Love, Quality and Integrity at Work

by Anonymous

A couple of weeks ago I received an email asking me if I was interested in applying for a job in my field of work. The next week involved a series of phone calls with the company, so they could get a feeling as to whether I was suitable for the job. For the first time ever I was not attached to getting this job, and I began to ask questions and initiate certain discussions to see if the company was suitable for me to work with.

The unraveling of this process has been very freeing; for me to feel what is most important in any job that I do. In a nutshell, I can say that this is to make my work about meeting people – that is, being with them in a loving way that is never about me, my needs, the bosses’ needs or the companies’ needs, but all about love and care for people first. Then committing to this consistently, to the best of my ability.

Also, I gained a freeing feeling that these aspects about work don’t actually need to be present or active in the workplace or company that I join, but that there only needs to be an opening for me to bring these and live this in the work place.

Within a week a contract was being drawn up to offer me employment. For the first time ever I notified them of my ‘contract’.

This was my contract to them:

1. For me, work is about ‘people’ first, servicing in a way that is not only about maintaining quality and integrity in all that I do, but also about being very loving, caring, considerate and supportive of every person I work with.

2. I recognise that ‘outcomes’ are necessary, however, if ‘outcomes’ begin to outweigh point 1 (i.e. quality and integrity and loving care and consideration is lost), then to me this is not a true outcome, but only a quick solution that will most likely ‘fail’ or fall again in a short period of time. So a balanced focus must be on outcomes as well as maintaining quality, integrity and loving care.

3. Fun and playfulness can be present in any aspect of the work. I will be aware however that this industry can be a very stressful and high-pressured industry to work in, but I won’t ever accept or tolerate abuse from anyone. I will understand that some people may be close to ‘popping’ due to their own frustrations or outside pressures they are feeling.

4. I will be myself.

This is a contract that I will now hold with myself in any work that I do, a contract to be me in fullness in all that I do. The self-growth and awareness I have developed to discover this level of freedom at work has been inspired by Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine, who live and work in a way that is only ever about love and being who we truly are!

1,162 thoughts on “Love, Quality and Integrity at Work

  1. If we all made work about people first imagine the kind of workplaces we would have and imagine the levels of productivity!

  2. How we are with ourselves, the qualities that we live everyday, matter in every moment, work included. In setting contracts for ourselves we are asking ourselves to step up in every area of our lives. For we can’t live the qualities in one area and not all others. Otherwise, they simply become tasks to tick off rather than qualities lived. It’s no surprises then that what we often see in workplaces is people ‘working in silos’.

  3. A treat to re-read this blog and an awesome reminder that nothing out weighs quality and integrity. When put first and foremost in all we do, privately, professionally and personally, everyone flourishes.

  4. In any business it should be about people in order to bring harmony to all. However, what I am finding interesting is that many businesses are using the motto ‘people first’ in a bastardised form – they are neglecting themselves or their employees in order to serve a customer, rather than realising that they themselves are equally important because they are people too! This is the irony of our society that we can take an amazing example and still make a mess of it so to speak…But in this there is a learning, for in the end this gets pulled out of the woodwork and we get a healing from realising we got distracted in meaning to be ‘good’ about something. And so it comes back to valuing each and every one of us as people, who matter.

  5. I love the approach of interviewing the employer and the work place – to find out if this is where we want to be, to feel what the integrity of the place is like, to feel the level of care for people offered from the place of employment, and then saying yes or no to the job. This is about not giving one’s power away and also treating them as equal.

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