Family Love

by Susan Green, Somerset, UK

We are All One Family
And we are all connected.

Family Love knows no bounds
It does not choose to love by race, colour or creed
Nor does it choose one family over another.

It holds no prejudices
Nor does it have favourites.
It does not separate, nor does it harm.

It is not cruel or unkind
And is not quick to chastise, judge or dismiss.

It is an all-encompassing, natural Love that stretches out to us all.
If we stop for a moment, we can see it every day, for it is all around us…

In the smile of a stranger

And the bright eyes of the young.

In the gentle touch of a friend

And the tender warmth of a mother

It forms the Strong Foundation upon which we Grow and Learn

That Family Love is for All

Equally so…

For this Love lies deep within the Heart of Everyone we meet.

711 thoughts on “Family Love

  1. “If we stop for a moment” – that is the key. And I wonder why we gravitate towards stimulation and constant motion.

  2. Love is so simple isn’t it, as soon as we go into details of differences like surname, gender, nationality, etc, we can be divided. Love and oneness go together.

  3. This is so Gorgeous. Re-defining or re-claiming the true meaning of the word family something I am feeling more and more of in my life and something I have felt and known to be true all my life. ‘It is an all-encompassing, natural Love that stretches out to us all. If we stop for a moment, we can see it every day, for it is all around us…’

  4. ‘…this Love lies deep within the Heart of Everyone we meet.’ If we came back to this every time we were annoyed by someone, felt threatened by the possible threat of another group of people, felt a lack of worth in ourselves etc. we’d have a chance to not go down the route of bigotry and division; we’d remember we are love; we’d be able to call people to account for any abusive behaviour but holding them in the love that lies deep within us all.

  5. We are all One is something we have little concept of, but when we understand that we are one Family and that there is no division or separation through borders or blood lines, then we will begin to feel the beholding love we are all from and returning to.

  6. I feel strongly how we are all one family and that it is not just those that are blood related to us that are our family. If we lived this way – loving and caring about everyone as if they were our family then there would be no need for loneliness – we could all support and be there for one another. I have this feeling in my community, that the elderly women in my neighbourhood are like my mothers and my sons grandmothers and that the same level of love, support and care can be for them and from them as if they were blood related.

  7. If God is our father as he is and we are all his equal children, as indeed we are, then we are naturally all one family. We have reduced this beauty and this truth down to be only if we are related by blood connection. This is tied up with another massive reduction we have made and that is to believe we are only human and we only live once. These lies will one day be seen for the lies that they are.

    1. True Ester, we must discard all the falsities we have taken on to return to the natural, beholding love we are.

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