Letters of Support for Belinda-Jane Hodgson & Esoteric Soulutions in Response to Media Reports (Part 3)

In November 2012 a well respected Esoteric Practitioner in Mackay became the target of illegal activity aimed at bringing disrepute to her business, the local paper then published a story… Rather than the intended harm, the illegal attack prompted an outpouring of support from the local community. Many appreciative clients sent letters to the paper both before and after the story went to print. The following are a selection of letters that the paper received.

by Emily Newman, Mackay, Queensland

I’m writing in regards to the article about Universal Medicine and Belinda-Jane Hodgson, published on the 3rd of November 2012. I have had nothing but complete love and support from anyone associated with Universal Medicine, including those that are not practitioners.

I’m seventeen and have been attending universal medicine courses for a little over a year now… I don’t drink anymore, or smoke, or stay out late. I eat what makes me feel good and go to bed early. I am more open with people and have made better friends than I would have beforehand. I don’t have glandular fever, and have stopped making myself throw up because I thought I wasn’t good enough. I’ve stopped partying, getting smashed and having sex with people I regret the next day. How is any of this bad? You may say that these are normal teenager things, but why? Why is destroying yourself a normal thing?

If I didn’t have the love and support offered to me by Universal Medicine practitioners like Belinda-Jane, none of this would have changed. Sure my parents would have found out and tried to help, but I would still feel desperately unhappy and alone – and crappy about myself. So why is there all this negative attention from the media and from other people? No-one fights against religion, why are they fighting this? If you talk to any esoteric student they will say that their life has improved somehow. The only reason there are allegations of Universal Medicine being a cult is because what Serge Benhayon presents goes against all current behavior – that doesn’t mean it’s bad.

The fact that people are posting derogatory allegations and not showing identity is ridiculous. That sort of stuff doesn’t even happen at high school; if it did, it is more likely to happen with a bit more backbone (believe me, I know). Bullying in the slightest degree is not tolerated at school, and if it happens to the extent of these ‘hate blogs’ the police get involved (again, believe me, I’ve had a friend experience it). These people ‘advertising’ this aren’t in high school, why are they acting like it? It is a sad thought that people have the freedom to hate others, but not the freedom to show love for everyone around them.

It’s sad that how society is, is normal. Things like drugs, alcohol, readily available porn, promiscuous sex at a young age and simple denigration of women throughout the media is normal. Why? I had a friend at school (who knows nothing of Serge or Belinda-Jane) say that women are becoming more masculine to get equality, and that it is not working. She is right: boys in my school were watching porn in the middle of class. What picture does this paint against women? If people stopped and looked (like I was doing before I even started seeing Belinda-Jane and going to Universal Medicine courses), they would see that there is something very wrong in the way we are living.


by Pauline Townsend, Mackay, Queensland

I have just heard about the local person/persons who have been slandering Belinda-Jane Hodgson’s name, as well as Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine. This shows the true depth of their character, when they hide behind anonymity, whilst slandering a person who works from love and truth. It’s certainly time the government stepped in and brought in legislation to protect the innocent parties. It both saddens and sickens me that there are people out there who so easily go about in their ignorance and cast aspersions on a person’s integrity and beliefs.

Truth will always shine through – however, that does not stop some of these lies from affecting you or your business. For my part, I am more than happy to give people my experience of esoteric healing and give them a more truthful and balanced view of your work, Belinda-Jane.  I hold you in the highest esteem and thank you for the love and support you have given me over the 10 years we’ve been associated.


by Sonya Johnson, Mackay, Queensland

I am deeply disappointed by the false allegations that have been made against Esoteric Soulutions and Universal Medicine in your last edition. My experiences with Esoteric Soulutions and Universal Medicine have always left me inspired to consider if I am making choices that actually make sense, and whether they support true health in my body and in my relationships.

It is ridiculous to label an everyday free-thinking woman as “being in a cult” because she has chosen to live in a way that respects her body and commits to building gentleness and understanding in her life.

I’d like to express my thanks to Belinda-Jane Hodgson, Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine for being an unwavering example of loving consistency, in showing that any of us can choose to live in a way that is loving and respectful to ourselves and one another.


by Jodie Taylor, Mackay, Queensland

I wish to express my feelings on the attacks that have been made towards Belinda-Jane Hodgson (Esoteric Soulutions) and Universal Medicine. I have been going to Esoteric Soulutions and seeing Belinda-Jane for the past 4 years, and have been to Universal Medicine in Goonellabah. I have changed my life and I am happier and healthier than ever.

The article in the Mackay Telegraph on Saturday the 3rd November 2012 was simply attacking people that CHOOSE for themselves to heal themselves in a loving way… what is so wrong with that?

I have personally experienced a separation as well, just like quite a few people have: yes, it hurts, but we all have to take RESPONSIBILITY for that and NOT BLAME Universal Medicine or Belinda-Jane Hodgson. Blaming is the easy way out. Universal Medicine or Esoteric Soulutions is NOT a CULT: they do not, and have not once told me, what I should do and how I should do it in my life… it is free choice for every individual with what it is they truly feel.

The big news teams talk about bullying all over the world, and this is exactly what this attack is – bullying everyday people that are making a choice to self heal. Why is that so bad? What gives people the right to attack in such a way that hurts and imprints a lot of anger and nasty energy into the world – as if there is not enough of that already? I am just choosing to live a Happy, Healthy Life full of LOVE (that just feels so good to say that, it makes me smile).

I have Belinda-Jane Hodgson from Esoteric Soulutions in Mackay and Universal Medicine to thank for that… and myself.


by Ann-Marie Kenmuir, Mackay, Queensland

I have been greatly inspired by my son who lives the way of Universal Medicine (UniMed) (note: I did not say follows). The change in him since choosing this lifestyle has been nothing short of phenomenal. Amongst other things – from a sometimes aggressive, not too healthy, weekend binge-drinking individual, he has morphed into a healthy, very contented, very caring and loving man who now surprises me with his wisdom. This is all due to his interest in UniMed.

At first I was a little sceptical, but after witnessing this tremendous change I decided to investigate UniMed for myself. Well, what a surprise. To cut a long story short, I found the teachings and presentations fascinating because they all make perfect sense.

I am a sixty-one year old woman who has seen the world and lived a full life and I don’t need blind Freddie to tell me that there is something drastically wrong with our present way of living – IT IS NOT WORKING! Universal Medicine, for me and many others, has some answers that simply work. I also now live my life in that same way because it makes such perfect sense. Simple. So, I don’t know what the problem is with this hate campaign against UniMed and Esoteric Soulutions. Surely anyone (the media included) with any common sense would have to doubt the integrity of anyone who composes and distributes hate mail.

Why is it that the media feeds off these cowardly individuals who cower behind their anonymity? Why are they taken at their word without proper investigation? What’s wrong with getting the truth and the facts straight – first?

It is my choice to make the life I live my medicine – and if that is a crime, I plead guilty!


by Brett Hall Mackay, Queensland

I understand the Mackay Telegraph is planning to run a story in this week’s paper about Universal Medicine (UniMed) and a local practitioner.

In light of the recent controversial and negative attacks against Universal Medicine in some of the southern papers, I wanted to share my own experience with you in the hope that it might assist you in writing an article that is in truth.

I have been a UniMed student since 2008. Over the last 4 years I have developed a greater awareness of living my truth and expressing from my heart through the teachings of Universal Medicine and Serge Benhayon. It has helped me become more connected and enjoy more loving relationships with family and friends. Most importantly my growth has been at my pace and of my choosing… no one else’s.

I have heard recent media reports describing Universal Medicine as a ‘Cult’ with mindless followers (mostly women), leaving their loved ones, following strict dietary regimes and other strange practices. I have been to presentations and retreats and have never witnessed or heard of any one being told to do any of the above.

I also understand that what I believe in may not be what the next person believes in, and I respect that.

Does that give the media the right to side with that person’s opinion and beliefs in order to sensationalise a story for the purpose of selling more papers and obtaining ratings etc??


by Mary Ellen Bidner, Mackay, Queensland 

This is in response to an article in the Mackay Telegraph in relation to Belinda-Jane Hodgson, her work as a practitioner at Esoteric Soulutions at Eimeo, and her association with Universal Medicine.

We – all of us – have issues that we carry from our childhoods and our subsequent interactions with others, as both children and adults. By issues, I mean things that affect us and lead us to feel hurt, angry, sad etc. No-one is immune to this. We may do one of two things. We may allow these hurts to remain and allow the momentum of such hurts to impact how we operate as adults, or we may take some time to feel the original hurt we felt, without lingering there, and thus clear ourselves of such harmful and destructive patterns.

Belinda-Jane Hodgson is simply a woman who has herself chosen to feel what has been her experience, and then as a result live a more loving and considerate life – considerate of herself, and then as a natural consequence, considerate of others. That she has chosen to do that, and then lovingly assist others to do the same, is to be acknowledged rather than abhorred.

Belinda-Jane asks no-one to follow her path: she simply and truthfully assists one to see and feel where they themselves may still be living in the momentum of past hurts and fears. Is this way to live difficult? Not at all. Are these admissions to our own ‘lovelessness’ confronting? By all means.

Universal Medicine is not a cult and nor is Belinda-Jane a member of a cult by association. She, and the staff at UniMed, are a group of dedicated people who have chosen love over pain. For those detractors to such ways of living – don’t go there if you don’t feel to do the same, but also – don’t judge and attempt to bully those of us who do wish to lead more simple and loving lives.

It really is that simple.


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74 thoughts on “Letters of Support for Belinda-Jane Hodgson & Esoteric Soulutions in Response to Media Reports (Part 3)

  1. Why is it that society does not truly value the possibility of enhancing our wellbeing? Answering this will help us understand how and why media articles can simply sell falsities to a public that prefer to live in a certain quality and construct life around it as if it were the only possibility.

  2. Response to Mary Ellen Bidner:

    This is a classic read. The beautiful thing about Universal Medicine is you understand where you are at through connection to your body. Knowing this through honesty anyone can essentially be a practitioner and support another. Anyone in detracting energy is not connected and therefore resisting. My experience of resisting my thoughts are quite negative and not honouring of my body and therefore circumstances around me.

  3. In response to Brett Hall:

    “It has helped me become more connected and enjoy more loving relationships with family and friends.” Because of Universal Medicine my relationships have deepened immensely. I am able to connect to a complete stranger .. Work colleagues are great example in how much they respect me and what we are able to achieve together is priceless. Connecting to people and working together adds another dimension and quality to life.

  4. In response to Ann-Marie Kenmuir

    It is like a past medieval act to circulate hate mail and put someone to ‘sleep’ and shut them down. This old energy has shown to not work in the past. We need to really study our history and truly learn from our mistakes.

  5. In response to Jodie Taylor:

    What I like about the Esoteric is that it goes to the root cause specifically for each person’s body. So, how can the clients and students be told what to do? Each and everyone are different thus why there is group work to extract out personally what it is for you.

  6. In response to Sonya Johnson:

    I would also like to thank Belinda-Jane and Serge Benhayon for showing us how to live with consistency. I have seen some who live with consistency in something in life but at some point or another they stop. The esoteric way never dies, stops or retires. It lasts to the very end.

  7. Response to Pauline Townsend:

    I am truly touched how there is genuine testimony after testimony of Belinda-Jane’s Esoteric Solutions; with many dating up to 10 years or more — that is saying something!

  8. What becomes really apparent when reading these letters is how very important it is to raise our voice when there is true good happening in this world. We have come accustomed to allowing the vileness and ugliness that is so prevalent in our world to just run its cause, turn a blind eye or completely give up, but if we do not express the truth that we see and feel deep inside, that what we have allowed the world to become will not change.

  9. The true voices of each of the individuals who have written letters of support can clearly be felt and Jodie Taylor poses a great question when she points out that the Mackay Telegraph is ‘simply attacking people that CHOOSE for themselves to heal themselves in a loving way… what is so wrong with that?’ In a world where so many have abdicated responsibility for healing their emotional and physical hurts at great cost to health systems around the world a group of people who are prepared to lovingly work on themselves and their hurts is unusual but also much needed and only poses a threat to those who have a vested interest in maintaining the status quo.

  10. What amazing letters, this line really nails it: “Don’t go there if you don’t feel to do the same, but also – don’t judge and attempt to bully those of us who do wish to lead more simple and loving lives” It shows such a great understanding of life and people and how everything works.

  11. With all these amazing letters of support, you would think the media might realise that there is actually a fascinating story to be told here, how ordinary people are changing the way that they live, and the positive impact that is having on themselves, their family and their local community.

  12. A proven record of helping people to overcome difficult conditions and to live a life that is much more honouring of themselves is all that is needed to simply say no to the lies.

  13. The changes these people have made because of their involvement with Universal Medicine and Belinda-Jane Hodgson are incredible and music to my ears. It is stories like these that unfortunately don’t get printed because we don’t want to hear about others taking responsibility for their lives because it exposes us and where we are at but I say bring it on because not only are they inspiring but I know they are telling the truth.

  14. These series of letter are incredible and to support a person who you know in this way is very healing. One of the things that hurts us more than the effect of being bullied or spoken about in a way that does not reflect who we are, is that others we know do not do not speak out for us. They may hear someone say something or do something but do not challenge this. This is of course one of the ways that bullying is perpetuated because it is everyone’s responsibility. That’s why these blog are so inspiring, because it’s setting the path straight and stating the truth.

  15. When a practitioner works with integrity, openness and love, there is clearly never a shortage of support for such a person

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