Truth – I Can Feel it in my Bones

by Sarah Davis, Goonellabah NSW

Recently, a young women said something to me that I felt to be true. I have shared this in a piece called ‘The Truth of Love – Equally for All’. As a result, I found myself reflecting on what it was like to feel truth.

I knew at the time that what this young woman shared with me was true, as I could feel it in my whole body; I felt it as a “yes, I know that”. There was a feeling akin to ‘relief’ in my body; of something brought to my awareness that I wasn’t even fully aware I had lost. Upon hearing the truth in her words, I felt more complete, whole, more connected to a sense of the depths of ‘me’.

For me this was one of those awesome ‘wow!’ moments, where a possibility had been presented to me which I felt instantly and deeply as a truth, and one, which is often the case, that started my head spinning – a sign that old beliefs were being shaken.

I was left silent and in contemplation – it was a beautiful moment that I can still feel ‘living’ within me.

When I reflect on this moment I feel a confirmation that truth connects us more deeply to who we already are, which for me is akin to a ‘deep knowing’ that is always there: any truth, when felt, does this. From this I realise that the only ‘thing’ I am ever truly missing is my connection to this knowing, and nothing more. Truth then acts as a bridge or connector of sorts to the quality – this knowing – that is within me.

So what I felt as ‘relief’ was actually a deeper connection to who I already truly am – my whole body felt this as an expansion – like the ‘walls’ of my body spread out and touched everything around me. I felt beyond a doubt that what had been spoken by the young woman was true, I had already heard and knew what she was saying ‘intellectually’, but it was at this point that I actually felt it. Truth has this effect because it speaks to the part of us which ‘knows all’: when we are spoken to with truth, it is an opportunity for us to connect with and feel this part, this knowing – our ‘inner-most’ – more deeply; for it to come into our awareness. It is our body which instantly delivers this knowing, giving weight to that old adage ‘I can feel it in my bones’. That is, we know truth because it lives within us. When we feel truth, we are really feeling ourselves.

Truth for me always brings this feeling of connection if I allow myself to feel this simple and very natural state of being (for much can get in the way – the ‘struggles’ of the human being). This connection has been unfolding for me. Initially it felt like being reunited with an awesome old friend whom I’d lost contact with a long time ago and forgotten about – but remembered instantly when I heard (saw) them again. The feeling was one of celebration that we had re-connected with each other; life felt more complete now we were ‘back together’, we were more powerful together than apart, and I didn’t want to lose ‘what we had’. I now find myself deepening my understanding and feeling of truth, with no need to ‘hold on’ or ‘keep it’, or have a fear of losing it – for how can I lose something that is living within me?!

I have come to feel this more deeply, that truth lives within me and can never be lost or truly forgotten – and that my awareness of and connection to truth only ever depends on the choices I make in each moment.

Through Serge Benhayon’s presentations on ‘The Livingness’ and the many practitioners who are experts in their various healing modalities, I have experienced tremendous support in the form of practical tools, healing, and a deep sense of being loved and held in equalness. This has given me the opportunity to practice making choices which support my connection to me, my knowing, my ‘inner-most’: previously I had been living in a way that was not honouring of my body or my true feelings. Having the simple and practical tools to reconnect to who I naturally am has been so absolutely wonderful and brings me a tremendous sense of freedom to truly know that I am responsible for the quality of my life.

On a daily basis therefore, through the choices I am making to listen to my body – literally to ‘feel it in my bones’ – I am experiencing the truth that lives within me. This is a constant unfolding with an immeasurable depth of love, joy and glory.

The gift of being alive is that we all – equally – have the freedom to choose to re-connect to these depths within us – and as truth holds the same quality of that which lives within us, it is an invitation, a ‘call’ to feel all that we truly are.

602 thoughts on “Truth – I Can Feel it in my Bones

  1. How beautiful to be reminded that truth is living within. This to me is undeniable – though I have tried to dumb my awareness down it is always there to be reconnected to.

  2. When truth is spoken it is felt in every cell of the body, it ignites something deep within us, but we don’t always chose to listen to the great wisdom truth offers, because it will expose the comfortable lies we have accepted as being the truth.

  3. “I now find myself deepening my understanding and feeling of truth, with no need to ‘hold on’ or ‘keep it’, or have a fear of losing it – for how can I lose something that is living within me?!” – This statement is really powerful and one that explains for me why there have been times when I have felt really expanded and connected to that Truth and I have tried to protect that feeling as if it was fleeting, and withdraw from a certain situation or person who I felt was in a negative emotional state so I could maintain that connection with truth. But this is a falsity, because how can I be truly ‘connected to Truth’ while at the same time avoiding others and wanting that feeling just for me? Alternatively, I could have simply walked into those difficult situations, felt my expanded state, and known that it is my choice to contract or not, and offer that feeling of connection and joy to another through inspiration without any expectations.

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