Truth – I Can Feel it in my Bones

by Sarah Davis, Goonellabah NSW

Recently, a young women said something to me that I felt to be true. I have shared this in a piece called ‘The Truth of Love – Equally for All’. As a result, I found myself reflecting on what it was like to feel truth.

I knew at the time that what this young woman shared with me was true, as I could feel it in my whole body; I felt it as a “yes, I know that”. There was a feeling akin to ‘relief’ in my body; of something brought to my awareness that I wasn’t even fully aware I had lost. Upon hearing the truth in her words, I felt more complete, whole, more connected to a sense of the depths of ‘me’.

For me this was one of those awesome ‘wow!’ moments, where a possibility had been presented to me which I felt instantly and deeply as a truth, and one, which is often the case, that started my head spinning – a sign that old beliefs were being shaken.

I was left silent and in contemplation – it was a beautiful moment that I can still feel ‘living’ within me.

When I reflect on this moment I feel a confirmation that truth connects us more deeply to who we already are, which for me is akin to a ‘deep knowing’ that is always there: any truth, when felt, does this. From this I realise that the only ‘thing’ I am ever truly missing is my connection to this knowing, and nothing more. Truth then acts as a bridge or connector of sorts to the quality – this knowing – that is within me.

So what I felt as ‘relief’ was actually a deeper connection to who I already truly am – my whole body felt this as an expansion – like the ‘walls’ of my body spread out and touched everything around me. I felt beyond a doubt that what had been spoken by the young woman was true, I had already heard and knew what she was saying ‘intellectually’, but it was at this point that I actually felt it. Truth has this effect because it speaks to the part of us which ‘knows all’: when we are spoken to with truth, it is an opportunity for us to connect with and feel this part, this knowing – our ‘inner-most’ – more deeply; for it to come into our awareness. It is our body which instantly delivers this knowing, giving weight to that old adage ‘I can feel it in my bones’. That is, we know truth because it lives within us. When we feel truth, we are really feeling ourselves.

Truth for me always brings this feeling of connection if I allow myself to feel this simple and very natural state of being (for much can get in the way – the ‘struggles’ of the human being). This connection has been unfolding for me. Initially it felt like being reunited with an awesome old friend whom I’d lost contact with a long time ago and forgotten about – but remembered instantly when I heard (saw) them again. The feeling was one of celebration that we had re-connected with each other; life felt more complete now we were ‘back together’, we were more powerful together than apart, and I didn’t want to lose ‘what we had’. I now find myself deepening my understanding and feeling of truth, with no need to ‘hold on’ or ‘keep it’, or have a fear of losing it – for how can I lose something that is living within me?!

I have come to feel this more deeply, that truth lives within me and can never be lost or truly forgotten – and that my awareness of and connection to truth only ever depends on the choices I make in each moment.

Through Serge Benhayon’s presentations on ‘The Livingness’ and the many practitioners who are experts in their various healing modalities, I have experienced tremendous support in the form of practical tools, healing, and a deep sense of being loved and held in equalness. This has given me the opportunity to practice making choices which support my connection to me, my knowing, my ‘inner-most’: previously I had been living in a way that was not honouring of my body or my true feelings. Having the simple and practical tools to reconnect to who I naturally am has been so absolutely wonderful and brings me a tremendous sense of freedom to truly know that I am responsible for the quality of my life.

On a daily basis therefore, through the choices I am making to listen to my body – literally to ‘feel it in my bones’ – I am experiencing the truth that lives within me. This is a constant unfolding with an immeasurable depth of love, joy and glory.

The gift of being alive is that we all – equally – have the freedom to choose to re-connect to these depths within us – and as truth holds the same quality of that which lives within us, it is an invitation, a ‘call’ to feel all that we truly are.

518 thoughts on “Truth – I Can Feel it in my Bones

  1. Communicating and expressing from our bodies does feel entirely different to expressing from our minds in complete disconnect to the body.

    1. So true if someone expresses from their body it inspires something in me, it is like I understand it with every cell of my body rather than just trying to grasp it with my mind, like the vibration of it is passed on as well and it not being a mere regurgitation of words but a transmission of something more.

  2. When I first came to Universal Medicine and heard Serge Benhayon speak I could not remember what he said but there was something within me that knew that this was truth, this was what I had been waiting for and my whole body was feeling it but my mind could not grasp it. Truth is felt in the body and it is the mind that tries to prove or disprove it. Truth is a whole body experience and the more I listen to this the more I am able to discern what is true or not.

  3. the basic is : we have and know truth inside out, from head till toe and it reaches even more deep than our bones. So kick out any ideal or belief or thought that says it is something outside of you! It is absolute evil to think that and hence we have been fed beliefs that are not ours at all. Hence not the truth we know and we come from. Great great call Sarah – truth – you can feel it in your bones.

  4. The truth in our bodies without a doubt reflects the lightness of the oneness that we are, and are from. It is a quality that remains unchanged, and forever waiting for us to surrender to its harmony. When we are willing to know truth our bodies will guide us, as they are constellated to and continually do. It is only ourselves that choose to not know what is universally known within, the truth. And as such it also ourselves that can choose to walk in the power of knowing what is of this truth. As you have said so well Sarah – ‘…we know truth because it lives within us’ and this beautifully highlights how we can never be strangers when we connect to our truth within, for we are in essence united by a quality within that reflects who we all truly are.

  5. “We know truth because it lives within us. When we feel truth, we are really feeling ourselves.”

    What an offering to the reader here. To feel truth is to feel ourselves because it lies within us.

  6. It is so true that ‘feeing truth is feeling ourselves’ – and I can feel this in my bones. I am inspired by this blog to realise that none of our human struggles can actually remove us from the truth of who we are – unless we choose to make it so. This is a powerful realisation and brings awareness to me of how I have been giving power to life’s struggles unnecessarily. Thank you Sarah for sharing your awareness here.

  7. Love this, Sarah. It’s way beyond doubt for me now yet once upon a time, I would say doubt was the only thing I could be truly certain of!! Truth is felt in the bones, it’s an all encompassing knowing with no room for doubt because it’s just fills you from the inside out. Hearing truth is so powerful and I appreciate how you broke this down in terms of how your body responded. Learning how to accept and live with truth can take time, because it’s not easy to realise you haven’t been with it in the way you are in life. But the next beautiful thing is once truth is felt, you can’t go back!! It’s there in your body always waiting for you to simply be with it. Awesome.

  8. Thank you Sarah. I love your words “I feel a confirmation that truth connects us more deeply to who we already are, which for me is akin to a ” deep knowing” that is always there”

  9. Truth is an ever-present relationship that we can tune into or switch off… our dearest and oldest friend, our connection to the universe and pure, unending Joy when we live its way.

  10. The support that the Universal Medicine practitioners give to everyone does help us to reconnect to a knowing that is held within us all. For most people discover that they have not been taking care of themselves and the support are the tools that can be used to re-kindle the self care that we so deserve as we care more for ourselves the way we make choices become more self loving and as we settle more into our bodies the knock on effect of this is that we are more settled with others and less reactive to them and the world.

  11. It makes sense – the truth spoken by another resonates deeply inside of us because it is a part of us that is met in equalness and confirmed.

  12. Great sharing, when truth is spoken we can feel it in our body, as we know deep inside, our cells and particles feel it all. Like you say “‘I can feel it in my bones’. That is, we know truth because it lives within us. When we feel truth, we are really feeling ourselves.”

  13. Truth is deeply known in our bodies, so this makes me see how crazy it is to doubt our feelings. As it in most cases is the most clear and first thing we know, truth is there the second we are standing for a decision. Learning to see this and shift the trust from our minds to our bodies is the lesson we need to learn.

  14. “Truth connects us more deeply to who we already are, which for me is akin to a ‘deep knowing’ that is always there: any truth, when felt, does this.” I love your words here Sarah, this is what I feel truth to be too, when your whole body confirms what you have felt, and the power, simplicity, clarity and integrity of its quality is beautiful to feel.

  15. “We know truth because it lives within us. When we feel truth, we are really feeling ourselves.” Experiencing this is a joy indeed.

  16. ‘When we feel truth, we are really feeling ourselves.’ – So Beautifully put Sarah, I can feel the expansion and confirmation it brings.

  17. Thank you Sarah, I can feel the truth of what you have shared in my own body, all my cells resinate to your words of truth. This truth lives within all, connecting to it we connect to the all and each one equally. Truth brings with it, joy and expansion.

  18. It is interesting that when we allow ourselves to feel what is said as well as hear what is said how words can cause a feeling of expansion or contraction and this can indicate to us whether it is truth, meaning in resonance with our body and particles or not.

  19. There is this endless depth in all of us it looks we have forgotten but we didn’t really so. We closed ourselves to connect with this immense wisdom which is found through the re-connection with our body and our hearts.

  20. “Truth has this effect because it speaks to the part of us which ‘knows all’” Truth is felt so deeply because we all know it within us, but it is only felt when we stop and connect to our bodies, otherwise we miss the golden opportunity to learn and feel the divine wisdom on offer.

  21. Truth lives within us.. and it is this foundational truth that echoes throughout all the ancient wisdom of humanity and beyond, deep within us we know what is true, and so much frustration and anger comes from our dismissing this quiet voice of truth.

  22. Our bones and every particle in our body is attuned to truth. We have to do some serious overriding to not feel it.

  23. I love that we can choose to connect to what lies within at any moment, for we are empowered to live the life that is possible when love and truth lie at the foundation of every movement and expression. It is a shame so many of us have forgotten the magnitude of our inner most for it remains there patiently waiting for us to reconnect for it to show us how magnificent life truly can be.

  24. It is truly magnificent to feel truth and know it from inside of our body, knowing we hold ourselves dear and presenting a way of life that is in connection to the all that which we know that is true.

  25. The way you have expressed how you know by ‘feeling it in the bone’ is just exquisite and makes me wonder if I have ever actually allowed my whole body to really feel the ‘truth’ when I see/hear it. I can feel the responsibility I have been neglecting – to be aware and to take care of my body so that it would allow the vibration of truth to penetrate right through so that it can expand out. Could it be possible whenever I thought I understood/agreed/accepted the truth without that expansion, but only up in my head, I was actually collecting information and wanting to store it just for me? I know how truth feels amazingly beautiful, why wouldn’t I want to keep it for myself if I stop myself short of feeling the Oneness we come from?

  26. Love what you share here about feeling truth in our bodies Sarah, it is so true, however without the teachings of Universal Medicine I would still be blindly trying to make my way in life thinking that my gut feelings, or the satisfaction of having my needs met were an indicator of ‘truth’. To feel it as something that is expansive in the body was an amazing thing to discover, and to then use to navigate life. Knowing how I know things are true or not has been a very, VERY supportive awareness to develop.

  27. This is such a deeply confirming piece, that we do in fact know truth, but we just need to re-acquaint ourselves with it, and allow ourselves to deeply feel the inner knowing that is always there. It’s building a relationship with it so we know and feel it and absolutely honour it in every way. Reading this I feel the invite that truth offers us all.

  28. We have been taught the truth is always about something that actually happened and it usually came on the back of you being accused of telling a lie. Remember “tell the truth” and then people would gauge whether you have told enough of the truth for them to believe you. This article brings an important aspect to ‘truth’ as being a living thing, a living part of you, “On a daily basis therefore, through the choices I am making to listen to my body – literally to ‘feel it in my bones’ – I am experiencing the truth that lives within me.” We often think truth is just something we do or say in one part or in one moment, not thinking or realising that it’s actually something you live. This article brings the ‘truth’ of truth, it’s a consistent living or honouring of a deeper and deeper feeling within you.

  29. ‘On a daily basis therefore, through the choices I am making to listen to my body – literally to ‘feel it in my bones’ – I am experiencing the truth that lives within me.’ How important is it then to forever deepen the love and respect, the honouring of our bodies, to treat them as the precious vehicles they are.

  30. I took some fish from the freezer last night and this morning I went to prepare it but it didn’t feel too good, I smelt it and it didn’t smell fresh or inviting. I saw that it had been on special offer, probably bought on the last day of the sell by date. I often buy things on special offer to get a good deal but am I really getting a good deal? My body deserves the best and from now on I shall be more discerning and spend the extra pennies or even pounds and make sure I am delivering the best quality to my body from the outset. Now I also make sure I date everything that goes in to the freezer and do not let it stay there too long. After all what we eat makes up our blood and goes to our bones.

  31. Like a joker, we like to stash in our back pocket, to be called upon on a rainy day, it seems our feeling senses are things we rarely consider. When we are thinking what number to pick for the lotto or choosing what to cook for dinner, our feeling senses can be consulted. But more often than not they are relegated to second place, in deference to what is in our head. Worse than this they can be blatantly ignored, ruled out and obliterated from our landscape if they don’t suit. Yet the world we live in is made up of energy which we can’t help but constantly feel. No wonder we are exhausted and confused when we try so very hard to block what is so natural, out. Thank you Sarah for this reminder that using thoughts to override our feelings is only likely to break us.

  32. “We know truth because it lives within us. When we feel truth, we are really feeling ourselves.” It is so true that we know and feel truth in our bodies; it is thus incumbent on us to express the truth no matter the consequences. A beautiful reminder Sarah, thank you.

  33. “we know truth because it lives within us.” This is so true. When I first heard Serge Benhayon present he challenged the foundations upon which I lived, yet I recognised the Truth he presented and it over-rode all my resistance and I changed my life.

  34. Every cell in our body knows if something is true or not, we know it – every single part of us knows it, and the life that unfolds when we choose to live by this truth is immeasurably magnificent.

  35. An exposé of truth in the body. You can grasp the depth of it with the expression of Sarah: Connect, Surrender to it, Feel it, Confirm it, Expansion – allow it to come into your awareness. “It is our body which instantly delivers this knowing, giving weight to that old adage ‘I can feel it in my bones’.” Let that Love live within without- Cherish and celebrate You.

  36. “we know truth because it lives within us” this is so profound, when we stop to connect to this we can truly know when something is true or not, our radars are on. If we use this awareness in our every movement, in each moment we will be able to know what is true or not as it lives within us.

  37. Truth is always there for us to feel ‘in our bones’; a beautiful confirming blog to read Sarah, thank you.

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