Letters of Support for Belinda-Jane Hodgson & Esoteric Soulutions in Response to Media Reports (Part 4)

In November 2012 a well respected Esoteric Practitioner in Mackay became the target of illegal activity aimed at bringing disrepute to her business, the local paper then published a story… Rather than the intended harm, the illegal attack prompted an outpouring of support from the local community. Many appreciative clients sent letters to the paper both before and after the story went to print. The following are a selection of letters that the paper received.

by Justine Price, Mackay, Queensland

I am deeply saddened by the constant bullying and misleading allegations made about both Universal Medicine and Esoteric Soulutions here in Mackay. I have been a client of Esoteric Soulutions for 10 years, and have attended both the Universal Medicine clinic in Brisbane and Universal Medicine in Goonellabah for the past 3 years.

I don’t believe enough true journalistic reporting has been made on the positive stories about the thousands of people whose lives have been improved immensely since being involved with both Universal Medicine and Esoteric Soulutions.  I feel the people who are making these false claims toward Belinda-Jane are imposing their personal issues onto her and Universal Medicine.

As someone who has always been very successful and ticked all the boxes throughout my life, my body, bank account and loveless relationships were telling me otherwise. I ate food to cover my sadness, drank alcohol to numb my hurts and shopped to distract myself from the emptiness in my relationships.

Before Esoteric Soulutions, I could have been challenged by divorce like many are, but instead I have a great friendship with my ex-husband, and my well adjusted children are a testament to us both.  Through all the work I’ve done on myself to know me more with Belinda-Jane, I now live a more gentle, joyful life, with a loving partner, two beautiful children and a successful career that allows me to fulfill lots of personal travel and other business avenues. I’ve lost 20kilos, don’t drink alcohol and eat food that supports my body and health.

I first chose to see Belinda-Jane Hodgson at Esoteric Soulutions as I didn’t want to add any other complexities into my life: I simply wanted answers and change. I wanted to be more responsible for myself and inspire others, which I now do. It is through honest free will that I continue to see Belinda-Jane. She has an unwavering commitment to herself, her clients, her confidentiality and her integrity. From my first meeting with Belinda-Jane I felt her compassion and felt someone who truly understood me. Her professionalism (like all involved with Universal Medicine) is of the highest ethical standards.

I feel personally attacked that my choice to find a more harmonious and joyful life through Universal Medicine, Esoteric Soulutions or any other avenue I choose is judged, as the media continues to bully these inspiring organisations.

I trust you will write your article with all the facts in truth with professionalism.


 by Milli Khalu, Mackay, Queensland

I am 18 yrs old and I have been going to Belinda-Jane Hodgson’s clinic since I was 13. At the age of 12, I was diagnosed with epilepsy. After going to doctors and other clinics for over a year, I decided to try Belinda-Jane’s clinic. For the 1st year of seeing Belinda-Jane I continuously fell asleep in our sessions. I felt myself worn out all the time – I didn’t have the energy of a regular teenage girl. However, as I continued my sessions with Belinda-Jane I felt my energy slowly coming back to me. I felt I could finally control my body and my life. Still very ill, I was noticing this massive change in my life. I felt stronger, I felt more with myself, more focused and lighter rather than that heavy feeling weighing me down all the time. I finally felt I could start breathing on my own.

That is what Belinda-Jane’s work and studies at Universal Medicine is to me. My 1st breath of life. Some may not believe in what we do, might see it as wrong or maybe even as a cult. But it works for me.


by Linda Goggan, Cert III Massage, Diploma Phytotherapy, Multi Business Owner, Mackay, Queensland

I am writing to you today to tell of my experiences with Esoteric Soulutions and Universal Medicine. I did not read your report recently in the telegraph so obviously I am not able to comment on that, but I am aware that there is a lot of hurtful slander surrounding Belinda-Jane Hodgson of Esoteric Soulutions and Universal Medicine.

I have been a client of Belinda-Jane for a little over 10 years now and found her practices to be very helpful in assisting me to heal myself. Not ever once has she or any other practitioner associated with Universal Medicine, told or suggested to me that I need to do anything in regards to my lifestyle.

I have made the choice on my own over the years to make certain lifestyle changes, some big and some not so big. The first change was when I gave up smoking 3½ years ago: then I reduced my intake of dairy and gluten. I still occasionally have dairy and gluten and boy, don’t I feel terrible in my body afterwards – so that is why I choose to no longer have it or at least limit it (not because anyone told me not to have it).

I also stopped drinking alcohol about 7 months ago – this wasn’t really a conscious decision, I just didn’t drink anymore. However, I just went away with my husband to celebrate our 10th wedding anniversary and I had a couple of alcoholic beverages and well, since then I have not slept properly. So I am feeling in my body that there was simply too much sugar intake over the weekend, so I am now making the choice to not drink alcohol again as I just feel terrible now.

I also have found over the last couple of years that when I go to bed late (after 9pm), the next day I find it very difficult to function properly and clearly, so the obvious choice is to go to bed before 9 pm.

As I mentioned earlier, I just celebrated my 10th wedding anniversary with my husband and we have in fact been together for 12 years. My husband knew me before I became a client of Belinda-Jane and Esoteric Soulutions, and he has seen the positive changes in me over the years: he has also chosen to seek healing assistance from the same practitioners. He still eats gluten and dairy, he still goes to bed late and he still has the occasional drink of alcohol, but he can also feel what these things do to his body at times too, and tends to regret the indulgence.

No one judges him for his choices to continue doing things to his body that he knows aren’t healing, but it seems to me that those of us that choose to make lifestyle choices that support the health of our body are being completely ostracised: this is not ok. Yes, my husband and I have had our ups and downs when it comes to certain lifestyle choices, and the way in which our children are raised to have love for themselves (by limiting technology so they don’t completely check out and become numb to the world around them), but how is it any different to another couple fighting about money or kids.

My experience with Belinda-Jane and Universal Medicine has been nothing but loving and supportive, and I will say again that never once has anyone asked me to do anything other than to be truly loving to myself.

I hope you as a journalist can continue to remain even-handed with reporting any story and always continue your important role with integrity. After all, having a truth-full life with love and integrity is the real story, not what someone chooses to eat, drink and what time they decide to go to bed.

In conclusion, I will continue to support the healing practices of Belinda-Jane and Universal Medicine for as long as they remain loving and not imposing – which over the 10 years is the only things I have ever experienced with them.


by Michelle Borg, Mackay, Queensland

I felt sad reading the issue in your recent paper release regarding Universal Medicine and Belinda-Jane Hodgson (Esoteric Soulutions). I have been a client of Belinda-Jane’s for 10 years and have experienced consistent support, respect and nurturing. Over the years, Belinda-Jane has assisted me to open up and know myself more and gain clarity on situations in daily life – allowing me to function in a more loving and practical way.

There is absolutely no imposition or control. I have chosen to continue seeing Belinda-Jane as I feel more and more positive and clear in myself. I have more love, respect and take more responsibility in how I choose to be, therefore having more respect and love for others. Belinda-Jane is a beautiful woman with integrity and respect. I cannot make sense of how anyone could perceive her as being harmful when all she offers is support, guidance and love.

I have been involved with Universal Medicine for just over 2 years and met Serge Benhayon for the first time last year. My feelings are the same as I have for Belinda-Jane: respect and gratitude. Universal Medicine present and offer support, guidance and love to those who choose.  I choose LOVE.


by Sam Ward, Mackay, Queensland

I refer to your recent article about Esoteric Soulutions, Belinda-Jane Hodgson and Universal Medicine, and the claims that UniMed is a cult that has ‘established roots in Mackay’.

I have been a client of Esoteric Soulutions for several years and have been very satisfied with the level of care, respect and compassion Belinda-Jane has shown in our sessions. During some of our sessions I have spoken about very personal issues and my grief over losing my brother as a teenager, and the fall-out that followed in my family after his death. Having someone who shares my personal philosophy to help me make sense of my feelings has been very special.

Belinda-Jane has helped me find my own solutions to my problems; sometimes she has helped me face my responsibilities even if it has been hard to do. Never have I felt pressured to eat, sleep, move or be in a way other than what feels right for me at the time. I sometimes eat gluten and dairy, go to bed late and I listen to music most days. Surely if UniMed were a cult I would have been either punished or expelled by now for not following their so-called rules. Clearly these claims that Universal Medicine is a cult are ridiculous and not based in reality.

Other false claims about UniMed recommending not seeking traditional medicine to deal with sickness are also ridiculous. I see my GP whenever necessary, and have actually taken my son to the GP twice this week as he needed medical attention. My son needed antibiotics, and other medicines to heal an infected sore. This is something that neither UniMed nor Esoteric Soulutions would have an issue with: in my experience, we are encouraged to take responsibility for our body and treat it with traditional medicine whenever the need arises.

I feel like I have really benefitted from my sessions with Belinda-Jane Hodgson from Esoteric Soulutions. I have learned a lot about myself and feel like I am much more myself now. I am a better person, wife, mother, friend, daughter, sister. I am able to meet people with an open heart, look them in the eye and have real conversations with them because I am not so wrapped up in my own ‘stuff’ anymore. This is what I have gotten from my sessions at Esoteric Soulutions and Universal Medicine’s teachings.


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53 thoughts on “Letters of Support for Belinda-Jane Hodgson & Esoteric Soulutions in Response to Media Reports (Part 4)

  1. I have had the good fortune to know Belinda as one of my closest friends since I was 11 years old and can understand how her community would support her in this way by the love and care she inspires in people through her way of living and true love of people.

  2. It is very beautiful to read a set of letters from people in support of a truly healthy way of living. All that I have read here consistently speak of Belinda’s love, care and dedication towards herself and her clients and that never have they felt imposed upon. Belinda and the way she works is a much needed asset to our world.

    1. Quite so shevonsimon, I also found this comment to be very true. “I feel the people who are making these false claims toward Belinda-Jane are imposing their personal issues onto her and Universal Medicine”. We are all entitled to our own views on life. I don’t impose my way of life onto anyone, I respect people too much to do that. So I would appreciate that the same courtesy was given to me and anyone who feels that actually what Universal Medicine represents is clean living. Having tried this way of life I find I have more energy, am not stressing out at work and I am actually enjoying life and all that it offers.

  3. This is just beautiful, I love the very considered, practical and down to earth way these testimonials describe how people have changed their lives through the support of Belinda-Jane. And I especially love how each clearly states what they’ve chosen, how it works for them and that it’s not about any diktats or directives to be in a certain way. To have a practitioner who can support people in such a loving and open way is something special and to feel the appreciation that people have for this is absolutely lovely – I love how people can be so amazing and lovely.

    1. I agree Monica. These are great real testimonials of how taking some responsibility for one’s own life can help health and well being. This is what Universal Medicine and the esoteric modalities simply presents not dictates and, as stated in the testimonials, there is no judgement or expulsion or derision based on the choices one makes, just constant love and support.

  4. Belinda-Jane Hodgson of Esoteric Soulutions is a shining light in her community and she certainly is a very real take on life. A child seeing her since the age of 13 for five years says it works and whilst this may be too challenging or not what another wants, that does not make it wrong. The media have true life stories and plenty of them about this wise woman who is clearly living in a way that is helping and truly supporting her clients. Why print lies when there is so much here on offer that would inspire readers.

  5. People seem to forget that “complementary medicine” is exactly what the name suggests – mode of healing and medicine that works in conjunction with conventional medicine. This is a simple and clear definition, one that should not be confused with alternative medicine or alternative lifestyles that choose not to engage conventional medicine.

    1. So true delorme2013, no one can deny these statements of health, because it doesn’t just happen to one or two people the change in health and lifestyle has occurred with hundreds of people if not thousands, who by their own choices made changes because of their contact with Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine. We are a living testimony.

  6. It is awesome to see so many people responding to support Universal Medicine and the amazing practitioners associated with the modalities. There is an amazing story to cover here, will the media pick it up or are they already on to the next article full of lies and drama.

  7. These letters of support are a testament to the integrity and deep care of Belinda-Jane Hodgson. This is a common story with all who are associated with Universal medicine, practitioners and students alike. Unheard of with most organisations. Now that would be a story to tell.

  8. Through these beautiful testimonies – Belinda-Jane, Esoteric Solutions and all that is offered in love and support can be felt. Peoples lives have changed, their health, openness and the harmony with which that life is lived. The result of that flow-on to others is immeasurable. I am feeling it now, a beautiful gift to humanity.

  9. It seems to me that there are many many happy, well adjusted and healthy people living in the Mackay area. It also seems to me, that they attribute their enhanced wellbeing to the love and support from their Universal Medicine practitioner, Belinda-Jane. These stories are well worth hearing and celebrating.

  10. It appears what was written in the paper regarding Belinda-Jane and Universal Medicine was vindictive, malicious and intending to harm. Shame on both the journalist and paper in writing and allowing this, papers should be a source of truth and support for the community not a place to bitch. As one of the testimonies said ‘it seems to me that those of us that choose to make lifestyle choices that support the health of our body are being completely ostracised: this is not ok.’ Absolutely, why are people being picked on for how they are living .. especially when responsible choices they are making are benefitting their health tremendously. If the journalist in question had any sense, decency or actual care for others they would have seen this as a different story to share, one of inspiration on how people turned their lives around.

  11. Reading these testimonials there is a huge groundswell of support and appreciation for Belinda-Jane Hodgson and Universal Medicine. People of all ages and all walks of life have been so disgusted by the false article published in the local paper they have written the truth of their personal accounts to set the record straight.

  12. This shows how easily one person, in this case a reporter, can cause so much harm to others. If you write something and it reaches just one person then the harm could be seen as limited but if you press send and the recipients are the world then that is another picture. Knowing that SHOULD awaken those sleepy reporters that arrogantly write whatever they feel like just because they can.

  13. The attack is not an attack on a cult. I cannot be since there is no such a thing. It is an attack on people’s exercising free will and healing. This is what this force is against. It is against the fact that people are choosing their own light and feel how amazing they feel.

  14. Here we have more examples of true stories that are actually newsworthy. Yet it also exposes the nonsensical way the media have approached Universal Medicine and Belinda-Jane. Here we have testimonials that could support the health and well-being of everyone who reads the newspapers and yet they have chosen to favour sensationalism over the quality of the community.

  15. This letter by Justine is a great testament to how dedicated a person can be to turning their life around, and this can be seen especially in how willing she is to claim all the work she has done because of how appreciative her writing is of the journey she has been on. And of how unwilling she is to allow abuse towards herself and those who have supported her.

  16. It is obvious by these letters that Belinda-Jane is a true inspiration to her clients and deserves none of the lies printed by the media.

  17. It’s great to read these testimonials for Belinda-Jane, her community know the truth of her loving care of herself and all others and it is inspiring to read of the love reflecting back to her and against the smear campaign.

  18. Justine, to aspire in life to be more responsible for yourself and to inspire others, are both deeply beautiful aspirations to have, and your transformation after Universal Medicine, incredible. It is a disgrace that the media chooses to indirectly attack those who are making such inspiring choices in life alongside attacking those who have inspired them.

  19. Milli you are living proof of the enormous healing that is capable through the sessions that the media is far too quick to discredit.

  20. Linda I love that you have made choices based on how your body feels rather than from anything you might hear from the outside. A decision made from a lived experience is far more powerful than doing or not doing something based on something you believe you should or shouldn’t do. This is also the basis of the Universal Medicine presentations that are absolutely unimposing… for it is our life to choose to live as we wish. The media would do well not to print rubbish about an esoteric dogma that does not even exist.

  21. Michelle it is clear that you have the deepest respect and appreciation for what Belinda-Jane has inspired in you to be and live. If the media had researched the hearsay they assumed was true they would have found many similar stories and amazing testaments such as your own that counter all the lies and poor reporting.

  22. Sam, I love what you have shared and exposed about the ridiculousness of the cult claims and them not being based in reality… more ridiculous is the fact that the media is reporting such illusion when they are literally meant to be doing the opposite of writing the fiction they are. People deserve to read and know the truth, not regurgitated hearsay that causes much harm and ultimately serves no one.

  23. What comes through loud and clear from this selection of letters in support of Belinda-Jane is that they have all received support with whatever they have presented with and it has been their choice what changes they have chosen to make in their lives. That they all feel that they are far more productive members of society as a result of their sessions with Belinda-Jane is surely worthy of research given the ever-rising statistics around illness and disease in the rest of the world?

  24. It feels lovely to be reading such clearly honest and genuine accounts of the real experiences of so many ordinary people who have chosen to trust what they feel themselves and their real experiences even over and about the media proliferation of unfounded claims made by someone who knows nothing about it in real terms at all.

  25. It is a shame though that they have had to feel such dismay and unsettlement to be so insulted and discredited along with the MacKay practice by the suggestion that this is anything other than the great and deeply appreciated therapy centre it clearly is.

  26. Wow the difference that Belinda-Jane is making to people’s lives is obvious to read, if only the media had bothered to interview some of her clients and get the true picture of the amazing Esoteric Modalities and the support and love they offer everyone.

  27. What beautiful loving testaments to the work of Belinda-Jane and also the work of Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine. The quality of the practitioners says it all about the way practitioners are trained. But it’s more than the training, it’s the quality of the choices each practitioner is making in their own lives, that inspires clients and others to make changes in their own.

  28. Universal Medicine inspires and supports me to take responsibility for every choice I make in my life. Who or what organisation other than Universal Medicine supports me to do this? I understand taking responsibility for one’s own life is not for everybody as it can be very exposing and uncomfortable but I would not have it any other way as I know and it makes total sense to me that for us all to get along with one another we have to take responsibility for everything that happens to us as we have ultimately created it whether we like it or not.

  29. Terribly sad what we allow to be published about another for the sake of revenge or to get a pat on the back for delivering shock value articles. It’s so abhorrent, words can’t even describe the disappointment I personally feel when I hear such things.

  30. Beautiful to read a selection of the letters of support, there is definitely a more positive story here for the media should they decide to write an inspiring article that might change the lives of many.

  31. I have been associated with Universal Medicine for over 7 years now and whilst I don’t know Belinda-Jane Hodgson, I do know many of my fellow students. They are a wonderful group of people who are turning the tide on the current health and wellbeing issues faced globally. They are people who love to support each other and appreciate the amazing work each other does. Never have I met a group of people who are so loving of both themselves and of one another. The Universal Medicine student body is a true brotherhood being lived in the world today – and there is nothing exclusive about this group – everyone is welcome because deep down we know that we are all one and the same in our essence. How very sad it is that there are those in this world that would crush and demolish such an amazing ‘movement’. They do so in ignorance in my view – for if there was true awareness and understanding, there would be absolutely no motivation to do so.

  32. These letters of support demonstrate clearly that the writers have made many positive changes as a result of their own choices and there is no judgement if they continue to make choices that affect them negatively but only ever loving support to find their own path of healing. Surely this is what anyone would ask for – to be lovingly supported to make changes as and when they are ready to without any pressure to conform to a picture of how they should be.

  33. The Esoteric modalities that are available today are very unique in the way that they empower the client to seek healing from within themselves and not from any outer source. The healing practitioner is able to facilitate this but they are never the maker of it, they cannot actively heal, a person has to want to do that themselves in order for the session to work. So all of these wonderful people who are in support, are actually open to healing themselves and have found a place where this is honoured and supported.
    Which is beautiful and amazing.

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