I Love that Match

by Alan Johnston, Pottsville, Australia 

May I tell you a few things I love?

I love the breadth and depth of expression that is coming through all the student blog posts. So uniquely and universally real.

I love each writer’s different way with words. The sense of how they set them to abide with each other and convey the whole. And within such honesty I love the words themselves, the sound, the form, the flow.

Which can be direct – as in the startling white herons I saw feeding at the feet of the ineffably lush sugar cane field…

Or indirect. I love metaphor and allegory – how they can unify the disparate and say so much with less. How they can point to what is real, how they can, as someone once said, ‘eff the ineffable’.

So I’ll finish with what I woke with.

You know how it is lighting a fire when the kindling and the gum leaves and the wood itself are damp all kind of smouldering and smoky a tinge of warmth hinting at what’s to come smells so sweet but probably you’re paused for that instant when soundlessly or maybe with a little whoosh the flames are just there and then they are and the instantaneous light and heat is so just fire and no two fires are the same and there’s the immediate dispelling of the cold mind and its comparing?

I love that, the inner flame, the way it is always there even after a damp spell.

And I love that match.


550 thoughts on “I Love that Match

  1. I love that, the inner flame, the way it is always there even after a damp spell.” Beautiful analogy for the flame of our Soul. I have had a damp spell of many, many lifetimes, like most of us, and am SO thankful for the match of Serge Benhayon.

    1. Yes, I wholeheartedly agree with you jstewart51 – there have been many damp spells over countless lives and I truly thank God for the match of Serge Benhayon, re-kindling the flame within me and to all, equally so, who are willing to do so.
      Serge’s fiery flame continues to be a huge beacon of light, lighting up the return path home to the love that we already are, but have chosen to forget long ago.

    1. Hear, hear Cjames2012, totally agree and I too love the words in this blog, they are like the matches that ignite our inner flame.

  2. I love how the flame is never truly out, its still smouldering just under the surface waiting for someone to give it a little tender, loving care.

  3. Yes, the inner flame is truly always there, no matter how damp it has been – and the match must surely be the Ageless Wisdom and what it brings and rekindles in us.

  4. Alan – I love re-reading this blog and appreciating the flow, harmony and eloquence in your words, describing the student blogs and comments and a reminder that our inner flame is always there for us to re-kindle and again re-ignite in full.
    “I love that, the inner flame, the way it is always there even after a damp spell”.

  5. Our inner flame is always there, no matter how much we try and dull it. The match that ignites it can occur in many ways, it can be a chance encounter, an illness/disease, an accident etc. The point is to embrace the match.

  6. Alan, you may love everyone’s writing and expression, but I mean come on…what you wrote is beautiful! Would love to read more of what you got to say. But I agree with you, it’s brilliant to read everyone’s unique way of writing and expressing.

  7. A very elegant, beautiful, and flowing sharing of truth Alan…high-lighting the power that is within us all, and how it is always available for us to fully claim and express it.

  8. I love the breadth and depth of expression that comes through you Alan; it is very much appreciated;
    “I love that, the inner flame, the way it is always there even after a damp spell”.

  9. Thank you Alan for sharing your appreciation of what is happening around you and bringing more light to the world.

  10. I love the simplicity and crispness of this blog. It reminded me that I love the small orchid I bought from an amateur grower this week. It sits near my window where it gets the morning sun and every time I look at it, it gladdens my heart. Now this is not an expression I have ever used before and I never thought I would but this little unpretentious orchid speaks to me with its simplicity and directness.

  11. Interesting, I haven’t read your blog in a while Alan, and when I came across your title, I thought it was about your experience with sports. After reading this, I too love that match, a match that is not about competition or separation but about reigniting our flame within.

  12. There is such exquisite gorgeousness to be found within each individual expression of those in appreciation of their re-ignition and connection to the flames within… but as a whole, all their words make up a life changing tapestry of 1000s of stitches each one delivering a love and beauty the world needs reminding of.

  13. Thank you Alan, there is so much inspiration and evolution on offer in the blogs of Universal Medicine students, and boy do they light a fire!

  14. Gorgeous Alan, pure grace and a gorgeous expression of appreciation for all that is offered in the writings of many other students. I love the pure joy and play of your words and how they invite you to meet them and express yourself, very beautiful.

  15. “I love that, the inner flame, the way it is always there even after a damp spell.” The inner flame never goes it is with us always, waiting patiently to be lit into a bigger flame, to bring our true essence to the service.

  16. The inner flame went on during this retreat and i planned to make the fire big as that is what is needed in the world.

  17. It is beautiful how the inner flame is always there even when then there is a damp spell, but that flame still holds strong to burn again in fullness.

  18. I love and am inspired by your glorious expression Alan. I also love the fact that the inner flame is always there, even in damp times.

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