Love, Quality and Integrity at Work

by Anonymous

A couple of weeks ago I received an email asking me if I was interested in applying for a job in my field of work. The next week involved a series of phone calls with the company, so they could get a feeling as to whether I was suitable for the job. For the first time ever I was not attached to getting this job, and I began to ask questions and initiate certain discussions to see if the company was suitable for me to work with.

The unraveling of this process has been very freeing; for me to feel what is most important in any job that I do. In a nutshell, I can say that this is to make my work about meeting people – that is, being with them in a loving way that is never about me, my needs, the bosses’ needs or the companies’ needs, but all about love and care for people first. Then committing to this consistently, to the best of my ability.

Also, I gained a freeing feeling that these aspects about work don’t actually need to be present or active in the workplace or company that I join, but that there only needs to be an opening for me to bring these and live this in the work place.

Within a week a contract was being drawn up to offer me employment. For the first time ever I notified them of my ‘contract’.

This was my contract to them:

1. For me, work is about ‘people’ first, servicing in a way that is not only about maintaining quality and integrity in all that I do, but also about being very loving, caring, considerate and supportive of every person I work with.

2. I recognise that ‘outcomes’ are necessary, however, if ‘outcomes’ begin to outweigh point 1 (i.e. quality and integrity and loving care and consideration is lost), then to me this is not a true outcome, but only a quick solution that will most likely ‘fail’ or fall again in a short period of time. So a balanced focus must be on outcomes as well as maintaining quality, integrity and loving care.

3. Fun and playfulness can be present in any aspect of the work. I will be aware however that this industry can be a very stressful and high-pressured industry to work in, but I won’t ever accept or tolerate abuse from anyone. I will understand that some people may be close to ‘popping’ due to their own frustrations or outside pressures they are feeling.

4. I will be myself.

This is a contract that I will now hold with myself in any work that I do, a contract to be me in fullness in all that I do. The self-growth and awareness I have developed to discover this level of freedom at work has been inspired by Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine, who live and work in a way that is only ever about love and being who we truly are!

1,278 thoughts on “Love, Quality and Integrity at Work

  1. “This is a contract that I will now hold with myself in any work that I do, a contract to be me in fullness in all that I do” Fabulous contract Anon. I especially love the last point – ‘I will be myself’.

  2. “…. this is to make my work about meeting people – that is, being with them in a loving way that is never about me,” This is so cool Anon. When we get self out of the way heaven can pour through us whatever is needed.

  3. What a fresh way to approach a job. We rarely consider what we bring to a job on that level, we focus more on the actions and our qualifications and yet we bring all of that and those ‘soft skills’ actually make or break a workplace.

  4. Having a job that “Is never about me, my needs, the bosses’ needs or the companies’ needs, but all about love and care for people first.” I’m getting a deeper understanding of this recently as I say no to a job as my intention wasn’t one of love or support for the other I work with. Having a job NOT based on security but trusting I will be supported. It’s a game changer.

  5. “The self-growth and awareness I have developed to discover this level of freedom at work” – brilliant. How common it is for us to mold ourselves into what we think is being asked of us and forgo the simplicity of just being who we are, which actually has so much more to offer above and beyond any job description. We reduce the whole process of getting a job into this rejection/acceptance game where one part is looking for a workforce and the other security/recognition, and in that we separate work from the rest of life thinking that is how we contain its impact to a minimum, but we are essentially holding ourselves back.

  6. If all workplaces made it about ‘people first’ then so much of the disconnection and dissatisfaction in so many areas of life would disappear. We can all feel the integrity of everyone we meet and whether they are just ticking a box or are truly seeing us as a person. Awesome that you made your commitments to yourself and your workplace clear at the start for the company to connect to and be inspired by.

  7. Forget ‘reading, writing and arithmetic’, if we taught ‘love, quality and integrity’ then these divine qualities would transform all aspects of the world that we live in.

    1. Absolutely if children grew up with these qualities reflected to them by all around then we would be well on the way to living in brotherhood.

    2. Love what you have shared here Alexis – love, quality and integrity certainly are the divine foundational qualities that are essential in life and then from this, other educational aspects can follow and thus be held in a far more supportive way for the development of the ‘whole’ person.

  8. Anonymous I absolutely love this, i really do. It feels so true, so loving and so incredibly evolutionary. I noticed that it was written in 2013, it would be wonderful to hear where you’re at now work wise.

  9. We definitely need to lead the way with changing work and industries, we don’t have to impose our standards but stay true to our values and allow the reflection to inspire others. I had a conversation recently with someone who commented on the staff in a large electronics and furniture store, “they were very chatty with me and this all changed as soon as the sale was made, yet the friendliness of a car salesman was consistent before, during and after the sale was made.” From this comment you can see that a healing is on offer in terms of trust and decency by placing people and our relationships first, or placing the sale before the person and a distrust or hurt can be experienced.

  10. I loved reading this contract that you have with yourself, this stands out for me; ‘4. I will be myself.’ It is beautiful to have these points as your foundation and to check in with these and not allow your standards to drop – very inspiring, thank you.

    1. Therefore time to date ourselves and ensure we have a good understanding of who we are, where we are from and what we are made of so we can walk that with every step.

  11. I love this a contract to ourself of how we want to be. What I love about your contact is there is no trying or striving or giving yourself impossible goals to fulfil, it is not about looking outside of you more what is important to you (quality) and to honour this. I would love to know how the company responded when they received this.

    1. This is so true I was listening in to a conference call recently and the key speaker was very nervous which was interesting to observe as he had been with the company he was representing for years. I was struck by his humbleness, humour and underlying playfulness. I had without realising built a picture that this high flying person was going to be suave, sophisticated and intellectual because of the company he was representing. He was none of these things just very down to earth there was no performance and it was very refreshing and not what the company is used to, could there be a change in the air?

  12. Could it be that the world or my working place could be like this – that we want the world or working place to be different? I like it very much to offer my abilities and the way I am in my job interview so that they can chose if it fits or not. Therefore I love what you have written: “This is a contract that I will now hold with myself in any work that I do, a contract to be me in fullness in all that I do.”

  13. I was reading a job application the other day which stated ‘while we are deciding if you are right for the job’ and whilst part of that is correct, it negates the power that the interviewee as in the process, as they can decide if the job is actually right for them as well.

  14. What an amazing concept this is; that is presenting your own contract to the company. At least they will know from day one the level of integrity that you work and live with and I am sure that will inspire them as it will others who come to know about this very ground-breaking contract.

  15. The highest form of integrity is found in the way we stay connected in our body and express ourselves from there.

  16. What if we took this approach to everything in life, everything we approach in that we give everything but we bring all of us to the forefront first and don’t compromise our ‘being’ whilst still delivering the world to every moment.

  17. In everything we do it is important that we bring the truth we know and our deepest integrity, because if we do not we will only continue to stray further from the truth where even decency and respect will be a foreign word.

    1. And it is very obvious from the lack of integrity in so many areas of society that we have definitely strayed a long way from the truth-full way we all are capable of living. So, what will it take for us, as a whole, to return to living the truth that we all instinctively know within us?

  18. When we are employed we enter into a relationship with our employer. If that relationship is not respectful and honouring of whom we are as people then we need to speak up about it. I absolutely love the idea of doing up a contact with our employer, thank you ANONYMOUS for the suggestion.

  19. Making every job we do about people first offers the opportunity to work as a team and in brotherhood with each other.

  20. Yes we don’t have to just take what is there because we won’t get another job offered. It is important to claim our values and if there is no space in a workplace for these it is more important to commit to truth than to go with it and give our integrity away because in the end it is not just for a bit and it is not worth it to have a little of our life not lived as ‘us’. These short time selling out has given us a world full of people not living the integrity and love they know is true because they think it is not possible or acceptable and went with something else.

    1. In my experience in the industries I’ve worked in there’s an attitude of I’ll take anything and if I don’t like it I’ll leave and get something else. A constant revolving door but this attitude is more reactory than holding integrity I feel.

  21. Often where we err in life is in allowing the outer world to inform the inner world and not the other way around. In this way we as human beings often become consumed by the pressures of the world and become slaves to a system that has very little to no true care or human warmth at its core. What I love about the simple act of drawing up your own contract for a new job is that is puts back the missing ingredients into the equation and lays a solid foundation on which to then stand so it is always about people first – the hallmark of any true business.

  22. So much of the time we are too desperate for a job, that we don’t take the time to feel and discern what we are entering into. So much better to not need the job and I love your contract to them. How many would have the nerve to even suggest such a thing? No one could argue with a single point of it yet every point lifts no only you but the whole organisation and asked it to be more.

  23. Integrity at work is much deeper than simply showing up on time and the level of integrity accepted by society has even dropped below that. We feel entitled to being able to eat at our desks and all the other things we do which in our core we know are not benefiting the business we work for yet we are happy to do them if nobody sees. The integrity we work with has dropped and that is reflected in the results of our performance – the millions of mistakes that cost companies millions each year, the poor relationships & office politics which develop as a result.

  24. I love re-visiting this blog and reading through the ‘contract’, as a claiming of integrity and no compromise on the quality being offered and expected in return.

  25. I can find number 4 – being myself a bit tricky at times. There can be so many ideals/beliefs/pictures around how we should be at work and I am finding myself noticing them more and more so I can let them go and just be myself – at work or at anywhere really.

  26. This is a wonderful inspiration to bring love to the workplace and not let personal stuff get in the way. And if a company says no to this love to respect this choice and find another place saying yes.

  27. This is just so brilliant and timely – offering me an opportunity to evaluate my appreciation of myself – what I know to be true about what I bring, not functions but quality, and how comfortable I would feel to express that, and whether ‘I am already enough just for being me’ is the truth that I live and embody.

  28. Not being attached to a job, or in fact anything in life is a huge benefit for the individual and everyone who interacts with them. It means you can be the real you instead of having to morph yourself to fit what you think others want or expect. This being yourself by osmosis allows other people to just be themselves too.

  29. It is an important point that what we feel is true does not have to be there from the start but that there needs to be an openness from the start for us to bring or live in that way ourselves. It is so common that we want that quality to be present already but it is great to realise that maybe, it is our job to bring it!

  30. I learned today at work how important it is to be willing to feel around you what energies are at play through other people to you.
    It can be very sophisticated and entering the body by the openings we have from lack of love to ourselves.
    The power of nominating what is truly going on is enormous. IT cannot affect you all situations can change.

  31. This is a great reminder while I’m learning to be in an at times stressful job. The 4 points you have raised are first and foremost a contract I have with myself and not only in this job but in all I do in life.

  32. It is very important we examine every relationship we have in life be it with work, partner, friend etc and what the underlying contract is. Almost in all cases unfortunately it is not one of true love and being who you truly are.

  33. It is good to realize that in entering a job we are entering into a relationship. This relationship is no different to any other (apart from how it is expressed) and therefore should be based on the same values.

  34. Fun and playfulness should be a prerequisite for any job application. Without this we are robbing ourselves of the true joy we can experience and express with one another.

  35. Instead of expecting the workplace or profession to set the standards and define a code of ethics and conduct we can, need and should set our own standards that are for the benefit of all equally.

    1. I couldn’t agree more Alexander, my whole life I’ve had expectations of what work should look like and have been disappointed on many occasions. We will never enjoy work if we hold it to a higher standard without us living that standard first.

    2. If we accept the code of ethics that exists in a company without question, we will generally be accepting something that is not very inspiring. We need to appreciate that it’s within our power to change that.

  36. I love how your value was ‘people first’ – love and connection before anything else. It’s amazing how often we can forget or override this, even for seeming ‘good causes’. When we make our work about relationships, it feels much more expansive and enjoyable because it becomes about connecting with others, which we are naturally built to do, rather than box-ticking, which only ever temporarily fills an empty space, and superficially, at that.

  37. Love begets love and this is no different in the workplace. The more we are prepared to love ourselves the more we will love our colleagues/clients/customers.

  38. Great framework for any contract which relates to work. My motto: if you make it about people first, the outcomes, results take care of themselves. That takes confidence and surrender.

  39. ‘… that there only needs to be an opening for me to bring these and live this in the workplace’ – great point: not expecting the world to be a certain way before we bring to the world what it needs and what we can contribute to life for everyone to be themselves.

    1. Very well said Alexander as, how often do we expect the world to bring it to us and then are justifiably disappointed and withdrawing because we did not get it. But if we all are in the same position, who is it that is going to bring this? if it is what we want we need to be willing to bring it ourselves and inspire others to do the same.

    2. ‘not expecting the world to be a certain way before we bring to the world what it needs’ kind of like holding the world to ransom … I will only be this or all of me if you are ‘this’. Nothing can be gained from living this way.

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