virtues.

  16. ‘What I am seeing more and more is that when I come to the truth, I am not alone.’ This is becoming more so. I can no longer underestimate anyone’s capacity for truth to be heard and expressed.

  17. As long as there is a demand for lies, gossip, salacious titbits and innuendo, the supply will also be there whether that be in writing, speaking or thinking, in art or any other expression.

      1. A need that only is there in the first place, because we like our self created comfortzone of not stepping into our true power and the responsibility which comes with it.

  18. If we have created an entire existence based on a lie, then it follows that the systems (medical, religious, educational etc.) that are part of this existence and every thought, belief and ideal adhered to that follows, will also be of the same energetic quality of that which it was founded on. To then speak what is true in this ‘house of lies’ creates a ripple that shakes the very foundation of that which we have created…and so the false pillars we have erected must crumble so that truth then becomes the founding stone for that which we erect in its place.

      1. And this we can only do in the presence of truth, for without it we have no measure for the darkness and we are lost.

  19. We are taught to compromise from a very early age… and this is why it behooves us all to know and express truth, so there are ongoing reflections for those who come after us.

  20. We have been very busy trying to cover up lies we created by allowing even more lies – lies that tell us that they are the truth. We know what is true, not because someone says it so, but it is something we feel deep in our body.

  21. The willingness to admit that this world was built on a lie means that you are already half way there. It is a massive step for anyone to come to terms and heal their childhood issues but Universal Medicine has a very un-indulgent approach that does not require you to relive or relay your childhood hurts but rather leads an inspirational movement that promotes you to realise and confirm who you actually are.

  22. We live in a world that accepts lies as the truth to the extent that the true truth is not even recognised. What Universal Medicine has taught me is that there is such a thing as absolute truth and we have as a race of beings lost all connection to this and instead settled for relative truth namely my truth and your truth and we are willing to accept that it is ok to have all these versions of so called truth, none of which may be true.

    1. I fully agree Doug and it is crazy to think how divisive these mis-truths are yet how inclusive the absolute truth is. Essentially we are either only considering ourselves and those closest to us or we are considering everyone and the whole – there is no middle ground.

  23. Embracing our sensitivities and honouring the fact that we know truth in our bodies allows us to dispel the lies and corruption that are so rampant in the world today, so it is through our movements that we can offer a new marker for others to know that within themselves.

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