Serge Benhayon & Esoteric Breast Massage: My Experience as a Woman & a Nurse

by Jeanette Macdonald, Registered Nurse (currently in Palliative Care), New Zealand

Though I no longer live in Australia, I am aware of the misrepresentations and blatant untruths in media articles concerning the Benhayon family and the Esoteric Breast Massage (EBM). I feel to express what I know to be true from my own experiences.

I was one of the practitioners who attended the initial training for EBM and can confirm, as has been stated in articles other than this, that Serge Benhayon presented it as a demonstration, above his partner’s clothed body, with an honouring and respect for women such as I had never seen before. He was also very specific that it was strictly for women by women, and it has been ever since. 

As a practitioner (briefly) of such an awesome modality as the EBM, I know the integrity and the deeply respectful way in which the practitioners are trained and work.

I have been a recipient of EBM many times since with those same practitioners, and I want to thank them from my inner-most heart for the unwavering love and support they have unconditionally accorded me in my return to a more loving and nurturing care of myself, which has in turn led to more awareness of my body and my actions, and an opening up to the loveliness of me as a woman.

Further to this, I admire, trust and respect Serge Benhayon for many reasons, not only for the way in which he instigated the Esoteric Breast Massage modality.

As I also work in the field of medicine as a Registered Nurse, one of these reasons is his emphasis on working with conventional medicine and his encouragement of both women and men to seek appropriate medical help when it is needed. I have worked in Women’s Health, been accredited to take cervical smears, and have advised women on the importance and ‘how to’ of checking their breasts for lumps and changes, and on the wisdom of having regular full medical checks. I have always felt this was an important and delicate area, and there is no way I could work alongside anyone who did not support, respect or understand the necessary and awesome work that medicine provides. Serge Benhayon does, and it is his simple understanding of the causes of ill health that for me has added some missing pieces to the medical perspective.

Another reason is his deeply caring nature on a personal level. Several years ago, when I was preparing to undergo surgery, I received practical and loving email support from him. I know others who have also had that same support leading up to surgery.

Observing both these aspects from a nursing stance, as well as personally, I can’t help but feel that, yes, I have found some vital missing pieces that belong to the jigsaw puzzles called Medicine, Health and Life. One of those vital pieces is ‘ME’ and my awareness around how I am… my own level of health and well being… how I live and care for myself to maintain that… what I bring to my interactions with others as a consequence of that self-care. I am consistently learning that it is not so much about what I do but how I am in what I do that makes all the difference. One of my Team Leaders recently said she noticed that my awareness of myself and how I am (“having an inner stillness”) is a powerful tool in my daily interactions with others.

A third reason that I admire Serge Benhayon’s work is because of the influence it has had on my capacity to choose, and the understanding I now have about what that really means. The understanding and connections I am beginning to enjoy with my patients, fellow professionals, clients, friends, family, and of course myself, feels amazingly different in a very lovely way – simply because of the choices I am now making.

These choices, I can thankfully say, directly relate to my experiences with Esoteric Breast Massage and all that Universal Medicine has offered: the choice to connect to myself and my body deeply, to honour myself as a woman, to be myself with others and not hide as I used to behind roles (particularly ‘the nurse’, but also mother, friend, wife, practitioner, etc), and to be more open and loving in a world that is very often afraid to be open, or indeed love. I no longer feel exhausted and overwhelmed by the sheer volume of work in the daily activities of my profession, I feel freer to be me naturally and approach life, including my work in nursing, with much more understanding and a deeper appreciation of people, their ills and their joys, than I ever had in the past.

It is almost 10 years since I first met Serge Benhayon and I find it impossible to correlate what the media has decided about him (without knowing him), to the man I know very well. Equally so, I find it impossible to correlate those misinforming media articles about Esoteric Breast Massage to the modality that I know, without a doubt, absolutely supports women to honour who they truly are.

What I saw and felt at that first meeting with Serge was a decent man who was actually very ordinary, entirely unimposing, and who over the years has consistently been so, with integrity, common sense and loving respect for BOTH men and women: just as importantly, he has a great family, whom it has been my privilege to observe also in their growing up to become the responsible, fun and loving people they are today.

I can’t think of truer role models.

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  1. EBM sessions are deeply honouring of women. The level of surrender you can go to during a session connects you to the universe and the depth of healing that is on offer is profound.

  2. I wonder why a modality that is completely respecting and honouring of women some people have wanted to lie about when there are so many modalities, as well as actions out in the world, that are not respecting of women that do not have so much ‘attention’. It makes me question not the EBM modality but instead the people saying untruths about it.

  3. Until I came across Serge Benhayon and UM I was completely unaware of the fact that I could make choices that would change my life, that I could choose self-love and to discern the energy of everything and anything before subscribing to it or to continue going along with it.

  4. I was talking to a family member recently about living life on the surface of say water, it’s like being one of those insects called a Pond skater they are able to skate on water without breaking the water surface tension. Under the water there is another life going on but because we are skating on the surface we are not aware of this. I have broken through the water tension as it were and discovered another world going on beneath the surface. There is so much more to life than I could ever have imagined it’s as though I had been sleep walking and suddenly woken up to discover a greater possibility to life. This has been made possible by listening and attending to the presentations of Universal Medicine these presentation constantly ask ‘ what if’ questions that allows everyone to question and discover for themselves the meaning to life and why we are here on this plane of life in a way that actually makes complete sense.

  5. What the media has decided about Serge Benhayon and his work is a deliberate misrepresentation of truth. It is not by absence of research, or any kind of ‘Whoops’. They have no excuse.

  6. I had never considered myself at all, I lived life on auto pilot, I never thought there was another way to live quite honestly. Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine has reflected back to me this other possibility to cherish myself deeply, it is a work in progress that others have noticed and all so want to try for themselves because they can feel the difference in me. The biggest inquiry is how come I am so calm and in control of myself. Well it’s all down to the teaching and workshops of Universal Medicine and Serge Benhayon.

  7. Absolutely Jeanette, Serge Benhayon is Living proof that there is such a person that we can all see as an equal who inspires through being a Lived example.

    1. I agree gregbarnes888, Serge Benhayon doesn’t ask or suggest to anyone to do anything he doesn’t do himself, he lives what he presents, as people say he ‘walks the talk’. Serge Benhayon offers a different focus on life by making the extraordinary ordinary, so that everyone can feel how easy it is.

  8. Thanks Jeanette, it’s s really beautiful response to the media and misinformation about Serge, Universal Medicine and the Esoteric Breast Massage (EBM). For me personally I haven’t found anything as common sense as what Universal Medicine offers, nor anything that actually works (such as the Universal Medicine therapies), nor received the support to be so self empowered in my self care and my relationship to myself and my self worth. Serge is really an extraordinary person and he is incredibly decent and respectful, and honouring of both men and women. The truth to me about anything is in the outcomes, and for me the outcomes of working with Universal Medicine for my health, overall wellbeing, and life in general (including work, relationships, etc) has been truly amazing.

  9. There is an integrity that speaks louder than words that comes from this man called Serge Benhayon – he has been and continues to be such an inspiration for me. Serge always presents the practical aspects of the lived wisdom of the Soul – no different to how Jeanette has shared in this blog the practical aspects and energetic aspects – and how to bring them together. There is so much information out there in the world, but little of it comes from a lived experience and hence it carries no true authority or inspiration, but when Serge Benhayon delivers, he only ever delivers that which he lives and you can feel how this holds far more ‘weight’ in terms of authority and inspiration.

    1. I agree with you Henrietta when you say “There is an integrity that speaks louder than words that comes from this man called Serge Benhayon ” What is said of him in the media is impossible to relate to if you know him. I was talking to a neighbour who has only heard of him via the media, and we agreed that we cannot believe what we read, hear, or watch because the media have their own agenda and often what they present is very far from the truth. Is it possible that the media is owned by a consciousness that doesn’t want the world to know about Serge Benhayon because he represents a way of living that has the ability to awaken humanity from their stupor? So it’s very easy for them to sow the seeds of lies and disseminate the lies rather than the truth as they hold the power of telecommunication.

  10. Jeanette, this is gorgeous what you have shared in the blog. And I also must agree with you regarding “some vital missing pieces that belong to the jigsaw puzzles called Medicine, Health and Life.” Serge Benhayon has been instrumental in my life too in offering a deeper understanding of this and also in finding these so called missing pieces and this has been one of the biggest blessings.

  11. It would be a great step forward if we were to understand that illness is a way of the body discarding an ill energy that has manifested in the body and not some sort of punishment. We have a tendency to blame God, someone, something for our ill health without looking at how we are living that is out of step with the harmonious flow of the universe. There is a flow and a rhythm to life that was known and has long since been forgotten.

  12. Serge Benhayon does have an energetic understanding of the causes of ill health in society, which I feel if combined with modern medicine would be of great service to humanity that seems to be struggling with ill health.

  13. As I become more aware and see that every relationship I encounter is determined from the relationship I have with myself it really is a wonderful marker from which to live my life by. Any sense of disharmony within my body and I am left to ponder and heal.

  14. This is a lovely exploration of being a woman and the support Esoteric Breast Massage can offer. I like the way there is the practical appreciation of breast care from a woman and nurses perspective as well as the shifts that have occurred on a personal level.

    1. Spot on Fiona – both aspects are needed for true health, healing and support for ourselves as women.

  15. To have somebody in life who is a constant reflection of truth and integrity is a true blessing, and Serge Benhayon is a man like this.

  16. I have known Serge Benhayon for 12 years and he has been, and is, a consistent presence of love, support and integrity in every way.

  17. To be offered the wisdom of what causes ill health has been a breath of fresh air… it has greatly supported me in my relationship to my health and well being offering me to look at and address the way I am living. Without this understanding I am left at the mercy of illness and disease.

  18. Five years on and the absolute lies in the media continue and not only just about Serge Benhayon. In fact it was from knowing Serge and then hearing what was printed about him that I realised just how much the media lies. Like the extent is literally shocking. SHOCKING! Recently I watched a programme where two ex-journalists were talking about jobs they had with newspapers in the UK and they both said just how much their job as a journalist was a lie, the lies they made up as well as the crime they were part of in paying organisations for money for information to then print. One likened it to working for the death star and said there was a fear that if he did not do things (print lies and make up stories) he would loose his job and ‘credibility”. Why as humanity do we allow this? This is not okay.

  19. Such a treasured sharing of honesty and integrity. It is our responsibility to set the record straight and I could not agree more – Serge is the real deal and I have found more truth in my life with him in it.

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