Yes, I am Amazing!

by Frank Tybislawski, Brisbane, Australia

Many years ago if you had asked me if I was amazing, I would have said ‘no’. Even if you substituted other words like fantastic, cool, clever, etc, the answer would still be ‘no’. If I think back to school there were certainly other kids who would have said, ‘yes’, they were amazing – without hesitation or fear. But while they would have said they were amazing, they didn’t feel amazing to me in a true way. They were probably funny and popular, happy and cheerful; perhaps these got mixed up and blended together into something labelled amazingness.

In more recent times, actually very recent times, I can actually say that I am amazing and importantly, I actually feel it and believe it.

The fact that I am amazing has always been within me, but was constantly hidden from view. Hidden from my view of myself, and by my own actions hidden from the view of others. This recent realization in myself was helped along by the words of others. I could say the words were compliments, but these compliments are so genuine and truthful in feeling that I cannot help but believe them as a truthful and honest appraisal of what others can clearly see in me.

My workplace can be very quiet, or very chaotic, changing from one to the other at any moment, day or night. There can be a lot to do in a very short space of time, and sometimes there are some very important actions which relate to the safety of people and property. One person said to me that he was impressed with how ‘constant’ and ‘stable’ I was regardless of how the rest of the workplace was, and what situations we were dealing with. When I actually pondered on that I realized it was true and I was pleased he could see that. If he could see it then others did too, and similar comments have since been made. Those who do see that quality all agree it is a fantastic quality to have, to remain so even and calm regardless of external situations or influences. The ability to not be affected inside by what is happening outside. This isn’t something I had really noticed in myself, but now that I know it’s there, it’s hard to think of living any other way.

The second comment I received was from a woman I’ve only known for a couple of years, and even then we’ve only met occasionally and spoken very briefly. Quite out of the blue she contacted me and said, in part, “…I love your exquisite gentle and tender presence”. I can feel what she said is true and without any intent or expectations attached to it. This was a great thing for me to hear and take on board, a wonderful confirmation.

These unsolicited, open and honest comments really helped me cement the fact that I am amazing, and that I can say so in an honest way. It makes such a difference to be able to say that, not from a mental ideal, but as an innermost truth.

How do I feel today?          Amazing!

It’s taken a long time to get to this point, but it’s worth it because I can feel the honesty and truth of where the feeling comes from. It feels so different from hearing those kids so many years ago claiming to be amazing, which felt like a false attempt to make them appear to fit in with the crowd – rather than simply being themselves and bringing something unique and special to the world that no one else could.

This amazingness I feel is honest, true, and firmly planted deep within me.

I express it through my very being – others can obviously see it, I can feel it and I claim it as my truth.

748 thoughts on “Yes, I am Amazing!

  1. All too often for me it is easy to focus on the bits of me that still need improvement rather than the overwhelming majority of me that does feel great and amazing most of the time. So it is really important you wrote this blog Frank about appreciation and confirmation of ourselves and what we bring to the world as it is much needed medicine for everyone.

  2. If nowadays people give me compliments I just feel it as normal and just comfirm naturally that it is what they say about me. There is no need anymore for getting it. I confirm my beauty every two steps I make in my daily movements-in this way I deeply cement my beauty.

  3. The amazing ‘industry’ is a tricky one. Although everybody has qualities which are absolutely amazing, and that deserve not less than true appreciation, there is also so much pretence of being amazing based on projecting images which are not true.

  4. I’m certainly not at the point in my evolution where I can say that I am amazing all the time but I do know that I can be amazing and that it is actually possible to be amazing most of the time because I have witnessed people first hand that do appear to be amazing most of the time.

    1. Hi Kev – you are amazing all of the time! I know it. You may not be connected to it every second but that is ok. We can see it anyway ;). The beauty of our essence is that it does not go away or anywhere just because we do not claim or express it. Its there. Waiting for us to re-claim it. Always. So: we are amazing all of the time. Now we can learn to reconnect to our amazingness and live it again. It is like starting to take the responsibility again about our amazingness. What a job!

  5. “These unsolicited, open and honest comments really helped me cement the fact that I am amazing, and that I can say so in an honest way.” – Imagine we would be together like that every day, confirming, expressing about each other what we see in appreciation of our true expression. We could support each other in our amazingness, to become more aware of it and so would have more space for the joy of life because we would spend/waste less time with doubt, feeling hurt/not worthy and lack of connection (feeling lonely and lost). How would life be if we would see the essence in the other and express what we see? This would be also a call to let it out. We can try today and feel in everyone we meet his/her essence. As a start. Tomorrow we express what we read and then we see how it goes on. Experiment LIVING. 🙂

  6. It is a testimony to you and how much you have evolved in that you did not dismiss these comments or complements you received ‘One person said to me that he was impressed with how ‘constant’ and ‘stable’ I was regardless of how the rest of the workplace was’. I agree in many cases when words like amazing, confidence, self-worth or self-esteem are used they feel baseless and empty because they do not come from a truth within the body but instead words from the mind. Growing up I had very little self-worth and self-esteem and my confidence was false (especially when drunk) and if someone gave me a compliment I would brush it to one side as quickly as it was said. Now however this is completely different as the love I have for myself is greater and this comes from the connection within and deepens with how I live and the choices I make. And you know what it feels amazing to feel this … it is not empty, superficial, it does not hold myself more or less than others but instead by feeling and claiming this it gives others permission to not shrink and be small but to stand firmly and be tall and be all who they truly are.

    1. Thank you for sharing a great point here Vicky. The words you have written about are so often used yet you can feel that they do not hold the quality of what we often want to express about the other person. Whether they are sincere, truly open hearted, caring at a deep level we often confirm others is words that sound like they carry the quality we want to express but are often far from what is truly lived and felt from ourselves of another.

  7. It have found it challenging to come out and say I am amazing as it can ruffle a lot of feathers. A lot of people don’t like it when you don’t have some kind of problem, or if you do have a problem that it doesn’t get you down. But perhaps that is what we all need – more people claiming they are amazing so that everyone knows that is what we all are and that it is our choice to feel so.

  8. How beautiful to become observant of your qualities and embrace them as the truth of who you are. And there is more… we are so much more than we can ever perceive! Connecting with our true qualities is the only way we can begin to connect more truthfully with others. Thank you Frank.

  9. “It makes such a difference to be able to say that, not from a mental ideal, but as an innermost truth.” It really is a beautiful thing to feel the absolute truth and confirm how truly amazing we are and when felt from inside it just permeates every cell of our being. Awesome thank you Frank.

  10. Frank through you we learn that being amazing is very personal and related to unique qualities each person brings. It is wonderful to see and feel our true worth, acknowledge who we are and the difference we make in each community we enter.

  11. I’ve been making comments recently about who I am and how I am, and there is usually silence afterwards… in the past I would have thrown in another line to bring me down a bit or mention something that is wrong with me but now I just stay silent also and allow myself and others to get used to it.

  12. When we allow ourselves to feel and express our amazingness in full, we are claiming the truth of who we truly are and are sharing our divine qualities, which is our true purpose and role here on earth.

  13. This is as equally beautiful to read again Frank. Our amazingness is a given, as who we are within is divine, the light of God no less. And through appreciating who we are our being-ness comes to light as we allow what is already there to simply be.

  14. I can remember when I was young feeling amazing and wanting to share this amazingness with everyone but very quickly realising that to express or even feel amazing was considered not a good thing and frowned upon. Especially growing up in Australia where the ‘tall poppy syndrome’ exists – an undercurrent of self -deprecation as a false form of modesty. Unpicking this and learning to allow myself to feel amazing and to express my amazingness, which is simply just being me, no more, no less has been a very worthwhile and enjoyable experience so far.

  15. Frank how beautiful you have claimed the amazingness you feel inside you. “This amazingness I feel is honest, true, and firmly planted deep within me. I express it through my very being – others can obviously see it, I can feel it and I claim it as my truth.” this is a great reflection to others to connect to the same amazingness in them and to feel it and claim it. I know I can feel that amazingness in me too, and I too claim it in my being and movements.

  16. That someone can take the time to write about how well they are feeling in life in general, without any fanfare or jazzing it up, is itself amazing, and cause for applause.

  17. The more amazing I feel, the more amazing I realise everyone is. Our relationship with ourselves is crucial for it is the basis of how we live our lives. I have often heard it said ‘oh, he loves himself’ about another. It is not intended as a compliment and what is really being said is ‘that person is arrogant and full of himself’. But true self-love is not arrogant and is in fact the root of truly loving – and amazing – relationships with others. We are here to bring love to life, not seek it from others.

  18. Thank you Frank for sharing that you feel amazing. It something we don’t do enough of. I was thinking this just the other day at work. We seldom appreciate ourselves or each other for the great qualities we have, however when there is a small fault, it takes centre stage and is made a big deal of.

  19. How very beautiful Frank that you have claimed your amazingness and that you consistently share this with everyone; thank you. What you have expressed here is simple, powerful and inspirational;
    “I express it through my very being – others can obviously see it, I can feel it and I claim it as my truth”.

  20. It is a beautiful fact to be able to claim without any regards to status or the need for approval. It is great to be reminded of our beautiful and inspiring qualities, but than truly feeling it for what they are not an end goal as being a reward but the confirmation of our amazing-ness that they are.

  21. Confirmation of how we are feeling is a much needed process to support us to embody our amazingness. I can remember not so long ago a woman expressing to me how gorgeous I felt. I did feel gorgeous but I had not claimed it. Receiving the confirmation got me to to truly reflect on how I was feeling in that moment and deepen the acceptance of my true self. It is wonderful when we truly embrace confirmations that come our way.

  22. It’s interesting how our comments can help cement a knowing of amazingness for another – it’s got me thinking about how many times we will feel someone’s amazing qualities but don’t say it aloud, when perhaps this could be the cement they need to truly embrace it.

  23. Beautiful to read Frank of your claiming, confirming and appreciation of how others have expressed your amazingness to you and for you to feel this as truth in your very being. We are all amazing as sons of God though many do not know it as yet. I often would cringe at the word amazing thinking that it was boastful, but to be able to feel myself as a divine son of God that then is amazing.

  24. This is great proof that affirmations don’t work – how we feel about ourselves needs to be lived to be a reality and perspective.

  25. It is great to get confirmation from others of the solidness, gentleness and tenderness, as this is a true reflection that has been felt. Now when I receive a confirmation, I no longer dismiss it but stop to appreciate myself, as I know I am continuously working on deepening who I truly am.

  26. Reading this again it is about letting honest comments about our qualities in that is supporting us in learning to deeply appreciate ourselves, what a beautiful way we live in that it is all in supporting each other and ourselves to evolve back to the unity we so deeply know.

  27. It’s sad that we have become such masters of down playing and hiding our amazingness, that we need other people to point it out. Recently I received a lot of very genuine feedback about my amazingness. I could feel it soaking in to a degree but there was still a semi-permeable barrier, which was deflecting some of this appreciation. When I reflected on this, I could feel in my body it was a lack of surrender (or letting go of control/protection/hardness) that was stopping it from fully soaking in. This showed me just how much appreciation is a bodily experience.

  28. I felt to read this today because several people recently have told me that I need to appreciate myself more. It is true, although I like and love myself and have so much more regard for myself than in former years I can still fall back into ways of seeing myself as less or not good enough, and of putting up a barrier because of hurt or a wish to control or protect and stay secure. When I do this it is as if I am undermining what has gone before but in truth I am always awesome and amazing at my core, in my essence, so thank you for reminding me to continue to reconnect and to deepen my connection to who I truly am and feel my appreciation in that.

  29. Growing up hiding or measuring our expression along with our lack of self worth or appreciation of our true qualities, taint the way we view and speak about ourselves and most definitely stop us from seeing ourselves as amazing let alone living that… so it is gorgeous to come to a place where you recognise that you are more than you have allowed yourself to be in the past and can express your amazingness and have the world confirm you in that… for when you do so, you reflect to others they too can stop hiding and shine.

  30. Accepting that we are worth it is the first step. Not an easy one necessarily. But a key one.
    Accepting that not only we are worth but that we are powerful is the second one. Feeling that we are indeed powerful is the next step. There is a world of difference in accepting and having felt it though.

  31. Today I have never felt so amazing and it is so beautiful to feel and claim this. Why not let ourselves be the amazing beings that we are?

  32. Appreciating the amazingness we are already is a confirmation of all that is within us and what interconnects us all as one and the same. A very beautiful blog on the confirmation of our inner amazingness being shared and reflected to all through our movements. Thank you Frank.

  33. I feel amazing reading your sharing, Frank. Such a joy to read. Indeed, we are born amazing and we don’t have to do anything to become that but just connect and surrender to it. We are already amazing, and then some. I can feel today is going to be an amazing day because I feel amazing already. Thank you, Frank.

  34. It is beautiful to feel and express our true qualities and to fully appreciate them. We are amazing because we are made up of the universe, simple fact is our bodies are incredible and amazing precious things, we are by definition of our being incredible, the fact we are so much more than this is something to ponder!

  35. We hear amazingness and think this must mean we are unique and special in some way. Then we go to great lengths it seems to make sure its clear we are all the same. After all you don’t want to appear that you have ’tickets on yourself’. But the piece of the puzzle that is missing from this point of view is the simple fact that we are actually ALL amazing, everyone! me and you. What you illustrate here Frank is when we understand just what we all represent and the grandness we can bring – you could never fall again for the ruse that we are ‘average’ everyday human beings. Divinity is our true normality.

  36. ‘The ability to not be affected inside by what is happening outside.’ This is an art and goes hand in hand with observing life and not absorbing or taking on what is going on around us.

  37. And if feeling for a moment not amazing then we can track back what we led in to disturb that divine energy running through us. No matter what we did we are born to feel again that we are beautiful.

  38. How beautiful, and inspiring, Frank that you deeply appreciate and honour the gorgeous amazing man that you are. Thank you for sharing your amazingness with us.

  39. Sometimes its quite disconcerting when someone sees a quality in me that I don’t see myself. I have had a few of those moments recently and have had to ask myself why I don’t fully claim all that I bring. I can feel how you have really claimed yourself Frank and the amazing person you are. An inspiration for me to do the same.

  40. In a world where society frowns on anyone who thinks they are amazing, how refreshing to have someone say they are amazing. We all are, and why on earth should we hide it from ourselves, or from the world.

  41. Right now I’m in pain and feeling to rest and deeply take care of myself but, I have a days work ahead and much to complete.
    I have observed the amazingness that you are talking about Frank and I have felt it. The only way this amazingness will be is if I initiate it – co-create that flame from the spark of knowing it is already within. It seems difficult right now but if I go for this amazingness and go towards it I will have it again – it is a given.

  42. I know what it feels to be completely connected to my essence and how amazing that feels, and therefore how amazing I am, simply for breathing! But boy oh boy do I fight this simplicity and pull in ways that make me feel far than amazing. As Rik shares in the comment above that we have to then initiate, activate that reconnection but that it is there and doesn’t go anywhere, we can feel that amazing, it really is a choice.

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