Housework Without Rush – A Different Way

by Anne Scott, Auckland, New Zealand

Today I felt how different housework was when I didn’t rush through it.

My inspiration was watching Emmalee Benhayon sweep the porch of the Universal Medicine clinic in Goonellabah, during my last visit there in December. She was using the broom very consciously and studiously. I could feel (even from a distance) that there was no element of ‘rush’ in her sweeping. I realised that, by being very still and centred within herself whilst sweeping, she was imprinting the porch (the entrance to the clinic) with that stillness; so that visitors would have the opportunity to feel it too, when they entered the porch. How amazing is that?

Whilst I was vacuuming today, I recalled the total focus that Emmalee had while she swept. When I brought that same focus to my vacuuming it made such a difference. Usually when I vacuum (or indeed do any housework), I rush so I can get it done as soon as possible. In doing so, I feel very tired at the end and I usually bruise myself somewhere (often not even recalling when I had knocked myself). But today I focussed on one small area at a time (instead of trying to do the whole room at once) and my mind stayed with what I was doing (instead of – as is usually the case when I do housework – thinking of the next thing I have to do). I had no sense of ‘rush’. I was surprised that not only was I not tired at the end, but I did not feel resentful at having to do it. Yes, it took me a little longer, but I felt a sense of satisfaction at a job well done.

What a difference indeed!

318 thoughts on “Housework Without Rush – A Different Way

  1. When our mind stays with what we are doing, we are present in that moment and the next, everything flows as you smoothly move onto the next task or activity, with a natural ease and joy felt.

  2. There is a joy in doing housework, in the way of bringing order, clarity and space to your home, the place that can hold and support you. It should not be rushed, as then we miss the magic.

  3. The simplicity of just being you doing the thing you do without being in the past or the future, gorgeous and when we live and move this way we change everything.

  4. I also noticed that how tired I feel at the end of my day depends on whether I have rushed and driven myself to get things done during the day, or just focused on the moment at hand and allowed my body to be at ease and just do what needs to be done. It does make a big difference.

  5. I love that sense of satisfaction when you have beent totally present with what you are doing, it makes the tasks we do seem effortless and that we can give that same quality to everything we do.

  6. To be just in the moment itself and enjoy what you are doing, to give Yourself that present is a Great feeling and supports our surrounding.

  7. I love to vacuum and to clean very consciously. It has the purpose of cleaning on a much deeper level than it is obvious. It offers a new foundation from which I can move on fresh. Whoever walks into that cleaned space then, will get the reflection of that new set foundation and can choose to align to it or not.

  8. There is such a difference in the experience and the outcome when a task is undertaken with the focus you describe, Anne, and when one does the experience of one’s whole world changes to one that is more expansive, lighter and brighter.

  9. We are always receiving and also always reflecting energetically as we go about our day. Knowing this comes with a responsibility to live our life in a harmonious way in order that we read and understand the meaning of the reflections we receive and also to be a clear reflection of our divineness for others to feel that they too are equally divine.

  10. Ironically, it feels like time slows down whenever I do something in a way that is focused and with my body. But when I rush, its like someone spun the clock forward while I wasn’t looking! Also, there is a real joy in moving my body in a way that is simply focusing my mind on the movement without getting ahead of myself.

  11. I absolutely love cleaning with my body. I used to do it in a rush too Anne but not only is it not enjoyable and very tiring it is also not supportive to feel the “rush” in the quality of how things have been cleaned when you next come back to them later on.

    1. Absolutely, instead, when you did it with a dedication, you will feel this love when you come back- you are blessing yourself with your own cleaning ( besides the fact that everyone else will feel the love how you cleaned) . It is never about the end result but the steps that lead up to it. Quality versus Quantity.

    2. Exactly Joshua, so it does not serve us or anyone to do things in a rush, because that is the energy we leave in the room and return it every time we are in that space. .

  12. Very inspiring Anne, thank you. There is a quality in living with conscious presence that makes anything we do more vital and at the same time, revitalises us in the doing. In addition, as you share here, living and working this way, leaves a loving imprint for others too.

  13. Thank you for the inspiration to focus on the task in hand and then the space opens up to allow us to complete it in a loving way.

  14. Allowing ourselves to feel the rhythm of life, starting with our breath, and continuing always with our movements is a great key for our ongoing connection with ourselves.

  15. Hi, recently said to a college friend the other day that there is a modality in cleaning. We underestimate what healing we offer ourselves and others in the process.

    1. This is exactly my understanding Kimweston2, that we should not underestimate the healing effect of decluttering, cleaning and re-ordering, as much is shifting within us.

  16. I can relate to this blog Anne as in the past I would always rush the housework trying to finish it quickly, I now feel the difference in the quality of the home when I do housework with connection with myself and being more present, such a simple reminder but a powerful one.

  17. I have to keep reminding myself self it is not in the doing but the being with myself in quality of presence with what I am doing , and yes it does indeed make a difference.

  18. .When we do connect with them being rather then the doing life become so much smoother, there is such a flow… And yet when we are immersed in the doing, it feels that this is all there is

  19. A timely read as I’ve been wanting to vacuum my room all week and haven’t got around to it. I was planning on racing around this morning to do it, but perhaps I’ll bring a little bit more attention to how I vacuum instead. And the reality is, it might only take an extra minute to be present with what I’m doing, or, possible no longer at all. No one said being present with the task at hand means doing it in slow motion.

  20. This makes me realise that we are always leaving an imprint of an energy whether we are conscious of it or not. Every simple movement counts. If I am doing any task with a sense of rushing or resentment, that is what is going to be left behind. There is a responsibility to be considered here.

  21. Thank you Anne, it’s very powerful how being connected to our presence and inner stillness is when we undertake any activity. Instead of many things to do in a day it’s more a day filled with the expression of our being. We usually put anything we do ahead of our being but it doesn’t have to be that way.

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