Letters of Support for Belinda-Jane Hodgson & Esoteric Soulutions in Response to Media Reports (Part 5)

In November 2012 a well respected Esoteric Practitioner in Mackay became the target of illegal activity aimed at bringing disrepute to her business, the local paper then published a story… Rather than the intended harm, the illegal attack prompted an outpouring of support from the local community. Many appreciative clients sent letters to the paper both before and after the story went to print. The following are a selection of letters that the paper received.

by Theresa Boswell, Mackay, Queensland

I have never heard of anything so ridiculous as to call Esoteric Soulutions and Universal Medicine a cult. I ring to make an appointment, no different than when I visit my GP or dentist. How is this being in a cult, and what happened to free will?

Obviously there are some very sad people who have dreamt up this idea, who don’t want to take responsibility for their own actions and want to blame everyone else. There is nothing wrong with looking after yourself and being responsible for your own actions. Any treatment that myself and my family has had by Esoteric Soulutions has only ever helped and made our lives better. We are all living happy lives and making our own decisions. Doesn’t sound like a cult to me.


by Dean Whitling, Mackay/Brisbane

I’m writing to to relay my personal experience of both Universal Medicine and Belinda-Jane Hogdson. I have now lived in Brisbane for 2 years, but prior to that I lived and worked in Mackay for 10 years. I still own property there and visit regularly for work. I am a photographer and many people in Mackay will know who I am and have dealt with me for many years.

I started seeing Belinda-Jane after my wife visited her and suggested I might benefit too. I went along kicking and screaming, arrogant enough to feel there was nothing wrong with me – that I had it all worked out. I was resisting because Belinda-Jane has an uncanny ability to get me to look at my issues, and who wants to take responsibility for their issues… right? Gradually I came to experience that true self honesty and dealing with my stuff led to improved health and wellbeing, plus better relationships with others.

Around 2 years ago I started to attend Universal Medicine presentations and found something very similar: a message that asked me to first look at my own life and how I was treating myself, then to consider how my actions also impact others and the world around me. I pay to do courses and attend presentations by Serge Benhayon, just like I pay to do other types of courses for my business. This is done by my own free will, and I receive a benefit from the investment. Whether or not I attend anything is entirely up to me.

Lately there have been lots of media accusations that Universal Medicine is a cult and has duped its followers. I take offence to this. The suggestion is that I am a mindless cult member, unable to discern for myself that I am being ripped off somehow.

I can assure you this is not the case. Anyone reading this who knows me would not consider me a mindless cult follower. In fact, when I first saw Serge present, I was on the lookout for a scam – I probably wasted the first few presentations by focusing on this rather than the message. Instead, what I found was a consistency and a man that is truly inspiring.

What many may not know is that Serge has been around for a while. As well as running a full time healing clinic and courses, he has also written 6 books over the last 10 years, which are amazing works of philosophy. The message Serge has presented over this time is consistent and so simple that for many, it’s too simple. What I found is a message that just makes sense. Serge has consistently advised me to not take his word on anything, instead apply what he presents to my own life, then make up my own mind. That’s the total antithesis of a cult.

So the message is take care of yourself first, then you can worry about the world later. Things like alcohol, caffeine, dairy and wheat are simply not good for your body. That is a scientific fact. So ask yourself, why are you eating or drinking them? Going to bed early is a very self loving thing to do and you will sleep better, and feel better. We carry hurts from the past and these can be the reason we abuse ourselves with food and other things. Be honest with yourself about your actions. Always take responsibility for what happens in your life – for all of it.

I have applied all these things myself and found that they have worked. Note that they have worked for me in my personal situation. Whether or not they work for another is not my concern. As a member of a cult I should be forcing this down your throat, right? Only those that know me will be able to attest to its efficacy in my case.

There is some suggestion that Universal Medicine and/or Belinda-Jane have broken up marriages. Anyone with even the tiniest amount of common sense would know that is a ridiculous assertion. It is to suggest no responsibility at all for the two actually in the marriage.

And there is the rub, what I feel is at the core of the media accusations. Both Belinda-Jane and Serge are asking us to take responsibility for everything in our lives. For many this is simply too much to bear. It is way easier to blame something, anything, outside of ourselves. Truth and self honesty is not an easy path…  trust me, I know.

Belinda-Jane is a wonderfully caring and loving person who has had a hugely positive effect on my life. I know she has also helped many others in Mackay over the years, many people I know personally.  Now loving often means calling me out and delivering the tough love – it’s not all incense and candles. In fact, Belinda-Jane is one of the most honest and pragmatic people I know. She is insightful, yet tough enough to help me get beyond my arrogance and to the truth. For this I am eternally grateful and incredibly thankful.

On a final note, I find it interesting that throughout the smear campaign against Belinda-Jane and Universal Medicine, not one of the accusers has the courage to put their names to their accusations. Yet those involved in the so-called cult are happy to provide their names. As a cult member, shouldn’t I be the one hiding away, frightened of the backlash that comes with being branded this way?

Well I’m here to tell you that I fully support Belinda-Jane Hodgson in all that she does. I have known her for over 10 years and I am proud to say she is not only a wonderful practitioner, she is also my trusted friend.


by Leigh Strack, Mackay, Queensland

I have been an esoteric student for about 4 years and I am eternally grateful to Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine. I am also grateful to Belinda-Jane Hodgson – if it wasn’t for Belinda-Jane, I may have never found Serge. I have been going to Belinda-Jane for treatments for probably close to 10 years now, and she has helped me greatly – I have always found her to be honest, loving and supportive.

Belinda-Jane, Serge and the UniMed team have simply shown me a way to live that I had already felt for myself, but didn’t know how to actually live it. From an early age I had constant trouble with sinus and ear infections, and from the age of 21 I contracted asthma. I even had a couple of operations to open up my sinus passages. Nothing helped… I still had sinus constantly and lived on ventolin puffers and cortisone preventers daily.

I did change my diet when I first contracted asthma and stopped eating dairy – I did notice a difference then, but I was still eating wheat and I never completely cut dairy out: I would still eat a little something now and then, so my body was still creating mucous. It wasn’t until I became an esoteric student that I learnt that both dairy and wheat create mucous in the body. So I thought ok, I will stop eating both. The difference in my body is amazing. I no longer take any asthma medication.

Along with the diet change I am beginning to live in a way that is much more loving and respectful of my body. This is beginning to rub off with how I am with my family, in fact with how I live my life, and it feels lovely. So thank you Serge and Universal Medicine.


by Kym & James Suey, Mackay, Queensland

This letter is in regards to the article written by Melissa Grant in relation to the article about Universal Medicine and Mackay practitioner Belinda-Jane Hodgson. I felt the need to respond to the negative accusations in this article, particularly in reference to Belinda-Jane and her service to her clients, such as myself, in the Mackay and surrounding regions.

I have been a client of Belinda-Jane’s for close to 13 years. In this extensive time, Belinda-Jane has consulted with myself, my husband and my son for personal/emotional reasons. My husband had a serious motorbike accident in which he lost his left arm: I do not know where we would be today without the love, support and guidance Belinda-Jane gave us during this major life experience, on a professional level.

I feel that since Belinda-Jane has been affiliated with Universal Medicine there has been much speculation about the group, and a false sense of understanding as to what this group are involved in and what they ‘do’. Personally, I visit Belinda-Jane on a monthly basis and have visited Serge Benhayon on one occasion, last year. May I stress that on absolutely NO occasion have I ever felt influenced or pushed into any way of living that is destructive or cult-like, so I find it unfathomable that ‘people’ would not see Belinda-Jane’s ‘service’ as anymore than loving – genuine support that they have willingly participated or booked in a consultation.

I personally feel that the any ill-feeling that a person or persons may have with Belinda-Jane or Serge are from their own personal judgments based on a lack of understanding about what they ‘do’, or a fear in some way that they are unable to control the outcome.


by Steve Hunt, Mackay, Queensland

I would like to submit support for the local Universal Medicine practice here in Mackay. There has been a campaign by some nameless vindictive individual/s in Mackay to disrupt a local business by circulating discriminatory material in and near the place of work. I find the tactics used to be gutless and little short of extortion, trying to bring a legitimate healing practice that has been operating for over ten years to close.

I have been attending the Esoteric Soulutions’ clinic for the past five years and have found the staff to be very helpful, knowledgeable, loving and understanding in all matters of physical and mental wellbeing.

Belinda-Jane Hodgson’s dedication to her work goes beyond the average, with her always updating her qualifications constantly to be of better service to her clients. I have nothing but respect and admiration for the work that Belinda-Jane does and would have no trouble recommending her services.

I have also been attending courses, workshops and lectures put on by Universal Medicine and their founder Serge Benhayon over the past four years, and have found the information and support provided by them to be truthful, simple to understand and spot on. They are at the leading edge of working with conventional medicine, to asking the big questions which affect so many people these days… like why is humanity being diagnosed with so many cancers?  I have drawn on my personal experience from these talks to be aware that one is totally responsible for where they find themselves to be right now.


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94 thoughts on “Letters of Support for Belinda-Jane Hodgson & Esoteric Soulutions in Response to Media Reports (Part 5)

  1. RESPONSE TO LETTER 5 by Steve Hunt, Mackay, Queensland

    Thank you Steve, your response is felt. I love that about Universal Medicine too — they ask the BIG questions. I do not see or hear many other organisations doing the same?

  2. This is an example of supremacy alive and kicking in a modern day Australian culture – that this kind of propaganda is allowed to be printed and sold as news to denigrate and demonise a decent and respected member of the local community based on manufactured lies, and that this can be done without any responsibility or recourse is a travesty and should make us stop and take a good hard look at ourselves and our society.

  3. RESPONSE TO LETTER 4 by Kym & James Suey

    People can say anything they want and that is their freedom and right to do so however, if they are not being honest and transparent in where they are at they do not stand on equal ground and therefore ‘their truth’ will not hold up as being The Truth.

  4. RESPONSE TO LETTER 3 by Leigh Strack

    Living esoterically has lasting changes. The esoteric bodywork I have received I was able to kick behaviours for good. Anyone reading this that has tried to give up knowing it does not support you would know it is not easy to give away habits that have been relied upon so much. The Esoteric Healing modalities are a tremendous support to stop abusive behaviours.

  5. RESPONSE TO LETTER 2 by Dean Whitling,

    Hear Hear Dean! I have had the pleasure of meeting you and have also then acquired your services. You are a wonderful loving caring man that feels great to hang around. I have also being able to personally meet Belinda-Jane and she is one power-full lady very connected to what she brings. No cult here – prove it! Serge is inspiring without a doubt but so are these amazing people .. such is what inspiration brings – its infectious!

  6. RESPONSE TO LETTER 1 by Theresa Boswell

    It’s true how we are left to go at our own pace when attending Universal Medicine events especially healing courses even though Serge so lovingly checks to see we are all keeping up and understanding what is being presented. I have never felt imposed upon and I have developed an extensive withdrawing methodology in my way of dealing with my hurt and do not deal with being ‘pulled up’ so well. Serge in his understanding has always so deeply lovingly met me for how sensitive I am and honoured it as a quality and not something to withdraw from in this world. I have never experienced so much love and holding. Its home to me being at UniMed events. I cherish the space deeply in any opportunity I have to attend events.

  7. Belinda-Jane Hodgson’s dedication and professionalism towards her clients shines through these letters of support and it is a privilege to read them and feel how much she is offering the community. Those nameless cowards who made the vindictive accusations aimed at putting her out of business have had completely the opposite effect which is gratifying but it should never have happened and it is a travesty that so many years later little has changed and the internet is still not being policed in a meaningful way which would prevent those intent on posting defamatory material online from wreaking havoc in others lives with no accountability.

  8. ‘That’s the total antithesis of a cult.’ This is my experience too. My association with Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine now spans the past 7 years and during that time I have become aware of and let go of many self-limiting beliefs and ideals leaving more open, expressive and loving than ever before. If this is a cult then it’s one I am very happy to be a part of. But it isn’t of course. It is quite the opposite as is reported here.

  9. One of the accusations often made against so called cults is that they coerce their followers to engage in bizarre, dangerous and anti-social behaviour however how it is very clear that Universal Medicine simply supports people to take more care of themselves with very simple practical presentations which is definitely not bizarre, dangerous or anti-social in anyway and in fact the complete opposite – super simple, common sense and super-supportive for all people and communities.

  10. These kind of media reports undoubtedly cause gossip which is dangerous because it impacts a lot of innocent people, super that there are letters of support that give a totally different perspective.

  11. In spite of any baseless allegations, the only truth lies in what Esoteric practitioners are able to offer and deliver to the people that want to contract their services and the increasing connection with wellness they feel which allow them to build a new foundation for life.

  12. One of the main things that I have heard presented by Universal Medicine is to live a responsible life which includes honouring my responsibility to the human race by fully engaging in life and the community I live in, which is the complete opposite to the usual consciousness of cults which is all about being insular, separative and exclusive.

  13. As a person and practitioner my own experience of Belinda-Jane Hodgson has always been and still is that of a truly caring, committed person with a level of integrity and responsibility that can be rare in any service, business or social environment. Some people don’t like to feel the overall reflection of being fully responsible for life and that’s ok, but if it comes to casting irresponsibility back because of feeling uncomfortable – this is not ok.

  14. We often think of love as being emotional and a giving of oneself without first giving to self but I have been gratefully re-awakened through Universal Medicine to the fact that this way of being is far from true love and the way to truly love another begins with loving the self first.

  15. What a beautiful outpouring of support. Gossip and lies don’t stand a chance in the face of such support.

  16. I read these testimonials and wonder when will someone in the media interview those who have written their own stories, for they are quite incredible, rather than relying on the second hand stories of others. We know how stories change as they get passed along. Why not go to the original source?

  17. These letters by the community in support of Universal Medicine and Belinda-Jane Hodgson are beautiful to read. How powerful we are as a community when we stand united and speak out against the harm done by certain journalists who are making false allegations and writing sensationalist stories without any regard for the impact on those people’s lives, reputations or their businesses.

  18. On face value it may seem easier to play the victim and blame everyone and everything else for our issues rather than take full responsibility for everything that has happened in our lives but in the long run it’s not. You are merely accumulating more layers of more issues that all continue to feed each other.

  19. Belinda-Jane’s work is clearly, much as my own the other side of the world, truly serving these very appreciative people who all choose to attend of their own freely discerning will and common sense. As indicated here, working on yourself can be very exposing and not for all, and that is fine. Clearly that unsettles some to an extraordinary degree who don’t want to go there. May I remind them, they don’t have to.

    1. Yes, no one is forcing, coercing or manipulating anyone here. Every choice is honoured to the full and the honouring of choice is absolutely fundamental to all that Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine do.

  20. The very open and honest testimonials here fully disclosing their own names and standing up for the heartfelt truth feels extremely solid, transparent and frankly real, in contrast to the anonymous accusations they refer to. Thank you to all those who are prepared to speak out in all parts of this compilation.

  21. I don’t need to read the article that prompted these letters to know that a great injustice was done that was aimed at discrediting Belinda-Jane Hodgson, Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine. I am struck by the fact that each testimonial provided here includes the full name of the person who wrote it. Each and every person that has expressed here has done so with absolute integrity and that also goes for those who have commented.

  22. Beautiful to feel the heartfelt support of the local community for Belinda-Jane Hodgson and how they are willing to go on record as opposed to the anonymous individuals who were trying to destroy her business. Thank you for sharing this selection of letters which demonstrate the diversity of clients and the dedication and support that they have all received and no doubt continue to receive.

  23. Thanks Theresa for this collection of writings confirming all that can be felt as true in Belinda Jane Hodgson and Serge Benhayon. We all have the opportunity when we are exposed to something that is being attacked by the Media, to try it ourselves in order to feel the quality of integrity, responsibility and love. For those that feel to judge first, this would be my recommendation – the truth will be truly felt then and the lies the Media have written will be exposed.

  24. Kim and James, there is an enormous lack of understanding about what Universal Medicine does or awareness of the genuine loving support offered…. largely because the media have not researched them appropriately, opting instead for repeating hearsay and gossip ending up in a classic case of Chinese whispers.

  25. Leigh, I too have noticed that the more loving and respectful I am with myself and my body, how this has changed the way I am with others. My relationship with my family especially has completely transformed from this. It is a truly gorgeous knock on effect of being inspired to live the loving principles that Universal Medicine presents… and is an effect I am deeply grateful for.

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