Love, Quality and Integrity at Work

by Anonymous

A couple of weeks ago I received an email asking me if I was interested in applying for a job in my field of work. The next week involved a series of phone calls with the company, so they could get a feeling as to whether I was suitable for the job. For the first time ever I was not attached to getting this job, and I began to ask questions and initiate certain discussions to see if the company was suitable for me to work with.

The unraveling of this process has been very freeing; for me to feel what is most important in any job that I do. In a nutshell, I can say that this is to make my work about meeting people – that is, being with them in a loving way that is never about me, my needs, the bosses’ needs or the companies’ needs, but all about love and care for people first. Then committing to this consistently, to the best of my ability.

Also, I gained a freeing feeling that these aspects about work don’t actually need to be present or active in the workplace or company that I join, but that there only needs to be an opening for me to bring these and live this in the work place.

Within a week a contract was being drawn up to offer me employment. For the first time ever I notified them of my ‘contract’.

This was my contract to them:

1. For me, work is about ‘people’ first, servicing in a way that is not only about maintaining quality and integrity in all that I do, but also about being very loving, caring, considerate and supportive of every person I work with.

2. I recognise that ‘outcomes’ are necessary, however, if ‘outcomes’ begin to outweigh point 1 (i.e. quality and integrity and loving care and consideration is lost), then to me this is not a true outcome, but only a quick solution that will most likely ‘fail’ or fall again in a short period of time. So a balanced focus must be on outcomes as well as maintaining quality, integrity and loving care.

3. Fun and playfulness can be present in any aspect of the work. I will be aware however that this industry can be a very stressful and high-pressured industry to work in, but I won’t ever accept or tolerate abuse from anyone. I will understand that some people may be close to ‘popping’ due to their own frustrations or outside pressures they are feeling.

4. I will be myself.

This is a contract that I will now hold with myself in any work that I do, a contract to be me in fullness in all that I do. The self-growth and awareness I have developed to discover this level of freedom at work has been inspired by Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine, who live and work in a way that is only ever about love and being who we truly are!

1,130 thoughts on “Love, Quality and Integrity at Work

  1. That is so awesome to read with the commitment to being all of who you are in what you do.Having respect and understanding that when we are at work and anywhere for that matter the quality in the way we do it, considering others as we go about our business is very important.

  2. I particularly love contract point number 4. “I will be myself”. It is quite crazy when you really think about how often we are not truly ourselves, and trying to be something else. So yes, let’s see more of 4.

    1. I fully agree Sarah… point number 4 encapsulates all the other points. When we are simply being ourselves we are naturally living, playful, caring of others and diligent with whatever it is we do – this is who and what we are naturally. So it pays well (yes, there is a pun here give this is for jobs :-)) to nurture and encourage people in the workplace to bring them – the real them – that is, to work.

    2. Yes, most definitely more of 4. I have lived so much of my life in trying to fit a role, a picture that was not me and most in society live that way. What a joy it is to live ‘me’ and how humanity would be different if we all did that as the essence of us all is the same – Love.

    3. Yes when we are trying to fit in and be the same as another, we miss out on seeing exactly what it is that we bring that is of equal benefit. We also miss out on the same amazingness that others bring too.

  3. Haha and I wonder how many times the interviewer has been met with something like this, a person looking to see if the company is suitable for them and not just being there to ‘get the job’. It brings more responsibility and awareness to how we all go about this quality of interaction and brings us aware of the reasons we need to hold both sides in equal worth and value. After all this is a relationship being entered into and not truly a contract as we may think or word it.

  4. You raise a good point here – before we can walk through the door in deep commitment to all that love that we are, that door first needs to be open. For if it is closed and indeed locked, our investment in opening/unlocking it will greatly reduce our capacity to serve.

  5. We have signed many contracts in our lives. Many of them are not good for us (including the contract with contract-ion). We have the opportunity to sign new ones now with the world (and with ourselves). Shall we?

  6. This is so cool. I have read this article a few times before but never have been so inspired to write my own contract. Brilliant idea, thank you Anonymous. Thus holds us in good stead for whatever we choose to do.

  7. Anonymous I hope the company not only took you on, but you are now in an executive position ensuring your awesome contract underpins everything this organisation does. At the very least, what a wonderful healing for the recruitment staff who viewed it… and all of us here. What a beautiful holding to account for the firm, and demonstration of commitment to people before profit!

  8. This morning I arrived late to work, and rather than crimp my usual schedule I decided unilaterally to miss the first meeting of the day, and ‘stay on track’. I brushed off a colleague who needed my help with a question and headed off to the kitchen to eat, while everyone else gathered and met as scheduled. I returned thinking my day would flow much better only to find, everything was out of line. Meetings overran and odd emails came, people approached me at the inconvenient times. A colleague scheduled a get together much later than I normally stay. I could see that I was being shown a message about the wishy washy commitment I had displayed. It’s so far short of the truth of what we are here to bring. A slightly different hour to eat is nothing compared to what we offer just by being there and taking part in life’s events. To cap it off, to ensure I understood in full, my cooler bag I brought my food to work in was lost without a trace. When you make life just about you and what you want you truly are acting as if you are two bags short of the full package. A final note – as I travelled down in the lift a friend of mine approached. I noticed and complemented her on her bag – on the side it had the words ‘a golden nugget’. Certainly this was what was delivered to me. Thank you Anonymous.

  9. What you share Anonymous in point 3 of your contract that you are being aware of people close to popping and emotional outburst but that you “won’t ever accept or tolerate abuse from anyone” to me is an important part of the contract. as the bullying, corruption and behind your back games that are all played actually do not belong to our workplaces and in fact only are disruptive in our working together for a greater purpose than only the physical work at hand. the purpose of restoring living and working in brotherhood, our natural way of being, once again.

  10. In a environment where outcomes have become a priority, your point No 2 would be a great one for organisations and businesses to adopt as a foundation.

  11. So often we can look at ‘what will my employer offer me’ this looks at the responsibility of what you bring to the workplace. Its cool to look at it in this way and to reflect on this daily and appreciate what it is you brought.

  12. I love returning to this blog, because you show what’s possible when you put quality and integrity BEFORE your need to have a job. We all know there’s so much more to life than what we see, but most of us are willing to sacrifice that in order to secure a job and the stability that comes with – but what actually are we sacrificing with that decision?

  13. Great to come back to this job – the points you make here are fundamental to what’s needed if we are to overcome the plague of disenchantment and exhaustion that pervades workplaces today.

  14. What a gift you are to your workplace, this contract is very confirming of the quality and energetic integrity that you live and move with everyday.

  15. This makes me realise it is not just the skillset that we offer in our job. We are taking ourselves with it. If it is not the whole of me, I am taking emptiness with me.

    1. This is very true Fumiyo , this would explain why people feel so empty and not committed to the quality of ” their ” work.

  16. How many of these contracts have we placed upon ourselves in order to fill a position in life? Great to confirm that being ourselves is enough and in accepting this we are equipped for any ‘job’ that presents to us.

  17. In reading this I realise how common it is put ourselves aside and sell ourselves to get a job. This is a wonderful approach and is such common sense – is the job right for us and does it meet our requirements equal to whether we are right for the job.

  18. As others have shared and I have been inspired previously what stands out here is that it’s our choice about the quality in which we work, the quality in which we approach the work we do and as a result everyone more than benefits. I do like to consider what life and work would be like if we all approach jobs in this way.

  19. Not only are you making the usual commitment that someone makes when accepting a job, but you are deepening this by showing them what true commitment is. Beautiful.

  20. The quality of work is more important than the outcome and if this cannot be maintained or something feels off no pay package or benefits are worth it. Working in hospitality in London I could get into a mega bucks place easily but my feelings know that theres no true growth in chasing the materialistic jobs.

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