Yes, I am Amazing!

by Frank Tybislawski, Brisbane, Australia

Many years ago if you had asked me if I was amazing, I would have said ‘no’. Even if you substituted other words like fantastic, cool, clever, etc, the answer would still be ‘no’. If I think back to school there were certainly other kids who would have said, ‘yes’, they were amazing – without hesitation or fear. But while they would have said they were amazing, they didn’t feel amazing to me in a true way. They were probably funny and popular, happy and cheerful; perhaps these got mixed up and blended together into something labelled amazingness.

In more recent times, actually very recent times, I can actually say that I am amazing and importantly, I actually feel it and believe it.

The fact that I am amazing has always been within me, but was constantly hidden from view. Hidden from my view of myself, and by my own actions hidden from the view of others. This recent realization in myself was helped along by the words of others. I could say the words were compliments, but these compliments are so genuine and truthful in feeling that I cannot help but believe them as a truthful and honest appraisal of what others can clearly see in me.

My workplace can be very quiet, or very chaotic, changing from one to the other at any moment, day or night. There can be a lot to do in a very short space of time, and sometimes there are some very important actions which relate to the safety of people and property. One person said to me that he was impressed with how ‘constant’ and ‘stable’ I was regardless of how the rest of the workplace was, and what situations we were dealing with. When I actually pondered on that I realized it was true and I was pleased he could see that. If he could see it then others did too, and similar comments have since been made. Those who do see that quality all agree it is a fantastic quality to have, to remain so even and calm regardless of external situations or influences. The ability to not be affected inside by what is happening outside. This isn’t something I had really noticed in myself, but now that I know it’s there, it’s hard to think of living any other way.

The second comment I received was from a woman I’ve only known for a couple of years, and even then we’ve only met occasionally and spoken very briefly. Quite out of the blue she contacted me and said, in part, “…I love your exquisite gentle and tender presence”. I can feel what she said is true and without any intent or expectations attached to it. This was a great thing for me to hear and take on board, a wonderful confirmation.

These unsolicited, open and honest comments really helped me cement the fact that I am amazing, and that I can say so in an honest way. It makes such a difference to be able to say that, not from a mental ideal, but as an innermost truth.

How do I feel today?          Amazing!

It’s taken a long time to get to this point, but it’s worth it because I can feel the honesty and truth of where the feeling comes from. It feels so different from hearing those kids so many years ago claiming to be amazing, which felt like a false attempt to make them appear to fit in with the crowd – rather than simply being themselves and bringing something unique and special to the world that no one else could.

This amazingness I feel is honest, true, and firmly planted deep within me.

I express it through my very being – others can obviously see it, I can feel it and I claim it as my truth.

792 thoughts on “Yes, I am Amazing!

  1. To hear from others about our strong qualities can make us come out of our constellations in which we were held in which we believed that we are not good. To really take the compliments in our heart opens levels of ourselves which we sometimes was hiding for long.

  2. The more I feel into your words, the more I sense that all is within us and that we all have an unique part that no one else can bring.. It gives me the absolute humbleness that we so need each other in wholeness to bring that part, piece of the puzzle, that makes our whole One again. A very humble purpose it then is to not be good at everything, but allow others to make that other part of you. Incredible.

  3. What I love about what you have shared here Frank is that we all really are connected as one and when we look to others from a sense of appreciation and inspiration for who they are we not only confirm who we are in the process but also appreciate who we are and what we hold too. When we collaborate and confirm each other we show true service and we bring each other up rather than hold each other back. A very cool way to live and learn.

  4. What cements our amazing moments together so we evolve is the appreciation we have that takes us to the next platform, which can be simple so we feel the joy and then appreciate again, this then builds a momentum.

  5. When I read your words Frank I realise there are far too many of us who are completely underestimating and holding back our amazingness.

  6. When a truth is claimed and lived, it is felt and seen in our movements by all. The same goes for a false truth that one may say but has not claimed and lived from within.

  7. When we claim what feels true to us, then we make it the new normal – and by doing this we start to feel into whats next. Thank you for sharing how you can appreciate where you are at. It opens the door to so much more.

    1. Exactly Sylvia, when we do this we are fully backing ourselves, giving ourselves permission to be seen and to shine, and as we do, we offer others the reflection that they too can shine.

  8. It is deeply loving to say we do not feel amazing when that is what we feel. But whenever I feel yuck, I go deeper beyond the yuck to find no matter the yuck, there is a deeply delicate and tender warm feeling within me that is what I want to stay with.

  9. The difference you identify between the so-called amazingness of your schoolfellows and the amazingness you now experience is hugely significant. The former is determined by the activity that the person does while the latter is the quality of you as a person recognised in how you express yourself and the two are worlds apart.

  10. When we confirm the amazingness we feel from within we begin to see others around us appreciating these qualities and what I find so beautiful in these moments is that it is a confirmation of us all and how grand we are.

  11. Its great to read this blog today, because actually I was feeling amazing yesterday, and there were no whistles or bells ringing, I was just so present with myself and my movements, and that in itself is pretty amazing if I think of how far I have come and how much I have let go of, I have completely transformed. I am deeply grateful to Serge Behanyon and Universal Medicine for showing me The Way of the Livingness.

  12. To confirm our amazingness is a step I always found hard, but now I simply love to confirm this more and more through my consistent choice to learn, grow and commit to living life from a deeper understanding of myself and my life experiences and through the observation and inspiration of others. Yes I am amazing too. Thank you Frank.

  13. We often dismiss the appreciative words or gestures from someone or from ourselves. It’s like we think by accepting them ‘something bad’ will happen or we will be let down at the next point somehow and so we don’t accept it and that way we aren’t let down. It’s almost like you aim low and so there is never far to fall and never having to be disappointed. Why do we have this belief that ‘bad’ things will happen, they always come so you may as well always prepare for them. I have seen myself and others be uncomfortable with someone truly appreciating them and yet appreciation if truly seen is a key to us growing, expanding. Next time you are feeling run down then go to appreciation it can be of anything but go to town on appreciation and see what comes next.

  14. As human beings, if we are not truly appreciating ourselves and others, then we are missing out on a way of living that is consistent and steady. This sharing really shows how there is so much to offer in actually claiming who we are.

  15. So true that when we are not full of ourselves the appreciative words of others are being received with restraint and even dismissed for not being true. While in truth they might be true and we are challenged to come back to this awareness ourselves too.

  16. Today I had this amazing moment in which i didn’t feel amazing at all. i looked for support en shared my deepest feelings and released such a long held resistance against love that now I am sitting here with feeling such a deep love. Amazing it is what appears when we let go. So simpel it is.

  17. To truly appreciate how we are able to remain calm in situations, and how we allow our body not to be affected by outside events is in itself amazing.

  18. This is beautiful Frank and the fact that you have written this with such grace tells me for sure you are amazing, thank you.

  19. An internal love and wonder of self is something that can never be taken away from you. It is yours, you connect to it, you claim it, and it is yours and yours alone.

  20. If movement reproduces and magnifies how and what we feel regarding ourselves, to move in “No I am not amazing” or in the knowing of “ I am amazing” make a tremendous difference for the quality we present to the world and the reflection we offer to it.

  21. When we claim our amazingness it is then reflected in our every movement and expression and that is much to appreciate and to share outwardly so.

  22. Its a shame that we hide our amazingness from our own view. What if it were everyone’s normal to be in full appreciation of how amazing we all are? Thanks for claiming yours so you can be a beacon and inspiration for others.

  23. From my observations a lot of people struggle to say they are amazing, maybe it is because they are not allowing out and expressing and sharing with others all of who they are. In the past I would never have said this about myself and at times still struggle to say it- this comes in when I have held back and not allowed out all that there is of me to share.

    1. Yes its like a club we belong to where we all agree that no one is amazing and we all make sure we play less that we really are. Has anyone ever asked what is the purpose of the charade?

  24. It is beautiful how you share your connection to your feeling amazing. It so true when we can connect to that feeling in ourself it is amazing. I too now can claim and say I feel amazing and know its coming from the truth within me, not just a passing word.

  25. Reading this blog today I feel more aware of how supportive it is when we complement each other. It’s not that I go out to express a compliment for another but I respond to the impulse within my body immediately and not hold back when appreciation is due to be expressed… it really is about getting myself out of the way!

  26. Everything is simply a point in life to feel, we can rush by it, brush over it, look at a bit of it or we can stop momentarily and feel it all and then from there step to the next immediate point to do the same. If this is ‘our life’ or ‘your life’ then what would this look like? I know I have committed to this and also leave parts out and this articles presents me with one of those ‘parts’. In all that I do and all that is done I brush over the parts that come back or hit this appreciation part. It is peeling back as we speak and at the moment articles like this are an important part of the process, an ongoing process that has no need to stop.

  27. Never having met you how would I know that you are amazing? I can feel it in the words that you have written. Our sixth sense gives us so much more awareness if we start to acknowledge its existence and work with it.

  28. Being amazing does not need any doing. It’s like we just don’t know what to do with that amazingness we already are and we justify that with doingness and in that erode the livingness of it. There doesn’t have to be any reason. We just are absolutely amazing.

  29. “I express it through my very being – others can obviously see it, I can feel it and I claim it as my truth.” There is such a palpable difference in the quality of energy in our interactions with others when we allow the space to simply be ourselves. This is truly magic shared from one body to the next and that is pretty awesome.

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