Letters of Support for Belinda-Jane Hodgson & Esoteric Soulutions in Response to Media Reports (Part 2)

In November 2012 a well respected Esoteric Practitioner in Mackay became the target of illegal activity aimed at bringing disrepute to her business, the local paper then published a story… Rather than the intended harm, the illegal attack prompted an outpouring of support from the local community. Many appreciative clients sent letters to the paper both before and after the story went to print. The following are a selection of letters that the paper received.

by Jo Smith, Heavy Equipment Operator, Mackay, Queensland

I wish to respond to a recent article that your newspaper printed on the 3rd of November 2012 concerning Universal Medicine and a local business, Esoteric Soulutions, regarding unsubstantiated claims they are part of a large cult movement.

What I find truly amazing is the furore that has been created by a small group of disgruntled people and that newspapers find this newsworthy. I have been privy to a number of newspaper articles, including yours, that have yet to print a balanced, honest and truthful account of Universe Medicine healing practice and the practitioners associated with it.

Unfortunately it seems that in our society you are guilty until proven innocent, and not the other way around. Mud sticks. Professional, dedicated and ethical practitioners with the highest of integrity who provide non-invasive healing treatments and a health service to the community, are being crucified in the media and by anonymous sources.  As to the anonymous sources, if you truly believe in your conviction that Universal Medicine is a cult, don’t hide behind anonymous blogs and letter drops that are filled with slanderous and defamatory information which cannot be addressed. If you so strongly believe that you are right, then seek a forum that is open and honest and gives all stakeholders involved in the process a right to respond.

Media organizations like yourself need to start taking some responsibility for the misleading information you print, gleaned from half-truths and used in a persuasive manner to guide the reader to make certain assumptions about what is being said. Stop pandering to these so called anonymous sources. The livelihoods of these businesses and the lives of these practitioners are being damaged and denigrated, and there is no recompense from the anonymous sources, or the media.  Actions have consequences; if are going to write misleading facts and information out of context, then you also should be held accountable for the printing of those unfounded comments that are disparaging a person’s personal and professional beliefs, and will ultimately affect their livelihood.

In your article you have written that some of the people that contacted your paper to criticise Universal Medicine (UniMed) do not want to be named, fearing backlash and harassment from those involved in UM. But what about the people and their families who have contacted your paper to support UniMed, and given their names because they believe in UniMed teachings? Who is protecting their rights to choose to live a life that is harmonious, loving and honoring to themselves? Who is protecting them from receiving the backlash and harassment?

I have attended both Esoteric Soulutions and Universal Medicine clinics and had nothing but positive experiences in the treatments I received.  On a personal note, I have known Ms Hodgson for a number of years and know that she is committed to living a life that honours and respects not just herself, but anyone she treats in her clinic.

Why are we persecuting people who are exercising their choice to avoid drugs, alcohol, and strong stimulants, and who wish to live a clean healthy life that preserves and cherishes the body? Is that not what all our elite athletes do? Is that not what most doctors and health organisations would encourage? In a world where there is much hatred and angst, why are we crucifying associations like Universal Medicine that encourage individuals to be more loving and nurturing to themselves and anyone that they come in contact with?

I know what life I would choose.


by Nicole Blucher, Mackay, Queensland

I find it appalling that a Mackay paper has got on the ridiculous bandwagon of the outrageous claims made by southern newspapers.  It is a case of ‘times are desperate’ and they will do anything to sell newspapers. I think it is horrifying that in this day and age that a minority few who are too gutless to put their names to paper, can make accusations.

I myself, partner and children have attended Belinda-Jane’s clinic over the last 8 years and have found her to be nothing but understanding, helpful and professional. I have also attended Serge Benhayon’s clinic on one occasion and found him to be a most warm wonderful human being – he did not push anything and it was not about the dollar either – he was a warm, genuine caring man.

If these practitioners in my opinion need to be put into a pigeon hole, I would in my own experience put them in a ‘counseling’ one. You do not see counselors, psychologists and customers being criticised or accused of ridiculous claims in newspapers, so why is it OK to print these ridiculous claims even if you are showing both sides. I find the idea of a ‘cult’ to be degrading to these business operators, and also the people who attend them – myself included.

This is an astronomical defamation in my opinion, which a minority has made, and papers with obviously no better news, have run with. In this day and age I find it disgusting: there is a reason why intelligent people are stepping away from newspapers.


by Angelo Leonforte, Mackay, Queensland

Universal Medicine makes perfect sense. As a long term client of Belinda-Jane Hogdson’s I would like to express how distressing the article on the 3rd of November was for myself. It cannot be any further from the truth: I have experienced Belinda-Jane’s commitment to true self-healing with long term positive effects which I am very grateful for.

The options which were in store for myself, as I was suffering from anxiety, made the problem even greater. I had been offered very little help, ‘except for drugs’. I can tell you I have not suffered from anxiety for over 2 years and am enjoying a very balanced state of mind, and feel like I have, more than ever, an unshakeable commitment of self-love and self-respect.

The changes I have lovingly made to my life serve me – with a deeper respect and love for myself I am happier and healthier than ever. Belinda-Jane’s and Universal Medicine’s level of care, integrity, professionalism, to true healing, in my opinion is something the world is in dire straits for, and is something that resonates true for me.


by F.L., Reg Nurse

I would like to state how I have found Belinda-Jane’s sessions helpful. I met Belinda-Jane Hodgson approx 3 ½ years ago while attending a workshop. I really liked her unassuming, friendly, down to earth nature.

Approximately 18 months ago, I booked in for a chat with her to help me with some difficult personal situations – again, her help was invaluable in helping me see clearly what was going wrong and why it was so, and how so simply and easily I could make a shift into a new direction. I had tried many other avenues with well meaning people but none seemed to help me in the same way Belinda-Jane was able to.

I have had some very trying marriage difficulties too; in fact, my husband and I were virtually separated anyway, and had tried regular formal marriage counseling with not much luck. I was shaping up for the inevitable separation ahead. Fortunately, I had a chance to have a session with Belinda-Jane and my husband together. I was gob smacked by how she was able to talk with him in a way that united us both and gave us a fresh appreciation of each other. It was mind-blowing and still is, that we could even talk, but it’s happened and I am so glad Belinda-Jane has the skills and wisdom she does to offer such incredible support to people like us. She supported us to see what was going on with our 3 children and how we could get through to them: we were both frustrated and sad that we were not to able to communicate well with them.

Even more importantly, her practical insights actually WORK at home, long after the session is over. It’s been brilliant for us. I feel optimistic about the future for the first time in years.


by Kym Mahoney, Mackay, Queensland

It was with concern I heard there was an article in the Mackay Telegraph on 3rd November 2012 about Universal Medicine and Esoteric Soulutions. However, after reading it I was pleasantly surprised as it provided both sides of the story: an article that provided enough information for the reader to choose, as we all do, which aspects of the story is truth for them. This is what life is all about isn’t it? Choices!

As an example: I have chosen to write this letter to you, I choose to get out of bed early, I choose to have long hair, I choose to live in Brisbane, I choose to garden on weekends etc.  We all have choices in our lives, and unless I am mistaken there is no law against making choices, even if they are not consistent with those of others, for example family, friends and society.

So, more choices I have made: I chose to enter a practice in Mackay 12 years ago run by Belinda-Jane Hodgson, and continue this choice; and I have chosen to be involved with Universal Medicine and its teachings. So where have these choices left me? They have led to a number of other choices (which again I have made) which in turn means I am – fit and healthy with more energy to live, more caring about myself and others, able to communicate and work with people in a more compassionate way, in a loving committed relationship, and the list goes on.

So if choosing to see a practitioner, who in all of my experiences with her (over numerous years) has been and is, caring, considerate, non-judgmental and supportive (to name but a few), is wrong or not consistent with another’s choice, then it is my responsibility and I will reap what I sow!

I trust the choices we all make for ourselves (as this is all we can do) are the right ones.


by Carolyn Pietzner, Mackay, Queensland

I am writing this letter in response to the attacks on Serge Benhayon, Universal Medicine and Belinda-Jane Hodgson at Esoteric Soulutions. I have been seeing Belinda-Jane Hodgson for about 9 years and not once have I felt that Serge Benhayon, Universal Medicine nor Belinda-Jane Hodgson are a cult.

They say how many women have left their relationships…  If it wasn’t for Belinda-Jane Hodgson my marriage would have ended years ago. Serge Benhayon, Universal Medicine and Belinda-Jane Hodgson saved my marriage.

I have never been asked for money, nor am I brainwashed into doing anything.  I make my own choices in my life, and take responsibility of those choices. People attack what they don’t understand, and the media misuses information just so they can sell papers. That’s not journalism.

What happened to writing the truth, and not writing what you think may be the truth? For those who are making these attacks – come forward and show yourselves.  I will continue believing in truth.


by Vicki Robb, Mackay, Queensland

I have been advised that you are running a story this week on a practitioner with connections to Universal Medicine. I am a longtime student of Universal Medicine, and trust that your article is carefully researched and not sensational journalism. There is a blog your journalist may wish to visit called ‘The Truth about Serge Benhayon’. As they will see there are stories written by students of Universal Medicine, recounting how they feel that they live healthier, happier lives by deciding to make lifestyle choices that are gentle and loving.

There has been a concerted attack on Universal Medicine – Serge Benhayon and his family and students of Universal Medicine are being attacked and threatened, online and in the media, by people who wish to remain anonymous (how courageous!!). These anonymous people are encouraging the media to run sensational stories regardless of any truth or unbiased research.

I trust that the Mackay Telegraph will publish a fair and well researched article.


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48 thoughts on “Letters of Support for Belinda-Jane Hodgson & Esoteric Soulutions in Response to Media Reports (Part 2)

    1. Great point Toni, the letters are very powerful and show the amazing impact the presentations of Universal Medicine and the work at the clinic have done to support people to turn their lives around. That is the real story the world needs to hear.

  1. These personal testimonials are surely far more powerful than any anonymous attacks that can be launched. As a media it is difficult to fathom why you would place more stock in someone unwilling to put their name to an (unfounded) accusation than those who are willing to stand up and share their personal stories.

  2. What a great account from members of a local community speaking the Truth and calling out the lies printed in the newspaper. As one says it is no wonder intelligent people are moving away from newspapers. It is pure proof when the general public in a community write in this way. I found this blog really inspiring and confirming that Truth will always be the last one standing.
    Serge Benhayon and practitioners just like Belinda Jane mentioned here were behind my marriage. I doubt I could have saved my marriage but things changed once I came across the teachings of Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine. This man is the real deal and he is well deserving of printing a true story.

  3. Amazing testimonials of people in a local community calling out their media for disparaging their choices – I feel the strength of the choices these people have made and the real changes that has affected. As one put it about anonymous dissent ‘ If you so strongly believe that you are right, then seek a forum that is open and honest and gives all stakeholders involved in the process a right to respond.’ – why are the media giving coverage to anonymity rather than actual people who are willing to supply their names and speak their stories. As many have said no wonder many are losing faith in the media.

    1. I strongly agree too with that sentence – if you strongly believe you are right – why not act with journalistic integrity and seek a forum that is open and honest and gives everyone a chance to respond.

  4. Belinda Jane is a practitioner with high integrity – perhaps – just a suggestion – what if the media showed as much integrity as the practitioners and businesses they are targeting? How would the presentation if their “news stories” ( more like Hollywood hype most of the time) differ? Time that journalistic integrity was put under the same spotlight!

    1. Well said, I have just discovered that a small cottage hospital has come under fire for not caring enough for its patients and I immediately sent a letter of support to the staff because how anyone could report such a thing is incredible and to me shows once again that the report has gone for sensationalism rather than the truth. The truth is the staff are very over worked and under staffed despite this the level of care they give to the patients is amazing. Morale at the hospital has gone down the drain which is a huge shame as the do staff best they can under difficult circumstances. To my mind the press have a lot to answer for.

  5. ‘Actions have consequences; if you are going to write misleading facts and information out of context, then you also should be held accountable for the printing of those unfounded comments that are disparaging a person’s personal and professional beliefs, and will ultimately affect their livelihood.’
    Well said and I agree. What is printed needs to be accurate and well researched as we are all accountable for our actions. How is it that print media seems to have a free ‘get out of jail card’ ? This needs to be changed and true accountability called for.

  6. In response to letter by Jo Smith, Heavy Equipment Operator, Mackay, Queensland – Well-said Jo. Balanced journalism is not optional. It’s an obligation. The role of the media is to inform the public as best they can, this culture seems to be degenerating but it does not have to. Integrity pays off in the long run.

    1. Yes Bernard integrity will prevail but only if we step forward and tell the truth as those letter writers did.

  7. Bravo to all those people who have committed pen to paper, and have put their names to their testimonals. This is in stark contrast to those cowardly few who lurk in the shadows under the banner of anonymity. Very poignant.

  8. Quite incredible that a solid regional newspaper like the Mackay Telegraph published a story based on anonymous sources and hearsay about a local practitioner whom they could have easily interviewed to get the real story.

  9. With all these letters of support it isn’t a wonder how the journalist doesn’t go.. ‘hang on, what’s this all about ?’ With this much support surly there is something great to report on here.

  10. Journalism is not going to change overnight, with our consistent rhythm and expressing truth one day they may see what people really want to read in the media and the affect they can have by reporting a true balanced story.

  11. The irony is that there are so many so called professionals out there within the health care system that don’t look after themselves in a way they should to truly be able to support people seeing them for support, yet that is not reported on.

  12. I love what Jo Smith states: “As to the anonymous sources, if you truly believe in your conviction that Universal Medicine is a cult, don’t hide behind anonymous blogs and letter drops that are filled with slanderous and defamatory information which cannot be addressed. If you so strongly believe that you are right, then seek a forum that is open and honest and gives all stakeholders involved in the process a right to respond.”

  13. Belinda, it is amazing to read these testimonials. You really made a difference for those who are writing here and they have a lot of courage to stand up for you.

    The difference between the Inquisition and today’s newspapers are twofold: The inquisition tortured and killed you, newspapers just torture and kill your reputation and livelihood for a short term bump in circulations. However, when the Inquisition came into town you could nominate certain people as your sworn enemies. If these people then accused you, it was THEM who were punished with the usual Inquisition gusto.

    Today’s newspapers just print what works for them commercially – you can’t even nominate anybody and they completely ignore obvious evidence that their source is nothing but a sworn enemy.

    Who would have thought that today’s newspapers at times are less fair than the medieval inquisition?

  14. How many words like those amazing letters have to be written to offset the damage made by both people that hide their names and lie when they say they fear backlash and harassment from those involved in UM and a newspaper that protects their lying openly?

  15. These letters are just a small sample of the changes in peoples’ lives for the greater through the support of these businesses. The media have chosen to side with those who want to keep the world as it is regardless of the fact that ‘as it is’ is very hurt and calling out for healing. While the situation may seem crazy it’s only a matter of time before these statements, which have now remained for over two years, will be seen as the truth that they are. Sensationalism is not the answer, nor is preserving the world as it stands now a cause worth championing. What is presented by Universal Medicine is that change is needed, is simple, loving and very possible.

  16. It is interesting to see how powerful the media is and the continual abuse of that power it welds. One false, unresearched article can do so much damage and now with the internet it repeats and repeats as journalists elsewhere copy and paste the drama ad infinitum. How is it that one word “cult” can slander so many and yet all the words of wisdom about how it is possible to truly love and care for yourself and others and live with joy and more inclusively of others irrespective of gender, skin colour, religious beliefs, nationality, culture etc etc requires numerous letters and testimonies? Something is severely a miss here. Perhaps one day we will see some journalists who really do want to investigate what is really going on here and see what is really being offered by Universal Medicine. Until that day the amazing and glorious work of Universal Medicine continues changing lives and bringing harmony, joy and love to those who can see the truth and are choosing it, not just for themselves but for everyone.

  17. Dear me what has happened to integrity in journalism? These powerful testimonials support truth and love and it is very clear that the media in this instance needs to take a long hard look at themselves, where’s the accountability for printing such falsities?

  18. It is a great disservice to us all that the media are not currently held accountable for the harm they cause and as such feel they have a licence to say what they want for they are ultimately free of consequences. The lack of integrity is disgraceful… ironically the media would learn a lot in this regard from those they are attempting to denigrate.

  19. Love your last paragraph Nicole – it is absolutely appalling defamation instigated by a minority that should never seen the light of day on such a public scale. The media is clearly not concerned with the nails they hand out for their own coffin… for it is only a matter of time before people stop reading, no longer wanting to tolerate the endless lies and public deception.

  20. F.L. the appreciation you feel for what Belinda has offered you and your family is deeply felt and absolutely deserved. There is no doubt, as these letters show, that she is an incredible practitioner completely undeserving of the media’s abuse.

  21. Angelo, finding the balance you now have coupled with an unshakeable commitment to develop self love and respect is a remarkable turn around from the life of anxiety you led. There is no doubt that what Belinda offers is greatly needed and should be admired and appreciated rather than vilified.

  22. Kym, I love what you have shared about choices – for we are all responsible for what we choose and if they are not the right ones, we will suffer the consequences accordingly. It is clear however from all these letters of support that people have only benefited from choosing to see Belinda Jane and their life is that much better for it, a fact the media is sadly quick to ignore for it is not serving their agenda.

  23. Beautiful letter by Jo Smith. I find it incredibly odd behaviour for anonymous individuals to go about disseminating information in letter box drops to slander a business. If there were any concerns then relevant authorities would be involved. The fact that the newspaper printed complete fabricated lies by these same anonymous individuals shows the lack of integrity and the absence of true investigative processes by this media group. They have printed complete lies intended to maliciously harm. It’s long overdue for the media to be made legally accountable.

  24. Carolyn – well said. Sadly people do attack what they don’t understand and the media absolutely misuses and twists information just to sell papers. Thank you for stepping up against such attacks with personal experience that refutes the misinformation being peddled.

  25. I find it quite concerning that a few people can spin some stories to the media and get them printed. Clearly it only takes a bit of sensational hearsay to get reported as truth. Truth in journalism is sadly a lost art. Thank goodness for websites such as these where true and honest expression can be found.

  26. Powerful letters from a range of people in the community who have all benefitted (along with their whole family in many cases) in a myriad of ways from the healing offered by Belinda-Jane Hodgson and can attest to her care and integrity. At what point does the balance tip in favour of balanced and fair reporting rather than relying on the sensational lies of a small bunch of disgruntled people hiding behind anonymity?

  27. Thank you Jo Smith, your letter asking why persecute Universal Medicine or anyone for that matter when they live and promote a healthy way of life, is because the anonymous sources behind the complaints and lies to the media want to make out that there is something different and therefore sinister about Universal Medicine. As you say Jo, athletes live this way, doctors and health organisations (and indeed governments) promote a healthy lifestyle – there is nothing unusual about Universal Medicine in this except for the incredible results they achieve with everyone who practises the self care philosophy they present. It’s very disturbing how the media can operate to twist and contort something very pure and true, as Universal Medicine is, into something quite distorted and present it as if it’s the truth. This is an example of how the media influences humanity in negative ways for its own agenda (profit and increased readership).

  28. I love to read these accounts of the practitioners mentioned. It feels great to see that people do care for each other and if someone is being treated in a wrong way then you get supported. We need more of that.

  29. I absolutely agree that it is time the media were held more accountable for running such unfounded stories that can be so devastating on innocent lives.

  30. My experience is that we all have quite enough to work with in ourselves without interfering with anyone else anyway, unless of course you are avoiding your own stuff anonymously, by meddling with others’ lives and private choices.

  31. If the journalist at the Mackay Telegraph reads only a handful of these letters he would clearly see how wrong he had been with his false accusations and for creating a ‘cult’ story to further his career and to stimulate the reader’s attention rather than presenting the truth surrounding Universal Medicine and Belinda-Jane Hodgson.

  32. Sections of our media are full of opinion and spin. Even if they say that they don’t one has to only watch a person being interviewed, you can just see they way questions are asked and even the body language of the interviewer, that their mind is already made up. This does not provide clear information to viewers or readers so people can be truly informed. This is no different. It also highlights the responsibility for us all to speak up when something is not true, to set the record straight.

  33. It is interesting to observe the contrast between a set of people who sign their statements with their names in a fully transparent way and those who make allegations who choose to remain in the darkness in a total lack of transparency. The fear of backlash and harassment is a cheap alibi. Such a thing is not, has not been and never will be part of how Universal Medicine and the practitioners that apply its techniques relate to the world.

  34. The media have a responsibility to represent the truth, unfortunately many journalists nowadays get away with not investigating stories fully or obtaining the facts, it’s time journalists took responsibility for expressing the truth.

  35. These powerful testimonials attest to the absolute integrity that Belinda-Jane operates with and is in sharp contrast to the media trying to create a false story to sell newspapers.

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