Housework Without Rush – A Different Way

by Anne Scott, Auckland, New Zealand

Today I felt how different housework was when I didn’t rush through it.

My inspiration was watching Emmalee Benhayon sweep the porch of the Universal Medicine clinic in Goonellabah, during my last visit there in December. She was using the broom very consciously and studiously. I could feel (even from a distance) that there was no element of ‘rush’ in her sweeping. I realised that, by being very still and centred within herself whilst sweeping, she was imprinting the porch (the entrance to the clinic) with that stillness; so that visitors would have the opportunity to feel it too, when they entered the porch. How amazing is that?

Whilst I was vacuuming today, I recalled the total focus that Emmalee had while she swept. When I brought that same focus to my vacuuming it made such a difference. Usually when I vacuum (or indeed do any housework), I rush so I can get it done as soon as possible. In doing so, I feel very tired at the end and I usually bruise myself somewhere (often not even recalling when I had knocked myself). But today I focussed on one small area at a time (instead of trying to do the whole room at once) and my mind stayed with what I was doing (instead of – as is usually the case when I do housework – thinking of the next thing I have to do). I had no sense of ‘rush’. I was surprised that not only was I not tired at the end, but I did not feel resentful at having to do it. Yes, it took me a little longer, but I felt a sense of satisfaction at a job well done.

What a difference indeed!

280 thoughts on “Housework Without Rush – A Different Way

  1. And we can bring this different way – working in stillness – into everything we do which will make a huge difference.

  2. Anne this is actually a massive realization. It’s bringing our livingness into all we do. We often forget that our house is our temple and the foundation upon which we walk daily. To clean and imprint it with gentleness and love is part of self care that is well worth it’s weight in gold.

  3. Just like we leave fingerprints on where our hands have being we leave the quality of intention, our energetic imprint on everything that we say, feel and do.

  4. Its beautiful how we inspire each other in this way. Anything we do in total presence is connecting to the love we are and can be felt and connected to in turn.

  5. I always love coming back to this little blog and feeling the importance of laying the foundation that we walk upon. Cleaning in a way that clears and re-imprints what ground we wish to feel in every move.

  6. Cleaning the house with presence and without the ‘rush’ seems such a simple action yet a truly powerful action – when we consider the house and anyone who enters the house after this will be graced by the quality and the loving imprint that has been made.

  7. I used to do the housework in a big rush and feel quite exhausted afterwards. I always wanted to get it all done in one day, which looking back was pushing it. These days I will do one room at a time spread out over the week and by taking my time, I don’t get exhausted and am starting to appreciate the fact that I’m taking care of my home. Not rushing myself has been a great learning for me.

  8. I read this blog a while ago and gosh it stuck with me. And I remember it all the time when I am cleaning and remind myself not to go into “just get the job done!” as when I do that I often end up with a sore lower back. Thank you for sharing this experience with us.

  9. Anne, you have shared with us just how powerful it is to be fully present with the job in hand, as being present has the power to change the most mundane of tasks into a healing for all.

  10. Cleaning while focused on the job at hand is a great thing to do if one is feeling a little scattered or loss in your head. It brings you back into your body and can reconnect you to your own natural rhythm.

  11. When we are with ourselves, the joy of being present is a harmonious completeness that would only be diminished if we separated from this quality, to think we had to be somewhere else. When we are with ourselves there is no greater place to be in the entire world, as our movements express and magnify the exquisite love we are through all that we do, wherever we are.

  12. I love what you share Anne, breaking down what is needed into smaller more manageable sections so that the focus can be quality first rather than trying to rush around and get everything done. Something for me to take into all those areas of my life where ‘rushing’ slips in.

  13. I agree Anne, doing housework, or anything for that matter, in a rush places our body into stress mode which exhausts the body and the quality of the finished work will reflect the quality it was done in.

  14. Working in this way definitely is a wonderful opportunity to leave a lovely/loving imprint in whatever we do and keep us connected to the still and harmonious place within ourselves as we do.

  15. Yes, I agree Anne. The energy of ‘rush’ in any form of life, makes everything a ‘task’, rather than something to enjoy in conscious presence and harmony with one’s body. Rushing = scattered thoughts, always being ahead of oneself rather than WITH oneself. A great recipe for total exhaustion!
    “I focussed on one small area at a time (instead of trying to do the whole room at once) and my mind stayed with what I was doing (instead of – as is usually the case when I do housework – thinking of the next thing I have to do). I had no sense of ‘rush’”.

  16. I can rush when I am cooking and then also eating. I am just about to prepare some food, so I am going to apply what you have shared in this blog Anne. I might even try eating more slowly today as well.

  17. I have had a tendency to rush the housework. I used to get bored doing household work and couldn’t wait to finish it to move onto to the next thing but I am finding that it doesn’t have to be this way. By focusing on how my body feels I take my time and instead of rushing from one job to another I sometimes have a rest or take a break. This may sound very obvious but living in this momentum is very different to the momentum of rushing from one thing to another.

  18. Thank you Anne for the reminder to be present with my housework today. I find when I go into my head about getting a job over and done with, instead of focusing on the quality of my movements, I end up very tired, today while cleaning I will imprint my home with the quality of my love and stillness.

  19. Rushing through jobs leaves us feeling exhausted, stressed, anxious and separates us from our inner harmony and not alone that, the finished chore will reflect the lack of care and attention it was completed with.

  20. Awesome! And the funny thing is that you may have taken five minutes longer to do it. It’s incredible how i can rush to do something for the sake of a few minutes. It feels pointless afterwards!

  21. I can relate Anne, trying to rush through a task which I resent and want to get done so I can move on to something more ‘fun’. I am learning that if I bring me in full to a task then any task can be fun, because I am part of it, bringing all that I can bring in full dedication and that in itself is very fulfilling.

  22. Focusing on one step at a time means we get to feel everything – time expands. If we jump ahead to what’s next we miss out so much of life and time flies by.

  23. Thank you Anne for this little gem. I can relate to rushing around getting things done, and then look around and notice that I have flitted from one task to another and lost track of the original job I had planned. Now when I notice that I am going from one thing to another I pull myself back and finish one task at a time – far more satisfying, and less exhausting.

    1. Oh dear yes, I flit from job to job when I get racy. It is one of my early warning signals that I am not present with myself and that nervous energy is creeping in. Thank you for that important reminder!

  24. I find anything I do with purpose very invigorating. It’s when we loose our sense of purpose that tasks drag, or we feel tired, or things don’t feel so good. But when you bring purpose to everything you do, you know what needs to be done, and when and how long it needs to take – it’s like you are in the flow of life.

      1. That’s true, appreciation is very invigorating and very energising. I might experiment with that today 🙂

  25. There is nothing more gorgeous in life than people being deeply inspired by another and choosing to embrace the reflection offered. So often we are not taught what deeply supports us and so it is lovely when life offers you a gift through another where lessons can be learnt without words even needing to be spoken.

  26. Feeling very blessed to be reminded of this science that when we are connected with ourselves, it is just divinity being expressed as joy through and outwards to inspire others whatever the movement the body is being engaged in. Thank you, Anne.

  27. A different way indeed Anne; as I go to sweep the gorgeous Autumn leaves from the back courtyard I will take your wise words and reflection with me, thank you.

  28. Not feeling resentful afterwards is pretty amazing. The story we have around cleaning our homes, our rooms our work areas is crazy. We’re taught to believe it’s a burden and the worst job of all. But how can making an area sparkly and clean for us to use and enjoy be such a pain? Cleaning is like any task, but for some reason we haven’t appreciated the support it offers us to get on with our other tasks in more ease and joy than if we chose to live in filth.

  29. Beautiful Anne – a lovely sharing, and if you persist to remain consciously present with your body while you clean, it will not take long before you find the same rhythm in completing it in a suitable time in a more enjoyable quality.

  30. Just like we leave finger prints on everything we touch we leave an imprint behind of the quality we brought to what we did. So, when we half-heartedly do anything, what we leave behind is not the quality of our potential. There are no short cuts to quality, for every moment matters and contributes to the whole.

  31. “How amazing is that?” Discovering that it is the way we are with ourselves in any activity and not what we are doing that changes how we feel.

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