Serge Benhayon & Esoteric Breast Massage: My Experience as a Woman & a Nurse

by Jeanette Macdonald, Registered Nurse (currently in Palliative Care), New Zealand

Though I no longer live in Australia, I am aware of the misrepresentations and blatant untruths in media articles concerning the Benhayon family and the Esoteric Breast Massage (EBM). I feel to express what I know to be true from my own experiences.

I was one of the practitioners who attended the initial training for EBM and can confirm, as has been stated in articles other than this, that Serge Benhayon presented it as a demonstration, above his partner’s clothed body, with an honouring and respect for women such as I had never seen before. He was also very specific that it was strictly for women by women, and it has been ever since. 

As a practitioner (briefly) of such an awesome modality as the EBM, I know the integrity and the deeply respectful way in which the practitioners are trained and work.

I have been a recipient of EBM many times since with those same practitioners, and I want to thank them from my inner-most heart for the unwavering love and support they have unconditionally accorded me in my return to a more loving and nurturing care of myself, which has in turn led to more awareness of my body and my actions, and an opening up to the loveliness of me as a woman.

Further to this, I admire, trust and respect Serge Benhayon for many reasons, not only for the way in which he instigated the Esoteric Breast Massage modality.

As I also work in the field of medicine as a Registered Nurse, one of these reasons is his emphasis on working with conventional medicine and his encouragement of both women and men to seek appropriate medical help when it is needed. I have worked in Women’s Health, been accredited to take cervical smears, and have advised women on the importance and ‘how to’ of checking their breasts for lumps and changes, and on the wisdom of having regular full medical checks. I have always felt this was an important and delicate area, and there is no way I could work alongside anyone who did not support, respect or understand the necessary and awesome work that medicine provides. Serge Benhayon does, and it is his simple understanding of the causes of ill health that for me has added some missing pieces to the medical perspective.

Another reason is his deeply caring nature on a personal level. Several years ago, when I was preparing to undergo surgery, I received practical and loving email support from him. I know others who have also had that same support leading up to surgery.

Observing both these aspects from a nursing stance, as well as personally, I can’t help but feel that, yes, I have found some vital missing pieces that belong to the jigsaw puzzles called Medicine, Health and Life. One of those vital pieces is ‘ME’ and my awareness around how I am… my own level of health and well being… how I live and care for myself to maintain that… what I bring to my interactions with others as a consequence of that self-care. I am consistently learning that it is not so much about what I do but how I am in what I do that makes all the difference. One of my Team Leaders recently said she noticed that my awareness of myself and how I am (“having an inner stillness”) is a powerful tool in my daily interactions with others.

A third reason that I admire Serge Benhayon’s work is because of the influence it has had on my capacity to choose, and the understanding I now have about what that really means. The understanding and connections I am beginning to enjoy with my patients, fellow professionals, clients, friends, family, and of course myself, feels amazingly different in a very lovely way – simply because of the choices I am now making.

These choices, I can thankfully say, directly relate to my experiences with Esoteric Breast Massage and all that Universal Medicine has offered: the choice to connect to myself and my body deeply, to honour myself as a woman, to be myself with others and not hide as I used to behind roles (particularly ‘the nurse’, but also mother, friend, wife, practitioner, etc), and to be more open and loving in a world that is very often afraid to be open, or indeed love. I no longer feel exhausted and overwhelmed by the sheer volume of work in the daily activities of my profession, I feel freer to be me naturally and approach life, including my work in nursing, with much more understanding and a deeper appreciation of people, their ills and their joys, than I ever had in the past.

It is almost 10 years since I first met Serge Benhayon and I find it impossible to correlate what the media has decided about him (without knowing him), to the man I know very well. Equally so, I find it impossible to correlate those misinforming media articles about Esoteric Breast Massage to the modality that I know, without a doubt, absolutely supports women to honour who they truly are.

What I saw and felt at that first meeting with Serge was a decent man who was actually very ordinary, entirely unimposing, and who over the years has consistently been so, with integrity, common sense and loving respect for BOTH men and women: just as importantly, he has a great family, whom it has been my privilege to observe also in their growing up to become the responsible, fun and loving people they are today.

I can’t think of truer role models.

597 thoughts on “Serge Benhayon & Esoteric Breast Massage: My Experience as a Woman & a Nurse

  1. If we stopped sexualising women’s breasts we would be able to see more clearly why the Esoteric Breast Massage is needed and truly supportive for women and therefore our whole society at large.

  2. The experience of an EBM is just something words cannot describe. The intimacy that’s on offer with the practitioner is just heavenly, if we take that opportunity we can open up to understand so much more about ourselves than ever imagined.

  3. There is no more truer role model than Serge Benhayon – that is just a fact; and until you meet this man, have a session with him, attend a workshop, course or retreat will you really understand the power and grace this man lives with.

  4. A beautiful testimonial, from someone who has met and knows him, to Serge Benhayon and all that the Esoteric Breast Massage has to offer women who choose to ask for this healing modality.

  5. We should have this modality all out in big news, as Esoteric Breast Massage is a very true healing modality for women, to re-turn to their stillness and true beauty.. Not what is imposed upon us or expected from the outside world. Hence, this modality offers the absolute loving support by women for women, to connect back again to their body and their absolute stillness within. To live from there – is all I can see and observe, and know from living myself – an absolute healthy offering, that is actually truly beneficial for our health and well-being. Why would we not allow that to be world news? As if we take all the mistrust aside, we all can feel, and if we are honest, our way back is in restoring our greatest connection within our body, to our stillness – as nothing else has seemingly worked. So we had better try our one and only left option. Let’s connect to our stillness inside our body.

  6. The media has no interest in representing the Esoteric Breast Massage in its truth. Instead it would rather print innuendos and derogatory comments about it and this to me shows the absolute disrespect for women the media have and proves that it is still primarily a “boys” club.

  7. Lindy Chamberlain is a well-known individual in Australia who, like Serge Benhayon, was crucified in the media and found ‘guilty’ well before the official legal guilty sentence was delivered in court (which was itself later to be found to be a completely incorrect verdict, for which Lindy received a full pardon). It’s criminal that our media rushes to judgement so rapidly – the criminal justice system too perhaps – and is really nothing more than malicious gossip.

  8. All my relationships in my life are changing too. I am beginning to enjoy being with people and the loving connections I am building in all areas of my life all because of my choice to listen and be inspired by Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine. How can anyone knock something that is changing mine and many, many others lives in a world that desperately needs change?

  9. Beautiful. The Esoteric Breast Massage modality has offered me to become more aware of what I am feeling in my body and what it means to be living in a female body. Simple. It makes so much sense to be connected to my body, especially being in a female body, as it does when we are not and dismissing all the beautiful reflection this actually holds.

  10. This sentence holds the wisdom to completely turn our world around- if we but feel just how significant it is to live who we are.
    ” I am consistently learning that it is not so much about what I do but how I am in what I do that makes all the difference.”

  11. This paragraph stood out for me ‘Further to this, I admire, trust and respect Serge Benhayon for many reasons, not only for the way in which he instigated the Esoteric Breast Massage modality.’ I too have a great admiration for Serge Benhayon, his family and all the Universal Medicine practitioners, because they have shown me how when we express from love everything changes.

  12. You just have to read the information on Esoteric Breast Massage and you can feel the quality, integrity and respect it holds for women. Call me naive but I didn’t realise that some people offer breast massages as part of a body massage yet this doesn’t seem to be flagged up by anyone at anytime as crossing the line. Yet here is an organisation that I think, in fact I know has the highest standard of integrity both physically and energetically for every person and everything that it has ever and does ever do. It is truly outstanding and deeply respectful and from knowing Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine for over 10 years I know this to be absolutely undoubtedly so and yet both he and this modality has been vilified. I would question not the modality but the people who are trying to bastardise a modality that from personal experience of receiving an EBM, by a woman (as it is only highly trained women that are practitioners of this modality) know just how deeply healing this is for a woman to receive. And with the increase and rise in breast cancer surely we can instead appreciate this modality as what is offers to women as absolute gold.

  13. It’s great to set the record straight in this way, particularly by writing the truth in your own article. This is what is needed for us all at this point and with the internet it’s now possible. While ever we simple allow stories that are far from the truth to be told without clearing the way to see what is actually and truly going on then we are in support of the very thing we have seen that we didn’t like the feel of. We need to take action and that’s in the form of becoming or writing our own media. With our current mainstream media so outward and openly at times out of control then this is our way of bringing things back or bringing back the facts.

  14. Working in the field of medicine is a huge undertaking that deserves full admiration and respect. you have dedicated your professional life to the care of others, which is brilliant and inspiring. And to add to all of that is what you now bring to your profession, with a sweet opening up of your heart as a woman, letting everyone see the real you, so that not only do your patients and colleagues get the grace of your care, but also the wonder of you…

  15. In a world where almost everything is being sexualised it is hard to let go of this image/energy and see that we and our bodies deserve to be treated with deep love and care where self-gain and self-satisfaction has no place but a far more deeper connection to ourselves is offered, the surrendering to our own beauty and worth and preciousness.

  16. The misinformed articles belong to the same narrative of denigrating women and media ownership of women’s bodies. To ridicule a modality that women choose to have for themselves and to condemn the modality that women say has been very beneficial to their health is just total arrogance and a disrespect of women, their rights and their rights over their bodies.

  17. Why is it that we like to knock those that are supporting humanity to get out of the mess we are in. There is only one person that makes sense of our ill health issues our stress the reason crazy things happen in the world and understands the body more than any other person I know, yet the media chose to ignore what Serge Benhayon is really saying and instead publish articles that are blatant lies with the intent to discourage people from finding out more.

  18. Absolutely, Serge Benhayon is my role model for how a true man should live. The combination of love, responsibility and integrity that he brings to everyone and everything is awe inspiring.

  19. The Esoteric Breast Massage is such a powerful modality; it offers women such a deep healing and reconnection back to their sacredness – a true blessing for women in every way.

  20. The Women in Livingness Magazine, on line, in its first edition, dedicates nearly all articles to women’s breasts and is worth going back to now and again to read, the information there is very supportive and inspiring, well worth a look.

  21. Having the energetic understanding of the root cause of the illnesses and diseases and anything else we might experience in our life gives us an opportunity not to be a victim of our circumstance. I feel it actually is a very practical approach to life.

  22. The trust I have in Serge Benhayon is built on more than a decade of support, commitment and consistency. His dedication to others is unquestionable, and as such he is a role model for us all.

  23. One day we will all again greatly honour what Serge Benhayon has brought back to humanity, even those that today are rebelling against it. For truth has a way of eventually being seen and in time cannot be ignored.

  24. Thank you Elizabeth, I confirm all that you share about Serge.
    It is from great value for the world what his teachings add to make our health our own responsibility by working together with the doctors instead of demanding illnesses getting solved. The pressure we put this way on the medical professions is ridiculous. When we start to rebuild our relation with our body we start to understand the messages we get from our very honest body. If we are off track, living in an ill rhythm the body will let you know. Then it is up to us to make changes in our life that support the body to get in a more healthy way again. And then it is from great support of medical support is needed alongside to embrace it and to appreciate we get this medical support.
    If we stay this irresponsible then one day there will be not enough money to support the increasing ill people.

  25. It is extremely irresponsible to print, publish or say something about another that is untrue. Thank you for sharing not only the truth but more of your experience which allows me as a reader to look at how I care and how much do I care for myself something that we currently are not nurtured to do.

  26. My relationship with conventional medicine has changed enormously and I owe the changes I have made is without a shadow of a doubt listening to that which Serge Benhayon has presented on conventional medicine. I realised I had taken on ideals and beliefs thinking that conventional medicine was not good for me and would avoid it at all costs. I realised I was living in reaction to conventional medicine feeling the arrogance in my body and the impact this was having on those around me. I now embrace conventional medicine in my life. I have had my children vaccinated at the ages of ten, eight and seven and do not hesitate to seek support if I feel it is necessary for myself and my family, a big turn around which I am eternally grateful for.

  27. Serge Benhayon is not only a true role model to many but equally a deliverer of utter truth and wisdom no one can holistically refute when ALL he has shared, presented and imparted is taken into full account.

  28. It’s articles such as these that should be in the news, busting apart the lies that are circulating which are trying to taint and stop the incredible healing on offer.

  29. The Esoteric Breast Massage stands alone in a world of abuse against women, both by others and by ourselves, as a modality that represents the divinity that each woman is, and practically supports her to feel that within.

  30. Universal Medicine brings an awareness to self care, and the fact that the quality of who we are impacts on all we do, and that if we take deep care of us that extends to all we meet. This is missing so much in our world as we strive to do and meet the tasks presented to us, and in that process we lose us, and the quality of who we truly are. So hearing how someone has now embraced that care for themselves and is bringing that to their job in the medical profession is so inspiring. This is something for us all no matter where we live.

  31. Thank you for setting the record straight Jeannette as someone who actually attended the initial training and can attest to the integrity and humility of Serge Benhayon first hand and to the value of the incredibly supportive Esoteric Breast Massage modality. I completely agree that not only Serge but all his family are true role models in a world where they are hard to come by and they all tirelessly serve others whilst demonstrating the highest levels of self care that reflect to all a truer way to live.

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