Love, Quality and Integrity at Work

by Anonymous

A couple of weeks ago I received an email asking me if I was interested in applying for a job in my field of work. The next week involved a series of phone calls with the company, so they could get a feeling as to whether I was suitable for the job. For the first time ever I was not attached to getting this job, and I began to ask questions and initiate certain discussions to see if the company was suitable for me to work with.

The unraveling of this process has been very freeing; for me to feel what is most important in any job that I do. In a nutshell, I can say that this is to make my work about meeting people – that is, being with them in a loving way that is never about me, my needs, the bosses’ needs or the companies’ needs, but all about love and care for people first. Then committing to this consistently, to the best of my ability.

Also, I gained a freeing feeling that these aspects about work don’t actually need to be present or active in the workplace or company that I join, but that there only needs to be an opening for me to bring these and live this in the work place.

Within a week a contract was being drawn up to offer me employment. For the first time ever I notified them of my ‘contract’.

This was my contract to them:

1. For me, work is about ‘people’ first, servicing in a way that is not only about maintaining quality and integrity in all that I do, but also about being very loving, caring, considerate and supportive of every person I work with.

2. I recognise that ‘outcomes’ are necessary, however, if ‘outcomes’ begin to outweigh point 1 (i.e. quality and integrity and loving care and consideration is lost), then to me this is not a true outcome, but only a quick solution that will most likely ‘fail’ or fall again in a short period of time. So a balanced focus must be on outcomes as well as maintaining quality, integrity and loving care.

3. Fun and playfulness can be present in any aspect of the work. I will be aware however that this industry can be a very stressful and high-pressured industry to work in, but I won’t ever accept or tolerate abuse from anyone. I will understand that some people may be close to ‘popping’ due to their own frustrations or outside pressures they are feeling.

4. I will be myself.

This is a contract that I will now hold with myself in any work that I do, a contract to be me in fullness in all that I do. The self-growth and awareness I have developed to discover this level of freedom at work has been inspired by Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine, who live and work in a way that is only ever about love and being who we truly are!

1,088 thoughts on “Love, Quality and Integrity at Work

  1. Anonymous, this is great to read; ‘I was not attached to getting this job, and I began to ask questions and initiate certain discussions to see if the company was suitable for me to work with.’ I have been feeling this recently too with work, I used to say yes to whatever was offered and asked of me and be grateful for any work, I had low self esteem then, now I can feel that this is changing as I begin to value myself and to make sure that this job is suitable for me too.

  2. This blog sets the standards on how we ought to approach our work and what better place to set our mark than at an interview, that is start as we plan to go on.

  3. I love how your lack of attachment to the job enabled you to equally interview them to ensure they where the right fit for you – imagine if everyone could do this, the integrity of their work being the most important thing and therefore not trying to get a job at any cost but ensuring that they get the right job for them and the company gets the right employee.

  4. The truth about many workplaces is they are fraught with intolerance, frustration, pressure and often abuse. The only way this will change is if each one of us decides to say no to it, not by leaving the workplace, but by being true to who we are and being someone who says yes to respect, decency and kindness, all while the job gets done.

  5. I like this contract. Add point 5: within work, as well outside work, I will take very very good care of myself. Food, drinks, sleep, rhythms, taking care so it supports me being me to the max. And yes this delivers good results as well.

  6. Seems a very healthy way to approach any new prospective employment, not a desperation of give me the job, but what is on offer, considering all aspects and particularly the integrity of the organisation. To be in a job already strengthens that standpoint as you need not take anything but discern carefully.

  7. This applies to relationships too Anonymous. Unrequited love is a great example of wanting to be with someone who does not reciprocate those feelings. Why would we choose someone who is not equally captivated and enthused about being with us? A match works both ways…

  8. “all about love and care for people first” making work about this alone would have the ability to transform so many organisations. I know that it is my focus a lot of the time, to bring awareness about what it is and the benefits that come about when senior leaders do put people first, then the impacts can be amazing.

  9. Love the contract that you presented them with, especially point 4: I will be myself.
    How awesome for your work place and colleagues to have all of you, not a corporate version of you that you bring to work while you leave the rest of you behind.

  10. I love how you have claimed your authority and your power by stating clearly what your contract entailed; this is an awesome example for potential employees to follow.

  11. What I love about this is that you place more importance on the quality of who you are and what you will bring to the job than actually getting the job. There can be such a desperation around interviews and getting a job and we can easily sell out, instead of presenting to the company – this is exactly what you are getting – take it or leave it.

  12. I can imagine they were quite surprised to get this level of commitment from you. It is such a different approach – valuing what you bring to a company and making it about people, integrity, care, respect. I know those values should all be there but they are not always there and where they are not it is for us to bring them.

  13. There is a real sense of equality here in your contract! This is the way I feel work Interview situations ought to be, two parties on equal footing, congratulations anonymous.

  14. This contract can be applied to work as in any other aspect in life, it is a contract to be ourselves consistently, firmly and gently in life. It is to say I respect the systems presently around, but still to bring truth no matter what. It is to say I deserve much more than what the world says I can be, as by living that, others will begin to also know they are much more. And no matter what, there is commitment in bringing that to my every day life.

  15. When we put people first and make everything about love, quality and integrity we correspondingly bring understanding to all that we do based on the fact that we are all imperfect human beings who are all here to learn.

  16. This is incredible. Truly inspiring. Showing us we are not at the mercy of others but can instead set our own standards and level of integrity. With this you have broken so many ill beliefs and patterns and given the world the opportunity to do the same as you. AMAZING ⭐️

  17. It’s crazy how we hold one area of life separate to another. We think of what we do at work as so different from our ‘free time’ at home. What a big illusion this is, for the way we move and relate at the office will surely feed directly into our evening and our sleep. We are addicted to seeing life as compartmentalised boxes it seems. It’s no surprise to me that one of the common complaints I hear is that office teams are ‘siloed’ – this represents the divided up way we tend to see life. Thank you Anonymous for this reminder that a key point in our contract with life should be an acceptance that it’s all one thing and the way we approach it currently just isn’t working.

  18. I love this contract. It is not just a contract for being at work. It is a foundation for being a true responsible, loving and joyful human being.

  19. ” initiate certain discussions to see if the company was suitable for me to work with ”
    This is a beautiful insight , to verify if you could be of service to the company before you could accept the work offered.

  20. So lovely to feel the claiming of ‘no compromise’ when it comes to qualities and sharing this with everyone. A true place to live from no matter what is in our day.

  21. It’s interesting to find out how they responded to this contract, the world has swayed so far away from these basic principles of human decency that something which should be our norm is something that we are writing a blog about…

  22. It is interesting to consider the contracts we say yes and no to within life – for every moment is a contract with all that is true, or all that is not.

    1. Very true Deborah, and very wise, asks us to consider that where-ever we find ourselves in life, our own choices have taken us there and if we wish to change, we all have the power to choose differently.

  23. I saw a report recently where a principal of a school talked about love in the school assembly. This made the news headlines, which just goes to show where we are at as a society. Of course education has to be about love and so also does every other workplace.

  24. When we realise that everything we do has an effect on everyone else, energetically so, we are never without purpose.

  25. Great to re-read your statement today. It confirms the way I am now ready for my next job.
    Even if we say it out loud or just at least feel those words from within both ways we claim a different more healthy way of living with ourselves and others.

  26. For me work is also about people first. That is something that I feel very passionate about as I work in corporate offices and can see and feel how much it isn’t made about people. So i choose to make it about people and allow that to be reflected.

  27. I am currently looking for my new position and this is inspiring for me to read and to hold in me as I apply and look for work.

  28. Great contract, inspiring. I am still learning to not make it about result first. Results being the normal way through which I would recognize and know that I would do the right thing and get me stimulated.

  29. When we set ourselves a foundation that we hold as our ‘norm’ then we know there is something that needs addressing if we find we have dropped the ball and the opportunity to strengthen the foundation to a new level when it is consistently met. There is always a call for us to be more.

  30. I like that you looked into and wrote for yourself what your standards and ethics are when it comes to work. I think it is very important to remind ourselves what is important for ourselves and not to waver from our own inner values and qualities.

  31. This contract is universal and to the core of our being and should be in place for everyone and in every company or business to restore human decency and respect in all our workplaces too.

  32. It’s interesting in what comes up for people when starting a new job. It seems to be fairly common to try and prove yourself. I love this approach to staying with yourself and giving it your all without the need to acquiesce and fit a mould.

  33. Forever we are called by God to return and be in connection with Heaven. Forever are we offered to choose our way back. And endlessly are we supported to feel that even though we have lost our way – we have everything to lead us the way : in one”s inner-heart, where our fiery love resides.

  34. What a turn around a contract to your employers, I love this …. and a successful recipe to make work and life all about people.

  35. When we are not attached to getting a job, it allows so much space to feel if the job is the right one for yourself at that moment in time….because if it is not, there will be another job more suitable or perhaps it is not the time for a new job because there is still some learning to complete in the current job. Always good to discern.

  36. Just to read this blog again fills me with a warm feeling of what truth at work, integrity at work actually looks like. It’s a great confirmation to take forward in my day.

  37. I think it’s great how you include the way that you are with every person as an integral and key element of the quality and integrity that you hold at work. And I think that how we are with everyone at work, both customers or colleagues is very much impacted by the way that we are with ourselves and all those moments that we live outside of work – building up to the quality that we take in with us…

  38. It is all one life, so the contract equally applies to all areas of life – to make life about putting people first and to bring fun and playfulness as we can get so serious at times that we forget to play.

  39. I am in the process of employing someone to work one day a week for my company and I have been wondering about the contract and what an amazing opportunity this is for us to write up a loving contract of employment with wellbeing and truth at the centre of it.

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