Love, Quality and Integrity at Work

by Anonymous

A couple of weeks ago I received an email asking me if I was interested in applying for a job in my field of work. The next week involved a series of phone calls with the company, so they could get a feeling as to whether I was suitable for the job. For the first time ever I was not attached to getting this job, and I began to ask questions and initiate certain discussions to see if the company was suitable for me to work with.

The unraveling of this process has been very freeing; for me to feel what is most important in any job that I do. In a nutshell, I can say that this is to make my work about meeting people – that is, being with them in a loving way that is never about me, my needs, the bosses’ needs or the companies’ needs, but all about love and care for people first. Then committing to this consistently, to the best of my ability.

Also, I gained a freeing feeling that these aspects about work don’t actually need to be present or active in the workplace or company that I join, but that there only needs to be an opening for me to bring these and live this in the work place.

Within a week a contract was being drawn up to offer me employment. For the first time ever I notified them of my ‘contract’.

This was my contract to them:

1. For me, work is about ‘people’ first, servicing in a way that is not only about maintaining quality and integrity in all that I do, but also about being very loving, caring, considerate and supportive of every person I work with.

2. I recognise that ‘outcomes’ are necessary, however, if ‘outcomes’ begin to outweigh point 1 (i.e. quality and integrity and loving care and consideration is lost), then to me this is not a true outcome, but only a quick solution that will most likely ‘fail’ or fall again in a short period of time. So a balanced focus must be on outcomes as well as maintaining quality, integrity and loving care.

3. Fun and playfulness can be present in any aspect of the work. I will be aware however that this industry can be a very stressful and high-pressured industry to work in, but I won’t ever accept or tolerate abuse from anyone. I will understand that some people may be close to ‘popping’ due to their own frustrations or outside pressures they are feeling.

4. I will be myself.

This is a contract that I will now hold with myself in any work that I do, a contract to be me in fullness in all that I do. The self-growth and awareness I have developed to discover this level of freedom at work has been inspired by Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine, who live and work in a way that is only ever about love and being who we truly are!

1,197 thoughts on “Love, Quality and Integrity at Work

  1. No job is truly successful if the staff does not work together in a quality that guarantees a high standard of the product. A truly successful company has the virtue of quality first before quantity.

  2. I would add Number 5. : reading forces that try to lessen my vibration all of the time. As creation hates it, when fire is entering in surroundings, where they are predominantly present.

  3. “Love, Quality and Integrity at Work” – yes please to having that as a living mission statement in every organisation.

  4. That is so powerful – to free yourself of needing something so you can be yourself, express yourself. And equally to make a contract with yourself about what you will bring to a new role acts as a constant reminder of what is really important, seen and captured with a clarity in that moment, before we get bogged down in the details.

  5. It is so empowering to read this blog, and feel how we can honour ourselves and value the quality of relationship first and foremost in any job. There is a whole different way of working in business that could become the norm once we start to be more responsible for the how we are with one other.

  6. I love this. Of course we should turn an interview around into a two way process and this is obvious once you say it but how few people would do this and check that the company’s ethics and ways of working are complementary with one’s own quality. Not doing so means entering into a compromise before you even start the job.

    1. Yes, an organisation that is not comfortable in providing information as well may not be the right place to go to.

  7. A foundation such as this is how all businesses in every sector can be transformed to bring a higher and greater level of integrity, respect and service levels for staff and customers. With these principles lived and in place the benefits are experienced all-round and set a strong foundation for growth to also benefit and honour all.

  8. Our personal contract or commitment to work is in many ways equally, if not more, important as our actual contract, having a personal contract too in place that details our own dedication to our work would be a great way to bring back integrity in the work place.

  9. Such a beautiful blog Anonymous putting it all in a nutshell ” live and work in a way that is only ever about love and being who we truly are!” we have true role models of this living way in the life of Serge Benhayon and what Universal Medicine teaches.

  10. It has been a simple act when I work to be transparent with what service I offer (in detail) and always hold integrity as my backbone. Being upfront and absolutely honest earns great respect and an openness from the customer or client in return.

  11. ‘to make my work about meeting people – that is, being with them in a loving way that is never about me, my needs, the bosses’ needs or the companies’ needs, but all about love and care for people first.’ I think I do this and then a situation occurs so that I am either confirmed in this and I feel the love in me expand and deepen or I go into a headspace where I bring in conditions and other protective measures. It’s great to see when this happens and whenever I feel/clock it to come back to the love that I am and communicate from there again.

  12. It’s such a simple thing to bring love and care to all we meet, but it has a huge effect. We are innately sensitive and we can feel affected by being treated in an uncaring way, so the love and care we bring can be an enormous healing for people.

    1. Yes it sure is – beautifully said Melinda. Bringing lived love to our workplaces is not something we need a degree for, we all in fact can nail this one by virtue of the fact that we all can connect to an unlimited source of love within, and this lived quality, this quality of connection is something that we all love and crave to be met with.

  13. I love the industry I work in and the amazing people I meet. The company I work for is going through some huge changes as it is being integrated into the mother company, so no one really knows what the outcome will be. But that’s okay if we hold steady with ourselves and hold true to the foundation of integrity and that the customer is the most important ingredient we will ride the uncertainty out. Big corporations make life/ work all about making profit but to me it’s all about people as people matter if you have a satisfied customer they will stay with you because they can feel the care and appreciation they are held in. That to me is what makes a successful company. I know I’m in the minority about this because to management it is too simple.

  14. I’ve had many interviews when I have asked the interviewer questions so that I can decide if it is a place I would want to work. All too often we are so keen to get a job and start earning some money that we can jump in head first and ignore any feelings that may be saying otherwise.

  15. I am learning more and more how to take on work tasks without pictures, outcomes and solutions, simply commitment and purpose, and then watching how everything falls into place so amazingly.

    1. Have this really cute image that us walking here and there is like a giant treadmill, with the spinning planet as the engine. In this there is lots of nature, lots of humanity, but like you say money is not the central thing to get obsessed about.

    1. When we then live the same integrity, focus, dedication and love in our family life we start to embrace the expansion of true purpose.Nothing will be for us, but for the all to see and getting inspired from.

  16. ” The unraveling of this process has been very freeing; for me to feel what is most important in any job that I do.”
    This is a wonderful way to approach any work that one is being offered.

  17. It is great to be reminded that fun and playfulness can be present in any aspect of work. We spend a large part of our day at work and can be so much more productive if we approach it with a lightness of being that allows our innate playfulness to express itself.

  18. So often we approach getting a job from a place of fear i.e. if we don’t get it we won’t have enough money to live on etc. Your contract is so inspiring because it turns this on its head and states the quality and integrity that you will bring to the workplace and is an absolute gift for any employer.

  19. To make your job be ‘all about love and care for people first’ is groundbreaking, but if I am honest, it also makes me feel a bit sad that this is not the normal way we all are. That something so basic and true should be groundbreaking is an inditement to how we humans have been living here together on earth.

    1. How sold out are we as human beings that competition, the dog eat dog mentality, money and profit come first? There is no joy in that way of living, joy comes from our connection to people and living from our values, such as decency, care and integrity, and bringing those values and our innate qualities with all.

  20. The integrity in this contract is something that is completely unheard of, today when looking for a job we often look at the salary, seek additional benefits or the perfect location – completely ignoring the most important virtues in this world such as respect, honesty and love.

  21. I like No 4 ‘I will be myself’ this is so relevant for me who has spent lifetimes pandering to everyone around, being nice, polite and going along with everything for the sake of keeping the peace. Now I am learning a different way, knowing that being myself is more loving than anything else I can be.

  22. I love the approach of interviewing the employer and the work place – to find out if this is where we want to be, to feel what the integrity of the place is like, to feel the level of care for people offered from the place of employment, and then saying yes or no to the job. This is about not giving one’s power away and also treating them as equal.

  23. In any business it should be about people in order to bring harmony to all. However, what I am finding interesting is that many businesses are using the motto ‘people first’ in a bastardised form – they are neglecting themselves or their employees in order to serve a customer, rather than realising that they themselves are equally important because they are people too! This is the irony of our society that we can take an amazing example and still make a mess of it so to speak…But in this there is a learning, for in the end this gets pulled out of the woodwork and we get a healing from realising we got distracted in meaning to be ‘good’ about something. And so it comes back to valuing each and every one of us as people, who matter.

    1. It’s a really common belief in business that the customer has to come first, which can lead to employees neglecting themselves by placing others first, instead of our love and care being there equally for all, including for ourselves.

  24. A treat to re-read this blog and an awesome reminder that nothing out weighs quality and integrity. When put first and foremost in all we do, privately, professionally and personally, everyone flourishes.

  25. How we are with ourselves, the qualities that we live everyday, matter in every moment, work included. In setting contracts for ourselves we are asking ourselves to step up in every area of our lives. For we can’t live the qualities in one area and not all others. Otherwise, they simply become tasks to tick off rather than qualities lived. It’s no surprises then that what we often see in workplaces is people ‘working in silos’.

  26. If we all made work about people first imagine the kind of workplaces we would have and imagine the levels of productivity!

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