Consuming Junk Media & Cleaning Up My Own Press

by Adrienne Ryan, Funeral Co-ordinator, BEd, Brisbane, Australia

Recent events with the media’s treatment of the Universal Medicine (UniMed) group have made me aware of how inaccurate and sensationalised reporting can be. In the case of UniMed, this came at the expense of the true story – which is nothing short of inspiring. I have known Serge Benhayon and his family for over ten years. I read with amazement and disappointment the twisted presentations of them, their lives and work, accompanied by a dawning understanding of how I had just accepted reported information over the years without really feeling into the quality of what was being presented. Here were stories that I knew to be misleading, sensationalised, biased and wrong in so many ways, but if not for knowing the subject so well, I wondered how much I would have accepted as truth?

I came to understand that in my own relationship with the media I had stopped feeling what was presented and relied instead on the fact that because something was printed in a major newspaper this alone confirmed its accuracy. I’m not an ignorant person – it’s more that I didn’t want to know what was really going on locally or in the world. I found it hard to accept that the world was a mess and that people were inflicting such suffering on themselves and others. I felt powerless to change or fix it so I opted to avoid it, not by ignoring the media but by no longer acknowledging what I was feeling with what I read or watched.  I looked to the press to be entertained instead of accurately informed.

There is a responsibility to be discerning of the quality of what is presented in the media, and for paying attention to the possibilities behind what is being said: is it to inform, incite, ridicule, persuade, belittle, judge, scare, sensationalise, entertain, distract, sway, tell, sell, teach, preach, dramatise or to present the whole picture, without bias or emotion? I understand that there is real media out there, but for now it is up to me to discern this for myself, instead of relying on an editor or a claim to truth to do it for me.

A little while after the media attention on Universal Medicine I was out walking and became aware of the thoughts running through my head. They were rubbish and I knew it, but I realised that sometimes I didn’t notice the quality of my thoughts until it was too late. I took on what they presented and didn’t question or feel into what was behind them. It felt like there was an ‘internal media’ running inside my head 24 hours a day.

The thoughts I had and the stories I ran, the features and the bylines were all there inside my head, going to press every moment. With some I just read the headline and moved on, others I got hooked into and took on the whole story. Most of those stories were rubbish, junk journalism, sloppy stories, outright lies and misperceptions about myself, others and the world that I (in my emptiness) can gobble up, without a second thought. It was a toxic diet. I didn’t eat junk food but I had allowed a constant diet of junk with my internal media. I had begun to discern media externally but here I was, editor-in-chief of my own internal press…  and it was shabby. The ‘stories’ would come in from all over – why someone hadn’t called me; worry about money; uncertainty around my work; what I could’ve said in a conversation long gone; did my hair look alright… and on and on. It wasn’t the stories that were the problem though – it was me, in the editor’s chair, who let them go through to the keeper or not. I let lots go through without regard for their quality or influence over my perceptions of myself and the world. Sometimes I might stop for confirmation of facts, but mostly I allowed these stories to go to press.

Why? I am by world standards intelligent, yet if the definition of intelligence is the ability to make choices that look after myself, then consuming junk food or junk media without discernment of its compromising effects doesn’t seem so smart.   

We have a global obesity problem for all to see, but what if there was a visual correlation for the diet of junk media that we indulge in?  What if we are what we ‘consume’ in every sense? Is it possible that obesity, weight issues and heaviness of being are related not just to food, but to the quality of what we consume through all our senses combined – hearing, seeing, touching, tasting and feeling? What if there were weight loss centres that dealt with the diet of what we ‘consume’ for our reading, listening and viewing ‘pleasure’? We get obese from too much food and a sedentary lifestyle, but what happens when we consume too much junk media, junk music, junk literature? What would be healthy choices if what we read, watched and listened to could be measured for ‘empty calories’ that stir us up as they weigh us down?

There on my walk with the rubbish internal media flowing, I began to understand that cleaning up the press began with me: that my demand actually determined the quality of press that was supplied. As far as my internal media went, I got to feel how my demand sometimes came from believing that I was not good enough, got things wrong, wasn’t living life right and so I looked for stories that made me feel better (i.e. focus on people less fortunate than me), or stories that made me feel worse and confirmed me as not ok (i.e. focus on people who were better than me – in any and every way). I was consuming a lot of drama that wound me up or dragged me down and either way there was no rest. Another of my demands was to not know what was really going on (but still appearing to want to know), and the supply for this was snippets of facts wrapped up in fairy floss or cotton wool instead of the true picture.

As I began to pay attention to the quality of my inner-press and the effect it had on my physical and mental state of being, I started to axe certain stories that weren’t accurate or true and began to discern what the feeling was of a piece. Even if the words sounded right, if the feeling didn’t, I knew it wasn’t a keeper. I also began to notice how I was in myself, what I was looking for – what my demand was. Gradually, the quality of my internal media went from rubbish to beginning to have the qualities of respectful expression – truth, tenderness and care.

Cleaning up the press is an inside job: the more I develop truth, respect, tenderness and care within myself, the more I can recognise when it is present in what I read, listen to or watch – internally and externally. I then have a choice to accept what is presented or to understand that it is tainted, skewed or off centre for reasons I may not know, but can feel nonetheless.

686 thoughts on “Consuming Junk Media & Cleaning Up My Own Press

  1. “There is a responsibility to be discerning of the quality of what is presented in the media, and for paying attention to the possibilities behind what is being said:.” So true. You can read three or more different newspapers and they all give their own slant on the facts – and this isn’t even in an editorial piece. Even the BBC is biased nowadays. Reading energy is even more important.

  2. I agree with the point that just because something is in print, does not make it instantly true. Yet in listening to the lies we give voice to them and in so doing we override our innate knowing of what is true and what is not.

  3. A great article for me to read to day Adrienne, especially since I have been becoming more discerning of what thoughts are taking over my mind and running my body, like you a lot of it is just rubbish, and like rubbish needs to be discarded. Time to clean up my own media, and truly discern what is loving and what is not, and the what is not is not allowed in my body.

  4. ‘the more I develop truth, respect, tenderness and care within myself, the more I can recognise when it is present in what I read, listen to or watch’ this is sound advice, that everything starts with us to take care of and then truth gets reflected back to us from outside.

  5. Love this article Adrienne – junk journalism, junk food ..same, same. Although food is much more obvious in the body – your body takes the shape of what you eat much more obviously. Feeding ourselves on junk journalism feeds us poisonous thoughts.

  6. When you start looking at all aspects of your life, it is interesting how we can be consuming a junk food diet all the way through our day not just by what we are putting in our mouths.

  7. I can so relate to having “an ‘internal media’ running inside my head 24 hours a day”, and it’s exhausting. I often would wonder if everyone else was having the same experience, so reading what you have shared makes me realise that I have not been alone. So time to clean up my inner-press and then trust the ripples from my cleaning up begin to flow on out to the media of this world so that they might begin to start cleaning up theirs as well.

  8. This blog presents a brilliant analogy of junk media and the thoughts that can play almost constantly through our minds. Because they are ‘our’ thoughts we never stop to question them. But if you see them as energy first, thoughts that are entering almost like a constant news feed then we can start to discern if they are true or not. If my body contracts, feels hard or tight then the thought is coming from a trashy source and deserves to be binned immediately. If my body feels more open and at ease, then the thoughts are in line with who I am. Discerning and listening to my body first are the keys.

  9. The world is full of concern for climate change yet no-one seems willing to admit that it’s our emissions directly that are causing it. Why do we focus on our cars when every word and thought we entertain is pollution if it’s not from Love? No wonder the world is the chaotic, smoggy place we see when we steadfastly ignore our own responsibility. Thank you Adrienne.

  10. We have the choice- either internal press or stillness and presence. The more we expose the lie and accept that thoughts are fed to us and have no origin in us, the more we will regain our Will to either align to the energy of expansion or of circulation, which is junk-thoughts all day long..

  11. “I looked to the press to be entertained instead of accurately informed.” Spot on Adrienne. The press has become another entertainment outlet that we take absolutely no responsibility for. The quality we accept from the global press is a direct reflection of the quality we accept from our own internal press.

  12. We kill millions of trees to print papers which are full of lies, which papers are then chucked away mostly in a manner that pollutes the earth and we need to plant more trees to help us with the clean up of it… how crazy is that.

    1. It is indeed more than crazy Viktoria!! What it does, it keeps us in motion and asks us not to stop and actually reflect on this unhealthy circulation. Without truth the demand will be continuously supplied by its own maker.

  13. ” Cleaning up the press is an inside job: the more I develop truth, respect, tenderness and care within myself,”
    This is a great learning . All of us doing this means there will be no market for junk press.

  14. It is great to expose how often we allow negative thoughts to weigh us down and I know that in the past I have often wallowed in them and used them as an excuse to shut off from others. Treating myself with more self respect and actively monitoring my internal press has massively improved the quality of my life and also supported me to be more engaged with life.

  15. It certainly pays to read between the lines so to speak in what is presented in the media and be truly discerning of what is being said and how we are reacting to it, this I have become more aware of myself also over the last few years in particular through seeing the level of corruption in the way Universal Medicine has been portrayed and also simply lied about.

    1. NOTHING is of truth in the news! Question always is, which energy source is actually supplying us with news. One that wants excitement and further indulgence in emotions, victimhood and comfort or one of truth that looks for detachment, true rootcauses and responsibility ?

  16. Actually what you present here Adrienne is the science of reflection i.e. that what is lived on the inner is represented on the outer. So life can be seen as a mirror that is continuously reflecting to us the quality of life we are living within. Are we as a society ready for this science?

  17. No surprise we now have the term ‘false news’ and yes I agree it is extremely disheartening reading venomous lies about someone you know so well and absolutely 100% know what is printed is not true. It is also extremely irresponsible of media to allow this to happen. What happened to truth and transparency?

  18. Cleaning up the press would be very simple. We vote with our feet and stop buying any publication that doesn’t print the truth. This could clean the press up in days if we only collaborated as one and stopped buying their printed lies. But the big issue is not the press, but us who demand the lies, who prefer the lies to the truth. One day without fail, the whole world will realise that what Universal Medicine have brought to us is unmitigated truth and we will as one be ready to ditch the lies. That will be a great day for mankind.

  19. Much of the media is now entertainment rather than important information on world events. This entertainment is an industry selling to all of us what we ask for, and so it is up to us to change it.

    1. Yes Heather, the media is one of those pillars in life that is under the demanding forces of people who need this to be it like it is today.

  20. Cleaning up the press is best treated like some of the isles in the grocery store. There are many rows that have nothing I eat in them. Food shopping is just an extra long walk these days. If there is no demand for something is there is no need to produce it?

    1. Willem ditto how I am with myself certainly affects if I am able to open to see what is behind the headlines. and indeed then the rubbish thoughts that I have reduced.

  21. As we get that clearity in our mind it is much more easy to feel what has been written in the newspaper. There are many times things to read behind the words. Many times news tries to manipulate you in a certain way. It is very empowering to become aware of that and supports us to bring more truth to our livingness.

  22. “Cleaning up the press is an inside job: the more I develop truth, respect, tenderness and care within myself, the more I can recognise when it is present in what I read, listen to or watch”
    So true if we do not have that marker within we will never see the lies for what they really are.

  23. I love it, taking a look at our internal press and what we allow to come through and get taken away by. I noticed the other day how I feel like I am not with the other person when I am in my thoughts about something being it positive or negative, it is like there is a void between me and the other person which feels cold and loveless, only this showed me how our thoughts are not us and it is something that distracts us from what we are doing if we don’t choose to be focussing our thoughts on what we are doing.

  24. ” I looked to the press to be entertained instead of accurately informed. ” This is a very important statement for once we become entertained we reduce our value in truth and the necessity for truth.

  25. This is brilliant food for thought – could we consume more than just food? And are many of our thoughts the same as eating junk food non-stop? Why would anyone ever have self-sabotaging thoughts? Once we begin to view our thoughts as not something we own, but as an energy passing through us we begin to see things differently, especially when it comes to what thoughts we allow or don’t allow.

  26. True Adrienne, our thoughts can be a toxic diet, ‘a constant diet of junk with my internal media’ and we add to what the external media is doing. We are all responsible for this merry go round of not bringing the quality we know we should and can bring. Your blog is a brilliant reminder of that we are all connected and do have a choice in what quality we live and work with and in.

    1. Ditto Annelies I would say that my biggest downfall was living in a way that meant I had crazy thoughts and then listening to them as if they were mine. The toxicity of those thoughts was extreme at times and even today I can get a thought and I am like, ‘where did that come from’. What I can appreciate now is that I can say ‘no’ to those thoughts knowing they are not from me.

  27. There’s a pervading feeling that we need to say more, to share and to speak out more as well. And whilst this may be true what very few are talking about is the quality we choose. We don’t need to take a vow of silence but we do have a choice about the energy we speak in. What you remind me Angela is that we are divine and so the only true expression is to speak, move and act knowing that. It feels to me like one word delivered from our connection to God is more powerful than a million clever and knowledgeable verbs.

  28. It is interesting that in the short time since this blog was published there is now a new word to describe junk media that is more succinct, fake news! We have gotten so used to dis-information, we gave it a name and moved on without questioning it! Is this not the same as walking around in the dark, barefoot in a room full of mousetraps?

  29. It just occurred to me: we do know the media lies and sometimes it feels like we just have to give up because it is not possible for us to track down every incident to prove if the reported story is true or not, but, do I know and truly care what is going on in my own proximity of family/work/friends/community? For me, it feels like there’s a fundamental lack of true connection and also the willingness to be open to each other. If that is how I am living, just sharing and showing the bits that would suit my own agenda, can I expect anything but to come back? Not very likely.

  30. This is just so brilliant. Cleaning up the press is an inside job – I so agree. We can lament over how much junk there is in the media/world, but it doesn’t have to mean that we have to consume and take it all in and become that. And where do these self-critical, judgmental thoughts come from? It is amazing that the more we say yes to what is true, the more we empower ourselves to be able to see through what is not true.

    1. ‘Cleaning up the press is an inside job ..’ I agree Fumyio, this is a powerful statement of truth. If we were all to apply this then there is no way we would accept the lies, deceit and gossip of the current media culture.

  31. A brilliant article Adrienne reminding us of the responsibility we all hold to clean up our own press if we are wanting any true change to occur with the media. By being more accountable in our own lives we set a new standard that reflects to others the importance of energetic integrity to be the foundation with everything in life.

  32. I love the idea that cleaning up the junk media starts with me. Of course it is my choice what I choose to consume. The important thing to realise is that it comes with an energy that I end up with inside me if I consume it. For the present time my feeling is that almost all media is junk media. I know it is a sweeping statement but regardless of that it feels true to me.

    1. Yes Doug, when we take responsibility for what comes out of our mouths or onto paper we can ensure to the best of our ability we are not adding to circulation energy and junk..

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