Family Love

by Susan Green, Somerset, UK

We are All One Family
And we are all connected.

Family Love knows no bounds
It does not choose to love by race, colour or creed
Nor does it choose one family over another.

It holds no prejudices
Nor does it have favourites.
It does not separate, nor does it harm.

It is not cruel or unkind
And is not quick to chastise, judge or dismiss.

It is an all-encompassing, natural Love that stretches out to us all.
If we stop for a moment, we can see it every day, for it is all around us…

In the smile of a stranger

And the bright eyes of the young.

In the gentle touch of a friend

And the tender warmth of a mother

It forms the Strong Foundation upon which we Grow and Learn

That Family Love is for All

Equally so…

For this Love lies deep within the Heart of Everyone we meet.

652 thoughts on “Family Love

  1. So many signs of what is love – they are all simple, unimposing, absolutely everywhere with everyone all the time. It’s up to us to be open to share love in these simple ways so others can feel that it’s ok and perhaps respond – the more love is shared and reflected the greater the responses. One of the simplest and most precious gifts to All is to expand love equally.

  2. If I read this ten years ago I would have not known how that looked or if there was even such a family like that but after meeting Serge Benhayon and his family and seeing how they interact, how they love each other completely and honour with upmost appreciation who each one of them are, I can say wholeheartedly yes there are people living like this blog shares.

  3. Family love is so natural to us . And that’s why we can become so devastated when we enter in a so called family that is void of this love we innately know, from the deepest of our essence, a family should be.

  4. We hold a love within all of us that knows each and and every one of us are part of a larger wider family that includes all of use.

  5. “For this Love lies deep within the Heart of Everyone we meet.” And to learn to see this love in oneself and everyone else is beyond beautiful and precious to have.

  6. We spend our life learning to accept that other human beings are not quite as terrible as we think – but the truth is so much grander: we are all interlinked. In reality this family is no group but a oneness of man – you looking at you talking to you arguing with you, fighting with you hugging you, loving you. We are all literally the same. The rest is a game. Thank you for your expression Susan.

  7. Family defined in this blog feels so true to me, a warm place to gather together in the in the shared love we are all from.

  8. So beautiful to read this and appreciate how connected we all are. Thank you Susan for these words as a loving reminder that we are all one family.

  9. The sweetness of another’s smile, the hug with their heart, the truth that they speak, the warmth that they bring, their movements that light up the room, and laughter that’s like a delicious treat. These are the things that bring us real delight. We look for entertainment and respite but this connection is all we ever truly desire. The concept of Family is a reduction and misrepresentation of this true love we all can know. Why settle for ‘old times’ stories when we can treasure everyone that we know. Thank you for blowing family out of the water Susan.

  10. Love this Susan, if we all acted like this knowing we are all one family we would have no wars, wars only start in the belief we are separate.

  11. The word family is misused to bring separation between us all as we are indeed one big family of fellow brothers returning to their soul and to move on all together as one.

  12. Family is brotherhood – no separation by culture, blood, religion, gender….all the pillars that we have built to separate us from our one true heart.

  13. Why have we spent century’s applying Newton’s Third Law about equal and opposite reactions to everything on your list? Why do we put so much effort and force into Not being love? It becomes an isometric exercise, fighting ourselves.

  14. Love knows the essence we all equally share and hence is not prejudiced by race, colour, creed, religion – or any other form of separation we have created on Earth. It is a oneness that can never be divided in truth – whatever ideas we may impose up on it from our ignorance.

  15. Beautifully expressed Susan. We have shrunk the meaning of family down to individual units rather than the all encompassing reality that the whole of humanity is one family.

  16. ‘If we stop for a moment, we can see it every day, for it is all around us…’ always waiting with open arms to welcome us home and to walk with the all.

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