Family Love

by Susan Green, Somerset, UK

We are All One Family
And we are all connected.

Family Love knows no bounds
It does not choose to love by race, colour or creed
Nor does it choose one family over another.

It holds no prejudices
Nor does it have favourites.
It does not separate, nor does it harm.

It is not cruel or unkind
And is not quick to chastise, judge or dismiss.

It is an all-encompassing, natural Love that stretches out to us all.
If we stop for a moment, we can see it every day, for it is all around us…

In the smile of a stranger

And the bright eyes of the young.

In the gentle touch of a friend

And the tender warmth of a mother

It forms the Strong Foundation upon which we Grow and Learn

That Family Love is for All

Equally so…

For this Love lies deep within the Heart of Everyone we meet.

590 thoughts on “Family Love

  1. Love has no bounds and is not exclusive to blood lines, quite on the contrary. Some of the most atrocious behaviour is in fact occurring within family homes, as in domestic violence. The Family Love you speak about encompasses all of humanity, equally so.

    1. My recent understanding of Family Love has opened up many opportunities for me to connect to people in a way that I never would have before or though possible. Family Love that you and Susan shared here is one that makes total sense to me and I love everything about it. My heart sings when I connect to what Family Love means-‘encompasses all of humanity’.

  2. Such a timely blog for me to read Susan. Absolutely, the Love we feel is for us all, no one is better or is less. Whilst the ‘family unit’ we grow up with isn’t the true extent of what’s real, these people, our sisters, brothers, mothers, fathers deserve the equal care we treat others with. To cut them out or off simply because we believed the ‘nuclear family lie’ is not right or fair.

  3. Beautiful, beautiful blog Susan. Family love doesn’t just stay in our blood families, it can be expanded out to include everyone.

  4. “For this Love lies deep within the Heart of Everyone we meet.” So very true and we all know this.

  5. The love of another, the love of ourselves by ourselves, the love of just being, is true love. The image of a family as love can never reach that offered by true love.

  6. Mostly you feel in family life that they put their so called loved ones as most important. This shows the lie lived within the family. Nobody ever should be more important as we are all just one big family. Even more on the bigger scale of the universe we are just one. Can you imagine, we fight, we do horrible things to each other what we created all together and then one day we find out that we always were one. What a big illusion we put ourselves in.

  7. I love the truth that we are all one family and the equality for all that this message conveys. What you have expressed in this simple yet powerful statement is so true;
    “For this Love lies deep within the Heart of Everyone we meet.”

    1. Yes those words are very powerful “Love lies deep within the Heart of Everyone we meet”, that just sums it up so beautiful and simply.

  8. To come to the understanding that “We are All One Family And we are all connected” turns the age old belief that family is biological only on its head. This is one belief that is long overdue for dismantling as all around me I see families in pain, in separation and often hurting each other, people that they are naturally expected to love each other without reserve. To come to the knowing of what true family is has changed the narrow way I look at the world and as a result I now have one huge, love filled and ever expanding family.

  9. I always felt very open to feel that everybody is my family. No matter what they did, what religion they live, the color of their skin etc.
    That is who we naturally are, one with all. It cost a lot of energy to try to make that separation.

  10. When we look at today’s problems many of them are caused because we do not live true family, we are still concentrating on that which divides us rather then that which we are, in truth actually all made of – love.

  11. I love reading this blog, its a great reminder that love has no bounds, no colour, cast or race. It is freely openly there within is us all to share with everyone equally.

  12. A very beautiful blog to read Susan, I just love these words for they are so true;
    “For this Love lies deep within the Heart of Everyone we meet.”

  13. This is so simple in its delivery, that it is impossible to not feel the truth of what it holds, our love is there inside of us and by its living right, it is there to be shared with all.

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